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The developer of the game adds distinctive missions for the players, where the main is to keep control of the helicopter to defeat the enemies in various locations that are a part of the gameplay. Update] Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Hack No Survey No Password Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Hack and Cheats Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Hack. See more ideas about Helicopter 3d, Gunship, Tool hacks. With Gems, you can even buy all those items that can be purchased with Gold as it can act as a substitute to Gold.

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Our soft works on all Android and iOS devices. Feb 6, 2020 - Hack - Free Unlimited and for Android/iOS. Helicopter 3D is a game that takes you through battles with soldiers.


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Microworld 3D Metal Puzzle AT-99 Scorpion Gunship Aircraft Model Kit F003 DIY 3D Laser Cut Jigsaw Toys 3.4 out of 5 stars 12. $17.99. Our software engineers has made a hack Online Generator tool that was immaculate to get skill level, unlimited assets and different extra components. We need some time to collect all necessary info. Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D is a fantastic aerial fighting game.

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Free to use and get as much Gold, Stars and Money you want. CST) OK what has 1.22NG/1.20LG changed? Now don't pay a single buck, don't download anything as you can hack Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D game online. You have to find a way through to take your injured.


Timeline of the Alien, Predator, Alien vs. Predator, and Prometheus Universe

The following is the official in-universe timeline of events as they unfold throughout the shared continuity of the Alien, Predator, Alien vs. Predator, and Prometheus franchises. While the cinematic timeline begins with Predator in 1987 and ends with Alien Resurrection in 2381, the shared universe technically began with the 1989 comic Aliens vs. Predator by Dark Horse Comics (which takes place at an unknown date) and was cemented together with the release of the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator (which takes place in the same year) and has been further expanded upon ever since throughout various Alien, Predator, Alien vs. Predator and Prometheus media, notably through the Fire and Stone (2014–2015) and Life and Death (2016–2017) comics by Dark Horse Comics. Throughout this fictional history, we see the Weyland-Yutani Corporation (simply known as "the Company") and its ancestral companies, Weyland Corporation (a.k.a. Weyland Industries) and Yutani Corporation (a.k.a. Yutani Incorporated), and affiliate organizations, such as OWLF/Project Stargazer, in their persistent pursuit of capturing and studying the Aliens (a.k.a. Xenomorph) and the Predators (a.k.a. Yautja), with civilians and military personnel, such as the United States Colonial Marines Corps, trying to combat and survive these extraterrestrial threats while either attempting to stop or aid the Company in achieving their goals.
18th Century
  • 1715 AD
    • Unknown date: Raphael Adolini manufactures a Spanish-made flintlock pistol (which later was owned by the "City Hunter" Predator which stalked the streets of Los Angeles in the summer of 1997). [1]
  • 1718 AD
    • Unknown date: Captain Raphael Adolini and his crew comes ashore on Guinea Coast. After battling his crew over his intention to return some stolen goods, a Predator named "the Golden Angel" joins the fight, leaving only Adolini and the Predator alive. Adolini is mortally wounded and gives his flintlock pistol to the Predator, who in return buries the deceased Adolini together with his own alien sword. [1][2]
20th Century
  • 1904 AD
    • October 10th: The whaler Emma sails to Bouvetøya island, Antarctica, at the start of the whaling season under the Nyberg Brothers oil company. The Emma successfully hunts almost 300 whales during the year. Suddenly the crew notices strange lights falling from the sky, after which the crew recovers a Predator pod and brings it back to their campsite, only to have crew-member Karl Johanssen finding a Predator killing off his entire crew. Johanssen escapes the scene and later returns almost dead due to severe hypothermia before becoming witness to a Predator fighting an Alien. [3][4]
  • 1930 AD
    • Unknown date: A Predator stalks and kills mob boss Bruno Borgia in New Way City, USA, and after showing Bruno's head to his wife Isabella, she shoots the Predator in the eye, causing his blood to splatter on her and her infant son Hunter, after which the Predator is named "Scarface". The now one-eyed Scarface makes a hasty escape, leaving behind some of his equipment, and failing to kill himself during his attempt to escape, he's shamed by defeat for having exposed his race to the humans, and Scarface is exiled by his clan to a planet inhabited by deadly arachnoid alien creatures [5]
  • 1945 AD
    • August 6th: Atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, and according to later US government records, the heat and conflict attracted Predators. [1]
  • 1979 AD
    • Unknown date: Last known case of cholera. [6]
    • September 22nd: A mysterious explosion is detected by a Vela Hotel satellite over the Indian Ocean at Bouvet Island, Antarctica. The event eventually became known as the Vela Incident. Initially thought to be caused by a nuclear detonation or an airbust from a meteor crashing down to Earth, it was later theorized by Sebastian de Rosa to be caused by a Predator self-destruct device. Colonel Alexander Woods is in charge of an investigation into the event. [4]
  • 1987 AD
    • Unknown date: A Predator lands in a Central American jungle while being tracked by Major Dutch Schaefer and his paramilitary team, leaving only Dutch as the sole survivor. [7]
  • 1990 AD
    • October 1st: Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai, India, to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self-taught engineer. [8]
  • 1997 AD
    • Unknown date: A Predator stalks the streets of Los Angeles during a very hot summer while being pursued by Lieutenant Mike Harrigan and the secret government organization OWLF (the Other Worldly Life Forms Program) headed by CIA Agent Peter Keyes and second-in-command Agent Garber. Keyes is eventually killed by the Predator, leaving Garber in charge. After following the Predator into its own spaceship, finding a trophy room containing human skulls and the skull of an Alien, Harrigan partakes in a final fight with the Predator, killing it, only to find himself surrounded by his clan-members. The clan leader Grayback or "the Golden Angel" eventually gifts him Raphael Adolini's flintlock pistol. [1]
    • Unknown date: Colonel Alexander Woods submits his final report regarding an unexplained nuclear explosion off Bouvet Island, Antarctica, in 1979, and those believed responsible, but the results are inconclusive. His daughter Alexa "Lex" Woods begins working on 'The Ice', that is Arctic and Antarctic environments. [4]
    • Unknown date: Alexa Woods and her father climb Mount Ranier, but following complications from a broken leg, Colonel Woods dies during the descent. [9][4]
21st Century
  • 2004 AD
    • October 1st: Days after his 14th birthday, Peter Weyland is granted a Method Patent for a synthetic trachea (a cure for lung cancer) constructed entirely of synthetically-engineered stem cells. It is his 12th registered patent to date. [8]
    • October 10th: Billionaire and self-taught engineer Charles Bishop Weyland (original founder and CEO of Weyland Industries, a.k.a. Weyland Corporation) organizes an expedition traveling on the icebreaker Piper Maru to Bouvetøya island, Antarctica, to investigate an ancient pyramid buried beneath the ice. Crew-member Alexa "Lex" Woods, along with a few other crew-members, is brought on the Weyland 14 helicopter to the Piper Maru, and once on the island she questions why Weyland, suffering from lung cancer, partakes in such a perilous mission (recalling events where her dad Colonel Woods died while climbing Mount Ranier), after which he insists on being part of such a monumental discovery which will inevitably lead to him being rendered immortal through people's memory and the legacy he leaves behind. Discovering the pyramid to be a breeding ground for Aliens every 100 years intended for the ritualistic hunts of the Predators, everyone in the team ends up dead, including Mr. Weyland at the hands of a Predator named Scar (who in turn gets impregnated by an Alien Facehugger), leaving Alexa Woods as the sole survivor working together with Scar to take out the remaining Aliens and the Alien Queen before they reach the surface and take over the planet. The Queen ends up killing Scar before she's sent down into the Antarctic Ocean to be frozen alive. Scar's dead body is later brought on board a Predator mothership by his clan-members, with Lex being acknowledged as an Alien-killer by the clan leader before the mothership leaves the planet. A Predalien Chestburster later erupts from Scar's body. [9]
    • Unknown date: A Predator scout ship detaches from the mothership seen in Antarctica and crashes in Gunnison, Colorado, and releases a Predalien which starts building an Alien hive in the small town, leading to the US military dropping a tactical nuke on the town with a small group of people escaping with a Predator handgun, which is eventually acquired by Colonel Stevens of the US military and brought to Ms. Yutani (eventually leading to the development of advanced technology such as the FTL drives fitted aboard the USCSS Prometheus and the USCSS Nostromo). [10]
  • 2010 AD
    • Unknown date: A group of mercenaries are brought to an alien planet acting as a game preserve for Predators. [11]
  • 2012 AD
    • October 11th: Weyland Corporation is recognized as a legal entity and corporation under United States law and receives their Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies House in the United Kingdom. Due to the combined value of Sir Peter Weyland's various patents and patent-pendings, the company incorporates with a higher fair market valuation than any other company in history. [8]
  • 2015 AD
    • March 27th: Weyland Industries launches first industrialized space mission to install solar panels that align and move in Earth's orbital plane but at an axial tilt, imitating a perpetual summer solstice. The renewable energy gathered in the months following this expedition made Peter Weyland his first billion. [8]
    • June 30th: Following Weyland's success with solar panels, Weyland Industries receives funding from a trio of major venture capital firms. [8]
  • 2016 AD
    • February 2nd: Using a precursor to the atmospheric processor of his own invention, Peter Weyland is able to generate a localized synthetic atmosphere above the polar ice cap, effectively ending global warming. [8]
    • July 17th: At the age of 25, Sir Peter Weyland becomes one of the youngest people to ever achieve knighthood. [8]
  • 2017 AD
    • December 10th: Sir Peter Weyland is honored with the Nobel Peace prize in Science for his extraordinary atmospheric work over the polar ice cap. [8]
    • December 19th: Using capital from his 2015 success, Weyland acquires copyrights to technology developed by NASA's innovative but poorly funded Project Prometheus. With Weyland's significantly augmented funding for the project, JIMO became a reality and proves the existence of simple life in Europa's ocean. [8]
  • 2018 AD
    • Unknown date: A Predator spaceship crashes in Mexico and U.S. Army Ranger Quinn McKenna and a group of PTSD-afflicted soldiers work together to take down a pair of Predators, including a genetically enhanced Ultimate Predator, and prevent a possible invasion of the planet while the successor organization to OWLF, Project Stargazer (with connections to Yutani Corporation), seeks to capture and study the Predators. [12]
  • 2022 AD
    • June 1st: Scientists from the Health Division identify the genetic chain of events for 98% of cancers. Using genetically-altered cells as well as elements found beyond Earth's heavens, Weyland successfully deploys an effective cure for almost all cancers. [8]
  • 2023 AD
    • February 4th: Sir Peter Weyland is awarded the Nobel Peace prize in Medicine for his cancer cure. [8]
    • February 28th: In a now legendary TED Talk, Sir Peter Weyland clarifies his vision for Weyland Industries, laying the groundwork for the next 50 years of Building Better Worlds. [8]
    • August 5th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 8,128,899 for Method and Apparatus for cybernetic individuals for use in scientific and industrial environments. [8]
  • 2024 AD
    • May 10th: Weyland military engineers make first significant improvement to rifling technology since the 19th century, tripling speed and doubling accuracy of projectiles. Exact rifling pattern and twist rate remain classified. [8]
    • September 6th: Weyland Industries makes first foray into the luxury goods market with its Holographic Environment Simulator. It is the first HES able to accurately recreate the aesthetic, mood and sounds of any place in the known world, as well as provide live video feed from any calibrated receiver. [8]
    • September 10th: Weyland Industries introduces first rifle (the Weyland Storm Rifle) able to track targets from over 500 klicks away, as well as determine target's health, physique and whether they can be locked down. [8]
  • 2025 AD
    • January 7th: Weyland manufactures the first advanced android prototype model of its kind. He is affectionately called David 1, a name Sir Peter Weyland had initially reserved for his own human son. [8]
  • 2026 AD
    • March 22nd: Weyland Industries earns patent number 9,158,239 for a chemical composition (an advanced polyurethane compound) of classified properties able to almost perfectly replicate the biological features and texture of human skin. [8]
    • June 3rd: Weyland Industries earns patent number 10,445,075 for Method and Apparatus for self-adjusting crosshairs that auto-process windage, Coriolis effect, trajectory, etc. -- eliminating the need for spotters and mathematical formulas. [8]
    • September 30th: Weyland acquires the world's largest public biotech firm, significantly bolstering the company's biotech holdings. [8]
    • November 18th: Weyland privatizes NASA's famous Kepler mission, increases its funding 10-fold and within the year discovers 6,546 more bio-compatible planets. [8]
  • 2028 AD
    • January 1st: Weyland makes significant adjustments to the David 2 android prototype, facilitating David's first interaction with humans. This initial meeting is very promising. [8]
    • March 31st: Weyland Industries becomes first company in history to achieve a market capitalization of $100 billion in five years. [8]
    • May 20th: Weyland labs in San Francisco discover the body's ability to hypersleep (or stasis function) – the complete cessation of life processes, which can be restarted when stasis is removed. The search for a practical application begins. [8]
  • 2029 AD
    • August 9th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 11,280,599 for Method and Apparatus for a device that enhances the capacity of an extraterrestrial planetary environment to support life; effectively the first fully-automated atmospheric processor. This patent is expected to make the founder's famous boast a reality: “There are other worlds than this one, and if there is no air to breathe, we will simply have to make it.” [8]
    • September 18th: Europe's nuclear research co-operative (CERN) runs out of government funding. Weyland acquires the organization as well as their largest particle accelerator and other facilities. [8]
    • December 12th: After years of litigation, Weyland wins the David patent lawsuit against the Japanese start-up Yutani Corporation, effectively protecting the investments of both Weyland Industries and its shareholders. [8]
  • 2030 AD
    • Unknown date: The Predator known as "Scarface" is offered a chance for redemption by his clan-members as humans have been using the technology that he left behind on Earth in 1930 to destroy and capture other Predators and to wage mob warfare, culminating in the formation of Neonopolis, the successor to New Way City. The warring mob factions all pay tribute to Lucretia Borgia, daughter of Hunter Borgia and granddaughter of Bruno Borgia (who Scarface faced and killed in 1930). Scarface battles the mob in order to recover the stolen Predator technology and take control over the new city, eventually facing MOTHER, the computer that controls the city, controlled by his old adversary Isabella Borgia who releases a batch of Xenomorphs on Scarface before he ends up killing her along with her son Hunter, which in turn killed his own daughter Lucretia after having genetically enhanced himself with Predator DNA and gone insane. Scarface takes Hunter's head and declares the city as belonging to the Predator. Later, a man referred to as Mr. Weyland buys out Borgia Industries along with the new MOTHER computer, now run by Lucretia. [5]
    • July 27th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 12,004,556 for Method and Apparatus for a device (the Hypersleep Chamber) that can initiate, monitor and terminate hypersleep. HCs revolutionize space travel permitting increasingly longer, more advanced missions and enabling unprecedented discovery. [8]
  • 2031 AD
    • August 10th: Terraforming begins on Luna with plans for multiple settlements. [8]
  • 2032 AD
    • April 3rd: Weyland acquires four of the largest existing defense conglomerates in the world. These major acquisitions significantly bolsters multinational defense, security, and aerospace technology holdings. [8]
    • May 20th: Weyland scientists discover the inverse relationship between velocity and the flow of time making the long sought-after concept of faster than light travel a reality. The search for practical application begins. [8]
  • 2033 AD
    • July 4th: Weyland creates new 5.56 millimeter round made of metals mined from the circumstellar habitable zone planets orbiting within Gliese 581 capable of traveling at max velocity in any atmosphere at any range. [8]
    • October 4th: Weyland Corp's one millionth employee is hired. His name is Dr. Richard Post and he serves as Chief Statistician to the Electronics Division. [8]
  • 2034 AD
    • January 17th: Weyland Industries introduces the first FTL-capable SEV (space exploration vehicle), the Heliades. [8]
  • 2035 AD
    • May 11th: The National Science Foundation (NSF) lifts restrictions on the commercial use of David androids. [8]
    • June 30th: After android regulations are lifted, the third generation David is deployed internally in order to test human acceptance of cybernetics individuals. Results are encouraging. [8]
    • July 21st: Weyland Industries opens several new offices across the globe expanding corporate presence to Greece, Antarctica, El Salvador, and South Africa to name a few. [8]
  • 2036 AD
    • August 25th: Weyland Industries launches the Explorers Academy -- an alternative grad school for underprivileged college students interested in the fields of biotech, nanotech, cybernetics and terraforming. Top graduates of the program are offered positions at Weyland Industries. [8]
  • 2037 AD
    • December 15th: Fortune 500 names Weyland Industries number one on their list of “10 best companies to work for.” [8]
    • December 21st: Weyland astronomers note an area of space appearing very rich in minerals and other natural resources. Weyland expected to travel there within the century. [8]
  • 2038 AD
    • July 4th: Weyland Industries becomes chief employer of Asian Conflict veterans supplying 35% with steady work. [8]
  • 2039 AD
    • March 2nd: Weyland Industries earns patent number 13,345,075 for Method and Apparatus for an add-on feature (Auto-Compensation) to Weyland Storm capable of compensating for composition, density, pressure and refractive index of any atmosphere. [8]
    • May 28th: Using the Weyland Atmospheric Processor, the first functional and breathable atmosphere is produced on planet GJ 667Cc clearing the way for further terraforming activities on other planets. [8]
    • May 14th: Weyland astronomers discover multiple moons (including Acheron LV-426) and a ringed planet just outside the Zeta 2 Reticula System, which are possibly able to support life. Weyland expects to travel there within the century. [8]
  • 2042 AD
    • April 1st: David 4 becomes the first commercially available model of the David series. He is eventually expected to improve work-flow and efficiency at offices and homes across the world. [8]
    • August 18th: Weyland Industries awarded government contract to build and maintain HD 85512 b Class E Correctional Unit. Prisoners from Earth and other facilities are successfully relocated, and many have since been rehabilitated into society. [8]
  • 2042 AD
    • November 20th: Weyland Industries writes $5 billion check to Little Explorers -- a charity dedicated to the education of troubled middle school students interested in science and technology. [8]
  • 2051 AD
    • April 19th: Weyland Industries makes essential updates to on-planet transport. The new vehicle (the RT01 Group Transport) is capable of traversing any known terrain and has virtually no weight limit for cargo, passengers and equipment. [8]
  • 2052 AD
    • February 14th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 14,524,002 for Method and Apparatus for first manned land-vehicle (the ATV NR6) capable of negotiating vertical surfaces. This technology permits Weyland scientists and terraforming teams to reach previously inaccessible destinations. [8]
    • July 7th: Weyland makes significant intellectual and emotional updates to the David 5 android, further increasing human acceptance. [8]
  • 2055 AD
    • August 1st: NAFE (National Association for Female Executives) names Weyland Industries a Top 50 Company for Executive Women. [8]
  • 2056 AD
    • January 29th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 15,725,924 for Method and Apparatus for a mechanised exo-skeleton (the Power Loader) used for lifting and moving heavy objects such as crates and vehicle weaponry. [8]
  • 2057 AD
    • May 6th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 15,999,127 for Method and Apparatus for an ejectable luxury lifeboat pod able to sustain one human life for up to 50 years. [8]
  • 2059 AD
    • July 22nd: Weyland introduces unique expedition security apparatus (or Portable Decontamination Pack) able to decontaminate indoor and outdoor environments. Apparatus mines surrounding air for flammable compounds, making it ultra light-weight as well as self-replenishing. [8]
  • 2060 AD
    • August 9th: Weyland Industries introduces revolutionary, game-changing language tool (the Broca Dialectical Implant). It is the first-ever to require no actual learning on the consumer's behalf. [8]
  • 2061 AD
    • September 2nd: Weyland Industries earns patent number 16,572,092 for Method and Apparatus for the first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station (the Medpod 720I). [8]
  • 2062 AD
    • February 26th: Only 7% of humans can recognize the sixth generation of David as a cybernetic individual. [8]
  • 2063 AD
    • December 1st: Weyland Industries earns patent number 17,900,353 for Method and Apparatus for an antigravity device (the Spectagraph) that 3D live-maps any foreign terrain, revolutionizing the pre-process of terraforming and developing new colonies. [8]
  • 2064 AD
    • August 11th: Significantly upgraded space suit includes a variety of Weyland patented features, such as cadium exo-skeleton; info display with mission details; vitals: environmental stats and more. [8]
  • 2065 AD
    • June 23rd: Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library built in Washington, DC. [8]
    • November 20th: As Weyland Industries expands their terraforming activities and colonial endeavors, the company is approached by the US government to begin work on the formation of a colonial peacekeeping force trained or populated by marines in the event of future conflict. [8]
  • 2066 AD
    • April 7th: As production costs for the David series decreases, Weyland Industries is increasingly able to extend those savings to everyday consumers, leading to remarkable proliferation of the product. [8]
  • 2068 AD
    • July 6th: Weyland builds and successfully deploys thousands of Seventh Generation Davids into workplaces across the universe. Human acceptance of David 7 reaches an all-time high thanks to Weyland's highly classified emotional encoding technology, David 7 can accurately replicate most human emotions down to the tiniest nuance while consistently achieving all mission objectives. [8]
  • 2069 AD
    • July 13th: Samuel Brett is born in Houston, Texas, United States. [13]
  • 2070 AD
    • June 30th: Since FDA approval, one dozen Medpods have been produced with tens of thousands on back order. [8]
  • 2071 AD
    • May 13th: Weyland Industries becomes Worldwide Olympic Partner and official “Cybernetics Company” of the Olympic movement through 2091. [8]
    • August 16th: Weyland Industries earns patent number 18,364,003 for Method and Apparatus for device (the Synapse Reestablisher) able to temporarily restart brain activity of deceased individuals. [8]
  • 2072 AD
    • March 9th: Weyland Industries consolidates all products and solutions into seven verticals: health, transportation, energy, electronics, terraforming, security and cybernetics. [8]
  • 2073 AD
    • January 1st: Based on recent classified findings by Weyland researchers, the company determines the exact coordinates of a new destination for long-time pet project: Project Prometheus. New round of investment is immediately opened and mission planning enters full-swing. [8]
  • 2076 AD
    • February 27th: Arthur J. Dallas is born in Wolf Point, Montana – United States. [13]
  • 2080 AD
    • February 4th: Dennis Parker is born in San Diego, California, United States. [13]
  • 2083 AD
    • April 20th: Thomas Kane is born in Borehamwood, Herts-UK, European Union. [13]
  • 2091 AD
    • Unknown date: The Prometheus mission leaves for LV-223. [14]
  • 2092 AD
    • January 7th: Ellen Ripley is born in Olympia, Luna, United States. [13]
  • 2093 AD
    • November 7th: Joan Lambert is born in Ontario, Canada. [13]
    • Unknown date: Sir Peter Weyland, on a secret mission to be freed from his elderly sickly state and acquire eternal life, travels with a crew of scientists aboard the spaceship USCSS Prometheus to planet LV-223 to find the creators of mankind, called the Engineers, and ends up discovering a pathogenic mutagen with the ability to create Aliens as well as a hostile Engineer, leaving everyone in the crew dead, including Mr. Weyland, except for Doctor Elizabeth Shaw and the beheaded android David 8 who uses an Engineer Juggernaut spaceship to travel to the homeworld of the Engineers. [15]
  • 2094 AD
    • Unknown date: Doctor Elizabeth Shaw sends out a transmission. [14]
  • 2099 AD
    • Unknown date: The Weyland Corporation absorbs cybernetics rival Yutani; the Weyland-Yutani Corporation opens with the largest share value ever recorded on the Systems Exchange. [14]
22nd Century
  • 2101 AD
    • Unknown date: The United States Colonial Marine Corps is established, through the National Security Act of 2101, with a strength of roughly 165,000 marines. [14][16]
  • 2104 AD
    • Unknown date: South, Central, and North America form a financial collective, the United Americas. [14]
    • Unknown date: The colony spacecraft USCSS Covenant are traveling towards habitable planet Origae-6 when they are struck by a starburst and discover a signal from another habitable planet dubbed Planet 4 and decide to investigate it and discovers an Earth-like world filled with dead Engineers and new forms of Aliens, including the Neomorphs, being a result of a hostile David 8 android, from the Prometheus mission, having experimented with the pathogenic mutagen of the Engineers. The remaining crew members escape the planet, unknowingly having brought back David 8 to the Covenant, falsely believing him to be their own identical Walter android, ending up in him taking over the vessel, leaving the ship's colonists at his mercy and storing two Alien embryos among the ship's human embryos. [17]
  • 2111 AD
    • Unknown date: Estimated date for the arrival of the USCSS Covenant on planet Origae-6. [17]
  • 2116 AD
    • Unknown date: The USCSS Nostromo is constructed. [16]
    • Unknown date: Dr. Lucien Keitel finds traces of Aliens about 1.6 billion years old in Australia's Great Desert. [18]
  • 2117 AD
    • Unknown date: After nearly a hundred years without a recorded incident, Predators attack a thousand-men-strong human colony on planet Midnight. [19]
  • 2121 AD
    • June 12th: USCSS Nostromo is scheduled to departure from Thedus in 0600 hours. Captain Dallas sends a relay message received by Sevastopol Station informing of their departure.[13][20]
  • 2122 AD
    • Unknown date: The crew of the USCSS Nostromo, under contract with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, are awakened from hypersleep to investigate a distress signal coming from the moon Acheron LV-426 in the Zeta 2 Reticuli System. Eventually they discover a crashed Engineer Juggernaut dubbed "the Derelict" and one of the crew-members, Kane, encounters Alien Ovomorphs and a Facehugger attaches itself to him. The resulting Alien hunts the crew, killing them one-by-one, and is faced by the lone survivor Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, eventually discovering her crew-mate Ash is an android ordered to protect the Alien according to Weyland-Yutani's Special Order 937. Ripley escapes the ship on the lifeboat Narcissus after activating the self-destruct system of the Nostromo. Ripley soon discovers the Alien is on board the escape pod with her and she ends up ejecting it through the hatch, after which she enters into cryosleep. [21]
  • 2124 AD
    • Unknown date: Seegson Corporation executives arrive on Sevastopol Station to reenergize the station, transforming it into a cosmopolitan hub. Some time later, the rerouting of the Sol-Thedus flight path decreases the activity on Sevastopol and the station was scheduled for decommission with its inhabitants gradually reduced to a skeleton crew. [20]
  • 2130 AD
    • Unknown date: Cofounded by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Gateway Station is constructed. [14]
  • 2137 AD
    • November 11th: H. Marlow arrives at Sevastopol Station on board the salvage vessel Anesidora requesting emergency medical attention for his wife C. Foster, who was attacked by an Alien Facehugger. Chief Marshal Waits chooses to skip quarantine procedures because the Anesidora have discovered the Nostromo flight recorder and it means a cut of the reward for the station's crew. [20]
    • November 13th: Dr. Lingard uploads a video log stating the Alien Facehugger parasite has done something to patient zero, Marlow's wife. [20]
    • November 14th: An Alien Chestburster hatches from C. Foster, killing her. Dr. Lingard signs her death certificate and cites her cause of death as classified. Marshal Waits and his men starts to hunt the creature with the intention of killing it. With the Xenomorph killing people, Seegson Corporation puts the station up for sale, making sure possible buyers know nothing about the situation aboard. [20]
    • November 21st: Weyland-Yutani purchased the Sevastopol Station and sent APOLLO new operational directives, including Special Order 939. [20]
    • Unknown date: Civilian engineer Amanda Ripley, daughter of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, encounters an Alien at Sevastopol Station. [14]
  • 2157 AD
    • Unknown date: Hadley's Hope, a Weyland-Yutani terraforming colony, is established on Acheron LV-426. [14]
  • 2159 AD
    • Unknown date: An Alien outbreak occurs on planet LV-178 when trimonite miners unearth a Drukathi ship housing Alien Ovomorphs. The Narcissus, guided by the preserved consciousness of Ash, docks with the mining vessel Marion in an effort to obtain a living sample of the species to complete Special Order 937. Ellen Ripley helps the surviving miners gather supplies to get them away from LV-178 aboard the Marion, but all except Ripley and Chris "Hoop" Hooper survive. Ripley is safely sent away aboard the Narcissus with her memory of the experience wiped, while Hoop escapes on a second vessel with a slimmer chance of rescue. [22]
  • 2165 AD
    • Unknown date: The Tientsin (Eta Boötis A III) campaign is fought by the U.S. Colonial Marines with a strength of 240,000 marines at the end of the campaign. [16]
  • 2169 AD
    • Unknown date: The Marine 70 program is established late 2169 or early 2170 with the abandonment of the "triangular" system for a "pair" or "buddy" system, allowing more mobile and fast operations with "faster and meaner" teams. These changes include the use of two pair teams, one smartgun team and one rifle team, as well as the use of the UD4-L gunship and the introduction of the M577 APC. [16]
    • Unknown date: The M41A Pulse Rifle enters into service as a standard rifle. [16]
  • 2171 AD
    • Unknown date: The Bishop AP model is introduced, designed by Michael Bishop Weyland in the likeness of Charles Bishop Weyland, the original founder of Weyland Industries who discovered an ancient pyramid of tremendous importance on Bouvet island, Antarctica, and met his fate in the same location. [9][14]
  • 2176 AD
    • Unknown date: Colonel James Mortimer of the USASF, holds a STARTAC introductory seminar at the USCM staff college. [16]
  • 2179 AD
    • Unknown date: The Narcissus is discovered floating in space 57 years later, and Ellen Ripley is brought to a medical space station orbiting Earth, where she's offered and accepts to follow a team of US Colonial Marines aboard the USS Sulaco on a mission to eradicate the Aliens attacking a Weyland-Yutani colony on Acheron LV-426, eventually discovering a 12-year-old girl named Newt as the sole survivor who helps them navigate the location. Weyland-Yutani, represented by Carter Burke, is revealed to be attempting to acquire specimens of these Aliens. Eventually, Ripley, Newt, Corporal Hicks, and android Bishop escapes the colony before it's destroyed in a nuclear explosion, seemingly eliminating the Aliens and the recently discovered Alien Queen, only to find the Alien Queen having been brought back to the Sulaco where Ripley battles it with a Power Loader and ejects it into space. Ripley and the survivors subsequently enters cryosleep. [23]
    • Unknown date: An Alien Ovomorph left on board the Sulaco causes the fire-detection system to place Ripley and the survivors of the LV-426 incident to be placed into an escape pod which crashes on prison planet Fiorina "Fury" 161, leaving Ripley as the sole survivor. She finds herself trying to eliminate an Alien set loose in the prison compound while being discovered to contain an Alien Queen embryo in her chest. Weyland-Yutani representatives, including Michael Bishop Weyland, arrives on the planet to collect the Alien specimens, only to find the Alien has been killed and Ripley ends up sacrificing herself in molten lead to stop the company from acquiring the Aliens. [6]
    • August 12th: An unnamed colonel blames Michael Bishop Weyland for the loss of the Sulaco and offers Weyland his help for a price. Space Command at O'Niell Station detects an unknown mass in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system and eventually identifies it as the Sulaco. [16]
    • September 5th: The Weyland-Yutani office on Gateway Station are made aware of the death of Carter Burke during the events at Acheron LV-426, as no data was recovered and the Bioweapons Division has the situation locked, and a briefing is made to discuss all the events back to 2122. [16]
    • September 11th: Weyland-Yutani dispatch an extraction team to the coordinates of the Engineer Juggernaut spaceship dubbed "the Derelict" on Acheron LV-426 and begin searching for it. Seiji Tanaka is in charge of the search party aboard of the Weyland-Yutani spacecraft Shinyo Maru. [16]
    • September 15th: The crew aboard the Shinyo Maru rediscover the Engineer Juggernaut spaceship dubbed "the Derelict" on Acheron LV-426 and recovers two Alien Ovomorphs for their Science Division, after which the Origin facility is established. [16]
    • Unknown date: The USS Sephora boards the USS Sulaco, dispatched to Acheron LV-426 17 weeks earlier, as a result of them responding to a distress call from Corporal Hicks and eventually ends up crashing to the surface of the terraformed moon with a battalion sized force. [24]
23rd Century
  • 2202 AD
    • Unknown date: United Americas, EU/UK, China, Heelal Yo, and four independent Core System colonies form the United Systems. [14]
  • 2219 AD
    • Unknown date: Weyland-Yutani engine core spacecraft the Geryon, transporting the command ship, the Helios, the salvage ship, the Kadmos, and the Perses, leaves for LV-223 on a mission to search for the missing Prometheus spacecraft, with Captain Angela Foster intending to finish the mission of the late Sir Peter Weyland. [14][25][26][27][28][29]
  • 2220 AD
    • Unknown date: Colonial Marines on the planet Tartarus battle extraterrestrial hunters over the possession of a mysterious horseshoe-shaped spaceship of unknown origin. The Weyland-Yutani rep wants the ship, and the marine captain wants to protect her crew. [30][31][32][33][34]
  • 2226 AD
    • Unknown date: United Systems Military is established. [14]
  • 2291 AD
    • Unknown date: Weyland-Yutani colony at Nu Indi successfully sues for independence. [14]
  • 2293 AD
    • Unknown date: Rival company Ridton markets advanced FTL drive; Weyland-Yutani loses USM contract for FTL vessels. [14]
24th Century
  • 2306 AD
    • Unknown date: Artificial Persons from the Alethea Collective are granted civil rights; all cybernetics divisions suffer financial loss. [14]
  • 2349 AD
    • Unknown date: Megacorporations are banned; Weyland-Yutani loses final appeal to retain designation three years later. [14]
  • 2356 AD
    • Unknown date: DNA samples from an Alien-implanted human (Ellen Ripley) are rediscovered by the USM. [14]
  • 2376 AD
    • Unknown date: The first auton is manufactured, an android designed by androids. [14]
  • 2379 AD
    • Unknown date: Following a violent uprising on Luna/AE, autons are recalled and destroyed. [14]
  • 2381 AD
    • Unknown date: A clone of Ellen Ripley, dubbed Ripley 8, is produced on the military spacecraft USM Auriga through DNA left on Fiorina 161, and a new breed of Aliens are consequently produced through hosts provided by a crew of mercenaries, including the auton named Call, on board a spaceship named the Betty. Ripley 8 and the remaining survivors escape on the Betty, along with a Newborn Alien which is soon killed off, as the Auriga crashes down to Earth, destroying all the Aliens. [30]
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The Jackal Guards (Beta Reader Test) Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Salvaged Fortune

6 miles southeast of Jilib, Somalia
June 4th, 02:25 AM
They had to move fast, disregarding day and night, stressed or stretched, they marched ahead of the main armored spearhead of Horus. These mobile airborne wolves of the Legion set up a series of FOBs and FARBS along the highway connecting Mogadishu to Jilib. Each FOBs was manned by a company, who got there thanks to the fast-moving Roc Eagle VTOLs and helicopters dropping them into the battlezone ahead of time. AMISOM troops assisted in the construction and clearing of landmines ahead of time, while the troops waited for the following forces. First came the gunships and utility helicopters, they brought in mortar tubes for fire missions, as well as ammo for MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) fire missions.
Horus and Temujin accompanied each other in an IFV’s passenger cabin with a full squad ready for combat. Their convoy consisted of an M5A1 Sekhmet MBT tank platoon, three platoons of mechanized infantry, and their M3 Sobek IFVs and a cavalry recon squadron of lighter vehicles like Humvees and M2 Sobek, the reconnaissance and battlefield surveillance variants of the aforementioned IFVs. As they rode towards their objective at the town of Jilib, Horus took the time to call his wife, Princess Roxanna.
The video call on his HUD showed his beautiful wife sitting by a table with Thoth working on various matters with papers, books, and maps all brought to her attention. Roxanna was a beautiful anthro gold eagle, like Horus, she had her wings separate from her arms. Since married into the royal family, Roxanna wore a linen cloth dress with a gold beaded necklace on her neck and golden ring bearing a turquoise gem. Even when her dress left her hips and legs rather exposed, they could still see the hilt of her dagger in its sheath on the right leg. Besides her ample C-cups, she had a pair of brown and amber eyes with a golden sun-kissed feather.
"Hey, darling, how are things in Alexandria? I hope I'm not making you feel anxious while I'm away from home." Horus chuckled light-heartedly to Roxanna, she smiled wryly to him and shook her head gently. "Besides the fact that I'm having dinner with neither my husband nor brother. I'd say it's fine considering that we have a crisis we need to avert." Roxanna sarcastically replied to him while working on several maps and books with Thoth, one of the books appeared to have a page on the world serpent Jormungandr. "Look, I'm sorry that I messed up, and you're probably going to chew me up for it. But I am doing the best I can to fix things. Anyway, how are things in the palace?" Horus asked mildly to Roxanna to let her reply to him at leisure.
"Trying to figure out how Jormungandr's bad breath entered the human world, nothing much so far. Thoth tried explaining it to me. Maybe you can help?" She turned to Thoth, who happily nodded to her and looked at the screen of Horus's video call. "I've been researching the matter by order of Pharaoh Ra to assist you. Now you know that there are times when what happens in our world may manifest in the mortal one, no?" Thoth asked rhetorically towards Horus, prompting the falcon prince to nod as an answer. "Uh, yeah. I know that since I was five. So how exactly did Jormungandr's breath pop up in this world? I mean it needed someone to distribute it there, right?" Horus replied, asking his question, he was rather curious as to what Thoth might have in mind. "I suspect that someone in our realm of the gods brought it in there. Someone intimate with two things, the ocean and wyrms."
Thoth's ominous hypothesis sent chills down Horus's spine as he felt the air around him grow cold even for his armor plates. "Okay, that's a start. But who could that be? Are they alone or act in groups? We know that our enemy, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, has a lot of rotten deity apples working for him." Horus replied skeptically, Thoth seeing this and chuckled to Horus.
"Oh, dear Horus, it's a simple game of deduction. We know that for one, our pantheon has no deity of the sea with wyrms. Besides the extremely distant Primordials, but even they are not responsible for that serpent born from Ra's umbilical cord." Thoth hinted to Horus with a tinge of annoyance at the end, making him think about what he meant a bit more. None in the Egyptian pantheon would do that, so it must be the Norse who knew Jormungandr, but they needed the help of another deity who was the deity of sea and oceans.
"Da Ji was in the North Sea helping them steal the samples from the Calypso. Do you think she was the one?" Horus hypothesized, promptin Thoth to nod at the falcon's progress in deduction and thinking. "Yes, a highly plausible suspect. But that alone simply won’t suffice. There might be other forces we know little about. And they might be benefitting from the situation."
Before Horus could reply, however, he heard the vehicle commander informing him of their distance to the target destination. “Lock and load back there! We’re in the hot zone now." He sighed out and looked at Roxanna intensely before bidding her goodbye. "I'll call you later, love. Gotta go now." He said solemnly to her, with Roxanna nodding to him sympathetically before bidding him goodbye for now. "You stay safe darling. And take care of my brother for me." Roxanna reminded him strictly, to which he nodded to him before he ended the call.
Once the IFV dropped down its ramp, Horus and his troops began to fan out and spread evenly around the area to cover the grasslands. As the IFV's turrets swiveled and rotated with their thermal imaging systems scanned for targets. They caught sight of enemy RPG gunners on patrol with assistant grenadiers hauling a backpack of extra RPG warheads. The ARGOS highlighted these threats with red geometry symbols with additional NATO symbols to indicate the types like infantry or vehicles. Horus moved with Temujin's rifle squad into the grasslands while others covered their flanks, the rest of the convoy fanned out for an all-out assault.
“Launching UAV.” The squad UAV operator, Gunter, said before launching a small falcon drone soaring into the sky, its optics served as the airborne camera for the Task Force, feeding the Unit of Action Command Vehicle with thermal imaging updates of enemy movements around the town. “Falcon-6, we have eyes on an enemy tank company set up on the other side of the Jubba River. How copy, over?” The commander's message came through to Horus, who was aiming his weapon at the outlying patrols. "I hear you Bulldog-6. Tell Hermes to expedite to Objective Kadesh."
"Roger that. All Hermes Units, expedite to Objective Kadesh and set up blocking positions." The robot wolf inside the Command Vehicle with his finger danced across the touch screen of his command table. A blue arrow drew from the position of the tank platoon and their cavalry recon squadron towards the direction of Objective Kadesh. It was nothing but a patch of dirt next to Jilib. The maneuver would, however, put the Sekhmet tank platoon and their scouts in front of enemy armor. Exactly as Horus would like it, a blocker on his right-wing to smash the numerically superior enemy tank force. Sure, there might be more Type-59s compared to a single Sekhmet MBT platoon, but the odds were in his favor. With howitzers to his rear, and their top attack ATGMs, Chinese tanks would be nothing but target practice.
"Keep formation and move at cruising speed. We're expecting hostile contact anytime now, so heads on a swivel!" The platoon commander sternly instructed his troops as they zoomed across the landscape, cruising at roughly 60km/h towards their objective. Their cavalry recon squadron moved at a faster pace, being ahead of them by one kilometer as the trailblazers. The tank platoon was from the 501st they brought with them the Jackal Guards' cream of the proverbial armor crops, the M5E1 Sekhmet Main Battle Tank.
Their recon squadron used cavalry recon vehicle variants of the IFVs. The M5E1, in particular, was something to be feared and respected on the battlefield. Some would rightfully laugh at its seemingly smaller and compact size when compared to other main battle tanks like Leopard 2s, T-90s, or M1 Abrams. Appearance-wise, it looked like a cross between the small M8 Thunderbolt's chassis design, slightly enlarged but still could be airborne deployable. The hull and chassis had blocks of ERA lined them to protect the steel beast from incoming projectiles.
The turrets had a sleek and angular wedge-shaped design, much like the Challenger series or the Abrams. On either side of the turret, there were sensor pads for its APS (Active Protection System), it didn't use a projectile base system like the Trophy system. The APS instead utilizes a laser system to melt incoming enemy projectiles, jam enemy radio-controlled explosives, and interference with enemy missile systems.
Even then, the tank's main gun made enemies fear for their very lives. A 120mm smoothbore main gun capable of engaging targets beyond the line of sight with GPS guided rounds, or fire barrel launched ATGMs of their own. A 7.62mm coaxial machine gun to ward off enemy infantry, and a triple barrel GAU-19 .50 cal BMG machine gun mounted on a CROW station.
"Sir, permission to fire?" Temujin asked anxiously, having his IR laser lined up on target with his M4A1 ready to fire. "Weapons free." Horus permitted nonchalantly. The crown prince and his iron wolves opened fire on the outlying patrols, dropping them instantly. But as expected, this alerted the enemy defenders inside the town as they hastily moved out to their fighting positions.
What followed was a cascade of tracer rounds and the crackling of machine gun fires, the thumping of grenade launchers and the whizzing, snapping of bullets as they hit the ground and clanking of shell casing falling to the ground. "All Rhinos, move up along the road and provide cover fire. All Hitman elements follow the IFVs and take out any RPGs you see." Horus ordered his troops and hastened their assault under his watch. “Here I go killing again.” Gunter grunted as he opened fire his M4A1 at the insurgents hiding inside the pillboxes.
The battlefield to the robots was like a rave party with their IR lasers dancing up and down. Trenches and bunkers had Dshk machine gun nests and SPGs to keep the Jackal Guards IFVs on their toes. As whenever the Dushka fired, the robots dived to the ground, and their automatic riflemen quickly lay down suppressive fire on the bunkers. The riflemen like Temujin sprinted across the field towards the trenches, with their grenadiers like Gunter, forming an assault team. Enemy technicals sped down to intercept the assault forces, only to be shot up by the IFVs. The turrets blew apart the vehicle's engine blocks before destroying the chassis of the fragile 4x4s.
Temujin led the assault into the trenches as he fired at the enemies that were preoccupied with the other robots. Being a combat pragmatist, Temujin quickly terminated any threats he saw with a double tap. When he approached the entrance of a bunker, he switched to his frag grenade, pulled the pin, and tossed in the grenade. It detonated and killed the occupants with a loud and violent blast. Temujin came in and found the place littered with burned and torn fabric, splattered blood, and the gruesomely twisted remains of the defenders.
He paid no notice to them and waved his hands to Horus and the other elements of his mechanized infantry company. "Alright, they took the trenches, move up! Hitman-1, you sweep the southern part of town, Hitman-2 cover them, Temujin, you're with me and 1-1 to flank their right." Horus shouted orders to them, quickly coordinating the robots to take swarm in and secure the town.
As Horus and the robots began to sweep into the town of Jilib hunting for their HVT, the defenders fell back and regrouped in the inner parts of town. Horus took point with Temujin, Gunter and a squad of robot wolves following the falcon as they cleared through the streets. Occasionally, they bumped into civilians hiding in their homes or shuttering their windows, trying to hide from the sudden outbreak of fighting in their town. When Temujin took the lead, he bumped into a panicking mother and her crying infant. The black wolf held her still and took a glance over his shoulders to see if his teammates were covering him. He shushed at her and gestured for her to keep her head down before helping her seek shelter. “You sure got ways with kids.” Gunter commented with a smirk.
Once Temujin and his squad arrived at the main road running through Jilib, he saw the enemies hiding inside a two story building adorned with the Al-Shabaab black flag. There was a radio antenna on the rooftop with enemy machine gunners defending the place with RPDs. The machine guns opened fire on Temujin, making him flinch in reaction, falling back as debris and concrete fell on his muzzle and optical lenses. He wiped them off and took a deep breath before pressing himself against the wall. "Cover us! I want suppressive fire on that bastard, Temujin, you and Karkaros with me. We're kicking the door." Horus ordered them fiercely, prompting the machine gunner of their squad to lay down sustained suppression on the enemy machine gunners.
As their teammates tossed down smoke grenades to cover Horus and Temujin sprinting across the streets with some volunteers, the occupants inside the building were scrambling to call for reinforcements on the radio. The operator screamed frantically, his cries for help sounded static laced through the radio filter. "Rhino, Rhino! This is Den, we are under attack, need immediate assistance, so get over here and drive back the enemy assault." On the other end of the line, the tank company commander picked up the radio and replied with a thick Chinese accent. "Affirmative Den, we're moving to assist you now. Hold on tight." Once he put down the radio, the Chinese captain ran out of his bunker wearing his tanker helmet cap and uniform. The Chinese crew ran to their ZTZ-59s and crewed up with the tank headlights switched on. They began to roll out first, heading towards the bridge, followed by the BMP-1 IFVs carrying their infantry.
As for Hermes, they came to their objective on time with the tank platoon fanned out and took positions inside the treeline. The scouts dismounted from their vehicles with Javelin ATGMs set up inside hastily dug out fighting positions. Some of them had binoculars and long-range surveillance tools set up to survey both the town and the bridge. "I have visual contact on enemy tank battalion. Bearing 285, distance 4 Klicks and closing in, recommend that we get Arty on standby just in case." The scoutmaster instructed his JTAC operator, Archer. The robot owl then nodded and tapped into the communication network to relay the information to the tank platoon commander.
"Looks like a pretty flimsy force coming at us. All Hermes elements, this is Hermes-6 open fire. Engage targets at your discretion." The platoon leader eagerly ordered his tank platoon, prompting them to open fire on the incoming Type-59s. Their night visions showed them a green-tinted world with a darkened horizon that occasionally lit up by the flashes of their gun muzzles and 120mm smoothbore rounds going downrange. "Hermes-6, great gun! Great gun! We got hostile tanks lit up down there, and must have hurt them plenty." Said Archer as the robot owl used his binocular with a wrist-mounted computer pad to analyze enemy vehicles to determine their variant and models.
Archer's screen showed him a 3D hologram of the enemy tank that his binocular laser range finding system scanned. It identified several modular mounts on the tank, these were laser range finder modules, and slat armor around the dome-shaped turret with smoke dischargers. "Positive ID on enemy Type-88 tank. Expect more of them coming. How copy?" Archer's message came to the Unit of Action Command Vehicle, where the commander took it with some concerns. "Good copy Archer, setting up for arty strike now over."
The Battalion commander then danced his finger across the screen, tapped on symbols of howitzer detachment to the rear, and began tapping on enemy symbols to relay strike orders. "Coordinates confirmed, firing. Shells out!" The artillery began to fire off their payload of 155mm rounds on the target coordinates. To the rear of the Commander, armored tracked howitzers fired off a barrage of conventional 155mm HE shells. The shells came down on the enemy tank company, stunning them instantly. The Chinese tanks slowed down and scrambled to take up positions along the riverbanks, forming a defensive line to defilade for their IFVs.
"Hostile IFVs are crossing the river, all elements, fire at will! Take out those BMPs before they disembark." The platoon commander ordered, prompting his tanks to turn their attention to the fragile BMP clones and fired, the lead vehicle took a direct hit through the hull, the second following it got hit in the turret. The dismounted robot jackals of the cavalry recon squadron had their Javelin ATGMs ready; they aimed at the enemy tanks and fired. Top attack missiles soared into the air, before correcting their flight pattern to strike at the top of the Chinese tank turrets.
As the enemy tank company and their IFVs and their IFVs took heavy losses, Horus and Temujin breached through the walls of the enemy command post with a sledgehammer smashing a large gaping hole through the wall. Temujin tossed in a flashbang, stunning the enemies inside. Horus then came in firing his weapons with Temujin following him closely with the grenadier and auto rifleman filling in behind him.
The defenders inside the building were Al-Shabaab militants. Caught off guard and terrified, they fired wildly through the dark. They foolishly hoped that their muzzle flashes would give them a hint of where their enemies were. Only for Horus to slam his fist through the doors and walls, knocking the militants dead, or Temujin landing accurate shots into their barely protected torso.
As they cleared through the command post's ground floor, Horus kicked down a door to a room with a single lightbulb on the ceiling with Temujin storming inside. "Got somebody here! He looks banged up real bad." Said Temujin as he then untied the subject, and Horus quickly examined the wounded man. Cuts and bruises were visible on the man’s body, a fresh bleeding scar ran down his cheek.
The robot falcon began to use his healing power as he did to Colonel Chima. Unfortunately, his power didn’t seem to do much as the man himself remained in critical conditions. Some wounds were stabilized but he was not out of the woods. "Hey, look at me! Can you hear me? How many claws am I holding up?" Horus asked urgently, the prisoner made a labored breath and replied. "Two. Who or what are you?"
"Your guardian angels for today, let's get you to the medic," Horus replied with an elated tone, he took a second look at the man's face for his facial recognition software to run a check if this was the target he was looking for. A positive ID result came in, further elating his mood as he lifted the man over his shoulder. "Sir, couldn’t you heal him like Colonel Chima?" Temujin asked cautiously, with Horus huffing in annoyance.
“Look at me, do you see serious damages or bullets on me? Depending on the damages I take, I can heal myself and nearby friendlies to a certain degree.” Horus grumbled before switching to a medic of the squad as they moved into the building. "Medic! Link to remote triage and see what you can do. We need him alive five by five, understand? Temujin, get up to the roof and set up an overwatch with the AT section.” Horus ordered the robot wolf, who nodded to him and picked up his weapon then ran up to the roof.
"Contact, across the river, company size hostile moving towards us!" The squad leader called out. His robots fired on the incoming Chinese troops with their tracer rounds light up the night. Their night visions showed them a horde of Chinese infantry crawling on the ground with SKS rounds' green tracers zipping past them, over their heads or falling on the wall. Temujin aimed with his M4A1 carbine and fired on the enemies below. His bullets tend to land directly onto their unprotected heads, blowing out bits of brains and flesh, terrifying other militias. Some of them retaliated with RPDs, firing sustained hail of lead against the robots. "Falcon-6, sir, what's the status on the HVT? Shit's getting real hardcore for us, sir." Temujin asked Horus over the radio.
Horus and a Combat Lifesaver robot were working on the agent. The CLS was hard-pressed to stabilize the wounded agent completely, while then Horus was taking potshots at the incoming Chinese hordes. "Almost there, the doc is applying the disinfectant and bandages. I'm giving you fire support priority, rain fire on those assholes!" Horus screeched out as some bullets struck his chest, sending slight jolts of pain through his body before harmlessly bouncing off to the ground. "Just bombard them back to the stone age!" Horus ordered aggressively with an annoyed tone as he dusted his chest plates.
Temujin soon heard a ping sound on his wrist-mounted hologram interface. He pressed his back against the wall and began to work on the interface. His finger trailed from the artillery icon and tapped it on the map, where the mass of Chinese militias was. "Roger that Hitman shot out, splash, over." The artillery crew called over the radio with the thundering howitzer roaring on the distant horizon. The whistling and howling of artillery shells flew overhead, landing down on the ground with a violent detonation and rumbling. Chinese militia saw their ranks decimated in seconds, flesh and blood splattered all over.
"Thrasher, this is Hitman, good effect on targets. We're counting 20 hostile KIA the rest are disengaging, expect more to come." Temujin reported the artillery crew with a sigh of relief as he watched the terrified Chinese turn away from the battle and ran as fast as they could. Some even tossed down their rifles and equipment to run as fast as they could. "Roger that Hitman, glad to have assisted. Standing by if you need further fire support, over." Temujin then went downstairs to check on Horus and the agent. Once he came down the stairs, he saw Horus and the CLS had the agent stabilized, "Good work with the artillery. Maybe you should sign up for arty school once we've finished here." Horus congratulated with a pat on the robot's shoulder, a thank you exited Temujin's mouth as he then helped the doctor with the stretcher and the agent.
As they came out to the streets of Jilib, their MRAPs pulled up in front of the building. The CLS to load the agent into the back of the MRAP with Horus climbing in as well. The Crown Prince was mindful with his wings folded into his back to save room and sat down next to the agent. "Are you alright? Before I send you off to the nearest medical tent, I need to ask something. What did you know about the airfield?" Horus asked the agent, who then smiled at the deity even if he did not fully comprehend who Horus was. "I thank you for saving my life, Sadik. I was keeping my eyes on the airfield. They pack it up just before dawn all the time. Then hide the equipment in the town of Jilib. Then deploy at night to guide incoming aircraft. May I ask your name, Sadik?"
As they came out to the streets of Jilib, their MRAPs pulled up in front of the building. The CLS to load the agent into the back of the MRAP with Horus climbing in as well. The Crown Prince was mindful with his wings folded into his back to save room and sat down next to the agent. "Are you alright? Before I send you off to the nearest medical tent, I need to ask something. What did you know about the airfield?" Horus asked the agent, who then smiled at the deity even if he did not fully comprehend who Horus was. "I thank you for saving my life, Sadik. I was keeping my eyes on the airfield. They pack it up just before dawn all the time. Then hide the equipment in the town of Jilib. Then deploy at night to guide incoming aircraft. May I ask your name, Sadik?" The agent asked with a friendly chuckle, with Horus smiling gently to the gratefulness and friendly attitude. Prompting him to return his own, "Horus, son of Isis." He tersely remarked before standing up and exiting the MRAP.
Once the MRAP drove away, Horus and Temujin went with a platoon out to check the airfield on the other side of the river. Once they crossed over, the platoon saw the remains of Chinese Type-59 tanks and various IFVs burning from their encounter with Hermes. Archer joined Horus, accompanying him on foot as they casually marched towards the now abandoned airfield. "Sir, you think they might leave behind some surprises for us? Maybe booby traps and burning the documents?" Archer suggested cautiously. Horus shook his head to Archer, "Nah, negative. They hastily took off. So I doubt they would have the time to either shred or burn documents. Let alone wiping the black boxes." Horus remarked confidently.
After arriving at the airfield, they began to fan out and search the surrounding areas for clues. Horus found a wind flag on a mobile generator trailer. The generator had its cable coupling connected to a mobile radar trailer. The place appeared to have been nothing more than a stretch of land, flat and open enough for them to use some steamrollers to pave a makeshift runway. Archer went under some tree shades and found a camouflage net with wooden crates with simplified Chinese writing. "Sir, it looks like we hit the motherlode. Still, I'm surprised that they didn't try to take off with these cargoes. Maybe they're incompetents? Fresh meat and want to desert?" Archer mused, trying to make sense of their finding.
"Maybe they can easily replace the loss. Let's open it up." Temujin obeying the order, he then helped Archer crack open one of the boxes and lifted the lid. They found the content of the box to be nothing more than cheap AK knockoffs. The other box was a more modern HJ-12 box with a launcher and optical system. "What's your assessment, Archer? An opinion or two would be nice." Horus asked before going over inspecting the other weapon crates.
"Probably a new shipment, maybe a day or two old. From the looks of it, nothing much, but would still be enough to keep the insurgents annoying us for a week." The robot owl assessed with his hand stroking his chin while Horus and Temujin inspected the crates. "A bad week is more than enough materials for the media to latch on. Grab the crates and stuff them on the HEMTTs, we’ll be heading back to the Mog." Horus ordered calmly, the other wolves nodded to their monarch and went to work beginning to bring in their cargo trucks to load the shipments on.
10:35 Hours that same day
Mogadishu, Somalia
By the time the Jackal Guards had returned to the city's airport, they had a display of trophies in the form of captured enemy weapons. On the ground were a dozen large sheets with different colors for weapon categories. The robot wolves and their AMISOM allies placed their trophies on the sheets, starting with pistols. Then came SMGs and Assault Rifles. Before long, they reached RPGs, mortars, sniper rifles, machine guns of all manners. The cacophony of metal clanking and clinging against the ground made an even louder roll call than the armory master. Eventually, Horus was standing before a dazzling array of weapons enough to feed a battalion of guerrillas.
As he paced around the displays, journalists and AMISOM war photographers took photos and recordings of the captured weapons. Some of the journalists were busy interviewing a robot wolf with a Pioneer's crossed shovel and pickaxe symbol painted on his shoulder patch. "Sir, what can you tell us about the captured weapons? How did the insurgents smuggle these firearms into Somalia? Is there any evidence that these are Chinese made weapons?" An Austrian journalist asked, holding his microphone to the 7 feet robot lycan. "Simple, they used a five miles stretch of open land, paved by steamrollers as their runway. Then their aircraft will either land or airdrop the cargo." The Pioneer bot replied with his hand pointing to a sample crate with parachute harnesses on it.
The Pioneer bot then begins to demonstrate one of the weapons, a Norinco Type-56 assault rifle, the Chinese clone of the Izhmash AKM. He then squeezed the trigger, laying down several bursts of automatic fire on the target boards downrange. The journalists and reporters cringed and reacted with hands holding their ears at the crackling muzzles. The Pioneer bot then held the weapon to the camera, giving them a clear look at the Chinese production stamp and the serial numbers, writings imprinted on the rifle.
"A bit of an excessive demonstration there, Corporal, allow me to handle this," Horus muttered to the Pioneer 's ears before the robot falcon stepped in to continue the interview before the cameras. Publicity has always been Horus's forte, much more so than Anubis. In many ways, Horus was the marketing face of the Jackal Guards in their previously almost exclusively African and the Middle East market.
The moment Horus stepped into the camera's view, the journalists were overwhelmed by sheer ecstasy and the chance to interview an entity from beyond their world. "Can you please disclose details in your operations? How long have you been operating in Somalia?" An Indian reporter asked, holding his microphone to Horus's beak. "Any comments on the enemies you've fought so far?" An American New York Times journalist asked with her recorder ready. "What's your motivation for being here? Money? Fame? Glory?" A Japanese journalist chimed in, trying to get a scoop as well.
Horus seeing the journalists ganged up on him, felt a bit off-putting by their apparent insistence with getting information. He had grown accustomed to curated interviews with journalists with Anubis's approval and inside a secured location. "Easy people, one question at a time." Horus held up his hands and gestured to them to take it slow one at a time. Behind him, Rameses nervously rubbed his temple. He knew Horus's ego and his craving for publicities and playboy attitude could get out of hand. "First of all, we're not here for the glory. Money is arguably one motive for us, but not the overriding one. We're here to fight for those who can't defend themselves."
"Can you specify your involvement here? Your operation objectives and the forces present here? Were you in the North Sea and Paris a couple of days ago?" A German DW journalist asked Horus, prompting the robot falcon to nod his head. "Long story short, yes, I was in the North Sea and Paris. I represent the Jackal Guards, the world's finest Foreign Legion besides the Gallic one." Horus suddenly stumped as he felt like he had shot himself yet again, with the journalists having a double-take when he called the French Foreign Legion "Gallic." Rameses gritted his teeth behind Horus's back, "Damn you, idiot!" the Inquisitor cursed at Horus as he grew much more stressed out.
"We're here to provide long term security and development for the Somalian people. The SPLF threatens them and our AMISOM clients. Naturally, we are obliged to engage without a second thought." Horus continued, the journalists lean in a bit closer to continue their interview and get anything they can from Horus.
"Our method is that we employ long term counter-insurgency strategies against the SPLF. Firstly, we sever communications and coordination between cells. Then we starve them of supplies from both abroad and within Somalia. Finally, we decapitate their leadership." Horus concluded his presentation. Along the way, He also used his claw to draw golden lines in mid-air to illustrate the Jackal Guards strategies.
The journalists gasped, and some had their mouths hanging at the sight of Horus' claws being a stylus pen drawing holograms in mid-air. Some of them had to switch on the video recorder mode on their phones to make sure that they have more than enough scoops for their editors. "So how long have you been operating in the region? Who created and programmed you?" The Indian journalist asked again with a highly inquisitive expression. Horus felt even more nervous, divided even. He could ill-afford the poor publicity, but this was an opportunity to rally the world's opinions to the Guards favors.
"To be frank with you, we've been operating in the Middle East and Africa for roughly eight years. We kept our operations localized and secret, for the most part. Many brave warriors are charging into battles as we speak, and I cannot disclose them for their operational security. As for your other question, no one made me. I was born like anyone else." This bombshell by Horus made the Journalists baffled and confused.
Their minds and thought processes found it nonsensical for a robot to claim itself born instead of made. "What do you mean born? You are a robot, a machine in front of our very eyes! Who made you? Do you even have memories of your creator?" The same DW journalist asked again, making Horus rolled his eyes in annoyance at their insistence.
Horus sighed out and maintained his composure for a moment. Even then, it was growing difficult with how the journalists kept coming at him to try and make sense of the oxymoron idea of a robot somehow being born. "To elaborate, I am crown prince Heru Sa Aset. But you may better know me as Horus, son of Isis." Horus spoke with a steely voice, prompting the journalists to cave in and asking him more.
"Was it literally or figuratively? Our readers and viewers are very bewildered by your statement." The Austrian journalist questioned, with Horus looking over at the Austrian man to answer his question while the other microphones and recorders were mere inches from his face. Suddenly, he felt oddly at home with this. It was familiar with what he had done in the days of town criers and orators to build his cult's following.
"Literally." He replied tersely, "I am THE one, and only Horus the divine god of Egypt." Horus spoke, his attitude and flair sounded more upbeat and confident than before. Rameses took notice and raised his head to see if his senses were playing tricks on him. And indeed, he was seeing Horus holding the media's attention fixed firmly on him.
"Yes, I'm a literal god before your very eyes. Why am I a robot? Just for the conveniences of leading my troops, whom you all have seen to be robots." Horus stated with a dramatic flair and a casual, relaxed, cocky expression on his robot face. "Also, before you ask, this is my body that I enhanced and robotized through advancements in Nanotechnology."
For a moment, Rameses felt a little less stressed out by Horus' method of handling the press. Usually, they kept to themselves and shunned press coverage of their works. The law of the Hidden One, the gods work in mysterious ways, for it is proof of their omnipotent and omnipresent. To do so otherwise would risk mortals grow complacent, and the gods can ill-afford humanity being over-reliant on them. Horus knew this well, but times had changed, so too must the gods.
"How do you think the viewers would react to know that you're running a mercenary army and perhaps black operations for hire? Would that affect your divinity or legitimacy in any way?" The American NYT journalist inquired cautiously. Horus took notice of it and made a little confident smirk. "A god earns his followers through actions. They know that what I do helps them sleep well. Therefore, I don't think I would lose any followers." Horus replied confidently to the journalist, for NYT journalist, the idea of a mercenary army, a black op one at that, would fight for ideals and noble causes sounded like a relic of a different time.
"Just one last question, sir. Will there be press releases of media from your forces? Such as photos and videos as proof of your work?" With the question of the Indian journalist, Horus nodded and further elaborated on how much disclosure there will be. "Of course, there will be. Our in-house media and outreach team has an archive of declassified footage of our combat operations as well as some more recent recordings of our operation in Somalia." With that, Horus had the Pioneer bot lead the journalists to a different area of the airport to see the outreach team. Horus sighed out a breath of relief that he had gotten the pressure of media coverage off his back, presumably for the better.
Horus turned around and went over to Rameses, patting his shoulder for reassurances only for the Inquisitor to catch Horus’s wrist with a glare. “You know there’s a reason why Anubis shun away journalists, right?” Rameses asked threateningly to Horus, making him nervous for his dear life when the Inquisitor sounded eerily close to Anubis. "I do. But we can't just keep on pretending that the world has no ways of finding us. We let them know who we are. It's our chance to prove ourselves and earn some new supporters." Horus calmly replied to Rameses before walking away with him.
"It's risky but worth the shot. And if it's successful, perhaps Ra will give you a reason to be on the throne." Rameses reluctantly conceded with a sigh, prompting Horus to hug him with a bear hug. "I won't let any of you down, I promise!" He eagerly remarked while Rameses grunted and cringed when he felt the pressure of Horus's much more muscular athletic build bearing down on the Inquisitor's robot chassis.
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