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Have Windows 7 appearance on Windows 10 (and other improvements)

Have Windows 7 appearance on Windows 10 (and other improvements)
[I know this is a testament, but no idea how to write it smaller without explaing the things... Please read the warnings before installing any program - none of the programs should hard your computer, just choose the correct versions so there are no bugs, like there were not with me. You can undo anything you do with them, even after resetting the computer - I just tried and it's back to normal. If it's not with you because you didn't delete everything like I did, then just use the programs to normally undo the things that were not undone by the reset process.] Also this is a double post of what's supposed to be on Windows 10 subreddit, but there were being errors, so I posted here too in case it fails again on Windows 10 subreddit.
Hey everyone. I've been modding my Windows 10 testing installation and made some cool modifications on it, so I thought I'd share that to anyone that would like to do the same (and had no idea this was possible, for example).
As a start, I'm still using Windows 7, and after having been told some things about antivirus and security I didn't know, I thought again about Windows 10. After that, a person told me about a very special edition of Windows 10 which got me much happier to finally move to 10...
So, to begin, if you don't like Windows 10 upgrading the system by itself, you might want to think about LTSC (old LTSB) edition - if you can get it, because it's actually Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC... It won't upgrade unless you manually do it, and comes without Cortana and all Universal apps that come with Windows 10, incluing Edge (comes also without Microsoft Store and it "can't" be installed, but someone made a script to install it, so yeah XD: https://github.com/kkkgo/LTSC-Add-MicrosoftStore // https://github.com/kkkgo/LTSB-Add-MicrosoftStore - I installed it and it's working perfectly, and I could login and install Paint 3D). Also, it has a support of 10 years.... So no need to upgrade it unless you need some special program or something - it's like old Windows way (stable and static - no one will upgrade it, only update the security). More about this edition here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-it-pro-blog/ltsc-what-is-it-and-when-should-it-be-used/ba-p/293181.
----------WINDOWS 7 APPEARANCE----------
This part is for people who prefer Windows 7's look instead of Windows 10's. I do. I actually hate the look of it. Too rectangular and white (or black - it's not grey or something, all the same color almost). Seems boring to me and I hate boring this - how can I work decently not liking where I work in the first place... (gonna have to adapt though, if I want to get a job in some years). Windows 7 is more round and I like that. Aero Glass is also cool (the glass, transparency and blur effects). And other things from 7. So I took the time (hours) to look for everything that could help 10 feel more like 7 so the change is better for me because if the security updates would not end, I'd stick with 7 - they're taking the Control Panel away, wtf... And so I found various things that actually make it look so much like Windows 7 that you need to look a bit more deeply than you would to distinguish it from Windows 7. Bellow is a picture of my Windows 10 installation:
Windows 7 appearance on Windows 10 after all modifications
What you can notice that it's different from Windows 7 is the action center icon (which can't be changed, it seems - a file which is signed by Microsoft would have to be changed and then the signing would go away and I believe I read that Windows won't boot (or something important like this) if the file is not signed by Microsoft) that is centered and it's not part of the other icons (which is probably the best way to differenciate both), and the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons on the top right corner which are larger than Windows 7's. I don't see anything else as significant (and what I said is actually not significant at all anyways).
Now to anyone interested in doing this, you need some programs... (it's not just apply a new theme - which needs a program anyways XD). Here it goes.... (might get big haha).
  • UltraUXThemePatcher (https://www.syssel.net/hoefs/software_uxtheme.php?lang=en) - install this one before messing with ANY themes so everything works as it should (read the page before installing it). This allows to custom themes to be added to Windows 10.
  • OldNewExplorer (https://msfn.org/board/topic/170375-oldnewexplorer-119/) - will put Windows Explorer looking like Windows 7's.
  • Aero Glass for Windows 8 (https://www.glass8.eu/) - works on 8, 8.1 and 10. Add the transparency, the glass effect, and a blur effect to the transparency. I'll link my settings.
  • StartIsBack (https://www.startisback.com/) - this can change the start menu (wow XD) and the taskbar, which is really cool (changes it to that look of the picture - if you want). There's also ClassicShell but I found this one better (I think because of the taskbar, or if not, no idea, but it's the one I chose 2 years ago before the critical error showed up).
  • Classic Task Manager, Sticky Notes, Windows 7 games (use this link, not from Winaero: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-7-games-for-windows-8-8-1-multilanguage.56428/ - I chose it for some reason I don't remember, but I always try to do a research about which option to go to, so I'll trust myself and not waste time trying to figure out why I chose this one instead of the other), Calculator, and MsConfig links are inside Winaero Tweaker which I talk about in the improvements section (they go to the site of the program since it's the same developer - you can search them on Google too as they are separate installers, at least some of them).
  • To run Windows 7 games on Windows 10, you need a DLL: cardgames.dll. Put it in System32 folder (C:\Windows\System32). You can get the DLL here, for example: https://www.dll-files.com/cardgames.dll.html - download the DLL acording with your system architecture (either 32 or 64 bits).
  • Windows Media Center (https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/discussion-patch-wmc-to-run-on-windows-10-final-possible-alternatives.61061/) - not working on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 (which has version 1809) for some reason, but worked on Pro 1803 2 years ago.
  • Old Windows 7 clock tray thing in the taskbar (https://winaero.com/blog/get-the-old-windows-7-like-calendar-and-date-pane-in-windows-10/) - on 1809 it seems there are no reminders there, so why not have the old option with the multiple clocks in my case. Also no idea why that's not on Winaero Tweaker, but maybe it has to do with the system version because I think I saw it there on 1803 (I'm using a different version now though). But doesn't matter, what's said in the link still works even without the option showing.
  • Enable Windows Photo Viewer (https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/14312-restore-windows-photo-viewer-windows-10-a.html) - don't use the option inside Winaero Tweaker. It seems to have a bug at least with icons (.ico) where it can't preview them. This one can't, but at least has an option on the context menu with a right click on the icon, called Image Preview. Btw, the option without the sort order fix, has sort order already haha. Maybe it was some bug in Windows 10 when the tutorial was made. At least in 1809, using the normal option has no problems.
  • Put the clock on the right and the Action Center on the left (https://github.com/opusman/ClockPositionRighteousifier).
  • Windows 7 icons (http://www.door2windows.com/customizergod/) - this is to change all possible icons on the system. Make a backup of the originals if you want, even though it can restore by itself (maybe it makes a backup somewhere, no idea). You just need the icons from Windows 7 to replace on the program. I'll link to the ones I took from my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 installation and some adapted to Windows 10 by me. To replace an entire folder, just click on an icon with the program, click Ctrl+A to select them all, and click Change. Then select the correct folder and the icons will be replaced. Windows Explorer will also be restarted every time you change an icon (unless you change that in the settings). Also, apply first all Windows 7 original icons and only then the adapted ones, otherwise the original ones will replace the adapted ones.
  • Windows 7 sounds (I'm sorry, I didn't save the original link to the sounds I downloaded for some reason...., so it will be a link of mine).
  • Windows 7 cursors (https://www.tenforums.com/customization/40973-custom-cursors-post577477.html#post577477) - these were made to scale decently on 200% DPI which Windows 8 and 10 can do (7 can't). The 3 ZIPs, I think they have a folder inside each one. The 3 folders from the 3 ZIPs must go to C:\Windows\Cursors. If they don't have a folder inside each ZIP, make one. Call it the name of the ZIP, for example. After copying, you need to go on Mouse settings inside Control Panel and create a scheme for each of those 3 (or just the size you want) - I mean going to each pointer and selecting the Windows 7 correspondent pointer cursor. I'll link a registry file that I've made for myself which has the pointers already setup - but it has the names in portuguese. If you want them in your language, click Save as and give them the name you want and delete the portuguese ones.
  • Windows 7 theme (https://www.deviantart.com/sagorpirbd/art/Aero-7-Themes-for-Win10-Final-523979941) - now it's mandatory to install UltraUXThemePatcher or this won't work decently, if I recall correctly (I'm saying this last part because I installed UltraUXThemePatcher in the very beginning, so no troubles for me while doing the modifications). I'll link my theme (if you choose to apply it, please do it AFTER installing the cursors and the sounds because it uses them and puts them already set (or do before that but it won't be complete).
----------IMPROVEMENTS PART----------
  • Winaero Tweaker (https://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.1836) - many tweaks you can make to Windows 10 that you probably didn't know you could. ATTENTION: this program uses Local Group Policy, which means various options will only work for some Windows 10 editions. Home edition will have the least options working, then Pro, then Education and then Enterprise (which should have all of them working) - I think that's the right order (correct me if I'm wrong). I'll link my settings for this. NOTE: If you want the theme like I have above, don't use the option of Aero Lite inside this program.
  • Stop Resetting my Apps (https://www.carifred.com/stop_resetting_my_apps/) - at least in 1803, Windows 10 was resetting my default apps for different extensions and stuff. So I found that program and it helped with it. No idea if the problem still exists in 1809, but I applied what the program says anyways (only reset the defaults, not lock - you'll get it when you open it, if you decide to install it).
  • On Local Group Policy Editor (write gpedit.msc on the search box and it's the first and only one you see), you might want to look into Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update\[something like this now:] No automatic reboot with logged in users (Enable it - wtf Microsoft...). Otherwise, the system will reboot no matter if you're logged in or not...
  • [I might put here some research I'll do on the infinite svchost.exe on Task Manager. Hopefully I can disable some of those services and make some script to Regedit or something of unused things in my case - I'll try to have only enabled those that are on Windows 7 or something.] [UPDATE: not sure I will... First, it doesn't seem to bother me at all. I see infinite processes in Task Manager, but those are hidden by default and I never see them, unlink Windows XP where I'd forcibly see them all unless I had some other user logged in. And second, I'll be getting more RAM because Edge (or Chrome or whatever - too many tabs...) is using VERY much. Only about 20 GB total and I only have 8 GB (physical, at least).... So I think I won't be doing any research on that. Unless I see they really eat too much RAM and I'll see what's going on behind everything before trying to do anything stupid like disabling Windows services.]

Any links to files that I said I have are in this link: http://www.mediafire.com/folde6eqridabxh3cm - this is a folder in my MediaFire account.
Should ANY of the links stop working by any reason, just send me a message and I'll be happy to put the important things about the link which stopped working in the folder above linked on MediaFire, no matter if it's now or in 300 years XD (might be hard by then to be me though hahaha - or maybe not.... Cyberpunk 2077 might get real? hahaha) - I downloaded everything I needed and I'll be keeping everything on a private server as I always do, so if (when, actually) the things disappear from the Internet, I still have them.
----------NOW 2 WARNINGS----------
1st - If you do NOT have the LTSC edition, then the system will upgrade its version whenever it's configured to (you can delay that a year or something). Therefore, programs might stop working because they work up to a specific version and the appearance will get back to the original. Just make sure before Windows upgrades, you have the apps updated (let them check for updates automatically).
2nd - I've done this on Windows 10 version 1809. There may be programs that are outdated enough to not work above 1809, I've no idea. Please check the versions before using any of them (one of them - CustomizerGod -, I think it doesn't work on 1903 or something, but read the official page, it's there). Only use those that work on your Windows 10 version, of course. Aero Glass for Win8+, for example, only installs if it sees it's running on a compatible Windows 10 version. If it's not, it won't install.
3rd - Again, please check the program versions and see if they apply for your Windows 10 version. All of them apply for 1809, for example. Read the comments for the tools and see what people say about your version - or try yourself and see what happens, but that's on your own risk (this is already haha, but if the version is outside of those tested by the developer, that's 200% out of their responsability).
submitted by DADi590 to windows


1/29/2019 - Added bgdl proof-of-concept from the FAPS team, Vitagrafix to the "plugins" section, and VHBB to the "apps" section
It is expected that you read this pinned post before posting. Any post asking for or about material included here will be deleted and the poster will be issued a warning
  • PSVitaMod.com is a good site for Vita set-up, with pictures for every step
  • We've pinned a bi-weekly thread that is crossposted with vitahacks for questions to cut down on threads. Nopaystation has been moved to the sidebar
  • [May 6] Trinity has been released
  • [Feb 13] modoru released - downgrade your Vita (3.68 or lower needed)
Q: Can I pirate Vita games?
  • A. You certainly can, and it's possible on a 3.60-3.68 Vita (until the 3.69-3.70 jailbreak is released).
Q: Can I downgrade my Vita?
  • A. Yes, with modoru. However, you need a Vita with firmware 3.68 or lower
Q: What's the best firmware to use?
  • A. The only benefit to a 3.60 or 3.65 Vita is Enso, which doesn't require activation on every boot. I'd recommend a 3.60/3.65 Vita if you can get your hands on one, but up to 3.68 works
Q: Can I play games with a firmware requirement higher than what my current firmware is?
  • A. Yes, you can, thanks to ref00d and compatibility packs. Pre-made compatibility packs (probably all 3.67+ firmware titles) to play games on lower-than-required firmwares are here
Q: What games can I pirate?
  • A. Any game out there.
Q: What's the fastest way to play pirated games?
  • A. Upon getting your Vita, install Enso (if on 3.60, then upgrade to 3.65 Enso) or h-encore (if you're on 3.67/3.68), install the NoNpDRM plugin to the ux0:tai/config.txt or ur0:tai/config.txt (depending on if you are using SD2Vita or not), then install pkgj.
Q: How do I update from 3.60 Enso to 3.65 Enso?
*A. Here's a video tutorial made by TheZett that shows how to do it.
Q: I am on 3.67/3.68. How do I get/use h-encore?
*A. Read about it here.
Q: What about PS1 and PSP games? Do those come in .vpk/.pkg files?
  • A. PS1 games can be converted into an eboot to be used with Adrenaline or can be left as .bin/.cue for use with Retroarch. PSP games need to be in .iso/.cso format to be used with Adrenaline. You can also see if they're available in pkgj
Q: How do I install Adrenaline to play PSP/PS1/PSP homebrew?
Q: Can I still play games I downloaded from PSN or use my cartridges?
  • A. Yes.
Q: How do I update my game?
  • A. With NoNpDRM dumps, you can use the Livearea to update your game. If you're using the anti-blacklist hack on your PSTV, you can download game updates with pkgj without having to disable the blacklist
Q: My PSTV isn't installing a Livearea update. How do I fix it?
  • A. If you have a antiblacklist hack installed, it may prevent installing for some games, but certainly does for games originally not allowed. Disable the antiblacklist hack to install the update.
Q: How do I know if a game update requires a certain firmware?
Q: What is NoNpDRM?
  • A. It's a plugin by TheFloW that lets you play encrypted, untampered Vita games. Read more about it here
Q: What differences are there between Vitamin, NoNpDRM, and Maidump?
Q: What differences are there between 3.60 Enso, 3.65 Enso, and h-encore
Q: Can I transfer my saves if I'm still on Vitamin/Maidump dumps to be used with the NoNpDRM plugin?
  • A. Yes. savemgr is a useful tool to easily backup/restore your saves. Alternatively, you can backup your savedata folder in ux0:use00/savedata.
Q: My dumps are currently Maidumps. Should I swap them out to play with the NoNpDRM plugin? How do I do that?
  • A. You'll be fine with sticking to Maidumps if you're updated to the latest version possible and used the method to prevent your saves being wiped after you resume your Vita from sleep (detailed in "Q: I lost my savedata after I started my Vita up from suspend mode!..."). To swap the dumps, you can either use savemgr or manually copy/paste the game's savefolder (ux0:use00/savedata) to backup your saves before deleting the game in question to restore it after downloading and installing the NoNpDRM rip
Q: How do I rip/play games with NoNpDRM?
Q: Where's NoPayStation and how do I use it?
  • A. You can find a bunch of links to games, the tool and a tutorial here
Q: How do I use pkgj (freeshop for the Vita) to download games right on to my Vita?
  • A. Making sure you have NoNpDRM working prior to this, get pkgj from here and enter this line in as the only line in ux0:pkgi/config.txt:
url_comppack http://gitlab.com/nopaystation_repos/nps_compati_packs/raw/maste
install_psp_psx_location ux0:
psm_disclaimer_yes_i_read_the_readme NoPsmDrm
sort title
order asc
  • Note: You can press L when a game is highlighted if you want to download its compatibility pack (0.31 pkgj or higher)
Q: I've installed pkgj and set it up with the NoPayStation link, but it does not work. It says "install failed" when trying to download the game.
  • A1: Your NoNPDRM plugin might cause this issue. Check your config.txt and make sure the plugin is listed there correctly.
  • A2: Try changing the plugin's path in ur0/ux0:tai to "ur0:/tai/nonpdrm.skprx" or "ux0:/tai/nonpdrm.skprx", wherever it's placed (It's best to keep all plugins in ur0: and keep a backup in ux0:).
  • A3: There is an issue with size (you need to check it out on pkgj's github, I'm not sure) some people are experiencing.
  • A4: If everything fails, it may be that the zrif is invalid. Use NPS browser on your PC instead (as a bonus you get access to PSP/PSX/PS3 titles and DLCs (including Vita DLCs)
Q: Can I delete my game, but backup my saves?
Q: How do I mod NoNpDRM games?
Q: I've downloaded latest version of ReNpDRM and ReStore, but I still cannot download from PlayStation Store / PlayStation Store times out or quits on its own.
  • A1: You might want to wait about 30 seconds before trying to download anything, it's advised to do so by it's developer.
  • A2: It's quite a lottery with it's compability. For some people latest version works but previous did not, and for others v3 works and latest version does not. Here are v3 of the plugins
  • A3: There could be an issue with the load order. Here's a thread with a config.txt
Q: NPS browser is giving me "PKG Decrypt Err!" on everything
  • A: You are probably using pkg2zip parameters with pkg_dec. You should download pkg2zip and use it instead in order to use all of NPS browser's features.
Q: What else can I do with my Vita?
  • A. Some other things you can do are transfer files using a FTP client or direct transfer using Vitashell 1.60+, configure controls past the game's options, modifying game files (undubs, translations, graphical hacks, etc.), playing PSP/PS1 games with native emulation, use microSDcards as storage, or whitelisting your PSTV to play all games.
Q: Where do you find the "refresh livearea", "mount uma0:", and "refresh license database" options in Vitashell?
  • A: While viewing all partitions (ux0:, ur0:,...), press triangle.
Q: Can I play online, download, and update my games?
  • A: You can update your legitimate games regardless of your firmware. As far as online is concerned, PSN spoofing still works, so you can use the PSN store, sync trophies, play online, etc.
Q: I'm not going to bother with Playstation network services. Can I use a Vita without having an account?
  • A: Yes, you can set up a trial account when you set up your system.
Q: Can I use a USB as storage with my PSTV?
  • A. Yes. It needs to be formatted to FAT32 and you need to be using Vitashell 1.60 or later. For your first time using it, when viewing all partitions in Vitashell (ur0:, uma0:, etc), press triangle, mount the USB as uma0:, disconnect and connect the USB again if it asks you to, press triangle again, and mount it as ux0:. Making sure you have Enso installed, use usbmc_installer so that the USB will be mounted on boot every time.
Q: "MicroSD cards as storage? How do I do it?"
  • A: To use a microSD card on your Vita, You will an adapter that will need to take up your cartridge slot or one that will replace your 3G modem (only for original Vitas). I am only aware of Yifanlu selling those type of adapters, but here is a thread for one of the latest SD2Vita designs. They've yet to ship, but there's a place to look. Check the other pinned message for other adapters. Use this guide to properly format your card and this guide from cfw.guide to use it.
Q: "How do I upgrade from my memory card/internal storage to a SD2Vita?"
  • A: Make sure you can view hidden folders and unhide protected operating system files in your Windows' folder options, then back up all the files from your memory card and ur0:shell/db/app.db (which you can access by opening up a FTP server with Vitashell if your Vita's not in safe mode) so that your bubbles are in the same place. You can copy the entire memory card to your PC using Vitashell. After that, copy everything onto your microSD card (provided that you formatted your microSD card correctly as pointed out in the Wololo tutorial.
Q: How do I move to a bigger microSD card, say 128GB to 256GB?
  • A: It's the same deal as upgrading from an official memory card to your SD2Vita card, except you obviously don't need Vitashell to move files across the memory cards.
Q: Where do I put PSP/PS1 games?
  • A: PSP games go in ux0, ur0, or uma0:pspemu/iso/[isoname].iso. PS1 eboots go in ux0, ur0, or uma0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/[GAMEID]/EBOOT.PBP
Q: "Where can I get normal PSP ISOs and special modified ISOs (translations, etc.)?
Q: How do I launch my PSP games from the Livearea just like a PS Vita game?
Q: How do I install .vpks without needing double the space of it?
  • A. .vpks are basically renamed .zip files. Either rename them to a .zip for extraction or use an extraction program (I use 7-Zip) to extract the .vpk as-is. You can then install it as a folder in Vitashell
Q: I lost my savedata after I started my Vita up from suspend mode! What happened?
  • A: Vitamin and Maidumps required a work around for games to work, so their metadata gets messed up. Savedata can as a result disappear from these dumps. You can check ux0:use00/savedata_backup and see if your save is there. To stop this from happening, create a folder in ux0:use00/savedata and rename it to "list.dat".
Q: Will I get banned for playing online with pirated games, syncing trophies with pirated games, or using any PSN service with spoofing?
  • A: No, you won't. There haven't been any reports of bans as a result of any of these activities, but there have been unconfirmed ban reports of syncing trophies with a pre-release vpk of the US Criminal Girls and a developer build of Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom back in November-ish and September, respectively. Another case of temporary IP bans came as a result of the near app excessively pinging Sony's servers. At this point, there's no chance of you getting banned.
Q: I've been told that the Vita has no games. Is this true?
  • A: If all you care about are exclusives, certain Vita publishers (Spike Chunsoft, Koei Tecmo, XSEED and NISA) have been porting their Vita titles to the PC, with the most recent being Valkyrie Drive and Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls. Some Vita ports (Virtua Tennis 4, Rayman Legends, and Dead or Alive 5+) have content exclusive to the system, which make them worthwhile to visit. Gematsu has a very accurate list of the status of the exclusives. Otherwise, the system has quite a few strong ports. It's weak in some genres, like racing games or first-person shooters, but is very strong in role-playing games and anime tie-ins, so your mileage will vary.
Q: Will oclockvita/VSHMenu damage my system?
  • A: No. Sony kept the system underclocked from it's maximum clock speeds. Oclockvita and VSHMenu only take the Vita's clock speeds to the maximum allowed by the Vita's SoC.
Q: Do I use Oclockvita or VSHMenu?
  • A: Oclockvita causes framepacing issues. I'm not sure if VSHMenu does, but that should be used instead even if it does cause them
Q: I have heard about or have experienced a savedata error which made me lose my savedata! What can I do to keep this from happening?
  • A: If you're using only NoNpDRM dumps, you will not have this issue. If you're using a Maidump, use this method to keep it from happening again.
Q: I want to request a dump, translation, or save file. Do I just make a thread on that?
  • A: No, you need to use the correct thread underneath the subreddit info. Making a thread will result in the post being deleted and a warning.
Q: I need help with an emulator. Can I ask about my problem here?
  • A. Emulator discussion is better suited over at /vitahacks.
Q: Can I post anything I create on Vita here?
  • A: We'll make an exemption to the rule here (yes, even with uncensored mods). If you think it'll better suit this subreddit instead of /vitahacks or just want to cross post, go ahead. This subreddit has several thousand people subscribed to it and we don't want to deny community created creations that exposure. 99% of things will be allowed. You'd have to make something like a bricker vpk for it to be denied from this subreddit. If too much stuff gets posted, however, we'll dial this back and remove more lesser quality or less relevant creations. Lastly, try to post it when it's as finished as possible. ;)
Q: Can I post a thread asking for help with my creation?
  • A: Translation and mod threads are 100% acceptable here, but you need to know what you're doing and/or have at least some part of it done. I think app and homebrew threads would always be straight up better in /vitahacks, so keep those type of help threads to there.
Q: What letters in the game's ID (ex. PCSA) go with what regions?
  • DeSmuME - DS emulator
  • mGBA - GB/GBC/GBA emulator
  • RetroArch - Multi-system emulator (CSP2/Saturn/PS1/NES/etc), individually installed by core
  • SNES9x - Standalone SNES emulator
  • AdvRemap - Remap buttons for individual games
  • DownloadEnabler - Download any file extension to your Vita
  • FrameCounter - Display your game's framerate
  • RePatch - Patch your encrypted games (cartridge, digital download, NoNpDRM/pkgj)
  • RinCheat - Vita-to-PC streamer, cheat tool, and allows for changing clock speeds
  • Screenie - Take uncompressed screenshots (.bmp format)
  • MiniVitaTV - Connect multiple controllers to Vita like a PSTV
  • Shellbat - Display your battery percentage on the Livearea
  • VITABattery - Display your battery percentage in-game
  • LOLIcon - Change your Vita's clock speeds/overclock the CPU to 500mhz (saves profiles on a per game basis), display framerate/ battery percentage, swap button assignments, etc.
  • VitaGrafix - Change the resolution and framerate of many Vita games
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