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The difference between the 2 editions is that free version allows you to save 2GB files before upgrading to a full license, for a better validation of the. A-PDF Restrictions Remover. Mediafire Omnisphere 2 Download. Our new Optimal learning features with made to measure drills, guarantee that you will learn to touch type in just 3-5 hours.

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Your Personal Typing Tutor Meet TypingMaster Pro, the personal touch typing tutor that adapts to your unique needs.


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Typing Master Pro 10 Crack complete typing curriculum leads students step-by-step to. Download the Crack and Install It in. Typing-Master. Compared to Sonma Typing Expert and other popular apps, this learning-based tool is excellent for performance analysis. Better typing will help you get things done! Just imagine the impact on your productivity!

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Typing Master Pro 10 Crack is beneficial for the user who uses it because it relaxes the palm and finger on the keyboard in the right way and increases the typing speed of a user. TypingMaster Pro 10 Crack Full Keygen INCL Final Serial Key. Limewire, Kazaa, Imesh, Ares, BearShare. Typingmaster is good but not free.

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More Flavor Text Mod

Hello. More Flavor Text is a personal project i have been working on for a week or two. The goal was to add flavor text i thought the game was missing. I consider it completed today and have decided to share the mod with the rest of the community.
You might not like this mod if you:
  • Dislike unnecessary information and prefer simplicity
  • Want a completely immersive experience and are not willing to tolerate text going beyond certain screens and general inconsistencies
  • Want things to not be explained to you so you can form your own headcanon for things

If you want to try the mod, you can get it here. The way i install it is:
  1. Create a new folder and create a copy of Remnants.jar there to not accidentally damage your game.
  2. Open the copied Remnants.jar with archive tool (WinRar, 7Zip, etc.)
  3. Go to rotp/lang/en.
  4. Delete files in the archive that are contained in the download, then add the downloaded files into the archive. (DO NOT DELETE the folder races, instead go there and do the same thing again).

The significant changes the mod makes:
  • Armor technologies no longer have "Armor" in their names.
  • Duralloy is now Neosteel.
  • Zortrium is now Nanoplating.
  • Andrium is now Duranium.
  • Hit points are now Hull Integrity.

  • Atmospheric Terraforming is now simply Terraforming.
  • Death Spores and Doom Virus now have their effects explained.
  • Cloaking Device is now Emissions Sink System.
  • Tundra planets have been renamed to Frozen.
  • ECM Jammer has been renamed to Missile Def Systems.

  • Ecological Restoration techs have been renamed to Waste Elimination.
  • Pulsar techs have been renamed to Shockwave.
  • The names of most engines have been changed.
  • Instead of Warp X, the travel speed of engines is now shown as X C, in reference to the speed of light.

  • Hyperspace Communications is now Transwarp Quantum Entanglement.
  • Improved Industrial techs are renamed and marked with (Ind X)
  • Improved Terraforming techs are renamed and marked with (Terra +X0)
  • Reduced Industrial Waste techs are renamed and marked with (Waste X%)
  • Improved Robotic Controls techs are renamed and marked with (Robotic X)

  • Battle Scanner is now Equipment Scanner.
  • Technology Nullifier is now Focused EMP.
  • Warp Dissipator is now Velocity Reduction Virus.
  • Lasers are now Pulse Lasers.
  • Gatling Lasers are now Burst Lasers.

  • Soil Enrichment/Advanced Soil Enrichment are now Engineered Environments/Environmental Perfection.
  • Descriptions for star types have new flavor text.
  • Hiding your spies is now called Infiltration.
  • The Artifact planet special is now Ancient Ruins.
  • Colonies have been renamed Outposts in many instances.

  • More flavor text has been added to Random Events and GNN news segments.
  • When selecting enemy planets to send transports to the (up to half of Planet's population) has been replaced with (up to half of Planet's military).
  • More flavor text was added to planet specials descriptions.
  • The Spending Adjustments messages have been edited.
  • Saboteurs and spies have been renamed to Sabotage Virus and spy programs.

  • Incite Rebellion has been renamed to Engineer Rebellion.
  • The Galactic Council is now properly called Galactic in all known instances (though i am unsure, if you see High Council anywhere please let me know)
  • New Republic has been renamed and is now the Galactic Republic.
  • High Master of the New Republic renamed to Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.
  • Earth has been renamed to Sol, since that was how it was in Moo1 and is more realistic.
  • Meklar dialogue and advisor text is now much more cold and robotic with emotional text removed or changed. Much more mention of extermination and committing fatal errors now.

This is an initial version. I am mostly just one person and things might have slipped by. If you are planning on using this mod please contact me if you notice things behaving not like they are supposed to or if you are having problems.
Big thanks to u/modnar_hajile, who helped me with some things like bioweapons and waste reduction techs.
submitted by The-Goat-Soup-Eater to rotp

Creating and Using GPX Routes + GPX Route Downloads [November 2020]

Creating and Using GPX Routes + GPX Route Downloads [November 2020]
Tablet of Contents:
  1. Frequently Asked Questions for Downloads
  2. GPX Routes Download
  3. How to import a GPX into GPS Joystick, Fake GPS, and PGSharp?
  4. Creating and Using GPX Routes with detailed instructions
{- Part #1 -- FAQ for Downloads -}
Where do I get these GPX Routes?
  • I have collected them from Reddit, Google Drives, Discord Groups, and Websites.
What is the difference between my download links and getting it from four different sources?
  • Many of the routes from those sources were for iSpoofer, pogo++, and iTools. I have converted many of them into WayPoint type GPX that can be used in Android spoofing joystick apps and PGSharp. The work has already been done for you.
  • Many of the routes had incorrect names, so I renamed them.
  • It is much easier to have them all ready to use in your device.
How come you do not convert them for iOS spoofing like iPogo and iTools?
  • I created PogoAndroidSpoofing because I do not own any Apple iOS devices.
Can I share your download link?
  • Yes.

{- Part #2 -- GPX Route Downloads -}
Important Information
  • If you get an error when you import the GPX Route, you must rename the file name from .XML to .GPX . This will fix your problem.
  1. Press and hold onto the file.
  2. You find the button that leads to more options to rename.
  3. Clear the “.XML” or “.xml” part only.
  4. Type in “ .gpx ”
  5. Press rename then OK, or save.
  6. If it asks you to confirm, you allow it.
  • Duplicate routes may have the same or different number of Pokestops but with a different walking path.
  • Some parks do not have an English name, so I used the area for its name.
  • At the moment, only big city routes have the estimated number of Pokestops in (###) like "USA, California, San Francisco (588).gpx" because the number was already there. I will add the (Number of Pokestops) for all other routes in the next update.
  • May still contain typos and incorrect names.
  • You may need to turn your device in landscape mode to see file names.
  • File name is like this "Country, State or City - Park/Place/Area name" to keep all countries together.
[Option #1] All-In-One Big ZIP:
[Option #2] Individually by regions:
These are folder links where you can pick which ones you want to download. If you plan to download all of them, you should just do Option #1.
[Option #3] Sources

{- Part #3 -- How to import a GPX into PGSharp, GPS Joystick, and Fake GPS ? -}
[1] PGSharp
  1. Go to the Maps
  2. Press on GPX
  3. Select the .GPX file (you must download these from Option #1 or #2)
  4. Press Play (white triangle)
  5. Press on "I know" for Teleport popup
  6. Press X (top-right).
  7. Make sure your speed is 9 km/h.
  8. To pause your GPX Route, you open the Map and press the Pause symbol (Two White rectangles).
[2] GPS Joystick
Step 2.1: Open GPS Joystick
Step 2.2: Press the 3 white lines for settings.
Step 2.3: Press on GPX Import / Export
Step 2.4: Press on Import
Step 2.5: Press on the 3 white links for more storage locations and select the .gpx file.
Step 2.6: Press on WayPoints. The number you see if the amount of Pokestops.
Step 2.7: Press on the Green Circle button.
Step 2.8: Press on CREATE ROUTE FROM ALL.
Step 2.9: Now, you will see a map of the route.

Step 2.10: Press on SAVE ROUTE.
Step 2.11: Type in a name then press SAVE.
Step 2.12: Press on the Back White Arrow (top-left corner) 2 times.
Step 2.13: On the HOME screen, press on Set Route.
Step 2.14: Select the route you just saved.
If the route you import does not appear...
Step 2.15: Press the 3 white lines for settings.
Step 2.16: Press on Routes.
Step 2.17: Scroll down to find your newest imported route.
Step 2.18: Press on it
Step 2.19: Now it should load up in that route box on the home screen.
[3] Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go
Step 3.1: Open FakeGPS Route app.
Step 3.2: Go to Settings (3 white dots)
Step 3.3: Press on “Routes”
Step 3.4: Press on folder icon
Step 3.5: Press on “Download”
Step 3.6: Press on your “XXXX-XXXX-data.gpx” or whatever you named your .gpx file.
Step 3.7: Your route will appear like this. Everyone’s route will be different.

To load your Route:
Step 3.8: Go to Settings.
Step 3.9: Press on “Routes”
Step 3.10: Press on your route that has been added.
Step 3.11: Fake GPS will show you your route on the map like this.
  • Press the + button to zoom in on your route you plan to use.

Step 3.12: Press on the Play button (White Triangle Blue Circle).

{- Part #4 -- Creating and Using GPX Routes -}
What is a GPX Route?
It is a set of coordinates made up of Poke Stops and Gyms for your trainer to automatically walk precisely from one point to another point without using a joystick.
What is a GPX Route used for?
  • To farm Pokemon, stardust, candies, and items.
How do I use a GPX Route?
  • You must be using one of these spoofing methods: Smali Patcher (rooted), Systemized (rooted), or PGSharp (no root) for the best experience.
  • There is no guarantee you can use it with the No Root by Downgrading Google Play Services. From my experience, a few people manage to get it to work while with most it fails for them.
Which Gotcha device is the best?
  • The "Gotcha" or "Gotcha Evolve" made from "Datel" is the best one because it requires zero physical modifications. It catches and spins automatically with no sound and no vibrations. They are rechargeable.
  • To see what it looks like, you can go to codejunkies (dot) com. You can buy them from Amazon, Ebay, and etc. Try to buy them locally due to the Coronavirus.
  • The original "Go Plus" and "Pokeball Plus" from Nintendo requires you to modify the device to keep the catch button pressed in. The Go Plus requires coin batteries, which can be expensive. The Pokeball Plus makes sounds and vibration, which might annoy you.
  • There are also other devices like Dual Catchmon and Pocket Egg. These are more expensive because they use AAA or AA batteries. They all do the same thing.
Is there a Virtual Gotcha?
  • Yes, but it costs money $7 USD per month to get access to Pokemod's premium features.
  • Using PokeMod increases your risk for a Red Warning because it's a cheat tool that runs on top of your Rooted Spoofing Method like Smali Patcher or Systemized.
  • This cheat tool has been through one ban wave in late 2019.
  • To learn more about Pokemod, press or click on Pokemod.dev. *Requires a Rooted Android device with Android 6.0 and above.
Which is better for leveling and farming stardust, candies, and shinies?
  • Finger:
    • You can get more experience and stardust with a higher catch rate with your finger than using a Gotcha (including the other devices). You can consistently throw curved nice, great, and/or excellent throws. You have a better chance of catching all the Pokemon you see including 2nd and 3rd tier evolution. You actually get to see the shiny when you get one.
  • Gotcha:
    • Your finger will eventually get tired or sore from playing the game. You may even be bored with the game. Once you are level 40, there is no more leveling addiction and the only thing left to do is to "Catch Em All." Are you really going to sit down and farm the same Pokemon for six hours straight on a Saturday? Probably not. The Gotcha will play the game for you while you can go do something else!.
Things you need to know before using a GPX Route with a Gotcha:
  1. No matter which Gotcha device you use, they all have a low catch rate using Red Pokeballs only.
  2. You cannot catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops for items at the same time. The Gotcha will always try to catch first until all Pokemon have disappeared then it will spin Pokestops.
  3. You cannot "shiny check" while your Gotcha is collecting items for you because it causes a 15 to 30 second delay before the Gotcha starts collecting items again.
  4. All Gotchas will disconnect after 1 hour of use then you have to reconnect it. This makes it not possible for you to leave your device on overnight.
  5. You can turn off the screen when your Gotcha is paired with your device.
  6. You cannot have Pokemon Go run in the background because the app will get disconnected.
What walking speeds should you use while using a Gotcha?
  • To hatch eggs: 9 km/h.
  • To farm Pokemon at Zaragoza or Budapest: 5 to 9 km/h
  • To farm Pokemon at a small park: 5 to 9 km/h
  • To farm Pokemon at a big park: 9 km/h
  • To collect items only: 9 to 15 km/h depending on the distance between each Pokestop
How to level up fast?
  • Use a Big City GPX Route with a Gotcha to spin Pokestops only walking between 9 to 15 km/h.
  • Remove all items from your backpack. Once your backpack gets full, you dump all the items. You repeat this process.
  • Play the route, pop a Lucky Egg to get 500 exp from new Pokestops, and keep dumping items.
Creating a GPX Route in Android:
Converting a GPX Route using a computer:
Using Ingress map to generate coordinates:
  • Post Link: Generate Optimal Routes for your FakeGPS app by 3nvy9
    • Ingress' portals are the same as Pokestops in Pokemon Go.
    • This is best used on a computer.
    • Since the creator has stop updating his post, this may or may not be worth the time to use because you really cannot see where the Pokestops are and the Ingress map does not 100% match Pokemon Go's map.
If you need anything else, be sure to check out the real MEGA POST: Rules + Events + Android Spoofing Setup Guides + Other Android Guides + GPX Routes + Poke Maps + Discord Group Invites + Frequently Asked Questions
submitted by TastyBananaPeppers to PoGoAndroidSpoofing