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What a Demon Hunter main wants to see in Shadowlands

Hey lads and lasses. With the most recent class tunings, the abundance of ire towards Havoc has become.. abundantly clear. As it stands today, Havoc is one of the best specs for every manner of content. Raid, M+, PvP (to a certain rating) and world content. Havoc’s self-sustain is second to none, and its rotation is admittedly somewhat braindead. There seems to be a common misconception that Havoc is a “3 button spec” and this is technically untrue, there are 5 buttons we press (which is more in line with every other DPS spec I’d argue) though it is still simple. Going into Shadowlands, the great “unpruning” is supposed to take place. Blizzard has said (citation needed) that they are not planning major class reworks across the board (I’m praying for you sub rogues), they are going to unprune a lot of class abilities. The obvious issue here, is that Demon Hunters have only existed for 2 expansions, and have little to unprune apart from the artifact weapon, and passive azurite traits. My suggestions therefore are aimed to accomplish 3 things:
Allow a more complex playstyle for havoc to increase the skill ceiling
Decrease the skill floor
Give me more buttons to mash
  1. Dark Slash: The current rotation for single target and aoe is the exact same, assuming a standard demonic build. Use Immolation Aura before a pull and on cooldown to generate fury, Eye Beam on cd, Blade Dance/Deathsweep on CD, Chaos Strike/Annihlation as filler, and Demon’s Bite to generate fury. THE EXACT SAME ROTATION is best for AOE, and ST. Dark Slash is currently a talent on the 106 row, which increases damage from Chaos Stikes by 40% for 8 seconds. Unfortunately, it is completely overshadowed by First Blood, which makes Blade Dance rotational for both Single Target and AOE. If First Blood is kept as a talent, but the primary damage of Blade Dance is slightly reduced, while leaving damage the same, and Dark Slash is implemented, all of the sudden we have a whole new dimension to Havoc Single target damage. This change if tuned correctly will allow for a more interesting Single Target rotation, and also widen the skill gap between bad players and masterful players. Due to Havoc being a short burst window oriented spec, using Demonic, and Dark Slash will create 2 different windows which do not inherently line up, allowing for far more interesting play.
  2. Immolation Aura: Immo Aura should be baseline. Currently it is part of the core rotation, and for a spec with so few active abilities to regularly use, this ought to become a standard Demon Hunter ability, with the Vengeance Specialization just giving it new interactions. There’s not much else to say about this, except of course this would require the jostling around of existing, or creation of new talents, just like Dark Slash.
  3. Felblade/Demonic Appetite: Felblade is an interesting talent that will probably never be picked as a talent. It has to compete with Demonic Appetite, which is just too damn good. Adding this baseline to Havoc, OR making Demonic Appetite Demon Hunter baseline (seeing as Vengeance sheers lesser soul shards already) will allow for another active ability—and this one has a proc! As a joke, I’m inclined to say Demon Hunters don’t have enough (see any) flashing lights without an addon, and this would be an ability not to increase throughput (if tuned correctly) but to add an interesting button to press in place of Demon’s Bite. It may be argued that Demon Hunters already have too much mobility, and another gap closer is not what people want to see in PvP, but I think if all classes have more abilities and utility this will not be a problem. In short Felblade is super fun, but it is overshadowed utterly by other talents on the row.
  4. Sigils: Making sigils baseline to all Demon Hunters, rather than just Vengeance is an idea that depends entirely on how extensive the unpruning is. I should say that Havoc certainly does not need any sigils, as they simply allow for more mob control or damage, but if every class gets a substantial amount of control and utility back, having one talent row where you can choose a single sigil as Havoc would be nice. Again, this is an idea that is entirely dependent on the balance from other classes, and how much each class is expected to have. I simply love sigils.
  5. Remove Rain from Above: This talent is fun but it is broken in PvP, there I said it.
  6. Nerf Blur: Blur is probably the best defensive in the game, insofar as how much it can be used and how effective it is. I would argue it should be at least a 1.5 minute CD. This is more so to make the passive leech reasonable.
  7. Eyes of Rage: Eyes of Rage should be cooked into Demonic Appetite. Most Demon Hunters play this trait, and it should be made either baseline if DA is, or at least a part of DA if it’s a talent.
  8. Furious Gaze: Currently the BiS azerite trait, ideally stacked 3x. This gives ludicrous amounts of haste during Demonic windows after Eyebeam. I would either bake this in or make it a talent choice. Also the sheer amount of haste as a % should probably be reduced. Currently, with Demonic’s Meta window, and 3 Furious Gaze traits, you probably have 100% haste. This is excessive, albeit incredibly fun.
  9. Flying: This is a longshot, but as a DH main I’m basically obligated to try. Demon Hunter flight form. I don’t have any legitimate reasons other than it would be ridiculously fun, if not a touch goofy.
I don’t pretend to be a super high level player, or a theorycrafter. Nor am I well versed in other classes’ intricacies. I do however think that many of the changes I suggest would make for a fuller spec, more fun playstyle, and a better reward for skill. I admit, the only change which really complicates the specs rotation is Dark Slash, whereas the others add more buttons to press, but I think this is a good step to creating meaningful interactions between abilities, because at the core that’s what this spec lacks. Our damage is very good, and the skill floor is too high. Hopefully these suggestions make sense, and could be balanced in a way to keep Demon Hunter broken, but only if actually played well. Again these are just my thoughts put together on a Monday afternoon.
tl;dr: Add Dark Slash, Immolation Aura and Felblade to make the rotation more complex and interesting. Allow use of a single sigil if balance permits. Bake in the key azurite traits. Also let me use my wings pls
submitted by Therealrobonthecob to wow

Proposed Rival Academies

In honor of THE big event finally getting here, I thought I'd make a list to cover one of my favorite aspects of this game: the rival school angle. Listed here are some proposed schools to be added to the game in future events. Some have been alluded to in game before but never made an appearance and some are just ones I thought were fun and made up. This extra-long partially to make up for the fact that that I haven’t made a character list in a while. Here's the companion to this list of all the schools already in game. Hope you enjoy!
Note: Being listed on here does not preclude a character from being added to a future list (If I ever get back to those)
Avengers Academy – West Coast
Comic Version: Avengers Academy
Comic Version’s Story: After the shutdown of Camp Hammond and the 50-States Initiative, Hank Pym decided to set up a school for some of the more at-risk kids that had been a part of that in hopes of guiding them away from dark futures. He later opened the school up to any young hero looking for further training towards becoming the next generation of Avengers.
Staff: Hank Pym, Tigra, Jocasta, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Justice, Speedball, and Hercules
Students: Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil, Finesse, Veil, Striker, Lightspeed, X-23, Power Man, White Tiger, Juston Seyfert, Fiona, Batwing, Butterball, Hollow, Hybrid, Loa, Machine Teen, Ricochet, Rocket Racer, Lyra, Spider-Girl, Thunderstrike, Turbo, and Wiz Kid
Proposed Game Version’s Story: Never one to be caught without a backup plan, Nick Fury has secretly been running a second Avengers Academy on the west coast in case the first one fails. But due to the threat of a common foe, the time has come for the two Academies to join forces.
Staff of Game Version:
  • Nick Fury – In Game, Returning Character Option?
  • Hank Pym – In Game, Returning Character Option?
  • Odin – In Game, Returning Character Option?
Students of Game Version:
  • Hazmat – Jennifer Takeda - (On previous List Here) a girl from San Francisco with radioactive powers that force her to wear a full body containment suit at all times. Not the happiest about her situation.
  • Mettle – Ken Mack – (On previous List Here) a good-natured Jewish-Hawaiian surfer whose skin has been replaced with durable, red iridium. Hazmat’s boyfriend.
  • Reptil – Humberto Lopez – (On previous List Here) a young man who worships superheroes like Captain America. Can turn into dinosaurs and other extinct animals due to a magical fossilized amulet his archeologist parents found.
  • Striker – Brandon Sharpe – (On previous List Here) a gay teenage movie star with electrical powers and a border-line unhealthy obsession with fame.
  • Finesse – Jeanne Foucault – a hyper smart young woman with the ability to mimic any physical action she sees, the same power as Taskmaster (who may or may not actually be her father but we don’t need to go into that in the game).
  • Veil – Maddy Berry – a girl capable of turning into any form of gas who joined in hopes of finding a cure for the fact that her powers are slowly killing her.
Braddock Academy
Comic Version: The Braddock Academy
Comic Version’s Story: The British version of the Avengers Academy, established by Captain Britain to help teach and train young superhumans in the UK, with focus on History, Politics, and Magic
Staff: Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Meggan, Spitfire, Elsa Bloodstone, and Union Jack (Joe Chapman)
Students: Anachronism, Apex, Box (Roger Bochs, Jr.), Cullen Bloodstone, Kid Briton, Kid Copper, Loch, Magic Boots Mel, and Nara
Proposed Game Version’s Story: Has been mentioned in the game but hasn’t been explored. Established by James Braddock, Brain Braddock’s father, with the help of Roma, daughter of Merlin, to train the UK’s superhumans into future heroes. This goes well until the villainous Baron Blood to take over. Now the students of both academies have to team up to save their school.
Staff of Game Version:
  • James Braddock, Sr – I was thinking more of a mentioned-but-not-seen Howard Stark style role.
  • Roma – Daughter of Merlin, boss of Otherworld, empowerer of the Captain Britain Corp. Might not run an intelligence organization but could probably give Nick Fury a run for his money when it comes to secrets and manipulation.
  • Baron Blood – Lord John Falsworth – (Hostile takeover) Uncle of Union Jack (Brian Falsworth) and Spitfire, a villainous vampire who fought Captain America during World War II.
Students of Game Version:
  • Captain Britain – Brian Braddock – In Game, Returning Character
  • Union Jack – Brian Falsworth – In Game, Returning Character
  • Elsa Bloodstone – In Game, Returning Character
  • Black Knight – Dane Whitman – In Game, Returning Character
  • Spitfire – Lady Jacqueline Falsworth – Superfast sister of Brian Falsworth and niece of Baron Blood. The comic version was turned into a vampire and fought with the Invaders in WWII, I’d probably skip over that for the game version.
  • Cullen Bloodstone – (On previous List Here) Elsa Bloodstone’s brother, has the same Monster-Hunter training and Bloodgem-granted strength and immortality as his sister but also has a parasitic demon bonded to his soul that cause him to sometimes turn into a giant monster. Has a crush on his best friend.
  • Anachronism – Aiden Gillespie – Cullen Bloodstone’s best friend. A Scottish video game enthusiast who was granted the body and powers of an immortal Celtic warrior.
  • Magic Boots Mel – Melanie Kapoor – (On previous List Here) a girl with magic soccer cleats that give her superhuman kicking abilities and invincibility while dribbling. She’s awesome.
  • Excalibur – Faiza Hussain – A medical student (she’s a doctor in the comics) with the power to disassemble people and object to their component parts and put them back together. She’s also the current wielder of the legendary sword Excalibur. She’s also awesome.
  • Dark Angel – Shevaun Haldane – Granted incredible powers by a costume made from “The Fabric of the Universe,” Dark Angel fights to stop the evil British corporation (secretly run by ancient Druids) Mys-Tech.
  • Shamrock – Molly Fitzgerald – A visiting Irish student who serves as a vessel for poltergeists that protect her in a way that resembles her having constant good luck. She’s also a very excellent hair stylist.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy
Comic Version: S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy
Comic Version’s Story: A series of training sites for future S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
Staff: N/A
Students: Silk, presumably many notable S.H.I.E.L.D. agents graduated from here.
Proposed Game Version’s Story: While some of them might also study at the Avengers Academy, this is where they come to learn how to be S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. With an attack by Zodiac on the horizon, it’s time for S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best and brightest to come to the Avengers assistance.
Staff of Game Version: Nick Fury, of course
Students of Game Version:
  • Phil Coulson – In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Agent 13 – Sharon Carter - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Maria Hill - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Quake – Daisy Johnson - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • War Machine – James “Rhodey” Rhodes - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Mockingbird – Bobbi Morse - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Newscaster Supreme - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Melinda May – (On previous List Here) a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent excelling in combat, a stoic, one woman army.
  • Jake Oh – (On previous List Here) the bisexual son of Korean immigrants, a talented, well-rounded agent with a habit of getting pulled into various super-hero shenanigans.
  • Victoria Hand – a no-nonsense agent with a background in accounting, which might not sound that impressive but can you imagine crazy handing accounting for S.H.I.E.L.D. must be? She’s also a lesbian which is cool.
  • Leo Fitz – a Scottish agent with a talent for technology. Inseparable partner to Jenna Simmons.
  • Jenna Simmons – a British agent and biochemist. Partner to Leo Fitz. (The comic version is also a cyborg. Maybe involve that?)
  • Derek Khanata - (On previous List Here) formerly a member of the Wakandan secret police force, the Hatut Zeraze, before deciding he’d rather be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • Slingshot - Yo-Yo Rodriguez – (On previous List Here) the daughter of the villain Griffin, Rodriguez uses her unique version of superspeed as a super-powered agent.
Winter Guard Institute (Formerly the Red Room)
Comic Version: Winter Guard and the Red Room
Comic Version’s Story: the Winter Guard (Formerly known as the Soviet Super-Soldiers) were a super hero team of heroes that fought for the good of Russian, sometimes against their own government. The Red Room was a secret Soviet program designed to train and brainwash perfect spies and assassins.
Staff Winter Guard Members: Ursa Major, Vanguard, Darkstar, various Crimson Dynamos, Fantasia, various Red Guardians, Steel Guardian, Vostok, Powersurge, Sibercat, Perun, and more.
Red Room Agents: Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Black Widow (Yelena Belova), Winter Soldier, Wasp (Nadia Pym/van Dyne), Orphan Maker, Ying, Wolf Spider, Ivan Petrovitch, Red Widow, Headmistress, Mother, Epsilon Red, Iron Maiden, and more
Proposed Game Version’s Story: The infamous Red Room program, which notably produced Avengers Academy’s own Black Widow, has been reformed. No longer training Black Ops agents, the Red Room is now the Winter Guard Institute, training Russia’s next generation of super heroes. But change doesn’t come easily and some of the Red Room’s old instructors have set out to take back control.
Staff of Game Version:
  • Headmistress – the former, well, Headmistress of the Red Room Academy joins forces with Mother to take back control of the Winter Guard Institute.
  • Mother – the cyborg former head of the Red Room’s science branch working with the Headmistress to take back control.
Students of Game Version:
  • Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff – In Game Already.
  • Crimson Dynamo – Galina Nemirovsky – In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Whiplash – Anton Vanko – In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Yelena Belova – (On previous List Here) – Fellow graduate of the Red Room, Yelena has something of a one-sided rivalry with Black Widow.
  • Red Guardian – the current Red Guardian (Nikolai Krylenko) is a mutant so probably Josef Petkus? – Russia’s very own equivalent of Captain America.
  • Wasp – Nadia Pym – the long-lost daughter of Hank Pym, trained as part of the Red Room’s science branch. A boundlessly positive super-genius with her own Pym Particle Wasp powers.
  • Starlight – Tania Belinskaya – a neurosurgery student with nuclear powers. Doesn’t always get along with her fellow Winter Guard members. Her footsteps glow in the dark.
  • Vostak – Anatoly – An android with technopathic abilities. Original called Sputnik after the first unmanned Russian satellite, but after his humanity started developing, he changed it to Vostak after the first manned Russian satellite.
  • Kraven the Hunter – Sergei Kravinoff – a skilled hunter obsessed with going after the most challenging game. He’s usually a Spider-Man enemy but I think he’d be an interesting addition to this proposed event.
  • Ursa Major – Mikhail Ursus – A tough but good-natured military type who can turn into a bear. (Probably to be excluded due to his being a mutant but I love him so I had to mention him)
Wakandan School for Alternative Studies
Comic Version: Wakandan School for Alternative Studies
Comic Version’s Story: A school set up by the then-Queen of Wakanda Shuri to teach Wakanda’s super-humans.
Staff: Black Panther (Shuri)
Students: Asha, Blocks, Bull
Proposed Game Version’s Story: As Wakanda’s influence expands, King T’Chaka decides to open Wakanda’s very own superhero school, accepting students from all over Wakanda. Of course, this invites its own trouble
Staff of Game Version:
  • T’Chaka – T’Challa and Shuri’s father and King of Wakanda
  • Ramonda – Queen of Wakanda.
  • Zuri – T’Chaka’s trusted right-hand
Students of Game Version:
  • Black Panther – T’Challa - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Shuri - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Okoye - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Nakia - Despite being a talented agent of the crown with a crush on the prince, Nakia is uninterested in being a princess, queen, Dora Milaje, or anything other than her own person.
  • Erik Killmonger – In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Aneka – (On previous List Here) a combat expert and member of the Dora Milaje, Aneka wears one of the two experimental Midnight Angel armors. Girlfriend of Ayo.
  • Ayo – (On previous List Here) Member of the Dora Milaje and wearer of the second Midnight Angel armor. Girlfriend of Aneka.
  • M’Baku – (Usually I pull more from comics canon for characters but I think the MCU’s handling of M’Baku, including not using the title Man-Ape, was generally way better) Representative of the Gorilla God worshiping Jabari tribe, which is frequently at odds with the Panther God worshiping Wakandan Royal family. M’Baku is an affable but fearsome warrior.
  • Asha – (On previous List Here) a young Wakandan woman with impressive light powers.
  • Vibraxas – N’Kano – (On previous List Here) a hot-tempered Wakandan teen who gained the power to control vibrations after an explosion bonded him with Vibranium.
  • Queen Divine Justice – Ce’Athauna Asira Davin – born to a member of the Jabari tribe, Asira was to become one of the Dora Milaje but due to a tribal dispute, Asira was whisked away to America where she grew up with no knowledge of her origin. She became an influential activist in Chicago, where she took the name Queen Divine Justice. She was invited to the school by Okoye who thinks she’ll make a fine addition to the Dora Milaje yet.
University of Atlantis
Comic Version: University of Atlantis
Comic Version’s Story: A school for training Atlantians with special powers. It was destroyed by Thanos, leaving only one student, Whalesong, alive.
Staff: Namora
Students: Whalesong and her Leviathan
Proposed Game Version’s Story: The Undersea Academy, the Lemurian rival to the University of Atlantis, frees the villain Tiger Shark from Avengers custody to help them attack Atlantis. The Avengers Academy and the University of Atlantis join forces in order to stop Attuma and Tiger Shark.
Staff of Game Version: N/A
Students of Game Version:
  • Namor the Sub-Mariner – the Prince of Atlantis, half-human, half-Atlantian, Namor is a powerful but brusque individual with a dislike of most surface-world inhabitants.
  • Triton - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Namorita – a clone of Namora (See Atlas Academy), genetically engineered to also include the DNA of various great Atlantian warriors. Younger than her fellow classmates.
  • Orka – A hulking but not very bright Atlantian who was genetically infused with the strength of a Killer Whale.
  • Tamara Rahn – (On previous List Here) the last survivor of an aquatic alien race that was trapped on Earth and was taken in by the Atlantians
  • Stingray – Walter Newell – a marine biologist who built a suit specifically for deep sea exploration, Newell stumbled upon Atlantis and, proving himself, was allowed to stay and study at the University of Atlantis. The guy just wants to study fish.
Atlas Academy
Comic Version: Atlas Foundation, the Atlas Academy of Martial Arts, and the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted
Comic Version’s Story: The Atlas Foundation was a secret Asia-based society dating back to the Mongol Empire until its modern day leader, the Golden Claw, was deposed by Secret Agent Jimmy Woo and his allies. Woo has since shut down the Foundation’s more criminal elements and turned it into an independent intelligence organization. The Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted is a Mumbai-based super-school run by Jimmy Woo that, as some suspect, may just be a recruitment and training center for future Agents of Atlas.
Agents of Atlas: Jimmy Woo, Gorilla-Man, Namora, Venus, Uranian, M-11 the Human Robot, Temujin, and 3-D Man
Pan-Asian School Staff: Jimmy Woo and Sanjar Javeed
Students: Gang, Pom Pom, and Shri
Proposed Game Version’s Story: The Atlas Foundation, an intelligence organization rival to S.H.I.E.L.D., has formed their own school but the students have started to suspect that their school’s faculty might not be trust worthy. Who do these rogue agents go to for help? The Avengers Academy of course.
Staff of Game Version:
  • Golden Claw – Plan Chu – The near-immortal leader of the Atlas Foundation and secretly a notorious criminal mastermind
  • Mr. Lao – a giant immortal dragon and advisor to whoever is leading the Atlas Foundation
Students of Game Version:
  • Jimmy Woo – a talented intelligence operative and Agent of Atlas, Woo is a little old-fashioned but makes for an excellent leader
  • Namora – Aquaria Neptunia – Namor’s cousin who, like him, is also half-human, though on her mom’s side. She’s Namor’s best friend but decided to study at the Atlas Academy instead of the University of Atlantis.
  • Gorilla-Man – Ken Hale - An adventurer who became cursed to inhabit the body of an immortal gorilla. Jimmy Woo’s best friend.
  • Uranian – Robert “Bob” Grayson – (On previous List Here) born Jewish in 1930s Germany, Bob’s inventor father was understandably concerned about the direction the world was headed so he built a rocket that took him and his infant son to Uranus. They were taken in by the planet’s alien society and Bob was taught all about their culture and technology, returning to Earth years later to use what he learned as a superhero.
  • Venus – (On previous List Here) a Siren of Greek Myth made to believe that she was Aphrodite herself, Venus uses her magical singing powers not to lure men to their death but to help stop violence where she encounters it.
  • M-11 the Human Robot – a powerful robot built in the 1950s and infused with some of the lifeforce of his deceased creator, giving him some level of free-will and human intelligence.
Alpha Flight Academy
Comic Version: Alpha Flight and Department H
Comic Version’s Story: Organized under the command of Canadian government branch Department H, the Alpha Flight program recruits and trains Canada’s surprisingly abundant superhuman population. The start out training in Gamma Flight before moving on to Beta Flight. If individuals prove themselves at the Beta Flight level, they are graduated to Canada’s premier superteam Alpha Flight.
Staff Alpha Flight Members: Guardian, Vindicator, Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman, Puck, Snowbird, Talisman, Marrina, Centennial, Earthmover, Major Mapleleaf, Thunder, Puck (Zuzha Yu), Windsheer, Wolverine, Wyre, Yukon Jack, and more
Students Beta Flight Members: Box (Roger Bochs), Manikin, Feedback, Flashback, Flex, Ghost Girl, Goblyn, Pathway, Manbot, Murmur, Purple Woman, and Radius
Gamma Flight Members: Diamond Lil, Smart Alec, Wild Child, Nemesis (Jane Thorne), Auric, Silver, and Madison Jeffries
Game Version’s Story: Run by the Canadian Government, the Alpha Flight Academy was established to help teach Canada’s next generation of superheroes. Unfortunately, the villain Master of the World has taken control of the school with help from the alien Plodex and trapped its students. It now time to free its students and fight back.
Staff of Game Version:
  • Master of the World – Eshu – An early nomadic hunter who was abducted and experimented on by the alien Plodex. He eventually took over the Plodex and returned to Earth to use his alien powers and knowledge to infiltrate and take over the Alpha Flight Academy.
Students of Game Version:
  • Guardian – James Hudson – (On previous List Here) after having built a supersuit designed to find and dig up oil deposits, Hudson was the first recruit into Alpha Flight, had a mapleleaf painted on the suit, and trained to use it in combat.
  • Vindicator – Heather McNeil – (On previous List Here) the leader of the team, using a suit derived from James Hudson’s Guardian suit. She’s also dating Hudson.
  • Shaman – Michael Twoyoungmen – (On previous List Here) Having rejected his family’s legacy as Sarcee mystics, Twoyoungmen instead set out to study to become a doctor. He later relented and learned magic from his grandfather, becoming a medic with a magical medicine bag.
  • Sasquatch – Walter Lankowaski – (On previous List Here) a super intelligent football jock studying nuclear physics mystically granted with the ability to turn into a giant arctic beast.
  • Snowbird – Narya – (On previous List Here) Daughter of the Inuit gods, Narya is a demigod with the ability to turn into any animal native to Northern Canada.
  • Puck – Eugene Judd – (On previous List Here) a huge, muscle-bound adventure cursed into a diminutive superstrong, super agile body.
  • Marrina Smallwood – (On previous List Here) a member of the same aquatic, Plodex race that the Master of the World has allied with, but Marrina had been lost on Earth as an egg, found by a couple living in Newfoundland and raised among humans, Marrina uses her impressive aquatic powers for the defense of humanity.
Timely’s Wild West Show
Comic/Real Life Version: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Comic/Real Life Version’s Story: A traveling Vaudeville/rodeo show created by William “Buffalo Bill” Cody with activities and shows meant to depict famous events of the Old West. Famously employed sharpshooter Annie Oakley and Lakota leader Sitting Bull. In the comics, Rawhide Kid also worked in the show for a while.
Staff: Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Rawhide Kid, many others
Students: N/A
Proposed Game Version’s Story: A traveling Wild West show created by Victor Timely in the 1870s, recruiting various talented young people of the Old West. When Victor Timely is revealed to actually be Kang the Conqueror, who had set up this show in order to assemble fighters he could eventually turn against the Avengers in modern day, the more heroic members of the show must join forces with the Avengers to stop Kang’s time traveling plot. This may not be the only group of this sort that Kang has set up throughout time…
Staff of Game Version:
  • Victor Timely (Secretly Kang the Conqueror) – Already in game as a villain but I really want to see Kang in a cowboy hat.
Students of Game Version:
  • Rawhide Kid – Johnny Bart – (On previous List Here) probably the fastest and most accurate gunfighter in the Old West, having been trained by his Texas Ranger uncle after his parent’s death. Rawhide Kid fought many outlaws and villains, making up for his short stature and young appearance with cunning, guile, and his exceptional skills with a revolver.
  • Two-Gun Kid – Matt Hawk – (On previous List Here) a Boston lawyer who moved to Texas in order to set up shop, Hawk ended up learning how to fight from an old gunslinger in town, creating the masked alterego of Two-Gun Kid in order to scare away the criminals that frequently threatened his new home.
  • Kid Colt – Blaine Colt – Blamed for a crime he was innocent of, the heroic but hot-headed Colt lived as an outlaw, constantly on the run from bounty hunters and law officers, helped by the many people he ended up saving along the way.
  • Apache Kid – Rosa Kare – (On previous List Here) Half-Apache, Half-Mexican, Rosa Kare is determined to protect those she feels unjustly persecuted. She may be somewhat less experienced than her peers but more than makes up for it in resolve.
  • Red Wolf – (On previous List Here) a young Cheyenne man who became the sheriff of a town named Timely (unrelated to Victor Timely) after helping root out a criminal conspiracy that had resulted in the death of the previous sheriff. He can also talk to wolves.
  • Living Totem - An alien resembling a living totem pole that ran around the Old West and fought many of the heroes at the time
Tiboldt’s Circus Arts School
Comic Version: Circus of Crime
Comic Version’s Story: A circus, led by the hypnotist Ringmaster, Maynard Tiboldt, who use their various skills to rob those who attend their shows. Most the recurring members are willing participants, but Tiboldt is not above using his hypnotism to bring in others as well.
Staff Leader: Ringmaster
Students Performers: Bruto the Strongman, Clown, the Great Gambonnos, Teena the Fat Lady, Blackwing, Princess Python, Swordsman, Human Cannonball, Live Wire, Rajah, Black Goliath, Moon Boy, and Devil Dinosaur
Game Version’s Story: A school for acrobats, clowns, stuntmen, and other young performers run by Maynard Tiboldt who is actually the villainous Ringmaster, assembling various misfits into a criminal army.
Staff of Game Version:
  • Ringmaster – Maynard Tiboldt – (On previous List Here) Head of the Circus of Crime who uses hypnotism to control those who won’t agree to work with him.
  • Swordsman – Jacques Duquesne – A skilled master of bladed weapons who trains the students of the school.
Students of Game Version:
  • Hawkeye – Clint Barton - In Game, Returning Character Option. Former member?
  • Trickshot – Barney Barton – (On previous List Here) Hawkeye’s brother and protégé of Swordsman.
  • Ghost Rider – Johnny Blaze – (On previous List Here) Stunt motorcycle rider and Spirit of Vengeance
  • Princess Python – Zelda DuBois – a snake-controlling dancer who is never separate from her beloved giant pet python.
  • Goliath – Bill Foster – former lab assistant to Hank Pym who accidently acquired the same ability to grow to great size.
  • Clown – Eliot Franklin – a clown and willing participant of the Ringmaster’s schemes
  • Great Gambonnos – Ernesto & Luigi Gambonno – a pair of Italian Acrobats.
Latverian School of Science
Comic Version: Latverian School of Science
Comic Version’s Story: Doctor Doom’s own super-human school, with focus on (mad) science and (master) planning.
Staff: Baron Blood, Doombots
Students: Demona, Pan, Morg, and Flynn
Proposed Game Version’s Story: (I haven’t done enough villainous schools) Formed by the great and powerful young VICTOR VON DOOM (aka Doctor Doom) in Eastern European nation of Latveria, the Latverian School’s goal is to gather powerful beings to be trained as an army in Doom’s conquest of the world. Only the Future Foundation, with help from the Avengers Academy, stands in his way.
Staff of Game Version:
Students of Game Version:
  • Morgan le Fay – Powerful sorceress from centuries long ago and former pupil of Merlin.
  • Living Vampire – Michael Morbius – (On previous List Here) a hematologist who accidently turned himself into a living vampire in an effort to cure a rare blood disease.
  • Frankenstein’s Monster – “Frank” – (On previous List Here) a living being created by an unholy mix of science, electricity, and parts of dead bodies, having outlived his creator, the monster now roams the world looking for his purpose.
  • Daimon Hellstrom – (On previous List Here) the son of a Hell-Lord claiming to be Satan himself and a human woman in Massachusetts, Daimon has spent his life using his Hell-granted powers to fight evil, and sometimes good. He’s also the brother to Satana who is in the game already.
  • Wizard – Bentley Wittman – a megalomaniacal super genius who built himself his own combat armor including powerful Anti-Gravity discs and may or may not have legally changed his name to “The Wizard” at some point. Thinks himself to be rival for Doom who, in turn, hardly think of the Wizard at all.
  • Lucia von Bardas – Keep your enemies close seems to an idea Doom adheres to as he allows his primary rival to the throne, the cyborg Lucia von Bardas, continue to attend his school.
Future Foundation
Comic Version: Future Foundation/Fantastic Four
Comic Version’s Story: A think tank created by Reed Richards in order to help guide the scientific community towards a more hopeful future.
Staff: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing, Doctor Doom, Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa, Spider-Man, Miss Thing, Nathaniel Richards, and Dragon Man
Students: Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, Alex Power, Bentley 23, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Onome, Tong, Turg, Mik, Korr, Vil, Wu, Adolf Impossible, Ahura, and Luna Maximoff
Proposed Game Version’s Story: After an experimental rocket launch gave the Fantastic Four super-powers, they set up a foundation designed to help them and likeminded individuals put their powers and science to good use.
Staff of Game Version: N/A
Students of Game Version:
  • Mister Fantastic – Reed Richards – Super genius with a malleable body that can stretch to great lengths and shapes.
  • Invisible Woman – Susan Storm – (On previous List Here) a scientist member of the Fantastic Four with the ability to turn invisible and create powerful force fields. Sister to Johnny Storm.
  • Thing – Ben Grimm – (On previous List Here) in the event that gave the Fantastic Four their powers, Grimm, a gruff Jewish New Yorker, pilot, and Reed Richard’s best friend, was turned into a large, super-strong rock form.
  • Human Torch – Johnny Storm – (On previous List Here) an impulsive mechanic who has the ability to control fire and fly. He’s Sue Storm’s brother.
  • Miss Thing – Darla Deerling – a pop musician with a pair of rings that create an exoskeleton resembling Ben Grimm’s rocky appearance. Came on boards because of Johnny Storm, stayed because she liked what they were doing.
  • Ant-Man – Scott Lang - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • She-Hulk – Jennifer Walters - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Medusa - In Game, Returning Character Option.
  • Moon Girl – Lunella Lafayette - In Game, Returning Character Option.
Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
Comic Version: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
Comic Version’s Story: (I guess, despite my usual exclusion of X-Men, if I’m going to make a list like this, I have to include the original Super-School) Established by powerful mutant telepath Charles Xavier to take in and train young mutants in order to protect them from a world that hates and fears them.
Staff: Charles Xavier, pretty much every one of the X-Men at some point.
Students: Any X-Man that joined under the age of 20, numerous other young mutants.
Proposed Game Version’s Story: After the existence of mutants are revealed to the world, Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, attacks the Avengers Academy having been lead to believe they are a threat to mutantkind. It’s up to the Avengers Academy and Magneto’s own students the Xavier’s School X-Men to team up and convince Magneto to stand down.
Staff of Game Version:
  • Professor X - Charles Xavier – Powerful telepath and leader of the X-Men
  • Magneto – Erik Lehnsherr – Co-headmaster of the Xavier’s School. Has powerful magnetic powers and a strong desire to protect young mutants at all costs.
Students of Game Version: I’m sure everyone has a different idea of who the first group of X-Men should be but here’s who I think would make the most sense as first additions:
  • Cyclops – Scott Summers – a reserved young man with uncontrollable force beams that shoot out from his eyes. He prevents disaster from his eyebeams though a combination of ruby quartz glasses and obsessive self-discipline.
  • Marvel Girl – Jean Grey – a young mutant telepath and telekinetic. She has potential for incredible power and doesn’t like being told what to do.
  • Iceman – Bobby Drake – the youngest of the class. A jokester with ice powers.
  • Storm – Ororo Munroe – a regal and dignified Kenyan girl with the ability to control the weather.
  • Wolverine – James “Logan” Howlett – (I considered making him a staff member but decided the idea of a teenage Wolverine was one of the most amusing things I could think of) a hot-headed Canadian mutant with claws, healing factor, and a distaste for authority.
I have a number of half-formed ideas for a future follow-up list (Thunderbolts, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Nextwave, A.R.M.O.R., Bagalia, etc). If I can flesh these ideas out a bit, I may make a sequel to this list. Thoughts? Questions? Anything I missed? Let me know! Thanks!
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