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Key liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti

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Steal Your Competitor's Customers On Autopilot Using High-Converting Product Comparison Pages

Are you tired of your competitors hogging all the attention, even though you know you have a superior product?
Are you losing customers because your competitors are slashing prices and you can’t afford to do that?
Do you wish you had an ethical way to steal your competitor’s customers without burning a hole in your marketing budget?
This article is your solution as I’ll show you how you can set up a system that will run on autopilot and will move ready-to-buy customers away from your competitors… to you, without you needing to maintain a constant oversight.
Buyers have a habit of comparing products before they finalize one and your goal should be to simplify their research process by presenting an honest and comprehensive comparison between you and your competitor’s product.
This is the idea behind competitor comparison landing pages that highlight the differences between two or more competing products in the market.

Who Can Take Advantage of Competitor Comparison Landing Pages?

The comparison pages are more prevalent in the SaaS industry because it is simpler to objectively compare SaaS products based on a set of tangible features. However, they can also be used in other industries and sectors, like:
  • telecommunication: a mobile network carrier comparing their monthly/yearly plans against their competitors
  • healthcare: medical device manufacturers can compare their products
  • renewable energy: solar panel manufacturers can compare their products
  • insurance providers: can compare different kind of insurance schemes available in the market, etc
  • electronics (computers & gaming): can compare different laptop models and even gaming consoles.

3 Reasons Why You Should Create Competitor Comparison Pages

#1 – Filters out bad customers: customers who choose you over your competitors have their priorities aligned with your USP.
#2 – High conversion rates: because these pages target customers who are at the bottom of the funnel and ready to buy a solution.
#3 – Long-term SEO value: as your product becomes popular, more people will look for a comparison between you and your competitors and thus, a comparison page optimized with the right keywords can easily rank on top for important queries like [you product] vs [competitor’s product].

How to make competitor comparison pages more effective?

#1 – Create multiple comparison pages
Creating one landing page per competitor gives you more SEO opportunities. Toast POS is a good example, they created a comparison page for every competitor and collated all of them in a hub of comparison pages.
#2 – Incorporate trust-building elements
Trust-building elements can be in the form of customer testimonials, case studies, awards, customer logos, security seals or any other element that establishes social trust. Two strategies that you can use here -
  • Take inspiration from Basecamp and instead of blowing your own trumpet, let your customers speak for you by creating a landing page similar to Basecamp’s before and after page.
  • Use targeted testimonials from customers who switched to your product from that specific competitor, like Toast POS does on its comparison page with Square.
#3 – Don’t promote competitors unwittingly
Navigate this double-edged sword carefully. To avoid promoting your competitor, keep the following pointers in mind:
  • Don’t use your competitor’s logo, instead just use their name.
  • If a brand name is trademarked, use ® symbol and avoid getting sued.
  • Specify the date of comparison so the reader knows how up-to-date or outdated the comparison is. It saves you from being called a liar.
  • Eliminate your own bias by providing proof. Link to third-party websites like G2, Capterra, etc that support your claim. Sendinblue does this well on their comparison page against Mailchimp.
#4 – Use comparison tables
Comparison tables are the simplest visual tool to present the most comprehensive comparison. However, if your product lack features, the comparison table may end up helping your competitors instead. You can model your comparison table on any of the following approaches:
  • Short & concise table like Toast POS: Toast uses a standard comparison table with 5 key pointers. But the pointers change with every competitor based on their strengths and weaknesses. Example - Toast vs TouchBistro and Toast vs Revel Systems
  • Multiple contextual tables like Hubspot: Hubspot categorize features based on user lifecycle stages and presents multiple comparison tables, easing the cognitive burden on the reader. Example - Hubspot vs Marketo comparison page
  • Price comparison table like Sendinblue: If you have an advantage on pricing, highlight it using a price comparison table, as Sendinblue does on the Sendinblue vs Mailchimp page.
#5 – Address the 4 forces of product switch
According to The ReWired Group, there are 4 forces that affect customer’s decision making when they are switching to a new product. Your goal is to align all the 4 forces in your favor.
Look at this diagram
As the diagram shows, two forces are aiding users to make the switch and two are pulling them back. Let’s see how to address them all…
Force 1 – Problem(s) with the current product
To strengthen this force, highlight the problems of your competitor’s product. This can be tricky because bad-mouthing your competitor reflects badly on you too. So instead, use PAS copywriting formula as Campaign Monitor does in the section “Mailchimp’s 2019 Updates to Their Terms of Use” on Mailchimp vs Campaign Monitor page. Alternatively, you can also use the screenshot of a review from a third-party review website like G2, TrustRadius, etc. Example of a review screenshot.
Force 2 – Attraction of the new product
To strengthen this force, you’ll need to effectively emphasize the USP of your product. This is partially covered by PAS copywriting formula, if you decide to use that. Alternatively, you can use the approach taken by Formstack on their Formstack vs SurveyMonkey page.
Formstack knew that competing with SurveyMonkey on its core feature of building surveys would not be a winning strategy. So instead, they targeted customers looking to create more than one type of form and the ones who needed additional features around survey builder, which is what Formstack excelled at. So instead of targeting everybody, Formstack presented the situation in which their product will work much better than their competitors.
Force 3 – Anxiety and uncertainty of change
To overcome this force, you’ll need to assure people that transition will be quick, effortless and free. The simplest way to achieve this is by directly integrating a migration feature in your product so it’s quick and easy for users to import their data. Just like Notion.io has an impressive Evernote importer.
Force 4 – Existing habits and allegiances
To overcome this force, you’ll need to overcome the force of inertia and the user’s desire to remain in the status quo. You can use a logical fallacy like Appeal to Vanity to achieve this outcome. It appeals to a person’s vanity, pride or self-esteem, in order to get the person to buy something or do something or give up something.
Apple used this strategy to encourage people to buy Mac over a PC by depicting PC users as uncool compared to Mac users.
L’Oreal has its slogan based on this fallacy – “Because you’re worth it.”

How to steal your competitor’s customers on autopilot?

This is the final part. Once you’re done optimizing your comparison pages, SEO will take its own sweet time to kick in but you don’t need to wait.
You can bring your comparison pages directly in front of potential customers by running a Google Adwords campaign to target your competitors’ brand keywords in Google Search Ads. Keywords like:
  • [competitor product name]
  • [competitor product] reviews
  • [competitor product] alternatives
  • [your product] vs [competitor product]
  • similar to [competitor product]
Every time someone searches for one of the above keywords, your ad will show up right at the top, even before your competitor’s organic listing. Exactly what you need.
After initial testing and optimization, you can leave your campaign on autopilot with a fixed weekly/monthly budget and it will continue to bring ready-to-buy customers to you.
Examples of businesses targeting their competitors’ brand keywords:
Note 1 - This is the trimmed version of my original 3500-word article that contains more images and examples. Read the original version here »
Note 2 - You can also download a bonus ebook containing 79 examples of competitor comparison pages on the original post.
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I just inherited a haunted house. Today, I started asking questions about why I inherited a haunted house, which I really should have done from Day One.

Fuck that haunted hallway right in its door-twirling eyes.
The corridor between the Blue Room and the stairs leading anywhere but the Blue Room was an ever-changing shitfest.
This iteration, however, brought things to a new level of horribleness.
I took three steps before realizing that Sarah was no longer by my side. Vertigo rushed through my head as I turned and saw that I had traversed halfway across the hall while she was still at the door.
Time and space had dilated.
Or, more accurately, I guessed that the House had manipulated my understanding of time and space. Either way, I lived in the reality that my brain accepted, which meant that the only truly real thing was the world as I felt it.
I turned and moved backwards in three impossibly fast steps. Sarah seemed to be caught in slow motion.
I checked my watch with one arm and held her soft hand with the other as she drifted slowly, silently forward. “Plot twist: I’m also really good at physics and math. It took us 51 seconds to move four feet. If this hallway is, say, 150 feet, that will take us 1,913 seconds, or 31 minutes and 53 seconds to get to the stairway.” I smiled. “I, um, might have agreed to studying just so we could hang out. I’ve got the second-highest grade in our physics class.”
The slow-motion effects prevented her from responding. So we drifted forward in silence.
I’m sure the House had intended to make it an unpleasant experience, which proves that even haunted structures can be clueless when it comes to understanding hormonal teenagers.
We set foot on the stairs, and time became normal once again.
If she wasn’t going to let go of my hand on the way down, then I wasn’t letting go, either.
Sarah finally slipped her fingers away from me as we bounded into the first-floor hallway, leaning to sprint for the front door.
She shook the knob, pounded on the wood, tried to punch through the glass, and finally screamed.
“Just open the fucking door and let me out!” she sniffled. “Please.
My instincts weren’t exactly perfect, but they told me two things in that moment: 1) Sarah needed a hug, and 2) she didn’t want to be touched.
So when she covered her face with her hands, leaned against the wall, and slid to the floor, I sat next to her.
We waited in silence for a few moments.
“So,” I prodded carefully, “you said all those things back in the Blue Room because Rule Nine says that lying will draw attention to the liar and ostensibly away from me while I was trapped. Did I understand that correctly? Because it seemed that the biggest lies diverted the most focus from me to you. You said that I wasn’t cute in a scraggly way, which really meant-”
Sarah pressed her hand against my mouth, cold fingers pinching my lips shut, as she buried her face in her knees.
Okay, she didn’t want me to bring that up.
What was the perfect thing I could say in this situation that would make her feel validated and safe? With so many wrong things, what one magical combination of words would be exactly right?
After much contemplation, I kept my damn fool mouth shut.
I gently rested my head on her shoulder and delicately took her hand in my own without forcing it from my mouth.
She squeezed her fingers tightly around mine, then pulled our hands to the floor by her feet.
It was an incredibly uncomfortable position. I couldn’t press too hard on her shoulder without tipping both of us over, which meant that I was balancing my center of gravity just at the edge of my support base. It didn’t take a second-in-the-class physics student to know that such a position was unstable, and demanded a lot of effort to maintain.
I didn’t move.
Long after my hand and asscheek had fallen asleep, Sarah let go of me and stood up. “I still have this list of rules in my pocket, and there are four more to read.”
I awkwardly got to my feet. “Um, are we going to talk about-”
“The list of rules? Yes, I just explained that,” she responded, looking me coolly in the eye.
I was very confused. “Oh. Right.”
My heart sank a little.
Then she glanced surreptitiously at my waist, bit her lower lip, looked me in the eye, and gave half a grin.
I don’t understand why, but my dick and balls got all tingly, like they knew something I didn’t. I felt pretty good for some reason, and decided to just go with things. “Right. Maybe you should read the rules aloud to get the exact wording, because I’m actually pretty sure I read them a while b-”
She slapped her hand on my mouth again. “Rule Nine, Ray.”
She used a pet name. I liked that. I was tempted to keep talking, because I really enjoyed the inexplicable tingle that came when it kind of felt like she was disciplining me.
I snapped back to look at her.
“What the hell? You’ve been staring into space for, like, thirty seconds while I tried to get you to focus on these rules.”
“Um. I was trying to figure out-”
“Rule Nine, Raymond.”
“Never mind.”
She gave me another look like she was going to discipline me as she was pulling out the rules. I wondered if the tradeoff of being stuck in the House with her long term would be worth the benefit, and decided that the jury was still out, because one of us still might very well end up dead or Eagaled, which would suck.
“Where’d we leave off?” She asked calmly.
“Um, I think we covered nine of the twelve rules.”
“There are nineteen, Raymond, and we’ve been over fifteen of them.”
She sighed.
16 – Hill Street House is particularly reactionary to living residents with poignant and unresolved mortality issues, as the ramparts are easily breached here.
17 – The House can neither create nor destroy. Many entities were present before all living residents, and those tend to remain after such transient visitors depart. Any novel presences must have been brought in by residents themselves.
18 – While each broken rule carries its own consequence, repeated violations will eventually strain the ramparts past a breaking point. If a Breach occurs, an Old One will have access to Consume anything inside the House. This hunt will continue until a Key is found. If no Key is discovered inside the House, it is suspected that an Old One will be able to go Outside with no known inhibitions or restraints.
19 – Raymond Salach is the next Key.
“I really, really wish the last rule had more detail,” I offered as she finished.
Sarah folded the page tightly. “You’ve had this list the whole time” Sarah whispered.
“You sound angry,” I responded in surprise.
She gave me another look that made think of discipline again, which made my brain go all foggy.
“Um,” I mumbled while scratching the back of my head, “well, we learned something, at least. I mean, I had already heard that I was the “Key,” whatever that means.
Her jaw dropped. “How much do you know that you’re not telling me, Raymond?” She balled her fists in frustration. “Who the hell told you that you’re the Key?”
“I did,” came a voice from behind her. It sounded like a frog that had been inflated with enough helium to explode it foulness right into our ears.
Sarah turned and jumped back, reaching to me for safety and comfort as I was reaching to her for safety and comfort.
The woman had somehow gotten uglier since I’d last seen her in the hallway. I swear that her skin was melting off her face. Can skin melt? If so, that’s what I was seeing. It was gross.
“Okay, round two,” I said, reaching for the butcher knife that I discovered in that moment must have been sucked into the void of the Blue Room.
My balls froze as she raised a double-barrel, Elmer Fudd-style shotgun to our faces.
“Nuts,” I finished.
“We’re going upstairs for a little talk,” she wheezed.
“Not a chance,” I shot back. “We’re never going back into the Blue Room,”
“Not there, you idiot. I’ve got everything set up in the second-floor study.”
“I have a study?” I asked in shock.
“The bigger surprise is that the attic squatter has been here long enough to know your own house better than you do,” Sarah whispered.
“Huh,” I said.
“So the two of you will march on upstairs, and you can either tie her up or just let me shoot her, because I can’t have this one ruining our chat,” the woman hissed.
Though I knew it wasn’t a good time to be thinking about it, my ears pricked at the thought of me and Sarah tying each other up.
“HEY!” the creepy lady yelled. “What is wrong with him? What’s so interesting that makes him space out in the middle of conversations?”
I looked down narrowly at the woman. “There’s no reason to shoot anyone, so stop being such a fucking bitch. Why are you so interested in chatting with me?”
She smiled, revealing several blackened teeth, but did not lower the shotgun. “Because, you foul-mouthed boy, I’m your Great Aunt Mary.”
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