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Type-0 part 2 (Operation MA Demolition)

Hi guys, Today we will be making a Macro Script to collect White Phantoma for King Mog. We will be concentrating on the PRO difficulty, but this method can also be used for ELT difficulty. It uses screen checks, so there is no need to worry about it selling your items or any bad stuff like that. Let's assume at this point you are already familiar with the basic functions of FRep. (If not there is a link in the notes section) Let's get started!!
You can either set this up to do a basic playthrough for you. (Just Watch the Video and try to replicate the wait times and button pushes) or fully automated (This takes a bit of work)

Recording the Base Macro File

Before you begin this step you are going to want to calibrate your device in FRep. From the FRep home screen, press your menu button or the 3 dots in the top right corner (Not Options), and select "Calibrate Input"
Here is the process we will be using to record the base macro file that we will be using to make our script, Make sure you leave small pauses between inputs and leave a couples seconds after each battle loads to allow for varying loading times. Your going to want your party to be able to clear all battles in one turn. Be sure to bring units with strong AOE skills to be your carry units. Try to go slow. If you go too fast, there is a good chance it will not loop properly.
Please watch the video link
Please make sure when your recording your macro to use the friend at the top of the friend select screen only. Also make sure it's someone on your friends list because you DO NOT want the friend request screen to come up when recording your macro file.
Starting at Operation MA Demolition Level Selection Screen:
  • Start Recording
  • Tap Operation MA Demolition - PRO
  • Tap Next
  • Tap Top Friend (Only choose top friend or bonus unit feature will not work)
  • Tap Depart
  • Wait for loading
  • Wait a couple seconds after the first battle loads
  • Select your abilities on your carry units (Do this part slowly)
  • Tap your carry units to make them attack
  • Wait a few seconds before starting battle 2
  • Tap Repeat
  • Wait a few seconds before starting battle 3
  • Tap Repeat
  • Wait a few seconds before starting battle 4
  • Tap Repeat
  • Wait a few seconds after your Gil/XP Results screen comes up
  • Tap Next
  • Tap the same spot again
  • Wait for your phantoma
  • Tap Next
  • Tap the Green "Operation MA" banner between "World and Back" on the level select screen *you will see this in the video
  • Finish recording
Make sure to leave small waits between every input. Our goal here is stability, not speed. You can use this recording now to play back a run, From the level select screen, Hit Play and it will start replaying your macro.
Here is the video again if you missed it
Please watch this VIDEO<-- Try to follow it as closely as possible. Note the additional wait times between battles. This is to adjust for varying loading/connection times.
*If you have good enough units, you can try on ELT. If you can get it too play on a loop properly, it will work in the script. If you want to make it for ELT remember to leave adequate wait times between battles, etc.
Now with your recording you can set the replay setting to how many runs you want and hit play. If you got your timing right, it should loop properly unless you have connection issues or go otherwise go out of sync. If it seems to be looping fine we can add some screenshots and touch points to our basic macro to make it full auto.

Collecting Screenshots

Now we are going to need to collect the 9 screenshots necessary to build the script by taking screen shots at the specified locations.
Please click these links
Take your own screenshots on your device. These are for reference only
Once you have collected these 9 screen shot, rename them and put them in a folder where you will be able to find them later.
Ok got em? Lets make our script!

Making Your Script

We will be using 4 basic FRep Commands to create this script: Add Loop/Section, Wait, Image [Wait Image] and Touch Screen [Touch]. FRep Controls
Please note you will not be able to change some of the settings until all steps have been inserted. I suggest doing that part last. Make sure to copy the settings EXACTLY as you see them in the pictures below. That means making sure the "Wait Images" have "Skip on Next Wait" checked "OFF" , have the proper pixel match percentages and have "Tap Center on Success" check marked ON for all the wait images, except for 9 and 14 which will have "Tap Center on Success" OFF or this will not work*
Under the MAIN tab hit [+ Create Seq.] then touch "New". Next touch the Yellow Square in the top left corner and use these SETTINGS
  • Recognition Areas are the BLUE Rectangles
  • Touch Points are the GREEN Dots
You have to get the recognition areas as close as possible to the same spots you see in the links below. Don't pay attention to the numbers at the top of the screen. They may not be applicable to your device
  • Before you begin erase the 5 sec. wait, then exit and re-enter to a blank script and start from 1, otherwise you may get confused by the numbering.
  • Click all the steps first, once you have all the steps laid out in the proper order, then click the settings links.
  • Step 5 is your wait time for energy recharge. It is set to refill 50 NRG, but you can change it to whatever you prefer.
  • Lapis refreshes must be done manually. If you want to incorporate them into your script, that's on you.
When you are all finished, the procedure should look like this PROCEDURE LIST
Now the last step is to use your friends filter so it will select a "Bonus" Companion Unit. On the "Select Companion" screen tap "Sort Filter", then tap the filter tab on the top right of your screen. Select "Other" under "Series", then highlight Daggers, Fists, and Hammers under "Equippable". There you have it. If you followed all the instructions correctly, you should now have a functioning macro that will gather up some white phantoma while at sleep/work etc. Happy Farming!!!


  • You have to start from the Operation MA Demolition Level Selection Screen (Must match screenshot 3)
  • Make sure the carry units you recorded yourself using remain unchanged. If you add any abilities or change espers, position, etc. You will have to re-record and re-insert it into the script.
  • Your party must be able to clear each round in one turn.
  • Make sure you have plenty of item space left
  • Make sure you have completed your daily vortex missions, or it will get stuck at that screen indefinately.
  • If a Nimbus comes up, it will not steal, but instead try to auto-attack him. I have the fix for this but it is a little more complex. (Im working on the solution now)
  • You will need the full version to make this work. Your either going to have to find and download Unlock Key APK (google search) or buy the official Unlock Key. I strongly encourage you purchase the Unlock Key if your using the program often, to support its development.
  • If your device crashes, the macro will stop and you will have to manually restart it.
  • Will stop working if you get Hot-Fix/Maintenance that boots to Start Screen.
  • This is a work in progress, Due to different device limitations it may/may not run smoothly on your device.
  • If your unaware of how to use or setup FREP, read this POST by u/tdopz
  • WARNING Use at your own risk Technically using FREP is a violation of the games ToS but it has not and may never be enforced. Also be aware that leaving your device on for extended periods of time may result in over-heating/damage. Use lowest brightness settings possible.
If you would like to make a DONATION paypal Thanks!!
Check out my other post on how-to build a script for TM farming Earth Shrine -> HERE
EDIT: Working on a solution for Nimbus, stay tuned for update.
EDIT: Been running 12hrs., has not failed yet. Havent seen a nimbus yet in person still, but if one came up overnight then it did not kill the macro.
submitted by Mcgillby to FRep_guides_ffbe

Why does this game feel so tedious?

I've been playing this game on and off for almost a month. I'm just at level 142 and my furthest is just 5.3km. At first I liked this game's 8-bit charm and found it more interesting that Tap Titans, but now I find it boring and annoying to get far (5.3km is already far for me) then to die and realise that you don't have a Rise Up since this game really lacks a shop to buy those things, along with Full Heals.
Am I just not the target demographic? Am I doing it wrong? I haven't even reached 10km, let alone 30+!
submitted by giovahkiin to MinuteQuest