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Some Futuristic thoughts on prostitution.

I highly recommend people watch the new opinion show on (foxnation.com) One Smart Person and Greg Gutfeld. Gutfeld interviews Elizabeth Nolan Brown, an associate editor of Reason Magazine. Reason Magazine is an intellectual magazine for the libertarian political movement. The motto of the magazine is free minds and free markets.
Gutfeld talks about the arrest of Robert Kraft along with a number of other men in a house of Prostitution in Miami. The charges against Robert Kraft have since then been dropped. There are a lot of issues here to deal with that Elizabeth Nolan Brown deals with, in her interview with Gutfeld, that I will shortly talk about.
But before I do that let me just say Robert Kraft is a jerk and an idiot. I don’t give a blank what Kraft’s sex life is or what kind of relationship he has with his wife. But when a person is worth Six Billion Dollars and could get as much blank-blank as he wants anytime, and instead goes to a Massage-Parlor, he had to be thinking with his penis and not his brain.
Apparently, the Massage-Parlor was under investigation with hidden surveillance cameras for Human- Trafficking or better known as Sex-Slavery. After the Police investigation of the brothel with surveillance cameras, which lasted for about five weeks, there was apparently no Sex-Slavery going on. There was the consensual vice of consenting adults engaged in a business transaction of men paying women for sex. Not the most noble of activities, but not Human-Trafficking.
Before I continue let me make it clear Sex-Slavery is evil, illegal and it should be illegal. Anyone caught being involved in it should be punished harshly. I frankly do not care if people involved in Sex-Slavery are put in jail for the rest of their natural lives and the key to their jail cell is thrown away. If in addition they are brutally raped in prison that is an added desirable caveat.
It is similar to the situation with Pornography. Many people find Pornography disgusting, morally wrong, and misogynistic. But as long as it involves consenting adults many people feel, including myself, it should be legal for consenting adults to watch and perform in Pornography movies. However, that does not include Child Pornography, Snuff Pornography, or any kind of Pornography that is being made against the consent of the people being filmed or the filming occurs without the knowledge of the people being filmed having sex.
The first kind of Pornography is still maybe morally wrong, but tolerable. The second kind of Pornography is unquestionably morally wrong, is illegal, and should be illegal. When we are talking about legal pornography, we are talking about the first kind of pornography, not the second kind of pornography. I feel that the first kind of pornography should be legal. However, when I say that the first kind of pornography should be legal that does not mean that I think pornography is good or morally acceptable. I also feel that recreational drugs are morally wrong, but I do feel the evidence is extremely strong that making drugs illegal, and the whole war on drugs, is a disaster. The evidence on this is overwhelming. Prohibition was a disaster. However, having said that alcohol and alcoholism is still a major problem in our society. I basically do not drink and I really prefer not to be around people who drink. But very few people believe that we should return to prohibition, including myself.
Let’s get back to prostitution. One can believe voluntary prostitution is morally wrong and demeaning to women. But one can still believe that voluntary prostitution should not be illegal but instead regulated for both the protection of the women who choose this kind of work and the men who go to brothels. I have read a number of opinion pieces for the case of not legalizing prostitution. I actually think there are merits to the anti-legalizing prostitution arguments. But most of those arguments are fallacious.
Let’s get back to libertarian thinker Elizabeth Nolan Brown's thoughts. Again, most prostitution in the United States does not involve sex slaves. Now, a lot of women do it, because there are only limited bad economic options for many women. But that is true of a lot of other kinds of work in society. Let me be clear I am not saying that because people often have to take really shitty jobs in society in order to make ends meet, that makes prostitution okay. I am simply saying this is a reality.
What Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out is that arresting women for prostitution does not help them. The way to help women, who go into prostitution, is to allow them to come out of the shadows and be able to function as individual legal sex workers with the same rights as any other workers in society. Ironically, Decimalization of prostitution will help women caught up in sex-slavery. They will be able to get more help getting out of sex slavery. When there are legal and regulated brothels more men will go to them and fewer men will go to unregulated illegal brothels where sex slavery is far more likely to go on.
Not all men who go to prostitutes are the scum of the earth. Many are just lonely and unhappy souls that are unable to get involved in healthy erotic relationships for various reasons. But what about many countries in the world where a woman’s choice is between being a prostitute and starving to death. That is no more a voluntary choice than being in a concentration camp and being told you can work or starve to death.
There is a great line in the movie, The Year of Living Dangerously. Someone points out how cheap the prostitutes are in Indonesia. And someone replies, “Yes starvation is a marvelous aphrodisiac.” In my opinion this is the best of all the arguments against legalization of prostitution. But as Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out even in those countries where this is a common phenomena women rights groups are supporting the legalization of prostitution because it would give sex workers legal protections that other workers have in those societies. A common theme that Elizabeth Nolan Brown restates over and over again, if you really want to help women who are caught up in a life of prostitution you don’t do that by arresting them and putting them in jail.
I want to conclude with some thoughts of my own on the topic of prostitution that are not necessarily the same as Elizabeth Nolan Brown. I am about to say an idea of mine as a Pragmatic-Idealistic-Political-Futurist. I will give you a full warning this idea might sound to many of you rather bizarre. But I will say it anyways.
The sex robot industry is growing. Some feminist strongly oppose it, I really don’t understand why? You are dealing with an android robot with no feelings. They are becoming increasingly looking and feeling like a real human being. Soon there will either be a skin like material that will feel like real skin or we will use real human skin on these sex robots making it almost impossible for anyone to tell the difference between having sex with a robot and a human being.
This results in ending the market for sex slavery for the most part. There is no rape or sexual assault being committed. There is zero chance of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and no chance of an unwanted pregnancy leading to an abortion. So, while the idea of sex robots replacing women prostitutes sounds perverted it seems to me to be more moral than what we have now. I welcome anyone with opposing views to mine to write to me. I will respond respectfully.
submitted by amosbokros to Libertarianism


🐱Daily Recat🐱 -- SUNDAY 9/29

(DAILY RECATTM) [9/29 SUNDAY – not in chronological order]
See list of prior RecatsTM here.
Recommended English translated article here, “High School Student Bludgeoned by Raptors Received 3 Head Wounds, 14 Stitches, Unforgettable Pain” (Mingpao).
ALERT: NEW LUGGAGE SEARCH PROCEDURES implemented at ports of entry at least until October 1. Read the English translation here.
Sunday’s Protests (there were two)
  • Secondary School Rally (authorized by police, peaceful): See here and here.
  • Festival Walk window shopping (not authorized by police, peaceful but turned violent when police started began “dispersal” operations): See twitter threads of HK Hermit, Xinqi Su. Incidents generally located in Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, and Fortress Hill.
  • NOW News estimated that over 100 protestors were arrested at Sunday’s protests (none from Secondary School Rally).
How Valients (frontliners) Create Space and Safety for Wo Lei Feis (peaceful) to Protest
  • Please see the Dummies’ Guide to Confrontation and War Strategies by Frontline Protestors in Hong Kong (here). Although the strategy has evolved since its publication, its general teachings remain true, especially the positioning of the wo lei feis behind the yung mo, and the spacing (between the wo lei feis and the yung mos, as well as between each wo lei fei) to allow for a safe retreat.
  • The following clips from Sunday show the strategy in action. Yung mos were sandwiched between wo lei feis and police. Yung mos returned teargas and threw Molotov cocktails on the ground (not at police) to slow police advancement (here, here, here). As police advanced, yung mos held the line and moved back slowly to allow the less agile and slower wo lei feis time to retreat safely (here, here, here). The end result was that yung mos were the ones who got arrested, not the wo lei feis (here). [Note: These clips are pieced together to show the full sequence of the strategy, and were not all from the same incident or location.]
  • Sometimes, yung mos have created distractions to slow down the police. For example, yung mos started small fires to draw in the Fire Department in order to buy even more time for the wo lei feis to retreat (here). There was one instance, however, when a protestor threw a Molotov cocktail and a building caught on fire (here). (See also here.)
Police Brutality and Violations of Procedure Please note that these are select instances only and not a comprehensive list.
  • Undercover police fired **live bullet**: Undercover cops dressed as protestors deployed to the street (Video 1, note the third cop (“Cop#3”) who emerged from the stairs. The real protestors started suspecting that these men are undercover cops, the real protestors threw things at the cops, and one of the cops then fired a shot (Video 2—see Cop#3 at 0:23 of this video, and hear the shot fired at the end of this video). See the spent casing (here). Another video of the incident here. See photos of the undercover cops pointing the gun at chest-level here, here, here.
  • Reporter from Indonesia was hit in the eye by rubber bullet fired at head-level (here is the reporter’s own footage at the time that she was shot). Doctors say she will have permanent visual impairment (here). See also here, here, here, here, here (article with reporter’s reaction). [Note: A protestor was photographed on the ground with a teargas projectile near his eye. It is unknown whether he also suffered an eye injury.]
  • Eddie Chu was pepper sprayed point blank, square in the face. The video clip here shows: 1. The spraying officer enters the scene at 0:00, even though he was not originally part of the group negotiating with Eddie Chu. 2. The spraying officer gets into position at 0:05. 3. The spray at 0:16 and immediate but inconspicuous and slow retreat at 0:19. 4. At the same time (0:19) yet another officer from outside the group walks toward the group and moves past the spraying officer. 5. At 0:21, the newly joining officer makes a quick hand flick motion at the spraying officer, similar to a hand motion one would use to tell someone to go away. Additionally, when an officer tried to wash off the pepper spray, he was pulled back by police from helping (here).
  • Excessive force and manhandling arrestees: baton blows to the head causing head wounds (here); pulled up by tied arms (here, note that this officer later on uses the same arrestee as a tripod to shoot his pepper bullets); 5 or more officers beating arrestee who is already down (here, here); smashing arrestee’s face into the hard pavement (here); arrestees losing consciousness (here, here); arrestee can barely walk (here); tackling and beating a protestor who was not even resisting or attempting to escape (here); using arrestee as a rifle tripod (here); firing bean bag rounds at protestors huddled across street, i.e., not attacking (here).
  • Flanking and capturing protestors instead of dispersing them (here, bird’s eye view).
  • Peeling off female protestor’s shirt in public, detaining her, and ogling her (here, here).
  • Attacking reporters: pepper spray (here, here); rubber bullets (here, here); water cannon spray with pepper juice (here, spraying at reporters with no protestors around, direct hit); shoving (here, here); bright lights (here); threats (here).
  • Detaining/Arresting first aiders, including taking their identification and preventing them from giving medical treatment to the injured (here, Dr. Tse of Queen Mary Hospital arrested while volunteering first aid and who is now hospitalized).
  • Arresting social workers (General Executive of HK Social Workers General Union Hui Lai-ming).
  • Mistreating disabled individuals: launching teargas at man in wheelchair (here); detaining and threatening to arrest man with Down Syndrome (here).
  • Locked down church and searched everyone (here, here, here).
  • Teargas fired indoor in MTR station.
  • Choked out Trump mask protestor and manhandled his unconscious body (here, here).
  • Joyful expressions on police while firing teargas from on high (instructions say not to do this) and pepper spraying in the face at point blank range (at a reporter when there were no protestors around): here, here, here.
  • Stopped arrestees from communicating with reporters: flipped down face mask (here); blocked arrestee’s face and mouth (here).
  • Targeting youngsters: here and here (student journalists) and here (interrogating without an adult or lawyer present). Making protestors remove their masks and show their ID cards before letting them out of an MTR station (here).
  • Covering name and number on police ID cards (here).
  • Surveillance helicopter (here).
  • So much teargas was used that you could smell it on the Star Ferry (here).
  • Civilian in Tsim Sha Tsui, where no protests were going on, was wrestled to the ground by over 5 officers. The group of arresting officers then grew to about 10, including 4 on the civilian to cuff him and the rest to form a perimeter to prevent recording. (Here.)
Attacks and Private Resolutions
Protest Activities
Press Conferences / Statements / Reactions
  • StandWithHK Rallies: Taipei (here, here, here, here, counter-demonstration); Sidney (here); Seattle (here); Kazakhstan (here); other locations (here).
  • Unionist Party (part of China’s United Front) and triad caught impersonating protestors to attack protestors (here).
  • Former cop chastises current cops (here).
October 1 National Day
  • Carrie Lam will be taking a delegation to Beijing for 10/1 National Day.
  • National Day banners burned.

submitted by NonnyNu to HKGLounge