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5.0.2 and updated kernel feedback

I have loaded 5.0.2 and the kernel along side it. So far the kernel runs smoother and I have had no random reboots. On startup (power) the tablet loads quickly without much delay. VCAM works although i did have to set the bar=0 for the video to appear.
I have the following attached: FM Dongle (antenna wired directly to vehicles antenna) 64gb flash drive(going to run power to additional 1TB hdd next week) 2 usb hubs 1 usb DAC 1 Backup Camera 1 joycon steeringwheel remote interface
I will update as I use the tablet in my rig!
submitted by reckn to timurskernel

v3.0 final for Android 5.1.1

Note: If you use this release of the kernel, you should definitely read the Quick-FAQ of the previous release.
Update Dec 15, 2015: Today, I am making available support for factory image LMY48Z (deb). This is the 7th release of Android 5.1.1 and, so far, it is only available for the LTE/deb model. More info.
The kernel in the LMY48Z image has not been modified. This is why you can use the existing Timur's Kernel from Oct 20 with it. However, you need to use an updated services installer. You need to use these two installers on top of LMY48Z:
  • timur-usbhost-deb511-v3.0-2015-10-20.zip
  • timur-services-N7-2-511g-v3-2015-12-11.zip (new)
Update Nov 16, 2015: Today, I am making available support for factory image LMY48X. This is the 6th release of Android 5.1.1 and, so far, it is only available for the LTE/deb model. More info: Nexus Security Bulletin—November 2015
The kernel in the LMY48X image has not been modified. This is why you can use the existing Timur's Kernel from Oct 20 with it. However, you need to use an updated services installer. You need to use these two installers on top of LMY48X:
  • timur-usbhost-deb511-v3.0-2015-10-20.zip
  • timur-services-N7-2-511f-v3-2015-11-07.zip (new)
Update Oct 31, 2015: Today, I am making available Timur's Kernel "v3.0 final". This is a re-release of v3 beta-R7 build 88 (from Oct 12, 2015).
This is for use with the latest Android 5.1.1 factory images from early October 2015: LMY48T (flo) and LMY48U (deb). These images contain the "Stagefright 2.0" security fixes.
This kernel can also be used with factory images from September 2015: LMY48M (flo) and LMY48P (deb).
You can upgrade to the latest Android 5.1.1 and use this kernel, or you can stay with your existing Android OS and still install this kernel - whatever is your preference. If you want to stay with LMY48M/LMY48P, all you need to do is to install the new kernel (usbhost file) over in recovery.
But you probably want to upgrade to LMY48T/LMY48U as soon as possible. To upgrade the OS + Timur's Kernel, this is what you need to do:
  1. Boot into recovery and create a full backup. Then reboot into the bootloader.
  2. Unpack factory image on the PC, edit flash-all script, remove "-w" (to not wipe).
  3. Run flash-all script. Allow some time for tablet to boot into new OS.
  4. Reboot to bootloader. Reinstall TWRP. Reboot into recovery. Install SuperSU.
  5. Install new timur-usbhost + timur-services (511e). Reboot to system.
If you have product specific questions, please post them below. However, most questions have been asked already. You may want to read through the previous kernel release thread. Or the one before that. You should also use the search feature (limited to this subreddit). Thank you.
Android factory images
The latest LMY48T/LMY48U factory images were made available on October 5 (deb) and on October 9 (flo):
Timur's Kernel installation files
These files can now be found in the "v3.0-final" sub-directory:
  • timur-usbhost-flo511-v3.0-2015-10-20.zip (build 88)
  • timur-usbhost-deb511-v3.0-2015-10-20.zip (build 88)
  • timur-services-N7-2-511g-v3-2015-12-11.zip (for LMY48Z)
  • timur-services-N7-2-511f-v3-2015-11-07.zip (for LMY48X)
  • timur-services-N7-2-511e-v3-2015-10-06.zip (for LMY48T and LMY48U)
  • timur-services-N7-2-511d-v3-2015-09-12.zip (for LMY48M and LMY48P)
As always: you need to install two files in recovery: 1x usbhost + 1x services.
(The "d" in "511d" is referring to the 4th release of Android 5.1.1. The "e" in "511e" is referring to the 5th release of Android 5.1.1.)
build 88
  • "spooky power supply" fix implemented (see explanation below)
build 87
  • ported kernel and services (5.1.1e) to LMY48T/LMY48U (Stagefright 2.0 fix)
build 86
  • wake from suspend made slightly quicker
build 85
  • fixed "wake-in-suspend duration" calculation bug
build 84
  • kill VCam using "am force-stop" instead of "kill pid" also on FtdiCheckBit
  • on fi-mode suspend: "echo 0 > /sys/kernel/usbhost/usbhost_wake_in_suspend_total_ms"
  • wake-in-suspend duration calculation bug fixed
  • DO NOT activate airplane mode on FI-mode forced suspend, if it was already active and then on wake-from-sleep: leave it active
"Spooky" power supply issue fixed
This issue has been discussed here and here.
In combination with some specific power supplies, a method in the stock kernel would report the availability of this power supply, despite the power supply itself NOT being externally powered!
However, this kernel method is only supposed to report an attached power supply, if the power supply is connected to an external power source - and is therefore actually delivering 5V power to the Android device.
An attached power supply MUST NOT be reported as being available, if it is not externally powered. But this is precisely what was happening. The problem has been resolved by implementing an additional "is-external-5V-power-really-available?" check.
Update: Also take a look at this and this: Power Delivery Issues and FI-mode
submitted by timur-m to timurskernel