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What if Nazi Dominated Germany and Militarist Led Japan Won WW2? - The Amazon Series 'The Man In the High Castle'

Trailer on Youtube - (1:48 min) https://youtu.be/zzayf9GpXCI
The year is 1962 and the United States, having lost World War II, is partitioned and occupied militarily by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Brutality and genocide have swept the globe, particularly in Africa and Eastern Europe. The two fascist victors eye each other warily, preparing for a global showdown. A resistance movement in the US faces harsh repression by the occupying Japanese on the West Coast and a Vichy-type regime on the East. Rufus Sewell in The Man in the High Castle
A storyteller provides a measure of inspiration by imagining what might have happened … if the Second World War had ended with an Allied victory.
Such is the counterfactual premise of renowned science fiction writer Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle (1962) and the television dramatization that ran for four seasons (2015-19) produced by Amazon Studios.
The web television series expanded the scope of the story and the results, at least for the initial two seasons, were interesting enough to draw a considerable audience and generally favorable reviews. The opening episode had the highest ratings for any Amazon premiere to date.
The small army of writers, particularly in the first seasons of The Man in the High Castle, displayed considerable creativity. They developed the show’s characters in such a way as to demonstrate the terrible logic of their transformation from citizens and soldiers in the “arsenal of democracy” to henchmen (and women) of the Nazi victors (in the show, two characters in the Japanese administration are developed, but their transformations are less pronounced).
The efforts of the show’s creators were enhanced by strong acting, particularly from Rufus Sewell in the role of John Smith, the eventual Reichsmarschall of the American portion of the Greater Nazi Reich (GNR). Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Chelah Horsdal are successful in bringing to life the multifaceted roles of the Japanese Trade Minister Nobosuke Tagomi and Helen Smith, the wife of the Reichsmarschall. (The Smiths belong among the show’s creations; they do not appear in the novel).
The story upon which the series was based provokes a decidedly mixed response.
Dick—a prolific writer who completed 44 novels and roughly 121 short stories before his untimely death from a stroke in 1982 at age 53—was imaginatively gifted in posing large questions. What would people do if the fascists had prevailed? How would society be altered by the eventual development of robots sufficiently advanced to pass as humans? (The latter being the premise of his 1968 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which served as the basis for the 1982 Ridley Scott film, Bladerunner). Other stories by Dick were adapted for the films Minority Report (2002) and The Adjustment Bureau (2011).
Interesting premises are one thing, but their convincing artistic development is another. Generally speaking, the working out of the plot’s events and the various characters’ development is thin. There is little in the text of The Man in the High Castle that even hints at the underlying social currents that fostered the Nazi rise to power (nor the turn of the Japanese regime to imperial expansion), a defect that is not surmounted in the Amazon series.
Of course, novels and television series are not mere history lessons. However, for either to succeed as convincing social drama, some indication of the driving forces behind the events is necessary, as well as elementary correspondence to historical and social realities.
In the case of the potential global victory of fascism, an indication needs to be provided of the catastrophe that would entail. And while there are a few passages in Dick’s novel that refer to the Nazis’ global killing fields (beyond those which unfolded in the actual Second World War), their effect is strangely muted. None of the passages are truly compelling.
The story—in both its original form as a novel and reworked in the television series—remains largely a thought experiment. This skeletal form is very thinly covered with characters and dramatic situations.
The limitations of the novel did not doom the series. Far from it. Forty hours of television allows for a far greater dramatic scope than 240 written pages. The technical capabilities of the film and television industry have developed immeasurably since the story was written. The volume of scholarly material produced on the Second World War is also far greater today than in 1962. All of which could be brought to bear.
And the series has its moments. At least one scene (in Season 2, Episode 4, “Escalation”) does bear re-watching:
Juliana (Alexa Davelos), a fugitive from the Japanese Pacific States, having somewhat improbably befriended Helen Smith, wife of John Smith, the most powerful man in the puppet regime of the American portion of the GNR, is being assisted by Thomas, John and Helen’s high-school-age son. To remain in the Nazi-controlled territory, Juliana will have to pass a citizenship examination. Thomas is coaching Juliana, who is studying for the section on civics. The Man in the High Castle
Thomas asks, “From where does justice come?” Juliana guesses “The Reich,” then (nudged on), “The Führer.” “Very good,” says Thomas, “Justice is a divine right, guaranteed for all and determined by the Führer, from whom all justice derives.”
Having just parroted an elementary principal of dictatorship, ironically in the chipper manner of a teacher’s pet, Thomas looks at his twitching hand, an indicator of a congenital illness, whose tragic implications in a society that “solves” such issues via euthanasia are clear enough to him already.
He pauses, then manages to proceed, “Next question is about American exterminations before the Reich.” “Exterminations?” Juliana looks puzzled. “Didn’t they ever teach you about the Indians?” Juliana, taken aback, is at a loss for a reply. The scene ends but its impact has been felt. The point is neither overstated nor underdone.
There are other poignant moments, particularly those involving Jews and other prisoners being sent to their deaths on both Coasts. The portrayal of J. Edgar Hoover as the most slavish servant of his new bosses is deserving and well-executed. But that which is truly haunting, terrible to behold, or chilling to contemplate is infrequent. As the story unfolds, it tends toward tried-and-true devices of the suspense genre: plot-twists, cliffhangers and the like.
In Seasons 3 and 4 the series becomes somewhat exhausted, intellectually speaking, and relies increasingly on mysticism and fantastic dramatic devices. The creators rely increasingly on the use of “alternate realities.” The story about the Allies winning the war (a novel in the original, a set of films here) exists not simply as fiction. The characters themselves eventually learn to travel to this alternate reality by walking through “portals.” As the series unfolds, the alternate realities hold increasing sway over Tagomi and Smith. Both characters work through family conflicts in the alternate reality and the personal elements of these dramas take on increasing centrality.
This development comes as an evasion. A drama would be rather one-sided, of course, if the characters had no personal lives or if these were entirely hidden from the viewer. To a certain degree, the telling of the life of John Smith, recounted in flashbacks as well as the unfolding of the main drama, provides certain insights and mitigates against the tendency to see him as simply a monster. To be sure, he has already become a sadist by the time we meet him in the first season. Only later does the viewer see that he has been shaped by forces well beyond his control or even his comprehension.
The problem is that the familial dramas, on the one hand, and the less-than-compelling plot twists surrounding coups and assassinations in Berlin and San Francisco, on the other, result in a drama that becomes increasingly clichéd, even banal. How is it that in confronting the most monstrous of possible “alternatives” that might have happened in the 20th century—the victory of two genocidal regimes and their “reorganizing” of the world—the series creators fall so short?
Here limitations in political insight make themselves felt. For example, Juliana suggests at one point that the significance of the films created by Abendsen (the “man in the high castle,” the resistance leader, played by Stephen Root) and the reality accessible through the “portals” is that “if the Nazis can be beaten in that world, they can be beaten in this one,” or, in other words, that the victory of the fascists in World War II would not have been decisive. The valiant would live to fight another day.
This differs from the fatalism in Dick’s novel. There, in one scene, Frank Fink, Juliana’s boyfriend, consults an oracle as he picks up his tools from the shop from which he has been dismissed. He receives a two-sided prophecy and considers its darker message. He believes it portends a new war. “Can anyone alter it he wondered. All of us combined ... or one great figure ... or someone strategically placed, who happens to be in the right spot. Chance. Accident. And all our lives, our world, hanging on it.” (Italics and ellipses in the original). Nor is this an isolated instance. World-altering events hinge on little more than chance.
These opposed concepts have an essential superficiality as their common denominator.
The series, as a product of the past decade, obligingly pays homage to identity politics, seen perhaps most strongly in the presentation of the “Black Communist Rebellion” in the fourth season. In the Japanese Pacific States, a new resistance movement takes root among black intellectuals, expands and all but forces the withdrawal of the occupying military forces, apparently without support from broader layers of the population. The notion of a distinct working class is entirely absent in the dramatization. Given the actual roots of fascism, particularly its European varieties, in the efforts of the bourgeoisie to smash the organized workers movement, this is a very telling (if not surprising) omission. The series suggests that whites, not shown to be highly stratified in economic terms, would have been susceptible to the argument of the GNR that those living in the Pacific States should resist “being governed by Negro overlords.”
As one watches The Man in the High Castle, other dramatizations of the terrible events of the Second World War inevitably come to mind. Films like Schindler’s List, Downfall, The Pianist, Conspiracy and the Thin Red Line give the subject far more considered treatment. On television, even Generation War (Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter) shed more light and carried more dramatic force.
Limitations aside, the series found an audience, particularly in its first years. That the show was created at all and found a popular following suggests and reflects the real concerns of great numbers of people in our time that the danger of fascism is not behind us, that history presents society with alternatives, that the consequences of one course as opposed to another can be monumental. If the drama chooses not to explore key elements of the historical process—particularly that the struggle of classes lies at the root of these alternative paths and that masses of people have demonstrated time and again the ability to collectively fight for social progress—that is a definite limitation of the drama.
In the real world of 2020, this can only be surmounted by the effort to assimilate the actual history of the 20th century, a subject that cannot fail to be of interest to those drawn to the more persuasive features of this production of The Man in the High Castle.
Season One Recap (30:14 min) https://youtu.be/61souSkwDk4
submitted by finnagains to Moviereviewed


KMS Ver 1.2.103 Google Translated

I got really bored so I decided to Google translate the patch notes (Source: https://maplestory.nexon.com/Testworld/Update/422 ) so you don't have to do it yourself or wait for the orange mushroom article.
(Note: I skipped the bug fixes and improvements section because reddit posts have a 40000 word limit)
MapleStory test client Ver.1.2.103 is released.
The following items are modified and added in this patch.
[ summary ]
■ New 5th skill added
-More powerful and colorful new 5th skill has been added.
■ AWAKE Terra Burning Plus
-This summer, 1+2 storm growth to level 200! Don't miss the great opportunity to do Terra Burning twice!
■ AWAKE Burning World
-Access to the Burning World, where strong growth support benefits, 2 mega-burning characters, and rich level rewards await!
Awakening time
-Now awakening time! Get taught by panda ancestors on the mountain of Awakening once a thousand years!
· Awakening
· Main Store
· Juksun Store
· Stalls
· Meso Store
· Treasures of the Good People: Flute
· Suninbawi Training Center
■ Spring! Spring! project
-VOICE OF MAPLER, listening to the words of warriors! Spring! Spring! The project proceeds.
[ Detail ]
5th job change
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
New skills that can be used by equipping the skill core are added. Skill sound effects will be added later.
■ Hero
-[Sword Illusion]: Infinitely bends at an invisible speed.
■ Paladin
-[Mighty Mönir]: Summons and throws the hammer of an ancient god who tracks and attacks enemies.
■ Dark Knight
-[Darkness Aura]: Raises the dark speculation that boosts the combat instinct and deprives nearby enemies of vitality.
■ Archmage (fire, poison)
-[Poison Chain]: Emits a deadly poison that serially infects enemies.
■ Archmage (Sun, Call)
-[Jupiter Thunder]: The orb containing the power of the God who controls the lightning is blown forward.
■ Bishop
-[Divine Furnishing]: punishes evil people in the name of God.
■ Bow Master
-[Silhouette Mirage]: Avoid the enemy's attack by moving fast enough to see the illusion of his image.
■ Shrine
-[Repeating crossbow cartridge]: Use a special cartridge that can fire multiple arrows at once.
■ Pathfinder
-[Relic Unbound]: Completely releases the power of Relic and installs an aggressive Relic.
■ Night Road
-[Throw Blasting]: Throw a talisman that explodes on a sword.
■ Shadow
-[Death true team]: Co-op attack with special partners with dark partners.
■ Dual Blade
-[Hunted Edge]: Inflicts an unpredictable link attack by infiltrating the evil spirits of the Myeongye.
■ Viper
-[Howling Fist]: Collect the power of the rough seas to create an intense regime.
■ Captain
-[Death Trigger]: Fires a bullet that penetrates an enemy and leads to death.
■ Canon Shooter
-[Full Maker]: Fires the shelling to create multiple craters on the terrain.
■ Mikhail
-[Light of Curriculum]: Emits the light of unrelenting courage to forget the fear of colleagues.
■ Soul Master
-[Flare Slash]: Explosively expel the energy of the forgiven soul.
■ Flame Wizard
-[Sallyman Miss Chip]: Summons a playful flame elemental Sallymander for help.
■ Windbreaker
-[Vortex Spear]: Concentrates and blows the strong wind in a spherical shape.
■ Night Walker
-[Rapid Throw]: Throws numerous awards at very high speed.
■ Striker
-[Spear Strike]: Uses endless linkage attacks with lightning.
■ Aran
-[Blizzard Tempest]: Causes blizzards, making enemies incapable of action and inflicting fatal attacks on frozen enemies.
■ Evan
-[Spiral of Mana]: Apply a circle of mana magic circle to make Manache sway like a whirlwind.
■ Mercedes
-[Royal Knights]: Summons an honorable guard of the knights who protect the Elven King.
■ Phantom
-[Lift Brake]: Quickly dig through the gap seen by the enemy and collapse.
■ Eunwol
-[Smashing regime]: Adds the power of the fox god to the spirit of the land that was swollen, and sends a devastating blow.
■ Luminous
-[Reversal Orb]: The power of light and darkness is revealed through the orb.
■ Daemon Slayer
-[Daemon Bain]: Erupt powerful enemies to destroy enemies.
■ Daemon Avenger
-[Levenant]: You become a ghost who has crossed the border between life and death due to endless anger.
■ Blaster
-[After Image Shock]: An intense attack creates an afterimage-like wave that sweeps the enemy.
■ Battle Mage
-[Abnormal Lightning]: Evolves black lightning by dyeing surroundings with black magic.
■ Wild Hunter
-[Wild Balkan Type X]: Use a prototype crossbow that maximizes firepower with the resistance technology.
■ Xenon
-[Photon Ray]: Use the photon cannon to track and attack the enemy.
■ Mechanic
-[Mecca Carrier]: Summons an air carrier focused on the essence of Resistance Science.
■ Kaiser
-[Dragon Blaze]: It becomes the flame itself by borrowing the power of the ancient dragon who became the personification of flame.
■ Cadena
-[Weapon Variety Finale]: Weapon skill has reached the limit, and you can use additional boosts.
■ Angelic Buster
-[Trinity Fusion]: Espada's condensed power is ejected at once.
■ Zero
-[Ego Weapon]: A willing weapon attacks itself.
■ Kinesis
-[Low of Gravity]: Maximizes the law of universal gravitation where objects attract each other.
■ Adele
-[Storm]: Makes all ether swords ordered by the order move like a storm around the body.
■ Illium
-[Crystal Gate]: Advance the crystal technology and install a freely movable passage.
■ Arc
-[Eternally Starving Beast]: Calls a hungry beast that eats everything through a passageway connected to the depths of the abyss.
■ Hoyoung
-[Seongi: Illusion of Cheonjiin]: Mastering the ideology of tactical art, he creates a special alter ego that can link attributes.

AWAKE Terra Burning Plus
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
1 + 2 level up to level 200! Don't miss the great opportunity to do the Terra Burning twice this summer!
■ Event Participation
-New characters created during the event period
■ Event Period
-1st: After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Wednesday, August 5, 2020 11:59 pm
-2nd: Thursday, August 6, 2020 from 10 am to Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 11:59 pm
■ How to participate in the event
-You can designate one Terra Burning character per Maple ID every 1st and 2nd period.
-Characters designated as Terra Burning Characters can acquire an additional +2 level for each level up to 200 levels.
■ Benefits
-Terra Burning character is [AWAKE] Terra Burning Plus! Give a gift! The following rewards can be obtained through quests.
· Mysterious Secret Box (7 days)
Cache: 1 pet snail (30 days)
Equipment box at level 30 (Can be used at level 30 or higher)
Legendary Secret Box (Can be used at level 100 or higher)
Equipment: 1 Black Hat
Equipment: 1 Black Cape
Equipment: 1 Black Suit
Consumption: 1 Black Weapon Box
Consumption: 1 Black Auxiliary Weapon Box
Consumption: 8 Mastery chests
Fixed-term rubybis set box (available for level 150 or higher)
· When using, you can obtain a set of ruby ​​vis suitable for your job
All acquired equipment cannot be exchanged and can be used for 90 days
Eternal Flame title voucher (Level 200 or higher, can be used when completing the 5th job change)
The title of Eternal Flame obtained through an exchange ticket can be used for 30 days
Each time you reach levels 200, 205, and 210 with Terra Burning Characters, you can earn the following rewards through quests.
[AWAKE] Terra Burning Plus! Achieve level 200!
20 core gemstones
[AWAKE] Terra Burning Plus! Achieve level 205!
20 core gemstones
2 core gemstones of experience
[AWAKE] Terra Burning Plus! Achieve level 210!
50 core gemstones
3 core gemstones of experience
※ Core gemstone, experience core gemstone is non-exchangeable and can be used for 7 days.
※ 200, 205, 210 level achievement gift can be received only once per Maple ID for each order.
※ The level 30 equipment box, the legendary secret box, and the fixed-term lutabis set box can each be used until the end of the 1st and 2nd events.

AWAKE Burning World
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
A limited-time world offering various benefits for rapid growth. Burning World is open.
Up to 2 mega burning characters can be created in Burning World.
■ Event participation form
-Characters created in Burning World and Burning 2 World
■ Nurturing period
-After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Before inspection on Thursday, September 3, 2020
■ World Leaf Period
-After inspection on Thursday, September 3, 2020-Before inspection on Wednesday, September 16, 2020
※ World Leaf available World: All worlds except reboot and reboot 2
■ Benefits
-[Burning], a world-only buff skill, is always activated for all characters in Burning World.
· Experience gain 1.5 times
Attack/Power +50
+30% damage when attacking normal monsters
+30% damage when attacking boss monsters
Critical Chance +30%
Critical Damage +30%
-Up to 2 mega burning characters can be created.
-Characters designated as mega-burning can acquire an additional level of +2 for each level up to a maximum level of 130.
-Mega Burning Character is'[AWAKE] Project! Give me a gift!' You can get the following rewards through the quest.
· Mysterious Secret Box (7 days)
Cache: 1 pet snail (30 days)
30-level equipment box (Level 30 or higher, available until 8 AM on September 3, 2020)
Legendary Secret Box (Level 100 or higher, available until 8 AM on September 3, 2020)
Equipment: 1 Black Hat
Equipment: 1 Black Cape
Equipment: 1 Black Suit
Consumption: 1 Black Weapon Box
Consumption: 1 Black Auxiliary Weapon Box
Consumption: 8 Mastery chests
Keep on Burning title voucher (Level 130 or higher, available until 8 AM on September 3 (Thu), 2020)
· The title of Keep on Burning earned from the exchange voucher is retained for 14 days.
-Mega Burning Characters will receive a character creation gift through the quest “[AWAKE] Burning World Creation Celebration!”.
Equipment: 1 BURNING Medal
Consumption: One 10th Anniversary White Armor Set Box (7 days)
Cache: 1 Teleport World Map (30 days)
-Mega Burning Characters can expand slots through the quest “[AWAKE] Burning World Creation Congratulations!”.
· Equipment, consumption, other, installation slots can be expanded to 56 spaces each
-If you have more than 100 characters in the burning world, you can create zero characters.
-If you achieve a certain level in Burning World, you can earn the following rewards through Burning World Fostering Mission.
Quest name
Reward list
[AWAKE] Burning World Fostering Mission-Achieve Level 130!
5 experience coupons (1 hour) 5
1,000 Power Elixir
[AWAKE] Burning World Fostering Mission-Achieve level 160!
Aquatic letter snow ornament
Crystalline Condensed Force
Silver Blossom Ring
Deasidus earrings
Golden clover belt
[AWAKE] Burning World Fostering Mission-Achieve level 200!
EXP Coupon Box
[AWAKE] Burning World Fostering Mission-Level 220!
Absolute Labs Weapon Box
One of the dominator pendant boxes
※ You can only receive Burning World Foster Mission reward once per Maple ID.
※ When using the experience coupon box, you can acquire 2 experience coupons (1 hour) that can be used for 1 day. It can be used only once a day, and can be used up to 15 times.
※ In the Absolute Labs weapon box, you can acquire 17-star unique Absolute Labs weapons.
※ In the Dominator Pendant box, you can obtain a 15-Star Unique Dominator Pendant.
※ Absolute Labs Weapon Box and Dominator Pendant Box can be exchanged in the world, and can be used until 10 AM on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
※ Zero Character cannot use the Absolute Labs weapon box.
-Only one of the worlds that created the character, either Burning World or Burning 2 World, can be used, and the available world does not change even if the character is deleted.
-Up to 5 characters can be moved to the entire world except reboot and reboot 2 through the world leaf.
※ Among the items that can be obtained at the event, the World Leaf cannot be used while the item and the character slot increase coupon are in the inventory.
-Only World Characters above level 130 can use World Leaf.
※ Zero Characters can use World Reef when level 130 or higher and Story Quest Chapter 2 is completed.
-When the World Reef period in Burning World ends, all items, including cash items, along with all characters remaining in the world are deleted.
-Items in the cache and items stored in the warehouse will not be moved during the World Leaf in Burning World.
-The following items cannot be purchased at the Cash Shop in Burning World.
· Character slot coupon
8 slot slots increase (warehouse)
· 4 slot slots increase (warehouse)
· House Wedding Ticket
-The following functions are not available in Burning World.
· Mesomarket
· Link skill transfer
· Maple Union
· Monster Collection
-Zero character cannot be designated as a burning character.
※ At the end of the nurturing period, use of shops and warehouses and content except World Leaf are restricted. '[AWAKE] Rapid growth! Be sure to check out the ‘Burning World’.
※ The development period of the burning world, the world reef period and the target world can be changed.

AWAKE Awakening Time: Awakening
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
The abundance of the awakening of the ancient ancestral pandas!
Practice different levels of awakening and experience a different level of growth!
■ Event Participation
-A character with level 101 or higher, a zero character who has completed Chapter 2 in Story Quest
■ Event Period
-After Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ 11:59 PM on September 2, 2020
■ How to participate in the event
-If you accept the quest ‘[AWAKE] Awakening' on the left side of the screen, you can receive training and receive training.
-You can acquire'Awakening Energy' through various trainings, and automatically acquire 1'Awakening Coin' whenever you collect 100 Awakening Energy.
-‘Awakening Energy’ can be obtained up to 30,000 per character per day.
-There are a total of three levels of awakening. You can check the training status by talking to an NPC worker or through the quest “Opening [AWAKE] ] in the event notification on the left.
· Paikong's salary-
· Perforation of the heavens-
· Manguk's salary-
-Upon completing the quest, you can pay 200 Awakening Coins once a day per world and practice the Awakening's level.
Each time you complete a training, you can receive 1 bamboo shoot from NPC martial arts.
· You can use bamboo shoots to purchase special items at NPC Douijin's bamboo shoots.
-If you achieve the required amount of training for each level, you can complete the level level training and move on to the next level.
· Completion of training for each level allows you to receive a reward sealed in the level.
· After completing the stage training for each level, the panda ancestor who has been asleep can wake up and use the new shop.
· You can acquire by completing all classes.
-Awakening's non-level training status is shared by all characters in the world.
■ Awakening Compensation
-White Pavilion
· Introduction: Set of fresh water suits
Chapter 1: Elixir of Growth 1
Chapter 2: Elixir of Growth 2
Chapter 3: Elixir of Growth 3
Introduction: Awake Ring Exchange Ticket
· Chapter 1: Enhancement Order Form for Awake Ring
Chapter 2: Enhancement Order Form for Awake Ring
Chapter 3: Enhancement Order Form for Awake Ring
-The salary of Mangong
· Introduction: Elixir of Growth 4
End: Karma Star Force 17-star reinforcement right
※ In Reboot and Reboot 2 World, a Reboot Awake Ring (Level 1~4) exchange voucher will be issued at the sky level.
※ In the test world, you can practice the awakening level without limit once a day.
※ In the test world, you can pay 20 Awakening Coins and practice the Awakening's level.
※ In the test world, you can only practice up to .

AWAKE Awakening Time: Main Store
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
The Juhua Store is a store full of special items from Panda ancestors, which can only be found on the mountain of Awakening!
Awaken the sleeping panda ancestors and meet various items!
■ Event Participation
-A character with level 101 or higher who has completed the quest "Time of Awakening", a zero character who has completed Story Quest Chapter 2
■ Event Period
-After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Sunday, September 6, 2020 11:59 pm
■ How to participate in the event
-If you practice above a certain level, you can use the main store by talking to NPCs located in the place where the Sunin is asleep.
· After completing the non-level-introductory training of Baekgong, you can use the main store of NPC Baekgong.
· Completion of the non-level introductory training, you can use the main store of NPC heaven.
· After completing the non-level-introductory training of Mangong, you can use NPC Mangong's main store.
■ Items available for purchase
-Baekgong's main store
· [Equipment] Arcane Symbol: Road to Extinction
· [Equipment] Arcane Symbol: Chuchu Island
· [Equipment] Arcane symbol: Reheln
· [Equipment] Arcane Symbol: Arcana
· [Equipment] Arcane Symbol: Moras
· [Equipment] Arcane symbol: Espera
· [Consumption] Special Medal of Honor
· [Consumption] Mysterious Special Medal of Honor
· [Consumption] Core Gemstone
· [Consumption] Mysterious Core Gemstone Box
· [Consumption] Miracle Circulator Exchange Ticket
· [Consumption] Elixir of Propensity Growth
· [Consumption] 8 slots expansion slot
· [Consumption] Character slot increase coupon
· [Consumption] SP Initialization Order
· [Consumption] AP Initial Order
· [Consumption] Mastery Book 20
· [Consumption] Mastery Book 30
· [Consumption] Mysterious Mormon
· [Consumption] 7 Monster Life Gem Exchange Tickets (not available in Reboot World)
· [Others] Free Advance Coins
-Astral Main Store
· [Consumer] Event Ring's Cube
· [Consumption] 10 Reboot Meso Pouches (available only for Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Epic potential grant order 100%
· [Consumer] Special Achievement Potential Order (not available in Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Golden Hammer 100% (cannot be purchased in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Innocent order 60% (cannot be purchased in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Seal of the Golden Engraving
· [Consumer] Special Addition imprinted seal (cannot be purchased in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Artisan's Cube
· [Consumption] Master's Cube
· [Consumption] Suspicious Addition Cube (not available in Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Pet equipment attack power scroll 100% (cannot be purchased in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Pet Equipment Magic Scroll 100% (not available in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Karma Eternal Rebirth Flame
· [Consumption] Karma A powerful flame of reincarnation
· [Consumption] Karma Master's Cube
· [Consumption] Karma Suspicious Addition Cube (not available in Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Karma's Amazing Chaos Order 60% (not available in Reboot World)
-Mangong's Main Store
· [Consumption] Core Gemstone of Experience
· [Consumption] Chaos Circulator
· [Consumption] Flame of Black Reincarnation
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 10 packages of extinction
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 10 packages of Choo Choo Island
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 10 packages of Reheln
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 10 arcana packages
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: Moras 10 packages
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 10 packages of Espera
· [Consumer] 10 packages of special honor
· [Consumption] 10 core gemstone packages
· [Consumption] 10 packages of Karma Eternal Rebirth
· [Consumption] Karma 10 packages of powerful reincarnation
· [Consumption] 5 Red Cube Packages
· [Consumption] 5 Black Cube Packages
· [Consumption] Addition Cube 5 packages (not available in Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Unique Potential Order Form 100%
※ Karma items can only be used for non-exchangeable equipment.

AWAKE Awakening Time: Juksun Store
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
We have prepared fresh and fresh medicines sold by Douijin, a genius of the Murungdowon!
Give Douijin's favorite bamboo shoots and purchase various items!
■ Event Participation
-A character with level 101 or higher who has completed the quest "Time of Awakening", a zero character who has completed Story Quest Chapter 2
■ Event Period
-After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Sunday, September 6, 2020, 11:59 pm
■ How to participate in the event
-You can obtain bamboo shoots by performing training.
-You can purchase various items by talking with NPC Douijin located in the place where the Sunin is sleeping.
■ Items available for purchase
-Douijin's bamboo shoots
· [Consumer] Event Ring's Cube
· [Consumption] Flask of Freshness: Strengthening the body
· [Consumption] Flask of Freshness: Experience
· [Consumption] Flask of Freshness: Star Force
· [Consumption] Flask of Freshness: Arcane Force
· [Consumption] Flask of Freshness: Monster Collection
· [Consumption] Monster Park REBORN 2 free passes
· [Consumption] Teleport World Map 1-Day Exchange Ticket
· [Consumption] Polo and Prito 2 tickets
· [Consumption] 3 exchange tickets for unlimited fatigue recovery
· [Consumption] 500 Power Elixir Exchange Tickets
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 3 exchange tickets for extinction
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 3 Chuchu Island exchange tickets
· [Consumption] Arcane symbol: 3 exchange tickets
※ You can purchase items at Juksun Store only once per day per world.

AWAKE Awakening Time: Stucco Store
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
Beautiful items with fresh elegance are available!
Meet various items that will sniper your taste with Lirishshu!
■ Event Participation
-A character with level 101 or higher who has completed the quest "Time of Awakening", a zero character who has completed Story Quest Chapter 2
■ Event Period
-After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Sunday, September 6, 2020, 11:59 pm
■ How to participate in the event
-You can purchase various items by talking to NPC Lirishshu, located in the place where the ancestors sleep.
■ Items available for purchase
-Dress shop in Lirishshu
· [Consumption] Awakening Ticket: Stone Spirit Lloyd
· [Consumption] Awakening Ticket: AWAKE Damage Skin (Unit)
· [Consumption] Awakening Ticket: Fresh Play Costume Set
· [Installation] summer recreation massage chair
· [Consumption] Lure Weil Riding (Permanent) Exchange Ticket
· [Consumption] Random Damage Skin Box
· [Consumption] Optional occupation damage skin box
· [Consumer] Damage skin storage slot 1 slot extension
· [Install] 40-seat bag
· [Consumption] Candy Cloud Costume Options
※ Awakening ticket is a ticket that can be exchanged for a designated item when 10 pieces are collected and used.
※ Awakening tickets can only be purchased once per day per type.
※ Awakening tickets can only be used after collecting 10 tickets, and only until 11:59 PM on Monday, September 7, 2020.

AWAKE Awakening Time: Meso Store
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
Buy a variety of items that panda ancestors keep with Meso!
■ Event Participation
-A character with level 101 or higher who has completed the quest "Time of Awakening", a zero character who has completed Story Quest Chapter 2
■ Event Period
-After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Sunday, September 6, 2020 11:59 pm
■ How to participate in the event
-If you practice above a certain level, you can use the Meso Store by talking with the NPCs where the Sunin is asleep.
· After completing the non-level-level introductory training, you can use the Meso Store in NPC Geumseobang.
· After completing the Manchu's non-level-introductory training, you can use the NPC Cheonhee's Meso Store.
■ Items available for purchase
-Geumseobang Meso Store
· [Consumption] Karma Eternal Rebirth Flame
· [Consumer] Karma's powerful flame of reincarnation (not available in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Fairyroid Option
· [Consumption] Exciting Step Riding (Permanent) Exchange Ticket
· [Consumer] Ride between oranges (permanent)
· [Consumer] Spring Wind Tulip Riding (Permanent) Exchange Ticket
· [Install] Aid Chair
· [Installation] Medium 2 Bottle Chair
· [Consumption] Ride of the Desert Fox Riding (Permanent)
· [Consumption] Superhero Riding (Permanent) Exchange Ticket
· [Consumption] Aurora Bambi Bean Riding (Permanent) Exchange Order
· [Consumption] Frog Water Slide Chair Option
· [Installation] Shark Furumride Chair
· [Consumption] Suspicious Cube (available only for reboot world)
· [Other] Arcane River Polka Dot (Available only in Reboot World)
· [Others] In the beginning, polka dot stone (available only in reboot world)
-Cheonhee's Meso Store
· [Consumption] Karma Star Force 15 Star Enhancement Rights
· [Consumption] Karma's Amazing Chaos Order 60% (not available in Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Karma Premium Accessories Attack Scroll 100% (not available in Reboot World)
· [Consumption] Karma Premium Accessories Magic Scroll 100% (not available in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Karma Premium Pet Equipment 100% scroll damage (cannot be purchased in reboot world)
· [Consumption] Karma Premium Pet Equipment 100% Magic Scroll (cannot be purchased in reboot world)
· [Equipment] Fairy Heart
· [Consumption] Android Ear Sensor Clip
· [Consumption] Red Rose Petal Android Change Ticket
· [Consumer] Posong Petal Skin Android Change Ticket
· [Consumption] Dragon Ice Headband Exchange Ticket
· [Consumption] Preppy Suspension Exchange
※ Karma items can only be used for non-exchangeable equipment.

AWAKE Sunin Rock Training Center
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
The place where legendary ancestors practiced. Suninbawi Training Center was opened.
Challenge the Suninbawi Training Center and earn awakening coins!
■ Event Participation
-[AWAKE] A character with level 101 or higher who has completed the Awakening Time quest, and a zero character who has completed Story Quest Chapter 2
■ Event Period
-After Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ 11:59 PM on September 2, 2020
■ How to participate in the event
-You can enter through NPC laborers located in the place where Sunin sleeps.
-You can attack Scarecrow and Sunin Rock for 2 minutes.
-There are a total of 11 stages, and the next stage proceeds when both the scarecrow and the sunin rock are defeated.
-As the stage progresses, the level, defense rate, and stamina of the scarecrow and sunbain appearing gradually increase.
-You can acquire 1 Awakening Coin per 10 points earned, up to 130 per day per world.
-If the daily high score is renewed by more than 10 points, additional awakening coins are paid according to the difference from the previous high score.
-If you don't like the record after the end, you can re-challenge freely.
※ Awakening Coins obtained at Suninbawi Training Center are not included in the daily awakening aura.

AWAKE Sunin's Treasures: White Flute
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
Are you ready to be taught by Panda ancestors?
Practice with the mysterious white sky flute filled with fresh energy and earn awakening coins!
■ Event Participation
-[AWAKE] A character with level 101 or higher who has completed the Awakening Time quest, and a zero character who has completed Story Quest Chapter 2
■ Event Period
-After inspection on Thursday, June 25, 2020 ~ Wednesday, July 22, 2020 11:59 pm
■ How to participate in the event
-You can acquire the skill of ‘Baekgong Flute’ by accepting the quest ‘[AWAKE] Predecessor's Treasure: A Flute of White Gong’ through the event notification on the left side of the screen or through the NPC located in .
-When you enter a hunting ground with level range monsters, the'White Ball Flute' skill is automatically activated and a flute gauge appears.
-When the level range monster is defeated while the'White Ball's Flute' skill is active, there is a certain chance that you can acquire the energy of sound.
-When you acquire the energy of sound, you can also acquire 50 energy of awakening.
-Defeat 20 level range monsters and begin playing the flute when 20 energy drops.
-During the 30 seconds of playing the flute, there is a 100% chance that the energy of the sound will drop and you can acquire up to 20.
-After completing the training for , you can raise the skill level of'Baekgong's Flute' through the quest "[AWAKE] Predecessor's Treasure: White Gong's Flute II".
-When the ‘Baekgong Flute’ skill level is 2, you can acquire up to 40 sounds of sound for 30 seconds while playing the flute.
※ When you have acquired all the maximum awakening coins a day, the ‘Baekgong Flute’ skill is deactivated.
※ If you leave the field while playing the flute, the flute will stop playing.

Spring! Spring! project!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
VOICE OF MAPLER listening to the words of warriors! Spring! Spring! The project proceeds.
■ Maple Auction is improved.
-Maple Auction will be changed to purchase or sell only trace items of the order in 1,000 units.
-Addition of the potential filter for armor and weapon search options.
-Class search filters have been added to the armor search options.
-The item information window at the bottom of the item search list is deleted, and the number of items displayed on the list increases.
-'0', '160', and '200' are added to the level range search drop-box menu, and the click range of the number input area is widened.
-If you register and sell an item yourself, the item will be retrieved after a 5 minute grace period.
-Items placed on the Sales tab are displayed, and a tool tip is displayed when the mouse is over.
-When the item sale is completed, the name and quantity of the item sold are displayed.
■ Union's placement mode has been improved.
-Clicking the character card will modify the block of the map to be activated.
-A confirmation button is added to the block edit menu, and when the button is clicked, the block is deselected and placed on the layout map.
-Raid release button has been added to the block edit menu.
-The raid batch reset button has been added, and you can unlock all placed blocks by clicking the button.
■ Stucco is added to the inventory. The stucco is provided in 128 spaces, and the cache equipment items in the inventory equipment window are moved to the stucco.
■ The spacing between inventory items is adjusted to be wider.
■ When you mouse over an Android item, the appearance of the corresponding Android appears in the tooltip.
■ If you enter Nexon OTP or U-OTP, the character in the waiting time for deletion is changed to be deleted immediately.
■ Content response speed is improved for hungry Muto and Spirit Save content to play comfortably.
■ If you have a guild with a duplicate name when registering for a guild blacklist and requesting a union invitation, it will be improved so that you can check and select which guild.
■ A separate icon is displayed for the item being worn in Tod's Hammer UI.
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