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I put a bunch of notes for things like exactly this info. Swift elite 4 with crack. Mystery case files huntsville with crack https://zlatdetki.ru/forum/?download=6526. You can also package a certificate together with its corresponding.


Tls - Error Loading extension 'copy_extensions' in Openssl

Note: Make sure you use the correct product key for the Autodesk product and version you are installing. APPLE files are Uncommon Files primarily associated with Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom). This extension enables you to install, view, and modify the Chrome Remote Desktop native client from the web UI. Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or a Chromebook. Changes to Kext-Loading in macOS Big Sur 11.


How to Create an iOS Provisioning Profile and P12 with

If you have a PFX (private key) and password you can import it (as other said), but if you just made a certificate request probably you won't have it. Supposing that you are on the correct server (the same where you requested the certificate), probably the private key got corrupted somehow. The Apple App Store Developer Guidelines require that Sign In With Apple (SIWA) must be available in all applications that exclusively use third-party sign-in options, such as Facebook or Google. A developer account with the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. It defines the placement of different UI elements on the screen when the activity is created.

Serial number deploying to iOS devices - Documentation & Guides

Total Posts 2, 885, 597 Total Members ReimHades08 Newest Member 63, 675 Most Online About Us. Nulled is a community where you can find tons of great leaks, make new friends, participate in active discussions and much more. A signed developer token is required in the header of every Apple Music API request. Read press releases, get updates, watch video and download images. I'm still learning how to code and would love to get recommendations on how to learn swift/swiftui for iOS/macOS app development.

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KEY File (What It Is & How to Open One)

TheUnarchiver source code: "Kludge support for XIP files to XAR parser" Not for Public Use. Solidworks 2020 software with crack resource. On the Extensions page, check the box "developer mode", choose "pack extension".


Ssl - Error Loading extension section usr_cert

Private Tunnel is a new approach to true Internet security, privacy, and cyber protection by creating a Virtual Private Network VPN integrated with enhanced Intrusion Prevention Software IPS that encrypts data, hides your IP address, and prevents malicious attacks to protect your privacy. OpenVPN Connect App (and not by iOS). And Big Sur has been engineered, down to its core, to take full advantage of all the power of the M1 chip to make the macOS experience even better for the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. Asymmetric cryptography uses a public key and a private key.

Making a unique extension id and key for Chrome extension

When you use Certificate Assistant to generate the. Did I download the wrong certificate. Comply with Apple anonymized data requirements Sign In with Apple gives users the option of anonymizing their data, including their email address, when signing in. Users who choose this option have email addresses with the domain privaterelay. Comply with Apple anonymized data requirements Sign In with Apple gives users the option of anonymizing their data, including their email address, when signing in. Users who choose this option have.


Hacked remove Disable Developer Mode Extensions Warning Popup in

The certificate, key, and trust services API is a collection of functions and data structures that you use to conduct secure and authenticated data transactions. Custom apps are coming to Apple School Manager (ASM) Federated logins with managed Apple IDs are coming to Apple Business Manager (ABM) ABM and ASM are now supported on iPads. F1 2020 patch mod fixtures. You can open the public certificate, get the serial.

Ios - Can't find private key for Apple Development Push

Throne rush hack tool no survey https://zlatdetki.ru/forum/?download=9883. UIKit, Accessiblity, Voice Over, and Siri. DOWNLOAD VPN ONE CLICK FOR FREE. You typically use a key reference to indicate the key to use for a particular cryptographic operation, such as encryption.


IOS Code Signing in App Center - Visual Studio App Center

Create an App ID 1. Go to the App IDs section under Identifiers and click on. I have generated new SHA256 certs with a RSA key of 2048bits with a life of 825 days. The Amazon Developer Services portal allows developers to distribute and sell Android and HTML5 web apps to millions of customers on the Amazon Appstore, and build voice experiences for services and devices by adding skills to Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo. File The assistant creates a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file which contains a public/private key pair.

Keygen what is a provisioning profile & code signing in iOS?

We recommend that you choose a strong password and keep your private key. If you are signing an app that includes extensions, you may need. To login into the iOS Developer Console and click Account at the top. A date range indicates when.


11.0 Big Sur Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Mr. Macintosh

This is useful for signing your Jamf Pro QuickAdd package, signing other installer packages, and signing configuration profiles. Without your private key, you will be unable to sign binaries and test your application on any Apple device. Battle nations hack tool v1.02 games. Apple developer private key extension.

Generate an iOS Push Certificate

Create a Provisioning Profile 1. Once you have finished adding any devices you want, you can proceed to. CA providers must notify Apple if they anticipate a change in control. Way 2: Open Developer Tools via the Tools icon. Way 3: Open them in the Tools menu.


Key generator building an Interactive Voice App Using Custom Siri

Require a valid certificate from peer during SSL handshake. Company accounts are for organizations and businesses. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Anno 1701 patch 1 04 music https://zlatdetki.ru/forum/?download=446.

long pearl fic rec

Collected some pearl fics - will probably update later
Cuddle Time by a_big_apple
Summary: The beach house residents are a little down. Garnet has a plan.
The F Word by Went
Summary: Pearl says, "Fuck."
Secret, self-contained, solitary as an oyster by a_big_apple
Summary: “I see,” Pearl says, sliding the clipboard back across the desk. “When did they arrive?” “Wednesday. They seemed so sweet when they came by, all holding hands like we might try to split ‘em up. They were real happy when I told them they could share. It’ll be nice to have other pearls around, huh?” Pearl hums noncommittally, and Spudomene reaches across the desk to pat her arm. “Aw, don’t be like that. You’re still our Renegade.” Pearl plasters on a smile. “Thanks.” Or: Pearl comes to terms with her own identity, and also falls in love.
White Water by a_big_apple
Summary: The beach never really changes. The shoreline has, creeping closer to the temple across the centuries; the peninsula certainly has, with human settlements rising and falling and rising again. Even the temple changes, erosion and battle damage, the house they built and repaired and rebuilt. But the ocean is always the ocean, a steady rumble in the background, white lines of breakers bubbling up onto the sand without cease. Pearl at three moments in her life: a hard one, a harder one, and one on the upswing. Written in response to Growing Pains, though not really about Steven.
So here's the part where you make a choice by a_big_apple
Summary: In which two pearls explore Earth, fall in love, and finally get to have each other. Also, Pearl is a complete and utter badass.
Notice by autumnmycat
Summary: Pearl has changed somehow, and no one can place what is different. They know this happens from time to time, that Pearl often disappeared within herself, but it has never been this bad. It has never been biting back tears while cleaning everything again and again and again. It has never been small, delicate fingers gripping around a sturdy arm, fear in all parts of her physical form. It has never been an absence of self, a lack of personality, a distinct move away from reality. They want to ask why, they want to ask what happened, but they don’t know how to identify it. It’s not any one thing. It never has been. It has always been something that is hard to put a finger on. It’s just gotten so much worse. Garnet can't see a future where things end well, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.
Structure and Stratigraphy Beneath a Young Phreatic Vent by a_big_apple
Summary: Volley can hear the distant clash of swords and shouts and grunts of effort. From the top of the arena she watches Pearl fight, her jacket gone, bare shoulders gleaming in the moonlight and limbs and blades flashing against an onslaught of holograms. Steven isn't the only one trying to manage his anger. Another coda to Prickly Pair.
Spines and Needles by a_big_apple
Summary: There's a long, painful stretch of silence. Or, near-silence; the house creaks wearily as its weight resettles around the gaping hole Cactus Steven left. He'll have to start cleaning up. Go to Little Homeschool and get Bismuth. Get all of the damn spines out of his skin and his pajamas and his bed, where he just wants to curl up and hide until everything's okay again. A small coda to Prickly Pair, because I have so many feelings.
Beachside Reconciliation by Twentytwosnails
Summary: Pearl tries her best to patch things up between her and Garnet. Garnet tries her best to keep her cool. The ocean tries it's best to swallow the shore. In the end, it's the thought that counts.
The Unheard Song by AbelQuartz
Summary: It’s been some time since Connie met the mysterious and elusive selkie on the beach that fateful day. Gaining the trust of her friend was easy, but as it turns out, getting the trust of his family is hard. There are secrets below the surface, secrets which could tear everything between her and Stephen apart…
Weights by LightAvii
Summary: Steven had weights on his shoulders. Not literally. It was a metaphor, which meant that it wasn’t real, even if it felt real. Real enough that he thought about it all the time. Real enough that he felt like he was suffocating. Real enough, he thought to himself as he slouched in his chair, that he was beginning to wonder if metaphorical weights could cause back problems. — With all of his newfound responsibilities, Steven finds himself under a lot of pressure. Pearl steps in to help.
Loads by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: She might be free now, but she’s still a Pearl, was built to carry things for her Diamond, has both the impulse and the capacity engrained deep in her Gem. It’s only proper, therefore, that she be the one to bear the burden. And it’s telling herself this that Pearl slowly bends down, and, one-by-one, levitates each bubble into her Gem.
breaking point by aelescribe
Summary: Pearl grunts, grits her teeth, bucks against the force keeping her still. Until, finally, she calms with a heavy sigh. Jasper’s sword is discarded past Pearl’s head, but she keeps a tight grip on her own weapon. “You dropped your sword,” Pearl notes. “I had to stop you from hurting yourself.” Pearl lifts her sword to Jasper’s neck, putting some distance between them. “That means I win.”
Instrumental by KrisseyCrystal (IceCreAMS)
Summary: Bismuth gets cracked.
Put it There by KrisseyCrystal (IceCreAMS)
Summary: Steven is in some tiny nowhere town in the snow-capped mountains of Wyobrado when Pearl comes to visit.
earth things by violetmercenary
Summary: Peridot apologises.
earth things by violetmercenary
Summary: Pearl visits Steven on his road trip. They go to an alien museum. Pearl loves her son.
Gagging by willows_shame
Summary: You can't take it anymore. It's not the truth, you try to say, but you only get the first word out before your hands both snap over the rest, more forcefully than ever before because this is outright defiance. "P?" Amethyst says, but you barely hear her, your eyes squeezed shut, your mouth and mind and the chest of this manifested body all fighting your hands and your gem. You can't stop fighting - you've never stopped fighting - What if Pearl tried to break the gag order before Gemcation and A Single Pale Rose? Takes place post-S3E25, Bubbled.
Of Boys and Pearls by myrskytuuli
Summary: What most people end up noticing first is either the beautiful Sapphire walking in the centre of the procession, or the intimidating Quartzes accompanying her. Anakin’s eye is firstly drawn to the pearl.
Her Pearl by smut_buddies
Summary: You’d never tell her anything other than “Yes, I had fun too”, but you’re a little relieved to see the sun rise when you do. You feel terrible for it. (Rose starts touching Pearl in ways she isn't entirely sure she wants)
A Storm at 3 A.M. by Emolga
Summary: Pearl returns after two weeks, but the storm still hasn't let up.
Pink Light by autumnmycat
Summary: Pearl knew that Greg Universe had won Rose's heart, but she never expected that this newfound love would destroy her world—destroy the one person she loved more than everything. After all the thousands of years on Homeworld fighting a war with her and all the thousands of years on Earth learning to coexist with humans with her, Pearl must come to terms with the fact that she now has to exist without her.
SOME ORDINARY MIRACLE by pigeonfancier
Summary: Pearl's features are the same as the others made for the Diamonds. They all have the same nose, the same chin, the same large eyes, and the same graceful build. The Diamonds like their servants as indistinguishable as possible, matched to them only in hair and clothes. Pearl has always appreciated her features, because it links her to Pink in a way that, even if everything else changed, would always stay the same between them. Except her Diamond is gone. Pink is dead, and Rose has different tastes. She finds herself staring in the mirror a lot after that.
On Becoming A Mother by gatonip
Summary: If her spear is her third arm and a sword her fourth, he becomes her fifth.
Up From Down by Shujinkakusama
Summary: Rose Quartz's death impacts everyone deeply. Pearl hasn't smiled in years. / Pearlnet, fluff and angst. For the Tumblr prompt: “Have I entered an alternate universe, or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
bad moon rising by orphan_account
Summary: Human AU. Pearl has cramps and Amethyst is a lifesaver.
In The Name of Freedom by CompletelyDifferent
Summary: Pearl isn't sure if she wants to love a baby, all messy and loud and above all else, not Rose.
Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have much of a choice in the matter.
keep on keeping on by smallblueandloud
Summary: Yellow puts up a hand. “Careful,” she says. “You’re imagining scenarios. We can say these things here, among ourselves, but remember-” “We are the Diamonds’ pearls, and we exist only to serve,” recites Pearl, her spine straightening. “We are not permitted to have opinions. We do not have opinions.” (or, blue and yellow pearl took care of pink diamond's new pearl. it's a long six thousand years until they see her again.)
Debut Performance by Syntaxeme
Summary: The first formation of Sardonyx. Sometime in the early days of the war, the Crystal Gems are discussing the topic of fusion, a discussion that Rose is extensively participating in. Garnet and Pearl, who are left out of the conversation, end up starting a conversation of their own, one that doesn't want to be kept a secret.
Though This Be Madness by Oyyo
Summary: ...yet there is method in 't. Ruby, Sapphire and Garnet try to process the Gem Cluster.
Dance by aperfectpearl (dimensionhoppingrose)
Summary: “Peeeaarrrl!” So much for peace, Rose thought dryly as Amethyst vaulted over the rock and ran to Pearl, who had been startled out of her trance. “A-Amethyst? What’re you--” “Can you teach me how to dance?”
Whisper of the Stars by storydust
Summary: Connie teaches Steven and the gems how to ice skate.
Sweet Dreams, Steven by Master_Magician
Summary: Pearl outright told Steven that she often watched him sleep, but she doubted he understood just how often she did so. It wasn't like she spent every single night with him but… okay, not every single night, but certainly most of them.
Deduction by Shujinkakusama
Summary: Jasper goes to the scene of the crime to investigate Pink Diamond's assassination long after the fact. Pearl is not happy to join her. // Freeform, might do more later, it's... not Jaspearl yet, but let's be real, they'd hook up if this got longer.
Etched in Stone byShujinkakusama
Summary: Steven's distress has everyone on edge. While Greg can handle his son's girl troubles, Garnet finds herself contending with Pearl's inability to speak her mind. After all, no one left alive knows Pearl better than Garnet. // Set during Gemcation, fluffy nonsense, Rose left a mess.
Tiptoeing The Edge En Pointe by gatonip
Summary: The pain of losing Rose was nothing compared to the pain of knowing Pearl was failing to cope.
Wishing Never Solved A Thing by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Amethyst sees and understands far more than anyone gives her credit for.
General melancholy and all sorts of messy feelings, spanning over years.
Vessel by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Rose is gone, but she’s left Pearl with something she may have forgotten to properly address.
That Original Lifeline by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Protection, comfort, and safety, or the Terrifying Renegade and the Fusion through the years, and a small tribute to those “five times plus one” fic formats of old.
You Won And She Chose You by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: “I hated you, you know.” Pearl manages to keep her voice steady. “Did you?” Pearl visits Spinel on Homeworld.
Periwinkle by lukutakina
Summary: Steven makes occasional visits to meet the Diamonds on Homeworld. Pink Pearl asks Steven if Pearl and her can come with.
Rose's Garden by Cartwheellou
Summary: Hanahaki was a fatal disease—deadly. But not to Pearl. It couldn’t kill Pearl. If it could have, she would have died thousands of years ago. Roses. Pearl always marveled at how befitting it was. Pearl always grew roses.
Still Here by TheLillie
Summary: Steven suddenly sat up straighter. “Wait, what? Alexandrite's younger than me?” “If we're counting like that.” “But you guys have been together for thousands of years,” said Connie. “How come you only started all fusing together so recently?”
Garnet leaned back and folded her arms again. “Long story.”
Unpredictable by cym70
Summary: Future vision doesn't allow for many surprises in their relationship, but Pearl takes it as a challenge.
Dreams So Real by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Bismuth and Pearl take a stab at sleeping, starting with a proper afternoon nap in a nice patch of sun. Pearl doesn’t have the best of luck in this particular area, perhaps, and the past has a nasty habit of popping up, all light blue and glowing.
Kindle by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Early in the Rebellion, Pearl introduces Bismuth to the concept of rubber ducking in an attempt to avert a crisis of confidence. Banter and crushes might also be involved. Bismuth/Pearl, mostly in that slow burn phase.
the sound, the light, the static by a_big_apple
Summary: Pearl’s on the couch reading the newspaper when Steven comes in, hanging his keys on the hook by the door. “Hey Pearl,” he greets, chipper, but his smile has a hint of nerves behind it. “Oh, Steven! I thought you and Greg were going to the car wash to run the Dondai through.” “I did! We did. Dad had some errands to run, so I came back without him.” When he sits down next to her, there’s a little crackle to his presence, a low-level hum of active power. She recognizes it now, for what it is. Stress. Anxiety. Something’s eating at him. She folds the paper, sets it aside. “I know that face,” she says, careful, gentle. “Do you want to tell me what’s on your mind?”
Revolutionaire by angelatflightrisk
Summary: She existed, then, to be pretty. To be quiet and obedient and of service.
A Two-Gem Play by love_killed_the_superstar
Summary: She wishes she could say something. She wishes she could run to Garnet and bawl her eyes out and be listened to. She wishes she could find Bismuth's gem buried under a mountain of rubble, set her free and scream her heart out. She wishes she could confess, admit, speak her mind just once as these terrible thoughts plague her. But it's a private emotion, and no excess of guilt will bleed this truth away.
i understand all your philosophies (but they hurt me just the same) by love_killed_the_superstar
Summary: “You two need to talk,” Amethyst tells Garnet. She wants to run. She wants to hide. But Pearl is sat on the decking, watching the sun sink lower than the ocean waves, and she knows she can't avoid this conversation forever. Avoiding it for a week would be nice, or maybe a month, but she's burning with questions, and she knows that Pearl knows that too. Garnet clicks her tongue. “I suppose we do,” she says flatly. (Aftermath of A Single Pale Rose. Garnet and Pearl talk.)
Like A Word, A Sound, A Song by aenor_llelo
Summary: It starts with a well-meaning question from Mr. Universe. He is both human, and not. She forgets, sometimes.
They Know Me by Kirric (Kirrithian)
Summary: Ambushed without warning in a targeted attack by disgruntled gems, Pearl finds herself left with more than just a bruised ego. Her world turned upside down, the Crystal Gems try to find ways to support her in the aftermath.
Aftermath of I Am My Monster by addietheoddie
Summary: Following the events of I Am My Monster, Steven and the Gems discuss healing and recovering together. Or: The Gems give Steven a bath.
Redefined by Timeline15
Summary: When Connie starts to develop new feelings towards Pearl, she grows concerned about how it will affect her relationship with Steven, and with her own mother.
Who We Used To Be by aperfectpearl (dimensionhoppingrose)
Summary: “I think all I can do right now is be there until he’s ready to talk about it. Whether it’s with me or someone else. I just...” Her voice drifted off. “Just what?” Sheena prompted gently. “He said once he needs us to see him for who he is now, not who he used to be.” Pearl spun her Styrofoam cut between her fingers. “I feel the same way right now. But I don’t know if he’s ready to hear that.” In which Steven overhears a conversation and has to face some of his own hypocrisy.
The Devil Within by aperfectpearl (dimensionhoppingrose)
Summary: Pearl begins acting strangely after a fight with a corrupted gem, and the path to answers isn't a pretty one. Forced to face the past and a part of herself she didn't know existed, Pearl quickly begins to spiral out of control, while the others try desperately to find a way to save her.
Bound by CompletelyDifferent
Summary: At first, Pearl had no reason to chafe against Pink Diamond's final order. There were too many other things to concern herself with, and it was like Rose had said: no looking back. Through life and death, love and birth, peace and war, Pearl realises she just what a complete betrayal it always was.
Chorus by PTlikesTea
Summary: Pearl is missing, and in order to find her Steven has to rely on Homeworld's criminal underworld and as many individual pearls as he can find for help. And then things get messy...
Draíocht by Kiffers, PTlikesTea
Summary: Pearl culture is almost entirely hidden, in gesture-speak and barely heard snatches of song, and utterly alien to any other creature that witnesses it. The following is a rough guide to understanding the secret lives of pearls.
Unspeakable by PTlikesTea
Summary: In putting a gag order in place, Pink Diamond robbed Pearl of more than she realized.
Fade Out by PTlikesTea
Summary: A broken warp pad dumps the Crystal Gems on a ruined planet populated by forgotten half-mad gems under the leadership of an 'immortal' gem. If they have any hope of getting off the planet, they have to throw their lot in with a set of escaped pearls and their Jasper escort. With Pyrite the Everlast's entire force driving after them, it's not going to be fun or easy. Yes, this is a Fury Road fusion. Why not.
Whispers on the Wind by PTlikesTea
Summary: Pearl and the other pearls, light years away.
Why Don't You Talk to Each Other by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: He sighs. “Pearl...Pearl really was a slave, wasn’t she?” Greg, Pearl, and growing past awkward conversations.
desire, emotion, knowledge by Dain
Summary: Garnet observes and interacts with the relationship between Pearl and Rose Quartz.
A Two-Gem Play by love_killed_the_superstar
Summary: She wishes she could say something. She wishes she could run to Garnet and bawl her eyes out and be listened to. She wishes she could find Bismuth's gem buried under a mountain of rubble, set her free and scream her heart out. She wishes she could confess, admit, speak her mind just once as these terrible thoughts plague her. But it's a private emotion, and no excess of guilt will bleed this truth away.
My Pearl by realfakedoors
Summary: Pearl takes a six year old Steven out for ice cream, is mistaken for his mother, and they run into Amethyst on the boardwalk. or, a prompt fic: "My Pearl" centered around Crystal Gem Pearl.
breathing exercises by realfakedoors
Summary: Volley, or Pink Pearl, is trying to adjust to life on Earth. Our Pearl is there to help.
You've Got a Lot in Common by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: Pearl doesn’t turn to look at him as she walks past the couch where he’s sitting and proceeds to the stairs that lead to the loft. She ascends halfway—just enough to see Steven’s sleeping form in his bed—then stops, bowing her head. “I keep doing it too,” Greg says, after a moment. “Glancin’ up there to make sure he’s still there. Counting his breaths. Like if I stop, he’ll disappear again.” “I used to watch him sleep almost every night after he moved in here, until a little over a year ago. When he found out, he more or less told me that he didn’t want me to, so I stopped. But tonight, I…These past few days…” She pauses, and when she speaks again, it’s hardly louder than a whisper. “I thought I’d lost him.” Pearl and Greg, when Steven returns from Homeworld.
Just Rose by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: “Those are orders, Pearl!” Pearl freezes on her knee for a moment, taken aback, eyes wide. It’s simple, and in some ways, it’s even a return to normalcy after the madness of the past thousand years or so—and especially after the tragedy of the past few days. She supposes that that should be its own kind of relief. But it’s not. And instead, there’s a sinking feeling in her Gem that’s like disappointment, that she would call betrayal had it come from anyone else. (Rose slips up. Pearl can't talk about it.)
Helping Hand by SixTenSeven
Summary: Having not come out of her room for a day, Pearl goes to check on Garnet and finds her in a strange predicament.
Rated M
Marching On by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Garnet, Bismuth, and Pearl, and the end that is anything but. "Change Your Mind" episode tag.
Be There With You by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: It’s as if through a tunnel that Pearl hears Steven plead with the Aquamarine. “Just let me heal her!” She’d managed to get the words out. And, while she hadn’t convinced the Aquamarine to take her in Steven’s place as she had hoped, at least now she’s going with him. Will be able to stand between him and the Diamonds, protect him, devise a way to confess herself if necessary. And then they can shatter her, maim her, harvest her, do whatever they imagine fit for renegade Pearls and Diamond-shatterers, but they’ll let Steven go. She'll ensure they let Steven go. Pearl finds a loophole. Steven isn't alone.
Words Not Spoken by Kiffers
Summary: Pearl doesn't realize what she's been missing until Steven helps her find it.
See Right Through Me by IrisPlumeria
Summary: “I can’t see Bismuth.” The way Garnet solemnly removed her sunglasses nearly drew Pearl to her like a moth to a flame, a desperate yearning to comfort the fusion gem overcoming her. “I don’t see her in any of my visions.” For the first time, Pearl is tempted to betray Rose Quartz.
I See You by IrisPlumeria
Summary: When Pearl put the teapot down onto the coffee table, Sapphire allowed herself one small smile as Pearl poured them both a drink. ‘Pearl hates liquids.’ Five times Garnet wanted to ask Pearl a question but didn’t, and one time she did.
What We Really Are by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: By the time Pink had actually returned—springing out of her Gemstone in the form of Rose Quartz and beaming at Pearl as she did—Pearl herself had been on the cusp of a deep panic from which it would take her months to recover. But, Rose was still there, Rose needed her, so there was little space for Pearl to feel anything else. And, in the millennia that followed, each time that niggling panic would resurface—what if she doesn’t re-form? —Rose was still right there as a grounding reminder, a welcome refutation. But what if she hadn’t been? What if she had left her, alone, and stewing and festering in those thoughts for millennia? What would she…? Would she have become like…? Pink had left Spinel in the Garden. Pearl reflects on Spinel. Steven listens.
Hearts Like Ours by TheBlindBandit
Summary: Two pearls have important and long-needed discussions, and work on their growing mutual understanding. (And also cuddle.)
Ultimately by scarvesandjumpers
Summary: If you had told Greg even four years ago that one day he'd find himself jamming in the back of his van with Pearl, of all Gems... well, he'd find it unlikely at the very least. But here he was, and there she was. After Steven's confession, Greg and Pearl talk.
Care to Take a Message? By HauntedAutomaton
Summary: Steven is having a hard time with how slowly things are progressing on Homeworld. Pearl decides it's time to have an overdue conversation with the root of the problem.
Burns by aperfectpearl (dimensionhoppingrose)
Summary: There were so many stories about the war that Steven would never hear. Pearl would tell him about the victories, about the times they had marched back to camp with their heads and the flag held high. She would tell him the good things. Someday she would tell him the bad things. But there are some stories he'll never hear.
"Three's A Crowd" by bakedgarnet
Summary: "Pearl couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like to be so utterly complete— so whole— at all times. Would they end up as Sardonyx permanently decades down the line like Ruby and Sapphire? Was that what Garnet could see if Pearl only said yes?"
Motherly Love by aperfectpearl (dimensionhoppingrose)
Summary: Steven has all the moms. Connie has two, and she wants to show them both how much she loves them. -Self-indulgent Mother's Day fluff-
Good Pearls by Florentine
Summary: Pearls have learned other ways to speak to each other.
Born Ready by Bookwormpride
Summary: Gems are not an empathetic race. Stevens natural compassion and love surprises them.
Loads by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: She might be free now, but she’s still a Pearl, was built to carry things for her Diamond, has both the impulse and the capacity engrained deep in her Gem. It’s only proper, therefore, that she be the one to bear the burden. And it’s telling herself this that Pearl slowly bends down, and, one-by-one, levitates each bubble into her Gem. After the War, Pearl bears burdens—literal and otherwise.
Essences by thesometimeswarrior
Summary: “Well, I thought that, since my Diamond no longer requires my services...” (And here she pauses just a moment too long, a crack in the façade just large enough for Pearl to peer through and see what is really going on.) “...that I’d see what all the fuss about the Earth was about.” Pearl banishes the spear back into her Gem, then takes a step forward, lays a hand on Yellow’s shoulder. “Welcome."
Cracks in the Surface by Kirrithian
Summary: Sometimes in a few words your world can change, new truths turning everything you thought you knew to doubt. And it hurts. After the revelations in Volleyball, Pearl begins to crack.
Three's a Crowd by SaltDaddyPearl
Summary: “Pearl, you are our friend. You have taught and supported us a-and... and loved us unconditionally from our very first fusion. We have come to realize over time that, Sapphire and I both love you.” She cleared her throat. “We don't just love you as a comrade but we have known for quite some time that we are in love with you and, we usually don't speak for Garnet but so is she.”
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Summary: Ruby and Sapphire spend some time with Steven for his birthday, but there are a few things that have been on his mind lately. Who better to ask questions about fusions and relationships than these two?
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Summary: "Pearl likes us, you know."
Permission Granted by Shujinkakusama
Summary: Steven has several questions after seeing Garnet and Pearl kiss to form Sardonyx. Unfortunately, questions beget more questions. Garnet has to shelf her pride to actually get an answer. // Fluff, takes place immediately following 'Know Your Fusion', Pearlnet, trying to play with this 'Garnet doesn't ask questions' business.
ignorant trauma in one afternoon by kaylinii
Summary: “Next time we will be more careful, precise.” She chirped in his ear. “We—you cannot afford to make silly mistakes as I have made. You need to understand the importance of staying safe, Steven; of staying alive.” He understood this very well.
Uncharacteristically by Andwecanmessaround
Summary: Garnet's been acting strange lately, and Pearl is wondering what it is exactly that has her girlfriend acting like someone else.
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A New Psychedelic stock coming to market and why I believe it’ll be a multi bagger

If you’ve followed the Cannabis Space over the last couple decades you will have definitely heard of a magazine called “High Times”. High Times is also planning to go public but this is not the stock I’m excited about. Cannabis is the past; Psychedelics are the future. The reason I mention High Times though, is because a few members have moved over from High Times, and are about to replicate their success, and I firmly believe the leverage of the High Times name will bring a lot of attention and interest to the company.
DELIC Corp (Canadian ticker: DELC), is the new Psychedelic company I’m really excited about. I came across on another social platform and spent a significant number of hours over the last week diving into the company.
The share structure is very sound. The shares outstanding on the date of listing will be ~51mm. Of this, only ~20mm free trading out of the gate and 17.5mm shares of this (the vast majority) are from the 20c financing, where they raised $3.5mm this summer. It is important to note that there is NO warrant from the 20c financing, so no one will be selling for a small gain and riding a warrant - there is none! 30mm of the shares are insiders/founders/early backers; of this, insiders have a 3-year escrow agreement, and non-Insiders have a 16-month pooling agreement that unlocks every 4 months, starting after the 4th month from listing. In addition, because this is an RTO, the shares from the shell are 5.25mm, of which all are locked up for 6 months post listing. All of this is very important as us retail shareholders won’t have to worry about having large quantities of low-priced seed rounds being dumped in the market like we saw with many other newly listed psychedelic pubco’s. If you want more info, the investor deck clearly outlines the Cap Table. https://deliccorp.com/investment/
At only 20mm shares free trading upon listing (again to note, that it is the most expensive paper from the cap structure that will be free trading - 17.5mm shares priced at 20cents that is trading from that 20mm, AND with NO warrant), the stock will likely run very quickly which is one of the main reasons why I believe this one could easily be a multi-bagger early, especially on the renewed interest in the Psychedelic sector after the CMPS IPO and MMED up-listing to the NASDAQ.
Currently DELIC Corp is a media and event company. Why is this interesting? Because the majority of the companies in the space are drug developers who are years away from regulatory approval and will need to continue to dilute shareholders to stay afloat until approval is granted. DELIC has the ability to generate revenue right off the bat in a very similar way to how High Times has been successful. Matt Stang is a founder of DELIC and came from High Times where he was the main man and the brains behind High Times. He built High Times for what it has been known as over the last 18 years. It was Matt who started the infamous ‘Cannabis Cup’, and his network of connections within the alternative drug world are unmatched. His most recent position was Chief Revenue Officer. High Times reported revenue of $14.8mm USD in 2018, 70% of this came from events, and 29% came from advertising revenue (https://digiday.com/media/new-ceo-high-times-looks-open-dispensaries/ ). This is important, as it shows how well revenues from this arm of the biz can help fund growth in other areas. The first half of 2019 revenues were recorded in the SEC filings at $10.7mm USD ; clearly a very strong uptrend and this is in large part because of Matt’s position as CRO. Matt eventually stepped down in the 2nd half of 2019 at the time he and Jackee founded DELIC. Can Matt Stang and the DELIC team replicate what they’ve done at High Times? I personally believe so, here’s why...
Psychedelics, although they are gaining mainstream attention from the media and everyday people, still have hurdles to clear as the vast majority of the corners within the space are still illegal. Apart from some Ketamine clinics (I’ll also touch on this later) the rest of it is pretty much illegal around the world. These Ketamine clinics, although legal, can’t advertise on mainstream media and social media. This is why a media company in this space is so important; an established community where people can go to read about psychedelics and where the legal corners of the psychedelic space can advertise and draw in potential business. There is BIG money in the ability to have large viewership in a niche market to advertise to. This is also EXACTLY like the early days of Cannabis where High Times carved out a niche within the space as the go to name in media and events, and became valued at $250mm USD (~$330mm CAD) https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgadata/1714420/000121390018000900/fa12018_hightimeshold.htm
DELIC is looking like it will be the go-to media and events company in the psychedelic space – just like High Times is for cannabis. The best part though is that DELIC doesn’t have to build a following from scratch, this team can organically move many of their High Times following over to their different brands under DELIC. In fact, they have already started building their user base and have over 100,000 people visiting their different platforms per month. DELIC has been featured on Joe Rogan, Forbes, Daily Beast, High Times, and The Dr. Drew Podcast. If you want more information about their many platforms, here are the links:
Reality Sandwich: https://realitysandwich.com/
The Delic: https://thedelic.com/
Delic Radio/Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/delic-radio/id1349473577
Meet Delic: https://meetdelic.com/
In addition to the High Times connection, there is significant cross over from DELIC’s team with well-known companies with the Biohacking community. With the recent attention given to micro-dosing and its positive effects on user’s mental and physical state, it's easy to see how DELIC can have a major impact within the Biohacking community. If you are familiar with Biohacking, you have probably heard of Dave Asprey. Two of his brands, Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs have crossover into DELIC. A few highlights of the DELIC team:
- Jackee Stang; co-founder and CEO of DELIC, also comes from High Times as VP of Programming, and worked at Bulletproof.
- Martin Tobias; CEO of Upgrade Labs
- Zac Garcia; Chief Marketing Officer at Bulletproof
- Kraig Fox; former CEO & President of High Times, but more importantly has a seriously impressive background in media! He is part of the founding team and senior executive officer group behind companies like Live Nation and Core Media, he was also senior managing director of the investment arm of Guggenheim Partners (who has over 280 Billion in assets). In these rolls he over saw production of ‘American Idol’ as well as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. He also oversaw the company’s interests in the Elvis Presley estate, and Muhammad Ali’s IP (intellectual property) rights (https://www.forbes.com/sites/irisdorbian/2019/10/30/entertainment-vet-fox-brings-brand-building-prowess-to-ceo-role-at-high-times/#54a0946a4335 )
- Paul Rosen; Paul Rosen is a noted career entrepreneur, management consultant and public speaker. Over the last 8 years Paul has become one of the most active entrepreneurs, advisors and investors in the emerging global cannabis industry. Paul Rosen was a co-founder of PharmaCan Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: CRON; TSX: CRON) and served as its first President and CEO. Paul has held board positions with a number of publicly-traded cannabis companies and currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Global Go, a consultancy focused on the global regulated cannabis industry.
- Greg Crowe – M&A Advisor – he’s the lead investor in both of Delic’s financings to date. His fund is called Serendipity Growth Capital out of Singapore. The fund is private equity and has invested $100m+ into leading cannabis companies (all private). Greg is a serious businessman and interesting to note is his title on the deck - “M&A advisor” (more on M&A below).
As I stated above, DELIC is a media and events company but I like to think of it as a crossover of a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). As per DELIC’s “Solutions” section of their website and investor deck: “We are identifying ancillary and fully-legal opportunities like new media, live events, ketamine clinics and large-scale production and bringing them under our big tent of resources and reach” (https://deliccorp.com/solutions/ ). From the above sentence, it is obvious that DELIC will be active in M&A activities, they also have an “existing portfolio companies” headline on their deck. I am speculating that they have already signed, or close to signing companies that DELIC will bring under their brand and this is the type of news that will be released after the company goes public as most companies save up news flow for their go public launch. Any clinics or companies that DELIC bring under their brand will have an organic, built-in PR arm that will both direct business/clients to them and build up their brands as leaders in the space (where currently there are no leaders). This is a perfect roll-up in the early days and fragmented psychedelic space.
The key to that sentence on the solutions page, in my opinion, is the clear mention of "ketamine clinics". An acquisition of a ketamine clinic or clinics (To be noted Ketamine Clinics is pluralized), or a production facility will send this stock ripping. I can see this being a very likely scenario; the deck hints to cash and shares being used for these acquisitions, and it makes sense since they just raised $3.5mm this summer and have a very small share structure making it easier to issue shares for acquisitions or a combination of shares and cash without much concern of over-dilution
When all is said and done, investors are able to get in on the ground floor with a team that has proven their past successes, built multimillion-dollar brands, and have large followings in their spaces that they can bring to DELIC as a media company which DELIC can leverage in advertising and event revenue. I spoke to the company and I was told, DELIC is looking to go public and list at the end of October with the ticker symbol DELC.
It's obvious to me that DELIC will be very active in the M&A space. Looking at peers in the space, if DELIC can acquire clinics or production facilities this could easily be a $50-100mm market cap; compare that to its current valuation – the most recent raise at 20cents with 51mm OS puts the current market cap at ~$10mm.
With ONLY a $10mm valuation (At $0.20 where the last raise was but I suspect it will open higher than this but still undervalued based on comparables) and the extensive success of the team outlined above, with the cross over & popularity of High Times, along with the clear indication that they will likely be acquiring Ketamine Clinics/Production facilities and the recent renewed interest in the sector, I believe we have a multi bagger in the making! No Doubt! Keep an eye on DELIC (ticker: DELC) in the coming weeks. Let me know your thoughts.
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