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Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide for Solaris

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Serial code basic Operations for Oracle Solaris 11 Administration

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(PDF) Inverse Matrix using Gauss Elimination Method by OpenMP

Multicore Application Programming: for Windows, Linux, and
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I am still a habitual user of the "man" command in Solaris (and other Unixes). This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Solaris is a Unixoperating system originally developed by Sun Microsystems. The architecture of the Cray MTA-2 allows us to parallelize this algorithm with a minimum of modification to the serial code. To confirm, this occurs with recent nightlies as well?

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Hint: How to install gcc on Solaris (easiest way possible - I think) To: gcc at gcc dot gnu dot org; Subject: Hint: How to install gcc on Solaris (easiest way possible - I think); From: John Gianni; Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19: 51: 36 -0700. He is the author of the sparton rebutle. It quickly becomes apparent that Mark G. Sobell, author of A Practical Guide to Solaris, knows that of which he speaks. Solaris ships with a range of Solaris-specific modules. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Madini O. Alassafi.


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moonlight. ( mikazuki miyashita // dreamsharers )

born, emerging from the light of the moon, you took the name mikazuki, for the third day of the second year of sentient life's existence.
and such a peaceful existence it was, in the beginning. the sun, your cousins of fire, the solari, watching over the earth during the day, and your people, the lunari, and your cousins of the stars, stellari, guarding the world in the night. dawn and dusk were the times where there was the rift, the balance, where your peoples could really connect. you enjoyed life as one of the very first, one of the counsel, a born leader from your very creation, and that is where the - no, your - story really begins.
you were one of few who advocated for never descending, but you only had influence over your own people. when the first star child descended and came back, spinning tales to all of how wonderful their time was on the earth, you could not stop the overwhelming want for others to descend. you opted to stay, in the beginning, because you were more content watching over your people from above. you could not deny you were happy for those who simply wanted a better chance to be with their better halves, on the other side of the time cycles, solari and lunari both who simply wanted to find a way to be together.
your people watched in horror as those who came together created an implosion in the cosmos, and friends who you had once known and treasured were gone, lost to the very universe you knew.
it was a rush, a coming together at dusk - stellari too, although they were more in shock of what had occurred - and the elders of your people came to an agreement, heavy hearts and regrets abundant. that the story from there on out would be that solari and lunari are never meant to come together, instead a conflict of your peoples would rage on through the cosmos from then. those who knew the truth were sworn to secrecy, as an effort to keep more tragedy from befalling the cosmos.
and truly, bitterness does reign when there is a realisation that the effects that cause solari and lunari to be lost, do not apply to your star cousins. stellari sunk into the shadows, enjoying the peace that they had always had, and simply kept the peace where they could. there is no real hatred amongst your peoples, but people continued to want to descend - and newer created, especially the more fierce-natured, saw opportunity for conflict on the earth.
it was from then that you volunteered to descend to the earth, barely in your thousandth year of existence, barely even nine hundred, to watch over your people who would come to earth alongside you. offering a sanctuary, a port of call when help was needed. descending with one each of your people, you each forged weapons, imbued with your respective energies, as a final gift to one another before you would be parted. the three guardians of the cosmics, walking the mortal lands, to defend their own from their own weaknesses.
you travelled, initially, and it was in this time that you met a young phoenix by the name of iris. she was several hundred years your junior, but in these worlds, things like that do not matter - your love burned bright, and perhaps, to this day, she has remained the only woman you have ever truly loved in such a way. even when you had to part ways, even with reluctance in your heart, you gifted her the sword given to you by your stellari cousin. you promised it would be your sigil - even if it was not your race - a reminder that you had existed. it was following that, then, that you settled in a village named northcove, just shy of your second millennia of existence.
you quickly made your place there, working alongside blacksmiths, but your experience as a leader shone through in your time there, and you soon found your place on the council that had been established in the village. your contributions were significant, and much of northcove's recent progress can be attributed to suggestions you had made in that time. because of that, then, the mysterious man who made strong weaponry, with a commanding charisma that no one could figure out how it could be assumed in such authority, was nominated as elder. although hesitant, you saw it as a way to help create some sort of sanctuary for your people in the village, and also a place for your brothers and sisters of the cosmos to find solace.
and despite your early reservations about descending to earth, you had come to love the people you had settled in amongst. so you took the position with grace, thanking them for their trust and faith in you, and you promised to lead them for as long as you were able.
in a world where races who live just as long as you, and do not age, the fact that you remained essentially the same for the next thousand years did not raise any eyebrows, nor bring any unwanted questions. since then, you have lead valbridge with a soft determination and wise words, helping the village reach good trading with the cities. even when the war raged, you saw no reason to allow the village to be harmed, and defended it from any potential invasions, even as your people went off to fight. you mourned. you prepared memorials. even they would not allow you to go, and you saw your place better in the village, as the pillar of defence.
you prayed for iris' safety.
the war passed, and instead, a new conflict emerged - a cold war of sorts, between the two kingdoms that had once worked so closely together, over magic and its dangers. you saw no reason, again, to get your village involved, trading with both cities reasonably and peacefully. you understand veris' position; the luck of the draw being so far away from nature's scar was a source of relief for you and your people, because you did not want to consider the very consequences of corruption seeping into your peaceful home.
and sometimes, you come across your own people. stellari and lunari alike, knowing of your place in the world - newly descended, newly created, and old friends alike - who come to tell you of happenings. you have heard of more deaths of your own much like the first who had come together - an incident, an accidental fight that had gone too far. your resolve is strong, knowing that what your people have spun is the best way forward, and it is likely there would have been so much more without it. but you do worry, sitting under the moon at night and gazing to the sky, wondering if you had made the right decisions. a guilt that your people have to be subjected to such a fateful lie.
you remain, a pillar of strength for people of the earth and the cosmos alike. you will keep your people safe, every last one of them.
no matter the cost.
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Cygnus, the Moonstalker

First off: hello! I'm Lexus Kyran, and i'm here to share my champion concept ideas, since i simply cannot just keep them to myself. By now, i wrote A LOT of them (Cygnus is the 26th) and if you guys like it, maybe i'll post the other ones.
(Just for the hype, i wrote the Ruined King as a champion, a Udyr rework and 2 Yones, one before and one after his announcement).
So, enough about me, let's go to the champion. He's Cygnus, a already existing character of whom i imagined as a champion based on his Legends of Runeterra's card: Cygnus the Moonstalker (Legends of Runeterra))

Author's note: I just finished writing every ability, so i will be doing these "author notes" to explain them and anything else that feels unclear, like a post-production. So if you want the extra details, just look for these. Edit: also, all links (except one) go to the LoL Fandom Wiki, so you can cross-reference and see what i am talking about. Don't be alarmed by it, i take (most of) my researches very seriously haha.
Lore: Cygnus was a young warrior of the Lunari, and believed to be destined for greatness. Because of this, he grew into a cocky and rude swordsman, always defying the orders meant to him. Tired, the higher ranking Lunari finally let him go on field duty, patrolling the lands closer to the Mount Targon.
This angered him, for Cygnus was expecting to go on the front lines and make a name for himself. His attitude was finally punished when Solari troops ambushed the patrolling Lunari.
Holding his sword firmly and using his anger as fuel, Cygnus fought, only to realize he was not skilled enough, almost dying at the hands of the Solari soldiers that were not simply lowly troops.
Cornered and having nowhere to run, the moonlight shined by his side. It was Diana, the Aspect of the Moon. In the next moment, just in time to blink, the Solari soldiers were no more, and Cygnus finally received a helping hand.
That event changed him forever.
Diana, seeing how his ego almost killed, offered to train him. Not taking him as some special pupil, but just as someone who needed help to find its own path.
After that, Cygnus rediscovered himself. Ditched the sword for a bow, switched the raging fights for the cold shadows, found the faith in the moon enough to yield its power.
Even when Diana left, he never stopped training, always determined to become stronger, without needing to prove it to anyone but himself.
Now, years later, Cygnus is the Moonstalker, the leader of a squad of Lunari assassins that strike from the shadows, when their enemies least expect it.
When young, Cygnus believed he was meant for greatness. As man, patiently waiting hours on end for the sunset, he discovered that greatness only comes for those who make something great out of themselves...
Cygnus: "We strike then the sun goes down."

Appearance and Playstyle: As the appearance, he looks just like his LoR card art. He yields a bow embed with moonlight power. As for the playstyle, he's meant to be a RANGED ASSASSIN, since most are focused on close-range (except for the ultimate) and single target-burst. It would be possible to build him as ADC, but his abilities hard-scale with pure AD, so you would be delaying his powerspike.
Also, being a "ranged assassin", means he's squish-er than most other assassins, so don't be surprised if he's "too strong" since being hit by Hard CC would probably kill him rather easily.
(Welcome to Champion Spotlight, featuring Cygnus, the Moonstalker haha)
Author's note: So, i saw that people here also do the champion's stats... Imma not do that. Too much matt for me, and right now i don't use the rest of my day to do just testing. Just consider Cygnus has the same stats and growth as Zed, but with 500 attack range . Also he is a mana-user champion, if that's not clear ;D

Passive - Nightfall:

- After damaging an enemy with a ability, Cygnus becomes Camouflaged if he doesn't declare attacks or cast abilities for 2 seconds.
- While Camouflaged, Cygnus receives 15 / 20 / 25% bonus movement speed (based on levels 1/6/12) when not being seen. Camouflage lasts until declaring a attack, casting a damaging ability or receiving damage.
Author's Note: Since he has a lot close-range capabilities, the passive would most used for repositioning and roaming. Otherwise you would just back off and/or kite him too easily. Also, the camouflage is based on his Elusive/Elusive) keyword on Legends of Runeterra.

Q - Prey of Dusk:

Cooldown: 12 | Mana cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100
- (Passive): Damaging enemy Champions and monsters with abilities mark them with Nocturnal Judgement. Basic attacks consume the mark to deal 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% total AD (based on R - Forever Midnight's rank) as bonus physical damage.
- (Active): Cygnus shoots a close-range giant magic arrow in the target-direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies, reduced by 40% after the first champion hit. Also deals only 40% of the damage against minions and monsters.
- Normal damage: 60 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 + (100% bonus AD)
- After first champion hit: 36 / 48 / 72 / 96 / 120 + (60% bonus AD)
- Minion and monsters: 24 / 32 / 48 / 64 / 80 + (40% bonus AD)
Author's Note: Ok, for this one i really liked the idea of a Ashe's ultimate that acted like a shotgun: close-range and heavy-hitting. Although, you do can see this as a non-healing Senna's Q with Xayah's Q properties.

W - Splendor of Perfection:

Cooldown: 22 | Mana cost: 40
- (Active): Cygnus summons the moonlight, covering a great area around him with it for 6 seconds. While inside the light, enemy units are nearsighted, with their sight being limited to see only inside the moonlight zone. Enemies outside the moonlight have obscured vision and cannot see inside it.
- While inside the moonlight, Cygnus gains 10% bonus movement speed and heals on all pre-mitigation damage dealt by Nocturnal Judgement (see Prey of Dusk's passive).
- The ability is canceled and put on Cooldown if Cygnus leaves the moonlight.
Author's Note: I really liked this one. It works just like Mordekaiser's ultimate isolation, but with nearsight instead of going to another realm. The trick is to use this isolated arena to duel with your opponent while having more sustain.
Still, the area so meant to be so big that, even if you set up a gank, your jungler will have to enter the moonlight and will been by the enemy. Like imagine midlane. The area would consist of a radius between both first towers. So the jungler getting out of the bush or coming from the side pathways would be seen anyway.

E - Recollection of Tutelage:

Cooldown: 25 / 22 / 19 / 17 / 15 | Mana cost: 60
- (Active): Cygnus fires a hail of arrows in a fixed distance while jumping backwards at the same time. The area where the arrows lands deals 300 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 + (80% bonus AD) physical damage and slows them by 30%, while revealing them for 5 seconds.
- In a situation where the jump would make Cygnus land on a impassable terrain, he instead backrolls (in the same direction of the jump) until reaches passable terrain again.
Author's Note: Yeah, yeah. This is just Varus' E with Evelynn's ultimate leap. But i had a better reference: https://youtu.be/T4-dXtq2U_0?t=21. It would be Cygnus main escape tool, just like Ezreal's E, and a matching high cooldown.

R - Forever Midnight:

Cooldown: 150 | Mana cost: 90 / 100 / 110
- (Passive): Nocturnal Judgement damage is increased to 20 / 25 / 30% total AD (see Q - Prey of Dusk's passive).

- (Midnight Arrow - Passive): When Cygnus damages a enemy Champion with a ability (or per Cooldown), he gains a Midnight Arrow charge. He can hold 2 / 3 / 4 charges at the same time.
- (Midnight Arrow - Active): Consume a Midnight Arrow to cast. Cygnus stops (self-root) and charges a extremely powerful arrow, which shoots after 0,6 second in the target-direction with 5500 range (half map) and very high speed, but also with a quite thin width. The projetile range can be seen by enemies on-cast, briefly reveals it travels and stops after collinding with the first enemy Champion.
- The arrow deals 200 / 250 / 300 + (100 / 110 / 120% bonus AD) + (100% AP) magic damage, and slows them by 80% for 0,5 seconds. Cygnus also gains 20 / 30 / 40% bonus attack speed (only if the target does receive the damage).
- The ability has 0,5 second static cooldown between casts, counting only after the arrow is actually shot (That means interrupted by hard cc. If disrupted or silenced, he just loses a charge).
Author's Note: Ok, i know this one has a lot of familiarities with Jhin, but hear me out. This a high risk, high reward ability. It's like a Jhin's E with Lux's ultimate damage and a 📷 reset mechanic. So it is hard to land, but if you do, it has a lot of HARD SCALING damage e you can shoot again. So you would need to abuse Cygnus passive's Camouflage to make every shot count, or try to always catch your enemy off-guard. But again, i put a rooted casting so he could be punished if careless, and the projetile speed would quite easy to dodge at longer distances. Edit: Just realized i unconsciously got inspired by [Valorant] Sora's ultimate, so let's see this as reference: Sora's ultimate (Youtube).

Final thoughts: Anyway, that's it. Let me know what you think, if and what should i buff/nerf/change.


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