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Skylanders with Pokemon types part 5 (Superchargers)

Okay, ready to get back on track with this series of posts, and this time we're looking at the Supercharger skylanders. Since almost half of the characters are returning characters with new movesets, I'm going to give them modified types as if they were regional variants, kind of like how Raichu is usually pure Electric, but the alolan version is Electric Psychic.
Big Bubble Popfizz: He will be Fairy water this time around, because of the fact he uses his tuba like weapon to shoot liquid in both stream and bubble form. He can still learn new moves depending on what potions he drinks however.
Splat: Fairy Fighting, as she is a magical faun who uses her dual sided paint brush like a sentinels staff. I almost made her normal because her paint based moveset reminded me of Smeargul.
Lava Lance Eruptor: Fire Steel, because he now wears a metal helmet and uses a molten metal weapon. He can still learn some ground moves though.
Spitfire: also Fire Steel, because he's a fire creature enhanced by machinery like the metal fire blasting wings on his back. However he is able to learn fighting moves, and the psychic ability Teleport. (If Skylands is supposed to be an infinite space, then he can't boost "around the globe" i suspect he activates a rift when he uses that move, hence the teleportation).
Super Shot Stealth elf: Dark Grass, because while she does still use her trademark stealth and surprise strikes, her weapon is now made of wood, and she can grow vines to turn her cannon into a turret.
Thrillepede: Pure Bug, as all of his abilities have to do with insects. He can learn Fly later, but that doesn't affect his typing because he doesn't keep the wings he sprouts while doing it.
Hurricane Jet-Vac: Steel Electric this time belive it or not. His new backpack does give him a flying kick, but actual flight isn't attained from it this time. He's able to summon storms and shoot metallic fanblades however.
Stormblade: Flying Steel: this bird has her wings, and she actually uses them to fly. Not to mention she has fast and deadly steel Feather blades.
Double Dare Trigger happy: Fire Steel, because he still weilds his coin guns, but now he's also become a pyrotechnic maniac. Rings of fire and fireworks are now a part of his arsenal off attacks.
High volt- Electric Steel, because this heavily armored defense specialist uses high voltage electricity to power his moveset.
Deep Dive Gill grunt: Water Electric, because Gill has traded his harpoon cannon for a powerful Trident that shoots high voltage bolts of electricity.
Dive Clops: Water Steel. He's heavily armoured in special gear that can withstand any water pressure. He can shoot water from his eye as well.
Bone Bash Roller brawl: Dark Ground. This type change mostly comes from her new bone carved armor, and her lack of sharp steel wheels.
Fiesta: Ghost Normal, because this skeleton is still a physical being that summons ghostly back up musicians. Most sound based Pokemon are also Normal type.
Shark Shooter Terrafin: Ground Steel, because while he's still an expert digger, he has traded his boxing moves for a cannon that shoots drill missiles.
Smash hit: Rock Steel, mostly because his wepon is a rock attached to a steel chain. Because he can cause quakes, he is able to learn Ground moves.
Astroblast: Fairy Psychic, for two reasons. Space themed Pokemon usually fall under psychic type, and not only does he have flasy powers, but he waljs with moon gravity, and fairy types are associated with the moon. Also Fairy is the closest think to light in Pokemon.
Nightfall: Dark Steel: because she's an extremely powerful dark elemental who's an expert with her steel battle hooks. Because she's an expert combatant with them, she is able to learn a couple of Fighting moves.
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MY LITTLE SYNCHTUBE DRINKING GAME #53 - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY 25HR MAREATHON TONIGHT! Starts in 2.5 hours.(9PM Eastern, 8c, 7m, 6p, 1gmt) PRIZES, PONIES, PARTING and MORE! (Alcohol encouraged, but optional; fun for everyone!) Watching ALL the episodes! NEW LOCATION! BERRYTUBE!

EDIT: Sorry for the minute downtime at 10:32(EDT), everything's good now =]

The time has come!

One year ago, PureKhaos made a simple post. A post inviting everyone to come together in a synchtube room, and enjoy ponies and booze. Since that day, every weekend, at least a few of us(ok, for a while now, a TON of us; 100+ last weekend) have gathered together in my synchtube room(and others) and engaged in crazy drunken fun whilst watching the show we know and love. The games are more than just games. They're a support group. A way to unwind. A place to make friends and shoot the breeze about anything and everything....whilst getting drunk to ponies.
Now, one year later, to celebrate, we're pulling out all the stops, and marathoning ALL the episodes. There will be prizes roughly based upon participation activity during the games, including a T-Shirt of the winner's choosing from WeLoveFine, two Berry Punch glasses, a custom-made pillow with a cutie mark of the winner's choosing, along with another prize or two which we're not disclosing at this time. The games will be hosted on our own custom synchtube equivalent, BERRYTUBE, courtesy of Cades. This allows us to avoid the 100 viewer limit, and throw in all sorts of game related features!

We'll be running the games in our own version of synchtube...BERRYTUBE! If that fails for some reason(we've done a bunch of testing, so it hopefully won't), we'll jump to our backup location.

BERRYTUBE LINK: http://www.berrytube.tv If the big view doesn't work well for you, scroll down to the bottom and click "regular" instead of HD.
If you plan to play, upvote! More upvotes=>more exposure=>more players=>more fun!(dare I say, double the fun?) It's a self post, meaning no karma! (other than the real life kind you get from hosting fun games!)
For those that can't be bothered with fancy mathematics, it starts at 8 central, 7 mountain, and 6 pacific.

Here's the link(again), but read everything below too!

While we're passing the time till 9, will be listening to all sorts of fan music, PMVs, etc. If there's something you want to see added, suggest it or add it. Just know that we'll be trying to stick to non-spoilery stuff for the newcomers.
Rules may vary depending on the ep, and what the participants decide. Also, WARNING: This game is not meant to be played with full shots, just average drinks/sips. You'll see why.

Global Rules

Drink for:
  • Taking Celestia's name in vain(or at least, using Celestia's name in place of where we might use "god")
  • Rainbow Dash crashing
  • Berry Punch*
  • Lyra and Bon-Bon together*
  • Pinkie blatantly breaking the fourth wall
  • Pop culture references(Musical tributes, Scooby Door gag, Pepé Le Pew Pinkie, and so on)
  • Dear Princess Celestia
  • Popular Memes (Just cause it has been slapped on an image macro doesn't make it a meme). As in, "20% cooler" level of popularity.
  • Secret Butt Fun
  • Squee
  • Songs(including the theme)(Pop culture rule still applies if song is based on one from a musical, so two drinks in that case)
  • Eeyup
  • Anytime a Cutie Mark Crusader checks their flank(only 1 drink if they do it together).
  • Anytime somepony gets their Cutie Mark.
  • Anytime a Unicorn(or Alicorn) uses a spell (telekinesis excluded)
  • Anytime somepony says "My Little Pony/Ponies"(Does not include theme)
  • Fluttershy acting un-fluttershy; yelling, outbursts, meanness, etc
  • Whatever else we decide on
*Background ponies one drink per scene per pony. Otherwise there'd be 5+ drinks every time the camera passes them by.

Episode Specific Rules:

(Used in addition to global rules, unless it seems too much, in which case, used instead of)
Episode Rule
A Bird in the Hoof Philomena coughing
Applebuck Season When AJ bucks a tree
Boast Busters When anypony says Trixie's full title
A Canterlot Wedding Cadence's full name.(Mi amore cadenza)
The Cutie Mark Chronicles Drink for rainboom
Fall Weather Friends When a point is scored. (Global rules disabled during Iron Pony competition)
Friendship is Magic The word "Friends"
Feeling Pinkie Keen When Pinkie's Pinkie Sense acts up
Griffon Brush Off When a prank is pulled
Lesson Zero "Worst Possible Thing", Sun ticking
Luna Eclipsed When Luna uses "The Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice". After "The Fun has been doubled", all rules specific to this ep = 2 drinks.
May the Best Pet Win When somepony says "Turtle" or "Cool(eest/etc)"
Over a Barrel When anypony says Appaloosa/Appaloosians
Secret of My Excess Spike growing or taking stuff.
Swarm of the Century When Pinkie mentions an instrument; when the parasprites multiply.
The Ticket Master When anypony says "The Grand Galloping Gala"
...and whatever else we decide on


On a few episodes, we're going to be doing a special, hilarious, rule. A rule that allows you guys to help decide what specifically we drink to. Put simply, if you can successfully construe something as sexual, we drink to it. For example, point out the obvious in this scene, and we'll drink to it. However THIS RULE IS ONLY IN EFFECT WHEN WE(the mods of the games) SAY IT IS.
Warning, again: Some of these may require small sips. This game isn't meant to be played with shots. I mean, you can, but I take no responsibility if you die.

---------Link here---------


  • First off, I want to thank all of you regulars who've I come to know and love every weekend. I do this for you guys, and you're awesome. These games mean a lot to quite a few people. Everyone has a hard week from time to time, and it's great to look forward to chilling with all you guys most every weekend.
  • Also, a HUGE thanks to Cades, who freakin wrote an entire website for the games. It was barely a few weeks ago that I suggested we start our own version of synchtube(with blackjack, and hookers!). Suddenly, like two weeks later, I get shown a full site with equivalent functionality to synchtube, and a bunch of features specific to the games. Cades, you're amazing.
  • Quakerlock/PobodysNerfect for the glasses, LavenderExtract/Lavender for the pillow and The BerryTube Team for the t-shirt.
  • Salculd for helping get the playlist ready.
  • Omnomtom, Salculd, Miggy, blushift, cades and everyone else for helping the to run the games all the weekends where I couldn't stick around, and for helping to organize this.
  • And again, thanks to purekhaos for posting the very first games on year ago. Were it not for that, I never would have taken up the torch, and turned them into such an awesome tradition.
Thanks to everyone else who I'm forgetting...I'm horrible with keeping track of this sort of thing.

One last detail on the prizes

Yes, there will be prizes. They will be awarded semi-randomly, but odds will increase for greater participation in the games. Winners will get to choose from the available prizes. Just stick around and have fun! Oh, and please try to use the same username/nickname on berrytube as on reddit, unless we already know what you go by typically from synchtube. That'll make it easier to get ahold of you if you win. Also, another way to do this, just say in berrytube chat "my reddit name is ". We can process the logs later to get your name that way. Or leave a comment here. Whatever works for you, just as long as we know.

Three important things:

  1. The game is meant to be played with small sips. We've had newcomers be confused and think that one drink is a full shot of liquor, and this has not ended well. Some of our heavier episodes can be up to 40 drinks in a 20 minute period.
  2. The game isn't competitive. Of course we have the Rainbow Dash types who try to outdrink and outlast everyone else, but this has never been the goal of the game. Our goal is for everyone to relax and have a good time, regardless of whether they decide to stay for the whole thing and drink enough to kill somepony, or whether they pass out after watching half an episode and drinking a warm glass of milk.
  3. While a chat full of drunk people is not going to be "safe for work," we still try to keep things reasonably in control. Our viewers come from all different kinds of backgrounds and "internet pain tolerances," but we try to keep things enjoyable for everyone. Outright clop and pornographic material will not be tolerated. There's a lot of gray area, however, so we're pretty understanding and warn people if something off-color gets posted, but not obviously for shock value.

---------Link here---------

submitted by Malsententia to mylittlepony