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Counter Strike: Malvinas is a new map for Counter Strike: Source, the version of the classic game from Valve which uses the Half-Life 2 graphics engine, that allows you to relive the Falkland Islands Conflict. The latest version of Counter-Strike: Source [DiGiTALZONE] is currently unknown. This is not a big surprise, because active developers are constantly working on game improvements. Click the appropriate checkboxes and click 'Submit. Photomatix pro 5 serial crack s. Kate' Video Joiner (free) Freeware 10.08 MB.


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Jump to. Sections of this page. With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation. Sound Mods for Counter-Strike: Source (CS: S) Female death sounds For CSS Player/Death ohsanzen avatar. It is Counter-Strike Death Match. Page created - July 10, 2020. Page Transparency See More.


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List of currently active addons for TOS

Tree of Savior LUA mods − a collection of addons by excrulon which currently includes an experience meter, a map fog viewer, a tracker of monster kill count and a quick channel switcher.
Betterquest − an addon by rickgibbed which allows users to track all eligible quests.
LKchat − an addon by lemonking that is still in active development, currently it allows users to automatically block and report gold sellers and change the text size of the chat.
cwAddons − Another small collection of addons. Currently includes a core library, silver tracker, and a shockwave effect remover. Fully compatible with (and seems to require the SumAni.ipf from) Excrulons lua mods listed above.
Miei addons − a collection of addons by Mie0 that requires Excrulons addons to function, consists of the following addons:
CabinetCommas − Format the silver values for the item listings in the market "sell" and "retrieve" tabs with thousands separators (commas) for readability.
ChannelSurferButtons − Quick buttons for previous and next channel.
MinimapFogViewer − Same thing as Excrulon's map fog viewer, but for the minimap. Credit for original code to Excrulon. Only works on minimap zoom setting x1.0.
RemoveFPSCounter − Hide the FPS counter.
RemoveMapBackground − Remove the grey dimming background when the full map is opened (does not work in cities).
RemovePetInfo − Hide pet names and/or HP bars. Settings are customizable at the top of the file.
TOS-Bandicam_removewatermark − Removes the watermark from the in-game Bandicam feature.
TOS_MiniMapExtra − an alternative minimap fog viewer by ToffeeAppleCider
IPF Suite − an utility to extract and repack IPF files of the client of the game.
IPF Unpacker − an utility to decrypt and encrypt files of the game, required before extraction.
IPF Browser − another utility to read the contents of IPF files without decrypting.
TOS Hotkey changer − an utility to quickly and easily rebind hotkeys for the game.
TOS Experience Card Calculator − an utility to calculate the number of cards needed to advance to a level.
Pale Tree − a packet logger for TOS.
Server Emulators:
[WIP] Aura Project
[WIP] R1Emu
Translation Projects:
Official English Translation − The translation project of the Korean game into English, already a part of iTOS.
Traditional Chinese Translation
Portuguese Translation
Portuguese Brazilian Translation
Thai Translation
Another Thai Translation
German Translation
Japanese Translation
Spanish Translation
Another Spanish Translation
Russian Translation
Russian Fonts − not a translation of the client, but just fonts to see chat messages in Russian.
Guides and tutorials:
Addon tutorial
Performance optimization guide
Client structure guide
TOS Mechanics Guide − a guide explaining the math behind most of the mechanics of the game.
List of quests and dungeon drops
Compiled dungeon drop list
Squire Mechanics Datamined
If you would like your project to appear in this list, please leave a message in this thread with a download link and a short description of what it does.
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[RO] Reset

"Is that your wish?" Asked the genie.
"Yes, that's my wish." I said.
With a booming voice the genie responds. "Your wish is my command! When you sleep tonight you will wake the next morning a five year old in 1989 with all the knowledge you currently possess."
Later that night I fall asleep thinking of the steps I need to take when I wake tomorrow.
I wake to the sound of my mom calling me for breakfast. The first thing I notice is how much bigger everything is. I can't do much now, after all she's only one year old, but I can get a jump start on a few things. During breakfast, I ask my mom if I can start learning a second language, specifically português.
Five more years pass by. She's six years old now and I'm very fluent in português. I sit down at the desk in my room and pull out a notebook and a pen. I've been writing letters to different addresses and churches in Altamira trying to locate where she lives and yesterday I finally got a response from someone saying they are a friend of the family as well as an address. I decide to keep the letter simple.
Dear Sra. Araujo,
You don't know but me but I know a little about you. You do a wonderful job raising your daughters to be good women. One day I will marry one of them. This probably sounds like the scribbling of a mad man but I am very much sane. If I may, I'd like to ask your permission to continue writing letters to your youngest daughter Francisca.
With Love and Respect,
Now to hope the letter reaches them and that my future letters don't end up being thrown away. Every January 24th I would write a letter wishing a happy birthday. I never said anything too specific so as to not cause any changes that might turn my love into someone else.
As the years pass by I do what I can to improve my new future but every decision is made with the sole focus of marrying the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. As soon as I was able to, I applied for a travel visa to Brazil. When I turned twenty two I withdrew the money I had placed in a specific bank account I had nicknamed “Love at First Sight”. I used the money to buy tickets to Altamira for a few days as well as hotel reservations. I had plenty of money to upgrade to first class seats. After all, I did have about four years of working plus thirteen years of any change or allowance money I had earned as a child.
The moment I was able to get my bags and leave the airport I went to Tolly Boutique. Unfortunately she wasn’t working today. I asked an employee if they know Francisca? They said they did and that she would be working tomorrow. I thanked them and left for my hotel. I was barely able to sleep that night. When I woke I took a shower, brushed my teeth, put on deodorant, and said a quick prayer. I rushed out of the hotel and to the clothing store. As I opened the door I saw her. It had been sixteen years and finally there she was standing before me like an angel from heaven.
As hard as it was to not stare I did my best to act like a normal customer. I approached her and said I was visiting Brazil and taking in the sights but that my luggage was lost during the flight. I told her I wasn’t very good at buying clothes and asked if she would help me pick some things out. Of course, I lied about losing my bags but I didn’t bring any extra clothes with me because I had planned to buy what I needed once I arrived. I tried to be somewhat indecisive about what I wanted in order to buy myself more time with her but not so much that I would become an annoying customer. After a while I had the clothes I needed and she took me to the counter to total my purchase. After I paid she handed me the receipt and I asked for a pen. I wrote a few words, handed her back the receipt, and left the store. It read:
A Promise
I promise to love you
with all of me
to care for you
until my death
to hold you
when you cry
to protect you
to my last breath
to wait for you
in eternity
Wait for me.
The next day was the worst. I headed to the airport for my return flight. I stared out the window of the plane with tears in my eyes as the plane took off. It would be another three years before I would see her again.
I continued to work and save my money. I needed to save as much as I could for what was coming next. By twenty two I had a doctorates in portugues literature. I had started the college courses before I had graduated high school and even took courses during the summer. I then applied for a student visa to Brazil in order to attend the Federal University of Para. Once I was twenty four it was time for the last step of my plans. I once again boarded a plane for Brazil and again I had tears in my eyes but this time they were tears of joy not sadness.
I finally landed at the airport in Breves and it wasn’t long before I was at my apartment which I had arranged for ahead of time. Even though I had a PhD in portugues literature I had signed up for all the same courses that she should be taking. The next day I would start my first class. Luckily, I was an expert in the courses I was about to take so I could put all my focus on her. Again, I barely got any sleep from the anticipation of seeing her.
The next day I woke up early enough to get ready and arrive at the first class early. I took my seat and saved a seat next to me. I didn’t know how but I’m going to have her sit next to me. The classroom slowly began to fill but she still wasn’t here. I began to think that maybe I wasn’t going to have this class with her until, finally, she walked through the door. At that moment, I had the strongest urge to give her a long hug and a warm kiss. She looked around the room with those beautiful brown eyes and she had her hair down. Oh how much I love seeing her with her hair down! There was one open seat left however I had poured some soda on it already. She began to walk towards the seat but I intervened telling her some idiot spilled soda on the seat but that the seat next to me was clean.
Just like in the clothing store it was hard for me not to stare. I was only able to occasionally glance over at her. Once the class was over I asked her what other classes she was taking. After talking for a short while about our classes she asked me if I had ever been to Altamira to which I responded with a simple,
“You probably don’t remember me but I worked in a clothing store in Altamira. I think we met there once before,” she said.
“Of course I remember you. How could someone ever forget a face as beautiful as yours,” I said.
She paused for a moment, glancing down at the floor. Then looked me in the eyes and said,
“I waited for you.”
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