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Suspended falsely for "something" that can't be clarified, and resulting conversation with R* chat support

Keep in mind, their policy is if you ever get flagged for something WHETHER YOU DID IT OR NOT, it is their policy to not specify what you did. They have no power to overturn it. Their system is "flawless" nowadays when in reality if given the opportunity to prove it somehow I could/would but frankly I think the reality is they just don't care. Their official policy also states that bans cannot be appealed, let alone reversed by the widdle minions that run them, and that if you ever do get falsely accused you are going to be on your way to losing a month of the game as well as losing everything else you've ever worked for in the game as well.
Also because you're not able to file an appeal, and it won't even let you if you file this in the proper category which is the "false ban" category of the appeals form, you can't even start a chat conversation normally with them for that. So I decided to start a chat ticket under the category of "Social Club" (whatever that normally means). The following conversation is my real conversation with someone who works for Rockstar who is little better than a parrot in human form, and this is also made to outline the horrible business practices that Rockstar Games and TakeTwo interactive currently exhibit. Just be careful, and to be on the safe side, don't buy Shark cards anymore because they simply don't care. You might think it will yield a bit of protection as far as these things go but it doesn't matter at all. (Not that I was doing anything ban-worthy anyway by the dude's own mouth later in the conversation, after all!)
Beyond that, do play modded GTA going forward because at the very least then if you are guilty you can unban yourself every three days.
The customer service for this game these days is practically non-existent and if you do get suspended or banned for something, don't expect them to tell you what it is. In my case I think it's simply because there isn't anything at all. Nothing that would or should affect GTA 5 anyway. And no I wouldn't care if I hadn't just bought another Shark Card before being falsely accused because we all know how much modders love buying shark cards! /s
ME: Unjustly banned, no idea what the infractions were but I can assure you I am not a cheater. If my other reports weren't getting closed with me trying to get an investigation or something opened in the case as it pertains to me I wouldn't be trying to contact you this way. I assure you a mistake was made, I've played over 1600+ hours in this game and actively try to avoid modders and cheaters. Ask anyone on my friends list and they'll tell you I am known for shunning cheaters, I didn't even take advantage of the PS finale heist glitch when I could have easily done so. I am not a cheater, though, there was a mistake. Please look into this for me.
BOT: One moment while we connect you.
AARON: Hello, thank you for contacting Rockstar Support, my name is Aaron. I understand that you have been banned in the game, is that correct?
ME: Correct, and I wish it would tell me what infractions I supposedly violated, but barring that I am 100% certain that I didn't do anything at least in my knowledge that would get me banned. No mods, no hacks, I avoid them all like the plague and always have.
AARON: Alright, I'd like to let you know that GTA Online suspensions are triggered by a number of factors, including modding in GTA Online, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, manipulating protected game data and code, or interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.
ME: Right, none of which I have done. I'm not a predatory player in the game, either. I mean, I bought a shark card two weeks ago, if I was the kind of player who mods why would I do that? It's not the first one I've bought, either. I've bought I think two total since I started playing about 2 years and 1600+ hours previous to it. I've even been awarded the 1,350,000 loyalty bonus award randomly before. Now I am a cheater? I also think it's ridiculous I can't appeal in a simpler way so, sorry about that Aaron. But the fact remains I do not cheat, I never have. I have a lot of things that I grinded for yes but I am not a cheater I belong in a crew that has a zero-moddecheater policy, any one of them could back me up on this as they are pretty good about vetting cheaters out.
AARON: I understand, the funds that you've received is for a tax rebate promotional offer. Unfortunately, we at support do not have access to the exact reason why you've got banned in the game. If you have any files that will conflict the working of game files, server will consider this as a violation and will take disciplinary action against the account.
ME: I HAVE NO programs that are affecting GTA Online None I didn't do anything wrong, why am I being punished for this? I mean I understand you can't really do anything I need to talk to someone who can, though. Like this is absurd. If I knew what it had targeted me for in the first place I could potentially correct it if anything but I mean if it came up as a positive for MODDING software no way. I DO NOT MOD. I HATE MODDING AND MODDERS AND IT IS RUINING THE GAME. So from that standpoint I agree, I almost wonder if the rumors about a mod menu being able to tag someone in the same lobby are true. I had a bathtub attached to my head and a flag in that same lobby. I bet those players are still running around free, as well. I got out of that lobby as soon as I could, by the way, naturally, after warning everyone else in the lobby and they said "no shit sherlock" one of them was named [name redacted]
AARON: Alright, I'd like to let you know that you will not face any disciplinary action on your account due to another player.
ME: I am really just scratching my head though at what possibly it could be in my case It's not an external program, it wasn't for harassment, it wasn't for hate speech, it wasn't for anything I can deduce so my question then is what is it For me to lose everything on my account, and 30 days suspension, for something I didn't do, it's certainly not cheating in the most extreme example I can promise you that. Want me to mirror my hard drive right now and send it in for inspection? I don't know how else to prove it
AARON: I understand, all we know is that the ban is legit and cannot be revoked. If you have any feedback about the banning system, you can directly contact our developers about it. You can email them at [email protected].
ME: What did I DO? Can you please patch me through to another tier because this is ridiculous, what did I do? I didn't mod, I didn't do anything besides play the game and go AFK maybe one too many times beyond that I was just playing the game I don't even have single player mods
AARON: I'm sorry, we do not have access to such information. All we know that the ban is legitimate and cannot be revoked. I also do not have an option to transfer this conversation to another Tier.
ME: You have to be kidding me
AARON: I'm sorry if you feel that way.
ME: So
AARON: We do not communicate the reason for the ban to our players.
ME: yeah why on Earth would you do such a thing /s Jesus Christ I mean it's absurd 1600+ hours of playing the game that I have supported with my time and my MONEY and you can't even tell me why
AARON: I'm sorry if you feel that way, if you're not happy with the ban that you've received, you can directly write to our developers about it.
ME: oh really how would I do that I mean frankly this seems tantamount to fraud to me 1600+ hours and you can't even tell me what I did
AARON: I'm not saying that you should do it. However, if you are not satisfied with the banning system, you can let them know that you're not happy about it.
ME: I mean you can't even ballpark it Well, I am not satisfied with the banning system So tell me how I mean in a world in a game where you have people modding without abandon and all you can give me is a "fuck you" and a smile like honestly And to do it to someone like me especially like, I have gone out of my way to avoid modders and cheaters and this is how I get repaid I didn't break any rules knowingly and the fact you can't even disclose the rules broken to me is like almost I'm gonna write the news worthy sort of thing To warn others, don't think buying Shark Cards will protect you from the BS cause this is BS, 100% it's not right You can't even tell me what it was what a joke
AARON: I understand, you can let the developers know about it. Unfortunately, we do not communicate the reason for the ban to our players. The Shark Card funds are preserved in your account and you can access them once the ban expires.
ME: I'd like a refund of real money especially considering my entire character is going to be wiped, as a result of something I didn't even fucking do Or a solution, otherwise Or I am going to be very loud about this I'm sorry, we do not have an option to give you any refunds in this regard. I understand that you're frustrated and I apologize for the same. All GTA banning decisions are final and cannot be revoked.
ME: What are you actually a robot?
AARON: No, I'm a human being.
ME: Do you just have this pre-memorized lines you chirp out like a parrot? What do you really think Aaron? This isn't cool at all
AARON: All I'm trying to explain is that we cannot make any changes to a ban imposed on an account. You will have to wait till the ban expires.
ME: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my lfie
AARON: I'm really sorry to hear that.
ME: There's another pre-rehearsed line again! lol Tell me how I can appeal against this ridiculous ban or do you think I should contact my attorney or various other gaming publications first? With this transcript I didn't do anything, dude. Besides give you money for something I can't even use two weeks later Which sounds potentially illegal to me, but again, what do you know
AARON: I'm sorry to hear that as well. There is no way a cab can be revoked. You're free to do as you wish. However, there is not way we can make any changes to the ban that is imposed on your account.
ME: So much for being able to write the developers and all I guess you make it about as easy to use as the 1-800 number which also repeats rehearsed lines What an absolute joke. How do I solve this problem? I know you can't, tell me how I really can, if you can't, who can
ME: I understand that you're frustrated, however, there is nothing we can do about it and I apologize for the same. You will have to wait till the ban expires to play GTA Online on your account.
AARON: We do not communicate the reason for the ban.
ME: SO WHO CAN? NOBODY? WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! This is almost funny if it wasn't nauseating thinking about all the time I wasted and the money, about $230 or thereabouts altogether. I got off easy I guess. And they can't even tell me what I did LOL or who could
AARON: I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. No one out here would communicate the reason for the ban. The only contact that I can give you is the developers email address so that you can give your feedback about the ban.
ME: Please give me the developer's email address, I'll be sure to censor it out of the release I give to every press outlet I can think of Gotta warn those parents about buying shark cards, you never know when Rockstar might snatch it right back from you like the greedy monotone parrots they are And, again, I'd be willing to mirror my hard drive right now to send in for forensic proof as ridiculous an end as that seems to me to prove my innocence in a freaking video game Go after the people who are actually cheating idk the cruelest irony of all in this is I am actually innocent
ME: I've already given you the email address. However, I'll mention it again. You can write directly to our developers at [email protected]. We do not have an option to review your account after the ban has been imposed as it is done after performing a complete review of your account.
ME: Can I get an email address that will actually be responded to? I thought you were gonna give me something a bit more, I don't know, useful than that Then again I don't think I can come to expect a good explanation from any of the people in this company anymore You can't even tell people why they got banned! That's why when this happens you can't appeal it, you can't call the number (it's as repetitive as you have shown a tendency to be here) but I guess you CAN email the generic email address No I think I will take this to a forum I feel more likely to be heard Gotta highlight doze biz practices! Which are atrocious, by the way, Rockstar how far you've fallen. What a joke.
AARON: Alright, although I cannot guarantee a response from this email address, the development team reviews the feedback from the community. However, there is no way to revoke a ban or communicate the reason for the ban to your account.
ME: You don't have to keep repeating that much, I don't know what kind of God robot you have governing it but I think you should maybe highlight the potential for false positives before you go banning paying customers To think I may have even bought another Shark Card the day this freaking happened LOL smh
AARON: I'm sorry, there are no false positives on a ban imposed on an account. The ban is legitimate and cannot be overturned under any circumstances.
ME: "The ban is legitimate" and you can't tell me what it is AFK or switching sessions, that's all it could be Yeah, totally ban worthy really going after those cheaters
AARON: Alright, I've given you the factors that can cause a ban on your account and going inactive or switching the sessions is not one of them.
ME: Who could tell me by the way besides the person who wrote the horrible anti-cheat technology? THEN WHY AM I BEING BANNED I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING besides switching sessions or going inactive Getting a solo lobby to avoid modders? Is that what it is My internet has also never 100% played well with GTA either beyond that I am innocent of everything and if it shows I was using mods or anything like that I feel like that should be easier to prove there must be a way to appeal these sorts of things the fact that there isn't especially with such permanent consequences that to me is almost lawsuit worthy especially because I am 100% positive I know for a fact I did not cheat or do anything besides the aforementiond that could have gotten me banned. Not a single thing. Tell me how I can prove it and I will
AARON: Unfortunately, we do not communicate the reason for ban to our players. Forcing a solo session is not considered as a violation. All GTA banning decisions are final and cannot be appealed in any manner. Once the ban expires, you can perform a clean installation of the game so that all the programs that are conflicting with the game files will be removed from your PC. You can check the article link given below to have more information on how to do it. https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001039047
ME: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG THEN oh my god the only thing that could be affecting it would be my anti-virus or a torrent program or something but it's not that someone put a fucking bathtub on my head in a session not two days prior to me getting banned and probably tagged me with something to make you think I was cheating too I have never had a single player mod let alone a multiplayer mod on this game I am being punished injustly Ever Never have I ever cheated and I think I even reported someone who dropped money on me once before or almost did it got taken automatically from me tho when the bunkers came out and I thought it solved itself but this happened to a lot of people I certainly wasn't banned for something I didn't do
AARON: Alright, antivirus can interact with the game files but there is no way you will be banned for that. I understand that you've encountered a modder in the game. However, there is no option for them to tag you to make you look like you're cheating. The ban has been imposed after a careful review of your account and it is completely legitimate. You will be able to play GTA Online once the ban expires.
AARON: We can only give you the factors that can cause a ban. We don't communicate the reason for it.
ME: For your information this entire thing will be copy pasted and I'm going to simply add names where applicable to make it easier to read, I fully intend to let every major gaming publication in the country at least about these practices just to forewarn people not to ever buy a shark card from you lot again. I didn't do anything outside program wise to affect the game. Not a single thing. But you can't tell me That's such fucking bullshit, dude If you get a speeding ticket or if you get arrested in real life the first thing they do is TELL YOU WHAT YOU DID TO GET ARRESTED But even if you could tell me the fact remains I know in my heart I didn't use a cheat or a mod and I will invite people to look at my machine if need to be to exonerate myself in the public eye but the fact remains that you are punishing me for something I didn't do and your policy is to not even tell people what they did, just what they're going to get for it. That's outrageous. The best selling game in history ladies and gentlemen! Transcript is going out basically as soon as we conclude here which will be very soon I suspect.
AARON: I understand and you're free to do as you wish. However, this does not work like a speeding ticket. The ban has already been processed and we do not have an option to review it now as it has been imposed after completely reviewing it.
ME: Taking all my properties, my guns, my vehicles, my money, everything away for something you can't even tell me about. GTA Online ladies and gents. It doesn't work like any other reasonable crime and punishment situation by any estimation from what I can understand But I get it, you're a greedy fuckhole corporation that's gotten worse and worse, the only saving grace is you make good games. Horrible customer service though. Can't appeal, won't get an explanation, and your technology is so shitty you didn't even get the right guy apparently. LOL
AARON: I understand and this is as per our policies. Violating the terms and conditions that is set for the game is great offence and disciplinary actions will be taken against the whoever does so. In-order to prevent such instances in the future, I suggest that you perform a clean installation of the game before the ban expires.
ME: Well, I understand your policies and I fully intend to let as many people as possible know about them in the meantime.
AARON:I understand and you're free to do as you wish.
ME: Cause I didn't do anything besides what I had said above to get banned. I didn't mod my game I don't need a clean install unless you're wrong and that people can fucking dirty your install up somehow I didn't do it myself, if that's what you're suggesting But you can't even tell me what it is LOL
AARON: Alright, may I know if anyone else has access to your PC or the game?
ME: Nobody else has access to my PC or the game Now I bought a bundle that included Bully, San Andreas, Vice City, GTA3 and a host of other R* titles and I had to get some external .dlls and things like that to make them run on Windows 10 but I don't see how that would affect GTA5/Online I've never installed anything, AT ALL, to go alongside my copy of GTA5 tho Nothing that would come up in a malware scanner or anything either All my copies of games are legit.
AARON: Alright, as the ban has already been imposed, you will have to wait till the ban expires. Using a .dll file with the game is also considered as an exploit by the way.
ME: IT WASN'T WITH GTA5 It was something I had to download for other games, legacy games, to get them to run on Windows 10 I've never modded GTA5 AT ALL
AARON: Alright, this program might have interacted with your game files. [IT MAY VERY WELL BE THIS, BUT I DID NOT MOD MY COPY OF GTA5]
ME: although I wanted to in single player I never did well if I knew that I wouldn't have done it, I 100%'ed GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas earlier this year I was taking a break from GTA5 at the time I bought those games on Windows 10, found out they'd not start properly and in some cases were missing .DLLs those games are nightmare to get running on newer OSes apparently but for the life of me I can't see how it would affect my copy of GTA 5 and in fact I don't even think I had reinstalled GTA 5 on this machine yet when this all had happened as I've taken a few long breaks from GTA Online but always came back I earned everything I got in the game with time and with some skill and then I met all these other people too who were of the same mind as me, we didn't even want to glitch on the PS Finale when everyone was doing that back in the day we were one of thee only crews who kept doing the entire heist each and every time cause I WANTED TO AVOID SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I really do wish I could mirror my hard drive or something and let you see for yourself I didn't do anything to give me an advantage I didn't do anything to manipulate the game externally at all
AARON: I understand and I apologize, unfortunately, as per policies, we do not communicate the reason for the ban to our players. We also do not have an option to review your PC from our end as the ban has already been processed.
ME: I am telling you though, I didn't do anything to affect the game The only thing I can remember actually is I verified the integrity of game files within Steam the day before it happened But that's basically exactly what you are telling me to do when I get unbanned from an unjustified ban in the next 4 weeks
AARON: Verifying the game files will not cause a ban on your account.
ME: I KNOW I wasn't banned justly, I have no way to prove it, and I'm fucking mad now, so yeah I think this is something one way or another people need to know about No way my fixes for legacy games that I also bought legitimately are affecting fucking GTA5 I DO NOT CHEAT all you need to do is look at my account over the course of it's entire life I make money steadily, the normal grindy way, I don't make billions of dollars in an hour from drops. I don't seek modders or drops. I don't do anything like that but I am getting punished for it anyway It's a mistake. 100%. But what's the most shocking thing of all is this tight-lipped policy you have towards people, that on top of giving them no recourse, no way to prove a false-positive, nothing. You won't even tell them what the fuck it was
AARON: Alright, we do not have an option to manually review your account after the ban has been processed. The ban is 100% legitimate and there is no way we can revoke the ban on your account. You will have to wait till the ban expires.
ME: You can't even tell me what set it off or anything, but the fact remains that I wasn't cheating so I don't even know what to look for, probably because it doesn't fucking exist to begin with. But whatever, I've said all I can say to you, I do forewarn you though this entire thing has been copy/pasted and I am going to start a conversation about it and maybe even get some independent investigation done as well if possible. I have never been falsely accused by a videogame company before, so it's all new ground! I think the policy of not naming the reason though, with no ability to appeal and really limited ways to even get in contact to begin with are horrible on your part, customer service wise. I really never expected such a thing from a company like you, but again, how far you've fallen. SMH You can go now, though. Most pointless conversation I've ever had but I think it's going to at least be revealing to everyone who reads it going forward. The TL;DR version -- don't buy Shark Cards anymore what a joke
AARON: I'm sorry if you feel that way, we are not falsely accusing you as well. We take the violations very seriously and we cannot revoke an action that is done on an account.
ME: You're falsely accusing me. I get it, something triggered a false positive, but it's false accusation.
AARON: I'm sorry if you feel that way. As of now, there are no issues with our systems to falsely ban an account. ME: I invite anyone reading this going forward with credentials to examine my hard drive for any and all proof that would exonerate me in this case but you lot can't even tell an individual what they were gotten for! LOL There's clearly an issue, mate. It got me falsely, so
AARON: I'm sorry, there are no issues with our systems and the ban is 100% legitimate. You will have to wait for 29 days more so that you can access GTA Online.
ME: I know that doesn't mean anything to you, but I've spent a long enough time talking to the wall and it's getting me nowhere. Clearly. There's an issue with your system, I do not use mods or hacks on my game. But I got found for one anyway. Welp, I guess you leave me no choice. Take care, oh and this like I said will be copy/pasted for conversation with others. It's a false positive, if I knew how to prove it I would. A week after buying a shark card. Cause we all know how often modders buy those. What a joke. Oh lastly I'd say the inability to identify a root cause IS an issue and I think your service is legitimately trash but beyond that those are just my closing words.
AARON: Sure, you are free to do anything you wish. However, there is no way we will revoke your ban as it is completely legitimate. We have already identified the cause of the ban. It's just that we do not communicate the reason for the ban on your account.
ME: How many times have you said that this entire conversation? nah nevermind don't answer that. this is horrible business practice
submitted by Solaraen to gtaonline

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