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Flatten the Curve. Part 54. The Technocrats and their AI Garden of Eden. Possible Social Engineering Examples. IoT. Health Pass. ClearviewAI. GPAI. The Bounce. Pornhub Statistics. This is the longest two weeks of all time.

What's on your agenda for 2030? Have you made plans? Are you planning on making plans? Are your goals realistic? Are they inline with our approaching Not Normal New Normal online reality that the world wide WEB is going to offer become? Because nobody will own anything, anymore, ever again. All things will be a part of the WEB. Most of us won’t have to work because we won't have to make anyTHING in the IoT (Internet ofThings).
An IoT system consists of sensors/devices which “talk” to the cloud through some kind of connectivity. Once the data gets to the cloud, software processes it and then might decide to perform an action, such as sending an alert or automatically adjusting the sensors/devices without the need for the user. Oct 29, 2016.
IoT makes everyday objects 'smart' by enabling them to transmit data and automate tasks, without requiring any manual intervention. Essentially, any object that can be connected to the internet and controlled that way is a candidate for an IoT device.
And who will run the WEB? AI. It will capture trap data and make decisions about how to best apply that data. And we are data, and they have to analyze and interpret the data to know how to best use that data.
The benefits of IoT for apparel and accessories customers are huge, and most of them are linked to health. Smart sensors located in a shirt (see Hexoskin), for example, could track your heart-rate or temperature, while socks could measure your steps, calories consumed, amongst other data.
Ah. It's for our own good. Thank God. I was getting worried there for a second. Let's see how else it could be used for the betterment of society.
Along with advanced data analytics, IoT-enabled devices and sensors are helping us reduce air pollution in some of our world's biggest cities, improve agriculture and our food supply, and even detect and contain deadly viruses. Source Here
Reduce air pollution. Improve agriculture. And contain deadly viruses. Like now. See? If the IoT had been here soon enough, we wouldn't have to be living in isolation through a pandemic. This is why it's vitality important to implement certain measures that normally would be considered verboten, like a health pass.
Health Pass • The confidence to move forward. Health Pass by CLEAR gives employees and consumers the confidence and peace of mind to get back to work, shop at their favorite store, step into a restaurant and attend a ball game. For over 10 years, CLEAR has been the trusted industry leader for biometric identity and access. Now, no matter where you go, CLEAR's established platform can make everyday experiences easier and safer for everyone. Source Here
Are you CLEAR? Because if you aren't, you're a danger to society and then society's way forward won't be CLEAR. Society's future will remain in our distant past as we will have to remain socially distant, which will prevent the NOT NORMAL NEW NORMAL from becoming our BOT NORMAL NEW NORMAL. Just to be sure that we're all on the same page, there will be GATES to keep us cordoned until we can be CLEARed by an AI IoT system through the data in our clothes. And that's important, because we can't have Viruses running rampant and spreading, because a Virus is deadly when your living in an Information Based Economy. Do you have a CLEARVIEW of where this is headed yet? I bet you do, but let's be sure.
Clearview.ai • Clearview AI is a new research tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify perpetrators and victims of crimes. Clearview AI's technology has helped law enforcement track down hundreds of at-large criminals, including pedophiles, terrorists and sex traffickers. It is also used to help exonerate the innocent and identify the victims of crimes including child sex abuse and financial fraud. Using Clearview AI, law enforcement is able to catch the most dangerous criminals, solve the toughest cold cases and make communities safer, especially the most vulnerable among us.
The most vulnerable among us? Who are they? Right here, right now? Let's think, shall we?
The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the global population in drastic ways. In many countries, older people are facing the most threats and challenges at this time. Although all age groups are at risk of contracting COVID-19, older people face significant risk of developing severe illness if they contract the disease due to physiological changes that come with ageing and potential underlying health conditions.
Voila! I feel safer, do you feel safer? Of course you do! Let's put on our face condoms masks and build a socially distant campfire and sing kumbaya and It's a AI Small World After All. Because after all is said and done, we all become old one day. And nobody wants to die before they have to. And think of the elderly. All the sacrifices that they've made for the younger generations! After all, whose going to make our fast food?
If you look closely when you walk into your favorite fast food restaurant or casual dining restaurant, you might notice something different. Where there used to be waiters and hostesses who had just learned to drive, these jobs are now being filled by a completely different demographic – senior citizens.
Thank you seniors! You truly are the greatest generation that has ever lived. Holding the lines while burger bombs and french fry grenades explode around you! Without you, who would make sure we received our fast food, fast?
April 19, 2019 • And more businesses are taking note. In fact, according to Gartner, “by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will be managed without a human.” Fast-food companies have heavily invested in automation, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies in recent years, and it’s fair to expect the trend to continue and expand as AI grows increasingly advanced and becomes more accessible.And more businesses are taking note. In fact, according to Gartner, “by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will be managed without a human.” Fast-food companies have heavily invested in automation, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies in recent years, and it’s fair to expect the trend to continue and expand as AI grows increasingly advanced and becomes more accessible. Source Here
Raise the praise for Ronald McDonald's Happy Meals! Now we can isolate the elderly and they don't have to work anymore! After all, should they really be working at their age? Aren't they kind of old, and, uhm, well, not to be impolite or rude, but aren't they getting a bit senile to be employed?
Nancy Pelosi Glitches • Source Here
Hillary Clinton Stumbles at 911 event • Source Here
Awkward moment Donald Trump forgets to sign executive order • Source Here
Joe Biden forgets Kamala Harris is Black Woman senator • Source Here
Those politicians sure are ACTING old, aren't they? Should they really be in charge of the most powerful nation on the planet? Maybe we should find an alternative, like an AI World Government • Source Here
Or maybe get a younger guy in there until AI is ready? Somebody like Andrew Yang. Somebody who wants UBI so that we don't starve when the robots take our jobs • Source Here
Health Pass to keep us alive. UBI to feed us. AI running the planet. Why, it almost looks like it was a well thought out plan, doesn't it? Like a chess game. Or a game of Go. So maybe we should jump into the Deep Blue and just AlphaGo and get a move on already? I can't speak for you, but I'm excited about not having a purpose in life. Sounds great, doesn't it? We can all be Comfortably Numb together!
Now. Do you have a Clearview yet? Maybe? Possibly? Or maybe you're unsure? On the fence. Stuck in the middle? Allow me to elucidate some more to convince the undecided.
MAGA. Make America Great Again. Great slogan, right? It really whips up the patriotism when you think of all of those jobs being brought back from China. Jobs for you. Except.
Forrester predicts that by 2025, technologies like robots, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation will replace 7% (or 22.7 million) jobs in the US alone. Source Here
Repetitive tasks like factory work. Or Trucking and Parcel Delivery.
Long-Haul Trucking • I think we will see significant numbers of self-driving trucks in the next five to 10 years, even before self-driving cars. There is a significant shortage of people willing to drive the big rigs down the highway and significant price pressure on their wages. Just think, wouldn’t it be great if all the trucks would stay in one lane? It would be a huge win for the shipping companies and for the general public.
Delivery Services • Automation is best when it is a repetitive action. Restaurants already use automation to dispense your soda in the drive-through or fry up a batch of fries when more are needed. I see package delivery being automated at some point. Drones are already being tested to deliver packages—why not a self-driving truck with a drone to drop the package off at the door? Source Here
That's. A lot. Of jobs. Isn't it? Yes it is. But surely governments are only looking out for us, right? Surely they aren't in league with tech corporations who have a hidden in plain sight agenda being executed under a digital canopy of camouflage?
June 20, 2017 • Donald Trump called for “sweeping transformation of the federal government’s technology” during the first meeting of the American Technology Council, established by executive order last month. Eighteen of America’s leading technology executives – including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google parent Alphabet – convened at the White House Monday for the summit. “Government needs to catch up with the technology revolution,” said Trump. “America should be the global leader in government technology just as we are in every other aspect, and we are going to start our big edge again in technology – such an important industry.” Source Here
I've spoken about this before: Big Tech and the Government is the same thing. Yes, yes, I know, they're gonna break them apart. Okie Dokie. Gotcha.
Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance • Source Here
Apple's SIRI • Apple’s digital virtual assistant started life as a DARPA project in the early 2000s, known as CALO – ostensibly an acronym for Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes, but also a nod to the Latin word for a soldier’s servant. SOURCE HERE
Microsoft • THE MICROSOFT POLICE STATE: MASS SURVEILLANCE, FACIAL RECOGNITION, AND THE AZURE CLOUD • Microsoft helps police surveil and patrol communities through its own offerings and a network of partnerships — while its PR efforts obscure this. Source Here
Amazon • The Details About the CIA's Deal With Amazon • Source Here
Ok. They're pretty well in bed with each other. And with the IoT and 5G coming along, they'll be watching us in our beds, all the time. Here's hoping that we don't end up on Pornhub, right? Why it's almost like all that free porn is designed to make us used to the act of being recorded while we have sex. There are sure a lot of amateur recordings being uploaded, aren't there?
Let's look.
Categories viewed the longest in the U.S.—13 to 14 minutes: • Amateur (that is, not produced by commercial entities) Categories that gained the most views from 2016 to 2017: • Cuckold (men watching other men with their gals), up 72 percent. Source Here
Strange statistics, aren't they? They don't rank them up above, and there are others, so maybe they're blips. Aberrations? Not Normal.
The category with the greatest increase in traffic, 108 per cent, was 'amateur'Source Here
Nope. That's a Not Normal New Normal statistic for sure. But we're not being conditioned to being watched in an internet of things exhibition, are we?
This is coming (pardon the pun) and most people are asleep at the wheel. We're going to have a hard (sorry again) time convincing anyone that this is real. A really hard time (ok, ill stop). You see, whatever groups have came up with this have been at it for a long (not another pun, I swear) time. It's designed to make our lives easier and better. On paper. But. How can we trust any of it? This is uncharted water. And it wouldn't be the first time the scientists and the politicians haven't had our best intentions. Heck, it wouldn't even be the first time that they did have good intentions and ended up screwing (not a punhub pun) it up.
The short and simple version of what were seeing carried out before our eyes is this; the Garden of Eden.
November 15, 1997 • The latest entrant to the utopian ranks seems to be Freeman J. Dyson, the 73-year-old mathematician and former physicist, who is now a futurologist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. Like the scientific utopians at this century's start, Mr. Dyson says technology provides the bridge to a heaven on earth. He conjures up a world where trees, not oil wells, produce fuel, where rural villages are the major source of wealth, and former slum dwellers are hooked up to the Internet. In his vision, new technologies pointed in the right direction could create such a poverty-free utopia, leapfrogging the dishearteningly slow efforts of the World Bank and other do-gooders to promote development. Source Here
Where rural villages are the major source of wealth? Hmmm.
Rich flee NYC, workers deal with COVID-19 • Source Here
Hollywood Apocalypse: The rich and famous are fleeing in droves • Source Here
That's quite the coincidence, isn't it?
What research into this holy trinity of solar energy, genetics and computers now needs, Mr. Dyson said, is ''a strong ethical push'' to get all three technologies working in tandem to create ''a socially just world.''
An ethical push. Like a Pandemic. Like now. So it's a great thing that the Great Reset was ready to go and we can Build Back Better because We're All In This New Normal Together and You're Either With Us Or Against Us.
Is this our future? Hooked up to AI to create a swarm intelligence? And maybe the bigger question is why? Because if you still think this is about money, you're wrong. Sorry, but you are. And even if you don't agree, don't come back in a year or two and say, I told you so. Why? Because this is a long game and if you want to understand better, look into game theory. There will be an upcoming post on this later.
So do we have a CLEARVIEW on AI yet?
Clearview AI cancels contract with RCMP, says it’s no longer offering its facial recognition tech in Canada. Clearview AI claims its solution has an advantage over competing facial recognition products because it has copied more than 3 billion images from the internet, including from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Police forces use Clearview AI to compare images of unknown people — usually suspects — to this database for identification. In addition to questions about the legality of photo scraping for a commercial entity, Clearview AI apparently keeps images in its database even if someone deletes their image from a website. Source Here
Now here's the crux of the problem. Do they see all of this as necessary for the war over natural resources that seems to get closer everyday? Is the environment worse (as I suspect it is in this series) than they've told us, and do they think that we can't make it past without linking up to AI? And here's another thought, maybe AI can't work without us being hooked up to it? Because make no mistake about anybody associated with AI, they are all part of the same group. Here's looking at you Elon. I see you. Good cop. Bad cop. Problem. Reaction. Solution.
And what about MAGA? I kind of brought it up and left it hanging. Let's cut down the noose, shall we. Now remember, words matter. All words. Nothing is an accident at this point. Maybe humans couldn't come up with this intricate of a plan, but a supercomputer could have. Because I don't believe what I'm about to write is an accident.
MAGA • Make America Great Again.
MAGA • Microsoft Apple Google Amazon.
Trump opened the meeting with CEOs from **Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others by thanking Thiel for his support. “I want to add that I am here to help you folks do well. And you’re doing well right now and I’m very honored by the bounce. They’re all talking about the bounce. So right now everybody in this room has to like me, at least a little bit,” Trump said, perhaps in reference to the fact that he received little support from Silicon Valley during his campaign.
Doesn't that sound like Big Tech got him there? Thank you for the bounce? Really. And why did they thank Thiel for his support? Doesn't it seem off? Or is it just me? Am I suffering another delusional conspiracy moment? Is this apophenia? They are all connected to government after all. And government is putting it's full weight behind AI.
On February 11, 2019, President Trump signed Executive Order 13859 announcing the American AI Initiative — the United States’ national strategy on artificial intelligence. This strategy is a concerted effort to promote and protect national AI technology and innovation. The Initiative implements a whole-of-government strategy in collaboration and engagement with the private sector, academia, the public, and like-minded international partners.
Heck, every alliance country is on-board to be online for AI.
Canada and a dozen other countries have launched the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday. “Today, as one of 13 founding members, Canada helped launch the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence,” Trudeau told reporters. In addition to Canada, the partnership includes Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. Source Here
So we have all signed up to a Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence. Ok. And now they're instituting health passes to be cleared for travel. OK. Now you don't think people will be going over all that health data, do you? And if you set off alarms? Then it'll be a good thing that a facial recognition AI will have a Clearview of where you've been and who you've infected. Just in case you don't have your phone. And you're wearing a mask. But is all this prep for the the future society so they can safeguard the AI system, or is it for something else? Because they're adamant that we're entering the age of pandemics, aren't they? And we're getting pretty antagonistic towards the east, aren't we? Or they are towards us, depending on your POV.
So is the health pass because of environmental collapse? Or is it to guard against bioweapons? Or is it both, with the added bonus of setting up a failsafe AI World Government? Remember, Gray War and Unrestricted Warfare tactics are all about keeping the enemy unbalanced. And so far, so good. And I hope that you're ready to settle in for the long haul, because U/pinkpolkagirl has it right with this post • MKULTRA
So just remember, we're all in this Not Normal New Normal together.
Heads up and eyes open. Talk again soon.
submitted by biggreekgeek to conspiracy


Every race updated AGAIN (some 1000 hours insights +5 hour writing, warning: long post)

Since presumably everyone will scroll to the race they are the most interested in, I would like to highlight that these reworks were written with all these reworks in mind. Something that may seem OP or not enough at first glance is compensated for otherwise elsewhere.
Change to all factions:
  • Great Power penality no longer exists in the game (this will be important for multiple race updates).
  • This mechanic has been replaced by growing negative diplomatic relationship points added to Aversion instead. So for example, if your dawi empire grows in size, that will decrease your diplomatic standing with greenskins and people who thematically hate the dwarfs already (already ingame -Aversion) but has no effect on people who like or are neutral towards the dawi.
  • Defenders have increased unit placement area during siege battles, so units can now be placed in front of the walls (this is going to be important for the dawi, but with changes to ethereal units and spiders it's also important for everyone, regarding siege tactics variety).
Vampire Counts
Overall I think the Vampire Counts are in a pretty good place right now. So good in fact that there is a glaring leftover from their old days which I would like to do something about. Pushing the player towards using the Bloodline feature a bit more (and allowing him to use it a bit more freely) in my opinion would benefit the unique feel of the Counts greatly and also making each playthrough that much more characteristic and thematic, depending on which Bloodline the player focuses on. Currently everyone takes bits from each Bloodline that benefit the faction as a whole - a bit research rate from the Nenarchs, a bit public order from the von Carsteins. I can't imagine anyone playing like: "you know what, I'm going to save all my blood kisses and go balls deep into the Strigoi bloodline" when they could reap massive rewards from even level 1 bonuses. So increasing the starting blood kisses and granting more special lords (don't forget they have unique skill trees) early on can define a player's playstyle better. In the meantime, since the "zombies and skeletons are free now" update allowed spamming armies brainlessly, I would borrow the weak Asur lords aspect where the already hopelessly obselate old generic lords get negative traits. The lowly trash leads the spam trash armies, the high lords lead the elite ones - matching how the Midnight Aristoctracy works. While we are at how the Midnight Aristocracy works - domination confederation and loyality. The big picture leaves the vampires not stronger or weaker, just a more distinct and fun experience.
  • Loyality system added to generic lords. Bloodline lords have no loyality, they are always loyal.
  • Negative traits (see: cheap High Elf generic lords) added to all generic lords. Only Bloodline lords have positive traits now.
  • Increased number of Blood Kiss on campaign start to 5.
  • Autoresolve always grants a Blood Kiss if the enemy Legendary Lord is killed (manual battle no longer a requirement). This is just a QoL change.
  • Ethereal units can move through walls in sieges (siege battle can now be started without building towers / ram).
  • Now have access to domination confederation
  • Cart units magical auras slightly buffed in power and range so at least one player uses them. Mortis Engine damage aura nerf (only active when it's in combat) reverted (so surrounding it with zombies is actually a valid tactic again) and does it's damage passively like before.
I believe the dawi are in a good place right now, much like the Vampire Counts, however could use a bit more pushing towards using their already existing features or slightly transforming them. With the recent addition of the Forge the one main thing left that defines the dwarfs in Warhammer still being unexploited properly is the Karaz Ankor, the fact that all the dawi holds, their great empire they inherited from their ancestors don't really show up as a unified system, connected by the tunnels below. While we do have the underway as a feature in the game I think it is very badly represented and works perfectly fine in the desert, the jungle, the heart of the empire or even norsca, which just doesn't make sense. Also the dawi capital's poor position on the map restricts them a lot in trading which weirdly makes them suffer from poor income on campaign start which just doesn't make sense with how rich they are thematically.
  • Artillery can now be placed on walls.
  • All capitals have 2 layers of walls now like Yvresse capital. (context: if you just scrolled here, read on: many updates include changes that allow bypassing or destroying walls easier so this change doesn't make dawi cities OP as hell as it sounds out of context. Read the new Underway, the Vampire Counts / Coast, Greenskin, Lizardmen, Chaos changes and you'll see this makes them more fun, and keeps their defenses good, not stronger, instead of getting weaker).
  • Trade is no longer restricted by path connection between capitals, they can trade with any faction they share a border with
  • Karaz Ankor: a map similar to empire provinces where the dwarfs can oversee how much of their eternal realm they have under control. To avoid making it feel like a copypaste feature (cough forge cough), they do not appoint kings to each hold but instead each Karak has a unique attritube to it as if it is a new Province Commandment but always active. These passives extend to the neighbouring province, so the player has a strategic choice in which order and where should he expand to recieve overlapping bonuses, helping public order, economy, province commandments etc. The mostly linear, spine shape of the mountains ensure the province bonuses shared to neighbouring Karaz Ankor provinces cannot brutally overlap (the same system for the Empire for example wouldn't work because the plains have many provinces that are surrounded by other provinces, making the overlapping bonuses ridicolously OP, while the Karaz Ankor has 2 and rarely 3 at most).
  • Dawi armies no longer suffer movement point reduction in mountain as hard terrain, granting them an advantage in mountain regions against invaders.
  • Underway stance removed
  • Underway button added to bottom left of the UI, it's a map overlay switch ON/OFF (like Skaven corruption) but shows the Underway network between cities. This would look something like the geomatic web of the lizardmen but with obviously drastically different VFX because nobody wants another "feels like reused content" update for the dawi, even if would be fun.
  • Underway building added (can be built at any Karaz Ankor city): allows armies to teleport from one city to another. Underway network can be built in any Mountain climate city. This means you can create multiple networks, one that spans across the Old World down to Nehekara, one in Lustria, and one near Araby. However this also means that an enemy army, garrisoned in their own city which is connected to your city via the Underway, can teleport to your city and instantly attack it, bypassing the walls and triggering an underway map battle. Keep in mind this is only for Mountain Climate cities, which have a Karaz Ankor building in them
I'm admittedly no expert on the lizardmen, I finished my fair share of 2 campaigns with them and did not like them much, and as you may have noticed I did not add any change to any race that is specific to a legendary lord or their faction's situation, so if Nakai's brother-faction still sucks, this rework isn't going to fix that. My scope is broader and aims to add the overall quality of life / thematics to the race as a whole. I mean we are talking about castle sized dinosaurs held back by the castle's walls, what the hell? That raw bestial power they are radiating from themselves is held back by game rules. Time to change that.
  • Bastiladons (a.k.a. mace tails) can now attack walls
  • Dread Surian can not attack walls and destroy them super fast
  • No longer suffer movement point penality by dense forest areas, granting them an advantage of movement speed in Lustria.
  • All projectiles can now move past trees (projectiles don't get stuck), a million years spent in the jungles you'd think they learned how to aim properly.
  • They suffer attrition in desert areas but also have the water mechanics from Repanse making Tiq'taq'toe and Kroq-gar campaigns more interesting.
Warriors of Chaos
Assuming there is a larger scale rework coming I would not dare go into an A4 page long rework idea here, but just add some small ideas. This is really just a small in-between thing to spice things up a bit and move them closer to the rest of the factions in gameplay smoothness and options. What they think Chaos Warriors lack at the moment is having a safety net to rely on. This is a general issue for all Horde factions but looking at Nakai and his AI companion faction, there are ways to work around this and make it fun. So what I want to see added to Chaos Warriors is the ability to have very few places on the map where they can take root and stop for a moment to breathe. So the more factions you destroy and build Chaos Gates (see below) at their capitals, slowly but surely it also gives you more financial safety instead of always running against the clock with a negative income early on, then reach a point in your progression curve where your armies are suddenly almost free but you didn't start to build enough of them and need to cover more space really fast. Income from Chaos Gates aims to smooth out this transition and allow a few units or an army more as you approach midgame of your campaign.
  • Kholek model increased in size drastically to be closer or even match the lore. Added unique sync-animation vs Dread Saurian, dragons, and TK constructs. Can now attack and destroy walls super fast.
  • Dragon Ogres can now destroy walls.
  • Chaos Undivided as a faction removed
  • Domination confederation added
  • Entering raiding camp stance costs no movement points.
  • Now all Chaos LLs lead their own faction with a unique starting position. When (and only when) the player plays Chaos, all 3 lords are present on the map at the same time on turn 1 millitary alliance. Whichever LL you play, the other two is in millitary alliance with YOU, but not each other. This ensures you can attack one for domination confederation and the other won't be dragged into a war with you automatically.
  • Can now build Chaos Gate in place of destroyed capitals. Chaos Gate is a single building chain but Three Kingdoms style it can be upgraded in multiple ways / paths, for specialization. The effects apply to the entire province, not just the capital's region within it. Specializations include: replenishment +20%, corruption +6 in province and neighbouring provinces, periodically spawning supporting army (spawns a weak 5-10 units AI chaos army that you can choose to kill for benefits and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD or command it as a vassal), and a few more variation. Whichever building branch you choose, of course you cannot choose the rest anymore unless destroyed and rebuilt. They have 5 levels and their power ramps up, for example, +2 corruption in province and neighbouring provinces is +3 on lv2, +4 on lv3, +5 on lv4, and +6 on level 6. Every building upgrade naturally comes with increased Garrison size just like other factions, but they are scaled to be a bit stronger (a bit more and a bit higher tier units each level) to make a strong Chaos Gate an actual challenge to destroy. All of them have walls and hell cannon ammo using towers. All Chaos Gates provide a small income (like +200 on lv1 and +100 each level).
Let's be honest here there is not much left to do, their recent rework was the most comprehensive possible out of all the reworks so far. Still there are a few things that could be done.
  • All spider units can now climb walls
  • Immunity to movement point penality in the Badlands, granting them a speed advantage in their homeland.
  • Can build and use the new underway system (see: dawi changes), which is a big enough addition. Obviously they have no access to the Karaz Ankor regional bonuses or anything that represents the dawi empire, this is strictly the ability to use the new underway.
Darkelves / Druchii
I think the darkelf society is a bit mispresented in the game right now. Their lands are not defined like the various imperial provinces of the Empire of Men, they all answer to Malekith or Morathi, and those don't really answer to each other as both act like the absolute supreme leader. While Malekith technically IS that leader, Morathi nearly always goes behind his back somehow to bypass his rules and forbids. The rest of the factions are inferior to them definitely, but struggle to increase their own power by rivalry, backstabbings and taking that belongs to the others. Malekith and Morathi, they bow to nobody and despite being mother and son they have a somewhat love - really hate relationship, so playing around with the confederation mechanics as bad as it is actually benefits it portraying them correctly. However characters who are elevated to near equal in game rules by just BEING legendary lords need be separated and shown that they are the lesser characters. The changes below aim to translate this to the game's rule language.
  • Domination confederation added with some specific rules. Malekith and Morathi cannot be dominated, they need to be confederated the traditional way.
  • Hellebron, Lokhrir Fellheart and Malus Darkblade now start as a vassal of Malekith.
  • Hellebron, Lokhir Fellheart and Malus Darkblade can be domination confederated by each other and by the "big two" aswell.
  • Malekith and Morathi currently dislikes your faction if you attack other dark elf factions. When you destroy these factions completely however, the negative diplomatic penality disappears. Explanation: when there is infighting there is instability. The rulers of the druchii cannot tolerate that - but as long as there is order, it doesn't matter who took who's place, as long as they keep in line as serve you with the same power. So by killing dark elf minor factions you just reorganize power really, but still serve your lord.
  • Increased background income by +1000 gold / turn (Quintex and Ghrond goldmines slightly nerfed to compensate, like -150 gold).
  • Being a vassal means paying +1000 gold / turn to your master.
  • You can decide to rebel against Malekith at any point in the game but he will not forgive and beeline go through everything to destroy you. He has a temper you see.
Highelves / Asur
Not much to be done here regarding new features, but I think the current issue they have is shared with the Skaven and the Empire - they have so many unit types overlapping it is super confusing early on and makes certain units outright pointless. For example, when you play as Eltharion you have a low tier spearmen unit that absolutely outclasses the default spearmen unit of all elves. This unit is thematic to Yvresse however and it makes no sense others can recruit it right from the start, while it makes no sense for you as an Yvresse player to recruit standard spearmen at any point in the game - so if you have this DLC, the standard spearmen are absolutely pointless because everyone has access to it. The main idea behind updating both the Highelves and the Skaven is to clear up some of the DLC unit overlaps / powercreep and create fun campaign goals for the players that dynamically adept to them. I also want to better repesent the unplayable but lorewise no less important kingdoms.
  • Nagarythe renamed to Aesanar, meaning "the people of Anar". This is how they actually named themselves after the survivors of the Nagarythe wars got wiped out mostly by the cultists and the survivors of those got mostly wiped out by the Sundering. The loyalist nagarythe people blame the rest of the asur just as much as the druchii for the destruction of their kingdom, and swore their loyality to House Anar only, naming themselves Aesanar. (Source: The Sundering, Gav Thorpe). They have no home now therefore calling them Nagarythe makes no sense, even if it is their ancestral home. In the big sweep of faction renaming, they were left out, this is fixed now.
  • Only Eatene faction have access to Lothern Sea Guard
  • Only Yvresse faction have access to Silverin Guard (Athel Tamatha / Mystwalker units are still exclusive to playing as Yvresse)
  • Only Aesanar faction have access to Shadow Walkers and Shadow Warriors
  • Only Avelorn has access to Sisters of Avelorn unit (woodspirits are exclusive to playing as Avelorn)
  • Only Teclis's faction has access to Arcane Phoenix
  • Diplomatic penality for confederation between asur factions removed.
  • All asur factions (with the exception of Aesanar) now have +10 diplomatic relation toward each other (Tyrion already has this, so he has +20 now).
  • With the removal of Great Power penality from the entire game (see top of the post), the diplomatic manipulation system the elves already have in place, them generally trading with each other from early on, and the added extra positive diplomatic relations from the start, the good relationships are already granted and in place, allowing you to confederate as fast as you can given the game's already in place rules, but with no confederation or great power penality. Alternatively, if a faction is destroyed, you can unlock it's units by simply owning their capital.
  • New / updated buildings:
  • Charce capital new unique building: has global buffing building for White Lions of Charce, White Lion beasts.
  • Saphiery capital changed unique building: has global buffing for Winds of Magic recharge / reserve
  • Ellyrion capital changed unique building: has global buffing for all horsemen units.
  • Cothique capital new building: has global buffing for all chariot units.
  • Tiranoc capital new building: generates influence (as the old capital of Ulthuan it holds so much history, legacy, that owning it should give a political swaying power).
  • Nagarythe capital new building: increases Chaos Corruption across every Ulthuan province. This is only for fun, and represents that if tempered with, the remains of Morathi's corruption can still mess up the continent. Honestly this is just a whacky addition to make things harder for you, it's your choice to build it anyway.
  • Caledor gets no new unique building as it already provides a global bonus to dragons. The issue with the rest is, they provide recruitment bonuses mostly, and always recruiting horsemen in Ellyrion is just never going to happen.
  • Cothique capital new building: increases diplomatic standing with woodelves +20 (this is where Aenerion's first son went into retirement because he was mentally unfit thus couldn't rule. However he is still royal blood and the only kin to the woodelves afar are still the asur and the druchii, and it's cool to play with the idea that he tried to contact the lost brethren somehow. This is also the closest kingdom to the old world, save for Yvresse. This building represents that idea.
Same idea as with the high elves. Way too many units that play mostly the same role, confusing and overflowing the player while half of the roster is left entirely unused until after later stages of the game where the player can afford to build any thematic army. And they are to receieve even more with the upcoming DLC, which is just going to be insane. Just read this: for short ranged mobile ranged infantry we sligers, nightrunner, nightrunners WITH slings, gutter runners, gutter runner (poison variant), gutter runner (slingers). It's just so much, too much. Even as a seasoned player with a 1000 hours behind my back in this game I'm fucking scared to overwhelmed by too many options on turn 1. So in case you did not read the high elves update: we remove certain units from the unified recruit pool, until you confederate the representing faction.
  • Domination confederation added
  • Added ability to trade with any skaven faction globally (no need of capital connection), because they are connected through the globe by the Underempire.
  • The following units are unlocked through confederation permanently OR TRADE as long as there is a trade agreement between 2 clans. Alternatively, if the clan is destroyed, by taking their capital city has the same effect as confederation.
  • Only Clan Eshin can recruit Eshin Triads and Death Runners.
  • Only Clan Pestilens can recruit Plague Monk Censer Bearer variant.
  • Only Clan Skyre can recruit Ratling Guns.
  • Only Clan Moulder can recruit (whatever new giant mutant unit they get in DLC).
  • Queek and Craventrail has no exclusive units.
Vampire Coast
In my opinion, the Vampire Coast is the defination and embodiment of feature creep. They have EVERYTHING. They can build, but they are also a horde. They can spread corruption but don't suffer attrition from the lack of it. Their LLs are black arks, that can move on land. They have insanely good ranged thematics, supported by tanking cavalry and regenerating elite infantry. They have undercities, but their economy is good enough to not rely on them. They can collect The Pages from Nagash's Book sea shanties and dig up treasures for extra powerful buffs but they are not restricted in units like the Tomb Kings. It's like CA jammed the Vampire Counts, the skaven, hordes, and the tomb kings into one when it comes to strenghts and then looked at the list of weaknesses that came with those factions and said: you know what, let's make them powerful in those aspects too. I feel like cheating just by looking over all the features on turn 1. I believe the experience would be much better if we restricted them a little bit and allowing the player to have a sense of satisfaction by building a working pirate underworld. The overall picture is definitely toning them down a bit when the player controls them, but also give the player the tools to build up power and enjoy it much like how every other faction works. Part of the issue why Vampire Coast isn't fun is that you are dealt a winning hand on turn 1. That doesn't means I want them to be weaker, I want the power curve to start from lower and end higher, instead of start mid-high and stay there flat as it is now.
  • Suffers attrition on Untainted lands
  • Raise Dead (land) is restricted to basic units (wardogs, low tier zombies)
  • Raise Dead (sea) automatically grants a larger and stronger unit pool depending on how many Pirate Coves are in the region / province that belongs to the sea area.
  • Can only build (woodelf-like) outposts in land settlements that have no ports (starting province is the exception)
  • Pirate Cove discoverability reduced greatly
  • Pirate Cove building options expanded greatly allowing various underworld-criminal-esque actions, which manifest as dilemmas. This would introduce a certain level of diplomacy for the factions that is on an entirely different layer than the actual ingame diplomacy, by allowing the Vampire Coast factions to make connections with the criminals of each society. For example if you have a Pirate Cove in Lothern, the diplomacy window would be something like "A noble approaches in the dead of night. He does seem confident, despite dead slowly but surely surrounding him. Standing before you, he reveals himself as one of the druchii spies, and makes a proposal: he'll send more clueless asur into your cold embrace, in exchange for some gold you bring up from the seas". Here the player has the dilemma choice: agree and get +growth factionwide (5 turns), negative growth for Lothern (5 turns), but costs 1500 gold. About 10 dilemmas occuring every 10 turns in each pirate cove where the "dilemma building" is built should be enough.
  • Etheral units can move through walls in sieges
  • Can now attack coastal cities without triggering a war, but the only option when attacking this way is sack. Of course it still adds negative diplomatic relation points to the attacked faction.
  • Can now resurrect dead LLs back into the campaign like Chaos Warriors can resurrect Norscan tribes. (example: if you play Luthor and take Sartosa, which is owned by whatever faction that killed off Sartosa from the campaign, you can resurrect the faction much like Chaos can resurrect and vassalize Norscan tribes at their capitals). Upon resurrection the player can choose to dominate confederation, vassalize, millitary ally or let them free. Just defeating the Legendary Lord while his/her faction lives does NOT allow domination confederation! The vampire coast LLs don't seek to control each other like the vampire counts.
Assuming they'll recieve a larger scope feature update much like the greenskins did, I would like to suggest only a few in-between quality of life changes that would be easy to pull off until the big rework.
  • Entering raiding camp stance costs no movement points
With the big rework on our doorstep I'd like to refrain from suggesting updates now. I did so for years in very long posts before, now that maybe even today it's getting revealed, it would be pointless.
Tomb Kings
I think they are in an amazing spot and pretty much done. I cannot think of a new unit they could have, save for a few that Nagash made but since his knowledge is forbidden across Nehekara, it wouldn't be fair to add some new units that are exclusive to Arkhan. Even if you take Nagashizzar, the Nehekaran Kings and Queens don't want to summon these abominations. So instead, I approach this update from another perspective where the Nehekaran history is incredibly rich, but the ingame presentation is kind of bland - which is campaign goals. Yes, the entire game could use a better short victory campaign goal list, but let's just give this to the Tomb Kings in this post, okay? Can we do that?
  • High Queen Khalida renamed to High Queen Khalida Nefeher
  • Khalida campaign goals: ensure all vampire factions and characters are destroyed in the world. Have the Black Pyramid of Nagash under control either by the sentiels (the faction which guards it on turn 1 so nobody can unleash it's horrors) or own it. Own Nagashizzar.
  • Settra the Unperishable new trait that lists every title he has and gives him +1 of every stat (melee defense, leadership, movement speed on campaign map, -1% upkeep cost on everything, every stat that is in the game, but really, EVERYTHING in a gigantic laughable tooltip when the player hovers over it).
  • Settra the Unperishable new campaign goals: unite Nehekara under your rule. Destroy all of Norsca and every faction that is norscan (race). They don't know who they fucked with when they stole your crown while you slept.
  • Arkhan the Black: own the Black Pyramid of Nagash and Nagashizzar. Collect every page of the Book of Nagash. Control all of Sylvania through alliance or ownership (Mannfred and Arkhan brought back Nagash to the world so this is setting that up as a thematic goal for Arkhan).
  • Khatep: control the magical chokepoints of the world in your quest for finding immortality. Own: Saphiery (capital), Oak of Ages, Black Pyramid of Nagash, Nagashizzar, Gates of Darkness (west of Nagarrond). He can build an outpost on these locations now that ensures there is no rebellion happening in these cities. Once you have them all, either own Khemri via alliance or ownership (representing your coming home to Settra who sent you away in the first place to find the source of eternal life).
Chivalry and honour stand in the center of this faction and I would not stray from this theme, but rather expand further upon it while helping them out a little bit, and carry over some Three Kingdoms economy mechanics.
  • Trade agreements with high / very high reliability factions yield more income
  • Factions who break a millitary alliance when one of their allies is attacked but they refuse to join in their defense now automatically enter to war with all 3 Bretonnian Kingdoms.
  • Unique buildings added / updated. The player can now preview the main building of every settlement in "Bretonnian version" in the building chain, and all main settlement buildings are updated based on what kind of region they are in. For example, if a city is nearby a mountain or perhaps already has Iron or Marble as a resource, the main settlement building would provide a 10% bonus income from Industry buildings. But if the city is in the open area of green grasslands, it would provide extra income for Peasant buildings. This bonus would be added to cities that are ideal (green category) climate for Bretonnian factions and is tailormade to logically match the enviroment. For example, this would mean Repanse would get peasant economy bonuses in cities that are near waters, while in the middle of the desert it's industry bonuses only. The way this would create mixed or homogene provinces would still allow a decision to players between the two economy types but some areas would be better in either industry or peasantry, which, especially early on is a helping hand for new players to grasp the idea of how the Bretonnian economy works, while provides target goals for seasoned veterans.
Admittedly I'm no Norsca player myself but one thing I do know they suffer from is ordertide when the player plays as Norsca. Unless you know this issue upfront and beeline rush to take out Bretonnia they WILL invade you stack after stack after stack. This is not how the experience should be, and while I know it can be changed with AI goal tweaks or perhaps even faction nerfs, I'd leave this untouched. At the end of the day this is a fun rivalry, but the player is waaaay underequipped to deal with it and it ends up as a whack-a-mole game that leaves you stranded on Norsca (the continent) forever on the defense with a bad economy, while you are supposed to be out there raiding. If you do that, however, you'll have no armies back home to defend from the invaders. So with some tweaks I'd like to change things up a bit.
  • To each stage of support from a Chaos god, bonus income per turn is added, something like ~600 gold per turn, increasing by 200 per level. So on level 1 into Khorne for example, you'll get extra 600 gold / turn income, on lv2 Khorne you get 800. Level 2 Khorne and level 1 Slaanesh gives you 800+600.
  • This also introduces a player choice to go for small support from all the gods and give up on their larger factionwide bonuses (or really just delay them) and provides a more stable early game that allows roughly 1 or 0.5 more armies to be paid safely. Since support from the gods come from totems that you build upon destroyed cities this further encourages aggressive raiding gameplay style but also achieves creating a bit more reliable background income that would normally come from homeland economy.
  • 1 new Lord type added. I have no idea what but c'mon they have one, it's abysmal.
  • Settlement main building level now increases corruption based attrition damage by 3% per level, so a lv1 settlement should make an invading force vulnerable to Chaos corruption attrition damage suffer 3% more attrition damage, while a lv5 settlement gives 15% damage. This should help increase the defenses of Norsca across the continent both from Hellebron (who likes chaotic wasteland but doesn't like corruption), Nordland and Bretonnia.
No update sorry I lied :(. Honestly they are in a good place.
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