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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. All Activity My Activity Streams. The coolest thing about Code Avengers is that each and every. Android Games, PC Games, film, dll - Android Games-APPs-Movies Helping Guys BD. Microsoft MakeCode brings computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate results, and both block and text editors for learners at different levels. Easy, well-researched, and trustworthy instructions for everything you want to know. Thor also sets up the reason for sheild dropping the Avengers initiative and going to plan B. 6 Avengers.

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What are synonyms for Prisoner-of-war? See more ideas about Tv live online, Watch live tv online, Free tv streaming. Driver Detective Registration Key Runtime 1: 35 Author johnsrobert Keywords driver detective driverdetective drivergenius windows windowsxp windowsvista drivers driverdownload URL URL Category News ID dailymotion_x7rut9 View count 151820 Date posted Dec 19, 2020 Description. At the moment, there are Windows, macOS, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, and Linux apps available. Level up, gear up, and fight as Hulk in the first adventure of an episodic series built exclusively for touch screen devices. It's really to bad that they reworked the creation of the Hulk. Otherwise, there could have been 7 movies in this list.


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Politics, public policy, world affairs, pop culture, science, business, food, sports, and. Avg internet security 2020 product key generator. Marvel XPMarvel XP is now featured in Avengers Initiative and newly optimized for touch screen devices! Marketing Interactive is Asia's leading source of advertising, marketing & media news. On the other hand, we bossed ourselves around, set impossible goals, and demanded longer hours than office jobs usually. When you roll Initiative or at the end of your turn, roll 1d6 and use the result to determine what kind of spell you can cast next turn: on 12, Attack. Benji bananas hack apk try this site.

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Imvu credit adder hack click to read. Dirt 5 better on Playstation 5 than Xbox Series X? The game was made by Wideload Games, a game developing company acquired by The Walt Disney Company under the Disney Interactive name. Girlnd activation system ebook special info.

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Fight as Hulk and help the Avengers save the mankind from the impending disaster; Beautiful Fights Against enemy find and destroy dangerous criminals: Abomination, Wendigo, The Scrulls and The Kronan. Register now online for the discount price! Today's AGF list includes a combat game, a cross-platform messenger, and an arcade game. Avengers is Lee and Kirby's renovation of a previous superhero team, All-Winners Squad, who appeared in comic books series published by Marvel. This is a collection of links to external resources that may be valuable as you explore coding. Avengers Initiative was a standalone game for mobile devices, primarily running Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. HEX to ARM Converter Branch Calculator App Info More.

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Take your turn as Captain America or the Hulk in the $4.99 adventure game optimized for touchscreen devices. Hack para hide n seek minecraft. Zodiac is the name of four groups of fictional characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics. Avengers initiative android crack apps. Activity Interrupt listed as AI Looking for abbreviations of AI? It's one of the tech giant's toughest projects. Getty Images Facebook changed the way we communicate.

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Learn how to do anything with wikiHow, the world's most popular how-to website. Follow others who share your interests. Resource Description Tag Beginners Coding Guide A free online resource guide for. It shares the same reality with Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Avengers Initiative. Avengers Initiative is Infinity Blade with the Hulk, developed by someone that isn't Epic and Chair Entertainment. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Detective Mackenzie White, young, tough, smarter than the aging, chauvinistic men on her local force, finds herself called in grudgingly to help solve it. As much as the other officers hate to admit it, they need her young, brilliant mind, which has already helped crack cold cases that had left them stumped.

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AEPECS LINK ONLINE… CONNECTING… FLASH TRAFFIC The FOURTH REICH is now classified as a threat class: PRIMARY terrorist entity. Proactive engagement is authorized. Execute Operational Plan GUARDIAN AVENGER Prepare Contingency Operational Plan SUNRISE BULWARK Maintain CONDITION RED ORDERS FOLLOW 


The Fourth Reich has demonstrated it poses a threat to the entire world with the nuclear strike on Stuttgart. Correspondingly, the Reich has been re-classified as a terrorist entity, one that poses a threat to the entire region. We must move fast to disable threat capabilities, knock out the Reich’s base of support, and apprehend the war criminals that ordered the strike on Stuttgart.

Phase 1: Encirclement

The first phase of operations will revolve around boxing in the Reich to deny it the ability to strike back against civilian targets or escape the justice of international law. As New Zealand is empty of civilian targets, it will be trivial to identify any attempt to covertly flee the island; after all, any ship or aircraft departing from New Zealand is either a combat asset or a transport for Reich leadership, and will be disposed of accordingly. Any fleeing aircraft will be intercepted by JASDF fighter aircraft and ordered to land at Rarotonga or be destroyed. Any fleeing surface vessel will be run down by patrolling Tone-class destroyer escorts or Tokara-class medium patrol vessels, fast trimarans capable of outrunning most civilian and military vessels, and ordered to stand down or be boarded and detained by the Special Boarding Unit or Special Security Team, depending on whether the JMSDF or JCG reaches the target first. Any fleeing submarine will be summarily disposed of by JMSDF combat assets; P-1 patrol aircraft will lay sonobuoys around Papuan waters to ensure Reich vessels cannot escape JMSDF patrols by fleeing west.
The previously cancelled recon and assault operation against Chatham Island will be conducted in this phase. Once Rarotonga Airport is repaired, two KC-46A air tankers, the 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron, and the 503rd Tactical Support Squadron will be deployed to the island. The final Izu-class LST, JS Kii, will also be detached from standby duty and dispatched to the Cook Islands in preparation, albeit with an empty cargo hold. Air scouting operations against the main island itself will begin in this phase, following up on American satellite intelligence. The 6th and 503rd Squadrons, with AEW&C aircraft from the Papua New Guinea garrison and air tankers in two, will launch several aircraft on a long range patrol mission towards New Zealand, armed with a variety of air-to-air munitions, including the SEAD-capable AAM-6B. The goal will be to identify the capability of enemy air defenses, probing sites identified by satellite data. As the flight approaches the airspace of New Zealand proper, the unstealthy support aircraft will peel off with only the fighters proceeding forwards, before the manned aircraft in turn peel off and begin loitering, with only the Q-1A drones proceeding forwards. These stealth drones will conduct limited penetrations of New Zealander airspace while running radio silent, making contact to summon backup only if engaged. Upon returning to the designated area the drones will update their manned handlers with a short wave datalink, and if there is no danger the manned stealth fighters, with far more advanced sensors, will proceed on their own recon mission. If this intrusion yields no results the whole way through, the fighter wing will return, its mission complete. If any units are engaged, they will be ordered to fire only if fired upon or target locked, and retreat back north. In this scenario the attached EF-3B electronic warfare aircraft will be employed to blind the enemy’s likely primitive radars.
If the recon mission against New Zealand proper does not result in some catastrophe, a similar mission will be launched against Chatham Island. If there is no enemy presence located here, the air raid mission will proceed. Five C-2 cargo aircraft will be deployed, escorted by the entirety of the attached air wing, while the AMSB missile team and their air defense drones handle protection of the base. Two of these C-2s will be loaded with 45 Philippino paratroopers and 9 White Tail light utility vehicles on paradrop rigs. Two more will be loaded with 45 Serbian paratroopers and another 9 White Tails. The last C-2 will be loaded with 35 American Republic Machine Brigade Commandos, a 5-man JGSDF 1st Airborne Brigade JTAC team, four SUMET Humvee transport UGVs, and 140 AMIGO drones. Upon reaching Chatham Island, these units will conduct a parachute drop onto the island. JMSDF units will be on standby to support this operation, with the main surface fleet, several submarine escorts, orbiting maritime patrol aircraft, and all three LSTs holding position 230km north of the island, just within range of the fleet’s three railguns. The 220 paratroopers will take their vehicles and fan out to secure the island. If the island is secured, reinforcements from the 1st Airborne Brigade will be flown into the airport and engineers will begin preparing the island as a FOB. If heavy resistance is encountered and the paratroopers are unable to secure the island, even with air and naval support, the contingency plan will be put into action. All units will begin retreating towards the north of the island, AMIGO drones being employed as a sacrificial rearguard to buy time for the retreat, and self-destructing once disabled to prevent their capture. 9 V-22 Ospreys will be launched from the LSTs to recover the troops ashore, vehicles being abandoned and destroyed in place. The 9 tiltrotors will be able to evacuate up to 288 personnel in a single run, allowing a significant margin of error in the extraction. Every effort will be made to prevent the capture of a soldier or an AI-equipped Carapace suit. Once every soldier has been extracted, the fleet will retreat north to the Cook Islands at flank speed.

Phase 2: Into the Breach

In this phase the JSDF and its allies will begin high-intensity operations aimed at securing a beachhead on the northern main island, while simultaneously making intensive efforts to deny nuclear retaliation.
46 F-35As will be redeployed into the field of operations during this phase, 10 F-35As of 202SQ recently evicted from the Philippines and 36 F-35A MLUs dispatched by the Netherlands to support coalition operations. All 46 aircraft will be dispatched to the UCR bases at RAAF Glenbrook and RAAF Richmond to begin with, patrolling with American AIM-261 CorkSCREW air-launched airborne antiballistic missiles, denying ballistic strikes aimed north-northwest. Once Chatham Island is secured, 23 aircraft will be respositioned there, allowing them to support patrols just offshore of New Zealand, interdicting any attempt to conduct strikes against the land operations that will be proceeding in this phase.
Meanwhile, the land operations themselves will be a tightly coordinated joint strike. First, F-3As flying out of the Cook Islands will begin strikes against targets near Auckland and the northern tip of New Zealand, repositioning to Chatham Island when it becomes available. The main focus will be the aforementioned targets but occasional strikes against targets of opportunity near Hawke’s Bay and other areas will be conducted. Ideally, this will allow critical defensive positions near Hawke’s Bay to be disabled while focusing the enemy’s attention to the north. Maritime operations will begin at this point; the 2nd Escort Flotilla and the 5th Submarine Squadron (minus the damaged Fuyuzuki and Akahō which will pull back for repairs) will sweep down towards the northern tip of the island. This advance will be screened by the dozen ASW helicopters aboard the carrier Ise, the SSV drone ships, the three Taihō-class submarines, and their attendant combat UUVs, cutting a swath through Reich submarine assets. This fleet will approach to within 750 kilometers and begin a railgun bombardment of naval assets and land targets as previously outlined. F-35Bs flying off of the multirole destroyer Nara will join the fray as well.
While the 2nd Escort Flotilla draws the enemy’s attention, the real landing operation will commence. A strike package of F-3A fighters and EF-3B electronic warfare planes will escort in a group of Serbian paratroopers deployed aboard JASDF C-2s, inserting them over Hawke’s Bay, where their main objective will be to secure a beachhead around the regional airport with an initial main paradrop near Eskdale/Bay View. Secondary diversionary landing sites will take place around Roys Hill and Paki Paki. The main will move to seize and dig in at the airport providing a further staging point. Secondary landing elements will be ordered to create a No-Fly Zone to prevent ariel retaliation/reinforcements from approaching from the South and West.
Sophisticated electronic warfare operations will be used to feed a false radar picture to the Reich’s primitive radars, suggesting that the paradrop is instead occurring further north. Airborne interdiction strikes will at this point switch from being targeted primarily against the northern peninsula, to being roughly split between that area and Hawke’s Bay. Meanwhile, the six escort vessels of the 13th Escort Squadron and the four older attack submarines of the 6th Submarine Squadron will sweep towards Hawke’s Bay, escorting the main landing force aboard two Canberra-class LHDs and three Izu-class LSTs. With 3,500 personnel of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Battalion and the 1st Airborne Brigade available, these units will take up a position over the horizon and rapidly insert their troops by tiltrotor, helicopter, and landing craft. If necessary, these assets will be reoriented to evacuation; the number of Serbians already ashore is well within the surge capacity of the landing ships. AH-1Ss operating off of Shiretoko and Tsugaru will provide fire support during this process, and railgun fire from the main fleet to the north will be placed on-call to support this forced entry. Once it becomes clear that Reich forces are reorienting against the landing, deception will be abandoned and interdiction operations will be reoriented to lock them out, targeting convoys of units moving to the new frontline once they are flushed out of their fortifications to the north. Electronic warfare aircraft will drown out Reich communications with radio and television clips from the fall of the Third Reich, including but not limited to D-Day, Stalingrad, the Bulge, Berlin, the Eagle’s Nest, and V-E day celebrations.
If the Hawke’s Bay region is successfully secured, combat engineers will be deployed to turn it into a FOB and allow a further 6,000 or so personnel to be deployed, comprising the remainder of the ARDB, the 1st Airborne, and the Serbian contingent. A few armored assets will also be detached from the regular forces to support these units. The aim will be to begin clearing the entirety of the north island of Reich presence. All surrenders will be accepted and treated humanely.

Phase 0: The Home Front

While the operation to the South proceeds, JSDF forces at home will be put on Status Red alert, with JMSDF combat units not operating around New Zealand ensuring that one-third of their strength is at sea and on patrol at any given time- including at least one of the three Aegis destroyers each battle force squadron possesses. The Type 39 UCVs and Taihō-class attack submarines of the Fleet Submarine Force remaining in Japan will begin surreptitiously lining the maritime border between Japan and Russia with Type 33 and Type 33 Kai naval mines, setting the narrow-band acoustic fuzes to seek out the sonar signatures of the Russian fleet recorded off the Cook Islands. Any units fired upon by Unity forces have been authorized to return fire.

Force Totals

Unit Type Number
Infantry Infantry 300
Type 24 S-SAM SAM 2 Batteries
Type 36 Chū-SAM Kai II Medium SAM 2 Batteries
Type 11 Tan-SAM Kai II Light SAM 6
Type 09 Chū-MPMS ATGM Carrier 6
M142 HIMARS (SSR-1A) ASBM Vehicle 6
Type 12 Jyu-SSM Kai (SSM-3A) 6
Q-1B Hachidori Multirole Stealth UCAV 6
VQ-2 Umiga VTOL Reconnaissance UAV 6
Cook Islands
Infantry Infantry 1200
Komatsu LAV MRAP 90
AAV7A1 RAM/RS Amphibious Assault Vehicle 20
Type 16 MCV Tank Destroyer 20
Type 24 S-SAM SAM 2 Batteries
Type 36 Chū-SAM Kai II Medium SAM 2 Batteries
Type 11 Tan-SAM Kai II Light SAM 6
Type 09 Chū-MPMS ATGM Carrier 6
M142 HIMARS (SSR-1A) ASBM Vehicle 6
Type 12 Jyu-SSM Kai (SSM-3A) 6
Q-1B Hachidori Multirole Stealth UCAV 6
VQ-2 Umiga VTOL Reconnaissance UAV 6
Chatham Island
Infantry (Japan) Infantry 5
Infantry (Philippines) Infantry 90
Infantry (Serbia) Infantry 90
Infantry (American) Armored Infantry 35
Assorted UGV UGV
White Tail LSV Light Utility Vehicle 20
Hawke's Bay
Infantry (Type 48 ISS) Exosuit Infantry 9,500
AAVP7A1 RAM/RS Amphibious Assault Vehicle 58
Type 89 IFV IFV 32
Type 73 WAPC Wheeled APC 320
Komatsu LAV MRAP 700
Type 10 MBT MBT 12
Type 16 MCV Tank Destroyer 50
MV-22B Osprey Transport Tiltrotor 15
UH-2 Utility Helicopter 30
AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter 12
Unit Type Number
F-3A Shinshin Kai II Multirole Stealth Fighter 15
Q-1A Hachidori Multirole Stealth UCAV 30
E-1 AEW&C 3
KC-46A Pegasus Air Tanker 2
C-2 Strategic Airlift 5
Unit/Class Type Number Notes
Air Defense Squadron 2, Escort Flotilla 2
7DDH Izumo (Kai) Multi-Purpose Operations Destroyer 1 JS Nara DDH-186
14DLG Senzō Guided Missile Destroyer Leader 2 JS DLG-162
31DD Ishakari (Kai) Light Destroyer 2 JS Tokachi DD-248, JS Kumotori DD-249
Type 32B MSV Missile USV 2
F-35B Lightning II STOVL Multirole Fighter 20 Aboard Nara
EV-22CJ V/STOL AEW&C 2 Aboard Nara
KV-22D V/STOL Air Tanker 2 Aboard Nara
SH-60K ASW Helicopter 3 Aboard , Tokachi, Kumotori
Escort Squadron 6, Escort Flotilla 2
16DDH Hyūga Helicopter Destroyer 1 JS Ise DDH-182
17DDG Takao Guided Missile Destroyer 1 JS Ikoma DDG-130
8DDG Keigetsu Guided Missile Destroyer 2 JS Ashibetsu DDG-123, JS Soematsu DDG-124
31DD Ishakari (Kai) Light Destroyer 1 JS Piratokomi DD-250
Type 32A MSV Missile USV 6
Type 32B MSV Missile USV 3
Type 32C SSV Picket USV 2
EV-22CJ V/STOL AEW&C 2 Aboard Ise
VQ-2 Umiga VTOL Reconnaissance Drone 4 Aboard Ise, Ashibetsu, Soematsu
SH-60K ASW Helicopter 12 Aboard Ise, Fuyuzuki, Piratokomi
MCH101 Mine Countermeasures Helicopter 2 Aboard Ise
Escort Squadron 13, Naval District Flotilla
30DD Ishakari Light Destroyer 2 JS Tsurugi DD-239, JS Tanemaki DD-240
11DE Tone Destroyer Escort 2 JS Sumida DE-261, JS Kanda DE-262
Type 32C SSV Picket USV 4
SH-60K Seahawk ASW Helicopter 4
Submarine Squadron 5, Submarine Flotilla 1
16SS Taihō SSK 3 JS Raihō SS-527, JS Tsukihō SS-529, JS Sutahō SS-530
Submarine Squadron 6, Submarine Flotilla 2
29SS Sōryū (Kai) SSK 4 JS Ōryū SS-511, JS Tairyū SS-512, JS Yamaryū SS-513, JS Hiryū SS-514
Mine Warfare Force
15LST Izu LST 3 JS Izu LST-4004, JS Noto LST-4005, JS Kii LST-4006
17LHD Canberra (Kai) Landing Helicopter Dock 2 JS Shiretoko LHD-4007, JS Tsugaru LHD-4008
L-CAT Landing Craft Utility 6
YL-09 Landing Craft Mechanized 4
LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushioned 6
MV-22B Osprey V/STOL Transport 9
Fleet Air Force
P-1 Kai Maritime Patrol Aircraft 12
US-2 SAASW Aircraft 17
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Thunderbolts theory 2.0

Alright guys, I'm back. This time I'm looking at the Thunderbolts again. I will post a link to my last post for you at the end of this theory. So I'm looking at how the Thunderbolts will be formed, who will be members and where it's going to lead. This one might be a little long so bear with me.
Let's start with my roster:
  1. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Ross has had appearances in the MCU dating back to 2008 in The Incredible Hulk. He has always had a minor supporting role, but is ever present. I believe that he will undergo a procedure using Banner's blood to become the Red Hulk. The experiment that created the Hulk was based on enhancing abilities/temperament such as the Super Soldier serum did. All variants of the serum gave enhanced physical capabilities, but the mental stability varies from person to person. Ross, being fairly level headed even under duress would make him a prime candidate to receive treatment. Ross will use the Thunderbolt Initiative as an opportunity to rehabilitate villians into heroes. He will have learned from his mistakes with Emil Blonski (Abomination) and use his power as Red Hulk to keep his team in line.
  2. Abomination. As mentioned above, Emil Blonski is the Abomination. He became that way after receiving an experimental version of the Super Soldier serum. The serum made him stronger, but Hulk still overpowers him. He then has Samuel Sterns inject him with Banner's blood, turning him into Abomination as we know him in the MCU. Abomination will be offered a deal to reform and become the hero he was meant to be before going power crazy.
  3. The Leader. Samuel Sterns is last seen on screen in The Incredible Hulk. He just had some of Banner's blood drip into an open head wound and his skull started changing shape and he was grinning menacingly. Before this he was Mr.Blue, a scientist who was studying Banner's blood in an attempt to help cure him. After seeing the effects of Gamma radiation, he decided to study it further. He will be inducted into the Thunderbolts in the same capacity Banner was recruited to the Avengers, as a scientist. He will apply his research to various subjects before his injecting Banner blood is put to a halt. Subject could include a variety of characters from the comics but other than Ross, the most immediate that comes to mind is She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters, who in the comics is Banner's cousin and has a blood transfusion with Banner post Hulk. MCU will more than likely adapt a few details from the comics).
  4. Baron Helmut Zemo. Zemo is coming back to the MCU in The Falcon &The Winter Soldier series as the main antagonist. He will be ultimately foiled in the end of the series, but I feel that he may be forced into helping Bucky and Sam to overcome some other threat which is why he is offered a chance to reform in the Thunderbolts.
  5. Ghost. Ava Starr is the MCU incarnation of Ghost. Last we saw Ghost, she was on the run with Bill Foster (Goliath). Janet used some kind of power on Ghost to stabilize her, but said she would need Quantum Particles to stay in control. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) got trapped trying to get them for her. My theory here is that Bill was snapped away and Ghost was captured by Ross. She is then offered a deal just like most others to join Thunderbolts and be a rehabilitated hero.
  6. Black Widow. So Natasha Romanoff is dead and gone, but Yelena Belova is set to be the next Black Widow, coming in the Black Widow movie. In the comics Natasha convinces Yelena to retire from her life as a spy/assassin as there is so much more to be had. After fighting her, Yelens finally sees Natasha's side and retires to Cuba and goes into hiding. She is eventually sought out after the loss of her mentor and is offered a similar deal to what Natasha was given. Yelena will become, not an Avenger (as Avengers are currently scattered around the galaxy), but a Thunderbolt.
  7. White Wolf/Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes has been a fugitive for many decades and will be offered a deal after the events of his TV series to make amends. This deal will likely be influenced by king T'Challa as he did spend time in Wakanda under the mantle of White Wolf. Fans of the comics will recognize that name from when Bucky spent time as Wakanda's chief of police, after they fixed his brain washing from the Winter Soldier program. I think Bucky is better as of Infinity War and is now no longer the Winter Soldier, but needs to show the world this. Wakandan influence will help along with him publicly aiding Falcon/Captain America to bring down Zemo and/or US Agent (also coming in the TV series).
  8. Ronin. After going berserk and murdering countless criminals all over the world during the 5 year gap, Clint Barton will have much to answer for. After training his replacement, Kate Bishop, Clint will take his place as Ronin in the Thunderbolts.
Alright, let's move on to why the Thunderbolts are coming. The American government has long been trying to create a Super Soldier or a Super team, but it always fails them. Captain America was a big success for them.... then he went in the ice. Then came the Avengers Initiative which was the cause of many public concerns and had mass casualties, they did save the world on many occasions however they are also the ones who put it in danger. Vision said it best in Civil War, "Our very existence invites challenge. Challenge invites conflict". SHIELD has been very on and off in the eyes of the public. They have been framed and slandered, they have been infiltrated by HYDRA, not a great track record overall. Hammer did attempt to build them an army of Iron Men, but Whiplash killed that one. Just so many failures. Now they are going to take a new approach. Recruit villians, rehabilitate them, and non-compliance will result in them being imprisoned in the RAFT. The focus here being to earn back their freedom, unlike the Avengers who fought to save others freedoms.
Now for where it's going. I feel that a rift will grow between 2 factions within the group. General Ross and his true Thunderbolts vs. Zemo and the Masters of Evil. I am not sure how the factions will split, but it would incite a great Civil War type conflict using villians and anti-heroes. My best guess would be Zemo, Black Widow, Abomination, and The Leader Vs. Red Hulk, Ronin, Bucky, and Ghost. Maybe add a couple of others, but this feels like a solid base for the group. I feel like this would be best done as a TV series like Agents of Shield then have a movie for the big fight between good and evil. Ultimately I think like all good things, The Thunderbolts will meet an end which will give rise to the next group.
Alright as always, let me know what you think in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to get my latest theories.
Kimmy, Out!
(Original theory: https://www.reddit.com/MarvelTheories/comments/ctbgrj/the_thunderbolts_in_phase_5/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share )
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