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Blowing the lid off the CryptoNote/Bytecoin scam (with the exception of Monero) - Reformatted for Reddit

Original post by rethink-your-strategy on Bitcointalk.org here
This post has been reformatted to share on Reddit. What once was common knowledge, is now gone. You want a quality history lesson? Share this like wildfire.
August 15, 2014, 08:15:37 AM


I'd like to start off by stating categorically that the cryptography presented by CryptoNote is completely, entirely solid. It has been vetted and looked over by fucking clever cryptographers/developers/wizards such as gmaxwell. Monero have had a group of independent mathematicians and cryptographers peer-reviewing the whitepaper (their annotations are here, and one of their reviews is here), and this same group of mathematicians and cryptographers is now reviewing the implementation of the cryptography in the Monero codebase. Many well known Bitcoin developers have already had a cursory look through the code to establish its validity. It is safe to say that, barring more exotic attacks that have to be mitigated over time as they are invented/discovered, and barring a CryptoNote implementation making rash decisions to implement something that reduces the anonymity set, the CryptoNote currencies are all cryptographically unlinkable and untraceable.
Two other things I should mention. I curse a lot when I'm angry (and scams like this make me angry). Second, where used my short date format is day/month/year (smallest to biggest).
If you find this information useful, a little donation would go a long way. Bitcoin address is 1rysLufu4qdVBRDyrf8ZjXy1nM19smTWd.

The Alleged CryptoNote/Bytecoin Story

CryptoNote is a new cryptocurrency protocol. It builds on some of the Bitcoin founding principles, but it adds to them. There are aspects of it that are truly well thought through and, in a sense, quite revolutionary. CryptoNote claim to have started working on their project years ago after Bitcoin's release, and I do not doubt the validity of this claim...clearly there's a lot of work and effort that went into this. The story as Bytecoin and CryptoNote claim it to be is as follows:
They developed the code for the principles expressed in their whitepaper, and in April, 2012, they released Bytecoin. All of the copyright messages in Bytecoin's code are "copyright the CryptoNote Developers", so clearly they are one and the same as the Bytecoin developers. In December 2012, they released their CryptoNote v1 whitepaper. In September 2013, they released their CryptoNote v2 whitepaper. In November 2013, the first piece of the Bytecoin code was first pushed to Github by "amjuarez", with a "Copyright (c) 2013 amjuarez" copyright notice. This was changed to "Copyright (c) 2013 Antonio Juarez" on March 3rd, 2014. By this juncture only the crypto libraries had been pushed up to github. Then, on March 4th, 2014, "amjuarez" pushed the rest of the code up to github, with the README strangely referring to "cybernote", even though the code referred to "Cryptonote". The copyrights all pointed to "the Cryptonote developers", and the "Antonio Juarez" copyright and license file was removed. Within a few days, "DStrange" stumbled across the bytecoin.org website when trying to mine on the bte.minefor.co.in pool (a pool for the-other-Bytecoin, BTE, not the-new-Bytecoin, BCN), and the rest is history as we know it. By this time Bytecoin had had a little over 80% of its total emission mined.

Immediate Red Flags

The first thing that is a red flag in all of this is that nobody, and I mean no-fucking-body, is a known entity. "Antonio Juarez" is not a known entity, "DStrange" is not a known entity, none of the made up names on the Bytecoin website exist (they've since removed their "team" page, see below), none of the made up names on the CryptoNote website exist (Johannes Meier, Maurice Planck, Max Jameson, Brandon Hawking, Catherine Erwin, Albert Werner, Marec Plíškov). If they're pseudonyms, then say so. If they're real names, then who the fuck are they??? Cryptographers, mathematicians, and computer scientists are well known - they have published papers or at least have commented on articles of interest. Many of them have their own github repos and Twitter feeds, and are a presence in the cryptocurrency community.
The other immediate red flag is that nobody, and I mean no-fucking-body, had heard of Bytecoin. Those that had heard of it thought it was the crummy SHA-256 Bitcoin clone that was a flop in the market. Bytecoin's claim that it had existed "on the deep web" for 2 years was not well received, because not a single vendor, user, miner, drug addict, drug seller, porn broker, fake ID card manufacturer, student who bought a fake ID card to get into bars, libertarian, libertard, cryptographer, Tor developer, Freenet developer, i2p developer, pedophile, or anyone else that is a known person - even just known on the Internet - had ever encountered "Bytecoin" on Tor. Ever. Nobody.

Indisputable Facts

Before I start with some conjecture and educated guesswork, I'd like to focus on an indisputable fact that obliterates any trust in both Bytecoin's and CryptoNote's bullshit story. Note, again, that I do not doubt the efficacy of the mathematics and cryptography behind CryptoNote, nor do I think there are backdoors in the code. What I do know for a fact is that the people behind CryptoNote and Bytecoin have actively deceived the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, and that makes them untrustworthy now and in the future. If you believe in the fundamentals in CryptoNote, then you need simply use a CryptoNote-derived cryptocurrency that is demonstrably independent of CryptoNote and Bytecoin's influence. Don't worry, I go into this a little later.
So as discussed, there were these two whitepapers that I linked to earlier. Just in case they try remove them, here is the v1 whitepaper and the v2 whitepaper mirrored on Archive.org. This v1/v2 whitepaper thing has been discussed at length on the Bytecoin forum thread, and the PGP signature on the files has been confirmed as being valid. When you open the respective PDFs you'll notice the valid signatures in them:
signature in the v1 whitepaper
signature in the v2 whitepaper
These are valid Adobe signatures, signed on 15/12/2012 and 17/10/2013 respectively. Here's where it gets interesting. When we inspect this file in Adobe Acrobat we get a little more information on the signature
Notice the bit that says "Signing time is from the clock on the signer's computer"? Now normally you would use a Timestamp Authority (TSA) to validate your system time. There are enough public, free, RFC 3161 compatible TSAs that this is not a difficult thing. CryptoNote chose not do this. But we have no reason to doubt the time on the signature, right guys? crickets
See these references from the v1 whitepaper footnotes? Those two also appear in the v2 whitepaperth. Neither of those two footnotes refer to anything in the main body of the v1 whitepaper's text, they're non-existent (in the v2 whitepaper they are used in text). The problem, though, is that the Bitcointalk post linked in the footnote is not from early 2012 (proof screenshot is authentic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=196259.0)
May 5, 2013. The footnote is referencing a post that did not exist until then. And yet we are to believe that the whitepaper was signed on 12/12/2012! What sort of fucking fools do they take us for?
A little bit of extra digging validates this further. The document properties for both the v1 whitepaper as well as the v2 whitepaper confirms they were made in TeX Live 2013, which did not exist on 12/12/2012. The XMP properties are also quite revealing
XMP properties for the v1 whitepaper
XMP properties for the v2 whitepaper
According to that, the v1 whitepaper PDF was created on 10/04/2014, and the v2 whitepaper was created on 13/03/2014. And yet both of these documents were then modified in the past (when they were signed). Clearly the CryptoNote/Bytecoin developers are so advanced they also have a time machine, right?
Final confirmation that these creation dates are correct are revealed those XMP properties. The properties on both documents confirm that the PDF itself was generated from the LaTeX source using pdfTeX-1.40.14 (the pdf:Producer property). Now pdfTeX is a very old piece of software that isn't updated very often, so the minor version (the .14 part) is important.
pdfTeX 1.40.14 pushed to source repo on Feb 14, 2014
This version of pdfTeX was only pushed to the pdfTeX source repository on February 14, 2014, although it was included in a very early version of TeX Live 2013 (version 2013.20130523-1) that was released on May 23, 2013. The earliest mentions on the Internet of this version of pdfTeX are in two Stack Exchange comments that confirm its general availability at the end of May 2013 (here and here).
The conclusion we draw from this is that the CryptoNote developers, as clever as they were, intentionally deceived everyone into believing that the CryptoNote whitepapers were signed in 2012 and 2013, when the reality is that the v2 whitepaper was created in March, 2014, and the v1 whitepaper haphazardly created a month later by stripping bits out of the v2 whitepaper (accidentally leaving dead footnotes in).
Why would they create this fake v2 whitepaper in the first place? Why not just create a v1 whitepaper, or not even version it at all? The answer is simple: they wanted to lend credence and validity to the Bytecoin "2 years on the darkweb" claim so that everyone involved in CryptoNote and Bytecoin could profit from the 2 year fake mine of 82% of Bytecoin. What they didn't expect is the market to say "no thank you" to their premine scam.

And Now for Some Conjecture

As I mentioned earlier, the Bytecoin "team" page disappeared. I know it exists, because "AtomicDoge" referred to it as saying that one of the Bytecoin developers is a professor at Princeton. I called them out on it, and within a week the page had disappeared. Fucking cowards.
That was the event that triggered my desire to dig deeper and uncover the fuckery. As I discovered more and more oddities, fake accounts, trolling, and outright falsehoods, I wondered how deep the rabbit hole went. My starting point was DStrange. This is the account on Bitcointalk that "discovered" Bytecoin accidentally a mere 6 days after the first working iteration of the code was pushed to Github, purely by chance when mining a nearly dead currency on a tiny and virtually unheard of mining pool. He has subsequently appointed himself the representative of Bytecoin, or something similar. The whole thing is so badly scripted it's worse than a Spanish soap opera...I can't tell who Mr. Gonzales, the chief surgeon, is going to fuck next.
At the same time as DStrange made his "fuck me accidental discovery", another Bitcointalk account flared up to also "accidentally discover this weird thing that has randomly been discovered": Rias. What's interesting about both the "Rias" and "DStrange" accounts are their late 2013 creation date (October 31, 2013, and December 23, 2013, respectively), and yet they lay dormant until suddenly, out of the blue, on January 20th/21st they started posting. If you look at their early posts side by side you can even see the clustering: Rias, DStrange.
At any rate, the DStrange account "discovering" Bytecoin is beyond hilarious, especially with the Rias account chiming in to make the discovery seem natural. Knowing what we unmistakably do about the fake CryptoNote PDF dates lets us see this in a whole new light.
Of course, as has been pointed out before, the Bytecoin website did not exist in its "discovered" form until sometime between November 13, 2013 (when it was last captured as this random picture of a college girl) and February 25, 2014 (when it suddenly had the website on it as "discovered"). This can be confirmed by looking at the captures on Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://bytecoin.org
The CryptoNote website, too, did not exist in its current form until after October 20, 2013, at which time it was still the home of an encrypted message project by Alain Meier, a founding member of the Stanford Bitcoin Group and co-founder of BlockScore. This, too, can be confirmed on Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://cryptonote.org
~It's hard to ascertain whether Alain had anything to do with CryptoNote or Bytecoin. It's certainly conceivable that the whitepaper was put together by him and other members of the Stanford Bitcoin Group, and the timeline fits, given that the group only formed around March 2013. More info on the people in the group can be found on their site, and determining if they played a role is something you can do in your own time.~
Update: Alain Meier posted in this thread, and followed it up with a Tweet, confirming that he has nothing to do with CryptoNote and all the related...stuff.

Batshit Insane

The Bytecoin guys revel in creating and using sockpuppet accounts. Remember that conversation where "Rias" asked who would put v1 on a whitepaper with no v2 out, and AlexGR said "a forward looking individual"? The conversation took place on May 30, and was repeated verbatim by shill accounts on Reddit on August 4 (also, screenshot in case they take it down).
Those two obvious sockpuppet/shill accounts also take delight in bashing Monero in the Monero sub-reddit (here are snippets from WhiteDynomite and cheri0). Literally the only thing these sockpuppets do, day in and day out, is make the Bytecoin sub-reddit look like it's trafficked, and spew angry bullshit all over the Monero sub-reddit. Fucking batshit insane - who the fuck has time for that? Clearly they're pissy that nobody has fallen for their scam. Oh, and did I mention that all of these sockpuppets have a late January/early February creation date? Because that's not fucking obvious at all.
And let's not forget that most recently the sockpuppets claimed that multi-sig is "a new revolutionary technology, it was discovered a short time ago and Bytecoin already implemented it". What the actual fuck. If you think that's bad, you're missing out on the best part of all: the Bytecoin shills claim that Bytecoin is actually Satoshi Nakamoto's work. I'm not fucking kidding you. For your viewing pleasure...I present to you...the Bytecoin Batshit Insane Circus:
Seriously. Not only is this insulting as fuck to Satoshi Nakamoto, but it's insulting as fuck to our intelligence. And yet the fun doesn't stop there, folks! I present to you...the centerpiece of this Bytecoin Batshit Insane Circus exhibit...
Of course! How could we have missed it! The clues were there all along! The CryptoNote/Bytecoin developers are actually aliens! Fuck me on a pogostick, this is the sort of stuff that results in people getting committed to the loony bin.
One last thing: without doing too much language analysis (which is mostly supposition and bullshit), it's easy to see common grammar and spelling fuck ups. My personal favorite is the "Is it true?" question. You can see it in the Bytecoin thread asking if it's Satoshi's second project, in the Monero thread asking if the Monero devs use a botnet to fake demand, and in the Dashcoin thread confirming the donation address (for a coin whose only claim is that they copy Bytecoin perfectly, what the fuck do they need donations for??).

Layer After Layer

One of the things that happened soon after the Bytecoin "big reveal" was a string of forks popping up. The first was Bitmonero on April 18. Fantomcoin was launched May 6. Quazarcoin was launched May 8. HoneyPenny was announced on April 21, although only launched as Boolberry on May 17. duckNote was launched on May 30. MonetaVerde as launched June 17.
Now for some reason unbeknownst to anyone with who isn't a retarded fuckface, the Bytecoin code was pushed up to SourceForge on 08/04/2014 (the "Registered" date is at the bottom of the page). I have no idea why they did this, maybe it's to try and lend credence to their bullshit story (oh hey, look how old Bytecoin is, it's even on Sourceforge!)
Coincidentally, and completely unrelated (hurr durr), Quazarcoin, Fantomcoin, and Monetaverde are all also on Sourceforge. This gives us a frame of reference and a common link between them - it's quite clear that at least these three are run by the same team as CryptoNote. There is further anecdotal evidence that can be gathered by looking at the shill posts in the threads (especially the way the Moneteverda shills praise merge mining, in a way that is nearly fucking indistinguishable from the Bytecoin praise for multi-sig technology).
QuazarCoin is a special case and deserves a little attention. Let's start with OracionSeis, who launched it. He's well known on Bitcointalk for selling in-game currencies. In that same thread you'll notice this gem right at the end from Fullbuster: "Hey,OracionSeis is no longer under my use so please https://bitcointa.lk/threads/selling-most-of-the-game-currencies.301540/#post-5996983 come into this thread! thank you !" Click through to his new link and Fullbuster clarifies: "Hello, I may look new around here but i've sold my first account and created new one and i have an intention to keep the same services running as my first account did." So now that we know that OracionSeis is a fucking bought account, we can look at his actions a little more critically.
On May 7, just when Monero was being taken back by the community (see below), OracionSeis out of the blue decided to take it overelaunch it himself. This included a now-defunct website at monero.co.in, and a since-abandoned Github. The community pushed back hard, true to form, with hard-hitting statements such as "To reiterate, this is not the original devs, and thus not a relaunch. OP, fuck you for trying this. This should warrant a ban." A man after my own heart. OracionSeis caved and decided to rename it to...QuazarCoin, which launched on May 8. To recap: bought account, launched by trying to "relaunch" Monero, got fucked up, renamed it to QuazarCoin. Clearly and undeniably goes in our pile of fuckface coins.
The other three are a little more interesting. Let's start with ~fuckNote~duckNote. It's hard to say if duckNote is a CryptoNote/Bytecoin project. The addition of the HTML based wallet is a one-trick pony, a common thread among most of the CryptoNote/Bytecoin controlled coins, but that could also be the result of a not-entirely-retarded developer. Given the shill posts in the duckNote thread I'm going to flag it as possibly-controlled-by-the-fuckface-brigade.
And now we come to ~HoneyPenny~ ~MoneyPenny~ ~HoneyBerry~ ~Boolean~ Boolberry. This is an interesting one. This was "pre-announced" on April 21, although it was only released with the genesis block on May 17. This puts it fourth in line, after Fantomcoin and Quazarcoin, although fucktarded proponents of the shittily-named currency insist that it was launched on April 21 because of a pre-announcement. Fucking rejects from the Pool of Stupidity, some of them. At any rate, "cryptozoidberg" is the prolific coder that churned out a Keccak-derived PoW (Wild Keccak) in a month, and then proceeded to add completely fucking retarded features like address aliasing that requires you to mine a block to get an address (lulz) and will never cause any issues when "google" or "obama" or "zuckerberg" want their alias back. Namecoin gets around this by forcing you to renew every ~200 - 250 days, and besides, nobody is making payments to microsoft.bit. This aliasing system is another atypical one-trick-pony that the CryptoNote developers push out and claim is monumental and historical and amazing.
There's also the matter of cryptozoidberg's nickname. In the Bytecoin code there's the BYTECOIN_NETWORK identifiert, which according to the comment is "Bender's nightmare" (hurr durr, such funny, 11100111110001011011001210110110 has a 2 in it). Now this may be a little bit of conjecture, yo, but the same comment appears twice in the "epee" contributed library, once in the levin signature, and again in the portable storage signature. The contexts are so disconnected and different that it would be a fucking stretch to imagine that the same person did not write both of these. We can also rule out this being a Bytecoin-specific change, as the "Bender's nightmare" comments exist in the original epee library on githubw (which is completely unused anywhere on the planet except in Bytecoin, most unusual for a library that has any usefulness, and was first committed to github on February 9, 2014).
We know from the copyright that Andrey N. Sabelnikov is the epee author, and we can say with reasonable certainty that he was involved in Bytecoin's creation and is the dev behind Boolberry. Sabelnikov is quite famous - he wrote the Kelihos botnet code and worked at two Russian security firms, Microsoft took him to court for his involvement (accusing him of operating the botnet as well), and then settled with him out of court on the basis of him not running the botnet but just having written the code. Kelihos is a botnet that pumped out online pharmacy spam (you know the fucking annoying "Y-ou Ne3D Vi-4Gra!?" emails? those.) so it's good to see he transitioned from that to a cryptocurrency scam. Regardless of BBR's claim to have "fixed" CryptoNote's privacy (and the fake fight on Bitcointalk between the "Bytecoin devs" and cryptozoidberg), it's clear that the link between them is not transparent. BBR is either the brainchild of a spam botnet author that worked on Bytecoin, or it's the CryptoNote developers trying to have one currency distanced from the rest so that they have a claim for legitimacy. I think it's the second one, and don't want to enter into a fucking debate about it. Make up your own mind.
Which brings us to the oddest story of the bunch: Bitmonero. It's pretty clear, given its early launch date and how unfamiliar anyone was with creating a genesis block or working in completely undocumented code, that thankful_for_today is/was part of the CryptoNote developers. He made a fatal error, though: he thought (just like all the other cryptocurrencies) that being "the dev" made him infallible. Ya know what happened? He tried to force his ideas, the community politely said "fuck you", and Bitmonero was forked into Monero, which is leading the pack of CryptoNote-based coins today. Let me be perfectly fucking clear: it doesn't matter that the Bytecoin/CryptoNote developers know their code and can push stuff out, and it doesn't matter that Sabelnikov can shovel bullshit features into his poorly named cryptocurrency, and it doesn't matter that Monetaverde is "green" and has "merged mining". Nobody working behind these cryptocurrencies is known in the cryptocurrency community, and that alone should be a big fucking red flag. Monero is streets ahead, partly because of the way they're developing the currency, but mostly because the "core devs" or whatever they're called are made up of reasonably well-known people. That there are a bunch of them (6 or 7?) plus a bunch of other people contributing code means that they're sanity checking each other.
And, as we saw, this has fucking infuriated the Bytecoin/CryptoNote developers. They're so angry they waste hours and hours with their Reddit accounts trawling the Monero sub-reddit, for what? Nobody has fallen for their scam, and after my revelation today nobody fucking will. Transparency wins, everything else is bullshit.
As pointed out by canonsburg, when the Bytecoin/CryptoNote people realised they'd lost the fucking game, they took a "scorched earth" approach. If they couldn't have the leading CryptoNote coin...they'd fucking destroy the rest by creating a shit-storm of CryptoNote coins. Not only did they setup a thread with "A complete forking guide to create your own CryptoNote currency", but they even have a dedicated website with a fuckton of JavaScript. Unfortunately this plan hasn't worked for them, because they forgot that nobody gives a fuck, and everyone is going to carry on forking Bitcoin-based coins because of the massive infrastructure and code etc. that works with Bitcoin-based coins.
There are a bunch of other useless CryptoNote coins, by the way: Aeon, Dashcoin, Infinium-8, OneEvilCoin. We saw earlier that Dashcoin is probably another CryptoNote developer driven coin. However, this entire group is not really important enough, nor do they have enough potential, for me to give a single fuck, so make up your own mind. New CryptoNote coins that pop up should be regarded with the utmost caution, given the bullshit capabilities that we've already seen.

All Tied Up in a Bow

I want to cement the relationship between the major CryptoNote shitcoins. I know that my previous section had a lot of conjecture in it, and there's been some insinuation that I'm throwing everyone under the bus because I'm raging against the machine. That's not my style. I'm more of a Katy Perry fan..."you're going to hear me roar". There were some extra links I uncovered during my research, and I lacked the time to add it to this post. Thankfully a little bit of sleep and a can of Monster later have given me the a chance to add this. Let's start with an analysis of the DNS records of the CN coins.
If we look at the whois and DNS records for bytecoin.org, quazarcoin.org, fantomcoin.org, monetaverde.org, cryptonote.org, bytecoiner.org, cryptonotefoundation.org, cryptonotestarter.org, and boolberry.com, we find three common traits, from not-entirely-damming to oh-shiiiiiiit:
  1. There's a lot of commonality with the registrar (NameCheap for almost all of them), the DNS service (HurricaneElectric's Free DNS or NameCheap's DNS), and with the webhost (LibertyVPS, QHosteSecureFastServer.com, etc.)
  2. All of the CN domains use WhoisGuard or similar private registration services.
  3. Every single domain, without exception, uses Zoho for email. The only outlier is bitmonero.org that uses Namecheap's free email forwarding, but it's safe to disregard this as the emails probably just forward to the CryptoNote developers' email.
The instinct may be to disregard this as a fucking convenient coincidence. But it isn't: Zoho used to be a distant second go Google Apps, but has since fallen hopelessly behind. Everyone uses Google Apps or they just use mail forwarding or whatever. With the rest of the points as well, as far-fetched as the link may seem, it's the combination that is unusual and a dead giveaway of the common thread. Just to demonstrate that I'm not "blowing shit out of proportion" I went and checked the records for a handful of coins launched over the past few months to see what they use.
darkcoin.io: mail: Namecheap email forwarding, hosting: Amazon AWS, open registration through NameCheap monero.cc: mail: mail.monero.cc, hosting: behind CloudFlare, open registration through Gandi xc-official.com: mail: Google Apps, hosting: MODX Cloud, hidden registration (DomainsByProxy) through GoDaddy blackcoin.io: mail: Namecheap email forwarding, hosting: behind BlackLotus, open registration through NameCheap bitcoindark.org: mail: no MX records, hosting: Google User Content, open registration through Wix viacoin.org: mail: mx.viacoin.org, hosting: behind CloudFlare, closed registration (ContactPrivacy) through Hostnuke.com neutrinocoin.org: mail: HostGator, hosting: HostGator, open registration through HostGator
There's no common thread between them. Everyone uses different service providers and different platforms. And none of them use Zoho.
My next check was to inspect the web page source code for these sites to find a further link. If you take a look at the main CSS file linked in the source code for monetaverde.org, fantomcoin.org, quazarcoin.org, cryptonotefoundation.org, cryptonote-coin.org, cryptonote.org, bitmonero.org, and bytecoiner.org, we find a CSS reset snippet at the top. It has a comment at the top that says "/* CSS Reset /", and then where it resets/sets the height it has the comment "/ always display scrollbars */". Now, near as I can find, this is a CSS snipped first published by Jake Rocheleau in an article on WebDesignLedger on October 24, 2012 (although confusingly Google seems to think it appeared on plumi.de cnippetz first, but checking archive.org shows that it was only added to that site at the beginning of 2013). It isn't a very popular CSS reset snippet, it got dumped in a couple of gists on Github, and translated and re-published in an article on a Russian website in November, 2012 (let's not go full-blown conspiritard and assume this links "cryptozoidberg" back to this, he's culpable enough on his own).
It's unusual to the point of being fucking impossible for one site to be using this, let alone a whole string of supposedly unrelated sites. Over the past few years the most popular CSS reset scripts have been Eric Meyer's "Reset CSS", HTML5 Doctor CSS Reset, Yahoo! (YUI 3) Reset CSS, Universal Selector ‘’ Reset, and Normalize.css, none of which contain the "/ CSS Reset /" or "/ always display scrollbars */" comments.
You've got to ask yourself a simple question: at what point does the combination of all of these fucking coincidental, completely unusual elements stop being coincidence and start becoming evidence of a real, tenable link? Is it possible that bytecoin.org, quazarcoin.org, fantomcoin.org, monetaverde.org, cryptonote.org, bytecoiner.org, cryptonotefoundation.org, cryptonotestarter.org, and boolberry.com just happen to use similar registrars/DNS providers/web hosts and exactly the fucking same wildly unpopular email provider? And is it also possible that monetaverde.org, fantomcoin.org, quazarcoin.org, cryptonotefoundation.org, cryptonote-coin.org, cryptonote.org, and bytecoin.org just happen to use the same completely unknown, incredibly obscure CSS reset snippet? It's not a conspiracy, it's not a coincidence, it's just another piece of evidence that all of these were spewed out by the same fucking people.

The Conclusion of the Matter

Don't take the last section as any sort of push for Monero. I think it's got potential (certainly much more than the other retarded "anonymous" coins that "developers" are popping out like street children from a cheap ho), and I hold a bit of XMR for shits and giggles, so take that tacit endorsement with a pinch of fucking salt.
The point is this: Bytecoin's 82% premine was definitely the result of a faked blockchain. CryptoNote's whitepaper dates were purposely falsified to back up this bullshit claim. Both Bytecoin and CryptoNote have perpetuated this scam by making up fake website data and all sorts. They further perpetuate it using shill accounts, most notably "DStrange" and "Rias" among others.
They launched a series of cryptocurrencies that should be avoided at all cost: Fantomcoin, Quazarcoin, and Monetaverde. They are likely behind duckNote and Boolberry, but fuck it, it's on your head if you want to deal with scam artists and botnet creators.
They developed amazing technology, and had a pretty decent implementation. They fucked themselves over by being fucking greedy, being utterly retarded, being batshit insane, and trying to create legitimacy where there was none. They lost the minute the community took Monero away from them, and no amount of damage control will save them from their own stupidity.
I expect there to be a fuck-ton of shills posting in this thread (and possibly a few genuine supporters who don't know any better). If you want to discuss or clarify something, cool, let's do that. If you want to have a protracted debate about my conjecture, then fuck off, it's called conjecture for a reason you ignoramus. I don't really give a flying fuck if I got it right or wrong, you're old and ugly enough to make up your own mind.
tl;dr - CryptoNote developers faked dates in whitepapers. Bytecoin faked dates in fake blockchain to facilitate an 82% premine, and CryptoNote backed them up. Bytecoin, Fantomcoin, Quazarcoin, Monetaverde, Dashcoin are all from the same people and should be avoided like the fucking black plague. duckNote and Boolberry are probably from them as well, or are at least just fucking dodgy, and who the fuck cares anyway. Monero would have been fucking dodgy, but the community saved it. Make your own mind up about shit and demand that known people are involved and that there is fucking transparency. End transmission.
Just a reminder that if you found this information useful, a little donation would go a long way. Bitcoin address is 1rysLufu4qdVBRDyrf8ZjXy1nM19smTWd.
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Part 43

It's speeding up again. My first quick post in a while.
6824.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Antoine Griezman/Antoine Griezmann(Other spellings?)
6825.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Raphaël Varanne/Raphaël Varane(Other spellings?)
6826.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Marcel Dessailly/Marcel Desailly(Other spellings?)
6827.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Moussa Sissokho/Moussa Sissoko(Other spellings?)
6828.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Kurt Zuma/Kurt Zouma(Curt?)(Other spellings?)
6829.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Yohan Gourcuff/Yoann Gourcuff(Other spellings?)
6830.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Fabrice Muemba/Fabrice Muamba(Other spellings?)
6831.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Emmanuel NeueManuel Neuer(Other spellings?)
6832.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Mezut Özil/Mesut Özil(Other spellings?)
6833.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Phillip Lahm/Philipp Lahm(Other spellings?)
6834.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Shaun Wright-Phillips/Shaun-Wright Philips/Shaun-Wright Phillips(Other spellings?)
6835.(Soccer Player name change.)Phillip Senderos/Philippe Senderos(Other spellings?)
6836.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Harry Mcguire/Harry Maguire(Other spellings?)
6837.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Victor Lindelhöf/Victor Lindelöf(Other spellings?)
6838.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Anders Herrera/Ander Herrera(Other spellings?)
6839.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)James Madison/James Maddison(Other spellings?)
6840.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Owen Heargraves/Owen Hargreaves(Other spellings?)
6841.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Damian Duff/Damien Duff(Other spellings?)
6842.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Graeme Sousness/Graeme Souness(Other spellings?)
6843.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Niko KrančjaNiko Kranjčar(Nico?)(Other spellings?)
6844.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)David Rozenhal/David Rozehnal(Other spellings?)
6845.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Angelo Charisteas/Angelos Charisteas(Other spellings?)
6846.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Alexander Song/Alexandre Song(Other spellings?)
6847.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Luis Felipe Scolari/Luiz Felipe Scolari(Other spellings?)
6848.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Edgard Davids/Edgar Davids(Other spellings?)
6849.(Book Title change.)The Protocol Of The Elders Of Zion/The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion(Other names?)(Anything else off?)
6850.(Famous Olympic Athlete name change.)Teddy RinneTeddy Riner(Other spellings?)
6851.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Good Times not touching?(Anything else off?)
6852.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember China making an artificial light three times hotter than the sun?
6853.(Famous Singer name change.)Mitch RideMitch Ryder(Do any of his or his band's logos look off?)
6854.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Cosby not existing?
6855.(T.V. Show name change.)The Reba McEntire Show/Reba(Was the R always capitalized and is the font or any of the logos off in any other way?)(Lots of messed up Bible changes and more messed up quotes people have said.)(Anything else off about the Married... With Children logo?)(Anything else off about Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning?)(Anything else off about Doctor Who?)(Spiders are eating, trapping and fighting larger prey.)(Plans to dim sun?)(Flambe/Flambé)(Lots of off cosmetic and website logos.)(The timeline of That '70s Show in the show and in real life is inconsistent.)(City vs. Citi in certain products.)(InShot logo is off.)(BBC started recording in 1922 and went public in 1926.)(The trigrams on South Korea's national flag have changed.)(Extremely long snakes.)(Gremlin monkeys now exist.)(Black bread now exists.)(Heroe/Hero)(Scientists have "reversed" time.)(Lots of website logo changes.)(Website generates images of fake people.)(Brylocream/Brylcreem)(Interesting video s below.)(Sirens now have wings.)(Clark chocolate bar logo is off.)(Wesfield/Westfield)(Celebrity Bowling is now a thing.)(Lands' End magazine letters are connected.)(Anything else off?)(Three's Company logo has connected letters.)(Earrings rules on whether or not you're gay have changed and other things.)(Do you remember Jerry Seinfeld saying "What is the deal with" instead of "What's the deal with" even though he never says either?)(Anything else off?)(Westclock/Westclox)(Anything else off?)(Lots of new and different The Jackson 5 footage and songs.)(The Jerry Seinfeld Show/Seinfeld)(Water powered vehicles?)(More on early Mars missions.)(Beko logo has changed.)(1950's typewriter that would let you type sheet music.)(Motorcycle chariot racing used to be a thing.)(Number of days in a year changing.)(More ice phenomenon.)(Polio Iron Lung machines used to exist.)(Lilith was now Adam's first wife.)(FordScript font now exists.)(Man has middle of ears removed by body modification artist.)(Scientists create chickens with dinosaur faces.)(Small foot pedicures and small hand manicures are popular right now.)(Jerry Seinfeld said "What's the deal with" related phrases a couple times in Seinfeld and throughout his book.)(More very large cats and dogs.)(Jesus used a wand?)(Lots of NBA related logo changes.)(SeatGeek logo has weird letters.)(More banana types.)(New device allows men to breastfeed.)(Leonardo da Vinci designed early robots?)(Lots of sports logos are off.)(Glacier Bay logo has off letters.)(Lots of new animals.)(Butterflies with number patterns in their wings.)(Donut shaped planets are possible.)(Little movie logo has connected letters.)(T.V. show in-logos are now starting to change.)(Bigby Coffee/Biggby Coffee)(Some SeaWorld logos have off letters.)(More birds sleep standing on one leg.)(Kobe Bryant now has done music.)(Steve Burns now has done music.)(Bruce Willis now has done music.)(Patrick Swayze now has done music.)(Jackie Chan now has done music.)(Other spellings of Jared's or Jared jewelry?)(Lots of Marvel and Detective Comics movie, video game, book and TV show logos have off and connected letters.)(Nest security camera logo has connected and off letters.)(Ravens now have white fur.)(Apple seeds aren't poisonous.)("Hanging in a chow line."/"Hanging in and jivin'.")(Tom Huddleston is now alive.)(More changes to Schrödinger's Cat.)More new ocean triangles.)(Mission: Impossible name changes.)(Tree that grows different kinds of fruits.)(I Wear My Sunglasses by Corey Hart lyrics have changed.)(Ninja kangaroo rat?)(Diamond planet named Lucy.)(17 hour clocks?)(Wet Your Appetite/Whet Your Appetite)(Have you heard of the word Whet?)(Penelope Cruz/Penélope Cruz)(Woman with two wombs?)(The multiple assassination attempts on Hitler.)(Did the Popeyes logo ever feature Popeye The Sailor?)(5G logo has off letters.)(Was Mr. Sandman sung by a guy group?)(John Travota/John Travolta)(Kim Kardassian/Kim Khardashian/Kim Kardashian)(Other remembered spellings of Milwaukee.)(CERN posted the first online photo and also had their own pop group.)(Other remembered inventors of the World Wide Web.)(Tortoise spiders now exist.)(Was there only one The Lion King movie and is the scene where Simba is raised into the air off now?)(Christopher Robinson/Christopher Robin)(Sea worms are getting larger and weirder than before.)(Black demon sharks now exist.)(Harambre/Harambe and has the pronunciation changed?)(Devil's goldfish now exists.)(Rainbow cheese now exists.)(James Dean's jacket in Rebel Without A Cause changed.)(Do you remember Chaka Khan never having HD live performances or HD music videos back in the 90's?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Wasn't Rock Me Amadeus by Falco always sung in English?)(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Pontiac Tojans now exist?)(More He-Man changes.)(The curved light lines most people see when they look at lights are because of astigmatism.)(Pink sharks now exist.)(Cochroach/Cockroach)(More changes to Alice In Wonderland.)(Don Wrinkles/Don Rickles)(Sky dome Atlantis?)(The Robert Berchtold story.)(Mushrooms that eat plastic.)(Owls can now deliver mail and can thrive a lot more during the day.)(A lot more inappropriate stuff on T.V. back in the day.)(Anything else about Koko The Gorilla off?)(Toyota FJ Cruisers now exist.)(Kinder surprise egg with Trump hair and KKK balloons.)(Rappin' Duke The Ha/Rappin' Duke Dah-Ha)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Do any of the logos look off?)(More weird colored animals.)(More weird stuff about death dates.)(Dairy Queen sells Coke products now instead of Pepsi products.)(Centralville, Texas/Centerville, Texas)(More off stuff about radar microwaves.)(Cathedrel/Cathedral)(Shawn Of The Dead/Shaun Of The Dead and has the ending changed?)(Anything else off?)(More weird plants.)(Elephant man.)
6856.(T.V. Show name change.)The Roseanne Barr(Bar?)Show/Roseanne(Does the Font look off in general?)(Does the Martin font look off in general?)(Ariel from The Little Mermaid's eye color has changed.)(Subtitle colors, fonts and sizes have changed in certain places.)(USSR disbanding date keeps changing.)(AIVI French logo is off.)(John P. Sullivan/James P. Sullivan)(Michael Hutchinson/Michael Hutchence)(Vortical Sword/Vorpal Sword(Other spellings?)(Has anything in Kursk changed?)(Freddie Mercury is skinnier now.)(Lucas Cruinshank/Lucas Cruikshank)(Very large pet rabbits.)(Seagulls now eating things like rats.)(Interesting video below.)(Have you heard of the Nevada Triangle?)(Oopiaza/Dopiaza)(Lots of logo changes.)(Jim Henderson/Jim Henson)(Other spellings?)(Chime banking logo has off letters.)(Viasat logo and lots of credit company logos have off letters.)(Gaddafi's name keeps changing.)(Very giant wolves now exist.)(More Monty Python changes.)(Brocoli/Brocolli/Broccoli)(Other spellings?)(Everything about Flat Earth.)(Radar microwaves and similar stuff in the 70's.)(Woolly mammoth cells brought back to life.)(AC/DC is from Australia and not Austria.)(Turkeys sleep standing on one leg.)(Lots of company logo changes.)(Lots of cereal logos are off.)(Keith Richards is now alive.)(Walt Disny/Walt Disney)(Albino deer now exist.)(Lindsay Sterling/Lindsey Stirling)(Was Lindsey never an acceptable spelling of Lindsay?)(Eifel ToweEiffel Tower)(Broadly logo has off letters.)(1987 version of Cast Away movie.)(NYM logo has off letters.)(The Kirkpatricks vs. The Kirkpatrick place.)(Michigan Triangle now exists.)(Lots of movie line changes.)(UK passport now has unicorn instead of 2nd lion and national animal of Scotland is now unicorn.)(Weird Mandala pattern in cabbage.)(Weird recent flip-flops.)(Anything else off with certain previous changes I've mentioned?)("Galaxy" flowers with "universe" petals.)(Cat with orange eyes.)(Friday animated movie?)(Garry Shandling's death date keeps changing.)(Aquaduct/Aqueduct)(Other remembered spellings of Freddy Krueger?)(Traffic lights in Japan inverting.)(Ribon/Ribbon)(Eel that can change the shape of its body.)(Sandra Bullock was the one who played Accident Amy in George Lopez.)(Anything off about the Die Hard 2 airplane fight scene?)(Right On Time/Ride On Time)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Satelite/Satellite)(Other spellings?)(Lucille Balle/Lucille Ball)(Was Superman not in the 2017 Justice League movie?)(Anything else off?)
6857.(Fictional Character name change.)Foreman family/Forman family(Does the That '70s Show font look off in general?)
6858.(Famous Comedian name change.)Monique/Mo'Nique
6859.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in My Wife And Kids not overlapping?(My Wife & Kids?)
6860.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in The Golden Girls logos being normal?(Anything else off?)(Were the letters in Married... With Children not touching?)(Anything else off about the Married... With Children logo?)
6861.(T.V. Show name change.)Chips/CHIPS/CHIPs/CHiPs(Other names?)
6862.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember AfterMASH not existing?(Have you ever heard of NASH or do you remember it existing or did NASH become MASH?)(Anything else off?)(Is the MASH abbreviation or any of the logos off?)(Dancing meat.)(The Crooked Bush.)(Glowing flying animals.)(Do you remember "Dynomite" or "Kid dynomite"?)
6863.(Phantom movie quote.)Do you remember Dirty Harry saying "Too much sugar is bad for you."?
6864.(Song name change.)Fool On The Hill/The Fool On The Hill(Are the lyrics off?)
6865.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bill Cosby talking in a funny, emphasized voice ever?(Anything else off?)
6866.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember insects like butterflies and flies not drinking tears?
6867.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember wombats not having cube shaped poop?
6868.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Archie Bunker's Place not existing?(Anything about Kelcy vs. Tommy Kelsey off?)
6869.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember David Letterman always wearing glasses or sunglasses everywhere?(Anything else off?)
6870.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Pickleball not being a thing?
6871.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Albino ghost trees and plants, male zebras drown foals, more attacks on US soil in WW2, nude Mona Lisa, NASA admits it got rid of 2 of the Milky Way arms, bunny harvestman spider, you can light a candle using its smoke, glowing centipede blood, redwoods create communal root structure, sea squirts create and eat their own brains, lots of US territory changes and Washington D.C. is now listed separately, everything about wood duck, Light Of Lucifer, 100 foot sea critter, pinecone fish, a whole group of people killed Abraham Lincoln, satanic leaf-tailed gecko, compulsory sterilization, more Mona Lisa changes, lots of violent Mormon history, centipede kills snake in 3 minutes, more on blue people, painted bat, more weird animals.)(Video below.)
6872.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember restaurants where you eat off people not being a thing?
6873.(Movie name change.)Herbie The Love Bug/The Love Bug
6874.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Three's A Crowd not existing?
6875.(University Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Grand Canyon University not being connected?
6876.(Phrase change.)"April showers bring May flowers."/"Spring showers bring May flowers."(Was the latter not acceptable?)(Was the former the only version that existed?)
6877.(Carnival Ride name change.)Drop Zone/Drop Tower(Does the Carowinds logo look off?)
6878.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember mice not ever cleaning up messes they left or found?
6879.(Famous Singer name change.)"Weird Al" Yankovich/"Weird Al" Yankovic(Is the pronunciation off?)
6880.(Famous Musician name change.)Frankie Yankovich/Frankie Yankovic(Is the pronunciation off?)
6881.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Spaceship jelly, European Russia, Moldova, Sea Of Azov, San Marino, shape shifting frog, African snail and giant snails in general, frozen sand towers, celestial eye goldfish, fennec fox bark, Attu Island invaded by Japanese, underground railroad mostly went to Canada and Mexico, Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves, Lesotho, more anatomy changes, more weird monkeys and monkey changes, more geography changes, diameter of Earth, largest country changes, Eva(Ava?)Braun's relationship status to Hitler has changed, fugitive slave laws, more glowing animals, frogs that change color, not all octopuses have 8 tentacles.)(Video below.)
6882.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ISIS being abolished a while ago?
6883.(Phantom t.v. show quote.)Do you remember Zoidberg from Futurama saying "Why not Zoidberg?" ever in the show?
6884.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Birds being in black and white instead of color?
6885.(Spelling change.)Wedgewood/Wedgwood(Everything that is spelled Wedgwood.)
6886.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember James Bond never appearing in DC or Marvel comic books?
6887.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember houseflies not ever having long legs ever?
6888.(Phantom movie quote.)Do you remember John Wayne saying "Here's to ya(You?)pilgrim."?(Did he say "Pilgrim" and "Pilgrims" more often and in more of his movies?)
6889.(Carnival Ride Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Batman: The Ride not being connected?(Are any of the other Batman logos off?)
6890.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Brainy Smurf having a separation between his glasses instead of them being open?
6891.(Candy name change.)Haribo Gummy Bears/Haribo Gold-Bears/Haribo Goldbears(Any of the other names off?)(Does the green one keep changing flavor?)(Was the red one strawberry or cherry and not red raspberry?)(Were green Lifesavers lime?)
6892.(Music Lyrics change.)"No matter how you toss the dice."/"No matter how we toss the dice."/"No matter how they toss the dice."(Any of their logos off?)
6893.(Commercial Quote change.)"Be all that you can be."/"Be all you can be."(Anything else off with the slogan?)
6894.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember joining any part of the military always requiring you to have a buzz cut instead of there being a point in time where it wasn't required?(Were you not allowed to ride motorcycles?)(Were bed checks always done?)(Anything else off?)
6895.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I wanted sunshine I got rain."/"When I needed sunshine I got rain."(Anything else off?)
6896.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Willy Wonka from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory having a purplish and gold outfit instead of a red one?(Has he always been portrayed in a purplish and gold outfit?)(Is his hair off?)(Are any of the related logos off?)
6897.(Date change.)Do you remember dial-up modems being invented in the late 1980's instead of the early 1960's?(Anything else off?)
6898.(Carnival Ride Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in the older Great Adventure logo being normal?(Was the rainbow backwards from what it is now?)(Anything else off?)
6899.(Painting change.)Do you remember the apple in The Son Of Man not having leaves on it?(Anything else off?)
6900.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Bambi having blue eyes instead of brown?(Were her eyes a different color?)(Were there no square or striped spots on his back?)(Are his ears bigger and were there no black tips?)(Anything else off?)
6901.(Animal appearance change.)Do you remember hedgehogs always only being dark brown?(Do honey badgers(Honeybadgers?)look off?)
6902.(Music Lyrics change.)"Girls just wanna have fun."/"Girls just want to have fun."("They wanna have fun."/"They want to have fun.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Song title too.)(Anything else off?)
6903.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Dr. Johnny Fever having black sunglasses instead of brown ones?
6904.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Scoobidoo Love by Paul Rothman sounding different in terms of pitch, beat, flow, and sound?(Do any of his logos look off?)(Any of the lyrics off?)
6905.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"How did I get to living here?"/"How did I get delivered here?"(Anything else off?)
6906.(Music Lyrics change.)"Sun comes up."/"Sun goes up.")(Do any of either of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6907.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember candle ice not being a thing?
6908.(Music Lyrics change.)"Part of your world."/"Part of that world."(Anything else off?)
6909.(Famous Actor name change.)Richard Dreyfus/Richard Dreyfuss
6910.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Girls Just Want To Have Fun not being connected?(Were the letters in the Grease movie logos not connected?)(Were the letters in the Hairspray movie logos not connected?)(Weird Al's Girls Just Want To Have Lunch song title has changed too.)
6911.(Phrase change.)"Walks like a duck."/"Swims like a duck."
6912.(Commercial Quote change.)"Nobody out pizzas the Hut."/"No one out pizzas the Hut."
6913.(Challenge name change.)Coca-Cola Challenge/Coke Challenge/Pepsi Challenge(Anything else off?)
6914.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Elongated trephinated skull, rusty spotted cat, Easter Monday, in like a lion out like a lamb, cold air funnel cloud, tai sui ganoderma, slime mold, pupula duplex, polycoria, wild monkeys roam Florida, more Lincoln Memorial changes, more changes to Leaning Tower Of Pisa and other off and new leaning towers, living things in Dead Sea, more weird Ancient Egyptian stuff, eagle perches on animal and slowly eats it, mushrooms growing on Mars, Easter trees, more species of rhinos than the African ones and now some have 2 horns and others don't instead of one or the other or none.)(Video below.)
6915.(Rock Band name change.)Procul Harum/Procol Harum(Do any of their logos look off?)
6916.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Kanzi The Ape Genius not existing?(Did bonobos not exist?)(Anything else off?)
6917.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember your tongue never being able to corrode due to overconsumption of sugary drinks or energy drinks?
6918.(Movie Quote change.)"No one cares for the trees anymore."/"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
6919.(Phantom fictional character.)Do you remember Mr. Blue from Reservoir Dogs not existing?
6920.(Gorilla name change.)Coco/Koko
6921.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Wolf from Pulp Fiction having a custom license plate that said "Wolf" or "The Wolf" instead of having a regular license plate that says 3ABM581?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Boba Fett never having any weird hair locks on his outfit?(Anything else about him off?)(Did C-3PO never have weird bolt things on his chest and black palms?)(Anything else off?)
6922.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember neapolitan cows not existing?
6923.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ruby Falls in Tennessee not existing?
6924 .(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Golden Bridge in Vietnam not existing?
6925.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Krabby Patty gummies not having sesame seeds?
6926.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember traffic lights and traffic light signs always being vertical?
6927.(Spelling change.)Omelet/Omelette(Was the latter never acceptable?)
6928.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Taco Bell never selling hamburger-like products?
6929.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Helen and Crazy Steve appearing in more episodes of Drake & Josh than they did?
6930.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these products never being sold?(Cosmopolitan Yogurt, Chiquita Frozen Juice Bars, Life Savers(Lifesavers?)Soda, Kellogg's Breakfast Mates, Jell-O For Salads, Gerber Singles, Reddi-Bacon,(Ready Bacon?)Heinz EZ(Easy?)Squirt, Heublein's Wine & Dine, Funky Fries, Frito-Lay WOW! Chips, Colgate Frozen Entrees.)
6931.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Okapi tar and other changes, felis catus, exploding toads, pollen sun rainbows, fish scaled naked gecko, Esdras, whale voices getting lower, slow loris poison armpits, via cava roads, giant water bugs eat baby turtles, tamilok edible ship worms, Cheetos changing back and forth, rainbow squirrels keep changing, Chevrolet LUV pickup truck, Subaru logo and actual star history and placement keeps changing, caterpillar tracks land rover vehicles, Lost Sea adventure, spur-winged goose, more toxic birds, more anatomy changes, more Shiva changes, more Pyramids Of Giza changes, more Mount Rushmore changes, more geography changes, more The Creation Of Adam changes, more Easter Island statue changes, more Sphinx changes.)(Video below.)
6932.(Company name change.)Haliburton/Halliburton
6933.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Hervé Villechaize dying in 2003 or just recently or another time instead of September 4, 1993?
6934.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chevrolet Chevette not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6935.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Ford Escort not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6936.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Ford Fiesta not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6937.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chevrolet Corsica not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6938.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chevrolet Cavalier not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6939.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Toyota 4Runner not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6940.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Ford Fusion not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6941.(Car Brand Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Yugo not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6942.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Ford Tempo not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6943.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Hyundai Tucson not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6944.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Lexus LX not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6945.(Store name change .)Home Goods/HomeGoods(Were the letters not connected?)(Anything else off?)
6946.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Beretta not being connected?
6947.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Lisa Frank logo being different?
6948.(Restaurant Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Roy Rogers being normal?(Do any other Roy Rogers logos look off?)
6949.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Sliders being normal?(Anything else off?)
6950.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Oakley Sunglasses being normal?(Anything else off?)
6951.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Swatch being normal?
6952.(Store Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Lane Bryant not touching?
6953.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Paas not being connected?
6954.(Toy name change.)ZoltaZoltar Speaks
6955.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember vinyl boomboxes not existing?
6956.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Howard Johnson's(Howard Johnson?)roof being a different color?(Anything else off?)
6957.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember The Man With The Red Shoe not existing?
6958.(City name change.)Tuscon, Arizona/Tucson, Arizona(Car and T.V. show too.)
6959.(Phantom celebrity death.)Do you remember Avicii being alive instead of dying on April 20, 2018?(Has his death cause changed?)(Anything else off?)
6960.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember George Reeves playing the first live-action Superman instead of Kirk Alyn(Alan or Alken?)(Did Kirk Akyn not exist?)(Anything else off?)
6961.(Famous Actress name change.)Shelly Long/Shelley Long(Was Shelley never an acceptable spelling of Shelly?)
6962.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Fantasy Island not being connected?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Redd Foxx's real name not having Sanford in it?
6963.(Famous Actor name change.)Jeff Conway/Jeff Conaway
6964.(Lottery name change.)Mega Million/Mega Millions(Does the logo look off?)
6965.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember safaris in Oregon not being a thing?
6966.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Bees living in woman's eyes, man with less than half a head, more odd hand digit numbers, the pope says the entire calendar is wrong, gaining a day this week, Israel moon lander selfie looks fake, broken heart syndrome, fishing bats, lizard live birth, snottite curtains, homo luzonensis, squirrel kings, wasps fly backward to avoid getting lost, The Great Transformation 2020, more geography changes, more element changes, rat king changes, Hitler didn't want to begin war, Paris syndrome, more Crazy Horse changes, chickens can keep head still while rest of body moves, x-ray burns cause hand to deform, neurons in heart and stomach, cat-faced spider, chicken with giant legs.)(Video below.)
6967.(Phantom real life quote.)Do you remember John F. Kennedy saying "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."?
6968.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Wonder Woman's outfit and some of her tools and weapons looking or being different?
6969.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Die Hard movies not having connected letters?(Anything else off?)
6970.(Date change.)Do you remember Amber Alerts never going as far back as The Andy Griffith Show?
6971.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Gizmo from The Gremlins looking different?(Was there 3 Gremlins movies?)
6972.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember The Lucy Show not existing?
6973.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Here's Lucy not existing?
6974.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Life With Lucy not existing?
6975.(Famous Director name change.)J.J. Abrahams/J.J. Abrams(Other spellings?)
6976.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Jack Nicholson having blue eyes instead of brown?
6977.(Music Lyrics change.)"God, my receipts be lookin' like phone numbers."/"Yeah, my receipts be lookin' like phone numbers."(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
6978.(Famous Singer name change.)Luke Bryant/Luke Bryan(Do any of his logos look off?)
6979.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Marcia Cross not having naturally red hair?(Anything else off?)
6980.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember Billy Mays dying on an airplane instead of on the ground?(Anything else off?)
6981.(Snack name change.)Grits/Gripz(Does the logo look off?)
6982.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember David Dobrik giving away cars to people for a much longer than he has been doing?
6983.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jenna Marbles always using her iconic squeaking intro?
6984.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember whales not being able to wash up on Oklahoma river shores?
6985.(Car Model name change.)Chrysler Sirus/Chrysler Cirrus(Other spellings?)(Is the logo off?)
6986.(Car Model name change.)Toyota Camry Solaris/Toyota Camry Solara(Is the logo off?)
6987.(History change.)Do you remember Ancient Greece starting the Olympic flame relay instead of Nazi Germany?
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