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Arctic Monkeys - Rewind Project Day 1: Beneath the Boardwalk

Thought it might be fun to discuss each album as we run up to the TH&BC, and remind ourselves of the past as well as looking to the future of the band. Listen along optional. Starting with Beneath the Boardwalk...
Not sure how many people want to do this, but though it might be fun to listen to the entire back catalogue of arctic monkeys together as build up to the new album being released. o dig out your old CDs, Vinyls and your spotify logins to take a journey through 14 years of Arctic Monkeys. I've had to put the EPs in with the albums to make it fit, but you don't have listen to them - in fact you can even just jump in for the albums you like! :). The full schedule is:

Full Schedule

May 5th
Beneath the Boardwalk (2004)
May 6th
Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys (30 May 2005) (EP)
Whatever People Say I Am That's What I Am Not (23 Jan 2006)
May 7th
Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys (24 April 2006) (EP)
Favourite Worst Nightmare (23 April 2007)
May 8th
Humbug (19 August 2009)
May 9th
Suck it and See (6 June 2011)
May 10th
AM (6 September 2013)
May 11th 2018
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino (May 11th 2018)
Beneath the Boardwalk
It's fair to say that this "album" is somewhat of a curiosity in that well it isn't actually an album. It has no official release date having never been officially released. Back in 2004 when the Arctic Monkeys were just a bunch of fresh faced college kids from Sheffield, they recorded demos to try and promote themselves many of which were handed out for free at gigs. A number of these demos found themselves into an unofficial fan album. Shared on the likes of Limewire and other peer peer software, as well as duplicated CD singles etc. Passed around among fans of the band, it became almost an album in it's own right. Most of these songs are featured on later albums, but there's some tracks that aren't. There's a certain raw and unfinished feeling to many of the tracks on this album, which is probably why they were re-recorded for official releases. Still a great collection. Anyway at the risk of causing argument time to move on to
Note: there is no official tracklist, for simplicity I'm using the 18 tracks listed on Wikipedia: (if you have another version listen to your own)
  1. A Certain Romance
  2. Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts
  3. Choo Choo
  4. Cigarette Smoke
  5. Dancing Shoes
  6. Fakes Tales of San Francisco
  7. Knock a Door Run
  8. Mardy Bum
  9. On the Run from MI5
  10. Riot Van
  11. Scummy
  12. Still Take You Home
  13. Wavin' Bye to the Train or the Bus
  14. Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
  15. Stickin to the Floor
  16. Space Invaders
  17. Curtains Closed
  18. Ravey Ravey Ravey Club (live)
Whilst the main acclaim this has won is in the hearts of fans who heard the tracks as they were coming out (unfortunately I wasn't that early to the party) and managed to get them before any album was released, and in propelling the bands success until WPSIAMTWIAN came out it also has been listed as one of "30 bootleg albums you must hear" by NME alongside Devil's Charm by The Smiths, 250,000 Oasis Fans Can't Be Wrong by Oasis and Outcesticide by Nirvana so it can't be all that bad, can it?
Whether your new and don't remember it, or it's the first foray you had into the band, it's worth a listen again!
submitted by houdinislaststand to arcticmonkeys

The Aughties Rock Bands Rate

DISCLAIMER: The theme for this write-up was chosen one week ago… so this is not a response to the April’s Fool shitposting that happened yesterday
You, already on the thin line between being considered a millennial and a Generation Z’er, are on your way to your fourth consecutive day of binge-drinking with the sistahs and, of course, the sugar daddies who pay for everything. While waiting for your Lyft drive to arrive, you’re playing the Popheads-approved “Modern songs that sounds like they came from the era in which GAGA was the biggest star in the world” Apple Music playlist on shuffle on your iPhone XS Plus (of course), the AirPods set on the maximum volume possible barely lets you notice when your driver arrives.
While your driver is taking you to your destination, a familiar song starts to play: It’s Charli XCX and Bottom Sivan’s 1999, but you can't just bop to it as usual, because something weird is happening… something inside you... you don’t know how they’re called because you stopped feeling them a long time ago, but that thing you’re experiencing is called E•MO•TIONS, mostly NOSTALGIA.
I just wanna go back… back to 1999”, you say gently as if it was the stripped-down version the one playing on your phone.
IT’S REWIND TIME BITCH”, says your Lyft driver, who you just noticed is Will Smith in blueface. Suddenly everything’s getting blurry which is unusual because you’re not drunk (yet)… before you notice, you are on a very familiar room, with a wall covered on Pokémon posters, a Nintendo 64 connected to a 15” square-shaped TV (“I have taken bigger dicks than that TV!”) and the all-familiar sound of your mother asking where's “the second VHS tape of Titanic”…. you ACTUALLY went back, back to 1999!
But there’s a twist: It’s actually December 31st of 1999!
Stupid motherfucking jiggity Genie”, you angrily whisper as the realization that everything you knew it hasn’t happened yet and you’re trapped on the soon-to-be New Millennium. Soon your grief and shock turns to happiness as you’ll be able to experience the OTHER Golden Era of Pop Music Popheads can’t leave behind: Britney in her peak! Kylie charting on the US! Janet when she was relevant! J.Lo when she wasn’t the Public Enemy No. 1! Mariah being known outside of Christmas season! oh, and Christina too!
But of course destiny will have some different plans for you…

Some months have passed ever since that godawful 2YK party that included three consecutive reprises of Waiting For Tonight and the world is still an innocent place as the two biggest disasters of the early portion of the decade (9/11 and Glitter) are still over a year away; on the meantime you’re still an innocent kid who, like many others, loves to watch Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network, and although you don’t like the violence you need to get your dose of shirtless muscled guys from somewhere not suspicious. “Stop watching cartoons you f\ggot*” says your brother as he takes away the control and changes the channel to MTV, back on the day in which they still played music.
Hey, it’s Linkin Park!”, you curiously proclaim as you realize you’re watching the video of their debut single One Step Closer, and the only reason your Gaga-loving ass knows about this song is because you use to date this guy who made Naruto/Dragon Ball/Bleach-themed AMVs (fan-made music videos featuring anime clips) set to Linkin Park’s early discography.
How do you know them? You’re too gay for them”, asks your lovely brother.
My friends talk about them on school all the time”, you lie to him as the memory of Chester Bennington makes the whole watching a little bit too uncomfortable but then you realize something… you are just a gay twink trapped on the body of your young-self and can’t do anything about any tragic event that might happen on the future due to the possibility of affecting your own timeline, this includes Chester’s tragic death and the fact that your homophobic brother would join a cult on the next years so you’ll never see him again anyway, making you decide to embrace the situation and enjoy the time you might have with those who would leave before their due time. It doesn’t hurt that you actually ended up liking the song.
Listening to your brother’s copy of Hybrid Theory you have the already obvious epiphany that not everything has to be pop… sure, Britney is slaying as usual, Enrique Iglesias is still tolerable and somehow Moby is a pop star, but Hybrid Theory is surprisingly appealing to you (it might be the time period, or maybe you didn’t gave it a chance back in the day because of your ewww males mentality) and because it would take a while to catch on (the album wouldn't truly became mainstream until early 2002) you found yourself enjoying it on the meantime… before over 31 other million people turned it into the third best-selling debut album of all time (behind Appetite for Destruction and Bat Out of Hell) and the best-selling rock album of the century, while also giving the band a nomination for Best Rock Album and Best New Artist at the Grammy's.
  1. Papercut (music video)
  2. One Step Closer (music video) (#79 on Billboard)
  3. With You
  4. Points of Authority
  5. Crawling (music video) (#79 on Billboard, winner of the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance)
  6. Runaway
  7. By Myself
  8. In the End (music video) (#2 on Billboard)
  9. A Place for My Head
  10. Forgotten
  11. Cure for the Itch
  12. Pushing Me Away

It’s 2003 and the memories of your time are slowly vanishing, replaced by the hyperactive hormones of a prepubescent male and your constant boredom: There’s no Instagram, no YouTube, no Reddit and (gasp) no Grindr… there’s barely any internet at all, as you spend your precious computer time playing Minesweeper and 3D Pinball; celebrity gossip and music are fun to follow, but they leave you feeling empty, and there’s not enough entertaining enough to distract you from the fact that 2019 seems like it still centuries away… that is until a poster at the bus stop catches your attention:
rated pg-13
Hey I saw this show on Netflix…” you say as a single tear shreds from all the lost shows you left incomplete “and Affleck was a good Batman, this can be cool”… spoiler: it wasn’t.
Leaving aside the long list of issues you had with that movie, the soundtrack stuck with you… more specifically two songs: a hard rock song performed by a chick (“finally! a woman who can rock that’s not a pop star in disguise like Avril”) and a guy you swear is Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park used during a terrible and impractical training montage, and a funeral scene with a gorgeous piano ballad sung by the same chick.
Who are they? Where did they came from? Was that really Mike Shinoda?
It doesn’t matter because that awful scene with the sandbags turned this band into international superstars, with their debut album Fallen selling over 17 million copies worldwide and giving them a Grammy for Best New Artist (against a still salty 50 Cent) and a nomination for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year. Now you can finally listen to a female artist without feeling too gay, mostly because in this period the slutty pop girls are sluttier than usual, the punk ladies are poppier than expected or the calmed artists are more soccer-mommy than usual; you thank the gay Gods the chance to finally have someone to… Cartman? to Kyle? to Kenny? You forgot the word, but the sentiment is there.
  1. Going Under (music video)
  2. Bring Me to Life (feat. Paul McCoy) (music video) (#5 on Billboard, nominated for Best Rock Song and winner of Best Hard Rock Performance at the Grammys)
  3. Everybody's Fool (music video)
  4. My Immortal (#7 on Billboard, nominated for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals)
  5. Haunted
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Imaginary
  8. Taking Over Me
  9. Hello
  10. My Last Breath
  11. Whisper
NOTE: We will be rating the piano/album version of My Immortal*, the single/band version is included in the Bonus Rate*

Puberty has finally reached your body and suddenly you don’t want to be THAT gay: 2019 is far behind and you have already forgotten about everything that happened around that era, you stopped caring about pop, you think George W. Bush is the worst president that could ever exist and you need something that expresses all the rage and energy accumulated ever since.
DON’T WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT”, says a mysterious and bisexual voice on the radio with such a conviction and energy that you go postal and turn into a socialist anarchist. The album itself, also titled American Idiot, is not as political as you though, or even as punk rock as the lead single suggested… but, who cares?
For Green Day, American Idiot would be a return to form after a low-selling era in 2004, with over 16 million copies sold worldwide while giving God’s favorite band a nomination for Album of the Year and a win for Best Rock Album at the Grammy's, and also having a successful Broadway adaptation of the album with an upcoming film adaption also planned… for you, it ended up being your implosion point, as you has already left 2019 behind and decided to embrace the coolness of the 2000s: ugly Myspace profiles that are the shit, downloading your music from Limewire because you have too much flava for buying stuff, thinking you’re the da bomb for flexing your Moto RAZR everywhere while thinking that the TV show Lost is the whackest show ever. The 2000s were weird and you have been fully assimilated into them, but nothing would prepare you for the mess that would be 2008 and everything beyond that…
  1. American Idiot (music video) (#61 on Billboard, nominated for Record of the Year, Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, Best Rock Song and Best Music Video at th Grammys)
  2. Jesus of Suburbia (music video)
  3. Holiday (music video) (#19 on Billboard)
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (music video) (#2 on Billboard, winner of Record of the Year at the Grammys)
  5. Are We the Waiting
  6. St. Jimmy
  7. Give Me Novacaine
  8. She's a Rebel
  9. Extraordinary Girl
  10. Letterbomb
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends (music video) (#6 on Billboard)
  12. Homecoming (full version)
  13. Whatsername
NOTE: Streaming and digital versions of the album has some of the tracks combined; we’ll be ranking them separately, as they appeared on the original physical album and early editions

As soon as Just Dance (the song, not the videogame) became popular in 2008 and you get to listen to it for the first time, something awakens inside of you… something gay, something messy, something weird; as expected, a mental breakdown ensues as the memories of your former era came back and you realize you have to relieve ABSOLUTELY everything once again.
And all of that thanks to a stupid Genie.
NOTE: I know this bonus rate is longer than a Drake album but this might be the only chance in so many years for us to rate these artists so I promise it’s gonna be worth it…
  1. Green Day - Favorite Son
  2. Green Day - Too Much Too Soon
  3. Green Day - Shoplifter
  4. Green Day - Governator
  5. Green Day - When It's Time (from the American Idiot musical)
  6. Green Day and U2 - The Saints Are Coming (music video)
  7. Green Day - Working Class Hero (music video)
  8. Green Day - The Simpsons Theme
  9. Evanescence - Farther Away
  10. Evanescence - Missing
  11. Evanescence - Thoughtless (live)
  12. Evanescence - Breathe No More
  13. Evanescence - My Immortal (Band version) (music video)
  14. Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken (music video)
  15. Korn feat. Amy Lee - Freak on a Leash (unplugged) (actual performance)
  16. Linkin Park - My December
  17. Linkin Park - High Voltage
  18. Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Big Pimpin'/Papercut
  19. Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Izzo/In the End
  20. Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer
DISCLAIMER: Freak on a Leash is not available on Spotify and Apple Music...

May is also known as Eurovision month (at least in Europe and Australia) so we will have something slightly similar to that for this rate:
  • Just like Eurovision, we will be giving a score from 1-8, one 10 and one 12 to ten different participants… however, instead of ranking songs we will be ranking musicians!
  • Any band and rock artist who debuted, found mainstream/semi-mainstream popularity, were consistently popular or made a comeback during the 2000s is eligible; you can choose either nu-metal acts (Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc.), emo bands (MCR, Fall Out Boy, etc.) pop-rock singers (even the Jonas and Avril are eligible), veteran performers with at least two albums released during the decade (Metallica, Tool), folk or indie stuff with a somewhat rock-leaning sound (Grizzly Bear, Sigur Rós, etc.) and many other choices, so don’t be afraid to throw me a PM and ask me about it. P.S. The bands included on the main rate are also eligible!
  • Use this pre-prepared link to send your scores, replacing the capitalized ARTIST with the performer of your choice (keep the name in ALL CAPS) and a short explanation for your choice replacing the small writeup portion (preferably all in lowercase). Because I will be compiling the results manually, please respect the format.
  • Those who completed the entire main and bonus rate (all of the 56 songs) will receive an special secret power-up that might or might not influence some of the final results!
  • This ranking is INDEPENDENT of the main rate… you don’t need to participate in it for you to send your scores for the Aughtiesvision ranking!
  • This ranking is not THAT serious so some shitposting around the scores or your choices is allowed… but please try to be somewhat civil...
  • More details about this ranking will be announced soon.

Da Rules

  • Listen to every song listed and give it a score between one (1) if you think it’s as bad as a Jennifer Lopez b-side and ten (10) if you think it was snubbed at the Grammy's. You may only use a single decimal point- i.e. 6.9 is fine, but 6.69 is not and 6.669 is even less aceptable, please don’t be immature.
  • You may give one song an score of zero (0) if it deserves a death by a thousand cuts and one song an score of eleven (11) if you love turning things up. These should be reserved for your favorite and least favorite track respectively. It is OBLIGATORY to leave a comment on any of those scores.
  • There is a bonus round but that one is optional, you wouldn’t be publicly shamed if you decide to skip it… but in case you wanna do it (and I would appreciate it), you can rate as many songs as you want (you don’t have to rate all of the 20 songs) but also you can’t give out the aforementioned zero (0) or eleven (11) scores to any of those songs.
  • The Aughtiesvision ranking is also optional and entirely separated from the main ranking so even if you don’t participate on the main rate you can be part of the mess-in-the-making that would be the Aughtiesvision.
  • You must use the prepared link below to send in your scores.
  • Feel free to PM me on Reddit ( u/radiofan15 ) if you'd like to change any of your scores.
  • DO NOT SABOTAGE. There would be an undisclosed hard minimum for album scores, so if you submit a ballot with a score below that threshold, I would calmly ask you to change your scores or they would be rejected…
  • With the exception of your 0 and your 11, comments to any song or album are optional. The following format is the only acceptable format for song and album comments, respectively:
Wake Me Up When September Ends: 11 In October someone please wake up the guy from Green Day
Album: Fallen: Outsold Transformers 2, Linkin Park are SHOOK
  • Any of the following formats are INCORRECT (they crash our program) and must be RECTIFIED or else your ballot will be declared THE WEAKEST LINK… GOODBYE!:
Wake Me Up When September Ends: 11 - In October someone please wake up the guy from Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends: In October someone please wake up the guy from Green Day… oh, and also give this BOP an 11 just like me
Wake Me Up When September Ends: (11) In October someone please wake up the guy from Green Day!
Album: Fallen – Outsold Transformers 2, Linkin Park are SHOOK
Album: Fallen (Outsold Transformers 2, Linkin Park are SHOOK)


Spotify playlist
YouTube AMV-filled playlist
Apple Music playlist
Good luck to all the songs featured and whoever wins... we lose
submitted by radiofan15 to popheads