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I need some help understanding Rihito's "Razor's Edge"

Hey, guys!
I really should have made this post a long time ago, and definitely after his fight with the Falcon, because this has been bothering me for a while. I'm hoping someone can dumb it down enough for me to finally fully understand my man Rihito's special ability, or as he would call it, his "superpower".
His special power is the superhuman strength of his pinch grip, that I know. But there have been some situations where I feel he has either been hindered from using it when he shouldn't have been or chosen not to use it when he really should have. I've been so lost in how much other awesome stuff there is in this manga, and with Rihito having been relegated to "guy that loses to show how strong another character is" (jobber?) for most of the manga I guess I didn't pay enough attention to him to really chew on these questions and ask you guys for help, but now I'm hoping you can clear this up for me.
I'm having trouble grasping the specifics of:
  1. What he needs in order to effectively use it.
  2. Why his technique was rendered ineffective by Ohma.
  3. Why he didn't or couldn't use it in certain situations.
Let's start with #1: What does Rihito need to effectively use his Razor's Edge?
According to the manga, or at least Ohma during his fight with Rihito, Rihito needs "distance" - or "acceleration" - to effectively utilize the extremely destructive power of his Razor's Edge, but I'm having trouble reconciling this with the fact that we've seen Rihito tear a coin in half as a child. Shouldn't Rihito be able to rip into his opponent just by bending his fingers and starting that pinching movement? Why does he need "distance" to use it?
#2: Why was his technique rendered ineffective by Ohma?
I feel pretty stupid about this, since Ohma does explain - as he's holding Rihito's fingers flexed open - that if he had been trying to tear Ohma's hand apart, he would be able to do it easily, so maybe I'm just misunderstanding what a "pinch grip" actually entails? I just don't understand why he needs "distance" to utilize it when he's not really tearing at his opponent when he does it. Or is he...? To me, when for example he slashes Kuroki's chest during their fight, it looks like he's just raking his fingers at him, so shouldn't he, in his fight with Ohma, just be able to use his strength to simply break through and tear into Ohma's fingers?
As I'm writing this I suspect I'm just misunderstanding the mechanics of what a pinch grip is, but I'd appreciate if someone could explain it to me. In the meantime, let's move on to my final question!
#3: Why didn't (or couldn't) Rihito use Razor's Edge more in his fights?
Writing this, I'm realizing that while Rihito has had quite a few fights by now (Ohma, Kuroki, Mokichi and the Falcon), there really aren't that many instances where I think he should have used when he didn't; he did use it against Ohma, but he rendered it useless; Kuroki completely manhandled him and, despite taking a few shallow wounds, was just too good to get hit by it; and Mokichi was a friendly opponent that Rihito neither wanted nor needed to use his Razor's Edge on. So the only fight that really bothers me is his fight with the Falcon.
Rihito does use his RE on Falcon, and he lands at least two critical blows on him with it, leading to massive bleeding on Falcon's part. He also uses it at the end of their fight when Falcon has him in the rear-naked choke that ultimately knocked him out, and I remember thinking "shit! he's gonna rip Falcon's arm apart!" as I watched him dig his fingers into his arm. However, despite RE being powerful enough to tear through iron(!) with ease, he never seemed to do any such devastating damage to Falcon, despite needing only a moment to tear his arms apart. We see him digging his fingers in and Falcon screaming in pain, but shouldn't Rihito have been able to tear his arms apart within the span of a breath? I know he was beaten to a pulp, poisoned and in the process of being choked out, but the fact that he never really tore into Falcon's arms and ended the match has bothered me since I read it. While Rihito has been written into a much more wholesome character than during his earliest appearances (almost killing Ivan by slashing his throat, for example, or that guy whose throat he also slashed on the boat), it still seems out of character for him to allow his opponent to win rather than doing critical damage to him.
So why didn't he simply tear open Falcon's arms and get loose from his chokehold? He was poisoned, yes, but it's pretty clear from how it's drawn that they struggle for several moments, both pushing themselves to the max in order to win, with more than enough time for him to make the decision to tear himself free rather than lose consciousness, so I don't think we can explain away this with the poison effect. Am I unreasonable about that? While he doesn't have the "distance" he supposedly needs for his slashing attacks, he does have Falcon's arms firmly in his grip, and with that he should be able to use the strength of his pinch grip, right...?
Am I missing something important about this scene? I know he's poisoned, and we also see Falcon digging his poisoned toe into Rihito's thigh, seemingly in a very vulnerable area in regards to the poison spreading, but we also see him continue to struggle hard and with a lot of fierceness and determination, so blaming it on him being weak or disoriented doesn't seem right to me.
Am I just underestimating the effect this long and hard fight, several critical hits, accumulated poison in his veins and a rapidly fading oxygen supply had on Rihito's ability to fight effectively? It just feels kind of wrong to think that he would "forget" his trump card, the thing he's based his entire persona around for all his life, even amidst such a fierce battle. He has been described as having excellent fighting instincts, and we've seen him be analytical during his fights, so to me it feels like he should have been able to, if nothing else, follow his natural instinct to tear himself free.
We can, of course, always chalk it up to "that's just not the way it was written", but I've come to deeply respect the level of writing in this manga, which, aside from Naruto and Boruto, is the only manga I've read. When I first discovered it, I expected a pretty shallow and much more fight-focused experience, and so my expectations for the story and character development were initially low. But Sandrovich has impressed me with how interesting the story and our many characters are, and how fun it is to read about them. I don't think I've ever read anything (comic, manga, book or otherwise) where I've felt so attached to so many of the characters, even despite the fact that many of them have only made a few appearances. Kengan has become my favorite reading material; I've probably gone through Kengan Asura at least ten times in the year and a half that I've known about it, and that repeated enjoyment comes just as much from the ridiculous and awesome characters and the fascinating (and ridiculous) plot arcs as from the thrilling fights. So I'm not ready to just say "meh, Sandrovich just took a 'shortcut' to the outcome he wanted". It's not like it would be a huge stretch for me to accept and rationalize it away, but I'd prefer an explanation that makes more sense.
Thank you for reading this, I hope it was somewhat interesting for you and that you don't think it's a too stupid series of questions to help answer them for me. Rihito is one of my favorite characters, and his loss to Falcon was devastating to me, but I'm still happy about the fight, which was AWESOME, and though I do think poison is cheating, it's not like other fighters haven't gotten away with similar stuff (Hanafusa's bone blades and explosive heel, Muteba's cyber eyes). Falcon won, and while I'll carry my butthurt with me until Rihito gets the win he deserves, his opponent at least showed him proper respect after beating him and admitted that Rihito would beat him if they fought again. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him join Rihito to train under Kuroki.
Let's end this here, I've gone on long enough. Thank you for any help answering these questions, I really appreciate it!
submitted by _Ardhan_ to Kengan_Ashura

Sending New Year’s Wishes Straight to You! - NY!Corrin (+10) Four Bulds

Long Post, important build info is highlighted! ^ ^
Fluffy haired cutie boy Corrin is here again!This time he’s dressed in traditional Japanese Hoshidan garb and ready to celebrate the new year! (Every day is a new year from the last time it was that day...don’t think about it too hard.) Corrin even figured out how socks work! I’m so disappointed. Take those off right now! proud! This time he’s put down his trusty Yato in favor of a bow. Bows happen to be my favorite weapon so I was pretty excited to see he was an archer! (Fun fact, I almost always took an archery talent in Fates, but never did anything with it because Hoshido Noble’s staff utility and Nohrian Trust+Hoshidan Unity builds were too much fun!) The fact M!Corrin’s first alt was an Archer felt like a nod to me even though I know it was just a coincidence. Now this precious boy is here to shoot a message of well wishes straight to you!
I was originally going to make 2 builds but I ended up with 4 somehow. Oops!
General Stuff
Blessing is light for AR shenanigans. Originally it was water, and it’s still weird to think of him with anything else, but sometimes practicality is more important than aesthetics. ;-;
Ally support is Byleth. Since the adorable archer Ashe isn’t here, Corrin is helping Byleth cope. This also lets me run two of my favorite swordies (or Corrin+any of my other reds) without color overlap, which is great! If I identify as both of them, is this narcissism?
Accessory is Festival Mask cause it looks cute on him. I also think it fits his Hoshidan theme pretty well. And let’s not forget that it has AMAZING synergy with the Lilith charm on the arrow in his artwork!
Let’s Enjoy The New Year, Together! - Arena Support
Will Corrin ever step out of his role as arena cheerleader? Will he ever stop looking cute in a skirt? The answer to both those questions is no. Waaaay back when I settled on building regular M!Corrin as an arena support (before I actually started building him) I had the idea of eventually making a full Corrin Arena support core. He’s just so supportive! But alas, being a tempest reward made this but a dream. Enter Heroic Grails! Finally Corrin could get the merges needed to make this dream a reality! All he needed was several hundred cups of...whatever’s in those grails…Corrin, the holiday isn’t an excuse, drink responsibly!
This might be the most expensive and unnecessary arena supporter ever considering just about any 3-4 star archer could run this build cheaper, but eh.
Fiddlestick Bow (Def Refine)
My arena team is based around stacking Def/Res boosts on the bonus unit so they can survive long enough to get kills. This helps with that. He can also pick his default Hama Ya for General use. I think for support, Hama Ya is a better all around bow, but in a place like Arena where you know you’ll fight more melee, Fiddelstick is a bit better. It’s Defense refined to give more physical bulk in case any mean old armors sneak around (lol Clank Clank CLANK so stealthy!) and try and hit him.
Rally Atk/Spd+
Standard Arena fair. Gives him the points he needs to pull his weight, and also grants team support. Since regular Corrin already runs Def/Res, it’s best to diversify with Atk/Spd, even if I find it generally less useful.
Aether Wheee, more Arena points!
Close Counter
Sensing a pattern yet? Gives more points. Will be C. Duel Infantry if Loki ever comes back.
Def/Res Ruse
I’m one of the like 5 people who actually liked feint skills, and run Atk feint on my regular corrin. But ruses are just better, and it still naturally fits my Arena support setup. While it hits for -5 as opposed to -7 on a feint, it still softens enemies up for the bonus unit, and lays down a guard effect on enemies, so I can potentially retire Sakura and her witchy wand from my Arena core for someone who scores slightly higher. Further, it affects both Def and Res, so no matter who the bonus unit is, they’ll benefit from the debuff. And unlike Feints which only apply the debuff based on the position of the unit you’re rallying, this hits based off both that unit and Corrin, making it easier to hit. Even if he isn’t always glued next to the bonus unit like his regular form making it a bit harder to rally them and trigger this, there’s no rule that says he can’t rally someone else, since the Atk/Spd buff is less important to my strat than the Def/Res boost! He can even stand behind his regular form and rally to debuff the foe for both 7 Atk and 5 Def/Res with guard! Combo Wombo!
Ruses are so much better than feints it’s not funny. Hopefully his default form can swap up to Atk/Spd ruse soon.
Close Guard
Stacking close guard with his bow’s effect, he can give a nice +8 Def and Res to everyone just for hanging out, provided the enemy is attacking at melee range. Not bad! Combine this with the +18 Def/Res my unit will usually get from regular Corrin, and the -7 Atk from Atk Feint and you’ve got a beefy bonus unit!
Drive Def
Let’s add 3 more Def to the stat pile just because we can. This means against a physical melee foe he provides 11 Def. Also he gives +3 Def for daggers and archers on the rare occasion they pop up, so he’s not totally deadweight against them.
I’ll Protect You, So Try And Stay Healthy! - Mixed Tank
Corrin wants you to stay healthy this year, so he’ll defend you from injury! Then he’ll teach those bullies a lesson! A fairly standard mixed tank build that serves as his default setup.
Guard Bow (Res Refine) Corrin already has great physical defense, but his res leaves something to be desired. This helps fix that. Distant Def is great, further improving his matchup against daggers and archers, but also giving him a fighting chance against magical ranged threats. Combined with max merges and dragon flowers, his res suddenly doesn’t look so bad!
Reposition Normally I prefer draw back on ranged units, but Corrin is an exception. He actually has a defense stat (a good one at that) so he's fine to take a few hits.
Bonfire What would a new year's celebration be without some fireworks? Hits enemies with his mighty defense stat to make up for his average attack.
Close Counter
"what? you think i'm just gonna stand there and take it?"
Despite how stupid everyone thinks he is, Corrin still knows not to just stand there and let people hit him without doing something about it. Thanks to his younger brother, he's learned how to punch people in the face! Makes him a great facetank, especially against fliers.
Guard His defenses are good, but he can still get beat up by specials, so let’s disable those. This slot is pretty flexible though. Some other options I’ve considered for this slot are QR for doubles and Dull ranged which prevents units from powering through his defenses by cheating with bladetomes. Cancel Affinity is also an option he has to keep his neutral matchup no matter what, but triangle adept raven tomes aren’t the most common thing in the world.
Atk Smoke Using ancient Hoshidan ninja techniques (which he learned from Kaze), Corrin lays down some smoke to weaken the enemy attack, helping him survive hits even better. If someone else is debuffing Atk, he has other options like Def Smoke, or Close Guard.
Swift Stance This gives him a decent bump to his res which synergizes with his guard bow, and means he doesn’t crumple quite as hard against dragons which is important for Close Counter, though he shouldn’t be trying to tank those anyway. It also bumps his speed up to a respectable level to deny enemy follow ups. Warding Stance is another option he can take for a slightly bigger res boost, and to even out his defenses a bit more. If we ever get a barrier lance for bows, I’d probably swap to that and warding for more even tanking against dragons.
Let’s Send Our Wishes to the Heavens! - Aether Raids
This set looks somewhat similar to his Guard bow set. Whereas that set wants to fight the long fight, this one wants to OHKO Fliers. Flier balls mess me up a lot in AR and I usually just accept them as a loss. But no more! Corrin is here to shoot down the mean old fliers. It also means he can help earn back some of the many, many, grails I had to spend to build him. How helpful!
Candlewax Bow (+Res)
I was originally unsure what bow to run on this set, but then this bow was revealed. Candlewax Bow is incredible and has so many positives to it! It lets Corrin run fury and CC at the same time to improve his stats across the board. Most importantly, the 3 extra Atk helps with this OHKO build. The fury damage also helps put him into vantage range against smart people who had the foresight to not over level their lightning traps. Even if he can’t get to vantage range because of trap placement, with Eir boosts and his naturally good defense, the extra defensive stats from this may let him take a hit to put himself in vantage range.
Even when not fighting flierballs, he’ll soak some chills for his other teammates with the extra stats it provides. Probably not ideal, but eh. I figure he’s overkilling most non iote’s shield Fliers even if he eats all the debuffs, (which will be mostly evened out by buffs.) Atk refine is actually somewhat tempting since he mostly just wants attack for one hit kills, but I doubt the +1 Atk will make a huge difference. Res at least means he might survive a hit in a pinch when combined with Eir buffs and brazen.
(Also a candle is the perfect thing to model a fury weapon after. Just as it burns itself down, fury burns up your HP. With that said, I have no clue what’s going on with the other fury weapons.)
Standard movement assist. Puts himself in the enemy line to use CC, also helps move allies towards Aether pots.
Low cooldown and helps with the effective damage he’s doing to fliers to further cement kills. Moonbow or Iceberg may be a better choice for handling Iote’s shield fliers, but I’m not sure.
Close Counter
Let’s him counterattack the pesky Est that seems to lead the charge on every flier team.
Once he’s in vantage range, Corrin can laugh as all the enemy fliers throw themselves against them and he strikes them down with more hatred than Takumi on the Great Wall of Suzanoh I’m so sick of flierballs He still has to watch out for hardy bearing and dazzling staff effects, but with his ability to attack at range he can usually snipe those units. Unfortunately he might kill everyone before the Aether pots can be taken out if they’re tucked away, but not having an auto loss against flier teams is well worth the extra aether.
Def Smoke
Another devastating Hoshidan ninja technique, this time taught to him by Panne who apparently trained as a ninja at some point This lets him debuff enemies to further secure kills with vantage. Especially helpful for cracking ward fliers and enemies packing Iote’s shield.
Brazen Atk/Res
Gives a nice boost to Atk which combos with Vantage. The extra res also further improves survivability against magic, which may just save him from a Brave Camilla or Iote’s shield Myrrh but probably not since his health will be low. funnily enough, with this and Eir boosts, he’d deal more damage with Iceberg than bonfire. At least, until we get another light mythic to replace the second Eir.
This Year, I Resolve to Grow Ever Stronger! - Offensive
As weird as it is for a “slow, bulky, archer with middling attack,” max investment Corrin can hit some great offensive numbers! My +10 Klein will do offensive sets better with his pref, but at least Corrin won’t die if someone looks at him, so that’s kinda nice. If I ever need to run two offensive archers it’s nice to have a backup, but mostly this set is just leftovers from inheriting other skills from units. No point in wasting that Swift Sparrow from SM!Eirika after all! Naturally this set will probably see the least use as a result, but you never know what weird strategy will be just what you need to clear an abyssal map.
Candlewax Bow (+Spd)
Slapping a Brave bow on him would be easier, (and he does have it inherited as an option) but he likes having more attack from using a different weapon. This is a standard Fury + Desperation setup, except the fury is in the bow, leaving his A slot open for Swift sparrow to pump his offenses even further, all while maintaining respectable defenses!
Draw Back
For a squishier offensive build, I'd prefer him not to put himself in harm’s way if possible.
A nice boost to his Atk using his still solid defense.
Swift Sparrow
With his A slot open from the bow, he can take Swift Sparrow to pump his offenses even further. Mostly a leftover from foddering other stuff, but I prefer this over life and death to leave his defenses intact, since that’s the main draw of this build over using Klein.
While Corrin can take a hit, once he gets rolling he won’t want to since he’ll be losing HP from fury.
Atk smoke
This one is taken to further leave him less susceptible on EP, but if used with dancers Def smoke would be used instead. As always a team buff could also be taken.
Brazen Atk/Spd
After a few hits, his brazen kicks in for even more power! It’s probably overkill but eh. He can also take a different brazen to further improve his bulk to lessen the chances of him dying on EP since he’s burning himself out with the bow, but I think stacking offenses is funnier if I’m going with a meme offense build. It also helps cement his speed superiority over even super fast units.
Closing Thoughts
Like his original form, New Year’s Corrin isn’t the most amazing unit in the game, but that doesn’t stop him from joining in on the fun! Whether it be celebrating New Years, cheerleading, or just a standard fight, it’s sure to be a good time when this cutie is around!
Now, the burning question: will I ever complete the full Corrin arena core dream? Probably not. Adrift Corrin is too rare for me to scrounge up 10 more copies unfortunately. Unless we get another easily accessible Corrin the dream probably ends here And F!Corrin doesn't count! >:T
My dream final team member would be Legendary Water Hoshido Noble Healer M!Corrin but who knows if that would even happen, and if I’d be able to get the +10 to make it worthwhile. Also I hate legendary banners and they’d probably just give him blazing Yato or something.
Bonus I can be your Angel or your Devil >:3c
submitted by PrinceBkibo to FireEmblemHeroes