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Curiousity brought me here

The past year or so I have really been searching for religion.
I grew up in an ultra conservative, sexist, sexual-purity-above-all church. Ironically, 90% of the kids who grew up in that church are now agnostic or atheist. Even my parents no longer believe.
Somehow, I still believe in God. But I don't trust the church.
My beliefs have morphed so much recently. One of my best friends is trans, he told me four years after we met and it just blew my worldview apart. I had no idea, and it made me reevaluate everything I had been taught.
I never want to go back to Evangelical 'non-denominational' Christianity. But I want the community of a religion so much. I've been severely lacking in guidance from those wiser and more experienced then myself at life.
I flirted with Anglicanism for a while, researching their beliefs, but it never sat well with me. I admired Anglicans highly to be sure, and I admired their traditions and symbolism. I prayed that I would be given a sign to convert if that was Gods will. Crickets. I began to realize the more I listened to podcasts, the more I disagreed with many things, such as baptism.
Recently, I watched a YouTube video speaking of Quakers and I got curious.
So, I have lots of questions, the most pressing being these:
Do Quakers essentially believe there is no defined 'right' way to believe in God? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that coming from a church that was so specific in beliefs.
Does each person 'create their religion' as it where? For example, if one chose to pray using a prayer book, not believe in baptism, celebrate Christmas, and not believe in monogamy, would that just be accepted? I've read that some Quakers bring elements of the faith they where raised in and such.
Are there any recommended resources to learn about quakers and the belief system to get a better idea?
Thank you all!
submitted by karriwitchet to Quakers

[lets build d100] sci fi super weapons

[lets build] Sci fi super weapons
1-A moon sized super construct that can destroy moons
2-A sun sized super construct that can destroy suns
3-A planet sized super construct that can destroy planets
4-A massive ship that can destroy anyship
5-A ship that can fire blackholes
6-Anti-life equation (From dc comics) that sends special signals to your brain that proves life is meaningless and makes wide are of people suicide
7-Infinity stones (From marvel) that represent each law of the universe, who can contros the stones, controls the laws
8-A-bomb, a bomb that can destroy planets
9-B-bomb, a bomb that can destroy planets surfice
10-C-bomb, a bomb that can destroy contenents
11-D-Bomb, a bomb that can destroy a big country
12-E-Bomb, a bomb that can destroy a small country
13-F-Bomb, a bomb that can destroy a city
14-X-Bomb, a bomb that can destroy stars
15-AX Bomb, a bomb that can destroy star systems
16-AAX Bomb, a bomb that can destroy galaxies
17-AAAX Bomb, a bomb that can destroy universe
18-AAAAX Bomb, a bomb that can destroy parallel universes and multiple timelines
19-Mega Canon, a canon that shots meteors
20-Super Mega Canon, a canon that shots moons
21-Ultra mega Canon, a canon that shots planets
22-Super mega ultra Canon, a Canon that shots suns
23-Rebellion, a super computer virus that destroys every program and system and turns friendly AI hostile.
24-Super EMP that stops anything that works with electric
25-Sun downer, a weapon that turns stars into blackholes
26-A weapon that creates White holes
27-Geoforce, turns planets atmophere to become more deadly and controls the weather
28-Gravityforce, controls planets gravity
29-Bioforce, turns planets plant life, bacteria life and animal life to more hostile to the invaders and control their biology to turn them into deadly creatures
30-De-Atomiser ray, a super ray that destoys atoms
31-Super Nukes
32-Super hydrogen bombs
33-Oxygen bomb from godzilla
34-Super viruses
36-Artificaly created biologic/robotic life forms to destroy the invaders
37-Fleash eating bacteria
38-Asteroid rain, destroy a planet moon then send every piece of moons parts to the planet
39-Giant Sonic weapons, send special sound frequency to a planet thats so intense that it blows everyones brain
40-Psionic weave that can destroy/shut down brain activity
41-A psionic connection that can control a planets populations mind
42-Zombie viruses
43-Super fusion bombs
44-That Medusa thing from mortal engines
45-Super acid bombs
46-Anti-mater bombs
47-Rust virus that makes every technological thing rusty
48-A super computer with very smart AI that can find a way to destroy every enemy in every situations
49-Red mater from star trek
50-small bug of some type that can eat almost anything and breeds like mad. It releases large amounts of CO2 causing catastrophic climate change in a relatively short period of time
51-A massive reflective dome that reflects heat and UV rays to a singular point. This weapon can be moved from one sun to another, pointed at a planet, and literally cook the targeted planet like an ant user the magnify glass
52-Nicoll-Dyson laser
53-A weapon that sends focused radiation waves that destroys every biological thing on surfice horribly (By destroying cellular structure and creating massive tumors in seconds.
54-Starforge (From starwars)
55-Hyperspace nullifier (from starwars)
56-Sun razer (From starwars)
57-Planet prison (From starwars)
58-Death mark laser (From starwars)
59-Cosmic Turbine (From starwars)
60-Dark reaper (From starwars)
61-Galaxy gun (From starwars)
62-The gauntlet (From starwars)
63-Shawken device (From starwars)
64-Orbital nightcloak (From starwars)
65-Mass shadow generator (From starwars)
66-Hyper space collisions (From starwars)
67-Gree dark matter device (From starwars)
68-Two-Wave gravshock device (From starwars)
69-Metal-Crystal phase shifter (From starwars)
70-Gravity gun (From starwars)
71-Shadow arsenal (From starwars)
72-Drill ship (From starwars)
73-World devastor (From starwars)
74-Starkiller base (From starwars)
75-Greygoo but in space
76-Genesis device (From star trek)
77-Thalaron radiation (From star trek)
78-Series five long-range tactical armored unit (From star trek)
79-Doomsday machine (From startrek)
80-NOMAD from TOS (From startrek)
81-Omega moluclules (From startrek)
82-Matreon cascrede (From startrek)
83-The 8472 planetbuster(From startrek)
84-Son'a subspace weapons(From startrek)
85-De-Mat gun from (doctor who)
86-A neutronum core bomb. When fired at a sun the gravity dampers burn off exposing the neutron star matter to the sun’s core I’m balancing its gravity and making it go supernova.
87-A starship that harvests interstellar dust and accelerates it to near lightspeed. Since f=ma, these have massive amounts of energy, making them a planetary bombardment weapon.
88- Black Egg Device. A bomb built by a precursor race that can destroy planets (from: Starflight)
89- Genesis Device that destroys all existing life on a world as it terraforms the world (from: Star Trek)
90- Nova Bomb that causes stars to go super nova (from: Andromeda)
91- Stellar Converter that turns planets into stars (from: Battle Beyond the Stars)
92- The Vulcan Machine. A device that creates volcanic eruptions (from: GI Joe)
93- The Weather Dominator. A device that can control weather (from: GI Joe)
94- Wormhole weapon that can destroy entire galaxies (from: Farscape)
95- A cognitohazard deployable through images and videos through a network connection. Lays dormant for a period of time then flips a mental switch to turn normal people into a rabid and murderous state. intended to destabilize population. think of firefly reavers but spread through memes
submitted by Alpbasket to d100