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Starship Development Thread #16

Quick Links

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SpaceX Discusses [November 2020] for discussion of subjects other than Starship development.
  • SN8 15 kilometer hop, expected Nov 30 or later
  • Road closures
    • Public Notice (PDF) - Reason: SN8 15KM Flight
      • November 30 07:00-18:00 CDT (UTC-6)
      • December 1 08:00-17:00 CDT
      • December 2 08:00-17:00 CDT
  • NOTAM list
    • None posted for hop as of November 25


Vehicle Status as of November 25:
  • SN8 [testing] - Four static fires are complete and 15 km hop coming soon
  • SN9 [construction] - Starship fully stacked in High Bay
  • SN10 [construction] - Tank section stacked in Mid Bay
  • SN11 [construction] - Tank section stacking in Mid Bay
  • SN12 [construction] - barrel/dome/nose cone sections in work
  • SN13 [construction] - components on site
  • SN14 [construction] - components on site
  • SN15 [construction] - barrel/dome sections in work
  • SuperHeavy BN1 [construction] - stacking in High Bay
Check recent comments for real time updates.
At the start of thread #16 Starship SN8 sits on the launch mount fully stacked. During a static fire test on November 12 SN8 suffered an anomaly when pad debris damaged Raptor SN32. A planned 15 kilometer hop for SN8 is still expected. In September Elon stated that Starship prototypes would do a few hops to test aerodynamic and propellant header systems, and then move on to high speed flights with heat shields. Starship SN9 is nearing completion in the High Bay11-7 and Starships up to SN14 have been identified in various stages of construction.
Orbital flight of Starship requires the SuperHeavy booster. The first booster test article, SuperHeavy BN1, is being stacked in the High Bay next to SN9. SuperHeavy prototypes are expected to undergo a hop campaign before the first full stack launch to orbit targeted for 2021. An orbital launch mount11-7 has also been under construction at Boca Chica. Raptor development and testing are ongoing at Hawthorne CA and McGregor TX, including test firing of vacuum optimized Raptor. SpaceX continues to focus heavily on development of its Starship production line in Boca Chica, TX. Development and testing plans become outdated very quickly.


Vehicle Updates

Starship SN8
2020-11-25 Forward flap actuation with rapid movement (NSF)
2020-11-24 3 engine static fire (#4) (YouTube), Elon: good test, hop next week (Twitter)
2020-11-17 Elon: Nov 12 static fire issue caused by pad debris (Twitter)
2020-11-16 Raptor SN42 installation (NSF)
2020-11-15 Raptor SN42 brief visit to launch site and Raptor SN46 delivery to build site (NSF), neither installed
2020-11-14 Raptor SN32 removed and sent to build site (NSF)
2020-11-12 2 engine static fire (#3) and anomaly (YouTube) and loss of pneumatics, vehicle ok (Twitter)
2020-11-10 Single engine static fire (#2) w/ debris (YouTube)
2020-11-09 WDR ops for scrubbed static fire attempt (YouTube)
2020-11-03 Overnight nose cone cryoproof testing (YouTube)
2020-11-02 Brief late night road closure for testing, nose venting observed (comments)
2020-10-26 Nose released from crane (NSF)
2020-10-22 Early AM nosecone testing, Raptor SN39 removed and SN36 delivered, nosecone mate (NSF)
2020-10-21 'Tankzilla' crane moved to launch site for nosecone stack, nosecone move (YouTube)
2020-10-20 Road closed for overnight tanking ops
2020-10-20 Early AM preburner test then static fire (#1) (YouTube), Elon: SF success (Twitter); Tile patch (NSF)
2020-10-19 Early AM preburner test (Twitter), nosecone stacked on barrel section (NSF)
2020-10-16 Propellant loaded but preburner and static fire testing postponed (Twitter)
2020-10-14 Image of engine bay with 3 Raptors (Twitter)
2020-10-13 Nosecone with two forward fins moved to windbreak (NSF)
2020-10-12 Raptor delivered, installed (comments), nosecone spotted with forward flap installation in progress (NSF)
2020-10-11 Installation of Raptor SN32 and SN39 (NSF)
2020-10-09 Thrust simulator removed (Twitter)
2020-10-08 Overnight cryoproofing (#3) (YouTube), Elon: passed cryoproofing (Twitter)
2020-10-08 Early AM cryoproofing (#2) (Twitter)
2020-10-07 Early AM cryoproofing (#1) (YouTube), small leak near engine mounts (Twitter)
2020-10-06 Early AM pressurization testing (YouTube)
2020-10-04 Fin actuation test (YouTube), Overnight pressurization testing (comments)
2020-09-30 Lifted onto launch mount (NSF)
2020-09-26 Moved to launch site (YouTube)
2020-09-23 Two aft fins (NSF), Fin movement (Twitter)
2020-09-22 Out of Mid Bay with 2 fin roots, aft fin, fin installations (NSF)
2020-09-20 Thrust simulator moved to launch mount (NSF)
2020-09-17 Apparent fin mount hardware within aero cover (NSF)
2020-09-15 -Y aft fin support and aero cover on vehicle (NSF)
2020-08-31 Aerodynamic covers delivered (NSF)
2020-08-30 Tank section stacking complete with aft section addition (NSF)
2020-08-20 Forward dome section stacked (NSF)
2020-08-19 Aft dome section and skirt mate (NSF)
2020-08-15 Fwd. dome† w/ battery, aft dome section flip (NSF), possible aft fin/actuator supports (comments)
2020-08-07 Skirt section† with leg mounts (Twitter)
2020-08-05 Stacking ops in high bay 1 (Mid Bay), apparent common dome w/ CH4 access port (NSF)
2020-07-28 Methane feed pipe (aka. downcomer) labeled "SN10=SN8 (BOCA)" (NSF)
2020-07-23 Forward dome and sleeve (NSF)
2020-07-22 Common dome section flip (NSF)
2020-07-21 Common dome sleeved, Raptor delivery, Aft dome and thrust structure† (NSF)
2020-07-20 Common dome with SN8 label (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN9
2020-11-25 Nose cone mated to tank section (NSF)
2020-11-22 Raptor SN44 delivered (NSF)
2020-11-21 Nose cone stacked on its barrel (NSF)
2020-11-20 Nose cone with both forward fins installed (NSF)
2020-11-19 Forward fin attached to nose cone (NSF)
2020-11-16 Tank section moved out of High Bay and stood on landing legs, thermal tile test area (NSF)
2020-11-14 Forward fin roots on nose cone† appear complete and NC moved to windbreak (NSF)
2020-11-11 Forward fin hardware on nose cone† (NSF)
2020-11-08 Raptor SN42 delivered† (NSF)
2020-11-02 5 ring nose cone barrel (NSF)
2020-11-01 Both aft fins installed (NSF)
2020-10-31 Move to High Bay (NSF)
2020-10-25 Aft fin delivery† (NSF)
2020-10-15 Aft fin support structures being attached (NSF)
2020-10-03 Tank section stack complete with thrust section mate (NSF)
2020-10-02 Thrust section closeup photos (NSF)
2020-09-27 Forward dome section stacked on common dome section (NSF)
2020-09-26 SN9 will be first all 304L build (Twitter)
2020-09-20 Forward dome section closeups (NSF)
2020-09-17 Skirt with legs and leg dollies† (NSF)
2020-09-15 Common dome section stacked on LOX midsection (NSF)
2020-09-13 Four ring LOX tank section in Mid Bay (NSF)
2020-09-04 Aft dome sleeved† (NSF)
2020-08-25 Forward dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-08-20 Forward dome and forward dome sleeve w/ tile mounting hardware (NSF)
2020-08-19 Common dome section† flip (NSF)
2020-08-15 Common dome identified and sleeving ops (NSF)
2020-08-12 Common dome (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN10
2020-11-02 Tank section complete with addition of aft done and skirt section (NSF)
2020-10-29 Leg activity on aft section† (NSF)
2020-10-21 Forward dome section stacked completing methane tank (Twitter)
2020-10-16 Common dome section stacked on LOX midsection barrel (NSF)
2020-10-05 LOX header tank sphere section "HT10"† (NSF)
2020-10-03 Labled skirt, mate with aft dome section (NSF)
2020-09-16 Common dome† sleeved (NSF)
2020-09-08 Forward dome sleeved with 4 ring barrel (NSF)
2020-09-02 Hardware delivery and possible forward dome barrel† (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN11
2020-11-18 Forward dome section stacked (NSF)
2020-11-14 Common dome section stacked on LOX tank midsection in Mid Bay (NSF)
2020-11-13 Common dome with integrated methane header tank and flipped (NSF)
2020-11-04 LOX tank midsection barrel (NSF)
2020-10-24 Common dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-10-07 Aft dome flipped (NSF)
2020-10-05 Aft dome sleeved† (NSF)
2020-10-02 Methane header sphere (NSF)
2020-09-24 LOX header sphere section (NSF)
2020-09-21 Skirt (NSF)
2020-09-09 Aft dome barrel (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN12
2020-11-11 Aft dome section and skirt mate, labeled (NSF)
2020-10-27 4 ring nosecone barrel (NSF)
2020-09-30 Skirt (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Early Production Starships
2020-11-20 SN13: Methane header tank (NSF)
2020-11-18 SN15: Common dome sleeve, dome and sleeving (NSF)
2020-10-10 SN14: Downcomer (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

SuperHeavy BN1
2020-11-14 Fwd booster tank section (4 ring) and fwd booster section (2 ring) (NSF)
2020-11-08 LOX 1 apparently stacked on LOX 2 in High Bay (NSF)
2020-11-07 LOX 3 (NSF)
2020-10-07 LOX stack-2 (NSF)
2020-10-01 Forward dome sleeved, Fuel stack assembly, LOX stack 1 (NSF)
2020-09-30 Forward dome† (NSF)
2020-09-28 LOX stack-4 (NSF)
2020-09-22 Common dome barrel (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship Components - Unclear Assignment
2020-11-24 Common dome sleeved, likely SN14 or later (NSF)
2020-11-20 Aft dome (NSF)
2020-11-19 Nose cone with LOX header tank (NSF)
2020-11-13 Apparent LOX header plumbing installation in a forward dome section (NSF)
2020-11-12 Apparent thrust puck methane manifold (NSF)
2020-11-04 More leg mounts delivered, new thrust puck design (NSF)
2020-11-03 Common dome sleeved, likely SN13 or later (NSF)
2020-11-02 Leg mounts delivered and aft dome flipped (NSF)
See Thread #15 for earlier miscellaneous component updates

For information about Starship test articles prior to SN8 please visit Starship Development Thread #14 or earlier. Update tables for older vehicles will only appear in this thread if there are significant new developments. See the index of updates tables.


SpaceX Discusses [November 2020] for discussion of subjects other than Starship development.


We will attempt to keep this self-post current with links and major updates, but for the most part, we expect the community to supply the information. This is a great place to discuss Starship development, ask Starship-specific questions, and track the progress of the production and test campaigns. Starship Development Threads are not party threads. Normal subreddit rules still apply.
Please ping u/strawwalker about problems with the above thread text.
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