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As a female who's been on the game for 15 years now, I've met a load of creeps but only a few only made me feel unsafe. To start off I've always had a lap top since I was in high school, a luxury back then I worked hard to earn enough to buy one. My mom almost took my money I earned for drugs but luckily money I made in tips were in cash so it was easier to hide it from her. At first my mom was mad I bought myself a laptop but she soon forgot like everything. My dad could care less, and my older brother already had his own. So I started playing WoW with him at 14 and back then girls were unheard of. So I got the usual creeps who usually backed off after hearing my age or they were young to. But not this guy, this guy loved that I was underage.
I was about 16 and used to creepy guys at this point, no longer a noob at the game or fending off the creeps it was no surprise a new guy in the guild started hitting on me. Now I was 16, dumb young, horny and stupid but I knew I wasn't going to find love on WoW where you knew no one in real life. Plus I had the ultimate crush on a guy I couldn't have because he was my brothers best friend, but in my mind back then I only wanted him. So it was easy to turn guys down despite being desperate as hell for one guy lol.
But that all changed after my brothers friend went off to college, I had a part time job with my brothers friend but girls at work surrounded him and I became demoralized I'd never find love. Que "19" year old guy on WoW who made me feel wanted. I had a camera phone so I could send and post pictures at that age and back then I mostly used facebook, myspace and photobucket. I lost a lot of weight my sophomore year, so I posted confidently bikini pics and sexy pictures thinking I'd lure the attention of my brothers friend whom was 19.
So when this guy who was also 19 liked me, it didn't phase me. He looked the part in his photos and his younger brother was my age... So I thought... He was extreamly attractive in his photos and even proved it was him in his pictures by holding items I asked for. He started paying my wow subscription which in the long run I realized it was to get my home address and real name. I was so stupid and heart broken over my brothers friend, years of teaching myself online safety and the ability to be strong against flirts was all but lost in the fog.
We'd talk for hours on ventrillo, and he'd make me feel pretty. I was completely blinded by this point, he sent me gifts and I didn't even question how he had my address. Then he offered to drive and pick me up, as only then did I suddenly get cold feet.
I had a good friend on WoW, someone my brother met at PAX and joined the guild and is still one of my best friends to this day (tho we both aren't fond of my older brother). Hes 6 years older than me but never creeped on me, was more like the protective brother I lacked. (Well least till I was 24 and single for the first time did we hook up lol but that's because we were friends for so long, but the distance led to it not turning into a relationship) He caught onto it through conversation and was my words of wisdom in a time I was lacking any of my own. He saw something was fishy when I couldn't.
I told my friend I was scared to meet him because .... Dumb teenager logic, I thought he would not like me. My friend chimed in that I shouldn't meet anyone off the internet at my age. I told him about the gifts and I swear I've never been scolded like this in my life, not even by my own parents, but he always cared like that. He wondered why I would give my address to someone I never met, and the expensive gifts I got were not something the average 19 year old could afford. None of this ever clicked for me of course because I was lonely and trying to prove idk to myself, my crush or something I could get a boyfriend.
Like that I told the guy it wasn't wise to meet in person and my "parents" said I wasn't allowed to. That's when it went dark. At first it was pestering over and over, guilting me over gifts he gave me and encouraging me to defy my parents. While he kept bothering me, it never once occured to me he'd lose his shit. While my friend was worried shitless about the guy having my address, going as far to drive the 11 hours to my house and explain the situation to my dad as I refused to tell him out of fear of getting in trouble at the time, all while taking his spring break in my state instead of his own with his friends. There's a reason he's still one of my best friends. He has a little sister of his own as well and she's my age so his protective nature is natural.
Eventually he made me block the guy and that was that, this guy was pissed off. He'd go on different accounts to accuse me of gold digging and using him. Luckily my friend was smart enough and had the foresight to change my wow password and even paid for my account for me taking this guy off it entirely as one of this guy's threats was to delete my account. But it didn't end there, it got worse as he'd consistently find ways to message me and tell me how horrible I was. Till about a month had passed.
I was walking home from school, about 2 mile walk in wealthy suburbs of New England, which I had done for years, many kids did as it was a very safe town with no crime in it or surrounding towns. Without a second thought I took off with my 100lb back back (maybe and over estimate lol) put my head phones in and started my 20 minute walk home. It was cold so I had earmuffs over my headphones only downing out sound more too. I swear if I could talk to myself as a kid I probably just slap myself for stupidity. Because wow guy, knew I walked home everyday as I talked about it. He knew my address and I never thought twice.
I was on the back roads walking home and honestly easy to map from my school to home as it was pretty straightforward with only one turn. At half way home it between songs I heard a vague crunching sound of tires rolling over gravel on the road slowly. I turned around to see a tinted black car that you couldn't see much of the person in front. I jogged out of the driveway I was standing in front of assuming it was waiting to turn in. But I didn't turn in, the roads were dead and it didn't make sense for him not to go around.
I swear the saying that you go cold when you're terrified is absolutely true. It could of been a summers day at 95 degrees and my bones would of been cold. My heart just sank and my breathing was uncontrollable. I felt like I had no control over my body as I realized this guy was following me, my blood truely ran cold and my hands shook as tears formed and my skin felt tight. My body felt like it wasn't ready to fight or flight but simply freeze there and die. It only got worse as the second time I turned my head to see the car stop, I stopped, my world stopped.
I couldn't stop staring, just froze and breathing like all my school books were on my chest. Crying silently, my eyes hurt with no tears or sound as I just stood there. The door opened after what felt like hours but only seconds maybe a minute. And it was infact him, it was the attractive guy from the photos, not a catfish but something seemed different. At first I thought it was his angry expression but soon realized, he was definitely not 19, more like 30+. I could barely think over the loud sound of my heart racing as it froze me in place.
I thought I was about to throw up as he spoke to me. Told me to get in the car or he'd light my house on fire and kill my dog in front of me. I honestly just couldn't move, couldn't reach for my phone as his words just froze me. And like some magic we both failed to notice the little old lady on her porch watching this play out. Suddenly I hear her yell "get away from that girl right now before I burn you alive".
We both turned to meet her eyes, pissed off small lady about 60 or 70 with white hair. I think she noticed my frozen in fear state as she told me to get over to her quickly. Like that I ran over to her tossing off my heavy brick of a back pack. It was obvious he was unsure what to do next as he stood there and watched me run to her. Must of been a sight this tiny thin old lady standing in front of a teenage girl yelling at this man to go away. Like that savior number 2 joined the battle as her husband stepped out, guy who looked like be been through a war or two, with a shot gun of all things and booming voice. Gun pointed saying "I've shot and killed men for less reason, you better leave now"
He got into his car and drove off as I simply collapsed, all that fear just came out as I cried harder and harder as my brain sifted through the past few months of mistakes. After calming me down enough to speak in non hyperventilating words, she asked me if I knew him. I told her kind of, but only online from a videogame, not real life. Of course explaining it wasn't easy, and her husband couldn't grasp why I'd wanna printed I was at war (I'm sure in his experience he was thinking call of duty not magical creatures in a game called World of 'War'craft). She got on the phone with the school counselor, her daughter apparently and told her my name. I was well known to her daughter ironically, but it was only 250 or less kids in the school and the town itself was small. Many staff at our school had family in town, kids at school they were related to either by their own children or their siblings children. It was the kind of town if you didn't leave by a certain age your were stuck there.
So honestly it seems ironic but entirely not a huge surprise. The counselor was well aware of my family and my mom's drug addiction as child services had been involved few times. She came by in 10 minutes to pick me up and asked me a ton of questions of course knowing I didn't want to involve police as I was scared of being taken away from my parents again. (FYI foster care was worse than a drugged out mom on prescriptions). We weren't rich but we were more well off than many. Though my mom worked my dad kept my mom on a tight budget to keep her from buy prescriptions from Canada she wasn't prescribed (hence her trying to take my money). She knew all of this and knew though rough I was better off than foster care which was a gamble with losing odds at best. Plus 2 more years and I'd be off to college anyway. So we didn't involve the cops, but she made me promise to take the bus every day and to inform my dad of the situation. She also called my dad at work to inform him and had a teacher make sure I got on the bus everyday till I graduated even.. really sucked but I understood.
If it ended there it would be nice but there's still a bit more and I'm sorry for the length and grammar, it's late at night and I recalling from memory and typing on my phone.
Two days after this, my dad had to fly out for business, my brother was off at college so it left me and my high mom "who promised my dad she stay sober while he was gone but I was used to helping her while she was high, was like taking care of a child". But I was on edge as ever creek in that big house from the 60s, cat stir at night, and dog barking outside set me on edge I barely slept. My friend from WoW called every night making sure I was ok for the past month. I lived in the middle of the woods, next to a huge river in my backyard so there was still a lot of wildlife outside in the dead silence of cold months. Running water is a important source of water when lakes freeze. I had been used to all the bumps in the night, cats coming and going and dog barking at ever animal in the yard, but it all seemed new to me as I layed in bed trying to drown out my fears. The house I grew up in was a 6 bedroom house, I had a little sister too but she stayed with my grandma in another state per court order while I was allowed to choose due to her only being 9 and me 16. The other rooms were used as game room, office for my dad and guest room mostly for when my sister visited my grandma and her had a room.
So in a large house like that in the middle of the woods, it was scary to virtually be alone because my mom accounted for defenseless. I was letting my last cat inside for the night (5 cats who all knew to come in at night for dinner and stayed in till morning). And at the end of the long driveway between my neighbor and our house was parked a black car. I quickly shut the door and locked it after my cat got inside. I made sure all 5 doors were locked and even put card board on the glass doors to the pool idk hoping if he broke them it would delay him if that car was his.
I went and turned off all the lights, and got all my cats into one room so I knew they were safe. Here's the thing about my dog, he's untrained for the most part but was basically a giant lab puppy in his mind. But he growled at strangers, not barked like at animals. We had to keep him outside if we had guests but he never bit anyone and if you spent enough time around him he'd eventually accept you. Also he didn't growl at all strangers either so he wasn't the most reliable guard dog either. But he was big, and deep bark.
I mauled over what to do as I sat there in the dark with my dog, waiting for shadow to pass by the window. I eventually went upstairs to my mom's room and woke her up from her sleeping pill slumber. Groggy and still kinda high she didn't quite grasp what I was telling her till I started crying. She sorta sobered up and asked me to get her some coffee and I did. All while I'm watching my dogs every move because I know he could sense something before I did. As my mom sobered her fear in her eyes grew. Eventually she got the idea to call my neighbors and ask them if they knew the car, after all said no, 2 of the men went out of their house to check the car together.
The car was empty, at closer inspection though, they noticed it was a newer car, lexus, and in the passenger seat was a lap top. The car was locked but with a flashlight you could see somewhat into the tinted windows. They never told us why but something they saw in the car prompted them to call the local sheriff, only one and he lived in town sorta thing. We were too small to have a police department. He drove over about 15 minutes later, ran the plates and asked the houses around about it. Apparently it was a rental car from Ohio, and he was calling to see who was rented to but the offices were closed I think. He stuck around in his car for about an hour till someone came out of the woods and ran back in as the cop turned his spot light on him. I couldn't see what he was pointing at with his light as it was at the side of my house and I was looking at the front. I guess he called for back up as 3 other cop cars showed up in 5 minutes of it from the neighboring town/highway patrol idk. At which a lady cop got out as I asked to speak with her and her call my counselor at school to explain who that might be. I was pretty shy back then but idk something about a female cop made me feel more comfortable to open up to.
I told her the gist of the story, then she called my counselor who backed up my story but also explaining why I was scared of cops cuz my history with foster care and not wanting to go back. At which a mostly sober mom joined me hugging me, doing her typical apologetic routine. But also offering much needed comfort as she called my dad too. Eventually the lady cop asked if she could take a look around the house to see if things were secure and get any information from my laptop about him.
In her search she found something I didn't think about checking, the basement door was not just unlocked but open. It's never unlocked so I didn't even think to check it as our back yard floods in the spring due to beaver dams and it's got extra seals and stuff to prevent the basement from flooding ... Again... But the stuff sealing it which was mostly sand bags and stuff were set aside. But the door at the bottom of the stares was locked still though it had some damage like someone tried picking it. But he had access to half the basement that was storage (basement was sectioned and the other half used to be used for my brothers parties.). The door between the sections was like a front door not an indoor door, as in the summer my dad left the hatch open to dry out the basement and adjust pool settings as it was basically the pool house and the cats loved it so it also had a few cat beds. The section that led upstairs was locked from the inside and the wall and door were not dry wall and cheap door but lock and key heavy door and wall was brick.
Upon noticing this my dad confirmed he had not left it open, my suspicions that black car was his was pretty much confirmed. As we walked through the house to make sure everything was still safe, she got on my lap top as they searched the woods, I gave her everything I had, his photos, username and she even checked to see if his credit card was still on my account but it wasn't. But the last few didgets were. She then asked to take my laptop for a few days as she thought she could get some good evidence from it. I asked her to please not damage it and return it as soon as possible because I used it a lot, before smart phones it was all I had.
After few hours and onlooking neighbors had gone to bed the cops came back empty handed but left a cop outside our house and towed the guys car. From what the lady cop told me, what permitted such fear was in the car there was two guns, some sort of rope and handcuffs. And the guy who ran back into the dense woods was wearing a winter ski mask (not out of season but suspicious none the less).
So eventually I try and lay down and go to sleep but pretty sure I was going to call out sick tomorrow and kept all my cats inside for the day. I was too restless to sleep, every sound made me so scared. My mom slept with the dog in her room (I'm very allergic to animals but less to cats as I kinda built up a tolerance to cats but not dogs) and my cats slept in my room most nights by choice as my room was usually the warmest.
At 3:30 am ish I heard a knock at the back door, and a guy say, undercover police officer, open up. I was still awake as I walked downstairs to make out a guy standing in the dark with a gun. As he saw me he demanded I let him in now as he needed to speak with me. Something felt off, my gut knew it before I did that this guy's voice seemed forced. Like someone purposely making their voice deeper. And why was he at the back door?
So I turned on a light outside and sure enough, it was him. I just screamed as quickly as I screamed he started hitting the door hard. Wasn't a very loud horror movie scream but more like a gasp scream. I don't think the fear in my body had a loud scream to let out. But the banging was pretty loud as I ran to the front to see if the officer was still outside. He was but he wasn't getting out of his car. I didn't wanna run outside as I'm not a fast runner so I turned the porch lights on and off couple times but still nothing. After a minute my dog came bolting down to the door barking and growling nearly foaming at the mouth. Soon followed my mom who yelled she had a gun, she didn't but bluff is bluff. Somehow during all this the cop outside had snuck around back and had his gun pointed at him yelling to put his gun down.
I hid as the rest went down but he was arrested, no trial needed me to attend and my statement was enough. Come to find out he wasn't even American, the car was rented under his friends name, and after all was done he was deported back to Canada. I assume something with his passport would prevent him from coming back to the USA as the cop reassured me he couldn't come back to the USA now. Idk what exactly he was charged with but I think my dad said activated assault with a deadly weapon, attempted kidnapping and something else. And it also it turned out he was 32 years old not 19 so I assume me being a me being a minor carried a charge.
And life moved on from there. I had plenty of creeps before and after but he was by the worst from WoW. I had a couple from streaming but I was an adult and much better a staying safe online. Only one worse than this guy was my ex boyfriends cousin who made my life hell for couple years but that's another story for another time.
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I'm 32, make $59k annually, live in the rural northeast US, and work in logistics

Preface: please be kind! I am aware that I am “Money Diaries poor”, and by that I mean I’m not living in poverty, but compared to most people here and on R29, I’m doing poorly, especially for my age. I’ve had no financial assistance from my parents/family at any point in my life. I don’t think my life is hard by any means, but I know I’m not doing well.
I apologize in advance for both length and for being vague about some details, I’m terrified of being identified on here. Also, I am extremely boring. Sorry about that.
Section One: Assets & Debt
Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment): n/a
My husband (32M) and I have joint checking and savings accounts.
Savings account balance: $1720
Checking account balance: $970
Credit card debt: ~$10k. A combination of car repairs and significant healthcare expenses while not having real health insurance. My husband had to have extensive dental work done, and I had some issues with my lower back that I couldn’t ignore anymore and required physical therapy.
Student loan debt: $17k for my BS, which I finished last summer. Husband didn’t go to college.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression:
I was a banquet server and worked at a café during my teens/ early 20s. There were a lot of variables re: how much I took home, and I honestly don't remember now.
First job, 2012, age 23 - $12/hour as an Executive Assistant
Same company, 2013, age 24 – promoted to Account Executive, $14/hour. I did not want this job, but I couldn’t say no to more money.
In 2015, the company I worked for was bought out, and I moved into a different role. It’s pretty specific, so I don’t want to say exactly what it was, but when I left the company in 2017 I made $15.90/hour.
2017, age 28 – purchasing/ logistics for a food supplier, $17/hour.
Early 2018, age 29 – new job in customer service for a manufacturer, $19/hour.
Summer 2018 – new job, $26/hour. I am currently still employed here, and I make $28/hour. Again, I don’t want to be too specific, but my current job is in STEM.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
$3,250 monthly. ~$75 per week for my super mega bummer health insurance, which I just got this past summer. Includes dental and vision, but doesn’t cover much. Currently no 401k contributions for either of us because our companies don’t offer it.
Husband works part time (~30 hours per week) and takes home between $500-$600 every 2 weeks.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: We pay $800, our roommate pays $400, for a two bedroom apartment. Note: our roommate just moved in last month. A close friend was in need and we had a spare room, so it worked out for all of us. Ideally I’d like to put the money we're saving on rent toward credit card debt.
Savings contribution: $20/week. I contribute more if I can.
Debt payments: We have two credit cards, one joint card and one that’s just mine (got it before we were together.) The minimum for each card is ~$150. I try to pay more than that, but I am not always able to.
Electric: varies. It’s ~$100-$200ish during the summer when we run the air conditioners, less in the winter.
Heating oil: again, varies. In the winter it’s ~$200-$300 every couple of months or so, but it varies depending on how cold it is and the price of heating oil.
Internet: $75
Cell phones: $160
Subscriptions: $6.99 for Hulu, $15 for Spotify
Gym membership: $50 (for both of us). I usually also pay for my work gym, which is $30 per month, but that’s on hold until I’m back in the office. I know it’s dumb to have two gym memberships, but the convenience of being able to work out during lunch is worth it to me.
Car payment/insurance: My car payment and insurance is $415 total. Husband’s is about the same. I loathe having a car payment, but I’ve never been able to save enough to pay for a car outright without financing, and I’d rather drive a decent, reliable car than a beater that needs repairs constantly – I bought my car 3.5 years ago and it hasn’t needed a single repair (knock on wood!). Yes, we both need cars. There is no reliable public transportation in my area. If there was, I would absolutely be taking advantage of it.
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
No. My parents were open about the fact that they thought college was a waste of money. They both did okay with only high school diplomas, so they didn’t see why I couldn’t do the same. I wasn’t allowed to apply to any colleges, and when I graduated I had the disadvantages still being 17 and also already having a pretty significant amount of financial responsibility. My mothers & stepfather reluctantly allowed me to sign up for community college. I worked full time hours doing banquet serving while I went to school. I couldn’t afford to pursue a Bachelor’s degree when I finished my Associate’s degree, so I found my first full time office job. I completed my BS last summer at age 30, and for that I took out student loans.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
My mom made sure I know how to write a check, balance a checkbook, and pay bills while I was in high school, but they didn't talk to me specifically about their own finances. I knew that they had a lot of credit card debt, which was something I'd tried to avoid, but obviously that didn't work out so well for me.
What was your first job and why did you get it? I got a job at a café when I was 16 because my parents wanted to me to start paying rent and for my share of bills and household expenses. I also needed to be able to put gas in my car, pay for car insurance, etc.
Did you worry about money growing up? Not until my parents started asking me for money when I was around 15. After that it was a constant struggle to figure out how to make as much money as I could as quickly as possible.
Do you worry about money now? Constantly.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net? I do not have a safety net, and I’m not sure what I’d consider the age I became financially independent. I’ve been paying bills and my share of rent and other household expenses since I was 16, but that seems young.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain. No.

Day 1 – Friday, October 30
710am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
730am: Alarm goes off again, this time with help from my alarm cats. My husband, who I will refer to as H, goes to take a shower and get ready to leave for work, and I turn on my laptop to start work. After he leaves, I make my usual breakfast (english muffin w/ butter, stok cold brew iced coffee).
830am: I quickly check my gym’s website to see if I can schedule time for today. I would much rather go for a run outside, but it’s raining and snowing basically just kinda shitty outside. I make a reservation for late morning and get back to work.
11am: I take a break from work after a busy morning to brave the snow and hit the gym. I know lots of people will complain about snow in October, but I’m kind of excited to break out my cozy winter sweaters. At the gym I use the indoor rower and do a Stephanie Sanzo Lifting at Home workout via the SWEAT app. I currently have a free trial for SWEAT but I’m seriously considering paying for a year subscription because I like it so much, and because I suspect that I’ll be spending more time in the gym as it gets coldemore winter-y outside.
1215pm: Back home. I shovel our deck stairs and put down salt. Then I check my work email, take care of a few things, and take a quick shower before getting back to work to work for the rest of the afternoon. At some point H texts me to tell me that he made a $10 donation to Biden/Harris. We’ve made several donations over the last couple of months, but I suspect that this’ll be our last one. $10
1pm: I make oatmeal for lunch. As you’ll see, I hate cooking, so most of my meals are kind of sad unless someone else is preparing them. I also decide to get “dressed,” and by dressed I mean I put on a normal sweater instead of a pajama shirt, and a bra. I’ve been working from home since March, and I find that I feel so much more like a productive human when at least my top half is dressed. The bottom half is still perfectly content to remain in sweats or yoga pants all day. 😊
5pm: The afternoon is a blur of work busyness. So glad to be done for the weekend! My group at work had a couple of people out of the office this week, so it was crazy busy, and the next 2 weeks will be the same, so I’m ready to take the weekend to relax and recharge. H and our roommate, B, come home, and we make homemade pizza with cheese, mushroom, and spinach for dinner. After dinner I read and end up finishing my book (All The Light We Cannot See).
12am: For some reason I’m not super tired, which is weird because usually I’m the most tired on Friday nights, especially after a busy week. H and I stay up and talk and hang out, and we turn off the lights for bed around 1230am.
Daily total: $10

Day 2 – Saturday, October 31
750am: I get up with H when his alarm goes off. He gets ready for work. I make his lunch for him, and after he leaves I eat my english muffin and drink coffee, and browse reddit. Not the most productive morning, but whatever.
1140am: I go out for a run. I expect it to be cold because it’s under 40°F, but it’s quite nice. When I finish, I take a nice long shower and eat an Amy’s frozen burrito for lunch.
230pm: I take a quick ride to the library to drop off a book and pick up two books I had on hold.
530pm: H is home from work. We discuss dinner plans with B. I am super craving chinese food and have been for weeks, so I decide to finally indulge and we order takeout. 100% worth it. After dinner I start one of the books I picked up from the library (On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous). $25
730pm: H and I watch a movie (virtually) with friends via Discord. I can't remember the name of the movie. It was supposed to be a scary halloween movie, but it was super low budget and weird. I get bored/ distracted and spend time making playlists on spotify because I have the attention span of a child.
915pm: I eat too many peanut butter cookies, read some more, and go to bed around 11pm.
Daily total: $25

Day 3 – Sunday, November 1
7am: I wake up to pee, then lay back in bed for awhile scrolling through my phone. I don’t use any social media so it’s basically just reddit. Also I somehow forgot about daylight savings and am very confused when I look at the clock.
830am: We get up and make fried dough for breakfast with B because #healthyliving. H has the day off. It’s always nice when we get a day off together. We spend some time this morning cleaning and tidying up the apartment.
230pm: I go drop off our rent check at our landlord’s house (side note, does anyone else have to drop off their checks? I find it super annoying, and everyone else I know who rents tells me that their landlord picks up the check from them). I also go to the grocery store. My list includes but is not limited to: bananas, spinach, broccoli, hot sauce, salad dressing, english muffins, iced tea, diet coke, gatorade, shampoo, and lunch stuff for H. Basically just a general restock of our grocery essentials. $89.80
6pm: We make dinner (chicken cutlets, roasted broccoli, and potatoes). After dinner I read and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and go to bed around 11pm.
Daily total: $89.80

Day 4 – Monday, November 2
715am: I wake up, pour myself an iced coffee, and start my work day. H gets up soon after I do. I make his lunch for him and he goes to work (B goes to work really early, so she’s never home when we wake up). Later in the morning I eat my usual english muffin for breakfast.
130pm: The morning goes by way too fast. Work is super busy. In between work, I do a load of laundry, and load/run the dishwasher. I eat a salad for lunch. No time for exercise today.
630pm: H and B are both home from work. We make panko breaded chicken tenders, rice, and more broccoli for dinner.
10pm: H and I decide to go to bed early - who knows how much sleep we're going to get tomorrow night. I read for a bit before lights out.
Daily total: $0

Day 5 – Tuesday, November 3
630am: holy crap it's election day. I’ve been waiting for today for 4 years. I am anxiety. H and I voted by mail a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t actually have to go vote. My morning is pretty typical – work, coffee, breakfast. Later in the morning, I go for a jog and take a shower.
1230pm: I eat an Amy’s frozen bean, cheese, & rice burrito for lunch and keep working. I’m happy to have the distraction of work today. I briefly considered taking today off, and I'm really glad I didn't. Later in the afternoon, I have a training for work, which takes up a good chunk of the afternoon. At some point today, H puts gas in his car. $28.51
5pm: H is home. Neither of us feel like cooking. One of my weaknesses when it comes to saving money is that I haaaate cooking, so 99% of the time if given the choice I’ll choose to order takeout instead of going to the grocery store and cooking at home. I’m working on it. Tonight, though, we get fast food. $21.57
1030pm: We decide not to stare at the news all night and go to bed. I take two tylenol PM and fall asleep pretty easily.
Daily total: $50.08

Day 6 – Wednesday, November 4
7am: I expect to wake up to Donald Trump remaining as president for the next 4 years, but I am very pleasantly surprised. I try not to feel too hopeful and go about my morning as usual.
11am: I go for a jog, shower, and make oatmeal for lunch. Super exciting, I know. H is off work today, and we periodically chat about everything going on. It's nice having company (other than my cats) while I work.
1pm: H gets a phone call from work – the company he’s worked at for the last 2 years is closing due to COVID. They'll be closed for good by the end of 2020. Finances will be tight, but he'll be able to collect, and hopefully he'll find a decent full time position.
6pm: B comes home in the early afternoon, and we all make paninis for dinner. I put turkey, cheese, and pesto on mine. It comes out sooo good.
1030pm: I stay up later than I planned to stress eating snacks and reading. I finish my book go to bed around midnight.
Daily total: $0

Day 7 – Thursday, November 5
715am: Wake up and immediately check election results. No change. Sigh. I do my usual routine - work, coffee, breakfast.
1030am: I go for my run, shower, and get back to work. It's really busy and honestly I don't have the time or mental capacity to worry about anything else while I'm working, which is kind of nice right now.
4pm: I go to the grocery store to restock on some stuff, and stop at the library again to pick up some books (contact free). $52.41
9pm: Typical evening - dinner, reading, stalking election results. Bedtime around 11pm.
Daily total: $52.41

Weekly totals: $227.29
Food & drink: $188.78
Transport: $28.51
Home & health: $0
Clothes & beauty: $0
Fun & entertainment: $0
Other: $10

Reflections: This was a pretty typical week. I was boring before COVID, and COVID has somehow made me even more boring. I've lost touch with the few friends I had over the last few months, which sucks, and making friends as an adult was already hard, I can't imagine how it's going to be now. I've never had an active social life because I'm extremely introverted and have always preferred books and pets over (most) people, and left to my own devices I could probably go weeks without seeing anyone other than my husband and be okay with it. Money wise, I have a lot of work to do, and if I think about it too much I feel really ashamed and stressed and upset, so I try to maintain a level of worry about my finances that doesn't keep me up at night but also isn't too relaxed. Thanks for reading. :)
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