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[WOTC/TLE] Infinite Load After Missions

[EDIT] UPDATE: I think I've figured something out. I tried reloading the mission with a different squad and we got back to the avenger no problem. The key difference is I had no faction hero units in the squad. That makes a lot of sense actually, "New Promotion Screen" is interacting strangely with faction heroes for me, who already get the new promotion screen, which is confusing the game. It also makes sense why I've have problems with gatecrasher and this mod in the past since because it always gives you a faction hero. Either it's straight up broken for faction heroes or it's interacting weirdly with Mitzruti's faction hero classes (Templar Dragon, Reaper Scion, etc.)
Anyone know if there's any way to get into contact with either Mitzruti or Tzarnal - MoonWolf about the mods and see if they know of/can patch a fix?
TL;DR: My game goes into an infinite load after completing missions in a way similar to previous issues I’ve had with New Promotion Screen by Default, but now it happens whether or not it’s on. Anyone have a similar experience or have any ideas how one might fix it? I’ve tried deleting my config folder and verifying game cache to no avail. Thoughts?
Hello kind and wonderful people. It’s me again! After enjoying my new heavily modded XCOM 2 WOTC campaign for a few weeks, I’ve run into a new issue that is rather poetically the opposite of the issue I had last time. When I finish combat and load back to the avenger, I get caught in an infinite loading loop and the game softlocks. I was wondering if anybody may have had a similar issue before, and if so whether and how they were able to resolve it?
The Issue: I'm using the Alternate Mod Launcher loading between 200-300 mods (yes, I have a problem) depending on the attempt. I am able to load into the game and play normally (I can watch cutscenes, use all features of the avenger, go into the world map, load into missions, and complete them,) but when I finish a mission and load back to the avenger I run into a gamebreaking issue. When I finish a mission on of two things happen:
Option 1: The game goes into a loading screen with the victory music playing and the XCOM logo spinning in the bottom right corner. The logo spins, then freezes for a second, and then starts spinning again. After this a voice line plays, either the speaker or the ADVENT newscaster, and then the avenger loads normally.
Option 2: The game does all the previous but doesn’t load the voice line. Instead the logo spins forever, sometimes crashing to desktop, sometimes stuck in an infinite load. When it CTD’s, here are the last few lines of the crash log for reference.
[0606.66] Error: (AddNetObject) Objects AkEvent SoundX2CharacterFX.FastRope_Land_A and AkEvent SoundX2CharacterFX.Evac_Rope_Up_Sweetener have duplicate NetIndex 28
[0606.70] Warning: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : No PhysicsAsset defined for Avenger_Root.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.XComWeapon_79.SkeletalMeshComponent_1709 with skeletalmesh FX_Weapons_Shared.Weapon_Dummy
[0606.71] Warning: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : No PhysicsAsset defined for Avenger_Root.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.XComWeapon_80.SkeletalMeshComponent_1710 with skeletalmesh MOCX_NewAdventWeapons.SM_AdvShotgun
[0606.71] Warning: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : No PhysicsAsset defined for Avenger_Root.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.XComWeapon_82.SkeletalMeshComponent_1718 with skeletalmesh MOCX_NewAdventWeapons.SM_AdvShotgun
[0606.72] RisingTides: Patched Focus Effect Visualization invoked!
[0606.83] Log: Crash Detected: Dumping E:\Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\Binaries\Win64....\XComGame\Logs\XCom-JILL-CL374751-2020.03.22-18.14.51-Crash\XCom-JILL-CL374751-2020.03.22-18.14.51_Minidump.dmp
[0606.83] Log: Crash: GettingNameData
[0606.83] Log: Suspending Threads
[0606.86] Log: Writing Minidmp
[0609.27] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array
[0609.27] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array Data
[0609.27] Log: Dumping name table: (6741872)
[0609.27] Log: Dumping name table: 0xd5ad4000 (6741872)
[0609.27] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array Blocks
[0609.79] Log: Crash: Saving Objects Array
[0609.79] Log: Crash: Saving Objects Array Data
[0609.79] Log: Crash: Saving Objects
[0613.68] Log: Waking Threads
[0628.19] Log: Crash: appSendCrashTelemetry
[0631.80] Log: CRASH: Copying Log
The current mission of the game is stuck in a situation where it always goes into the infinite load/sometimes crashes cycle.
My Theory: I’ve had similar issues before with New Promotion Screen by Default in similar saves but now that some of the mods I use are dependent on it, I can’t get around not using it. I’m pretty sure it’s either this mod or another mod that interacts with the after-action report screen or cutscenes, but I’m not sure what it could be. Is there an interaction or conflict I’m not seeing? The mods I’m using are below.
The Mods:
General: Community Highlander WOTC, WOTC Mod Config Menu, Stop Wasting my Time, Yet another F1, Smooth Scrolling, More Starting Resistance Order Cards, Extended Perk Pack, Pyrrhic Victories, Mechatronic Warfare, Ketaros 2D Package, Multiple Faction Soldier Classes, Rebellious MOCX, Starting Psyamps, Mizruti Perk Pack, Additional Soldier Console Commands, New Target Icons + 2020 edition, E.W.T.-115 'Reaper' Squadmate, Bondmates with More Benefits, More Resistance Order Pages, WOTC allow for larger squads, Faster Reload Animations, I'm the Commander Here, Unintegrated Shen's Last Gift, Starting Traits, Show Health Values, More Resistance Ops, WOTC Gotcha Again, Gravely Wounded Scars, Quicker Reload - WOTC, Alien Hunters DLC Icon etc WOTC, Non-Skirmisher Advent Hybrids, Additional Mission Types Redux, Empty WOTC Deco Slots, WOTC Overflow Ability Points, More Traits
Cosmetic: Unrestricted Customization, Arms and Legs, DFHP_WOTC, ~20 flag mods, a few tattoo mods, Custom Face Paints, Mass Effect Jack's Appearance, Hijabs, MOCX Visual Replacement, WOTC New Heads Pack, Alien Armor Customization, Community Pose Pack, TLE Aimsets, Cannon Animation Redux, Modular Shanty Clothes, Ryder's Casual Jacket, Mark VI in WOTC, More Cities, Free the Hood, More Nations and Names, Stenchfury Modular Helmets, Capnhub's Accesories + FTH Addons, Cinematic Rapid Fire, Birthdates [WOTC], MGSV:GZ MSF Headgear, [WOTC] Advent Armour [dead], Expanded Mission Names, WOTC Hours Instead of Days, WOTC Invisible Parts for Hero Units, Change National Language WOTC
Voice: About 40 voice packs
Music: Music Modding System, Xcom: EU soundtrack, Halo: CE Music pack, Mass Effect Soundtrack, Stranger Things Soundtrack, Restore Loadout Music, Soundtrack Restoration,
Weapons and Armor: Standalone Metion Battlesuit, Primary Secondaries, Ballistic Shields, Dual Wield Melee, Vest Slot, Katana Pack Reloaded, LW2 Secondary Weapons, WOTC Combat Knives
Gameplay: WOTC First Aid, Gene Mods and Iridar's Pack (+Rabbit,) More Mission Types, Chosen Reward Variety, Light Strategy Changes, Rising Tides: The Program, Dual Wielded Pistols, WOTC Stabilize Me, Kinetic Strike Module, Simple True Concealment, WOTC Stealth Overhaul, Covert Action Missions, Peek from Concealement
Class: Supersoldiers, Supersoldiers non RPGO, LW2 Classes, Shepard class, Brigand Class, Psyckertech Class, BurnOut Class, Trooper Class, Sorcerer Class, Necromancer Class, Templar Dragon and Psion, Skirmisher Heretic and Heavy, Reaper Cryptic and Scythe, Warden Class, Mech Troopers and PSionic Mec, Akimbo, Bio-Operative Class, Fixer Post-human Class, Warrior of the Light, Long War Leader Pack, Shocktrooper Port, WOTC Samurai Class, Buildable Geth, Bionic Class Redux, CPU Custom Class, Brawn SPARK Classes WOTC and SPARK custom class support, Wotc Specops class
Avenger: Elerium Grounds, Blackmarket Usage, Additional GTS Perks, Infermia Ex Mortis, Pause Scanning, Color Coded Bonds, Full Crew Avenger, [WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists, Better Laboratory,
Maps: More Environmental Lighting Maps, Even More Maps, Dr. Mandarb's Map Packs (WOTC and TLE,) Darker Nights, Map Expansion UPK, Eclipsezr Map Expansion, Operations: Unknown, Missing Packages Fix - Parcels and Maps, Maps by Vozati WOTC, Waterfowl’s Map Pacl
Enemies: All of NightNinja54's Cerberus enemy mods, Standalone Exalted Custodians, Purge Preists, WOTC Bio-division 2.0, Even More Robots, The Hive and More, Children of the King, Sectoid Abductor, Armored Viper, Berserker Omegas, All RealityMachinas Mass Effect Aliens, Sangheili Spec Ops, Advent Custiodians Standalone, Alien Elite, Advent Sentry, Celatid Alien, World War L, Synthoids, Advent Psi Ops, LEB's Lategame Enemies, Creative Xenos Archons, WOTC Pathfinders, Collector Trooper, Collector Captain
Sets: All the A Better... and ABA Better Double Agents mods except A Better Barracks and a better missions PLUS, Mission Overhaul Core and Mercury, A Harder War Advanced Aliens and Missions and Fanatics, Allies Unknown mods except Twi-lek, Augmentations and Augments: XCOM Prosthetics (+WOTC Prosthetics, cross-faction, holo begone, codex begone, and Mark Zero Augments,) Puma_The_Great's SCP mods and raiders, All of RealityMachina's Raider factions and bases (Mocx, Cult of Jariah, etc.), Raider Faction Collectors, Terminus Mercenaries Resistance Firearms Main +assets and Accessories
Fixes and Balance: WOTC Weapon fixes, Hero Armor Equality, Standard Melee, Fairer Fights, Skillful Skirmishing, Reaper Reworked, Critical Skirmishing, Sabotage Covert Action Rebalance, Carry Unit Fix, Tower Detection Fix, Incendiary Grenade Damage, Turrets are Cover, UI Mod for Defence/Mobolity/Psi, WOTC Zombies Don't Count, Surgical Sitrep Fix, Defense Matrix Sabotage Fix, Rend the Lost, Missing Packages Fix + Resource, Custom Soldier Evac Zone Fix, Insider Knowledge Fix, High Ground Gives Defence, Sparks Can Bond, Robots on Covert Actions, Recruit Multiple Heroes from All, Evac All, WOTC Revival Protocal Fixes, Scientific Staff Slots WOTC
What I've tested so far: So far, I’ve tried to run the game with and without the mod, as well as deleting and rebuilding my config. I’ve tried loading into gatecrasher and completing that mission and it works fine. Also, I’ve tried loading into the previous geoscape and it also loads no problem. What do you all think?
PS: I will also be posting this to XCOM2mods and XCOM to cast the widest net possible and find a solution. I apologize in advance if you see this more than once :)
submitted by lil200797 to Xcom