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Bigger and meaner than ever, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of furiously fast and enchanting gameplay that made the original title an award-winning success. Total commander 8 01 key maker. Norton internet security crack click for more info. Includes 5 items: Kingdom Rush Vengeance, Kingdom Rush Origins, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush, Iron Marines. Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Apk – interesting strategy game in the Tower Defense genre. No other hacks as they are premium content. Lee Lee's Quest 2. Legend of the Golden Robot.


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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk download 1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk free 1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers hacked 1. latest version 10. license key 12. list 1. manager 1. Market Unlocker 1. Play Kingdom Rush: Frontiers on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and do everything in your power to stand your ground and end up victorious. First released on 28 July 2020, it grew to be immensely popular and has racked up a total of over 70 million plays on Armor Games alone. Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers App 2.8 for iPhone free online at AppPure. First, these enemies are not very strong so that you can get used to this gameplay. Aff suzuki cup pes 2020 patch. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made kingdom Rush an award-winning Tower Defense hit.

d100 Cities with backstories.

This is an old post that I decided to post again to finish it, since it got to about half done when I first posted it.
Contributors: trinketstone: #4, 17771777171789: #5, sun-it-rises: #6, jerryjustice: #7, Gionach: #8, DEADPYNE: #9, RELEASETHEBIRDS: #10, g3rmb0y: #11, bloonsthecat: #12, MiiTus: #13, Chikimunki: #14, thegoldsmith67: #15, Driver_Senpai: #16, Steak48: #17, Pigeon_and_Waffles: #18, MeerkatArray: #19, Squintdawg: #20, RoadRageCyclist: #21, DaveyClarkman4Prez: #22, rifern: #23, A_Heckin_Goblin: #24, Ironfire4766: #25, Taina4533: #26, GodsEclipse: #27, Drunk_Hooker: #28, GrizzlyEagleScout #29, infinitum3d: #30 and #31, ITS_NOT_FINE: #32 u/Flutterwander: #33, #34 and #35, Foxymemes: #36, MaxSizeIs: #37, #38, #39, #40, #41, and #42 EyeH8uxinfiniteplus1: #43 u/RAMBORAINBOWxx: #47 u/gagartas: #48 u/waterwolf10: #49 u/Pretzelbomber: #50 and #51 u/Arikin13: #52, #53 and #54, u/BoomToll: #55, #56, and #57, u/TheGreatMalabar: #58, u/UDIDUDI: #59, u/Caramelles: #60, u/Th3R3493r: #61, u/Nobody-Inhere: #62, u/LeonhartSeeD: #63, #64, and #65, u/SPLOO_XXV: #66
1 [Saxenite] This place is a ghost town. 100 years ago, it was attacked by a horde of vampires. Some still live in the ruins of the town, still thirsting for blood...
2 [Anora] A small village in the forest, populated by gnomes and gnolls. The gnomes and gnolls are very cautious of each other. A folk tale from the village talks about the old rivalry of the two races.
3 [Anaheim] Dwarf town carved out of a mountain. This town is aggressive towards most travelers. They are always prepared for and sometimes seek out war, and they believe their way is the only way.
4 [Ghaelhus], aka "Stubborn town" - Named after Ghael Harningson, the Dwarven Merchant who were too stubborn to leave or move out of the way when he set up shop in the middle of a well traveled highway. After a while there were those that started to use this area as a place to rest and barter shortly, which of course over time brought with it more and more trade. Today its a small but very well built trade town that serves as a sort of in between area for merchants and buyers alike, hosting all sorts of auctions and helps providing a neutral ground for business.
5 [Celeheim] This city was build around a large crater which many years ago was the battleground of two extraplanar beings/deities. The winner's bloodline is in fact the ruling monarch. (Probably celestial, fey, infernal or abyssal)
6 [Frofortun] A rural haven for halflings, it was founded when Trym Tosscobble decided to leave his adventuring and focus on the comfort that only a settled home could bring. His family often came to visit and eventually the wheels came off, and their caravans became the center of this small town. Today, it is still the best place for all races to kick back and take a break from wandering. Trade is almost nonexistent between the locals as they prefer to take a family approach to work and meals, but the multitude of travelers attracted here are always happy to barter. If you’re willing to work a hard day in the fields, or hunting the nearby forests, you can’t beat the home-cooked comfort meals of Modrige Tealeaf at the Easy Seat.
7 [Riverhollow] An abandoned town tormented by a Hag who used to be the local apothecary. She was run out of town by the mayor when he discovered she had a secret relationship with his son. A dark fey spirit answered her pleas for help by twisting her mind and body and gifting her a single seed, all for the purpose of taking back what was hers. She planted the seed near the river that gave the town its name and it quickly grew into a Corpse Flower that choked the town into ruin. She now lives in the dilapidated remains of the city hall with the reanimated body of her former love.
8 [Pilgrim's Point] A town on the edge of the coast, overlooking the sea on top of a high cliff. This town's humble beginnings started when clerics and followers of a certain god/gods went on pilgrimage to this area. They built a temple there in dedication to their gods and slowly, over time, farms started to settle close by in order to provide food for the clerics etc. Then more tradesmen came to the area, travellers came through, and soon it became a fully fledged town.
9 [Gnargtown] a town inhabited by a cult of people who all go by Gnarg. The town is named after the cult leader Gnarg who is a surprisingly charismatic sorcerer orc who had lead the people of Gnargtown into the woods where they bulit Gnargtown.
10 [Gelida] a very small farming village with only around 13 houses with a population of about 60. Seemingly normal, however, Gelida seems to be stuck outside of time. Literally. There is a magic forcefield surrounding it, and the town itself is thought to be hundreds of years old, frozen in time. No one knows the source of the forcefield, or why time is stopped in it. You can still see the villagers, crops, livestock etc from a bygone era, frozen in place
11 [Rivensdale] This small backwater logging town serves as a refuge for beings that would normally be considered monstrous, but have no desire to do evil. Various lycanthropes, vampires that feed off paid individuals or livestock, drow, peace loving orcs, mind flayers, and the occasional beholder (with fan club attendants), as well as social outcasts of the humanoid realms all find their home in this patchwork, strange city, held together by a tireless half orc sheriff.
12 [Wayfarer’s Cove] A seaside town hidden away behind a mountain range. Although the population is small with a total of approximately 45 civilians, there are many inns that do plenty of business thanks to the large market that sets up twice a month in the center of town. This market has everything from herbs, to instruments, to decorative pieces. Many travel by sea to visit, as the only way to enter by land is to travel through the thick forest that grows in between the range. Travelers from near and far have claimed to see horrendous shapeshifters in those woods, with teeth as sharp as knives and glowing eyes, but not one citizen of the town claims to have seen these beings themselves.
13 [Blüthain] Named after the lush forest it is next to, this small northern village only consist of roughly a dozen small homesteads and farms with a tiny river flowing out of the woods right through the villages center. The Villagers revere a forest spirit in the form of a giant stag and hold weekly ceremonies at a small chapel in the center of the forest.Throughout the rest of the kingdom the village is known for their Blütvine a invigorating yellow-redish wine made from a rare berry that only grows in the Blüthain forest.
14 [Elden Reach] A new keep being built near the wilderness border of a frontier kingdom; the King, with the local Count and Baron have organized a land-run style opportunity for people to build a town next to the keep (where right now, there are only 300 temporary workers + 150 relatives supporting the construction, plus frequent hauling and shipping of freight and building materials) a few miles from a trade road into the neighboring mountains where a Dwarven kingdom has its nearest trading post 75 miles away.
The Count has a few advisers judging who of the many people signing up will get chosen to be given land in the run. 25 Minor Noble households, 75 Upper-Class or Upper-Middle-Class Land-owners/Business magnates, and 400 commoners wanting to start or move businesses to the new frontier will be selected. Of the commoners, those with the most interesting plans will be selected to receive the right to make the run. Commoners chosen shall gain Yeomanship Land-owning rights, so thousands are signing-up throughout the Kingdom.
The land has been marked with stones every quarter-mile, and 1 square half-mile is called a Quarter, and 1 square quarter-mile is called a for'quarter. Each adult chosen may mark one for'quarter per Grant. (In my game, for ease of computing and mapping, an acre is 220' x 220', and a quarter-mile is 6 acres wide, making a mile 24 acres across.) | Some of the commoner's better ideas are being given 2-4 Grants, and all of the the Upper-Class get 4 Grants and the Nobles each get 4-8 Grants. | Each Grant also gives the right to build on 1/16th of an acre within the town itself, with plots already being marked, some reserved for various reasons. (In my game this is a plot 55' x 55'.)
15 [Leafton] A thriving coastal city that has changed hands many times. The original city wa built by elves, then it was abandoned as a catastrophe came and many sections of the city sank into the ground only the strongest towers survived. The area was settled by Orcs who were then driven out by Humans who left after another spate of sinking buildings. The city was taken as a outpost of a small Dragonborn kingdom and then annexed to a Human empire. Each civilization left its mark on the city leaving it a complex city built in many architectural styles with a very cosmopolitan outlook with many races living there and many hidden secrets and paths just under the surface if you know where to look.
16 [Scale Spirit] Following a truce between humans and an ancient dragon lord, the dragon lord allowed humans to build a shelter for humans on one of his many town-sized scales to protect them from dangers that lurked below. This shelter expanded to have its own economy, way of trading and small military force, becoming an established town in the process.
17 [Sáldalur] A medium-sized, coastal nordic city set in the side of a mountain and bisected by the Washwater river. It is further divided into four districts. Ísfjall, which is named for the royal palace built into the mountain, is the wealthy sector. The market district, Kraken Square, is named for the main plaza, where a large bronze statue of a great kraken is at the meeting point of eight main streets. On the other side of the river is Oldtown, where the blue collar workers live, and the Elven Quarter, a quasi-segregated area where the elven population is centralized. Just outside the city's walls is the Warrens, a shantytown populated by refugees from the recent war. It is rife with poverty, for the refugees, and opportunity, for criminals. The city is currently ruled by five regents, appointed by the since deceased King Roland, who are supposed to hold power until young Prince Ulfric's sixteenth birthday.
18 [Terric Rocks] This town actually resulted entirely from a miscommunication, a foreign merchant was trying to find a mountain range called the Terric Rocks. The problem is, Terric Rocks doesn't exist. He ended up next to a singular mountain in the middle of a large grassland (now called Terric Rock). His stock was well sought after so people went out of their way to get there, but it was so far away from everything that people had to set up temporary camp at the mountain, due to the lack of nearby wood all the houses are made of stone harvested from the mountain.
19 [Giants Reach] A forge in the highest most layer of the underdark (upper dark). It is flowing with lava, and giants prepare weapons for the mind flayers' armies. The sound of the banging from the giants hammers can be heard, and felt, by any towns or monuments on the surface.
20 [Greengrove] a predominately Human town next to the great forest. It serves as the market town for several nearby villages, and the Elven druids who live in the forest. It has wooden walls and palisades, and a stone tower that is used as the local armory and smithy. Off the market square, where a statue to the founder sits in the center, is the Silver Dragon tavern (famous for its silver-tinted mead), a stone-built small temple to a god of commerce, and an Elven structure made of living trees, where the druids often worship when they are not selling wares.
21 [Broms Redoubt] An ancient stone fort used to exist at the top of the hill in this coastal city populated by a mixed assortment of shady characters from many races. After major naval conflict the fort was destroyed; its remains later converted into a labyrinth of a port that was built up with nearby wrecked ships. Some of the old battlements are still used to defend the city against the authorities and many secret passageways from the fort still exist; used to smuggle highly valuable and illegal goods between various taverns and brothels.
22 [Thalrunmore] A former High Elven fortress in the Talendi Marshes, Thalrunmore was a border outpost that protected High Elven merchants traveling through the Marshes from the likes of bog trolls, Wood Elven bandits, and the alleged Ladies of the Swamp. After the Great War, the Empire of Man captured the now abandoned fortress and invested in expansion efforts to create a sizable city to increase the Empire’s presence in the region. Home to a bustling peat and cranberry industry, Thalrunmore has become a diamond in the rough and has created a pretty profit for the Empire. However, rumors have begun to run amuck, as more and more supernatural creatures have been seen in and around the city. Maybe, those stories of the Ladies of the Swamp weren’t legend after all...
23 [Faldin's Bridge] Once one of the greatest cities of the known world, now has fallen into despair. Between two mountains a giant bridge was built and on top of that a city. The constructor of this bridge, Lord Faldin, enchanted enourmous pillars of stone with magic to ensure it could hold an entire city. All over the bridge, on top but also inside the stone, where houses, taverns, markets, a few churches and even a theatre were built. While he was the supervisor of the city, he was very strict on building new buildings inside and on top of the bridge. But after his death, the who were left in charge made the city even bigger and thereby increasing the weight pushing on the pillars. | 150 years after Lord Faldin's death, the bridge fell apart into the mountain valley and taking the city and thousands of lives with it. After this event, no more bridges of this size were build, or even building city's on top of places where they didn't belong. | Where its existance made it easy for travelers and merchants to cross to other lands, the popularity of the bridge was its own downfall.
24 [Bonetown] On the grounds of an old abandoned castle. It is now a laboratory for a warlock trying to master reanimation, resurrection, revenants, and creating automatons or golems. He raised the castles burial grounds and reanimated skeletons all of which were attempts at perfecting this process. The warlock in a final attempt, killed himself in the true experiment to resurrect himself, only to return to life as a skeleton. He now lives as unofficial mayor and leader of Bonetown which is inhabited completely by animated skeletons and the occasional nature golem.
25 [Calendine] This city was enchanted to help make the residents immortal, every food item in the city is an illusion, but you can't die of starvation while inside the walls. If you stay too long inside the walls and then leave you will instantly die of starvation when you exit. Every full moon the illusions fade and the residents nearly skeletal forms are revealed. Most go mad at having to see and feel themselves like this every month and none of the original residents are still alive.
26 [the City of Dexhá] Dexhá was one of the first consolidated human city-states. It’s people were the first to begin mapping the starts and developing siege weaponry to ward off the numerous attackers. When the Aatian state began its bloody war of unification by attacking and destroying every other city-state fo the human kingdoms, Dexhá was the last to fall. The Aatians tortured and massacred every single one of its citizens but left the city practically untouched. When the war ended, they used the abandoned city to mock Dexhá’s defeat. Two thousands years later, even after the fall of the Aatian empire and the foundation of the Kingdom of Völundr from its ashes, the ghost city still remains, sitting in the middle of the deep woodlands surrounding the small Kingdom. Nobody has dared to repopulate Dexhá, as there are stories of disturbed souls of the tortured inhabitants roaming the perfectly preserved buildings and dark streets, reminding anyone who dared visit of the Empire’s past.
27 [Drakenreach] A town originally built within the skeleton of a felled dragon, a host of magical followers have moved into the town to harness the aura of magic in the area as a result of the skeletons. Unfortunately, this also means some cult-like magic users have moved in and have been attempting to resurrect the dragon.
28 [Dun-Ordin] this ancient dwarven fortress is built high in the mountains. This fortress is protected by high walls built into the stone. On the back side of these cliffsides there is a large ramp that is used to slide longboats down into a rivesea. Stones and gems are the lifeblood of Dun-Ordin prices come cheap. However frauds are found out quickly.
29 [Shadewing] A checkpoint along the far eastern river, nestled between a steep cliff face, and a bountiful wood. It is the only "large city" under dragonborn rule south of the Mammoth Tusk mountains. Being a rare race in the mainland, a group of volunteers made up of the full range of the dragonborn spectrum, made their way south in an attempt to set up an outpost for wayward dragonborns, and to help build public relations with the common folk. From mages to guards, politicians to stable hands, and rich to poor, all did their part to build what would become a thriving town on the way to the north. And although by nature they are loyal to their clans to a fault, they took the responsibility to start a new one. One that would continue to promise growth for decades to come.
30 [Oak Ridge]; a border town between two warring kingdoms/city-states/species. Both peoples occupy the town semi-cooperatively, fearful of each other but requiring the common trade/skills of each other.
31 [Guardhelm]; a small independent (anarchy/lawless, think 'Wild West') town beholden to no King or Lord. The citizens are heavily taxed to pay the soldiers (mercenaries) that protect it from Invaders, but they willing pay it to maintain their Independence free of a King's law.
32 [The Crossroads City] Far to the south, amongst the jungles of the Green Ocean, lies the Crossroads City. Founded by a cabal of warlocks, and built upon the nexus of several different ley lines, the city is a place where the denizens of the other planes can crossover to ours, which naturally makes it a haven for warlocks and their patrons. The city is rife with intrigue and strife, between the different warlock factions, and mercenaries and spies are in high demand here.
33 [Petyr's Sorrow] This valley village was founded when an adventurer buried his wife and lost his will to travel further. Those members of his caravan that stayed with him found good farming in the area and the modest village grew in size.
34 [Belltower] All that's left of the belltower is rubble, the cracked bell still laying there, now covered in moss. Once the unfortunate target of an invading army, now it has a few good places to eat and not much else.
35 [Bullette Hollow] There hasen't been a Bullette in these parts for 4 generations now, and the locals are always talking about painting a new name on the sign but never seem to get around to it.
36 [Highrule] a diverse, wealthy port city awash in magic, jewels and lavish splendor with a notoriously corrupt bureaucracy that serves as the government. This city is a haven for aristocrats, rich wizards and wealthy merchants looking to dodge their hometown’s taxes and make a profit off Highrule’s bustling market. Practically anything can be sold here at the market’s auction house, from gems and magic items to exotic spices or the deed to an old, forgotten manor. Many a traveler come here to seek their fortunes, but they all too often find that prosperity here in Highrule is the sole property of the wealthy.
37 [Grunvater] Twenty years ago, this town was a thriving fishing village with a protected bay. Then the fish disapeared and the economy was ruined. Now the town has one tenth the people and vacant buildings galore.
38 [Stirge Hollow] Frontier towns often have it rough. Five years ago a gnoll warlord dragged off half the town before the local militia was able to fend them off. Now a new mine in the area is driving new business and giving life to the town; but budget cuts have reduced the militia funding by 90%, and gnolls were sighted once more.
39 [Farthingwell] The town was built at a crossroads with an ancient wishing well. Coins are frequently dropped in the well and it said bathing in the cold well water carries health benefits.
40 [Schola] A town catering directly to a brotherhood of monk-scholars actively maintaining an old imperial library and records vault generations after the empire has abandoned the project. A set of doors and record vaults are only opened and accessed once a month, year, and decade in a religious ceremony and festival.
41 [Sprocket Glen] 50 years ago, a mad/genius wizard devised a way to GROW complicated clockwork mechanisms, merging the powers of the Druid with that of the Artificer. The wizard died of old age a few years later, but not before founding Sprocket Glen, where the villagers grow and tend war-machines and labor saving devices, dumping in scrap metal, wood, and stone to feed the mechanical plants and animals. The larger devices take many years to grow, and the largest (and most dangerous) are still not ripe.
42 [Sprocket Glen] 50 years ago, a mad/genius wizard devised a way to GROW complicated clockwork mechanisms, merging the powers of the Druid with that of the Artificer. The wizard died of old age a few years later, but not before founding Sprocket Glen, where the villagers grow and tend war-machines and labor saving devices, dumping in scrap metal, wood, and stone to feed the mechanical plants and animals. The larger devices take many years to grow, and the largest (and most dangerous) are still not ripe.
43 [Horn of Caneen] A northern most fishing/farming peninsula town, with an adventuring group chapter local to the town.
44 [Kakajapa] An originally goblin settled town, until human settlers moved in. the goblins were unusually cooperative with other species, and Kakajapa is now thriving with humans, elves, and goblins. Goblins and humans are the majorities here.
45 [Stormward] A cloud town that's populated by sentient 4 foot tall eagles, 3 foot tall falcons, and 2.5 foot tall ravens. The richest and smartest are the ravens, with most of the food being harvested by the falcons. Eagles are a minority, but they rule the city, but don't care about much more than food and entertainment.
46 [Earthbound] An underground mining town that's populated by dwarves. 1,000 years ago, the most powerful of the dwarven council were killed by a demon released by the dwarves mining too deep. They managed to seal the demon into the lower levels, and don't dig any longer in fear of awakening the demon again.
47 [Grand Marsh City] an enormous metropolis built on stilts to avoid sinking into the swampland, it has a seedy underbelly. Under the streets lies an entire criminal network that moves through the dark area underneath the metropolis. Criminals use the network of stilts to escape a tail, or to avoid being found.
48 [Gilderhaven] The deepgnome paradise in the underdark! It has everything you will ever need, sit back and relax. Don’t worry, this town definitely wasn’t taken over by mindflayers years ago and definitely isn’t run by them now. Did you hear about a deep gnome raving about mind flayers? He’s definitely insane. Just lie down, and forget your worries and anything about mindflayers, you’re safe here, I promise.
49 [Karven] a small city with a natural moat, the locals insist their city is not an island as the only entrance to the city is connected to the land by land and not via bridge, the city entrance is a toll for a greater water elemental that charges a single copper for entry and stops people from trying to enter the city by crossing the moat.
50 [Amberhold] Founded roughly 200 years ago to take advantage of the rich amber supplies in the area, Amberhold’s location near the intersection of three kingdoms makes it an attractive target. The town changes hands at least 5 times whenever war breaks out and gets sacked so often the residents have pre-fab structure parts stored at all times.
51 [New Hawkburg] New Hawkburg is built on the ruins of the original Hawkburg, which sank into the soft soil during a major earthquake a while back. Many of the buildings use the old ones as basements while others have been filled in to prevent sinkholes.
52 [Shadowbrook] Shadowbrook is a town that experiences nearly half a day of darkness, no matter the time of year. It is sheltered by the Tailiak Mountain Range on three sides. It also experiences quite a lot of snow for being in a tropical zone. This phenomena has been attributed to magic in recent years, but no one has yet discovered the importance of the snow. Perhaps there isn't any.
53 [Verthall] Trading city surrounded by lush forests. People flock to the trading bazaar without knowing that it was built upon an ancient slaving ring. Countless individuals perished within the walls of the bazaar- and odd occurrences are said to happen there from time to time.
54 [Kaskrisha] A city formed from the remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption- this oceantop city has flourished with the nutrients and wildlife that abounds within its waters.
55 [Redwater] iron deposits in the mountains nearby make the water from the river a dull red colour. it was said that anyone who drank the water could have visions of the future, although now we know that that was just a consequence of drinking iron oxide.
56 [Sadrin-shaf] a demilitarised zone between two moderately large and less than friendly powers. although a very successful trading port, the large amount of espionage that both parties involve themselves in has let to the general saying that every person in the city is a spy. Sadrin-Shaf literally translates to 'city that is hidden from itself'
57 [Alsandrin] a floating city, at the mercy of the tides. hundreds of boats lashed together, once tied to land when a terrible storm cut them loose. they were floating around for decades, surviving off hunting and eventually growing food. rescue convoys were sent to bring them home, but by the time they were found many of the original people had died, and their children knew no other life than their city of ships. Alsandrin is named after their founder, a woman names Alsana.
58 [The Shining Citadel] a gigantic fortress built around an ancient structure, a crown chaneling magic energies, allowing mages to rule the region with an Iron fist. The city surrounding the citadel has a distinctive burnt taint, the crown projecting a deep light, even during the dark. The city is known for its magic items bootleggers and the strange noise the magic winds make when they collapse in the crown.
59 [Fairhaven] once known as “thieves haven” this town was known for its loose laws and heavy corruption. It was devastated by a large meteorite 100 years ago. It was rebuilt to model a modern day utopia but it is still plagued by the old crime that has literally moved underground.
60 [Manaich'ta] this city is named after the founder of the Màrthaim confederacy, that died in battle. First is was only a fortress that protected the only pass between a mountain range. With the peace this lost it's significance as a defense point and win a lot of commerce. At present is an important hub between two empires.
61 [Nuevo Narbonne] After a demilich was defeated and a majority of his forces defeated, his experiments he expected would have all expired, instead initiated an exodus under the now resurrected corpse of a former drow matriarch. The rag-tag bunch of mutants and undead formed a town in the far north around the former. All are different, but, equal by vote on some major and most minor decisions in the town's functions. They may be unholy abominations, patched worked demons and villager amalgamates, and twisted forms of their old forms, but, they attempt to keep going despite all adversities.
62 [Akevario] a city founded by the escaped slaves of ! Fey. Here, everything is done by contracts, and being known as an oathbreaker is considered worse than being a murderer.
63 [The Twin cities of Dawnbreak and Duskguard] Two towns that grew around the same fertile basin, one whose architecture faces east towards the rising sun and one whose faces west towards the setting sun. Roughly 300 years ago, Duskguard, while under attack by a crazed wizard and his minions, was transported wholesale to the other side of the empire. Both cities now serve as the forward edges of their empire, Dawnbreak in the east, Duskguard in the west.
64 [Illusia] Known as the city of masks, this high walled city has been ruled by a sultanate for 5 centuries, never falling to any outside force. They are able to maintain their impressive standing army because many of the laws that govern behavior in the empire are relaxed or non-existent here. While visiting, many nobles wear masks to conceal their activities from the rest of the world.
65 [Terminus] One of only 2 cities in the known world with stable connections to other planes, the Planar docks are just as likely to see a Spelljammer laden down with goods from the City of Brass on the Elemental plane of Fire as they are to see a merchant vessel or a fishing barge.
66 [Aberling] A relatively normal town, if you ignore its two rival factions. One faction believes a substance known as agebore is essential to life. The opposing faction considers agebore as a detriment to mortals. This feud has lasted for centuries after a curious traveler found a small bean they named the agebore bean. From that bean, they crafted a brew known to greatly energize the drinker and the two factions were created. (Agebore is coffee)
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I full-starred Kingdom Rush Frontiers' main campaign + Heroic and Iron stages with only mage towers! I used Captain Blackthorne for every level, too (i.e. no OP heroes). This challenge was probably harder than Veteran difficulty--and lots of fun! Now onto the mini-campaigns.

I full-starred Kingdom Rush Frontiers' main campaign + Heroic and Iron stages with only mage towers! I used Captain Blackthorne for every level, too (i.e. no OP heroes). This challenge was probably harder than Veteran difficulty--and lots of fun! Now onto the mini-campaigns. submitted by cfabby to kingdomrush