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My ongoing communication with YTM support

For those of you interested, I have an open case with them, discussing a number of issues. Long email thread is below, but it shows that they are at least responding. I encourage everyone having similar issues to start flooding their support with requests to improve the app to get it back into parity with GPM.

These messages started on 10/22 and go through last night. If there is interest I will continue updating this thread with the new comments.

This is Bernice from the YouTube Support Team. Thanks for contacting us.
I'm writing in regarding your issues with YouTube Music. I've confirmed with our specialists that your issue with not being able to scroll through your Artists section right away is working as intended for YouTube Music as it's somehow related to network/connection. I understand that you haven't had the same experience with Play Music using the same internet connection, so, I still forwarded this matter to our specialists/engineers so they can look into it for us.
The other issues you've provided, including the navigation where the Artists section is showing songs instead of albums of that specific artist, your uploads or purchases are stored in a separate (Uploads) tab, and not being able to update the metadata of an already uploaded song, are all working as intended. So, what I can do is take all these as feedback and pass them along to our specialists/engineers so we can, hopefully, add these features soon.
Playback crashing when casting
The only issue we've found that you shouldn't be experiencing is the playback crashing when you're casting YouTube Music to your TV. So, this is something that needs troubleshooting. You may check this article for list of devices integrated with YouTube Music.
Should you want to work on this issue, kindly provide me a list of all the troubleshooting steps you've done on your end to try fixing this issue specifically. I'd also appreciate it if you can send me a screenshot or picture of any error message that's showing up on your TV before the playback stops. Once I have the information, we'll be able to move forward.
All the best,
Bernice R.The YouTube Team

Hi Bernice,
Since the UI is working “as intended”, can you please ask how I would see a list of albums by artist? How do I find my Beatles albums, as an example?
Thanks for sending me the screenshot. Kindly send me a list of all the troubleshooting steps you've done on your end to try fixing this playback issue specifically.
In order for me to answer your question about how you can locate albums by artist, could you confirm with me if we're just dealing with your uploaded music from Play Music (migrated)? We both know that your uploads have a separate folder in the YouTube Music library, so, I'd like to know if we're just dealing with those or you also have music from YouTube Music (not migrated) that are added to your library?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
Bernice R.The YouTube Team

OK, here are my troubleshooting steps: Rebooted phone. Rebooted Android TV. Cleared data. Cleared Cache. Uninstalled and reinstalled app. Rebooted router. Removed router and tried a different router. Tried a different Android TV device. Tried a different phone. All the same result.
Note that this issue is for my UPLOADED songs. I only listen to uploaded music.
For the second question, yes. ONLY UPLOADED MUSIC. I only listen to uploaded music. I have about 15 Beatles albums in there and no way to find a list of them.
Attached are two screenshots from Google Play Music. The way it should be. In screenshot one we have a list of all my artists. By thumbnail, and this list loads instantly (no buffering). The Beatles are under “B”, not “T”. The way it should be.
The second screen shows what it looks like when you click the Beatles. A list of albums, not songs. This is the way it should be!
I hope this clears things up.
Note that there are literally dozens more issues with YouTube Music. It is a huge downgrade from Google Play Music. I follow this list on reddit, and I agree with it 100%:
It is also linked here on your support site: https://support.google.com/youtubemusic/thread/66629559?hl=en
Here is the text from this list. A few of these issues have been addressed, but most have not. Note that the issues we discussed today are only the tip of the iceberg, and are included below. (I then pasted the whole contents of that reddit thread).

Regarding your issue with the interruption on the playback on your Android TV, I'd like to know if you've tried signing in to YouTube Music directly, given that you're using a Smart TV, instead of casting? If you haven't yet, kindly try that step and let me know if you still get the same behavior. Also, kindly submit us a feedback from the YouTube Music app from your Android TV. You can locate the feedback section by clicking on your profile icon after you sign in. You don't have to list all the issues you've already provided us. Instead, just type in your case ID, on the issue description box, which is 1-1327000030576.
I appreciate you for taking the time to list all the issues/concerns on YouTube Music that you'd like us to look into. I understand that your list consist of issues posted online by other YouTube Music users. Could you specifically point out those issues you have personally experienced on your end, so, I can prioritize those, please?
I've run through your list and most of them are working as intended, so, I can take them as feedback instead. I know you miss the features you were used to using in Google Play Music and you'd like to see them now in YouTube Music. We hear you and we'll definitely review all these features and will take them into consideration in improving our products and services.
All the best,
Bernice R.The YouTube Team

My first issue is just with casting. I don’t have the same issue on the Android TV app.
All of the issues are important. But my highest priority are these:

  1. Scrolling is better than it was, but still not working properly. No way to jump to the middle or end. It takes over a minute to scroll through my artists (only took 1 second in GPM).
  2. No way to find all albums by a particular artist.
  3. Related to that, the artist tags seem to be track artist, not album artist. There needs to be a way to browse album artist and then track artist.
  4. Instant Mix functionality is missing. This was by far my favorite feature of GPM.
  5. Artists beginning with the word “The” should NOT be under letter T. For example, “The Beatles” should be under B, not T.
  6. I tried out “Your Mix” today and it was filled with music from channels I subscribed to on Youtube. This is bad behavior, music and Youtube habits need to be separated. No one wants Youtube content mixed into music playlists.
  7. Metadata is incorrect on many of my uploads despite them being correct on GPM. There is no way to correct this either in the app or on the web.
  8. No “last added” or “last listened to” for my uploaded tracks.
  9. No music manager. How do I upload a folder with a hundred subfolders of music?
  10. No sort option in playlists.
  11. Related to scrolling, no quick-access alphabet tabs.
These are my biggest issue off the top of my head. If the answer is this is “intended behavior”, then Google is alienating its loyal customers.
All of this can be solved by just giving us Google Play Music back. That app was perfect, we all loved it. Youtube Music is NOT ready for public rollout, despite being 5 years old.
Oh, one more thing... On Android tv I can't shuffle my playlists. This makes it pretty much useless.

Thanks for your response. Here's what I've found after investigation:
The scrolling feature in YouTube Music may currently not yet working as smoothly as Play Music's, based on your experience, but I've already forwarded this to our specialists/engineers for improvements.
Navigation: Albums
You can access your uploaded albums by going to Library> Albums> Uploads (tab). I've tried adding a song/single track to my Library in Google Play Music. Then, I migrated it to YouTube Music. This specific song showed up on my Uploads tab in the Songs folder and its artist showed up on the Uploads tab in the Artists folder but the album, where this track came from, didn't show up on my Uploads tab in the Albums folder. I've confirmed with our specialist that this behavior is working as intended, so, you may notice that some of your uploaded albums may not show up on the Uploads tab in the Albums folder.
The behavior where songs are listed, instead of their albums, under artists is working as intended. These also have been raised to our specialists.
Instant Mix functionality
YouTube Music has this functionality too. Please follow this link to learn more. This is already been a discussion on our Help Forum and information were provided by our team.
Artists beginning with the word “The”
This one's working as intended and I've also taken this as a feedback from you.
Your Mix
The YouTube main app and the YouTube Music app are synced together that's why when you create a playlist on the YouTube main app, the same playlist will show up on the YouTube Music app but only songs that are categorized as music will show up in YouTube Music under that playlist. It works the same way when you create a playlist in YouTube Music where the same playlist shows up on the YouTube main app too.
So, Your Mix is an auto-playlist generated within the YouTube Music app based on its algorithm. Since the YouTube main app has this cross authentication with and influence of recommendations on YouTube Music, the behavior you're experiencing is possible specifically if the content from the YouTube main is categorized as music.
Incorrect metadata after upload
This issue has already been raised to our specialists, as well, upon checking. I currently do not have an update regarding this but you may follow this link to this discussion on our Help Forum for suggestions on what you can do in the meantime.
Sort options (including "recently added" or "last listened to" and alphabet tabs)
Currently unavailable for the Uploads tab (specifically) in YouTube Music.
Shuffle option in YouTube Music on an Android TV
According to one of our specialists, when they quickly looked into this, the shuffle option should be available in YouTube Music on your Android TV. Since this isn't the behavior you're experiencing, we can definitely work on this. In order to do so, kindly clarify with me whether the shuffle button is not appearing when you're casting or when you're directly signed in to the app on your TV.
Regarding your issue with playback on your Android TV when casting
Are you using a casting device to cast to your TV? Is it Chromecast? Or are you just directly pressing on the cast icon at the top right corner of the YouTube Music app to start casting?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
Bernice R.The YouTube Team

Hi Bernice,
Thanks for the responses.
Scrolling – hopefully they fix this, it is still terrible for a large collection.
Album navigation – I have literally hundreds of albums. No one remembers the names of the artist albums they own – they know they want to listen to a certain artist, and then want to peruse the albums by that artist. I need them organized by artist. The inability to navigate from ALBUM artist (not track artist) to album and then to song is simply unacceptable. If this is not fixed, I will be forced to move to ios and Apple Music. You can not begin to understand how frustrating this is until you try navigating a LARGE library. Why can’t the devs just look at how GPM was and replicate that? It was perfect as it was!
Your test was only one song so it was easy to find. Upload 10000 tracks and then let me know how “easy” it is to navigate your library.
Again I ask you – how I do see all of my uploaded Beatles albums? Every other music app lets you see this.
Instant Mix – I read the link you sent me. Nothing in that link talked about Instant Mix. Instant Mix is used in GPM to create a smart list of music from ONLY your uploaded library. I did not see anything in that link about this. This is not the same as “Your Mix”. Again, I am only interested in listening to my uploaded tracks.
“The” artists: If this is working “as intended” then the people who made this decision know nothing about music and should not be working on a music app. Look at Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Google Play Music. All of them handle this correctly.
“You Mix”: Horrrible. Nobody wants YouTube content mixed with music. We need a way to separate that completely. I like to bookmark funny or amusing channels on Youtube. That does not mean to listen to that stuff in the car! I have no idea why anyone thought this might be a good idea.
Metadata: Ok, hopefully it is fixed. Another showstopper.
Sort options: Unavailable? This is such a basic function, it is ridiculous to not be there.
Shuffle Option not available on Android TV: There is simply no shuffle button. I am using the app directly. What is the point of have a 500 song playlist if it can’t be shuffled? Note that the playlist is of my uploaded music only.
Casting issue: I have experienced this error with Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, and a Mi Box S. The casting issue is secondary to me, as I do not need it if the TV app worked correctly.
It is not normal to have this many issues for a new app, especially when you HAD and app that was perfect. Google is supposed to be a world-class organization with world-class software. I feel bad that you are forced to support this garbage.

Updates as of 10/27:
I'm ready to escalate your issues regarding the playback crashing when you're casting and the shuffle option. I just need your app feedback from your phone (for the casting issue) and your Android TV (for the shuffle option). The feedback will help our specialists investigate further on the app on the affected devices which will help them address the issue.
How to send a feedback on your phone

  1. Go to the YouTube Music app.
  2. Tap your profile icon and select Send feedback.
  3. Enter your case ID, which is 1-1327000030576, if it's asking you for the issue description. No need to explain your entire issue again.
  4. Send.
How to send a feedback on your Android TV

  1. Go to the YouTube app to access the Music app.
  2. Tap your profile icon and choose Help & feedback.
  3. Choose a category that's related to shuffle/feature.
  4. Enter your case ID, which is 1-1327000030576, if it's asking you for the issue description. No need to explain your entire issue again.
  5. Send.
Please let me know once you've sent them.
All the best,
Bernice R. The YouTube Team

Hi Bernice,
The feedback section of the Android tv app is not working. What a surprise. I am attaching pics showing my Android TV app version and the screen with no shuffle button. I'm also showing you the feedback error.
I do not wish to troubleshoot the casting issue as this is already taking too much of my time and casting is not very important to me. All of the other issues are much more critical.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble sending the feedback. Kindly go to this website instead youtube.com/tv/feedback to send your feedback for the shuffle option issue.
All the best,
Bernice R. The YouTube Team

Bernice, I sent you the screenshots. Why do I need to go to another link?
What about the other issues? I still can't find any of my uploaded albums. Are they working on these?

Kindly use that link I shared with you to submit your feedback successfully since the feedback option on your TV isn't working. The purpose of the feedback is for our specialists to investigate on your app logs, while still keeping your account secured. I appreciate the screenshot you sent me and I forwarded that to them but we still need the feedback.
Your issue regarding playback when your casting and the shuffle option missing, though I understand that you no longer want to work on this one specifically, are the issues we can troubleshoot. The rest of them are working as intended and I took them as feature requests from you instead.
Where to find your uploaded albums

  1. Go to YouTube Music
  2. Select Library
  3. Select Albums
  4. Select Uploads tab
I've just heard an update from our specialists that they're currently working on this issue where uploaded songs are missing after migration. I was informed that it should be fixed within 24 hours.
In case the issue persists after 24 hours, the recommended step to follow is to perform another migration process by tapping on the Transfer again or Transfer from Google Play Music on the settings of your YouTube Music app or website.
I'm looking forward to getting your feedback through the link I sent you or by clicking here.
All the best,
Bernice R. The YouTube Team

Hi Bernice,
I sent feedback through that link yesterday and heard nothing back.
Your answers do not seem to address my issues directly:

  1. Casting issues. I do not wish to troubleshoot casting issues, as it is a waste of my time.
Note that this is ONLY issue I do not want to pursue at this time. It is completely separate fromt eh missing shuffle option in #2 below.

  1. No shuffle button on the YTM app for uploaded playlists. I sent you screenshots and I sent feedback through the link you sent me yesterday. I DO WANT TO WORK ON THIS.

  1. Scrolling. Still slow and not working right.
  2. No way to navigate from Artist to Album. No fix or suggestions from your side yet. I ask you yet again: How do I find my Beatles albums?
  3. “the” artists appearing under “T”. This is still broken.
  4. Artist metadata is all messed up throughout my uploads. No fixes yet.
Please get back to me on numbers 2 through 6 above. The ONLY issue I do not want to pursue is the casting one.
Have your developers gotten back to you to tell us why such a flawed and broken piece of software is replacing one that worked perfectly?

(and that's it as of today...)

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