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Ya Know, Asking for Roms is bad...Unless they are legal:) Get ready for some truly amazing Homebrew! Disk Swapping for Genesis Plus GX! Better Amiga! 60 FPS SNES, HD PS1, FBNEO! Core Set Update for the Mini Classics! Enjoy:)

Two Releases in Two Days, Enjoy:)
Release Link at bottom of this Post!
Guess who's back, back again:)?
Here we are for another Update, touching up a few things, adding others! I watched Looks That Kill, a new movie, that the trailer would kind of lead you to believe is a comedy! But, it is actually a well acted Drama movie with a dark comedy twist! I think it will become a Cult Classic. And, I overall enjoyed it:) Now, I need to finish up Future Man!
And, I randomly started listening to some newer music. I am quite eclectic in my music tastes, from Chicago, to Electric Light Orchestra, to KMFDM, to Pantera, to some stuff you might not expect me to listen to! Christine and the Queens I found to be quite interesting. The lead singer has an amazing voice. Reminds me quite a bit of the sheer raw power that Beth Ditto of Gossip also has. And like Beth, Chris simply does not give a rat's ass what others think, and it shows in the pure energy conveyed live and even in the Studio Music!
In any case, let's get to this Update!
  • Da Videos!
  • VVVVVV Fix Up! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • Random Game Mode Activate! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • Genesis Mini Classic (6 Button Fix! (Mini MD)
  • Genesis Mini Classic (More Optimal RetroArch Exiting! (Mini MD)
  • PS4 Controller Fix! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • Nestopia Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Refresher Course on Mod Hub Games! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • 3D NES Games Possible on the Mini Classics?!
  • WIP and Final Thoughts!
Da Videos!
The Videos come first this time, as I only did 2!:) You can see my exploiting and demonstrating the amazing 3dSen Emulator on PC, and analyzing things in such a way to pull off some fun additions that one night not expect to work! Within my current Release, in Xtras/MXYZPTLK/ is a 3dSen ReadMe, that I will Update in future Releases, with any and all Exploits or Additions I am able to work in, environmentally, or otherwise! And, a showcase of the amazing Random Game Mode Activate, to top things off with the icing on the cake:)
3dSen HD 3D NES Games! Xtreme Exploit To Add MORE 3D Games! Castlevania Goes More Xtreme, Literally!
Genesis Mini Classic - Random Game Mode Activate! 6 Button Fix! Easy RetroArch Exit!
And, for those that might need a good laugh:)
And, of course, plenty more on my YouTube Channel:)
VVVVVV is now 6 MB Smaller on Install. The CLV is now CLV-G-VVVVVV to ensure there are no conflicts. Delete the CLV-VVVVVV one. Thanks for the heads up bslenul! All good now:)
Random Game Mode Activate! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
As you can see in the above linked video, this is a truly beautiful addition! When you are in a rut, and have a game on the tip of your tongue to play, but can't think of what to click...Let the amazing Random Game Mode Activate, courtesy of the scripting prowess of DanTheMan827, take charge, Roulette Style:) It works most effectively and optimally with SNESC! But, it should function quite nicely with MD/NES, as well. If things work out, Dan may be able to touch things up to have more variables. But, as is, it is a truly solid staple and will remain on my Main UI, along with RetroArch UI and Easy OC, as a permanent fixture! Go ahead, try it out! Note: if you are playing games where saves truly matter, it is probably best you load them the "old fashioned way". This is meant more as a fun gimmick, to throw some randomness at you! It is especially cool if you have thousands of games, and have no clue where to start! My video shows some fun shenanigans, in any case! Thanks again, Dan!
Genesis Mini Classic (6 Button Fix! (Mini MD)
Just a reminder, if using 6 Button Controller, you can now open RetroArch, Quick Menu, Controls, Load Mapper, Genesis Mini, 6 Button Fix:)
Genesis Mini Classic (More Optimal RetroArch Exiting! (Mini MD)
Due to popular demand and request, I did a quick touch up, so that you can easily tap Reset Button on your MD Mini ONCE, to Open RetroArch! Twice, to immediately Exit RetroArch! You can see me do it a few times in the Random Game Mode Activate Video! This should please both audiences, as you can Stay or Go, Clash Style:) Personal thanks to ReyVGM and jonnyOr for testing!
PS4 Controller Fix! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
Thank you bslenul for doing a quick patch up of incorrect mapping! You simply rock, as always! And, I know, many many many people will be most appreciative and less frustrated, as things will work more optimally!
Nestopia Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Personal thanks to NESminiling0618 and cosmicpineapple (stand out user name, for sure:) for the heads up. I quickly jumped onto fixing it for this Touch Up Release!
Refresher Course on Mod Hub Games! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
Don't forget to check out the 2 amazing Commodore 64 Collections on Mod Hub, that Requiem put together! He had spent a ton of time putting these together. Also, remember, after each game, restart the game in RetroArch Twice to be able to properly select from the list again! Thanks Greenchili for helping test these fantastic games! These will be absolutely always in my Main UI! And, we will try to get even more homebrew games into the Next Update! And, once you try these C64 Collections out, be sure to post a comment on which games you most enjoyed!
3D NES Games Possible on the Mini Classics?!
Studio Geod did such a fantastic job with their amazing 3dSen emulator for PC. I do a video showcase demonstration above in the YouTube Link. You can see me do some fun exploitation of what I feel is a decent enough pattern of recognition asset wise! And, it worked out, successfully, in a couple games. I feel, once more of us experiment, we will get many more fun results!
As far as this working on the Mini Classics. I am going to have to simply say, NO, not at all, for now. It would take Studio Geod and any preexisting licensing agreements, whether Steam, or otherwise, to not be tied up...Plus, either their direct efforts and/or assistance, and of course, Open Source Code, is greatly helpful!
In that respect, even DraStic should be Open Source enough for us to touch it up even further in fairly near future Releases!
For now, enjoy 3dSen, either on VR HeadSets, and/or PC! But, in time, it may migrate, with a bit of work, to the Mini Classics! Not to say that 3d Hacks cannot be made, however! But, the amazing gimmick of Mode 7 like scaling and rotation, amongst other magic, is near untouchable! I will also help anyone who needs assistance, running this as optimally, depending on what computer setups they are currently on! It is a fairly cpu intensive application. But, I will help Xtreme Mode Activate it, as much as possible, to help you all along! I will also do many more videos, showcasing games people request to be seen. And, I will try to see what I can do for best results as far as pseudo or near full fledged 3D, depending on whichever game! Plus, more mappers can potentially be added, over time! Thanks again for the amazing early year end gift, Studio Geod! Much obliged!
WIP and Final Thoughts!
I have gotten a crap ton of feedback since the Release. I thank you all! And, as far as WIP for Next Release, I will try to work in suggestions you all leave me in the comments on YouTube, Reddit, Discord, etc! Enjoy this touch-up Update, and be sure to let me know what current games/tv/movies you are all checking out! Always love good suggestions! And, I will be in contact with screemer and Axanar of AutoBleem, as well as Genderbent of RetroBoot, and try to make sure we all have a nice collaborative Next Release, together!
Link to Release Page, at bottom, per usual:)
Hello Everyone! Here we are again for yet another awesome Update! We have games, we have Cores, we have fixes, we have everything but the kitchen sink!
The world has been an absolutely crazy place over the last few months. But, hey, when is it not! That doesn't mean you all have to just stop enjoying life, clinging for fear and having anxiety over things to come, what is to be! Good and bad have always existed. You adapt, learn, progress, move forward, positive thinking wise! In any case, I truly hope all of you are staying safe, and enjoying your lives as best as you possibly can...in a most harmonious way!
I have tried to find the right balance between priorities, responsibilities, and personal enjoyment. Between working and updating, I also tried to catch up on some more TV Shows and Movies, as well as play a few games. Ozark, a Netflix show I initially passed right on by, thinking it wouldn't be that great...I checked it out, and ended up binge watching all 3 seasons. Aside from Breaking Bad, other shows that were similarly binge worthy to me were ones such as Shield, Prison Break, Heroes, and so on. The Writers' Strike occurred amidst the latter two, causing the overall quality to severely diminish in the final seasons...(kinda like Dexter and Game of Thrones!)
And, lastly, I finished Ozark on Netflix, also a great show...especially if you like crime style dramas, on the edge of your seat dramas, like Breaking Bad! I am now gonna finish up Future Man on Hulu, which is a fun, and very goofy show! Shows that are just absolutely goofy are few and far between. One I grew up with was called Get a Life, with Chris Elliott, heh. And, I also loved Sledge Hammer! In any case, let's get down to mod business!
  • 3D NES Games!? Can they run on the Mini Classics?
  • Requiem For A Mod Dream! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • VVVVVV...No, not the Cult Classic TV Mini-Series!:) (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Retroguru! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Nestopia Sound Better Than Ever! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Genesis Mini Classic Placeholder 6 Button Controller Fix! (Mini MD)
  • Genesis Plus GX Sega CD Disk Swapping! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • ScummVM Fixed Up! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • gpSP RetroAchievements Fix! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • RetroArch Xtreme Performance Touch-Ups for Amped/Ozone/RGUI! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • Playstation Classic Goodies! PS1 in HD! SNES at 60 FPS! FBNEO W/ColecoVision! (Mini PSC)
  • Commodore Amiga/64/Vic-20 All Accounted For, and better than ever!
  • What the hell is going on with the Turbografx-16 Mini!? (PCE Mini)
  • Da Videos!
  • Closing Notes!
3D NES Games!? Can they run on the Mini Classics?
Unfortunately, they would more than likely run as unoptimally as Mesen does on the Mini Classics! And, similarly, Mesen has some incredible HD Sprite Replacement Games, along with Custom CD Soundtracks...such as with Metroid and Castlevania! Mesen is incredible on PC. I would love to see it run better on the Minis!
3D wise, I played Metroid Cubed in 2003, of which Nintendo did a Cease and Desist Takedown Notice on! I was thoroughly surprised and happy to see that the current 3dSen just got Released for Steam! I will be doing videos on it, soon after this Update. There are roughly 70 Supported NES games, with a bit of magic handling, have amazing 3d Effects! You have to see it to believe it, and play it to truly comprehend! Again, expect a video of this in action, probably later today, if not tomorrow:)
As far as "this" kind of 3d running on ANY of the Mini Classics. It is too intensive, cpu wise, and would run slow...unless a miracle happened! So, for now, it is best enjoyed via PC or such! Maybe, one day, however, the miracle of it working reasonably on the Minis would be nice. But, do not expect it anytime soon!
Requiem For A Mod Dream! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
How many of you remember Requiem for a Dream, the movie! I used to rent about any new movie that came out. And, damn, that was quite a different kind of movie! It verged on the oddball kind of stuff I would expect from a David Lynch film! But, even to this day, I still vividly remember some of the crazy imagery that happened on screen! Now that I think about it, the newer movie Horse Girl seems like might have a semblance of the weird that RFAD had!
In any case, will the "Real" Requiem stand up! Requiem is a very cool, upstanding individual in the Mini Scene now. I have been in contact with him for over a year now, via the various Venues I communicate with people on. He kept suggesting and recommending games I try out, and vice versa. And, of course, I tried to fix up things based on his feedback. We started talking about "Homebrew" games, of which I have never really wanted to jump out of bed to just play! But, tried and true, more and more of these games have been getting my attention!
Where does Requiem come into play, you might ask? Well, he has painstakingly been seeking out and destroying...Had to do the Metallica reference! Such a badass song! Pretty much since my last Update 2 months ago, he had been searching every nook and cranny of the internet for the best of the best Homebrews, for many different systems. We started brainstorming a few ideas. And, in the end, it culminated in him putting together 2 absolutely, phenomenal collections of Commodore 64 Games, which are NOW on the Mod Hub, via hakchi2 CE! And, of course, those with PSC, if you watch my last video where I use Hakchi as a Game Manager for PSC! (Maybe, one day, true support!), you can grab well over 100 games now, which will keep increasing each and every update!
Back to these 2 collections of Commodore 64 Homebrews! You have roughly 50 or so great games, of many different genres, by several great enthusiasts who fan made them! And, "MarcosGM", it even includes the Caveman Remake you kept asking me about getting the real version of working on MAME, which isn't easily done on the Minis!
Be sure to grab these 2 collections of games from the Games Tab, and enjoy hours and hours and hours of game play! Try out I Wanna Flip The Sky, particularly...as it is a great companion piece to the Next Great thing in The Update! VVVVVV! Thanks again, Requiem, you have been an absolutely amazing part of the Homebrew Selection Process! I sense more to come in future Updates!
The Two Commodore 64 Collections. After you play a game, go into RetroArch Settings, Restart Game Twice, so you can properly select another!
VVVVVV...No, not the Cult Classic TV Mini-Series!:) (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
V was a great TV series, as well as Mini Series! I loved the show as a kid, and even the remake roughly a decade ago! There were action figures, comics, even some PC games based off of it. And, Freddy Krueger was in it, before he turned evil:)
But, VVVVVV is as mindbendingly cool, gravity wise, as Inception! And, yeah, very much looking forward to Nolan's upcoming movie! That, and Top Gun will be fun movies this year. Hell, I may even check out Wonder Woman, since the first standalone movie (Non-Justice League), was not too shabby. And, I also see that a director's cut should be coming out of Justice League, which might be a great deal better. Zak Snyder has done some fun movies before. And, apparently, only 25 percent of his work was used in the final film. He had to step down from the director's chair due to a tragedy in real life, unfortunately!
Terry Cavanagh developed VVVVVV on a variety of platforms. DanTheMan827 was a huge fan of one of his other games, Super Hexagon...By the way There is a Mini Version of Hexagon (albeit, with an epilepsy warning, due to the crazy flashing) on one of the C64 Collections Requiem put together! Dan got things up and running, VVVVVV wise, for the MD/SNES/NES Classics! You simply need to download the game from the Mod Hub, throw the data.zip into the CLV Folder. data.zip can be gotten from the purchasable GOG or Steam Versions. I am personally using the Steam Version, which can be grabbed for roughly 3 USD. It is a masochistic game, that is incredibly addictive and fun to play. You flip gravity to traverse the levels in very unique ways, with some fun puzzles along the route! I did a video demonstration of the game in action! And, of the time of this Release, Patton's take on the game, demonstration wise, should be up, or soon to be up! And, I am sure he will also showcase some of the other fun games that pop up in this Release!
Thor, of Retroguru, helped get VVVVVV up and running for the Playstation Classic. And, I am indebted to him for the great efforts he has put forth on some other amazing homebrews, as well...which I am also very happily posting in the Release! This works with AutoBleem, RetroBoot, my Xtreme Inector! VVVVVV for PSC is in my PSC Folder, AB, RB_APPS, simply install the game to your Flash Drive, then navigate to Apps/vvvvvv/vvvvvv and copy data.zip there. Then, push start on Main UI, then push select a few times til you get to the Custom Apps, which will now have VVVVVV and any others you decide to install! Some require you to add the game files, due to legal reasons, just like VVVVVV! Try out Fruit-Y, Hermes, and SqRxZ 4 for PSC! And, you can try out SqRxZ 1-4, Xump 1-2, Trap Runner, Super Nutmeg, Fred's Journey, for the other Minis! Thanks again, all of you at Retroguru!
And, Retroguru also worked on the fanmade Giana's Return, off of Great Giana Sisters! There will be a nice definitive version of it coming out, due to their hard work and dedication! And, we could probably expect this sometime in the fairly near future! Giana games have always been fun, from the first time I played on Commodore 64 and Amiga! They are also on Nintendo DS and Sony and Microsoft Systems. Fun, slighly inspired by Mario 1. But, there is enough awesome sauce in the games to carry their own weight! Nintendo put a little pressure on the original developers, to get the first game removed from Store Shelves. It worked, to a degree. But, Giana became a cult classic, and is now here to stay!
Retroguru! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
These guys are great, and have worked on roughly a good dozen+ amazing games. Many of which are now in this Release! Several you can get from the Mod Hub, and a few from the same spot VVVVVV is in, directly above!
Nestopia Sound Better Than Ever! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
You may have noticed, quite a few games had scratching sound with Nestopia...No More! Thanks carmiker!
Genesis Mini Classic Placeholder 6 Button Controller Fix! (Mini MD)
Some of you with 6 Button MD Mini Controllers, may have noticed remapping tends to be off by +1! We should be able to work towards a true fix, in the future. But, with some great testing power and patience, both ReyVGM and myself have a placeholder fix for those of you who are tired of the frustration of accidentally pushing the wrong button and using your magic or power in games, such as Streets of Rage, etc! Simply go into RetroArch Settings, Controls, Mapper, Load Mapper, Genesis Mini, 6 Button Fix! It tests and works great.
Genesis Plus GX Sega CD Disk Swapping! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Yes, you can now swap disks for Sega CD, with Genesis Plus GX! Simply go into RetroArch Settings, Disk Append, and select your disk, there. Now, you can finally beat Night Trap and other such games on Genesis Plus GX! This will not work on Genesis Plus Xtreme, for now! Thanks so much Ekeeke!
ScummVM Fixed Up! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
You should be able to have no issues running games with /bin/scummvm as well as /bin/km_scummvm Thanks to any and all who gave me feedback on problems loading a few games.
gpSP RetroAchievements Fix! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
For those of you who are uninitiated, gpSP is a solid GBA Core that is fast and powerful. Its main drawback is that it is not completely reliable with saves. But, now, RetroAchievements should finally be fixed for the Core!
Thanks negativeExponent!
RetroArch Xtreme Performance Touch-Ups for Amped/Ozone/RGUI! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
Got quite a bit of feedback from over 100 people. And, I touched up all 3 to have slightly better performance, without trading off too much stability and latency! Remember, only install one RetroArch at a time! Speaking of which, bslenul also helped with a nice coding addition to help properly push Amiga Saves to the folder they belong to. You can view this and more info, whilst viewing the Core in hakchi!
Playstation Classic Goodies! PS1 in HD! SNES at 60 FPS! FBNEO W/ColecoVision! (Mini PSC)
Unfortunately, these are strictly for Playstation Classic, for now!
PS1 in HD! Yeah, this was no easy task. Many games used to have bad stutter and/or be unplayable, while in HD Mode Activate! After installing the Xtreme Injector, load up even R-Type Delta, a game that had issues before, and watch the magic happen! And, of course, try many other games, even Ridge Racer! I also updated special case scenario video plugin setups for Neon, Peops, Unai! So, you have 4 nifty options to choose from!
Use Mednafen SNES Faust to run SNES games at 60 FPS, even with Rewind on! SNES9x 2016-2018, and up lose 20 FPS, roughly, with Rewind enabled! You also get an added perk of being able to run many FX Chip Games, like Star Fox, Yoshi's Island, Stunt Race FX, also at 60 FPS! And, even Mega Man X1, 2 work great! Fun fun Core! Thanks Mednafen, for your helpful efforts with this amazing addition! Thanks so much nl255, for helping test this great addition...And, having excellent attention to detail. I can make improvements to it, as time progresses. This is one can of whoop ass that is a Beast Mode Activate Core, without a doubt!
FBNEO is an amazing Arcade Core, nice companion piece to MAME. I run both! In any case, thanks to dinkc64 and Gab75, we have quite a few nifty homebrews for ColecoVision, as well as Team Pixelboy Games, working with direct load from FBNEO! They must be inside a folder named coleco (case sensitive), along with the appropriate Coleco Bios. coleco.zip Greenchili and myself have put efforts into getting many of these coded in last year. Dinkc64 was nice enough to push some of the coding, and add to the awesomeness, for even more games! I was happy with Dragon's Lair SGM and Buck Rogers SGM! But, now, you can run over 40+ games, as well as many more! I will do more videos of this, as well as help any of you that need assistance running these. You are also welcome to ping or pm me on our Discord! And, if you check back periodically, you may see a surprise or few turn up inside Xtras/MXYZPTLK, in my Release! So, anyone who wants to run these, or has trouble running them, simply let me know! And, we will go from there! Coleco Via FBNEO will be a priority for me to do more info and help you all run. I just ran a little short on time, so will follow-up right after Release with more of this magic! Just don't forget to refresh the MXYZPTLK folder! This will be the next priority, along with getting some 3d NES Videos up! Also, Requiem did a nice little compilation of Team Pixelboy Cheats, for the Coleco Games, which I threw in Xtras/MXYZPTLK! Other fun stuff may show up there, this week, too! Just keep refreshing, and maybe, just maybe, you will see some goodies pop in! Thanks again Greenchili, dinkc64, Gab75, and all else involved!
Commodore Amiga/64/Vic-20 All Accounted For, and better than ever!
Thanks Sonninnos and RSN8887, per usual! And, I also did what I could to help improve things on the Mini Classics. Games now load Warp Speed Ahead, automatically! Try Fix it Felix, as an example, especially the slower C64 Formats! Additionally, did some sprucing up, and you can...on the Minis (aside from PSC), use these command lines.../bin/c64, /bin/c128, and /bin/vic20 ! Vic-20 is fun. I would recommend trying homebrew games first, as some of the retail games do not yet work! But, things are getting better each update! Have tried quite a few in my schedule, when not working! And, a personal thanks to MadFranko008 for some of the incredible wealth of Commodore Knowledge he has continually passed along! It has helped give some fun ideas of things to mess with, Core wise!
I also did a new tutorial on my YouTube, to cover "Legal" BIOS. I also did some personal testing, and matched up all of the "out in the wild" MD5 Checksums, with their appropriate names, too! You can see this information, in Xtras, Amiga, Direct Load txt. Scroll all the way down, for BIOS MD5s for both sets of Forever Amiga BIOS, as well as the "Out in the Wild" ones! And, don't be a stranger, if you ever need assistance! Many of you have already come to me, and are now playing Amiga "Forever", literally:)
What the hell is going on with the Turbografx-16 Mini!? (PCE Mini)
You may be wondering, when the hell is this thing gonna be hacked in a way that the public can use it, user friendly wise! Don't get your hopes up, too soon. It is a tricky system to work with, as entering FEL mode, like with the other Minis (requiring power+reset), is not possible the same way on the TG-16 Mini! There is no Reset Button! The Reset, even on the real hardware, was on your controller! select+start! Sound familiar? There are some great people picking at the system. But, with all the crazy stuff going on in the world, true dedication, day in and day out, may not be as easily a goal, as was when we were all doing MD Mini, SNES Mini, and so on! No matter the case, be patient, be careful if someone DOES release a modification...as, it can potentially be risky. If you screw up the Uboot, you would typically have to take the system apart to fix it!
Da Videos!
Playstation Classic - MORE Badass Homebrew! Bonus! Hakchi as Game Manager!!!
Playstation Classic - Badass Homebrew! Missile Command, Tower Defense, etc!
Playstation Classic - Playstation Games in HD! NBA Basketball FTW!
Playstation Classic - ColecoVision Arcade Quality FTW! FBNEO Wins Per Usual!
Playstation Classic - Sharp X68000 Tutorial! Arcade Games FTW!
Playstation Classic - ColecoVision Homebrew FTW! FBNEO Rulez! Direct Load!
Genesis Mini Classic - VVVVVV FTW! Truly Badass HomeBrew!
Genesis Mini Classic - VVVVVV FTW! Truly Badass HomeBrew!
Genesis Mini Classic - SHMUPS That Will Literally Kick Your Ass!
Genesis Mini Classic - ColecoVision SGM Showcase! Dragon's Lair, Pac Man Metal Gear Crossover, etc!
Playstation Classic - Commodore 64 Goes More Xtreme! Faster Loading! Badass Games!
Turbografx 16 Mini! First Impressions! Worth Buying? Rondo of Blood FTW!
Turbografx 16 Mini Unboxing!
Playstation Classic - SNES Games Running At 60 FPS FTW! With Rewind!
Check out my channel for a plethora more Videos! Thanks!
Closing Notes!
It has been a crazy and wild ride, this year! Who would have ever thought 2020 would be like what many felt 2000 would have been! Hopefully, things smooth out, in the future...And, harmony happens to a degree! We can all just try our best! Keep pushing forward, positive forward thinking!
DanTheMan827, who of course works on Hakchi2 CE, has also gotten into another thing we have chatted about in the past...Squashing files to even smaller sizes! Expect some examples of these for the MD/SNES/NES Classic, in likely the Next Release! Some test examples, potentially can drop in size, 7 MB, at a fair low, to over 100 MB+ at a high! Just needs some testing to ensure all rolls out smoothly!
Requiem also did the Custom Arts for several of the newest Game Additions to Mod Hub. I, of course, had to do a little editing, getting them to proper dimensions, and all that fun stuff, for appropriate display! Also check out the little animation for VVVVVV when viewed in the Mod Hub! I may get more demonstrations like these up, in the Next Release!
I will also work towards trying to have games for nearly every Core, available, on Mod Hub!
As I type this last section, I have succeeded in working in maximum overdrive, doing my double shifts at work, as well as finishing up the Update, trying to help troubleshoot others, as well as take care of real life responsibilities. Many of you have already reported to me that now, with the lockdown not being as bad, you are taking a long needed vacation! Well, I can say it first...Enjoy it! Try to really grab the moment, and just have fun for a little bit, rather than letting despair take hold, with the world situation! Things will get better, you will get better, you will see!
See you Next Time! And, in between! And, remember...Once I get a little sleep, I will be back in action with more videos, and even MORE WIP Updating!
And, looking forward to the feedback, as well as catching up on all of your many messages!
PS I have also communicated with Genderbent. And, once he is done with his mini vacation, he should be back to getting another kickass RetroBoot together, complete with a new RetroArch! We have decided to not jump right onto the newest ones, without some extensive testing. 1.7.8 and on, have had various fun factors to contend with. 1.8.4 is quite good, at the moment. 1.8.5 became 1.8.6 became 1.8.7, quite fast. Typically, a new RetroArch Release would be 6 months, give or take...unless issues "butterfly mod effect" arise. Butterfly Mod Effect is a part of any development process. You gotta break a few eggs to create an omelette, metaphorically speaking! But, in any case, Libretro is doing a tremendous job, as well as we all are attempting to bring more and more future nostalgic awesomeness to you all!
Signing out, KM:)
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Transition from Quest 1 to Quest 2 thoughts

I've kicked off various conversation with misc Reddit denizens on some of the included points.
As this is the Internet, I'll caveat and pre-empt any juvenile style "change your eyes / Change your glasses / buy a better PC / Buy an Index" nonsense.
I'm not invalidating your purchasing decision with the Q2. I made the same one being at the time a q1 owner, and having loved my initial VR exposure immensely.
Love and enjoy what you have. But if you are thinking of jumping over, perhaps have a read. It's of course subjective, but if like me you favour certain games and experiences, you might find it interesting, and it might help steer you one way or another.
TL:DR - Your love / hate / mild loathing will vary considerably, directly proportional to what you use it for and what you PLAY on it.
Extra weight reduction welcome, and the bundled strap isn't bad dependant upon your usage scenarios.
However, the ease in which the Q1 could be past between family members and quickly adjusted if necessary is missed. So as a sole user, once setup personally it's fine. Lacking the more ridged plastic side strap to which you can add a velco strap to stop your link cable getting dislodged however.
Obviously it's slightly smaller, and as a glasses wearer, the extra ~1cmm width reduction tends to pull my glasses off when removing the headset, and makes it more awkward getting it on.
Still, I can always play £50 for better / wider face foams with the 'fit pack' ;_)
EDIT - 17/20/20 - Caved in and brought the Elite strap. Grab 'n Go issues between us pretty much eradicated, and with the lighter weight, it is a joy to wear, albeit another £50..
White. Breaking news. Stupid choice personally but FB's attempt to rope in social media zombies. Gonna get dirty 'n messy long term.
Can only assume some psychologically driven market research led to this decision.. :-)
I've heard (no pun) it was marginally better but personally I can't tell any different. Never thought the Q1 sound was bad to begin with..
Actually prefer these slightly larger ones however, with the Q1 the buttons were in a line so it was intuitive to find the indented home ones.
One really odd thing I found was testing TWD:SS. When charging the AR 15 rifle, with the new controllers they 'clash' and hit each other as you go to perform the action. This doesn't happen with the Q1 version.
For the life of me, can't quite understand why it happens. Yes they're somewhat bigger, but not enough (or so it feels) to lead to this occurrence.
Quite jarring when it happens immersion wise as you can appreciate.
Not a main point for many, but given our family usage, it's broken and jittery with the Q2, going to the same Chromecast ultra with dedicated mini ethernet adapter which was perfectly fine with the Q1.
Spoken to a few ppl on Reddit, it's looking like it's a bug I'd say.
Wifi / Virtual Desktop:
I'd say marginally better. I have a dedicated 5gz 300mbps wifi router. Nothing special, but this honestly needs more exhaustive testing.
I did notice that with the Q2, when you select the connected network, it no longer tells you your connection speed, and just gives an indication of perceived signal strength.
Required Facebook account:
I'm going to be a coward and leave this for now, but I'm certain FB's decision has put 1000's off buying one..
Cant say I've noticed an improvement. I can manage a few Beat Sabre expert songs, but I'm sure others may pipe up on this topic.
Save data migration:
FB Should have insisted as part of the game curating process that all games approved to Store must have had a cloud backup mechanism. Equally, FB knew they'd be introducing a new model, and could have aided dev studios retrofit this capability into existing titles. Pretty contemptible you have to use Side quest or attempt other alternatives.
The Visuals:
EDIT - 17/10/20 - Some kind soul shared this link - https://youtu.be/okQXPswzias - basically you can sideload and modify the brightness lvls via the Oculus TV app. I've got it set at 40%. Helps a little 👍
The big one.
Finding the sweet spot. Much, much harder on this but achievable, if you can excuse the slight FOV 'overlap' regardless of what IPD setting you go for.
SDE - MUCH improved. Magnificently so. Sadly, I don't think this and the possible / eventual 90htz will mitigate some of my thoughts below. I will say the SDE never really took me out of a vr experience, but this is a whole separate can of argumentative worms which I'll not go into here.
Sharpness for small text / details equally fabulous.
I had to remove the glasses spacer (despite needing glasses) to make work for me, prior to that the FOV was a disaster. (Note, for NONE glasses wearers, I've read that adding the spacer came actually make the FOV more tolerable. Please give that a try it your struggling!)
Q1 wins hands down where sweet spot is concerned, but I can see others without glasses feeling ok about that tbh.
If I'm going to inadvertently 'trigger' you, it'll be over this next bit..
Scenario 1 - if you play the brighter / colourful titles, you'll be suitably impressed with the Q2's fidelity. Equally if the Q2 is your 1st VR experience, you'll have the benefit of knowing nothing else and PERHAPS won't notice or care.
Scenario 2 - Me and these games and those of a similar type:
Native Quest:
DreadHalls / Vader Immortal Ep1 / Gun Club Vr (dark torch necessary sections)
All objectively worse. Simply and irrefutably so. Not the bright bits, so opening HL:A and standing on the bright sunlit balcony isn't helping. Wait until the you get to the foggy mess that is the 1st seriously dark tunnels, just before you find the flashlight, or even the antlion tunnels etc.
Save and compare between Q1 and Q2 / Rift S if you've able.
My only VR headset exposure was the CV1 and Q1 - both OLED based.
While I had both quest headsets in my possession, did and have done fairly exhaustive testing subject to time, kit and titles to hand.
This is both from my own and 2 x friends view points, one of who also owns a Quest 1 and that was also his 1st headset.
All shocked to varying degrees. 1 slightly less so less so, but the other (Q1 owner) equally shared my disappointment and no he won't now be 'upgrading'
Analogies between OLED vs LCD TV's and monitors, while not valueless, simply don't take into account you've got a screen strapped to your face. Sorry, but it's true.
May seem dramatic, but if you've only ever known LCD based VR headsets, you've found it acceptable and have acclimatised to what is I feel a vastly inferior immersive experience.
I took the opportunity on Wednesday, with another friend, as his work colleague had popped down with his Rift S and gaming laptop. I had the Q1 and Q2 with me.
We setup Dread Halls and Vader Immortal (Ep1) (time was limited) and again, the Rift S owner was aghast at the difference the Q2 made to those darkly themed titles (vs Q1)
Couldn't tell much difference in terms of washed out grey fog between Q2 and Rift S (the later very comfortable however. Nice bit of kit less this view point!)
I'll boldly say it's somewhat put a break on my VR enthusiasm, knowing that LCD screens even for the likes of the G2 / Index are based on this technology.
All the screen htz, better FOV, wouldn't I expect for ME compensate for the immersive body blow the lcd screens introduce.
Sold my Q1 to a friend. He's one happy bunny. I wasn't going to go back on my offer given how excited he was.
I'm not going to send the Q2 back, as it's fine for Wifeie and my 2 girls, in fact as above, better in many regards.
However, with the £150 sale money, I might eventually end up buying a 2nd hand Q1, and exclusively use if for PCVR gaming.
Pay's ya money, takes 'ya chance. I have read on Reddit that a few ppl say upping the gamma to 1.25 lessens the grey fog effect within VD, but can't comment on that yet.
Thanks for reading :-)
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