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A Guide to the Newly Buffed Beast Tamer Class!

Hello everyone! :)
Beast Tamer has held the title as the class that went the longest time without receiving any skill changes, whether it be small changes or large buffs. Over the many years, Beast Tamer has only received either a few bug fixes or a brand new 5th job skill.
The last time that Beast Tamer had received any changes was about a year after the RED update after its debut release. Shortly after Beast Tamer's first ever release, the class was taken down due to the immense bugs that the class possessed to the point where the class was unfortunately very unplayable. About a year after the class was taken away from character creation, the class was released once again with a plethora of bug fixes and some damage buffs. After these minor damage buffs, the class was never touched at all in terms of skill updates or unused stat removals until now.
The second part of the Pathfinder Update in Global MapleStory marks the first time that Beast Tamer has received any sort of changes in many, many years. This is also the largest skill update Beast Tamer has ever received and marks a turning point for the class. This skill update is very significant for the class and addresses a lot of issues that the class has had related to damage output, fluidity and overall QoL changes.
I hope that this guide will help bring some idea on the significance of many of these changes, the strong points of each animal mode, skill builds, node setups, skill tips, and how to play the class optimally overall. The buffs that the Beast Tamer class has received changes a lot about the class despite the fact that these changes were not a full rework.

General Information

Before the beginning of the guide, it's important to bring into light these general points about the Beast Tamer class so that certain information presented during the guide won't sound confusing to current Beast Tamer mains, players interested in trying out Beast Tamer, or players who purely want to play Beast Tamer for the class' legion effect bonus, link skill, or both.
  • There are certain buff skills in each animal mode that can be transferred to a different animal mode: Cat Mode's 'Meow Card' skill is a buff skill that can be used in Cat Mode and then transferred to another animal mode when the player switches to said animal mode. However, there are also certain buffs skills that can be transferred to other animal modes even though it may seem that they cannot be transferred. A good example for this would be Hawk Mode's 'Razor Beak' skill. When the player uses Razor Beak in Hawk Mode and then switches to a different animal mode, Razor Beak disappears. However, if the player instead right-clicks out of Hawk Mode through the icon at the top right corner of the screen and then switches to a different animal mode, Razor Beak will be kept. This trick applies to the following skills:
    • Bear Mode's Bear Assault and L'il Fort.
    • Leopard Mode's Bro Attack.
    • Hawk Mode's Hawk Flock, Bird's-Eye View, Raptor Talons, and Razor Beak.
    • Cat Mode's Meow Card. However, Meow Card transfers to different animal modes without the need of this right-clicking method so there is no need to use this trick with Meow Card.
  • Beast Tamer is able to efficiently have three animal trees setup at once: A common misconception with Beast Tamer is that the class can only have two animal trees maxed out. This is true if the player fully maxes out each skill in the two animal trees. However, it is important to note that there are certain skills in each animal tree that aren't required to be maxed out, ultimately giving the Beast Tamer player more SP to use in a third animal tree. Furthermore, sources of +1 All Skill Levels actually gives Beast Tamer more SP to use because the Beast Tamer player can then level a skill xx points from the max level (depending on how many All Skill Levels sources the player has), and then the sources of +1 All Skill Levels will then take over and max out the skill. This is what allows the class to efficiently have three animal trees that reach the final skill and makes Beast Tamer the only class in the game that values sources of +1 All Skill Levels. This is what allows for Beast Tamer mains to run a BeaCat/Hawk or BeaCat/Leopard skill build before the buffs. Unfortunately, Beast Tamer still does not receive enough SP to max out all of its skills even after the buffs, which makes +1 All Skill Levels even more valuable due to the fact that each animal mode is very important to the class' playstyle. Sources of +1 All Skill Levels include:
    • Leafre Codex Set: This is the most important one for Beast Tamer and this source of +1 All Skill Levels alone allowed Beast Tamer players before these buffs to very efficiently run a BeaCat/Hawk or a BeaCat/Leopard skill build.
    • Soul Weapon Stats: Certain soul weapon stats can give either +1 All Skill Levels or +2 All Skill Levels depending on the boss soul.
    • Decent Combat Orders: This skill is currently bugged for Beast Tamer in that it doesn't raise any of Beast Tamer's skills beyond their max level (it still raises the skill level of unmaxed skills to the next level however). What this means is that this is a very free source of +1 All Skill Levels since the main effect of the skill is bugged for the class anyway.
    • Inner Ability: There is a legendary inner ability line that gives +1 All Skill Levels to Passive Skills. This source of +1 All Skills is not recommended because Beast Tamer very much needs a different legendary line being +1 Attack Speed.
    • Legendary Hat Potential: There is a potential line on legendary tier hats that can give +3 All Skill Levels. This may prove to be very useful for Beast Tamer if the class is unable to max out all of its animal trees in the future.
I'm not aware if Beast Tamer is able to efficiently use all four animal trees with every possible source of +1 All Skill Levels, but if they are able to, then it would be very nice for Beast Tamer mains.
  • Despite having a Whistle as their secondary weapon, Beast Tamer is able to utilize shields: Shields being able to be scrolled and starforced makes them ultimately superior to Beast Tamer's class specific secondary weapon.

A great place to start out this guide would be to take a look at each animal mode in detail and describe the changes to discover where the critter will excel.

Beginner Skills

  • While this isn't a beginner skill, there was a new quest added for Beast Tamer's story line that rewards the player with a level 140 medal exclusive to the class. This medal is called 'Nature Guardian' and is practically Beast Tamer's level 200 medal despite it being level 140. Unfortunately, even though this new final quest for the class talks about how Chase the Beast Tamer joins the alliance, this quest doesn't reward the Beast Tamer player with the 'Will of the Alliance' skill. What this means is that Beast Tamer still does not receive this skill after completing the storyline quests.
  • Critter Select now has a reduced delay: There is now a very noticeable reduced delay when switching between animal modes. This is a very important change because it allows for swapping animal modes during boss fights to be a lot safer.
  • Growth Spurt now reduces damage taken by 40%: There were actually a few skills in Bear Mode that had this functionality added but its important to note that none of these are affected by %HP attack (excluding Furious Strikes). What this change means is that Beast Tamer is ultimately a lot less squishy when training from level 1-200 in all animal modes, especially Bear Mode.

Fort the Bear

Before these Beast Tamer buffs, Bear Mode was the strongest out of the four animal modes in terms of damage output. Bear Mode was also a very strong mobber in smaller maps with Majestic Trumpet and Fishy Slap. Half of Beast Tamer's overall damage per minute was also a result of Li'l Fort, a tiny bear that deals a lot of damage. Unfortunately, there were also quite a few issues that Bear Mode possessed. Bear Mode was very clunky and had slow cast times and startups, especially on their main bossing skill Furious Strikes. Furthermore, Furious Strikes also locked Beast Tamer in place, and combined with the low damage output of Beast Tamer overall, made bossing very tedious. However, despite this, Bear Mode was still by far the strongest animal mode out of the four in a bossing scenario.
There were many important changes made to Fort that deals with a lot of issues that Beast Tamer has in terms of damage output, clunkiness, and delays.
  • A lot of skills received damage buffs, including Paw Swipe, Fishy Slap, Furious Strikes, and Fort Follow-Up. Furious Strikes also gained an extra line through a changed Hyper Skill passive. The damage output of Beast Tamer in Bear Mode roughly doubled after these buffs according to 40 second Battle Analysis'.
  • Paw Swipe and Furious Strikes both have very noticeable reduced delays. This lowered the startup time for Furious Strikes and also increased its hits per second tremendously. The skill attacks faster than it has ever had!
  • The player can now switch directions with Furious Strikes. This makes reaching certain bosses a lot easier and makes Mu Lung Dojo a lot less tedious for Beast Tamer.
  • The player can now move very subtly while using Furious Strikes. If the player presses the left or right directional key while using Furious Strikes, the player moves very, very subtly. This probably occurs because of how fast Furious Strikes attacks now!
  • Bear Assault is now a toggle on and off skill (with no cast delay) that gives +20% final damage in addition to its +35% damage and +10% Critical Damage. This marks the first ever source of final damage that Beast Tamer has ever received and contributes to the increased damage output of Bear Mode.
  • Furious Strikes now gives the Beast Tamer player a 20% reduction from %HP attacks. When the player attacks a monster with Furious Strikes, there will be an icon in the top right corner that stays for ~3 seconds after the player stops using Furious Strikes. During those 3 seconds, any %HP attack will have its damage reduced by 20%. This makes survivability in Bear Mode a lot higher and makes up for the fact that the player is locked in place. Thematically, this is also very interesting in that Bear Mode was made sturdier rather than just letting the player move during Furious Strikes. It's important to note however that this 20% reduction from %HP attacks only applies to the Beast Tamer player. It does not apply to party members.
  • Table Flip is now a lot faster in its cast animation and a very viable skill to use during mobbing now.
Overall, after these buffs, Bear Mode is a lot stronger than ever and is also still the strongest animal mode in a bossing scenario in terms of damage output. Bear Mode will still be the optimal animal mode to use during bossing (More on Hawk Mode later!). Mobbing wise, Bear Mode is also still very solid (More on Leopard Mode later!).

Lai the Snow Leopard

Leopard Mode was a very weak animal mode when it came to damage output before these Beast Tamer buffs. What this meant is that it took a lot of funding to efficiently train with Leopard Mode. However, the Beast Tamer player was highly rewarded with a very mobile mobber. Before these Beast Tamer changes, Leopard Mode was already very, very good at mobbing with Macho Dance, Macho Slam, and Three-Point Pounce. These skills allowed for Leopard Mode to train very effectively in almost any map layout and adapt to map layouts very easily too. Three-Point Pounce on its own is a very underrated mobbing skill due to its very large AoE. In this way, Leopard Mode was arguably a stronger mobber than Bear Mode. However, the very low damage output of Leopard Mode is what held back a lot of the mobbing potential that the mode had. This, combined with the clunkiness when trying to combo with Leopard Mode, made a lot of Beast Tamer players hesitate training with this mode, despite it mobbing more effectively than Bear Mode in a lot of maps.
There were a lot of very important changes made to Leopard Mode that deals with the clunkiness of connecting skills as well as the low damage output.
  • Many skills received damage buffs and/or attack count increases such as Macho Dance, Macho Slam, Thunder Trail, Lethal Lai, Leopard's Paw, Leopard's Pounce, Leopard's Roar, Three-Point Pounce, and Party Time. This decreases the very high funding that was required to OHKO monsters in Leopard Mode before these buffs.
  • The delays of skills such as Leopard's Paw, Leopard's Pounce, Leopard's Roar, Thunder Dash, Macho Dance, Macho Slam, Three-Point Pounce and Party Time were decreased by very tremendous amounts. Mobbing in Leopard Mode feels a lot smoother now and very fast now too. The mobility in Leopard Mode is very outstanding now.
  • Macho Dance had its vertical distance bug fixed. Before these Beast Tamer buffs, Leopard Mode's Macho Dance skill was not going its correct vertical distance. After these changes, the skill is now going its correct vertical distance. The vertical distance of Macho Dance is very large.
  • Macho Dance can now be used twice consecutively when it is used on the ground and can now be used when in the air. The vertical distance that Leopard Mode can travel with Macho Dance is very impressive now.
  • Thunder Dash can now cancel other Leopard Mode attacking skills. This addition to Thunder Dash creates even smoother mobbing in Leopard Mode.
  • Leopard's Paw and Leopard's Pounce can be used in place now. However, the player can also move with Leopard's Paw and Leopard's Pounce if they press a direction key with it. This change gives Leopard Mode the option to attack in place, which it could originally only do with Three-Point Pounce (which has a 2 second cooldown). The player can now also switch directions after each attack of Leopard's Paw.
After these Leopard Mode buffs, Leopard Mode has become one of the strongest mobbers in the game with its very smooth gameplay and its higher damage output. These buffs have solidified Leopard Mode as the strongest mobber out of the four animal modes by far. The mobility in Leopard Mode also increased tremendously with the bug fix to Macho Dance.

Eka the Hawk

Hawk Mode has always been a very interesting animal mode in that its damage output before these buffs was very, very low. Hawk Mode attacking skills had the lowest damage output in the entire game. However, even before these buffs, Hawk Mode was still a very solid utility animal mode. Hawk Mode's mobility was arguably one of the strongest in the entire game and Hawk Mode also provided buffs such as Raptor Talons, Bird's-Eye View, Razor Beak, and Hawk Flock, all of which could be transferred to different animal modes through the right-clicking trick. Hawk Mode's 'Fly' skill was also very useful in very specific scenarios such as completely dodging the Dragon in Lucid's boss fight or dodging the ground lasers in Lotus' boss fight.
Hawk Mode had arguably the most significant changes out of the four animal modes as it focused a lot on the attacking aspect of Hawk Mode while still enhancing Hawk Mode's incredible mobility and strong support skills.
  • There were passive effects added to certain Hawk Mode skills to increase Hawk Mode's damage output. These passive effects include the added 15% Critical Rate in Feather Cloak, the added 15% Critical Damage in Feather Boots, and the added +30 Magic ATT, +30% Ignore Enemy Defense, and +2 Attack Speed in Max Mobility. These added passive effects strengthened Hawk Mode to contribute to a bossing scenario.
  • Formation Attack stuttering in its animation has been bug fixed.
  • Formation Attack and Veteran Formation now have increased damage and deal 4 lines of damage as opposed to one line of damage. This is now one of the main skills that Hawk Mode uses to deal damage and the increase in damage is very noticeable.
  • Formation Attack now pierces monsters. Before these Beast Tamer buffs, Formation Attack would only attack the first monster in its attack range. Now Formation Attack has a piercing effect. This increases the mobbing potential of Formation Attack by a noticeable amount.
  • The attack speed of Formation Attack has been increased. Formation Attack originally had very low hits per second, but the hits per second for this skill has been increased.
  • Formation Attack now reduces the cooldown of Fly. This change is very interesting as it ultimately results in the Beast Tamer player being able to stay airborne longer than ever before. I think that the main purpose of this cooldown reduction is to increase the up-time of Baby Bombers, ultimately increasing the mobbing potential of Hawk Mode.
  • Bird's Eye-View has had its critical rate buff increased from 8% to 15%. This increases the supportive aspect of Hawk Mode.
  • Razor Beak has had it ATT and Magic ATT buff increased from +22 to +30. This also increases the supportive aspect of Hawk and also gives more reason for utilizing the right-click method to transfer this buff to other animal modes.
  • Raptor Talons has had its cooldown removed, its bleed damage increased, and its duration increased to match that of the other Hawk Mode buffs (30 seconds to 180 seconds). This buff is very, very huge because now Beast Tamer gains +60 Magic ATT (with a bleed effect) at 100% up-time. What this means is that the right-clicking method for Razor Beak, Hawk Flock, Bird's Eye-View, and Raptor Talons will almost be as necessary as Meow Card is to Beast Tamer currently. Furthermore, this change to Raptor Talons now gives Beast Tamer a reliable way to utilize Cadena's Link Skill.
  • Eka's Flying Speed has been increased tremendously. The mobility while Beast Tamer is airborne in Hawk Mode is most likely one of the best in the entire game. It's very possible that Hawk Mode Beast Tamer could be a contender for the highest Spirit Savior points (Leopard Mode is also very good in Spirit Savior).
  • Defensive Formation's attack count has been increased to four and its damage increased tremendously. It's interesting to note that Defensive Formation's attack count is actually 16, not 4. Each individual baby bird that surrounds the player while the player is airborne contributes to one attack. In other words, each of the four baby birds deal four lines of damage for a total 16 lines of damage. This skill does not deal any damage to boss monsters however.
  • Baby Bomber's attack range has been increased. This increases the mobbing potential of Hawk Mode.
  • Baby Bomber's attack count has been increased from 1 to 4.
  • Baby Bombers now attacks a lot faster than it had before these Beast Tamer buffs. What this means is that the skill is pretty solid when it comes to mobbing. Please note that this skill can only be used while airborne however!
  • Tornado Flight's attack count has been increased from 1 to 4 and its damage increased significantly as well. In a 40 second Battle Analysis, this makes Tornado Flight very worthwhile as it ends up contributing more than Formation Attack does. Tornado Flight is now a very important aspect in Hawk Mode's attacking skills for both mobbing and bossing.
The changes that Hawk Mode has received are incredible. Not only do the buffs to the support skills such as Razor Beak and Raptor Talons make these skills almost as necessary to Beast Tamer mains as Meow Card is, but the huge damage potential of Hawk Mode has transformed it entirely. Mobbing wise, Leopard Mode still beats Hawk Mode by a significant amount. However, Hawk Mode's mobbing is far from not that good now! In a bossing scenario, through the use of 40 second Battle Analysis', Hawk Mode deals roughly half the damage of Bear Mode through the use of Formation Attack and Tornado Flight (this includes Nodes). However, this does not mean that Hawk Mode should not be used during bossing because there are certain scenarios where it might be optimal to switch from Bear Mode to Hawk Mode and cast Tornado Flight. Some scenarios where this may be optimal include:
i. When Lotus casts his ground lasers, the player can right-click out of Bear Mode (right-click method in order to preserve L'il Fort and Bear Assault), switch to Hawk Mode, use the Fly skill and cast Tornado Flight to safely damage Lotus while avoiding the lasers entirely.
ii. When Lucid Phase 1 summons her Dragon, the player can right-click out of Bear Mode, switch to Hawk Mode, use the Fly skill and cast Tornado Flight to deal damage to Lucid safely while still completely avoiding the Dragon.
iii. When Damien Phase 1 or Phase 2 is in the air, the player can right-click out of Bear Mode, switch to Hawk Mode, use the Fly skill and cast Tornado Flight to deal damage to Damien.
So while Hawk Mode does deal less damage than Bear Mode in a bossing scenario, there will be certain times where switching to Hawk Mode to cast Tornado Flight may be optimal instead of staying in Bear Mode.

Arby the Cat

Cat Mode has always been necessary for Beast Tamer players because of Arby's Meow Card Buff. Arby's damage output has always been very low, but the main aspect of Cat Mode is the support buffs that it offers to not only the player, but to party members as well. The changes made to Cat Mode increased the damage of certain skills and also increased the supportive aspect of Cat Mode. The changes made to Cat Mode are the least impacting out of all of the animal modes, however there are definitely certain changes that ultimately increase its supportive prowess.
  • The damage of Friend Launcher has been increased and the player can now switch directions after each friend has been launched. This change slightly increases Cat Modes mobbing potential.
  • Friend Launcher's range has been increased. This change combined with the Friend Launcher - Range hyper skill passive makes Friend Launcher the furthest horizontal reaching skill in the entire game, which is a pretty interesting title to take hold of.
  • The duration of the defense reduction from Fire Kitty! has been increased, while also giving Fire Kitty! a cooldown of 3 seconds. This change is interesting in that it may be optimal to switch to Cat Mode, cast Fire Kitty! for the defense reduction, and then switch back to Bear Mode. It's important to note that you wouldn't have to right-click from Cat Mode to Bear Mode as Meow Card transfers to other animal modes regardless of whether or not the player uses the right-clicking method.
  • Purr Zone heals more HP now, which does increase the supportive prowess of Cat Mode a little bit.
  • Meow Blue Card now gives Max HP to the player, which is definitely better than the defense which it only gave before.
Overall, despite Cat Mode receiving the least amount of changes, the supportive aspect of Cat Mode will always be a standout. While Cat Mode has the lowest damage output of all the animal modes as well as the least strongest mobbing potential, the supportive skills of Cat Mode will always have situations to be useful, whether it be to help a friend level a character or to increase the party's item drop rate by 20%. The increased duration of the defense reduction from Fire Kitty! might open up some interesting scenarios where swapping to Cat Mode during a boss fight to reduce the defense of the boss may be optimal for the party.

Invincibility Frames

Beast Tamer as a class does receive quite a few invincibility frames in it skill set:
  • Bear Mode's Bear Reborn: This skill revives the player (without losing a life count) when the player's HP reaches 0 and gives the player 10 seconds of invincibility. This skill has a very lengthy cooldown.
  • Level 140 Hyper Skill Team Roar: This hyper skill gives the player 30 seconds of invincibility as well as a 30% damage buff. The damage buff applies to party members, however the invincibility frames do not.
  • Level 160 Hyper Skill Group Bear Blaster: One of the changes that Beast Tamer has received is invincibility frames with this skill. This is very interesting because the skill's incredibly lengthy cast animation is now its benefit as it gives the player roughly a 6 second i-frame.
  • 5th Job Skill Aerial Relief: This skill supposedly gives i-frames, however it is currently bugged and the i-frame only occurs at a specific point during the skill's animation.
  • 5th Job Magician Common Skill Ethereal Form: Beast Tamer being a magician means that it is able to utilize Ethereal Form, which increases the class' survivability by a lot!

Comparisons Between Animal Modes: Before and After the Beast Tamer Buffs

The rankings of the animal modes in certain conditions has changed quite a bit after these Beast Tamer buffs! In these lists, the animal mode ranked at 1 will be the most ideal in that specific condition while the animal mode ranked at 4 will be the least ideal.

Bossing (Before the Buffs):
  1. Bear.
  2. Leopard.
  3. Cat.
  4. Hawk.
Bossing (After the Buffs):
  1. Bear.
  2. Hawk.
  3. Leopard.
  4. Cat.

Mobbing (Before the Buffs):
  1. Leopard (Small Maps), Leopard (Large Maps), Bear (Small Maps).
  2. Bear (Large Maps).
  3. Cat (Small Maps), Cat (Large Maps), Hawk (Small Maps), Hawk (Large Maps).
Mobbing (After the Buffs):
  1. Leopard (Small Maps), Leopard (Large Maps), Bear (Small Maps).
  2. Hawk (Small Maps), Hawk (Large Maps).
  3. Bear (Large Maps), Cat (Small Maps), Cat (Large Maps).

Mobility (Before the Buffs):
  1. Hawk (10/10).
  2. Leopard (7/10).
  3. Bear (3/10), Cat (3/10).
Mobility (After the Buffs):
  1. Hawk (10/10).
  2. Leopard (9/10).
  3. Bear (3.5/10).
  4. Cat (3/10).

Utility (Before the Buffs):
  1. Cat.
  2. Hawk.
  3. Leopard, Bear.
Utility (After the Buffs):
  1. Cat.
  2. Hawk.
  3. Leopard, Bear.

Skill Build: Beast Tamer Mains

Before these Beast Tamer buffs, Beast Tamer mains either ran a BeaCat/Hawk skill build or a BeaCat/Leopard skill build. The Hawk Mode tree allowed for higher mobility as well as a few extra buffs from Razor Beak and Raptor Talons. The Leopard Skill tree allowed for higher mobbing capability as well as a larger variety of maps to train on.
However, with these Beast Tamer buffs, all four animal trees are incredibly important and unfortunately Beast Tamer did not gain any extra SP, so one animal tree will need to be excluded. Bear Mode is the highest damage dealer and is required because of this. Cat Mode's Meow Card skill is essentially required as well, and since Meow Gold Card is unlocked at the end of Cat Mode's skill tree, all of Cat Mode will need to be included as well. What's remaining now is Hawk Mode and Leopard Mode. Before these Beast Tamer buffs, Hawk Mode's buffs were not absolutely necessary as they were small damage increases. However, with the cooldown removed from Raptor Talons and the Magic ATT increase on Razor Beak, Hawk Mode's buffs seem very much needed as Beast Tamer mains would lose +90 Magic ATT otherwise (Razor Beak gives +30 Magic ATT and Raptor Talons gives +60 Magic ATT). Furthermore, Hawk Mode's increased damage potential means that there may be certain situations where Hawk Mode will need to be used to optimally damage a boss, extending its need even further.
Leopard Mode is absolutely incredible in mobbing with the changes that Lai has received, however there just isn't enough SP to fully utilize all four animal trees from what I'm aware.
Edit: It may be possible for Beast Tamer mains to invest into all four animal trees efficiently if the players stacks all sources of +1 All Skill Levels. More information is needed on this but if it is true, then no animal will be left behind and Beast Tamer mains will be able to utilize Leopard Mode's incredible mobbing! :)
However as of right now, I believe the optimal skill build for Beast Tamer mains would be BeaCat/Hawk. The player would need to utilize either Bear Mode or Hawk Mode for mobbing. I hope that enough +1 All Skill Levels will result in Leopard Mode being able to be utilized by Beast Tamer mains too however. :(

Skill Point Guide: Beast Tamer Mains

As for how to perform this skill build, it's important to note that there are certain skills in Bear Mode, Cat Mode, and Hawk Mode that do not need to be maxed. This, with the addition of sources of +1 All Skill Levels, allows for the player to be able to efficiently have the important skills in each of the three animal trees maxed out.
This skill point guide takes into account the optimal BeaCat/Hawk skill build for Beast Tamer mains. Unfortunately, due to the lack of SP and the incredible importance of transferring Hawk Mode buffs over now, there just isn't enough SP for Leopard Mode (Edit: This may be untrue if the player utilizes all possible sources of +1 All Skill Levels. More information is needed on this however). As it is right now, Leopard Mode unfortunately shouldn't be used for Beast Tamer mains in a BeaCat/Leopard build because the player will lose out on +90 MATT from Hawk Mode's buffs. However, if you do enjoy Leopard Mode very much, then by all means, run a Leopard Mode skill build! :) Please note however that by doing so, you will lose out on Hawk Mode's crucial buff skills as well as the opportunity to attack boss monsters with Hawk Mode during specific situations.
Hopefully in the near future Beast Tamer will be able to simply max out all of their skills, reducing many complications with the class and allowing Beast Tamer mains to fully utilize each animal mode.

The skills in Bear Mode that do not need to be maxed include:
  • Deep Breath: this skill gets replaced by a different skill completely.
  • Really Deep Breath: this skill is purely a skill to bring monsters closer to the player. A fun fact about this skill is that the player can pull Chaos Vellum closer.
  • Fort the Brave: leave this skill at level 19. Leveling this skill from level 19 to level 20 doesn't give any extra stats.
  • Bear Reborn: this skill has a very lengthy cooldown regardless of whether it is maxed out or not.

The skills in Hawk Mode that do not need to be maxed include:
  • There are actually no skills that are recommended to be left unmaxed interestingly. Before the Beast Tamer buffs, Eka Express and Regroup could be left unmaxed. However, these two skills now passively gives stats, meaning that they are highly recommended to max now.

The skills in Cat Mode that do not need to be maxed include:
  • Purr-powered: The stance that this skill gives is already very low even at the max level.
  • Meow Heal: This skill heals a lot of HP even at a lower level.
  • Meow Cure: This skill will be used very infrequently.
  • Meow Revive: Similar to Meow Cure, this skill will also be used very infrequently.
  • Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg: The skill is very situational as a support skill.

Before these Beast Tamer buffs, a player could efficiently utilize a BeaCat/Hawk skill build with just one +1 All Skill Levels source (usually in the form of the Leafre Codex Set). However, with the introduction of the Beast Tamer buffs, there are a lot more skills in Hawk Mode that should be maxed. What this means is that Beast Tamer mains will need to resort to a more sources of +1 All Skill Levels.
For example, with the Leafre Codex Set, if the player places one point into a skill, the skill will go to Level 2 instead of Level 1. If you will be utilizing Decent Combat Orders, then please note that you will need to leave all skills 1 level below their max level. The skills will all be at max level whenever you cast Decent Combat Orders! :) If you are utilizing Decent Combat Orders, then I would recommend maxing Sky Walk and Vertical Draft even with Decent Combat Orders as their distance depends on the level that they are. This is just to make mobility with Beast Tamer a little less tedious (i.e. so you don't have to cast Combat Orders every time you want to flash jump in Hawk Mode).

Skill Build: Legion/Link Skill Beast Tamer

For players who are interested in Beast Tamer for its Legion Effect and/or Link Skill, I believe a Leopard/Bear skill build will be the most optimal. The buffs from Cat Mode and Hawk Mode will be nowhere near as important from level 1-200 and Leopard Mode's incredible mobbing potential allows for very fluid training! A Hawk/Leopard and Hawk/Bear skill build is definitely okay too if you would like to try different training playstyles! :)

Skill Point Guide: Legion/Link Skill Beast Tamer

I would just recommend fully maxing out Leopard Mode and Bear Mode. There is no need to consider efficiently maxing out all skills or considering utilizing any sources of +1 All Skill Levels unless the player is maining Beast Tamer! :)

Inner Ability

The ideal inner ability lines for Beast Tamer will remain unchanged!
i. +1 Attack Speed.
ii. +38% Buff Duration.
iii. +20% Critical Rate (If Leopard Mode can somehow be utilized by Beast Tamer mains) or +10% Damage to Boss Monsters.

Hyper Skill Passives

If you are maining the Beast Tamer class, then the ideal Hyper Skill Passives would be:
  1. Furious Strikes - Reinforce.
  2. Furious Strikes - Extra Strike.
  3. Furious Strikes - Boss Rush.
  4. Formation Attack - Reinforce.
  5. Formation Attack - Spread.
Since Beast Tamer mains do not have enough SP to fully utilize Leopard Mode, the Three-Point Pounce Hyper Skill Passives will need to be left out. Furthermore, if for some reason you would like to have access to the most horizontally travelling attacking skill in the game, you can swap out Formation Attack - Spread for Friend Launcher - Range.

If you are playing Beast Tamer purely for the class' Legion Effect or Link Skill, then the ideal Hyper Skill Passives would be:
  1. Three-Point Pounce - Reinforce.
  2. Three-Point Pounce - Spread.
  3. Three-Point Pounce - Extra Strike.
  4. Furious Strikes - Reinforce.
  5. Furious Strikes - Extra Strike.

Hyper Stats

The Hyper Stat build for Beast Tamer is just like any other class. However, there are two important factors to consider:
  1. If you main Beast Tamer or are planning on maining Beast Tamer, then you will need to level up the 'Knock-back Resistance' Hyper Stat to level 3. Bear Mode has 95% stance, and leveling this Hyper Stat to level 3 will give the player 100% stance in Bear Mode.
  2. The Critical Rate Hyper Stat is nowhere near a priority for Beast Tamer compared to other classes. Bear Mode, Hawk Mode, and Cat Mode can all reach 100% Critical Rate pretty easily with their many innate Critical Rate passives and buffs! :)

5th Job Node Setup

Before these Beast Tamer buffs the two Node Setups that Beast Tamer needed included a trio consisting of:
i. Paw Swipe/Fishy Slap/Li'l Fort.
ii. Three-Point Pounce/Macho Dance/Macho Slam.
The first trio was absolutely required (note that the Paw Swipe Node does affect Furious Strikes too!) and the second trio was only required if the player utilized a BeaCat/Leopard skill build.

However, after these Beast Tamer buffs, unless Leopard Mode can somehow be efficiently invested into, the ideal trios for Beast Tamer mains will now most likely consist of.
i. Paw Swipe/Fishy Slap/Li'l Fort.
ii Formation Attack/Tornado Flight/xxx
iii Three-Point Pounce/Macho Dance/Thunder Dash
The first trio will remain the same due to Bear Mode remaining the highest damage dealer. The second trio is interesting due to how Hawk Mode's increased damage potential may lead to certain scenarios where Tornado Flight may need to be used during a boss fight to optimally damage the boss. The xxx skill in the trio can either be Fire Kitty!, Table Flip or Leopard's Paw (it should always be Leopard's Paw if Leopard Mode can somehow be efficiently invested into. More information is needed on this however). The third trio will be incredibly useful if Beast Tamer mains will somehow be able to incorporate Leopard Mode into their skill build with enough SP.

Buffing Rotation

To fully buff as a Beast Tamer for bossing, here are some steps! :)
  1. Switch to Cat Mode and use Meow Card.
  2. Switch to Hawk Mode.
  3. Use Hawk Flock, Bird's Eye-View, Razor Beak, and Raptor Talons (I recommend placing Raptor Talons, Hawk Flock, and Bird's Eye-View on pet autobuff!).
  4. Right-click out of Hawk Mode through the Hawk Mode icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Switch to Bear Mode.
  6. Use Maple Guardian and Bear Assault.
The important aspect to remember is to right-click out of Hawk Mode to keep Hawk Mode's buffs! :)

Current Beast Tamer Bugs

While there were many bugs that were addressed with these Beast Tamer changes, there are some that remain as well as a couple of new bugs that appeared as well:
  • Beast Tamer is experiencing occasional disconnections in all animal modes currently.
  • Beast Tamer's Maple Guardian skill still has a cast delay despite other Maple Warrior-like skills having their cast delay removed.
  • Bird's Eye-View is currently cancelling out Meow Gold Card.
  • Aerial Relief's invincibility frames are not correctly working.
  • Beast Tamer isn't receiving the 'Will of the Alliance' passive after completing their storyline quests.
  • Beast Tamer does not receive 'Echo of Hero' upon reaching level 200.
  • Hawk Mode's buffs do not work with the in-game macro. This makes the keyboard layout for Hawk Mode a little tedious as the player has to hotkey all four of the Hawk Mode buffs separately.

Future Beast Tamer Changes

The Beast Tamer changes introduced definitely helped the class out tremendously. However, there are a few changes that would be very welcomed in the near future!
  • Beast Tamer should be able to max out all animal trees: Lore-wise, it doesn't make too much sense that Beast Tamer is unable to max out all of the animal trees. Furthermore, Beast Tamer relies on +1 All Skill Levels more than ever right now to the point where they would lose out on other beneficial stats from Boss Souls and even possibly a %Int line on their hat. A solution to this would be to possibly double Beast Tamer's SP past level 100!
  • Beast Tamer doesn't receive a level 190 Hyper Skill.
  • All buff skills should be able to be transferred to other animal modes: Currently, buff skills are able to be transferred through the right-clicking trick. However, this does get tedious to perform at times and it would be a very great QoL change to just allow the buffs to transfer over similar to Meow Card.


I'm very happy to say that Beast Tamer is in the strongest state it has ever been in! :)
The class has received a ton of beneficial changes and I think I can happily say that the class is in a much more balanced state than before! The only change I would advise is to let Beast Tamer's fully max out all of their skills as this would reduce the complexity of the class by a lot and allow for Beast Tamer mains to fully experience each animal mode to their full potential!
I will gladly respond to any questions or whether there is something missing that should be added!
Thank you! :)

One final note is that it may in fact be possible for Beast Tamer mains to efficiently utilize all four animal trees at once. There isn't enough data to confirm this yet but it seems as if with all of the sources of +1 All Skill Levels, it may be possible for Beast Tamer mains to utilize Leopard Mode for mobbing after all! :)
submitted by OnceShine to Maplestory

Beast Tamer Proposed Class Changes (extensive)

Beast Tamer Proposed Class Changes. Written by Flearas. version 1.5.
-Link to this topic on the Maplestory forums: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/17025/beast-tamer-proposed-class-changes-extensive <- post there to try to make a difference!
This'll be a long one. First, a primer: This changelog focuses on the mechanical nature of the class. Beast Tamer has an issue with its damage ceiling but that's a separate issue from the goal here. After the changes proposed in this changelog, the class may even be strong enough as is. If not, then any further damage boosts can be given through Growth Spurt, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For the purposes of this post, Beast Tamer's power in Bear mode is treated as the damage ceiling for these skill changes.
Before we begin, I'll list out a number of over-glaring flaws this class has which makes it, for the purposes of argument, unplayable or which negate the purpose of the class.
-Mode switching has a disgusting delay. Beast Tamer respawns without being in an animal mode and there's a hidden cooldown upon respawning before she can switch into an animal mode, further compounding the problem.
-Each mode limits itself too heavily on the thematic of that mode.
-Bear, a mode focused on power and tanking (in a game where defense doesn't matter), is so limited in mobility it easily gets itself killed in bosses (eliminating the point of bossing) and the power is heavily gimped by the hefty cooldown on Fishy Slap and the requirement to lead into Furious Strikes with 3 attacks of Paw Swipe.
-Leopard, a mode purposed for mobbing, is middling in power compared to bear making it unsuitable for mobbing. The forced mobility already made this animal hard to use in bosses for survival reasons. Bear is used over Leopard for mobbing eliminating the point of this mode.
-Hawk, a mode designed to be mobile, lacks any form of damage making it futile for any damage application. The delay applied to mode swapping eliminates the usefulness of swapping to Hawk to move around.
-Cat, a mode built around party support utility, overall has inadequate, or futile, support skills and no damaging power to make up for the overall loss in DPS. Having a Beast Tamer in your party for the purposes of the EXP buff results in a net loss of exp for the player trying to benefit from Beast Tamer's EXP buff.
-Despite being restricted to one animal mode at a time, Beast Tamer is unable to max out the potential of all animal modes due to SP restrictions.
-Beast Tamer deals Paltry amounts of lines to an extreme degree.
Let's get into the meat. A lot of these changes are extreme. No exaggeration. This is an overhaul of how the class functions. If, after these changes, the result is an overpowered class (unlikely,) then certain damage buffs can be modified, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. A calculator for the core damage boosting buffs and their respective point costs will be given after the closing remarks at the end of the changelog.
Finally, one concept to keep in mind when discussing these skill changes: Beast Tamer has a total of 593 SP to invest across all her animal friends.
-Mode switching removed. All animal skills can be used at the same time. Number of skills BT can spec into still limited by tree pathing and number of skill points available.
-Paw Swipe: Now grants a 5 second 20% damage boost to Furious Strikes if used to initiate Furious Strikes.
-Deep Breath: Node removed (replaced by Furious Strikes.)
-Fort Follow-Up: Now activates on every 8th attack from skills outside of Bear's tree.
-Furious Strikes: Can now be used without Paw Swipe. Damage decreased to 140%. Number of attacks increased to 8. Now has its own node (replaces deep breath). Furious Strikes unaffected by Paw Swipe nodes.
-Li'l Fort: Li'l Fort's area of effect doubled.
-Fishy Slap: Damage decreased to 160%. Number of attacks increased to 3. Cooldown decreased to 8 seconds. Now allows movement speed while in use. Movement speed is equal to 50 + half the passive movement speed bonuses from Hawk mode rounded down.
-Table Flip: Cast delay reduced to 200 milliseconds. Cast speed increased by 80%. Grants 1 second of invulnerability. Cooldown increased to 25 seconds.
-Leopard's Hide: Health restored from skills outside of Leopard's tree apply at half the rate up to 5% of maximum life restored.
-Macho Slam: Animation can be cancelled with Leopard's Paw, Thunder Dash, and Three-Point Pounce.
-Bro Attack: % chance to summon a leopard reduced by half for skills outside of Leopard's tree. Bosses no longer immune. % chance of summoning a leopard against bosses reduced to 1/3rd of the original value for skills outside Leopard's tree.
-Leopard's Roar: Damage decreased to 300%. Number of attacks increased to 3. Increases the number of attacks from Leopard's paw and Leopard's Pounce by 1. Upon skill activation, Three-Point Pounce comes off of cooldown.
-Deadly Fangs: Activates at half value rounded down (2% with base value of 4%. 1% otherwise) for skills belonging to other animals.
-Party Time: Cast delay reduced to 200 milliseconds. Animation sped up by 30%.
-Formation Attack: Damage increased to 100%. Number of enemies hit: 8. Number of Attacks: 4. Enemies hit with formation attack are marked. Marked enemies release bird seekers on death which fly out and seek other targets. Bird seeker damage: 100%. Number of attacks: 1. Number of birds: 3. Can now be used while flying.
-Fly: Duration increased to 60 seconds. Cooldown activates when flight is disengaged. Cooldown decreased to 10 seconds. No active skill outside of bird's tree may be performed during Flight.
-Defensive Formation: Can now penetrate boss armor. Damage increased to 150%. Increases damage from bird seekers spawned by Formation Attack's debuff by 50%.
-Feather Cloak: Allows Beast Tamer to perform a dash while flying. Each enemy hit while dashing spawns 1 bird seeker (damage of bird seekers equal to the ones from formation attack.) Damage: 200%. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Now increases max speed and jump by 5 (1 point every 3 levels in this skill.) Can only be used while in Flight (shorter distance than Fly's double tap boosting.)
-Raptor Talons: Now passive.
-Baby Bombers: Damage decreased to 200%. Number of attacks increased to 6. Increases the duration of Fly by 1 second every 5th attack. Decreases the next Cooldown of Fly by 1 second every 10th attack. Fly's duration is refreshed if attack is used 50 times without disengaging flight. The cooldown reduction is also reset when the duration is refreshed. Does not interrupt use of Formation Attack. Now has a node.
-Bird's-Eye View: Now grants +15% crit damage. (When stacked with Sharp Eyes, only the highest bonus will take effect.)
-Razor Beak: Duration increased to 450 seconds.
-Feather Boots: Increases duration of Fly by 30 seconds. Reduces cooldown of Fly by 5 seconds.
-Tornado Flight: Attack stays in place once skill button is released until the end of its duration.
-Friend Launcher: Increases damage of party members struck by 10% for 8 seconds. Increases Gold Card's chance by 5% the next time Meow Card is used per attack which successfully strikes an enemy. Decreases the remaining cooldown of Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg by 1 second per attack which successfully strikes an enemy.
-Purr-Powered: HP Recovery: 100 per 4 seconds changed to HP Recovery: 5% per 4 seconds.
-Meow Heal: HP recovered: 50%. Each party member healed now recovers your HP by the recovery % from Purr-Powered.
-Purr Zone: Friends Healed: 300 changed to Friend Healed: 5% per second. Cooldown decreased to 11 seconds. Healing effects from Purr Zone stack up to two times.
-Meow Card: Blue card changed to 5% damage reduction. Blue card's duration decreased to 30 seconds. (Looking for suggestions on alternative effects for blue card. Not satisfied with how overpowering this damage reduction might be.)
-Friend Launcher - Enhancer: Now increases attack speed of Friend Launcher by one. Increases damage bonus buff applied to party members by 15% (1% per level. Brings the total buff to 25%.) Decreases the remaining cooldown of Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg by an additional second per attack (maximum of 2 seconds per attack.)
-Meow Gold Card: Chance increased to 40%. Blue card's effects retain full effectiveness for the duration of Gold Card.
-Friends of Arby: Party EXP increased to 50%.
-Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg: Whatever bug this skill has is fixed. Now successfully applies 1 attack per attack delivered by party members. Cooldown decreased to 80 seconds.
Hyper Skills:
-Group Bear Blaster: Animation sped up by 80%. Cast delay reduced to 200 milliseconds. Now provides an additional effect for each final skill invested in from each of the animal's trees. If invested in Table Flip, Group Bear Blaster provides 3 seconds of invulnerability (1 second if Table Flip is level 1, 2 seconds if Table Flip is level 6, 3 seconds if Table Flip is level 10.) If invested in Party Time, one cub is summoned for every 2 points invested (5 cubs at level 10) at a random enemy on the field for 20 seconds. If invested in Tornado Flight, all enemies hit become marked with Formation Attack's debuff and 1 bird seeker is spawned for every point invested in Tornado Flight (10 birds at level 10 Tornado Flight.) If invested in Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg, the party receives a buff which reduces damage taken by 5% (1% for every two levels invested) and restores HP by 10% per second (1% for every level invested) for 10 seconds.
Fifth Job:
-Champ Charge: Skill now completes itself without needed input after the initial directional input.
*Core skills: (the change below is highly experimental and theoretical. It's only listed here for conversational purposes if Beast Tamer’s power ends up being short after the proposed changes) :
-*Growth Spurt: +1% Final Damage every 5 levels up to level 150. This change is only suggested if Beast Tamer still requires more power after the changes listed above. The total Final Damage provided by this change is 30%.
-Blue card may be overpowered despite the duration for the buff by itself being lowered to 30 seconds. I Would like input and alternative suggestions for other buffs to replace blue card's effect.
-Each animal is purposely given flaws to break up fluidity across animal modes and encourage using one over another.
-Bear continues to be slow by itself. Furious Strikes continues to lock Beast Tamer in place and Fishy Slap retains a hefty 8 second cooldown.
-Leopard skills can’t animation cancel other animal’s skills and forces movement for its attacks when the player might not want to move.
-Hawk’s Formation Attack is the only skill which can be used outside of flight. Other animal’s skills can’t be used during flight.
-Full usefulness of Cat requires giving up DPS options from other animals to charge support skills to full effectiveness. Meow Card is purposely left at a low duration to encourage rolling skill duration (and thus sacrificing power.)
-Beast Tamer's SP budget means not all passives or skills can be taken at once. Maxing out an animal's tree costs 280 SP points in total (Hawk's tree costs 281 to max out.) Players will have to budget carefully to design the type of Beast Tamer they'd like to play.
-Conversely, each animal now fits into its intended mold.
-Despite Bear continuing to be slow, Furious Strikes can now be used independently from Paw Swipe allowing the skill to start up and disengage quicker and Fishy Slap allows a slow movement option during its duration (with Hawk bonuses, movement speed during Fishy Slap can only be increased to a maximum of 97, up from the base of 50. This requires a Beast Tamer to invest to the bottom of Hawk's tree.)
-Leopard is now useful for mobbing, but the forced movement makes it unwise for use in bosses, deals less lines than bear overall, and the power doesn't quite surpass bear's. Also the class now has an easier time comboing with its skills, but not with skills from other animals.
-Hawk is now useful. The power is definitely below Bear and Leopard's (baby bombers applies an attack about once per second) however the added bird seeker utility indirectly helps make up for the power gap. Also, using the bird seeker's utility requires letting up on DPS skills from other animals. Baby Bombers is one of the most unique mobbing skills in the game. It would be a shame not to make it useful. Flight can now be maintained indefinitely but it requires usage of other skills in Hawk's tree.
-Cat's useless healing abilities are now useful. The overall dps support of Cat's tree is improved for party members, but not for Beast Tamer herself. Cat's power is still weak and that's a good thing since mode swapping is removed and the focus of cat has changed to using Cat skills to improve its own support skills.
-Beast Tamer is still limited by 593 SP to allocate into skills, but removing mode swapping makes the class more modular. It's impossible to take all core damage passives with the points allotted. Striving to take as many damage passives as possible also means sacrificing other key skills.
-Continuing with the modular theme, getting the most out of Fishy Slap's ability means investing to the bottom of Hawk's tree which means potentially sacrificing support from cat's tree or mobbing from Leopard's tree. Investing to the bottom of Cat's tree means sacrificing investment in the beahawk Fishy Slap combo. I'm interested to see what other type of modular combinations exist in this iteration of Beast Tamer. Feel free to talk about what you can come up with in the comments!
-Leopard's dash, a utility which could formerly only be used in Leopard mode, is now available for use provided the player has invested in this skill. Hawk, while in flight, can't use this skill so feather cloak, a skill which currently does absolutely nothing thanks to changes in V patch, was re-purposed to fulfill this function while in Flight since Fly lacks aerial control. Fly has a double tap dash, but the distance is extreme. Feather Cloak now provides a compromise with a cooldown.
-Group Bear Blaster's retooling was due to the skill being an exact replica of both Bear and Leopard's ultimate skills (neither of which were worth creating a hyper from.) The change also encourages Beast Tamers to invest more points to reach the end of an animal's tree and rewards Beast Tamers with an additional effect playing to the strength of that animal when using their hyper.
-Some skills require over-investing in previous tiers to reach later tiers even if none of the skills in previous tiers were wanted. This flaw was purposely left alone to add weight to skill allocation.
-Paw Swipe now rewards Beast Tamer for using the pre-existing playstyle. Furious Strikes can now be used independently of Paw Swipe to cut to the DPS right away.
-Replacing Deep Breath's node with Furious Strikes was a no-brainer. Really Deep Breath's node made Deep Breath's node useless. This replacement also meant preventing Paw Swipe's node from affecting Furious Strikes.
-Several of Leopard's passives were nerfed for effectiveness with other animal's skills. The effectiveness of these passives retain full effectiveness with Leopard's skills, however.
-Hawk now generates swarms of baby birds to attack enemies. This effect is only effective while in flight which disables use of other animals. I'd like more input on how this version of Hawk is balanced. It's difficult to tell if the power of this iteration of Hawk is balanced since we're scaling up a class which formerly did 6% damage from one of its skills. Yeah. For reference, Formation Attack is a very slow hurricane, defensive formation attacks one target at a time (about once per second) and Baby Bombers also attacks about once per second.
-Friend Launcher is now useful whereas before it wasn't useful in any situation, even as an attack. To make up for this, it was given party damage utility and given methods of increasing party utility of other support skills. This way, Cat's overall utility could be increased without heavily impacting the existing playstyle (without using Friend Launcher, Cat's support skills will still be lackluster like before.) The HP recovery skills have been boosted to be relevant.
-On the concept of keystones: Each mode has what I like to refer to as a keystone. A keystone is a skill which generates a large impact for the class as a whole, but you also have to invest resources to obtain. In Hawk, that keystone would be Raptor Talons which makes attacks from all animals inflict bleed at a 70% chance at max level (14% at level 1.) However, obtaining the skill requires 145 points plus 14 more points to max it out. In Bear mode, the keystone would be Bear Reborn which requires an investment of 176 points plus 9 points to max out. In Cat mode, the keystone is Meow Gold Card which requires an investment of 148 points plus 14 points to max out. Leopard has three keystones: Leopard Hide, Bro Attack, and Deadly Fangs so I nerfed the effectiveness for these skills outside of Leopard, but it's still going to require 129 points plus 14 more to reach and max out the last keystone.
-Obviously no Beast Tamer can have all these "keystones" at once. In fact, most setups will only allow for two keystones (assuming all of Leopard's keystones are taken as a set.) Fort Follow-up is almost a keystone, but unlike Bro Attack, it doesn't put down turrets all over the field and the effect was nerfed for skills outside of Bear.
-The Leafre Codex grants additional skill points in each invested skill. This, and any other effect which supplies the same buff, can be used to allocate extra points in other skills.
===Closing Remarks===
This version of Beast Tamer is far more modular than before. I can see debate over whether to invest in Hawk over Leopard, but Hawk's power output is still below Leopard's. Regardless, Hawk is far more useful now and at the very least there's reason to invest for speed and mobility. Cat's support skills require time investment over other skills to elevate their usefulness. Bear is still slow, but far more functional than before, and the misgivings still present can be made up for depending on investments in other trees. Leopard is now a good mobber competing with Bear, but the forced movement means it's difficult to boss with. No matter the circumstance, no Beast Tamer can have it all so the player will have to choose carefully what type of Beast Tamer they'd like to play.
Despite the changes, I still believe the damage output of Beast Tamer will be lacking. If so, Beast Tamer's beginner skill Growth Spurt, a skill designed to scale stronger over time, can be increased to compensate. All in all, Beast Tamer is now more fluid and mechanically capable than before but retains several flaws depending which trees she invests in.
I look forward to hearing input on these suggested changes and what is or isn't a good idea. How strong do you believe Beast Tamer would be if she were changed like this? Is Hawk too powerful or still not strong enough? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!~
Below is information for point allocation costs to help simulate Beast Tamer builds.
===point costs for core damage buffs per mode (for build simulations)===
Beast Tamer has 593 SP to spend. Some of these points must be invested in previous tiers to be invested in later tiers.
-Well Fed:
Level 1: Passive Effect: Max HP: +10%, INT: +5 / 16 points.
Level 10: Passive Effect: Max HP: +50%, INT: +50 / 26 points.
-Dumb Luck:
Level 1: Passive Effect: Stance Chance +32%, DEF: +87 / 25 points.
Level 10: Passive Effect: Stance Chance +95%, DEF: +150 / 35 points.
-Defense Ignorance:
Level 1: Passive Effect: Enemy DEF Ignored: 2%, Attack Speed: +1 / 63 points.
Level 15: Passive Effect: Enemy DEF Ignored: 30%, Attack Speed: +2 / 78 points.
-Bear Strength:
Level 1: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +18%, Critical Minimum Damge: +12%, Critical Maximum Damage: +12%, Magic ATT: +1 / 94 points.
Level 15: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +60%, Critical Minimum Damge: +40%, Critical Maximum Damage: +40%, Magic ATT: +15 / 109 points.
-Fort the Brave:
Level 1: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +1% / 131 points.
Level 20: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +10% / 150 points.
Rippling Feline Muscles:
Level 1: Magic ATT: +21, INT: +21, Speed: +7, Jump: +1 / 40 points
Level 15: Magic ATT: +35, INT: +35, Speed: +35, Jump: +6 / 54 points
Leopard Reflexes:
Level 1: Increases Attack Speed, Magic ATT: +1%, Accuracy: +45, Avoidability: +40, Mob DEF Ignored: +6%. / 150 points.
Level 10: Increases Attack Speed, Magic ATT: +6%, Accuracy: +450, Avoidability: +400, Mob DEF Ignored: +60%. / 159 points.
Raptor Talons:
Level 1: MP Cost: 200, Duration: 30 sec, Magic ATT: +4, Cooldown: 86 sec. Bleed Chance: 14%, Bleed Damage: 190% per sec, Bleed Duration: 1 sec. / 83 points.
Level 15: MP Cost: 200, Duration: 30 sec, Magic ATT: +60, Cooldown: 30 sec. Bleed Chance: 70%, Bleed Damage: 190% per sec, Bleed Duration: 6 sec. / 97 points.
Bird's-Eye View (new version):
Level 1: MP Cost: 150, Duration: 30 Sec., Critical Rate: +1%, Critical Damage +1%, Weapon DEF: +25, Magic Defense: +25, / 127 points
Level 15: MP Cost: 300, Duration: 450 Sec., Critical Rate: +8%, Critical Damage +15%, Weapon DEF: +375, Magic Defense: +375, / 141 points
Razor Beak (new version):
Level 1: MP Cost: 15, Weapon ATT: +1, Magic ATT: +1, Duration: ?? sec / 146 points
Level 15: MP Cost: 22, Weapon ATT: +22, Magic ATT: +22, Duration: 450 sec / 160 points
Cat Wit:
Level 1: Passive Effect – INT: +10 / 1 point.
Level 10: Passive Effect – INT: +100 / 10 points.
Kitty Battle Squadron:
Level 1: Passive Effects: ATT/Magic ATT: +21 / 9 points.
Level 15: Passive Effects: ATT/Magic ATT: +35 / 23 points.
Cat's Claws:
Level 1: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +11%, Min Critical Damage: +1% / 61 points.
Level 20: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +30%, Min Critical Damage: +10% / 80 points.
Meow Card:
Level 1: MP Cost: 285, Red Card (Damage: +11%) Blue Card (DEF: +105) Yellow Card (Attack Speed: +1, Speed: +1) Buff Duration: 63 Sec, Cooldown: 40 Sec / 96 points.
Level 20: MP Cost: 0, Red Card (Damage: +30%) Blue Card (DEF: +200) Yellow Card (Attack Speed: +2, Speed: +20) Buff Duration: 120 Sec, Cooldown: 30 Sec / 115 points.
Mouser's Insight:
Level 1: DEF Ignored: 1% / 114 points.
Level 20: DEF Ignored: 20% 133 points.
Meow Gold Card (Due to what it does. Subtract this from the number of damage suppliers, but add it to the number of buffs available. This one's just that different.) :
Level 1: MP Cost: 285, Gold Card Chance: 16% / 148 points.
Level 15: MP Cost: 75, Gold Card Chance: 40% / 162 points.
Investing in all these skills costs 596 SP. Doing so means sacrificing any and all skills which come later in their respective trees.
All suggestions in this changelog are subject to change upon further testing and input. Such is the life of theorycrafting.
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