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Bakers Bend: Third Year Colony Showcase

Overview (open to see a high def full map render) Bakers Bend Is a medium sized trading colony located in a valley bisected by a river.


From its founding date, Bakers Bend was designed with defensibility in mind the only entrances being walkways on the river where it flows under the mountain in the west and east. These entrances are covered by preeminent bunkers which are kept dark as to further obscure the defenders while the attackers are forced to assault without any cover in addition to being well lit themselves to further aid the defenders in engaging hostiles.
  • The Eastern Defenses are comprised of two bunkers. The first bunker, which covers the entirety of the entrance area has a 20mm autocannon emplacement. From the moment attackers breech the main gates they are within range of this cannon. This main bunker also has a “panic room” shooting off of it where a field medic can quickly drag a casualty in order to render immediate aid. The second bunker covers the “Airlock” entrance to the base. This bunker is designed so that it can cover the main bunker in the event it is over run as well as engage hostiles if they reach the main entrance. Defenders noticed that attackers loved to bash one torch outside of the entrence in preticular and placed an IED there, this has proven to be very effective normally taking out multiple defenders at a time as they assault the gates/
  • The Western Defenses are comprised of three bunkers and a comms room. The first bunker provides a similar role to the second bunker on the eastern defenses, in that it does not cover the space leading up to the entrance, but rather provides covering fire to the other two defensive positions and the entrance itself. The Second bunker is equipped with a 40mm AGL and has a much wider field of fire than the other two bunkers, this bunker, while lacking the same range as its counterpart in the eastern defenses, is just as effective: the 40mm AGL being brutally effective at the closer ranges. The third bunker possesses a very narrow field of fire and fills the vital role of forcing hostiles out of cover and into the fire of the 40mm. These defenses also possess escape tunnels which lead into the “airlock” allowing defenders a safe avenue to make a tactical retreat along if their position is compromised while also not compromising the entrance itself.

The Barn

Bakers bend is designed to be as self sufficient as possible and as well as being home to eight colonists is home to:
  • Three alpacas: Oreo, Fetch and Sonny, who are kind enough to provide the colony with a renewable supply of cloth.
  • A Megasloth: Apoatix, who is the resident pack animal of bakers bend
  • A 410kg (903lb) Smilodon: Barnacle, who will often hunt rhinos for food by himself and come out mostly unscathed and is just generally a bro.
  • A Female Timberwolf: Alpharius, who was good enough to self tame and provides companionship to the settlers of the colony.
To accommodate the livestock and resident giant fuckoff sabertooth tiger, a barn was constructed into the mountain side towards the NW end of the colony. The barn has accommodations for four alpacas, a chicken coup, two Smilodons (in the event I find another) and two megasloths. The barn has a fenced in grazing pasture for the livestock with an external feed shack for the animals. Included in the barn is a textiles mill where the wool is made into cloth and the handler's house.

Martial Area

No colony is perfect, raids will happen and occasionally it is nice to harvest all of a raiders organs and sell for profit reform a raider into a model citizen or, one of your settlers will develop ptsd Due to seeing her long lost daughter explode into a cloud of pink mist because she, a tribal raider with a club, thought it would be a good idea to charge a machine gun nest no reason at all and will occasionably need to be anethnetised and put in prison for a few days. Therefore a secure prison is necessary so during the second year of Bakers Bend, a small prison with four small cells and a prison hospital was built in a naturally isolated section of the canyon in the south area of the colony. This area is being developed as the “martial” portion of the base, with a firing range and plans for a dojo.

The Village and Farm

One of the newer additions to Bakers Bend is the addition of a village comprised of external guest houses and single/double occupancy homes. These were added in septober of year three as the size of the colony out grew the main “bunker” facilities. With housing for eight guests and a guest recroom, the village provides a comfortable place for weary travelers to rest.
Also visible here: stonecutters workshop, butchery and farm. The farm was originally located on the out side of the valley when the colony was first founded as part of the starter home. Colonists lived here for the first year while the main bunker complex was being set up. The original plan was to keep this starter home and convert it into a caravan stoping point for trade, these plans however were not to be. When the colony was raided, enemy forces would chose to assault the farm compound and ignore the main base. This would lead to normal seiges lasting far to long and defenders becoming worn out while waiting for the enemy to decide to attack the defenses. Ultimatly, it was decided to move the farm inside the valley and to demolish the external section of the colony.

Mortar Site

The best way to break a seige is bath the enemy in that sweet, sweet napalm while they are getting set up. Therefore a mortar site and ammo bunker was constructed. Unfortunately however, the colonists failed to take into account how thick the valley walls were in this location and thus the ammo bunker became a prime target for enemy sappers to tunnel in through. To counter this, the walls were thickened with steel to slow down any sappers tunneling in so defenders could be brought to bear and a mine feild was installed. The feild is designed so that when one IED is tripped, its explosion is diverted away from the other bombs so that one IED does not destroy the entire feild.
So, thats pretty much it, what do you guys think of Bakers Bend so far, I still have a lot of plans for other faucilites but figured the base looked good enough to share at the third year mark. I have infestations turned off and I have a mod called realistic rooms so I can make smaller room sizes without the debuffs being quite so crippling.
Also Here is the seed but note, my map turned out slightly different to other peoples.
submitted by GeRmAnBiAs to RimWorld