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Quitting Avakin Life Due To Lack Of User Representation And In-Game Diversity

This game has been extremely boring lately, so boring that now I'm trying to get back into IMVU. I used to criticize IMVU in the past for their offerwall, but it looks loads more better than whatever Avakin Life is currently doing. Avakin hasn't been entertaining as of late and continues to hike up its prices.
The Japanese event that came out a few days ago was SUPER dissapointing to anyone interested in the culture. Like I've been hyped up for this event ever since LKWD announced they'd be doing country updates and this was honestly such an epic fail. You should've used our suggestions! What's the point of this subreddit?!! The "new" social spot is literally Liberty Plaza revamped.
Avakin could easily implement the clothing suggestions people are actually asking for, especially alternative and Korean fashion, instead of their own that's basic and overpriced af. I'm so goddamn tired of waiting for suggestions on this subreddit to be implemented. What's the point of giving us a subreddit to make suggestions if you are never going to put them in! I can only think of THREE suggestions that have ACTUALLY made it in the game (not including the ones moderators make).
Goth and alternative fashion shouldn't be reserved for October only. Avakin Life used to do a better job of adding these style of clothes in the past but now it seems like they want to focus on basic af clothes. It might seem like I'm contradicting myself here but I miss wearing t-shirts in Avakin, it's like the game forgot that we can wear casual clothes as well.
Last March or April, official LKWD moderators asked us on this very subreddit to post holiday suggestions for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Did you follow through and use any of them for the 2019 holidays? That's a big, fat steaming pile of NO!
Users shouldn't be wearing the same items from 2+ years ago. We asked last autumn for fall weather clothing and you gave us costume after costume instead of listening to what we wanted. Don't think I can't tell that you're somewhat altering the designs of several of your costumes before reselling them as different ones. They've been lacking in creativity. It's super embarrassing how the quality of clothes (blurriness) can drop while prices increase.
How can you not have fixed the massive blurriness issue in 2020?
Can we talk about the LGBTQ+ community on Avakin for a second? I feel like this game doesn't even see the community. The recent makeup for males is a start but there's a long way to go. How MANY times and how LONG on this subreddit have we seen posts about more feminine styles for males and more masculine styles for females? Have we seen anything ACTUALLY done about it?
For crying out loud, you gender color-coded our FRICKING SOCKS for Easter Sunday!! What kind of game still color codes their items by gender stereotypes in 2020??!!
I'm also peeved with how Avakin Life keeps pushing males out of the game just because female avakins make them more profit. More male players would have an incentive to keep playing if LKWD gave a damn about the style of their clothes but we know damn well that they don't. This game makes males feel inferior and causes them to leave, so how am I supposed to make any male friends?
I REALLY need to speak now on black representation.
While it was thoughtful of Avakin to support the Black Lives Matter movement, I STILL don't see anything done to improve black representation in-game. It's like how Avakin claims they support the LGBTQ+ community, there's barely any in-game action to show support. Parties don't count because they're low-effort and don't mean anything in the long run. Black (ethnically speaking) hair styles aren't in regular releases. Releasing 3-4 of those hairstyles a month would do Avakin's black community some good. I shouldn't have to see a black avakin wearing braids from 2 years ago while I see a white avakin wearing blonde/ombre hair from this week!
Sometimes I see users comment "why don't you wear the 'white' hairstyles then? nothing stopping you." But that's not my race's hair type,

I shouldn't have to be forced to conform with a race that's not my own!

When you release lips and makeup, WHY don't you ever think about the black community??!! I can't wear A LOT of them because they have WHITE outlines like the Black Rainbow Pursed Lips and Flawless Winter Dusk Makeup!!
I know, I know how people hate seeing comparisons with IMVU but IMVU does representation better. Like I don't understand why Avakin Life doesn't use its community artists to put better items into the game. I know you all love to bring DiahMoon up whenever there's this topic but aside from her, there are so many talented individuals who are fans of the game and understand how to work with 3D texturing, as some of them are also small content creators on IMVU, but you DON'T use them!
You only use the artists in the Instagram community to create edits of what's not real, like your app icon. Why don't you make it possible to create avatars that look EXACTLY like that woman instead of continuing to advertise what's currently not possible for your game?
Do you all want to know WHY I haven't gotten a single suspension from the game yet (knock on wood)? Because I so carefully monitor what I send to people's inbox and public/private chats! I was constantly stressed and anxious that I would open the app one day and see that dreaded message. I was terrified, "what if what i sent sounded like an innuendo?", "what if i get suspended for talking back to someone who verbally harasses me?", "what if saying 12 gems gets me automatically by the system banned for thinking i'm underage?", "what if...?"
I shouldn't have to be terrified of an app on my phone. I shouldn't have to opt out of replying to a message because I'd rather not get suspended for something that sounds inappropriate.
I'll still be upvoting posts and commenting here and there but I don't think I'm going to be doing anything on AL for a long time. If there's a cool enough event other than the holiday ones, I might drop by for a few days and dip. I'm staying on this subreddit because I love the fashion that never makes it onto the game.
It's sad to see people come and go, but LKWD hasn't been making anything easier. It was interesting learning how to somewhat budget in Avakin. I'd love to shout out all the amazing avakins I've met throughout the years but I don't remember everyone's names!
I'm quite reluctant to put the phone down and uninstall the game for good because I have a constant fear. What if I stumble upon the game a few years later in the Play Store and decided to check it out... only to find out that everything costs freaking 1,999 avacoins? I'm worried that I'll regret this decision and find out that I won't be able to support myself in the game later on. It's going to be tough to uninstall the game but I'm just not happy with it anymore.
I might drop by during the holiday months (October through December) because that's the ONLY time when the LKWD puts in their biggest effort. I'll come back when there's genuinely a fun event but I'll only log in to grab a prize. This is coming from someone who used to play 2 hours DAILY on this game.
Even if LKWD gets their act together and fixes the offerwall, the game won't be worth it in the state it currently is in. Any morsel of creativity that they have immediately goes into a coin pack. How LKWD has handled certain things (see TIGA, a previous post of mine) should be definitely be noted but it's not my actual reason for leaving.
People can only deal with crap for so long before they get frustrated and decide to remove themselves completely from the situation. I tried doing something about it and made a Reddit account nearly 2 years ago for this but it's like shouting at a brick wall. What good does it do to comment and upvote all the post you support for two years when there's NOTHING to show for it?
If you're a free-to-play player who chooses to stay, I can only hope that once this global pandemic is over that the offerwall and in-game shop returns to it's regular pricing. If it doesn't, no amount of "free" events can save LKWD from that sh*tshow. 🤣
Lockwood, If you haven't gotten it by now,

Representation f**king matters.

submitted by drewmyth to AvakinOfficial


My(28m) fiancee(f21) has been really secretive since her and her best friend stopped talking. Today her former best friend decided that I needed to know about her infidelity.

TLDR: Fiancee has been very secretive and defensive lately. Had a falling out with her best friend and suddenly her best friend decided to tell me that fiancee has been cheating for months.
On mobile so apologies for the formatting. In January my fiancee (let's call her Jen) went to fix a male friend's jacket and then found an excuse to visit his house multiple times after that for hours each time. She always talks highly of this friend and thinks he is funny and all the usual.
A bit of background, I have caught her sexting on IMVU (a virtual reality app) with multiple people multiple times despite telling her I think it's cheating and I need her to stop if she wants me to stay, and she always promises to stop. She lived at my apartment rent free for over a year while I helped her buy a car, find a job, and did all the household chores despite me having three jobs. And I never asked for a dime because I wanted her to get back on her feet so we could afford a house together. We just moved into her parents to save money for a house and things seemed to be going well until suddenly her best friend (I guess we'll call her Betty) of ten years refuses to talk to her anymore.
Today I asked Betty to give Jen time to sort herself out and thanked her for all the support she has given Jen and my relationship. At this point Betty decided that I needed to know Jen had been cheating on me. It was supposedly at least once in January but each time she visited after could have been an instance. Betty met me to tell me more about what she knew and who it was, and even to say that the guy is asking when I'm home so Jen can send him nudes. I can't check any of this because my fiancee changed all the passwords to her phone and iPad after I caught her sexting other people the last time (I know how that sounds).
I'm heartbroken because: if this is true then I am pretty much homeless now, and if it's a lie then her best friend is so malicious that they cannot have an amicable separation. I don't doubt Betty much because I've caught my fiancee in lies that should have been an end to the relationship already. Her family loves me and I love them, but to have to leave after I've been helping their business and taking care of their home just kills me. But multiple people know about her affair and no one wanted to tell me so at this point I think I'm just waiting on some confirmation. It's pathetic but I thought Jen would be the person to spend my life with and it seems she's content to fuck another guy and then come home and sleep beside me.
I don't know if I did this whole post right or not but hopefully someone has some advice. Like do I leave and undo everything I've done over the past two years or do I stay? And who do I believe?
submitted by throwra-05 to relationship_advice