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So I got bored of Minecraft as I been playing it for 9 years. I want a challenge, with some new content to get hooked, to remind me how years ago I was in love with this game as everyday I had an adventure awaiting... So I came up with this mod pack for my future Hardcore Moddded series. Thoughts?

So I got bored of Minecraft as I been playing it for 9 years. I want a challenge, with some new content to get hooked, to remind me how years ago I was in love with this game as everyday I had an adventure awaiting... So I came up with this mod pack for my future Hardcore Moddded series. Thoughts? submitted by RealCoolide to videos

Hear ye, hear ye, happy campers of MCS...you’ve been scrolling for a while, I can tell. Let’s sit down ‘round the fire and talk a campfire update, why don’t we?

I cannot stress this enough, and it may be an unpopular opinion, but Minecraft needs to overhaul its woodland biomes ASAP. Dark forests are empty, even biome blend doesn’t fix how their grass blends in with the ones of other biomes, and they take a billion years to chop down, even with the max Haste II and Efficiency V axe speed. Birch forests are ugly as hell and serve little use. Taigas, although beautiful biomes, feel empty due to the fox’s spawning mechanics and how it and the only other mob partially exclusive to there (wolves) just slaughter each other on sight. Terrible. Even the regular forest biome, the one Minecraft is arguably the most well known for having, the most common biome in the game—lacks. Flower forests are pretty and forest lakes are way superior to plains lakes, but they’re the same sight. Oak tree there, birch tree here, peony there, pack of wolves here...it’s bland.
Where are the fierce grizzly bears tearing bee nests to shreds and hunting down any salmon in their sight? Where are the beautiful flowers, peaks and waterfalls? The meek deer munching on grass in the midst of birch forests? The cramped yet cozy stone wolf dens where the wild canines of the Overworld hide their young? Where’s the excitement? The adventure? The thrill to get anything from these biomes except for a nice base setting or extra chest material? Where’s the thrill?
Which is what you’re probably asking right now. Sit down and relax, dear MCS user. Enough with the suggestions on your mind for today, you’re stressed.
Campfires are a most useless block. Outside of building, they have no real long-term use. It’s like using a llama for carrying items. They cook food really slowly, and although they do it without wasting fuel, fuel’s super easy to get at any point in the game. Wood, mining, wither skeleton farms, lava, blazes—heck, even plain ol’ kelp. There needs to be an incentive to use campfires without making smokers or regular furnaces obsolete.
So with that, I give you what you’ve all been waiting for, the actual suggestion and not a complete waste of the last two minutes of your life that was probably the first half of this post—s’mores and a new status effect, Restfulness! S’mores would be made from two new items and one that’s probably familiar amongst most of you: crackers, cocoa beans and marshmallows. Marshmallows would be crafted with two sugar and one water bottle. They’d restore 0.5 health and 4 hunger. Same with crackers, crafted with four wheat in a 2x2 shape, except they’d restore 1 hunger point. Not too useful.
Do not fret! I know they seem like useless items on their own, but you can either set a marshmallow down on a campfire or hold a marshmallow for 30 seconds or longer while 2 blocks away or less from the campfire to get a “roasted marshmallow.” I found having a marshmallow on a stick-type item would be too many crafting recipes for this post, so apologies in advance if anyone wanted to hear the words “marshmallow on a stick” come out of my mouth outside of this fashion.
One roasted marshmallow, one cocoa bean and one cracker is the crafting recipe for the s’more, which has the whopping saturation count of 16! However, they only restore one heart. If you’re into cookies but more OP, this is your food.
The second part of this suggestion comes from—shhhhh, yes, I know some guy just begged for the Aether or the Twilight Forest mod to come to the game again, but relax. You can berate him for being stupid later on. Restfulness is a new status effect you get from being around a campfire. It gives you a slight speed boost whenever you have it, and heals up to 7 lost hearts, similar to the regeneration effect. It only heals you when you’ve taken damage from a mob or from fall damage, however, and the campfire will give you no effect if it considers you “uncalm,” which is anytime within the few seconds of you taking damage. The more damage you take, the longer the cooldown is. The max cooldown time is 8 seconds. Don’t try to use this while fighting a ravager, please.
This basically acts as a bandage. It’s a bit weaker than using food to heal, though, because it takes a hell of a long time for it to regen anything above two hearts. If it was a food item, the saturation’d almost be as unbearable as mutton’s. It’s a good tool for stuff like good ol’ Overworld night skirmishs, like if you took a heart and a half or something like that from a blocked creeper explosion, or from two skeletons who tried to kill you together (but most likely got into a fight between themselves that ended in one of them dying to the other because their AI has a total IQ of 2). Useful for the early game, and perhaps even late game, tbh.
There ya go. What did ya think? Would s’mores be the new golden carrots, or perhaps just dried kelp 2.0? Is Restfulness a good status effect or not, and would the dark orange fart bubbles it'd shove in your face make you think not? And most importantly, how’s the bandage mechanic? I had to study how the current in-game healing system works for a few days while I was planning this suggestion out, and it occurred to me a cooldown and a limit on what’s basically cheaper regen beacon would balance things out.
Thank you all for reading! And yo, before you go berate that kid, have a s’more...
Edit: I feel like a lot of people are simply upvoting for the first few paragraphs. This suggestion has nothing to do with bears or any big forest update. As I said all throughout this post, chill out with the big things on your mind. I just want a simple campfire update. And for the people wondering what this post has to do with woodland biomes, it's a woodland-themed suggestion, like how campfires and sweet berry bushes were added for taigas in 1.14 despite them not really looking, at least on the visual side, like something made for taigas.
Edit 2: The bears, waterfalls and everything else I mentioned in the beginning of the post are not the suggestion. S'mores and the Restfulness effect were. And I am very, very aware now that marshmallows are not a medieval-type food. Isn't this the game where circuitry is a thing, quartz building materials exist and so does vanilla cake? I thought so. Please, my inbox is being torn to shreds by people saying one of these two things, some getting mad (?) in the process.
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