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Hessian Savant (C)

Name: Hessian Savant
Name in Kanji: サヴァン (I think, it's probably wrong)
Nickname(s): Dust Devil
Birthdate: 4th October, 1993
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Place Of Birth: Lancashire, England
Nationality: English
Height: 173cm
Weight: 112lbs
Blood Type: A-
School: Several public schools around the world due to travel, Masters in Mathematics & Physics
Physical Appearance: Tall, lean, blonde/black hair, tanned skin, left eye blue, right eye green
Clothing Description: Loved, to put it nicely. Black tshirt, white zip-up jumper, camo shorts. Lots of stitch marks & holes.
Personality: Doesn't show emotions, but feels them s lot. Always a shoulder to cry on, very understanding. Makes a lot of jokes, but sometimes worries he went too far. Overly complicated tasks annoy him, especially if they could be simple but aren't.
Fear(s): Isolation, abandonment, swans, upsetting/disappointing people, other people's blood
Likes: Making people laugh & laughing with them, adrenaline, swimming, reading, music, drawing & video games
Dislikes: Pressure, people looking over his shoulder, fire
Habits: OCD, punches first, asks questions later
Flaws: So scared of disappointing people that he'll burn himself out in order to meet expectations
Talents: great drawer, speedreader, funny, knows 11 languages (English, French, Spanish, Egyptian, Latin, Ancient Greek, Japanese, Gaelic, Mandarin, Sinhala, German & Danish)
How well can they cope without their Stand in a fight?: took 5 years of boxing & has a record of 7 wins, 2 losses, 4 knockouts (other guy) & 0 knockouts (him), can handle most small firearms, always carries knuckledusters with him, can handle himself pretty well.
Namesake: Broken Crown (Mumford & Sons)
Type of stand: Medium Range beat-em-up
Stand power: Decision.
Stand can remove an object from existence & can either choose to keep or destroy it. Destroyed objects meet a similar fate as victims of Cream or The Hand, whilst kept objects can be recreated later. Recreated objects are expelled from the pocket dimension in Broken Crown's hands at the same speed the punch that applied the effect hit them, though Hessian can choose to make them leave at slower speeds. This effect is used via punch. It takes one punch to apply this effect to an object, but many more to apply it to a person. No time passes for kept objects.
The user can also visit the pocket dimension the objects are kept in and stay there for any length of time. This ability functions similarly to coco jumbo's Mr. President, but the room is a grey box that expands with the amount of objects inside it.
Stand appearance: A medium-size humanoid of indeterminate gender. Midnight black skin, with a green light coming from the fists that functions similarly to a flashlight. Spikes coming from the shoulder, elbows & back. White bandages wrapped around the eyes.
Stand personality: While not nearly as vocal as Cheap Trick, Echoes Act 3 or Anubis, Broken Crown has a fully fledged personality. It's unquestionably loyal to Hessian, but thinks for itself and can make it's own decisions. It also likes to smile a lot.
Fighting style: Broken Crown uses fast-placed chops, kicks & punches to break down a foe & skip past their defences before a final attack rush, using the stand cry ONEONEONEONEONEONE ONE MORE! In difficult scenarios or when ordered, it'll use it's ability to destroy foes (usually after an attack rush, as that delivers the required amount of punches for it to work on a person), but it & it's user don't like doing that to people, so it does it sparingly.
Hand-to-hand: Broken Crown's massive speed enables it to go toe-to-toe with most stands, and the potential for a disintegration makes it a force to be reckoned with. It can't catch punches like what za warudo did with Star Platinum, but it can block most attacks.
Stand Statistics: Destructive Power: A Speed: A Range: C (27m) Durability: C Precision: B Potential: B
Offensive abilities: Mostly punches, kicks & chops, though the occasional headbutt has been spotted (much to both Hessian & Crown's shame).
Defensive abilities: Broken Crown can block most rushes, and providing it's fast enough, can Decision most projectiles before they hit.
Stand weaknesses: The stand has it's own personality, meaning it can be scared or manipulated without Hessian's knowledge.
Hessian Savant (real name Douglas Stephens) was born the child of 2 teachers in a small village in Lancashire. He developed Broken Crown at a young age, and caused much mischief by using it to make things like keys or pen lids "disappear into thin air". Despite this, he was a kind child, and soon developed his ability to where he could choose to keep the item and put it back later. His parents were also Stand users, however, and soon they caught him red-handed. They told him that he was special, and that he couldn't tell people without a "guardian angel" that he had one, because they'd accuse him of lying.
His parents' jobs required them to move often, and that meant he was exposed to lots of cultures at a young age. From Egypt to Greece to Panama, he met lots of people and learnt lots of cultural history otherwise inaccessible to him. He also learnt a lot of languages, which let him speak to more people. This created a drive in him which is still very much present today: A drive to learn & explore.
When he was 14, he approached the Speedwagon Foundation, and secured a job there. He's now a high-ranking bounty hunter, who tracks down criminals with Stands and delivers them to courts, where judges aware of Stands properly sentence them. His ability to store people in suspended animation via Decision aids him enormously in this task, as it basically removes the possibility of them escaping unless their stand can counter it's effects.
I've been told to sign this off with Jojo! but I don't know if that's right, but just in case:
submitted by Rethlos to JoJosRPGoH

What is Google Crowdsource?

What is Google Crowdsource?
Google Crowdsource, also known as Crowdsource, Crowdsource by Google, Community Collaboration and Contributor by Google, is a crowdsourcing platform developed by Google and aimed at improving many of its services through the training of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, with the help of volunteer users. This training, which Google points out as micro-tasks that should take no more than 5-10 seconds to complete, allows the AI to learn new skills and study a large amount of information that enhances its ability to be implemented in the various tools that the company offers (Google Translate, Maps, Fotos, Assistant, among other).

Crowdsource was developed and launched for the Android operating system in the official Google Play store, as well as in its web version, on August 29, 2016. This platform includes several short tasks that users can complete in order to sophisticate and enhance many of Google's services. These tasks include image tag verification, comment feeling evaluation and translation validation among other tasks. By completing these tasks, users provide Google with valuable data for algorithm training and service improvement. As users complete tasks, they earn achievements and recognitions that include statistics, credentials and certificates, as well as differentiated tracking of their progress by task in a User World Scoreboard (participation in this scoreboard is optional).
At launch, the Crowdsource application presented users with 5 different tasks: image transcription, handwriting recognition, translation, translation validation and map translation validation. The latest version of the application includes 7 tasks in its mobile version and 8 in its web version.
The mobile mode of the project includes the following functions:
Smart Camera: It consists of a smart camera that detects objects and provides an overview of them. The user then has to tell the function whether the description given is correct or not.
Verification of image labels: The user must indicate if the label presented to him can be the one indicated or not for the photograph that is perceived in a random way in the chosen category.
Sentimental analysis: It presents the user with various reviews and comments so that he can classify them according to his opinion as "positive", "neutral" or "negative". Also, as an alternative, the user can skip a question if they are not sure and move on to the next one. These reviews by Crowdsource users help a variety of recommendation-based technologies that Google uses on platforms such as Google Maps, Google Play Store and YouTube.
Handwriting recognition: Handwriting recognition involves users reading handwritten words and transcribing them into text. As explained by Google, completing this task helps improve the handwriting feature of the Google Keyboard.
Translation and Validation of translations: Translation-related tasks (translation and translation validation) are only shown to users who have selected more than one language in which they are fluent. While map translation validation is no longer a task in Crowdsource, users can still complete translation and translation validation tasks. Translation presents the user with one of the languages in which they are fluent, and asks them to translate it into another language in which they are also fluent. Translation validation presents users with a list of translations submitted by other users, and asks them to categorize them as correct or incorrect. Both tasks help improve the translation capabilities of Google, especially in Google Translate, and any other Google application that has translated content, including Google Maps.
Image capture: This function allows you to take photos or upload them from the gallery and share them in open source for free use on the Internet with precise tags describing the content of the photo.
Google Crowdsource - Mobile Version
The web mode in turn provides the following functions:
Verification of image labels: Same function as in the mobile version. VIEW!
Image legend: Allows you to validate or invalidate image captions that may be linked to the photograph being displayed. VIEW!
Handwriting recognition: Same function as in the mobile version. VIEW!
Reference points: This function allows you to indicate whether the reference point indicated corresponds to the image presented. This task is designed to help ensure that businesses and landmarks are recognisable on applications such as Google Maps, Google Street View, etc. VIEW!
Facial expressions: It allows you to analyze human face expressions in YouTube videos and then tell the application what kind of expression is detected. VIEW!
Translation and Translation Validation: Same function as in the mobile version.
Assistance Tutor: It allows you to show the Google virtual assistant how people could speak to you in your language.
Google Crowdsource - Web Version
Crowdsource has a "Achievements" section that shows the Statistics and Badges that the user gets by completing various tasks. Among these, the level at which the user is according to his contribution flow stands out. These range from Level 1 to Level 18.
Recently, a League Table was added that shows the progress of partners worldwide in each of the application's functions. VIEW!
Crowdsource tracks the total user contributions to the project and displays them on a counter, as well as metrics that provide a balance of responses in line with overall community responses synthesized in a section called "Votes in favour" and "Accuracy" that shows the degree of accuracy or validity of user responses.
As users complete tasks, they also receive Badges. There are badges for each type of task, which denote progress through that particular task (such as translation validation), as well as badges for other milestones, such as completing a given task through a notification.
Crowdsource is currently available in the following languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Bahasa (Indonesia), Bahasa (Malay), Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Cherokee, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Dzongkha, English, Estonian, Esperanto, Finnish, French, French (Canada), Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Kinyarawanda, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kurdish (Sorani), Kirghiz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Oriya, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian (Cyrillic script), Serrano, Sesotho, Shona, Sicilian, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamazight, Tagalog/Filipino, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Wolof, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba and Zulu.
Much of the images donated by users have been compacted by Google and made available to the general public for access and download from the Crowdsource by Google and Open Images Dataset platforms. To date, the platforms have approximately 90 GB of 478,000 images distributed in sets of 10 x 8.80 GB for easy downloading.
Community and project blog
Recently the project team launched two pages, one for the Crowdsource Community where they present stories and experiences of users and influencers of the same, and finally a blog in development which will provide updates and news related to the world Crowdsource.
Technical data, content and privacy policies
- The application requires for its installation Android 4.3 and later versions.
- Application size: 44 Megabyte.- Mobile data usage: VIEW!
- How does Google use my answers? VIEW!
- What are the content policies of the project? VIEW!
- What are Google's Privacy Policies? VIEW!
- Frequently Asked Questions: VIEW!

More information about the project: About | Crowdsource by Google
If you want to know more about Google's Artificial Intelligence, you can follow the industry blog and get to know this technology: AI Google Blog!
submitted by CesarRomeroAr to u/CesarRomeroAr