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Like many massively successful platforms that host outside content creators, it has been embroiled in serious controversy due to some user behavior. Something to where you can make a virtual character and walk around and stuff, or like roblox! Ace of spades hack german recommended site. It had a Roblox profile pic with my character in front of the fence I think -Tameem Alshebel (some gibberish letters): This was my facebook account.

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Play free online games at Armor Games! Ea sports cricket 2020 full patch. Apr 27, 2020 - Explore Sophia Lucy's board "Cracks & Keygens (ALL)" on Pinterest. For that reason we do not recommend you use free hacks of any sort, since if you have easy access to it, so do the people that want to get you banned.


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I know this is unlikely but.....

Do atleast one of you remember me on OMGPOP? I had 2 accounts:
-Tameem1: This was my first account. It had a Roblox profile pic with my character in front of the fence I think.
-Tameem Alshebel (some gibberish letters): This was my facebook account. I created it because I thought I had lost access to the first account (when hambycomb.com was still up, I couldn't login to facebook, so I tried to login to my first account and it worked lol). The profile pic was me in 2009 wearing a New Super Mario Bros shirt.
I started to play OMGPOP in around 2011 or 2012, as far as I remember. It was the worst time to play it at that time because I played it 1-2 years before it shutted down, so that means I was missing out on a lot.
Want you to remember me?
With the facebook account, I was the guy in chatrooms who is angry because people always use "u" instead of "you". I was like "it's spelled you not u!!!!!" and I continued to educate them that "it's spelled you" and someone was like "so you is like u?" and I said "Yes" (he was trolling). I was the guy in one of the chatrooms that was named "sexy" who acts like he thought that "sexy" is a misspell of sixty, so I acted like google and said "Did you mean: Sixty?" and I did it a repeated amount of times. I was the guy in the chat rooms who is like "do you want to download mac? go to mac.com" "do you want to download windows? go to windows.com," "do you want to download linux? go to linux.com" (I dont know if i remember doing the linux one), I also did it a repeated amount of times and other people were annoyed and was like "stop sending links". I was the guy in Panda's chatroom who was like "who wants to sing the alphabet?". I summed up the alphabet in one message then I got kicked out of the group, when I got back into it, I believe someone was either like "I don't like the alphabet" or "no one likes the alphabet". I was the guy in the DMs, someone was gonna show a pic of something but I was like "what is pic?". I seriously know didn't what the meaning of "pic" was back then, so they corrected me and said "oh, it's picture". Someone asked me in one of the chatrooms "how old are you?", I said my real age which was "8" and I don't know what happend after. I was the guy who created a chatroom called "italians" because I thought I so good at italian (im not good in it at all lol). I was BEGGING for people to join it, I spammed the link over and over. Until one guy joined and said "ciao" and I said the same thing, then he left. I was the guy in Missile Commander, when the boss appeared in it, I was saying "KILL THE INSECT!!!111" repeatedly. I was the guy with the status "please don't pop me in balloono". I'm now 15 and this all happend in 2012. Damn
Around a year later, I discovered Hambycomb (I was on my first account). I remember somebody called "SugarDoll" or similar. They gave me a link to a modified version of Hambycomb by OmgMOBC which allowed you to legit get coins, cash, and XP for free. I thanked them on their profile and was like "omg dis guy gave me a link so i ken git moar coins and cash!111" (If you are that guy who gave me the link, comment on this post)
But yeah, If you remember me as like a friend, don't worry, I ain't dead. lol.
If you remember me in general, comment on this post.
Still don't remember me? I'll try to think more what I did back then and then you might remember me. Still don't remember me? That's fine, lol.
I still miss OMGPOP and my shenanigans on it to this day. Screw Zynga for buying it and then killing it.
submitted by TameemAlshebel to omgpop


What new games does Roblox want to see this year?

Post a great idea for a game you'd like to see be made this upcoming year, it may just become an actual game! What new games can we expect?
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