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Anyway, a good air rifle is probably easier to use than a pistol, because it's easier to shoot a rifle at a small target and hit said target. Bullets destroy a small part of the terrain where they collide. Puzzles and dragons magic stone hack published here.

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Determining bullet drop, wind drift, impact energy and flight time in a palm-sized package, ballistics apps are making the arithmetic easier than ever. The right handed daughter is left eye dominate and can't close her left eye. The 30-30 winchester, shooting 170gr flat nose projectiles, is the ideal deer slayer in forest and thick scrub where shots are no further than 30-40 yards.

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It was initially added to our database on 02/29/2020. I practice mostly with 3/8 inch and 7/16 inch steel with home made storage bin ammo traps. H1000 also and they shot just as well.

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When I asked why, he said that over time. Shoot ballistics software free download - Ballistics, Mil-Dot Ballistics, Applied Ballistics, and many more programs. US 8mm ammunition is a descendant of the 1920s Remington 8mm Special.


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The study of ballistics can help any shooter to achieve better results from their rifle, pistol, or shotgun. Mac user should have From useful utilities to handy archivers and transcoders, here are 30 free yet powerful macOS apps you can download today. It runs on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Precision Ballistics may be installed as a companion module of Precision Load Records Software.


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Ballistic-X will do everything but shoot your rifle for you. CCI 22lr ballistics are preferred for hunting small game. With over 135, 000 members, we are the largest shotgun community online.

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Combining the finest components with game-changing innovation, Remington engineers are moving closer to perfection round by round. The Kestrel line of ballistics weather meters are the best ballistic calculator on the market with environmental measurements for accurate long range shooting. Find the best PC Military games on GameSpot, including MiG Alley and F-15!

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M-16 class rifle if put on a cartridge that fits the rifle. In we added specialized hardware instrumentation to our product offerings. This sounds like a neat application, I'd be interested in taking a crack at that.


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Remington Shoot Ballistics Software. SO i wanted to get some info on 30 30's I have one i want to site in with a zero at 150 yrds looks like they. A Kestrel Weather Meter allows you to measure the wind speed at your location, which can help you establish a baseline for your wind call.

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List of current issues in-game after 3/31/2020 update

As April rolls around & our clocks has sprung forward, a new & brighter season makes its debut! Make sure you keep a safe distance away from large gatherings, harvest some chocolate eggs and enjoy some good old Counter-Strike!
Due to the character limit on Reddit posts I've separated the map issues and suggestions to their own respective posts, if you were looking for a quick rundown on the new and resolved issues from the past months then head over to that post!



Patched and new open issues

As per usual you'll find the full list of current known issues existing within CS:GO down below. Enjoy!


Gameplay related
  • Severe
    • A smoke grenade landing close to the ledge will be unable to extinguish the fire. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • An old one from u/3kliksphilip about fire particles and how they do not reset upon joining official MM. YouTube
    • Bullets penetrating a solid wall or prop before impacting a displacement can carry the damage through a solid distance. YouTube (Thanks u/Dinoswarleaf & for your explanation)
    • Climbing down ladders will throw the player off if he walks into a wall, clip brush, displacement or geometry at the same time. YouTube
    • Crouching ontop of another player's decoy will make you unable to stand up again unless you jump or move away from the decoy. YouTube (Thanks u/grandekid)
    • Crouching while walking will increase your inaccuracy for a brief moment before it returns to normal. YouTube #1, YouTube #2 (Thanks u/Zoddom, SlothSquadron's & Altimor's in-depth explanations)
    • Dropped bomb and thrown grenades can block all damage if the bullet hits them. YouTube
    • Glass & other breakable objects doesn't slow down grenades if they bounce off a wall as they break it. YouTube
    • Grenades are able to pass through 'prop_rotating_door' if they hit a playermodel first. YouTube (Thanks u/kraigydudz) A workaround for this is to use 'Blocklight' in the doorframe.
    • Grenades can fall through displacements if it hits a playermodel close enough to the ground. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • Health & money will not be visible next to your name if emojies (★, ❀, ♡) are present at start & end of their names. YouTube
    • Holding secondary fire while shooting any semi-automatic weapon will not allow you to shoot more than 1 bullet until you let go of it. YouTube (Thanks u/T-R-Key)
    • If the team on a losing streak wins a round their loss bonus will be reduced by 2 rounds instead of 1 for the first round they win, all rounds they win after will function as intended by the CS:GO Blog post. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • If you drop your pistol while having a zeus in your inventory, the game will remove the zeus when next round begins. YouTube (Thanks TrevenT)
    • It's a struggle to pick up weapons on the ground using your '+Use' key when grenades are in close proximity. YouTube
    • Several grenades will not spawn if the speed of which the player travels at is greater than ~1300 units/s. YouTube (Thanks u/Darnias)
    • The 'cl_sniper_delay_unscope' command doesn't cancel the unscope delay if you quickswitch weapons inbetween shots. YouTube (Thanks u/l0m_)
    • The Deagle can recover its accuracy much faster after landing if you quickswitch before taking a shot. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • The hostage hitbox from the time when they followed you around is still present, allowing players to avoid the flashbang effect by hiding behind them. YouTube (Thanks CoheeBeans)
    • The TA Grenade can get stuck in playermodels, resulting in said player being unable to move until he either dies or uses noclip. YouTube
    • Weapons can reduce damage impacted by HE grenades if it explodes around the dropped w_model. YouTube (Thanks u/wazernet)
    • Weapons with less than 160 u/s movement speed allows you to run silently when you use either '+moveup' or '+movedown' cvars. YouTube (Thanks u/Yossssi4321)
    • Your head will pass through ceilings that are narrow enough if you crouch while mid-air, causing you to unintentionally reveal your position. YouTube #1, YouTube #2 (Thanks u/3kliksphilip)
  • Less Severe
    • Chickens are able to block doors from opening the correct way. YouTube (Thanks u/chaos166)
    • Decoy, Snowball & TA Grenade does not count as a thrown grenade for 'sv_rethrow_last_grenade' cvar. YouTube (Thanks u/Jupiter0291)
    • Doors can be opened the wrong direction if 1 player stands in the corner it rotates from while another player opens the door as normal. YouTube
    • Dropped Smoke & Incendiary grenades both keeps rolling away on completely flat surfaces in an unspecified direction. YouTube
    • Grenadepreview for Decoy, TA Grenade & Snowballs shows the incorrect trajectory. YouTube
    • Grenadepreview trajectory doesn't take breakable surfaces into account. YouTube (Thanks u/_Lightning_Storm)
    • Having 'm_rawinput' set to 0 causes your screen to move unintentionally after you close the menu you moved your cursor around in while it was open. YouTube (Thanks u/MichaelDeets)
    • Holding 'Primary Fire' in Deathmatch won't respawn you with the weapon of your choice. YouTube (Thanks u/Truly_Cynical)
    • Holding 'Secondary Fire' while reloading a shell based shotgun will pause the reload until you let go of it. YouTube #1, YouTube #2 (Thanks u/Nuc1eoN)
    • If a player leaves mid round his shadow will remain present on the floor until next round begins. YouTube (Thanks u/Pimpgangsterz)
    • If a player leaves or gets kicked in either Deathmatch or Arms Race while they are currently dead their ragdoll will not despawn. YouTube
    • If you have below $1000 in a casual game you can quickly join spectator and back to your team to reset it. YouTube (Thanks u/licencekill7)
    • If you have bound '+use' to a number from 1 through 0 it will not allow you to take control of the bot on your team. YouTube (Thanks u/S1eet)
    • Its possible to deal damage to players on your team in casual by igniting the floor with an incendiary/molotov and then moving to spectator. YouTube (Thanks u/BorisTheTerrible)
    • Its possible to make floating smokes by using a player as a contact point. YouTube (Thanks u/D8-42)
    • Molotov, Incendiary Grenade and Firebomb doesn't explode or ignite if they land ontop of a skybox texture. YouTube
    • Players counts as a surface, allowing you to plant a floating c4 further from the ledge. YouTube (Thanks u/xEeppine)
    • Players without a primary weapon can steal yours if they stand next to you while you pick a weapon in DM. YouTube
    • Shooting at water with a player inbetween causes the water sounds/effects to be played at the player instead of the water. YouTube (Thanks u/mikigoalie)
    • Switching teams in a quick succession will spawn you with the wrong weapon for the wrong team in your hands. YouTube
    • The buttons to change colour & erase drawing affects spectator controls as well. YouTube
    • You are able to shoot while picking up a hostage in both Danger Zone and Hostage Scenario. YouTube
    • You are unable to apply Graffiti to 'Prop_dynamic' surfaces. YouTube
    • You still have control over your character while you're looking at the change team screen. YouTube
UI related
  • Severe
    • An enemy player killing you in competitive does not show their team colour in their portrait, making communication between players using 'Clean Player Names' and those not using it potentially more difficult. YouTube (Thanks u/AnInconvenientAnime)
    • 'Clean Player Names' and 'Hide Avatar Images' doesn't sanitize player profiles in some parts of the game. Imgur
    • Having the scoreboard cursor enabled will not make the game ignore primary fire inputs when clicking outside of player frames & other buttons. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • If a player shoots you with a bullet at the same time a Molotov/Incendiary Grenade ignites, the console and killcard will think the fire dealt all of the damage. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy & u/Vextahhh)
    • If you lower the volume of a player, close down the CS:GO profile and open it later to alter the player volume it will reset back to max. YouTube
    • If you were typing in chat at the end of a casual mode the game will unselect the chatbox when the mapvote screen pops up and completely stop you from typing. YouTube
    • Other players in your lobby can see the assigned nicknames for invited friends if they are currently not on the player's friend list. YouTube (Thanks u/gpcgmr)
    • Pressing your 'Enter' key will open the last option you selected in the main menu. This can be anything from maps to settings in your settings menu. YouTube (Thanks u/Quick_Rotation_Unit)
    • The brightness slider and value boxes has not been working properly since the release of Panorama UI. YouTube (Thanks u/FuneralChris)
    • The buy menu buys the weapon you release your cursor on instead of being click & release based. YouTube
    • The 'Clean Player Names' has issues with 'Nametag' names on the UI if the weapon was purchased prior to the user enabling/disabling it. Imgsli
    • The end-game screen will not disappear if you rewind to before a team won. YouTube
    • You cannot invite a player from your friends list while in-game on official servers, community servers or your own private session. Imgur
  • Less Severe
    • All callouts in CS:GO are translated in the spectator UI element. Imgur (Thanks u/FuneralChris)
    • Booting up a workshop map with 'Custom' game mode will break your ability to queue for other modes like Danger Zone. YouTube (Thanks u/dwhite-)
    • Certain map badges are being cut on the loading screen. Imgur
    • Enabling 'cl_draw_only_deathnotices' while the MVP screen is visible will make it stuck on screen for the following rounds. YouTube (Thanks u/irememberflick)
    • HintText breaks if you try to purchase something through console after time is up. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • Icons in the 'Main Menu' will not get marked when the category is selected. YouTube
    • If a player with the same colour preference as you connects to the game faster, the colour on your CS:GO profile will differ from the one visible in-game. Imgur
    • If you cancel 'Choose Mode', the green 'Go' button will not return until you click on a map or change tabs. YouTube
    • If you transfer kills from one weapon to another by using the 'Stattrak Swap Tool' you'll not be able to properly choose which weapon you have equipped. YouTube (Thanks u/LummyTum & u/t0moo)
    • Items dropped during the end of a game sometimes takes up more space than intended, pushing other items out of their frame. Imgur (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • Map groups like Sigma, Delta, Hostage, etc. uses the first map as icon instead of their own respective icons for the different groups. Imgur
    • Player names doesn't get updated in the 'Change Team' menu unless the player changes team. YouTube
    • Player names while in a lobby doesn't update unless something in the lobby is altered. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • Player names while spectating doesn't update unless you switch back and forth between the player. YouTube
    • Players invited from 'Looking to Play', 'Recent teammates' or 'Friend requests' will say they are friends with the person they join through, eventhough they may not be on their friends list. YouTube
    • Pressing the 'Page up' or 'Page down' keys will make characters, certain weapons & cases move around the screen. YouTube (Thanks u/MysterialCZ)
    • Rewinding a demo will stack visual artifacts in the direction living players were looking. YouTube
    • Scoreboard will be visible infront of the buy menu and close it by opening it while inside. YouTube
    • Selecting the auto-sniper slot and then switching to any other weapon category in the 'Loadout' menu will not change the visible selected weapon to the first weapon from that list. YouTube
    • The 'Accolades' screen has a few issues connected to it. Imgur (Thanks u/Mr_VirusYT & u/golography)
    • The Arms Race Golden Knife stage is 15 or 16 depending on chosen weapons. It will skip 2 levels up to 17 or 18 as soon as a player finishes the Golden Knife stage. YouTube
    • The buttons to change radar draw colour doesn't respect the two mouse buttons as individual inputs when changing colour for either of them if you are already drawing. YouTube
    • The Buy Zone icon will not be visible at all while you are playing as a bot. YouTube
    • The death information box position is affected by whether or not you have 'cl_draw_only_deathnotices' enabled. Imgsli
    • The different War Games does not use the already existing icons for the different gamemodes in the main menu. Imgur
    • The large radar you can open as a spectator doesn't change floor level depending on where you are on the map. YouTube
    • The letters you can enable for the 'Mini-Scoreboard' are off-centered. Imgur
    • The 'Looking to Play' section doesn't remove a player from the tab once they have joined a lobby, they will instead remain on the list for those that haven't refreshed it after they joined a lobby. YouTube
    • The miniscoreboard in DM won't go below 10 avatars even if there aren't that many players present in game. YouTube
    • The Molotov & Incendiary Grenade are missing an icon on the large radar overview to showcase the affected area for spectators. YouTube (Thanks u/minim0vz)
    • The 'Player Profile' will remain open if you close the scoreboard at the same time as you clicked on a player in the scoreboard. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • The radar image displayed for other players joining your group seems to precache the first checkmarked map in the selected map pool for a brief moment before loading the proper radar image. YouTube
    • The Radial Wheel is visually broken when 'cl_draw_only_deathnotices' is enabled. YouTube
    • The 'Random' map card will flash white when selected. YouTube
    • The 'Watch' tab has a refresh icon in the top-right corner for all the different pages, even the ones that cannot be refreshed. ('Majors', 'Streams' & 'Events'). YouTube
    • The weapon you have first equipped cannot be removed from 'Shuffle' while inspecting it. YouTube
    • The time left during the halftime break can be hidden if you press your button to open the scoreboard. YouTube
    • The two teams will no longer become transparent when using the arrow keys to select a team. The keys to choose either team has also been changed from left & right to up & down for some odd reason. YouTube
    • The 'workshop_publish' and 'workshop_workbench' does not actually stop you from controlling or highlighting things behind said overlays. YouTube
    • There are a few missing strings in CS:GO's Panorama UI. Imgur (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • Vote screen is not cancelled when a pending vote cannot be succeeded. If another player votes 'No' on 'Vote to kick' then it should automatically cancel the vote, rather than having to wait for everybody else to finish choosing. (Same goes for tactical timeout, scramble teams, etc. When enough players votes 'No')
    • When inspecting a weapon through an 'Inspect Link' the 'Nametag' for the weapon will not be visible. Imgsli
    • You are able to continue using spectator features when the 'Accolades' screen is visible. YouTube (Thanks u/xpopy)
    • You can inspect weapons twice if you manage to click fast enough. YouTube (Thanks u/kennyscrubs)
    • You cannot scroll up or down if you hold the cursor in the middle of the last map you clicked. YouTube
  • Severe
    • After the removal of the SDR cvars you seem to be unable to watch live matches from other regions through GOTV. YouTube
    • Game_text size doesn't scale properly with resolutions higher than 1920x1080. YouTube, GitHub (Thanks u/drunii & all of the GitHub thread users)
    • If you set a brush as 'func_breakable' it will receive some buggy properties to it. YouTube
    • Kevlar armor doesn't get equipped after purchase if a player is standing too far above the closest surface. YouTube (Thanks u/kingskully & u/NeenJaxd)
    • Light sources from the maps are visible through smoke, making you able to see players who happens to walk in front of them. YouTube
    • The game crashes if you change 'Game_type' or 'Game_mode' after the Danger Zone has spawned. YouTube
    • The round will be a draw if the Terrorist team is empty with the C4 planted and all CT's are eliminated after they disconnected. YouTube (Thanks u/coolpennywise)
    • You can make certain props invisible by corrupting the checksum for said models. GitHub (Thanks u/kkthxbye-, special thanks to Sparkles for making a great showcase video!)
  • Less Severe
    • Both the Aug and SG 553 overwrites the 'fov_cs_debug' values. YouTube (Thanks u/Menal226)
    • Continuously pressing your use button at the 'Practice Range' exit door will stack leave overlays ontop of each other. YouTube
    • It seems like the 'Workshop_publish' tool in CS:GO has limited character support for the description of the Workshop entry when you publish or update something compared to if you just edit the description within Steam itself after upload. YouTube
    • Items in a 'Storage Unit' will be affected by shuffle. YouTube
    • The console commands for sounds are maxed out at '0.6' instead of '1.0'. YouTube, Imgur (Thanks u/FuneralChris)
    • The cvar 'host_timescale' doesn't reset when disconnecting from a server. YouTube
    • The spectator camera movement speed is affected by whether someone is crouched or not. YouTube
    • When a player joins a session hosted by another player, the host will always get screen flickering for a moment for each individual player connecting to the game. YouTube
    • When you have the ability to interact with the scoreboard it won't disable the scroll wheel, making you perform whatever action you have bound to it. YouTube
    • You are unable to spawn the P2000 through the console unless you have it chosen as a pistol in your weapon loadout. YouTube
    • You are unable to use a controller to navigate Panorama UI, even though the Steam Store Page says CS:GO has 'Full Controller Support'. YouTube, Imgur (Thanks u/Rivitur)


Gameplay related
  • Severe
    • Blood decals are able to pass through to the other side of a solid wall. YouTube (Thanks u/_Exot1c_)
    • Certain knives will make the edge of your viewmodel pop into view. YouTube
    • Negev & M249 has bugged draw animations when they don't have any reserve ammo left. YouTube (Thanks to Telsaah)
    • Picking up the same weapon without switching gun will not remove any applied stickers from the old weapon that was present. YouTube (Thanks u/Nuc1eoN)
    • Pistols that have run out of bullets will not have the chamber open if you switch your gun back and forth or start inspecting said weapon after it has been emptied. YouTube
    • The decals from firing a Zeus x27 will be visible if you switch weapons quick enough after you've taken the initial shot from an AWP for instance. YouTube
    • The Deagle does not eject a shell for its final shot in the clip. YouTube (Thanks u/poke5555, ZooL's explanation)
    • The particle effects for shooting different surfaces does not work well with distances. YouTube (Thanks u/3kliksphilip)
    • You are able to see the muzzle flash from another player through a solid wall if he stands close enough. YouTube (Thanks u/CONE-MacFlounder)
  • Less Severe
    • A few weapons does not cycle their inspect animation properly. YouTube
    • Arm clips through the jacket sleeves when certain knives & weapons are drawn. YouTube, Imgur Knives, Imgur Weapons
    • Fade transition on Props and NPCs are broken. Twitter (Thanks u/-ZooL-)
    • If a player has a skin applied to their gun, the weapon will not be visible on your playermodel in the buy menu. YouTube (Thanks u/Domtraukis)
    • Mac-10 shows a bullet in the chamber when there are none left in the clip. YouTube (Thanks u/-ZooL-)
    • Shotgun shells are sprites instead of a modeled casing. YouTube #1, YouTube #2 (Thanks u/-ZooL-)
    • Stickers doesn't reflect their wear properly on the w_model for weapons. YouTube (Thanks u/Klemenjecar)
    • The Beretta that is being carried in the holster does not have your current skin applied to it. Imgur
    • The 'Breach Charge' and 'Bare Fists' draw animations feels a bit lackluster compared to the other weapons in CS:GO. YouTube
    • The CT's draw SMG's from their back in third-person, although they carry all SMG's on their chest. YouTube
    • The Dual Berettas should be excluded from the 'viewmodel_offset_x' cvar as it doesn't take both pistols into account. Imgur (Thanks u/jayfkayy)
    • The Golden knife draw animation is misaligned. YouTube
    • The Golden knife only has a T variant for the w_model, while the material used for the hud is from the stock CT knife. The knife is also not placed properly in the player's hand in third-person mode. YouTube, Imgur
    • The helmet present on some of the Agents is transparent on the inside. Imgur
    • The holster from the second Beretta moves its position depending on whether its drawn or not. YouTube
    • The inside of the watch on the 'Pirates' faction viewmodel is transparent. Imgur
    • The inside part of the slide for the Deagle is transparent. YouTube (Thanks u/-ZooL-)
    • The inspect animation for Talon Knife will bug out if you hold primary and secondary fire on any grenade prior to switching to the knife. YouTube (Thanks u/KnightyCS)
    • The M4A1-S has its safety enabled. YouTube (Thanks u/-ZooL-)
    • The right pouch is lighter than the left pouch on two of the updated Agents. Imgur
    • The SSG 08 hands are not properly connected to the weapon's stock. Imgur (Thanks u/jayfkayy)
    • The suppressors on both USP-S and M4A1-S seems to mirror its start and end positions when the attach/detach animations start & end. YouTube
    • The third-person fire particle from molotovs is visible in first-person. YouTube
    • The unsuppressed M4A1-S does not have texture on the inside of the barrel. Imgur
    • The viewmodel sleeves doesn't properly represent the playermodel sleeves on some models. Imgur
    • Weapons will flick at end of their inspect animation if you hit your reload button while you were inspecting it. YouTube
    • Weapons will glitch out if you switch from one weapon while holding primary fire and let go of it when your second weapon is drawn. YouTube (Thanks u/xdavidy)
UI related
  • Severe
    • A hud element to showcase whether a weapon is in burst or automatic mode is missing from the simplistic hud style. Imgur (Thanks u/BearCorp)
    • Generating a 'Nav Mesh' for your map will not display any progress from Panorama UI in-game. YouTube (Thanks u/3kliksphilip)
    • Suiciding will make your name appear grey instead of your respective team colour in the killfeed. YouTube, Imgur
    • The animations are misaligned when showing/hiding your Wingman & Danger Zone rank. YouTube
    • The button you use to open change teams menu with is unable to close it. YouTube
    • The lobby chat cuts in half if the right panel is extended while 'Confirm Match' screen pops up. Imgur (Thanks u/RekrabAlreadyTaken & u/Rise_Of_War7)
    • The radar overview rotation smoothness is tied to the server's tickrate. YouTube (Thanks u/lemuelkl & u/4wh457)
    • When taking control of a bot, all purchases or kill rewards will not be reflected properly to the bot's economy until the round has ended. YouTube (Thanks u/sracelga)
    • The 'Victory' marks are missing their handles. Imgur
  • Less Severe
    • A compilation of weapon inspect issues. Imgur
    • A few of the maps that uses the old 'Radar Overview' style have yellow dots smeared over it when loading into the map. Imgur
    • Cases & Capsules doesn't show what they contain the same way in a 'Storage Unit' as they do in your inventory. Imgur
    • Certain 'Profile Rank' names are too long and will appear behind the rank icon itself on the level up screen. Imgur
    • Certain resolutions moves the information icon when switching fire mode. YouTube
    • Clicking the 'Next position' button while the gun is rotating will make the gun skip its animation. YouTube
    • Control descriptions for keyboard & controllers are not highlighted with the box. YouTube
    • Hud elements are visible in the Panorama buy menu, whereas in SFUI they were not visible and looked cleaner. Imgsli
    • Player colours and page slider are too large in the buy menu. Imgur (Thanks u/Domtraukis)
    • Pressing 'Loadout' at the top of your inventory will not show the correct weapon on the right side of the menu. YouTube
    • Selecting 'Search for item' doesn't automatically highlight the field so you can type anything right away. YouTube
    • Several UI elements does not respect 'cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1' or 'cl_drawhud 0'. Imgur
    • Shadow daggers have an odd inspect panning. YouTube
    • Some of the options in 'Settings' doesn't get highlighted when you hover your cursor over them. YouTube
    • Strings overlap each other in the Agent inspect menu while 'Shuffle' is enabled. Imgur
    • The animation for 'Float Value' and 'More' option is delayed when going back to the weapon from playermodel view in the inspect window. YouTube
    • The blinking red light around the radar after bomb has been planted does not respect the 'host_timescale' speed. YouTube (Thanks u/dryestfall2345)
    • The button able to let you borrow/stop borrowing other player's music kits are automatically closing the CS:GO profile when you click it instead of doing what 'Block communication' does. YouTube
    • The button allowing you to borrow a music kit has 2 different sizes to their icons. Imgsli
    • The cogwheel doesn't appeadisappear when toggling shuffle. YouTube
    • The end-game screen statistics for your total victories and rank are located at different positions when ranking up compared to simply finishing a game. Imgsli
    • The hud elements to showcase a player's flash duration for spectators are absent from Panorama UI. YouTube (Thanks u/VicNDF)
    • The image for majority of the stock weapons are positioned differently than the aftermarket ones. YouTube
    • The images for Name Tag, Stattrak Swap Tool, Graffiti Box, etc. feels very low-res for Panorama UI's standards. Imgur
    • The inspect panning for a lot of the 'Collector Items' are wrong. YouTube
    • The loadout section of the UI has some buggy properties to it. YouTube, Imgur
    • The 'Looking to play' button doesn't have the fade in/out effect the rest of the buttons in the main menu have. YouTube (Thanks u/solar-titan)
    • The MP5-SD and MP7 can rotate 360° when applying a sticker, while any other weapon has limited view. YouTube
    • The names are cut off on MVP screen if they're too long, whereas before on SFUI they were not. Imgsli
    • The player profiles for your allies and friends found in 'Your Matches' positions itself in the wrong area when the match isn't the latest one. YouTube
    • The rank up animation for both skill group and profile XP haven't had the sprites in the background fully transparent ever since Panorama was released. The icon for the Profile XP also does not properly move into its intended position. YouTube
    • The R8 Revolver goes off screen when the panning animation starts to play. YouTube
    • The shuffle cogwheel won't get highlighted. Imgur
    • The social feature icons are appearing and disappearing instantly when you close or open the sidebar instead of smoothly fading in and out. YouTube
    • The team equip icon for Graffiti, Music kit & Medals shows only the CT icon in Panorama instead of the generic grey one that existed in SFUI. Imgur
    • The visual artifacts that were initially fixed on the 3/13/19 update seems to have had no effect on the rank icons as they still have the visual artifact in-game. Imgur
    • The 'Watch' tab doesn't use the new Dust II icon. Imgur
    • You can see spectator only features after the warm up has ended if you hold the scoreboard open while warm up ends. YouTube
    • Your pins will flash when changing your competitive team colour. YouTube
    • You're unable to interact with Music kits the same way you can do with medals while inspecting. YouTube


Gamplay & UI related
  • Severe
    • Certain surface sounds will default back to concrete on dedicated servers. YouTube, Imgur
    • Terrorists are unable to announce that they're a throwing an incendiary grenade. YouTube (Thanks u/nicemelbs)
    • The grenade ear ringing sound you hear when affected by certain grenades ignores whether you are tabbed into the game or not. YouTube (Thanks u/extraleet)
    • The 'Tools Clip' brush doesn't make sounds when the C4 lands ontop of it. YouTube
    • Third-person sound does not play when you attach/detach a suppressor. YouTube
    • You are able to avoid making a sound from taller heights if you crouch off a ledge and release your crouch button before you land on the floor below. YouTube
    • You can hear the breathing from the hostage as if you were carrying him. YouTube
  • Less Severe
    • Agent Ava uses the wrong voice line when taking fall damage and when suiciding. YouTube #1, YouTube #2
    • Changing lobby join permissions doesn't give the user a sound notification. YouTube
    • Continuously clicking on maps or map groups will generate a sound, even for maps & map groups that cannot be unselected. YouTube
    • Graffiti sound doesn't play properly for the player that applies it if he switches weapons, reloads a weapon or scope with any sniper while its playing. YouTube
    • Inspecting a music kit in the main menu while you queue for a match will alter the 'Main Menu Volume' setting as your client starts connecting to the match. YouTube (Thanks u/Sagurii)
    • Music Kits you can preview from the main menu only plays the music in the right speaker instead of both. YouTube
    • Opening steam overlay with overlay music at 0 will stop the music and start it from the beginning instead of pausing/resuming. YouTube
    • Romanov & Mr. Muhlik won't announce they are planting the C4. YouTube
    • The Dashboard button in the main menu can be clicked repeatedly and generate a sound. YouTube
    • The out of bullets sound plays the same way on semi-automatic, burst fire and bolt action rifles as it does with fully automatic weapons. YouTube
    • The sound when selecting the different tabs in 'Watch' will also make the refresh sound at the same time in 'Your Matches', 'Downloaded' & 'Live'. YouTube
    • Throwing a firebomb uses the wrong announcement voice line. YouTube

Danger Zone

  • Gameplay
    • A controlled drone at the edge of the map will start to fly upwards until it hits the ceiling of the skybox. YouTube
    • Ballistic Shield will not absorb the damage given by thrown melee weapons or Ballistic Shield. YouTube
    • Being in 'Drone Pilot' mode still allows your character to jump, crouch and rotate. YouTube
    • Hostages in Danger Zone should have a different outfit so they cannot be confused for a player at longer distances. YouTube (Thanks u/SibUniverse)
    • Initiating the self destruct for a controlled drone while its inside of the Danger Zone will let you remain in control over it. YouTube (Thanks u/BorisTheTerrible)
    • Melee weapons passes through players & turrets if they are thrown too close to them. YouTube #1, YouTube #2
    • Restarting a private Danger Zone mode without changing the map will make players unable to choose a starting perk. YouTube
    • The drone counts as a surface, allowing players to plant a C4 ontop of it. YouTube (Thanks u/BorisTheTerrible)
    • The drone destruction timer will reset everytime you press selfdestruct. YouTube
  • UI
    • Queueing with a premade in Danger Zone will only allow you access to the 'Group' chat, whereas if you queue solo or with 'Autofill Squad' enabled you'll have access to 'Global' & 'Team' chat. YouTube (Thanks u/BorisTheTerrible)
    • Several item descriptions are taking up space over the map instead of using the available room on the right side of the screen. YouTube
    • Succumbing to fall damage or the Danger Zone will not show a unique killfeed icon. Imgur
    • The end-game screen in Danger Zone allows you to change between the two screens similarly to any other mode, though nothing is visible on the accolades screen in DZ. YouTube
    • The location of money in Danger Zone is higher up on the screen when you have no enemy counter compared to its usual location with the counter present. Imgsli
    • When scoping in with sniper rifles the Danger Zone effect on your screen will not be visible. YouTube (Thanks u/Badshah57)
  • Visuals
    • A dropped tablet doesn't showcase whether or not it has the 'Drone Pilot' upgrade. Imgur
    • Melee weapons shakes the camera unpleasantly much and the animation does not loop well. YouTube (Thanks u/jjgraph1x)
With all of this said, I would like to applaud the CS:GO devs for their constant support ever since the original release back in 2012.
Keep up the incredible work, stay safe during the pandemic & Happy Gaming! :D
submitted by bonna_97 to GlobalOffensive


Lessons from Hong Kong protesters

  • use a secure messaging app to organize beforehand (more) How about Riot.im or Signal? (remember to bring an extra battery)
  • prepare your cell phone, expect it will be used to track you, consider leaving your phone OFF until you need it (more)
  • if possible, go with a friend or friends and watch each others backs
  • tell someone where you are going,who you are going with and when you will be back
  • wear clothing that does not stand out (such as black) - avoid being targeted. also consider having a different shirt if you need to disappear targeting.(a trash bag and change of clothes is also useful to change if pepper-sprayed)
  • protect your eyes, cover your face - ballistic\construction eye masks (but not swimming goggles), face masks or respirators (both against pepperspray and for privacy)
  • don't wear contacts or make-up, do wear sunscreen - prepare to be pepper-sprayed/tear-gassed
  • bring an umbrella for concealment and cover(also against pepper spray)
  • wear a helmet (hoods are also good to avoid pepper spray)
  • cover up - protect your arms/sleeves from gas (plastic wrap, detachable sleeves or just layered long sleeved clothing )
  • wear gloves (dealing with barriers and tear gas canisters)
  • consider other protective equipment (shields, forarm protection, knee pads, shin pads, hell, even chest plates if you've got it)
  • bring tissues/baby wipes - pepper spray is nasty, clear you throat and nose and wash it off you
  • prepare to wash out pepper spray from yourself and other peoples faces (spray bottles with a mix of water with baking soda and bring in spray bottles, also just flushing eyes with bottled water. Milk does not work better than water.)
  • bring some first aid equipment
  • consider ear-plugs as protection from flash-bangs or other explosions
  • tie up your hair, so police can't grab it
  • write down emergency contact info and your own name on your arm or thigh
  • bring something to cut zip-ties l like a wire-cutter
  • consider bringing a sign that is also a shield against rubber bullets
  • be water - when cops start grouping up, everybody leave before things escalate,and regroup somewhere else ( this tiers cops out in their heavy gear and avoids you being boxed in,a common police tactic)
  • plan your escape route in advance and don't let yourself get trapped(be aware that police may surprise you from behind and try to box you in, junctions are better than alleys for this reason)
  • be prepared if you are separated from your group, have a rally point away from the protest to meet up (along your escape route)
  • rubber bullets can blind or worse. If they start shooting, start running.
  • be on the lookout for agitators and infiltrators amongst you and expel them if found
  • disable tear gas with water bottles, cones, metal bowls (remember to bring water!) (example) (example2)
  • build improvised barricades between you and the police to stop their vehicles
  • paint or glue\glitter thrown on windshields will blind any car, forcing it to stop.
  • be aware that cops will be surveiling rioters, and that police may be out to snatch leaders they can identify (be aware of "snatch squads")
  • consider waiting to upload photos and videos until you get home(you could even use digital cameras instead of phones for this),and doing so from anonymous social media accounts after scrubbing metadata and hiding protester faces (more)(Signal now has blur faces feature)
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