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They include new fighting games such as Ragdoll Gangs and top fighting games such as Forward Assault Remix, Downtown 1930s Mafia, and Stickman Fighting 3D. If the rush is successful, then the player may have won the game or significantly set his or her opponent back; if the rush fails, then the rushing player may have lost valuable time and resources that would have been better spent on research, building defenses, and building more powerful units. Our innovations deliver top performance and premium experiences for everyone. There is something for everyone.

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Why are you resident Copper I-III player.

tl;dr : nope, you will have to read it.
So the past few seasons I've never really played much of ranked due the various problems with the game. On the other hand my friend plays almost exclusively ranked games. This led to countless occasions where I had to sit numerous times through the story of "HOW FUCKING SHIT MY TEAM IS !" and "If it wasn't for those retards I would be at least PLAT!". The thing is, the best achievement in 3 seasons of playing this game for him is Bronze-something.
A week ago his unguided anger took a new turn. Since I told him I don't feel like ranked often and I prefer the chill casual, right after he lost a 2 vs 4 game he claimed that if I was playing I would be Copper too just because TEAM IS SHIET BOIS! So what I did is I spent a week playing his account.
Now I haven't read the TOS and we probably screwed up by sharing accounts and maybe was a good idea to change my nickname for htis post ... buttfukit. Unfortunately I can't and will not share his without his agreement.
So I'm not gonna talk about map knowledge, aim, mouse movement and other pure game skills that will hold you down. I'm going to talk about simple stuff that loses you the game before you even queue for it, stuff that has nothing to do with your map knowledge or pure FPS skills. Things that I've seen manifest in almost every single game throughout that (almost) week of me playing Copper. Things that are the MAIN reason why there are many people being resident Copper players, season after season. And I'm not talking about casual players that really can't dedicate time to learn the game. I'm talking about people that have more time in this game than TangyD and Kix together and still can't reach the promised land of Silver.
Mindset : Countless times I've seen teammates that gave up before the first operator picking phase has ended. "Shitter don't pick **** pick ***** instead!" , "Oh this fuck picked my operator, fuck this team, GG WP EZ", "THIS GUY IS LEVEL 350 AND STILL IN COPPER, FUCKING WASTE OF TIME GAME, THANKS UBISOFT!", and so on, and so on.. I probably should've just screen shot every single excuse I've seen, probably enough to have it's own sub reddit. You can NOT win a game if your mind is set on blaming and whining beforehand. Just don't! There are other operators and in the current meta, ESPECIALLY in Copper no operator is vital. You can literally play recruit only. Set your mind straight on your strategies, have a back-up option for you favorite operators. Do not engage in verbal firefights and do not pay attention to people that are already tilted. You can NOT influence that many people in such a short term. It's a futile effort. The only thing you care about is executing your plan as clear from side effects as possible.
Communication : For many people in this range the first line of communication is either TK'ing someone or if it was possible Vote-kick him, oh and don't forget to type in ALL chat how SHIT THIS GUY IS FUCKING WISH WE COULD KICK THIS SCRUB! Communication, although very valuable isn't vital either in this game. If you don't believe me, tune in Tangy's stream every day. You will rarely see full scale communication when he solo queues in ranked. Most of the time he will just talk with his chat.
As I said in the previous paragraph. Do NOT engage in such idiocracy. You won't win, someone that dedicated to blame everything on others that he will spend more time typing in chat than actual playing the game during the round is a lost cause. You don't care about those people, you don't want them in your life, and they don't deserve the attention you're about to give them. Use all means of communicating in the game (text, voice, pings) to bring useful information for your team. Some times a ping or a call out can be the difference. That chat is not there so we can complain, blame and insult each other. However, be cautious. Screaming, repeating constantly the same thing and "deafening" your team mate might do more harm than good. Talk in a calm, quiet manner, do NOT repeat something if you're not asked. The chances are your teammate heard you the first time and he assimilated the information even if there is a lack of acknowledgement. Let him play it out.
Patience : A rare commodity. 3 minutes are eternity ! You can scout, prepare, and win in this time, many times. One thing that I've found out is, that in Copper it's almost an insult to be patient. Your goal is to rush and die for ZE FATHERLAND as fast as possible. No excuses. Being the last man alive is a treason punished with severe insults in ALL chat so the enemy team can also find out what kind of a monster and scrub you're! There are no rewards for dying first. If you're team is eager to rush out and die - so be it. You're here to win and not to die. You know the saying, make the other bastards die for their country and so on. Do not be influenced by people telling you to go and die or do something. Chances at this range are that they are already dead because they went full retard and now it's your fault by default. Hold your angle, execute your strategy and take your time to check the corners with no regard to people that will tell you how "YOUR SUCH A FUCKING SHIT NOOB DIE ALREADY I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE THIS SHIT GAME". For example : one of the traditions of attackers in low ranks is to just funnel all through that one opening that they saw right after the failed spawn peak shoot out with your teammates. Holding that one good angle can bring you an ace with little to no effort, because drones are nearly forbidden knowledge to your enemy. Or even running around with 3 armor operator making so much noise that they can hear you over in to the next game you will play just because some guy told you "RUSH B YOU RETARD" won't do you any good. Patience is a virtue ! Do not mistake playing aggressively with sprinting to your death.
Leaving : Leaving the game in anger won't do absolutely nothing for you ! Most of the times you will also have a guy already left on your team. Do not follow that example. Every round, every second you play and observe you learn something. If you leave - you lose 100%. If you stay, even the slightest of chances to win is still alive. Even if you lose, you still had the chance to practice your shot one more time, check that angle one more time, try that strat you wanted to try one more time. Watching your teammates or death cam can give you the adventage over the next round. You suddenly notice that 2 guys always sit in that exact spot round after round and suddenly you have the knowledge to remove 2 of your enemies from the round making that much more likely to win. Leaving brings you nothing, staying, practicing and observing does!
So those are just some of the things but the post is enough of a wall already. Dwell on those and try to put them in to work and you will progress. That's it, it's literally that simple!
submitted by booneht to Rainbow6


How to climb out of bronze silver and low gold (extended guide) (part 1, information, lanes - jungle, Top)

Quick summary-this guide talks about some macro decisions and other tips which will help you climb out of lower Elos. It is slightly centered around jungling, as it is one of the roles which allows you to learn about the game, but other roles are also there with their main goals included. Feel free to comment and suggest improvements, as i am not perfect. ( i will put Support and ADC in comments cause i ran out of characters i can use)
link to the second part https://www.reddit.com/summonerschool/comments/9sx9u1/how_to_climb_out_of_bronze_silver_and_low_gold/

Disclaimer-i am not the best player out there but these small things have helped me to climb out of bronze and silver rather quickly. I am writing from a perspective of a player who is in low Elo who climbs quickly and not a smurf entering low Elo and judging their skills, as well as decision making. Many players can be like, "but this is obvious." It is obvious to many yet not many consider these things when playing If you wanna climb i suggest that you read the whole thing, as these things have helped me to become much better overall. Maybe skip some lanes that you don't play, but consider reading jungle, because if you play jungle, you may understand what they do and this can help you overall. Also don't flame me for offending your favorite champion or forgetting about some picks that work, because i am writing from my own experience. If you read the guide and somethings seem difficult to remember, don't worry, it will come with practice.
Myself i was stuck in bronze for a bit, i had sufficient knowledge about the game. I became a jungle main and climbed out very quickly, so my argument and tips will be slightly more detailed for jungling, however i have played the other 4 lanes and got the understanding of all of them, apart from ADC, can't outplay them with macro. Jungling just became the ultimate way to climb.
  • Macro-your decisions-how you can impact the game at the right time
  • Micro-your mechanics-how well you can play the champion
  • Pushing lanes-
    • side which has more minions than the other in the middle of the lane
    • side which has a many more minions on the other side of the lane
    • side which has even or slightly less minions on their side of the lane since a new wave will come faster the the enemy wave and it will slow push towards the enemy (look up some simple guides explaining this. It isn't hard and you don't have to do it perfectly)
  • CC-crowd control
Some misconceptions about low elo
  • low elo players don't get the right runes and don't build their champion correctly
    • they do, but don't adapt to the situation
  • low elo players don't know their champs
    • some don't, most do, but macro decisions with those champions are weak
  • Junglers, can't be good
    • they can do their basic job, but wouldn't abuse their role and wouldn't take advantage of some mistakes enemies make.
Small important tips:
Never rely on your team even if you allow them to be ahead, they will still probably make mistakes, so it has to be you with the right decisions. In low elo, it is you who has to carry, which doesn't necessarily mean 1v9 with all lanes feeding, because it is difficult even in low elo, but it means that you have to get at least 1 or 2 other lanes. You don't rely on them to do something for you, but they are more likely to do so, if they have enough items.
Only use chat to get your team to do something-mostly it is distracting and tilting, unless you have come to have a conversation or you are so ahead that you flame enemies so they feed even more.
Situational Itemization
i will quickly go over items that are needed in certain situations and which champions will need them.
  • **Tiamat-**this item will not be listed on some guides, but it allows you to clear wave and jungle faster. Only get it on champions that build titanic or ravenous hydras. Get it as the first item though as it helps the overall early game performance. Jax, tryndamere (depends on the build), Fiora, Talon, Udyr, Riven all benefit from Tiamat
  • Executioner's Calling-an item you don't often see, but is worth against champions such as Dr. Mundo and Volibear . Simple, it stops them from regenerating health as fast. It can slow down your build, but also their healing which is part of their ability kit. Can be worth buying, if you are having a bad time against these.
  • Hexdrinker-used against bursty AP assassins. Buy it if you are an AD champions who plays mid lane and sometimes Top lane and have the upper hand in trades.
  • Mercs-these boots give you tenacity (lowers the duration of cc), good against cc heavy and AP enemies. Some champions don't mind which boots are bought whereas some do, such as ADCs or Supports (maybe attack speed or extra movement speed are worth). Those who need other boots have to consider how far behind they are compared to enemies.
  • Tabis-against AD assassins, it will lower their damage significantly early, so you can die less to their ganks or all-ins in lane
  • QSS-Quicksilver Sash-good against heavy crown control champions such as Malzahar and Veigar. It is mostly bought on ADCs and AD champions. Very situational and depends which champion you play. Don't get it too early.
  • Armor and MR-i won't go into detail, but deadman's plate gives you extra movement speed and armor, Randuin's Omen makes crits, do 20% less damage and slows all enemies in item range when cast. Thornmail, they get damaged if they auto-attack you. Spirit visage-overall good MR item. Adaptive helm is the other option, but only against some AP champions-Karthus, Orianna, Cassiopeia are good examples
Don't finish Hexdrinker or QSS early, the full item is better at late game.
overall you can look up which runes to pick on mediafire.com or op.gg, but some will be need to be slightly changed according to enemy laners. I can't describe all situations, but thinking about the the enemy team comp a bit might help.
(eg. Darius, against ranged and mobile champions, use the sorcery tree with Phase rush, instead of precision and Conqueror, to catch up to enemies and have easier laning phase.

Champion selection

Which champions?: Simple champions. The reason is that all champions are more or less balanced, however champions which require you to have skill, will deal more damage, but if you mess up in them, they will punish you hard such as Yasuo, Zed, lee sin and Akali. They are flashy but not consistent and consistency is what leads you to improving. There are some champions which are hard to play, because they require correct macro decisions, such as Taliyah, since you are squishy and mistakes can lead to your death. Some champions rely on team fighting which can be good if you are in a duo or a whole team, but generally aren't good in solo queue since you have to rely on your team to do something. I suggest that you pick up more mechanically demanding champions once you are in high gold and higher Elos since that is where the simplicity of your champions might not be enough.
I suggest that you play simple champions, even though you are going to get flamed for being brain-dead. These are the advantages of playing simple ones.
  • You can think about macro decisions rather than micro. Champions like Yasuo will require you to focus on your champion and what you do, but as soon as you stop focusing on the game and more on killing your laner, the jungler will come and kill you. If you play Annie mid lane, you can easily trade, and then go for the kill, when the enemy makes a mistake. Since you have point and click abilities, you do not have to worry about landing skill shots which allows you to concentrate on the map as well-a roaming opportunity, your jungler around, enemy jungler coming.
  • You will have advantage over players who have difficult champions. They will do the mistakes i listed above and you can take advantage of that.
  • Simple champions such as Nasus, Garen, Shyvana, Volibear, Udyr and Dr. Mundo, are easy to play and have high sustain which makes them good for low elo, since bad trades or plays don't punish you as hard, most of these become very tanky and players would not consider itemizing correctly against your regen putting you ahead.
If you really want to climb, pick a champion who scales into the late game since you will perform relatively well disregarding how you played the early game (unless you fed a lot). Early game champions are strong among the pros, but rely on your allies using the lead. It is important to remain strong yourself. They also require kills, which don't come at ease whereas farming is a consistent source of gold.
Also the meta does not impact lower ranks as much. Yes some champions can be stronger than others at some points in the games, but if you are fed it does not matter, who you are, it matter what you do with the lead.
Op.gg is a good website for a lot of information, but i suggest looking at u.gg and you will see which champions do best in your lane in your elo.
These tier lists might seem reliable, but a good off meta champion player can beat an average meta champion player.
Also if you like certain champions, feel free to play them, it is just that climbing with simpler champions, may be much easier and you will have overall higher winrates.
Also, also look up counters for champions online and learn some, because playing against your counter even in low elo is not pleasant and going Yi against Jax can be a bad idea.
Have a small champions pool, too many lead to lack of knowledge about them, maybe play 2-5 very well and 2 others in each other lane.
Before you play anything in ranked, play at least 5-10 games in normals. You will get an idea of the mechanics and you will have the knowledge advantage. Also consider looking for a youtube who mains that champion or look on reddit for anychampion(mains) and look at guides. It will help you. Also the only way that meta can help is getting correct items. Look on op.gg or possibly mobafire.com for items. This can help you to get the correct core items, so that you can be relevant.
  • Learn those itemization of core items
  • Learn which runes to take
  • Stick to meta items
  • Don't greed for too much damage. Go talkier after the core (most of the time depending on the champion)
  • Build accordingly, (look for situational itemization above)
Which Lanes to play to climb?: i would suggest that you play a lane which can impact others such as jungle, mid lane and potentially support. Other lanes i will go over generally as well.


one of the hardest roles but learning a bit about it helps your game understanding.
Champs to play:
  • Master Yi-easy to play, sustain with w, very strong late game, builds can vary depending on enemies, weaker ganks than some others, but it doesn't really matter, if you pick the right moment. Can solo drake with a recurve bow and solo baron with some lifesteal, a rageblade and the bloodrazor. Good against some assassins as his w can block a lot of damage, team fights are very good if you go in after the engage, strong against tanks, also a snowbally champion if he get early kills, but doesn't matter, since you can simply farm (noone will track exactly which camp you are doing in low elo). He is often banned however so consider learning other champions, which do not get banned a lot such as Udyr. (check "Cowsep" youtube - how to climb out of gold elo, he will talk about macro decisions and what he does and why. It helped me a lot.)
  • Udyr-his weakness is that he gets kited, which rarely happens in low elo, so you can catch up to anyone and kill them quickly, he has high sustain with w (take it second unless you want to invade, instead of farming early, because e will help ganks, and w will help to remain full health in the jungle. Udyr is mobile, tanky, has no skill shots as all abilities are kind off passives, he can clear quickly (start machete, Rejuvenation Bead and a yellow ward, the bead will allow you to get the tiamat quicker), he is also strong in duels since you can stun the enemy and beat them up and if they try to burst you down, keep switching q and w for attack speed and lifesteal. He is also a counter to many strong junglers including Yi, which makes him a good pick, if Master Yi is taken by the enemy team. (Trick2G is kind of your main to watch)
  • Jax-just like Yi he is strong in late game, however is not banned as often as Yi. Jax has a very good tool kit for jungling, as he can clear camps fast, has a good gap closer for ganking and can block auto attacks and stun enemies. His early game is rather weak, but after the triforce, he will become very strong and will keep scaling. He can be slightly hard mechanically, because you have to use skills at the right moment, but if you get that basic understanding, you can easily pop off every game with him.
  • Warwick-good clears, rather strong early and mid game, but rather weak late, a tank, high sustain. He is very good and oppressive when fed, has strong ganks, has a fear and is very fast around the map. Also can see low health enemies anywhere.
  • Some other mentions (harder to play but strong right now in season 8)
    • Graves-you have very fast clears, can dash over a wall, block enemy vision with w, relatively strong ganks, high damage and you are ranged, but he has to position correctly and is relatively hard to play. Also he doesn't scale as well into the late game as some others do.
    • Kayn-good clears, good mobility, good counter jungling, slightly harder to play and is an assassin which can put you at a disadvantage in low elo. Unless you can keep killing everyone all the time, don't play him, cause just farming and occasional ganks, cant allow you to be as strong as some others in late game. He is very strong though so can be beneficial if you know what you are doing.
    • Xin Zhao-strong early game, weak late game, you probably will not end quickly enough, so don't suggest picking him, but has strong clears and is easy to play
    • Shyvana-very strong in low elo after 6 because when she uses he ult, many people just get scared by her initial damage and start running away, which allows you to kill them. She has good clears, does good damage, is a tank, good for taking dragons. She is not so mobile however. She is a good easy to play champ however.
Advantages of playing jungle:
  • you do not have to win your lane and you are free to move around the map
  • your cs doesn't have to be perfect as you don't have to last hit
  • as you play the jungle role, you will understand where you will naturally move around, therefore when you play a laner, you will know from where a gank might be coming towards you.
  • Tracking the jungler is one of the key aspects, sometimes it is just enough to know if they are top or bot.
  • in bronze, silver and even gold, most players will have lack of vision which can be abused. Bushes in the river will only be warded in 1/5 of your games and even though they sometimes are warded, small number of people will be watching the map anyways.
  • Junglers wouldn't appreciate the experience and gold given by scuttle crabs and it can be easy to get levels above them
  • Most bronze and silver players don't know how to kite and almost all of them will be low hp before they reach their second buff. You can take your red (play junglers who can be useful at level 2 like Master Yi or Udyr) and go straight to their blue side. Since they don't ward most of the times, you can take their blue and gromp and if they are there, get a kill.
  • Most player will say that it is not good to play jungle in low elo since impacting other lanes does not lead you to victory and you have to carry yourself. This is relatively true, but if you gank (i will talk about when to gank below) and you will most likely get a kill, your laners are already 50 % less likely to feed and their laners are 50% more which means that you already don't have that 0/10 bot lane. They can still feed, but if you do krugs and come back for another gank enemies will probably die again. You will have around 4 kills which puts your team ahead, while the enemy jungler is probably trying to gank that top lane Olaf who just runs away with his ult.
Things to consider
  • you have to balance between farming and ganking. It is good to do full clears when you can which can be timed perfectly, but don't worry too much yet.
  • To start, suggest doing the camp closer to your bot lane. Before you start, ask your top laner or mid laner to ward the bush in the river and do the same on your side. If they have weak supports and early game junglers, consider warding their blue / red or slightly deeper than the river. This will allow you to get information, which can then lead to knowing where the enemies are and when you can counter jungle.
  • First clears-On blue side, its perfect, get a red buff, scuttle and invade (don't do raptor to stay healthy unless ur kayn. He is relatively simple to play and does high damage, but can be difficult at time and requires some correct macro decisions). On red side, you can get the blue, gromp, scuttle and try invade, but you will probably just lose time. Instead maybe clear your top side. Every game is different, different enemies and different strategies will be needed.
  • Preventing **Ganks-**preventing ganks is kind of as important as making successful ones. Oh their Master Yi is already 3 kills ahead off that bot lane. Happens a lot, but can be prevented, with early wards i talked about, scuttle clears and pinging your team. You might get flamed for pinging too much, but if it forces them to move back or look at the map and the jungler comes, but fails his gank, they might consider listening to you again next time and this can be enhanced, if you are ahead. Getting kills puts some authority to you and unless you start to show off your ego, because everyone hates that, you can make your team respond to pings and actually get some team play. If you don't have many kills and feeding on the other hand, don't worry, just play safe (cliché, but i will explain how in a bit) and then you may come back, it's not high level of play yet. If you are feeding you can still ping, but just don't flame them if they don't listen to you, it will make things worse.
  • **Ganking - choosing lanes based on skill-**here is where your macro comes into play, you have to decide if you gank or if you farm. Before a game i suggest going to op.gg on your phone or installing Overwolf and having op.gg there (Overwolf can lower your fps, on lower end PCs.) and checking your team and enemy teams out. Loss and win streaks and slightly delayed on op.gg so this might not be a reliably source of info. You have to look at how many games they have played in ranked with that champion. Yes some will only play normals and then come to ranked with their one trick champion for the first time or they will smurfs, but most players will probably try a new champion in ranked for the first time, so it is crucial to take advantage of them. If there is a player on your team like that, i would suggest that you don't go to his lane, since he will probably be low most of the times. Only gank him if he is getting ahead himself, otherwise, he will probably lose the advantage you gave him. Continuing to look on op.gg, search for lanes with most experienced players, even though they might have a 45% which is bad, but if they played 50 games on that champion and the enemy has 60% winrate but only played 5 games, it is likely that ganks will put your laners ahead, since they know what they are doing, when the enemies don't. If you see that mid lane and bot lane with decent knowledge of their champion, consider playing around bot side, and zone the enemy jungler off, since you can get 2 lanes ahead and leave the "never played riven" top lane.
  • **Ganking - choosing lanes based on champions-**sometimes, teams will be overall balanced on skill or you are not bothered to look up stats on op.gg. It is good to just look on the loading screen. It is important to look out for
    • enemies with high cc-this can mess up your ganks and a Blitzcrank or a Morgana, with average skill can still prevent you from getting the kills leading to you wasting time - look at other lanes, they probably are simpler to gank.
    • Enemies with high mobility-Akali can be at your tower and then if she has abilities up, e, r, flash, r, right to her tower, or even outplay you. Consider ganking lanes with low mobility and escape tools, like Yasuo, Darius and Illaoi, all they can do is fight you and if you pick the right moment, they can't do anything about 2 champions attacking them.
    • lanes which will push-most assassins want to get levels up on enemies to go all in. In low elo many players, will push never the less, as they feel they have the advantage and can kill the opponent. This is where junglers come in. Find the overextending lanes and kill them. Yasuo pushing ? gank, (unless your laner is low).
    • Look at your team with the same questions. Do i have a blitz crank? He can hook, he can knock up, he can keep enemies in one place for you to gank. Do you have a pushing lane such as the Yasuo. There is a high chance that the enemy jungler will try to gank him, so you should keep that in mind and stay near, as you can counter gank, which will probably lead to you killing both enemies, as you are playing a high sustain jungler.
  • **Ganking early and early pressure-**start doing your buff and look at the map. There is no need to be looking at the buff that much as Yi for example, since you only auto attack. Sure you can kite, but how well can you do it. There is probably one mid laner who is already pushing such as Yasuo, Talon, Ahri, Akali and Heimer (who is hard to gank, but also depends on the situation. Consider ganking that laner if he is hard pushing, as you can get that first blood and your first laner ahead. If they are fairly even at first then proceed to continuing your first clear. If you happened to know where the enemy started, go ahead and surprise them in their jungle. (They start blue on red side, go to their wolves or gromp and kill them. They started red on red side, go kill them at their blue when they come or take it quickly and get out to take your own blue side. They started red buff on their blue side, don't bother, they aren't going to take raptors, since they will die, so consider ganking or clear your red and run to their blue or go straight to the opposite scuttle crab and steal their blue while they are doing it. Bot lane leashes save you time so abuse it). If you bot lane comes back and the enemies are already in lane a pushing, they will try to harass your bot lane, they wouldn't ward however, so try ganking them. They probably wouldn't notice you coming so go ahead and kill them, to put you bot lane ahead. When doing this wait for them to go out of their safe range and for them to use some spells, which can indicate that they are about to go for a big trade. It is then safe to gank and kill them or blow their summoner spells and put your laners ahead.
  • **Ganking later-**while you are running around the map or clearing, consider looking for gank opportunities. Ask yourself if
    • enemies are pushing or going to push?-easiest way to identify when they will try to engage, that the jungler isn't there and that they are in a weak spot
    • are enemies on full or low health?-they are probably going to die from any gank, when they are in the middle of their wave and if low enough even from a tower dive (risky and i don't suggest since you have to trust you team, but worth if you are relatively behind and the enemies don't have mana or many cc abilities (don't tower dive a thresh), dive with champs such as Yi who can disengage with q and block with w or Kayn who can kill, reset with r or leave through a wall.)
    • Where is their jungler and midlaner-probably the most important question. Can you gank safely to have a 3v2, 2v1 or is it going to be a 3v3, 2v2 or worse?
    • Do you have enough health and mana-don't bother ganking with low health and no mana, you are better off farming you jungle and recalling.
  • **Recalling-**in low elo small items, do not have such a high impact as you staying on the map, keep you mana up with scuttle crabs and blue buffs and keep health up with red buffs, scuttle crabs and natural sustain. You definitely need to back if you can but a tiamat , buy a whole item, need a mana item or cause you are low on resources and can die otherwise. Recalling is subjective and if there is a gank available, take it. I was 4/1 with no real items at 7 minutes and was doing just fine. If you feel the need for more damage go ahead, but items are not as important too early into the game.
How to play safe as a jungler
  • If you are required to play safe, because you fed the enemies too much, it is probably, because you made bad calls, did bad ganks, got caught out or you haven't payed attention to the map and you ended up in an unfair fight. There is no need to play very aggressive in low elo. Yes you can abuse their mistakes, but aggressive play style leads to you making mistakes, so you will give them the shutdown gold and probably make the game more difficult than it should be. Play safe (except going into their jungle which can be abused, unless you are behind then don't),
  • Don't make unnecessary ganks, prioritize farming.
  • If you farm more than the enemy than you will have more gold than them. More cs can mean that you will have the same amount of gold as them or even more despite them having had that first blood kill.
  • Ward-control wards seem useless to low elo players, since they can be cleared, but many enemies wouldn't even check bushes, so you can keep vision of the them for the entire game. Ward you jungle entrances, get scuttle crabs, ward enemy jungle entrances. While being safe in your jungle farming, you can see where they go, prevent ganks, counter gank accordingly and prevent being counter jungled as you can call your lanes to help you, which they will in 40 % of the cases since they want kills and that is all that matters to them.
Objectives (jungler's duty to call for them, but also other lanes might consider these tips)
  • **Dragons-**prioritize the infernal drakes and get them if you get a gank off on bot lane, your bot lane is pushed up, you are sure that enemies don't have vision on it and ward behind the pit, you can solo it yourself. Other drakes are not as important, but a drake you get, the enemies don't get and they can give you sustain, extra damage to towers and movement speed which is obviously better for everyone.
  • Some teams are better than others but if you ping them enough and say "lets take drake" in chat, they will come and help you. Not all people are as ignorant.
  • **Heralds-**top laners and some junglers will likely try to get the herald but not many pay attention to it so it is a free objective, however you can do well without it. Just make sure enemies don't get it.
  • **Baron-**it is your team's responsibility to wards it but since you can't trust noone, you should do it yourself. Low elo will try and baron when they win a team fight around 25-35 minutes. It is also easy to know when they are doing it, because everyone will be missing of the map, or 1 person will be splitting bot. Barons are very strong in low elo since noone know what to do against them, so you can freely push lanes with it. This makes Baron the number 1 objective, apart from the nexus which you can and should get. Consider champions like Yi who can solo it (with items i listed above in the champions guide).

Top lane

Which champions to play:
  • Overall play split pushing champions or champions with good team fighting
  • Tryndamere-very strong late game, can punish mistakes very hard, one of the best split pushers, good dueling, invincibility, slows, high damage, decent team fighting, can just farm and scale, easy to play. It is one of the strongest in low elo once you get the basics, it might be difficult to know when to go in, but when you do, you just destroy them. Crits are very strong against unarmored champions and not many people will get armor based on the situation. He is easily kited, but with his e and if you max w second, he can kind of prevent this.
  • Jax-same as Tryndamere, but better against ranged match up, worse early game, and better in team fights as you build tanky items. (don't go Ap, its trolling) Can be hard at first, but when you know how to trade and play the weak early game, you are very much set up to win.
  • Darius-1 vs 2 fights, Strong early, Strong team fights, Good split pusher, tanky, has high sustain and can be unbeatable when ahead. He is banned a lot and he is weak against ranged champions, however taking right runes and acting accordingly may allow you to negate that problem. He is however an early and a mid game champion, because in late game with average number of kills you will be at a slight disadvantage, but he is strong never the less.
  • Garen-easy to play, simple mechanics, great passive healing, silence, w, he can split push well and roam with movement speed from q. Also a lane bully so you can dominate your lane. Has many different playstyles.
  • Urgot-Very tanky, hard to trade against - lane bully, good in team fights, unexpected flip into tower range can lead to kills, falls off slightly in late game. He is a good pick, but a bit team orientated. Can't really solo carry.
  • Nasus-tanky, very good scaling with q, slow, decreasing armor with e, very good at split pushing, good team fights, easy to play, allows you to learn how to cs, doesn't get punished for cs-ing in low elo. You are one of the best scaling champions, he is very friendly for new players, will become unstoppable with enough items. Stack q and win.
  • Yorick-great at split pushing, kind of good with trades, tank, noone know what he does, so you can take advantage of that
  • Some others
    • Teemo - hard to kite and squishy, but the rest are advantages. Won't be consistent tho.
    • Sion-team orientated, but does good damage and is tanky. Also inting Sion strategy, which works well. (you don't actually int on purpose, but will sacrifice you life for a tower, if necessary).
    • Illaoi-strong laning phase, can be caught out by ganks, but you can 1v2 with your tentacles, strong team fights, if the ult is used correctly, high damage, relatively high survivability, as you can go tank and still do damage. Not so good if you don't have tentacles around and don't get some kills or much farm early.
Advantages of playing top lane:
  • You can pressure the map by splitting
  • Get kills bot lane if they overextend and you have a ward somewhere next or in their lane
  • Most are tanky, so you will be useful even if you feed, however will depend on the team
  • Most of others are bruisers and will be strong at team fighting, splitting or getting lead early
Things to consider: Top lane is probably not one of the most impactful lanes in the game and will mostly require you to win the laning phase. Not many junglers will gank you however, because you are so far away from dragons and the bot lane.
  • When to split: this will be one of your main objectives in a game and many games can be won by putting pressure on one side, making 2 or more enemies come for you and allowing your team to be elsewhere.
  • you can split when you know where enemies are, when you need to get a major objective such as the baron
  • when enemies are trying to get an objective ( not in your base, otherwise you will probably lose)
  • When you have nothing to do around the map, such as no team fights going on
  • Participate in team fights however, unless it is obvious that you will lose than split, so that the team fight stops early or you get many towers
Getting herald as a top laner is good, if your jungler is around, you can solo it or your enemy laner is away, you don't need to recall and have lane priority.
Just like bot lane, it is good for you to get the enemy top lane tower, so that you open up the map. I usually would roam a lot, but that is risky as kills will not be available all the time, whereas you will lose lane pressure and maybe a tower. Stay in your lane, until about 10 minutes at least (unless you can Tp bot) and farm. Yes farming can be hard, but what matters is getting more cs than your enemy laners and when they try to farm, hit them so they will lose hp and farm. They wouldn't trade in most cases, so you win that and with simple champions you will heal up and win the lane-they can't fight you since you can all in and your jungler can come. Solo killing you enemy is a good way to get ahead, but ward before hand, so you don't get baited. Not all players are bad.
Trading-the problem for many is that how do i know if i want to all in or not, so here is how to know and how to get there
  • If they are full hp, without item and lane advantage, there is a low chance that they will die from an all in.
  • Trade when they are 100-50 % hp and then consider if you have enough health and mana to kill them
  • Don't trade or fight in their minion wave-this leads to you losing 50 % of hp early straight away and they will win the trade.
  • Don't force-most players will make many mistake anyways, such as fighting in minion waves, overextending, going for bad trades, going next to you when they have abilities on cooldowns. Punish mistakes and you will see how many easy kills you can get.
  • For top lane i suggest watching "Jay Sea" on youtube-he goes over which mistakes to punish how to be impactful as a top laner in most of the games. He will explain better than i will so go ahead and see what he does in his low elo series.

I hope this guide has helped some of you and that you have read till the end. Look at part 2 for other roles. Comment if you wish and maybe leave some feedback.
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