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[Guide] 4th Generation EmuRNG

This guide will explain how to abuse the RNG of a 4th generation game using an emulator. It does not aim to explain RNG abuse from scratch, so knowledge of the process is required. If you are still uncomfortable with generation 4 RNG abuse, I advise you to take a look at the tutorials on the wiki.
RNG abuse on a 4th generation game (DPPt, HGSS) is not particularly difficult, but the existence of delays can make the experience frustrating. Using an emulator and save states alleviates that issue in a number of ways:
  • if you fail, you do not have to reset your DS, set the time right, and wait to reach your delay again;
  • high frames and delays are easily attainable;
  • EonTimer is no longer required;
  • Wondercard abuse is significantly easier.
Make sure you pick the development version: no matter what version of DeSmuMe you will use, choose the executable with the suffix _dev. I will be running the x86 version of DeSmuMe 0.9.9, but I reckon that any version should work.
Note: this tutorial assumes you are using Microsoft Windows. The DeSmuMe binaries are available for OS X, but the version does not support lua scripting. Use a virtual machine or Bootcamp if required.
You will need the lua runtimes for DeSmuMe (x86 DLLs, x64 DLLs). If you are using the x64 version of DeSmuMe, download the x64 DLLs. If not, pick the x86 version. Drop lua5.1.dll and lua51.dll in the same directory as the DeSmuMe executable.
To edit your save file, extract or inject Pokémon, inject Wondercards, check your SID, etc.
  • Optional: Action Replay codes might make your life easier (100% catch rate, walk through walls, etc.)
A word on DeSmuMe
I cannot explain in detail how the emulator works, so you will have to work out most of the things yourself. If you have never used an emulator before, know that the most useful function is the save states. Save states are not to be confused with your saved game: they are a snapshot of the state of the memory at a given time, allowing you to go back to a previous state at any moment. Simple example: you are going for a delay of 12000, and you created a save state two seconds before your target at 11880. Say you miss it by 2, hitting 12002. Do you have to start over? No, because you can load the previous save state at 11880, and resume from that point.
Install and configure DeSmuMe. Toy with the options. Make sure you can run a DS game at 100% speed.
  • Config > Path Settings
Make sure that your ROM, save file and lua scripts are in the correct directories (.\Roms, .\Battery and .\Lua most likely).
  • Config > Emulation Settings
You do not have to use an external BIOS. Enable CPU emulation mode (if availabe in your version of DeSmuMe), with a block size of 100. You may want to enable JIT (if availabe), or enable frame skipping (Config > Frame Skip > disable "Limit framerate" & "Auto-minimize skipping", and set a value of 3 or 4 frames).
  • Config > Control Config & Hotkeys Config
Double check that there are no conflicts there, and make a mental note of the keys that will allow you to create and load save states (shift + Fx and Fx by default).
  • Tools > RAM watch
Setup RAM watch: if you will not/cannot use a lua script, you will need to create RAM watch files for your game. A complete list of RAM addresses is available on Project Pokémon's wiki. You are looking for the "Mersenne Twister Lookup Table" values for the initial seed, and the "PRNG State" values for the current seed. The data type is Hexadecimal, the size is 4 bytes.
Here are some examples from my own files:
Game Language Initial seed Current seed
Platinum JP 021BEF18 021BEF14
Platinum US 021BFB18 021BFB14
Heart Gold US 021D15AC 021D15A8
You can also get those values from Kazo's RNG Helper.
I can also provide this archive of RAM watch files for a variety of games and languages, but I have not tried them all.
  • Tools > Cheats > List
Setup Action Replay cheats if you feel like it.
  • Tools > Lua Scripting > New lua Script Window...
Browse to the lua script, and click Run.
In-game setup
The in-game setup is minimal and no different from retail abuse. Elm/Irwinn calls and coin flips will not be used. Just make sure to have a synchronizer and two Chatots in your party. I have not been able to record a custom chatter on an emulator, but silent chatters will still advance your frame. We will not use the chatters for seed verification, thus it is not much of an issue.
Generating a seed
Your RNG abuse knowledge comes into play now. You will need to generate a seed with RNG ReportePPRNG. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be aiming for a shiny Rayquaza in the Embedded Tower on Heart Gold, using an English version of the game. This is a screenshot of my Time Finder window. My target seed, highlighted on the picture, is FD0F1273 on frame 23. If I generate more times, the Seed to Time window informs me that my target delay is 4709.
Hitting the seed
You probably know that, in order to hit your seed on a generation 4 game, you need to get two things right: the date on which you load your save (first half of the seed), and the delay elapsed between the moment you run the game and the moment you load your save (second half of the seed).
RNG abuse on an emulator will be a two-step process. First, abusing save states, we will guarantee that you load your save with the correct delay. Second, by changing the clock of your computer, we will make sure that you hit the correct date. Combining the two, you will easily hit your target seed.
Getting the delay right
You are surely aware that the delay is a ticker that increases by 60 every second, from the moment you launch the game to the moment you load your save. On a retail game, you would have to manually verify that you hit the correct delay, but on emulator you have access to that information (almost) immediately.
Let's take an example. With your RAM watch ready, run your ROM and load your save. Look at the following screenshot. Our initial seed is 961506BF. All you have to do is to enter your initial seed in a Seed to Time window and hit Generate. In our case, this gives us a delay of 1713. This is how you will verify your delay in your future attempts.
Note: keep in mind that, just like retail abuse, you will consistently hit even or odd delays. If you get a mismatch between your desired delay and the delay you hit, you can try to change the year of your computer clock, or insert a GBA ROM in your emulator (Config > Slot 2 (GBA Slot) > GBA Game). Do not forget to update the Seed to Time window accordingly when verifying your seed.
We will now try to reach our target delay of 4709. 4709/60 (remember, the delay increases by 60 every second) approximatively equals 78, so I will have to wait around 1 minute and 18 seconds before I get close to my target delay.
The process is as follows:
Now comes the fun part:
  • wait for a bit, make a new save state, and immediately hit A to load your save;
  • check your initial seed and verify your delay: you have probably not reached your target;
  • reload that previous save state;
  • wait for a bit, make a new save state, and immediately hit A to load your save;
  • check your initial seed and verify your delay;
  • rinse and repeat.
The goal is to obtain a save state from which you will be able to consistently hit your desired delay. You should be able to load that save state, instantly hit A, and end up with the correct delay.
After a bit of trial and error, I have my delay of 4709. My initial seed is 6D161273. The second half of the seed (the delay, 1273) is correct, but the first half (the date, 6D16) is not. Let's move to the second step of the process to fix that.
Getting the time right
Now that you are certain to hit your desired delay, all that is left to do is to load your save at the correct time. RNG Reporter's Seed to Time window will list a number of dates that are compatible with your seed, so choose one and change your computer clock to the target time minus a few seconds. Validate the changes, move back to DeSmuMe and prepare to load your save state. Once you reach your target time, immediately load the correct save state, and hit A to enter the game. If all went well, you can see that your initial seed matches the one on RNG Reporter. If those do not match, reset your clock and try again. Here is a screenshot of my RAM watch window, showing that I have successfully hit my time and delay: my initial seed is indeed FD0F1273.
When you have your game loaded with your desired seed hit, make a new save state. It is time to advance the frame.
Advancing your frame
The process is identical to frame advancement on retail games. Just bring up your menu, go to your party's summary and alternate between your two Chatots.
However, emulation has a massive advantage: as you advance your frame, you will notice that your current seed changes in the RAM watch window. Using RNG Helpyr or RNG Helper, you can input the initial seed and the current seed to find out the frame you are currently on. If you have released your roamers, or if moving NPCs are in the area, all you have to do is enter those two values. You will never miss your frame again.
Here is an example after a few chatters. I have done some advancements and I am currently on frame 10. Note: RNG Helper seems to display the next attainable frame (11, in this case). If you are aiming for frame 23, make sure RNG Helper reports that your current frame is 23, otherwise you will be one-frame short.
Obtaining the Pokémon
Stop one frame before your target frame, exit your menu and initiate combat. If you did everything right, you should obtain the Pokémon with the stats you were looking for. As you can see on the following screenshot, the Rayquaza is indeed shiny, as expected. Yes, that Umbreon is 100% hacked.
A word on Wondercards
The nature of Pokémon obtained through Wondercards is not predictable, but random. That is especially frustrating on retail, where you have to hit your delay, advance your frame, and hope to end up with an advantageous nature. If you obtain the wrong nature, you have to start over.
On emulator, all you have to do is to hit your delay and advance your frame as usual. Stop one frame before your target frame just like any RNG abuse, and create a new save state. If you do not obtain the nature you were looking for, just reload that save state, and claim the gift again until you succeed.
Note: keep in mind that Pokégen can open save states. I am bringing that up because my knowledge of Japanese is minimal, and when I obtain a gift Pokémon on a Japanese game I am unable to figure out if I have gotten the correct nature by looking at its summary. By creating a new save state and opening it with Pokégen, I can immediately verify the nature in plain English.
Using the lua scripts
If you have setup DeSmuMe to run lua scripts, you can skip the RAM watch parts of the guide, and your seed, delay and frame advancements are directly displayed on the bottom screen of the emulator.
What now?
There are several ways to transfer your Pokémon from the emulated save to a retail game:
  • you can move the save to a flashcart and trade with a retail game on a second DS;
  • you can inject the PKM file into a retail game using a flashcart (with the help of Pokedoc's savegame-manager) or specialty hardware (an SMS4 for example);
  • you can use Pokécheck's transfer function as long as the DS wifi is working.
Last updated: 2016-07-18
submitted by TheSonAlsoRises to pokemonrng

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