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Looking to download safe free versions of the latest software, freeware, shareware and demo programs from a reputable download site? How to clean idm software cracked. LEAK: Windows 10 removes live tiles in new Start menu. Basic4android crack for idm. IOSHacker is an Apple focused blog that provides in-depth news, reviews and tutorials related to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV and iOS.

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[Discussion] Let's make a list of all the features apple has borrowed from jailbreaking through the years

iOS 2

•App Store = Installer
•Custom wallpaper on Homescreen= Homescreen Wallpaper enabler

iOS 3

•Copy & Paste = Clippy

iOS 4

•Backround Multitasking = Backrounder
•Custom Wallpaper = Summerboard, Winterboard
•Folder support on Homescreen = CategoriesSB

iOS 5

•iTunes Wi-Fi Sync = Wi=Fi Sync
•Take photos with volume buttons = SnapTap
•Push notifications = MobileNotifier
•Panoramic Photos = Firebreak

iOS 6

•App Store not closing when downloading an app = StayOpened
•Use your music as an alarm = PlayAwake

iOS 7

•Clock animation on Homescreen = Live Clock
•Redesigned App Switcher = CardSwitcher, Dash, Auxo
•Control Center = SBSettings
•Improved Folders = FolderEnchanced, InfiniFolders
•Dynamic Wallpapers = LivePapers
•More Safari tabs = Tabs+
•Blurred Notification Center = BlurredNC, FastBlurriedNotificationCenter
•Access Notification Center from Lockscreen = Bulletin
•Swipe Back Gesture = SwipeBack
•Merged search bar and web adress bar in Safari = Safari UniBar
•Parallax Effect = DeepEnd

iOS 8:

•Hold a key to display extra keys on the keyboard = Swipe Expander
•Interactive notifications and quick reply = BiteSMS, Anemo
•Predictive bar on keyboard = PredictiveKeyboard
•3rd Party Keyboards = Touchpal, Nintype
•Improved web browser performance = Nitrous
•Ability to rename convos = MessageRenamer7
•Always-on Siri support = Hands-Free Control, OkSiri
•Show emergency/medical info on Lockscreen = InCaseOf
•Facetime Camera has a flash using the screen = FrontFlash

iOS 9:

•Night Shift = f.lux
•Swipe with 3D touch to move cursor = SwipeSelection
•Search bar in sertings = Search Settings
•Picture in Picture = VideoPane
•Breadcrumb link in the top left corner to return to the last app = LastApp, SlideBack
•Keyboard shows upper andlowercase letters = ShowCase
•2 apps running side by side = ReachApp
•Easily transfer music from PC/Mac to iPhone
•Better battery ussage details = DetailedBatteryUssage

iOS 10:

•Raise to Wake = FaceOff
•iMessage Stickers = Stickerme
•iMessage Drawing = Grafiti
•Hiding pre-installed apps = HidemeX, Springtomize
•Lockscreen Widgets = Lock HTML, IntelliScreenX
•Control Center = Floater and Cream (colorization of toggles)
•Multiple pages in Control Center = Glances, Auxo Legacy Edition
•Change App Icons = Anemone, Winterboard
•Dark view on Clock App = Nightmode9, Eclipse 3
•3D touch on weather app = Shortcuts
•3D touch on control center = QuickCenter
•3D touch to clear notifications = 3D touch to clear notifications <-- yes that's the name of the tweak
•3D touch to access more info = 3D touch notifications
•New Quick-Reply = Columba
•New notifications banners = Watchnotifications, RedesignedNotifications and NCCards

iOS 11

•Screen recorder = Display Recorder, CCRecord, Screen Recorder
•Notifications = CleanNotifications10
•Customizable control center including low power mode and cellular data toggles = Polus, CCLowPower, CCData, CCToggles, FlipControlCenter and many more.
•One page control center = Horseshoe (I'm not so sure of this one because iOS had a one paged cc before)
•One handed keyboard = OneHandedKeyboard
•Night Mode (Smart Invert) = Noctis, Eclipse
•New iPad Dock = Harbor
•Signal bars = Bars (this is not 100% borrowed from the jailbreak community since iOS had signal bars before)
•Turning Airplane mode doesn't disable wifi or bluetooth = Keep on Airplane mode
•Files App = Filza, iFile
•iPad drag and drop feature = Multiplexer and Snapper (kindoff)
•Move multiple icons at once = MultiIconMover
•Ability to resize the app on side by side multitasking = Splitify, Medusa, Gorgone, MultiView
•Ability to keep screenshot on screen for annotation puposes right after taking it and also be able to draw on it right away = Snapper 2, Whiteboard, Scriblit
•Ability to swipe down on iPad's keyboard on each individual key to access special characters = SwipeExpander
What features did I miss?
-Thanks to users u/IAmDrNoLife and u/im_not_from_nsa for helping me improve the format
-Credit to u/SilenToast who made this thread long ago (I wanted to make a more updated version), I used a lot of tweaks he included there
submitted by MValqui to jailbreak

[Question] Phone always turns off at 19%

My phone always shutdown at 19%, I have run icleaner, and I don't know what to do or what is causing this - i am on 8.4
Here is all my tweaks 7-zip (POSIX) - 4.57-3p Activator - 1.9.5 AdBlocker 2 (iOS 8) - 1.03 Alarmy (iOS8) - 1.1-1 Almpoum - 1.3-34 Apex 2 (iOS 7 & 8) - 1.0.19 AppInfo - 1.6.2 Apple File Conduit "2" - 1.2 AppList - 1.5.9 APR (/uslib) - 1.3.3-2 APT 0.6 Transitional - 1:0-23 APT 0.7 (apt-key) - APT 0.7 Strict - APT 0.7 Strict (lib) - ASUpdateHider - 1.3-2 Auxo Legacy Edition - 1.0.3 Base Structure - 1-4 Berkeley DB - 4.6.21-4p BigBoss Icon Set - 1.0 BioProtect - 1.7-300 Bluepicker - 1.6.2-2 Bourne-Again SHell - 4.0.44-15 bzip2 - 1.0.5-7 Canopy for iOS 8 - 4.0-2 ChooseBoard - 1.1.2-1 ConvoPics - 0.0.1-2 Core Utilities - 8.12-12p Core Utilities (/bin) - 8.12-7p CrashReporter - 1.9.0-1 CyDelete8 (iOS 7 and 8) - 1.0.2-1 Cydia Installer - 1.1.23 Cydia Substrate - 0.9.5101 Cydia Translations - 1.1.12 Cylinder - 1.0.3 Darwin Tools - 1-4 Debian Packager - 1.14.25-9 Debian Utilities - 3.3.3ubuntu1-1p DetailedBatteryUsage - 1.1 Diff Utilities - 2.8.1-6 DisableWelcomeBanner - 0.2-1 diskdev-cmds - 421.7-4 Eclair - 1.0 Facebook ++ - 1.5r-15 Faded - 0.0.1-1 file-cmds - 220.7-3 Find Utilities - 4.2.33-6 Flex 2 - 1.980 Flipswitch - 1.0.8 FolderEnhancer (iOS 7/8) - 2.6.0 GNU Privacy Guard - 1.4.8-4 grep - 2.5.4-3 gzip - 1.6-7 iCleaner - 7.4.4 IconSupport - 1.9.4-3 iFile - 2.2.0-1 Instagram ++ - 1.5r-3 iOS Firmware - 8.4 iPhone Firmware (/sbin) - 0-1 libcolorpicker - 1.2 libcrashreport - 1.0.2-1 libpackageinfo - 1.0.1-1 libSpex - 0.5-2 libsymbolicate - 1.8.0-1 Link Identity Editor - 1:1.2.1 Locus - 1.0-3 LZMA Utils - 4.32.7-4 Messenger+ - 1.1.3-1 Mobius - 1.2.4 MTerminal - 1.3-2 MultiIconMover+ - 2.6.0 network-cmds - 307.0.1-6 New Curses - 5.7-13 Nightmode8 (iOS 8) - 2.5.2-1 NoAppStoreRedirect - 0.5 PAM (Apple) - 32.1-3 PAM Modules - 36.1-4 Patcyh - 1.0.1 pcre - 8.30-5p Portrait Lock - 0.1.2-3 Power Saver Mode - 0.0.1-74 Power Tap - 1.1.1-24 PrefDelete - 1.3.0 PreferenceLoader - 2.2.2 Profile Directory - 0-2 readline - 6.0-7 Record 'n' Torch - 1.6-9 RecordPause - 1.0-4 Regular Show - End Credits Ringtone - 1.0.0 Regular Show Intro Ringtone - 1.0.0 RocketBootstrap - 1.0.2 sed - 4.1.5-7 shell-cmds - 118-6 ShowCase - 1.3.5-1 Spectral - 1.0.3-1 Speed Intensifier - 8.9-1 StatusVol X - 0.3.5-3 StickerMe - 0.9.7-17 Substrate Safe Mode - 0.9.5000 SwipeSelection - 1.5.1-1 system-cmds - 433.4-12 TaiG 8.1.3-8.x Untether - 2.3 Tape Archive - 1.19-8 TechSupport Framework - 1.2.1-1 TetherMe for iOS8+ - 1.0.2-1 ToneEnabler - 1.1-7 Transference - 1.1.0 uasharedtools - 1.1r-48 UIKit Tools - 1.1.10 unrar - 3.6.8-2p unzip - 5.52-5p Volume - 2.0 WiPi - 1.4-1 zip - 2.32-5p
submitted by vegeto9092 to jailbreak