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Help Playtesting Evolution-Based Aquarium/Terrarium Simulator, Get Alpha Version Before Steam Early Access Release!

Disclaimer: This has been already posted to couple of other Reddits, but because Creatura spans widely around gardening, terra/aquaristics design, plant care and evolution via artificial/natural selection i'm x-posting it also here since it seems appropriate.
Hello, my name is Wojciech "Koksny" Górny and for past year i have been single-handedly developing evolution-based vivarium simulator, allowing not only to freely plant and design any tank, but most important - to grow unique fauna & flora using the process of artificial and natural selection.
The project is called (at least for now) "Creatura". Every living entity in simulation has it's own inherited DNA, so there are real population genetics algorithms incorporated into game, essentially making possible to grow anything from apple tree to dinosaur from single cell organism. Yes, it's like Spore, but instead creationist nonsense, it's full on Darwinism simulator.
Inspired by Kerbal Space Progam (a great space program simulator) i would love to give experience of owning aquarium/terrarium for people who can't afford (due to cost/time/space) real one, whether their interest is in designing a beautiful, lush green-environments, or playing around with little inhabitants of the tank, from fishes, through lizards, to birds and mammals.
After over year of work, something akin to "alpha" version is ready. I need Your help with designing template tanks, while giving first feedback for the software.
If You are interested in "play-testing" software in very early alpha stage, want to spend a bit of time at designing your own plants, and, well, planting them around, to finally send me your save file (i would greatly appreciate any feedback alongside) - and all You want back is the "Creatura" in Your Steam Library when it hits early access, Your name mentioned in project credits, and possibility to name some organism in game whatever you want, please - comment, PM, mail me, or ask on https://discord.gg/RJMcUmE!
You can also check (very early and quite outdated) information about the project at CreaturaTheGame.com! Right now we have around 10 testers from Aquariums and PlantedTanks and if You have any questions You can hang out with us at https://discord.gg/RJMcUmE where i'm happy to help and answer any questions!
submitted by Koksny to botany

Warframe Planner (online service)

Warframe planner is an online service that helps to navigate through Warframe content and obtain things faster.
Quick features overview:
  1. What content had I missed? (List of Warframes, weapons, skins, mods, quests, etc. that you does not have)
  2. Where can I get XXX? (ie. the best location to farm plastids, or where and how to drop some mod)
  3. Realtime drop tracking (You need nitoin? Be notified in Telegram/WhatsUp/Email/SMS/Whatever at the moment when the alert appears. No spam, only requested by you things tracked)
  4. Party finder based on roles/builds
This is a copy of same post on the official forum and "short one".

Personal story

This part is to understand my background better.
Skip to the next part if you're not interested in how I came up with this idea.
I had played since closed beta. For a long time, I had everything in-game, including all mods, weapons, warframes, helmets, etc. I obtain everything by playing and buy only things not obtainable via gameplay. I had reach mastery rank 21. On Update 15 (Syndicates), I realize that it will take like a half year of active playing to get all new content (weapons, mods, etc.) and stop playing actively.
After that, I play only occasionally and for a little time (like a couple of random runs per week/month).
I like warframe; it is one of my favorite games.
I want to play more frequently and spend time most efficiently possible.
After I had returned to the game recently, I just lost in content, resources, frames, locations, possibilities.
There is a lot of great tools that help. Still, it required a lot of research (reading dozens of wiki articles, find proper locations, find appropriate setups). I agree that it is a crucial part of the game. And it is an exciting part of the game. But only if you have enough time. I do not have enough time now for all of this and want to have some help. I'm sure that new content will be presented in-game faster, then I'll get it, and want to have some plan.
Of course, I can create one time plan for now, but after a couple of updates, it will be outdated a lot, and I'll need to spend time again and again, instead of playing.
Why not just to play without researching and so on? Because some of the content "not available" without proper tools. I can go for Eidolon farm, but I'll feel useless and just make negative emotions to the team.

Problem definition

Warframe has a lot of content.
It is hard to understand what you had missed.
It is hard to find out what is worth to farm and what is not.
It is hard to find out where and how to farm some things.
It is hard to make your first efficient build for high levels and progression.

For whom will it be useful?

  1. For the people who want to have everything :-)
  2. For the people who play less than 10 hours per week.
  3. For a newcomer to become efficient as fast as possible

The Idea

Create an online service where you can enter things that you have, and it will create a list of actions (locations, missions, craft, etc.), including visiting random "events." Service should notify when some of such events that you need are available and do it in a comfortable communication way. Service should provide alternatives (for example, to buy things with credits from someone instead of farming, should be configurable).
This is not conflicting with any existing services (wiki, builder, wishlist, market, etc.), but enchant and combine some of them.

Parts of the system

Core: Knowledgebase graph

It is not a replacement for the wiki; it is about connections between items/components/missions/resources/etc.
This part is required to create proper suggestions based on what is available to the player.
I want to get Ash Prime.
To build it, I need to get Blueprint, Neurooptics, Chassis, Systems, credits, orochin cell, alloy plate, neural sensors, salvage, rubedo, gallium, nano spores, control module, ferrite, circuits.
To get a blueprint, I need to farm either Lith V7, either one from the vault(Lith S3, Meso C1, Meso S3).
To get Lith V7, I need to farm (list of missions here :-)), but the highest chance ti gets from Ghoul Bounty on Cetus.
For credits, the best option is to visit the Index. Still, it might not be available for you yet, and you do not want to go for it now, so the best mission will be Y, where also resource Z will drop from the list above.
There are not too many rare resources, so just a couple of targeted runs on specific missions will be enough.
Etc, etc.
We have connections between different entities that give the possibility to optimize routes.
How to fill this graph?
Mostly the same way as wiki — community. Some users will have higher rights to moderate / revert / prevent changes for an entity. I assume it possible to parse some data from the wiki, but it will anyway require validation.
It is essential to have the ability to revert any changes and version connections accordingly to the game version.

Codex (what I have)

List of all items in-game that possible to obtain and a possibility to mark them as received/set quantity. Including resources. Categories for faster navigation should split things.
I understand that it might be hard to update it manually, so I thought about some enchantment (screenshot parser).

Screenshot parser

Ability to upload an image (or just "paste" print screen instantly), and service should update available items (with "change" confirmation).
Screenshot codex (warframe) should set available warframes, screenshot from arsenal (warframes) should also set count of forms inside, screenshot from exact warframe in arsenal will also specify forms, build, and add mods.
Screenshot from the forge resources will update your supplies list.


Possibility to mark some things for higher priority suggestions oand realtime mission tracking.
Not just items, but might be some mission type (Red Vail rail jack, for example).


Based on what you have and what you want, it should provide some end-targets (like complete warframe and weapon build) and provide a full path on how to get it with minimum overhead.

Content tracker

Track current alerts, events, quests, and so on and connect any changes to related players.
For example, if some alert with Reactor appears, and a player has Reactor in wishlist — notify him.


Out of platform communication with players — push, instant messengers, SMS, etc.
It should be configurable when, how, and how often you want to receive notifications.
For example, if you work Monday-Friday 9-18, you can set the notification time to 18-22.
In that case, at 18, you should receive a list of currently relevant (active missions) notifications, and till 22 receive them in realtime.
It might be handy for people who do not play every day, but fine to play for 30 min for the Reactor or so.

Other services

Warframe builder — a great source for Wishlist and awesome builds. There should be a possibility to import/export to this tool.
Warframe market — alternative to farm. Some items not available anymore, some of them not worth time to farm... It's good to have some median price of a target. Also, it will be possible to "calculate" price of your account :-D

Party finder

This is a bit out of concept... but still related. Sometimes it took too long to find a party for some specific farming.
The place to publish party gatherings to farm something with a specific requirement.
Example: Plastid farm: Kora, 2 Nekros, Trinity. For every role, build is linked.
You click "join as Kora" and see other players. There is no requirement to start immediately; you might be on a mission.
So its something like "Raid search" in WoW.

Who will build it? How long will it take? Who will pay for this?

I'm a software engineer with 15+ years of experience and know-how to make everything from a technical point of view.
I'm ready to develop this in my free time at a slow pace for fun.
I'm okay to make it open-source, so anyone will able to contribute / to copy the project.
According to my rough calculation, the technical implementation from me alone in my free time should take around one year.
"Ninja, play for free." I'm fine to pay for servers for the first time, however at some point in time, when there will be a lot of users, the cost of servers might be high, so some kind of donations (patreon?) might be added. Some advanced features, such as SMS, are not free, so there should be some way to pay only for them.

Why I post it here?

In short, I want to understand is this idea worth to invest my time in :-)
I want to get some feedback on that.
Will you personally use something like this?
What is bad? What is good?
What is missing?
May be my google is broken, and such services exist already?
Maybe you want to participate in creation?
You had moderate wiki for warframe and already know a lot of "underwater rocks" and want to help?
I just want to have some constructive discussion first.
You're a hero for reading this :-)
submitted by Zav39 to Warframe