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FanFic Friday: LizMikaelson aka @liz_mikaelson & saltziepark aka @blckmaqic (posie/hizzie/henelope)

Welcome to a new installment of FanFic Friday!
We ask that you be respectful when engaging with these posts. These writers are kind enough to share their work with us so if you see fit to be hateful you will be reprimanded accordingly. Please feel free to leave any feedback/comments both here in this post and in the replies of the fanfic itself.
If you have a writer you'd like to be featured, or are a writer yourself and want to be featured, please contact either u/deadphlaarb or u/LividSupergirl via reddit or twitter and we'll reach out to said writer.
On today's installment we are featuring two writers, LizMikaelson aka @liz_mikaelson and saltziepark aka @blckmaqic. They write for a variety of wlw legacies ships and below you will find three of their fics for your enjoyment.
They will also be in the comments of this post for an AMA to answer any questions you may have, about these work or any of their other work, under the reddit username u/alexandlizwrite. A reminder to please be respectful, as they are taking time out of their day to engage with you and if you abuse this privilege you will be reprimanded accordingly. Happy reading!

between the devil (and the deep blue sea)
Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23176828/chapters/55475962
Ship: posie & hizzie
Genre: Canon divergence
Rating: Mature
Length: 43,137 words
Status: In progress
Summary: Hope goes missing, the Super Squad needs help and Josie is absolutely not going to fall in love with Penelope Park again. Nope. Definitely not.
Excerpt: “They’re slowing us down before we can get to Hope. That Hollow bitch is working with Malivore - that’s the only thing that explains the connection to the hobbit and these fucking monsters. We should have left you in the Shire, Frodo,” Lizzie spits the words at Landon, jabbing a finger at his chest that has Alaric stepping between the phoenix and his daughter.
“Hey, hey! Easy! We leave no one behind, Elizabeth,” Alaric nearly yells. Lizzie’s voice is lost in her throat as she looks at her dad with narrowed eyes. She’s silent for a few moments before groaning, snatching the keys out of his hand with a “whatever” thrown over her shoulder.
Penelope has her hand over her mouth, choking back laughter that is threatening to spill forward. Josie smacks Penelope lightly on the arm and the witch has the audacity to look slightly admonished.
Landon just looks confused, rubbing the back of his head, and maybe they would be better off leaving him here for Dorian to come to pick up.
“Well, come on!” Lizzie calls back to the group when she’s made it to the car, honking the horn loudly.
“I should have been recording that for Hope,” Penelope muses as they walk back to the car, Lizzie leaning into the horn in the driver’s seat. Josie glares at her, her mouth open.
“Lizzie and Landon fighting?”
“Lizzie turning into the queen of rage to bring Hope home. Fighting for her,” Penelope adds, almost as an afterthought, before leading Josie to the car.
As she gets in, Josie thinks about the people who fought for her.
Her dad, creating a safe place for them against all odds.
Her mom, traveling the world all her life to save them.
Hope, braving the depths of her mind to rescue her.
Lizzie, risking certain death to bring her back.
And Penelope, who’d claimed to be selfish and fought so selflessly for her. But that had been a year ago and now, now she isn’t sure if Penelope has the fight left in her, anymore.

the point of no return
Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24372760/chapters/58782214
Ship: henelope
Genre: Fake dating / PWP
Rating: Mature
Length: 22,663 words
Status: Complete
Summary: Because with everyone else, Hope gives and gives and gives, but with Penelope, Hope takes and takes and takes and there’s something poetic about that, Penelope thinks.
Excerpt: “The whole school thinks we’re dating,” Hope greets, slamming the door to Penelope’s room open hours later, “after your little stunt. Josie just gave me something resembling her blessing.”
For a moment, emotion flickers over Penelope’s face before she schools her features. “Did it, or did it not, get the immortal rooster off your back?”
“It did,” Hope sighs, “and it got everyone else on my back.”
Penelope raises her hands in faux-apology sitting up on her bed, her back to her headboard. “You asked for help.”
“Well, that “help” ended in being cornered by Josie. Who is - and I’m quoting, ´very surprised but happy for us as long as we’re happy.´”
“That’s not too bad,” Penelope offers.
“She looked like I killed her puppy, Penelope.”
“You could have told her we’re not dating,” Penelope offers. “Josie’s smarter than everyone thinks she is, which you know.”
“One of the witches saw us leaving the library last week,” and alright, maybe they’d been a bit too caught up in each other to notice anything else that day, but Penelope must have taken out stock in a skirt company because that seemed to be all she was wearing these days. “And I didn’t think telling her that we’re just fucking would make her feel any better.”
Penelope sighs, stretching out on the bed, choosing her words. “So let’s pretend to date. A week, maybe two. It will keep Landon off of your back, we can stage a breakup, everything goes back to normal and you can sweep birdboy off of his feet and return to your compulsory heterosexual life.”
“My life isn’t - you do know that - I don’t even know if I want - whatever,” Hope finishes, crossing her arms over her chest.
“How do you want to proceed, Mikaelson?” Penelope props herself up on her elbows, bored of the conversation but wanting to keep Hope in her room as long as she could.
“What do you get out of it?” Hope asks, tilting her head to the side to watch the witch.
“I was happy with just the meaningless sex,” and something within Hope shatters at the word meaningless but she tries not to let it bother her as Penelope continues, “but consider this my one good deed of the year.”

come back, baby (home to me now)
Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18156251/chapters/42935033
Ship: posie & hizzie
Genre: Canon divergence
Rating: Mature
Length: 21,000 words
Status: Complete
Summary: Hope and Lizzie embark on a journey to get the girl back. It doesn't go as planned.
Excerpt: She distracts herself with books she bought, tries not to look to her left, where Hope is driving and humming along to the music, her fingers tapping on the wheel.
Tries not to get distracted by the way Hope smiles at her, bites her lip a little when she glances over.
They stop after six hours, splurge on coffee and she drinks her cappuccino. And she feels tired, drained, and utterly exhausted.
It’s when they’re almost done and she’s tossed her cup that Hope comes closer. “Hold still,” she says, swipes her thumb over the corner of Lizzie’s mouth, says, “you had a little milk there.”
And all that is left for her to do is pray that Hope’s super-hearing cannot pick up on the way her heart rate accelerates.
“There you go, all better,” Hope adds and she is almost certain that Hope is full on smirking at her as she walks of to the bathroom.
She’s frozen in place. What the fuck is going on here? She’s only broken out of her trance when she hears quiet chuckling next to her and spins around. “Penelope Park. What the hell did you do?”
“Nothing,” Penelope claims with what she guesses is supposed to be an innocent smile. There’s nothing innocent about it.
“Try again.”
“I merely pointed out that throwing phones is not how friends usually respond to their friends being in danger.”
“Stay out of my life, Penelope.”
Josie pulls out her earbuds, stares at them. “I thought you guys stopped fighting.”
“We’ve stopped fighting about you,” Lizzie mutters. “And Penelope’s just agreed to stay out of my life.” Josie plugs her earplugs back in and Lizzie finds herself smirking. “Besides, Josie has dibs.”
She watches the expression on Penelope’s face. It’s the first fun she’s had today. “Josie does not need dibs,” Penelope breathes out.
Lizzie tilts her head. “You look pissed off, Penny.”
“Don’t Penny me.”
“Don’t look at me. I’m not the one who set a fire to call dibs.”
Okay, so maybe she is a terrible sister sometimes.
submitted by LividSupergirl to LegaciesCW


An American startup that is 90% similar to mine just emerged this year, due to lack of funding in a third world country, I couldn't get to market earlier

Some important things you need to know first:
- I had a 4 year head-start
- I launched twice
- I have applied to a lot of accelerators, including Y-combinator which I applied thrice. I have also reached out to potential investors and prominent leaders in my project's industry to no avail
- I'm not claiming they stole my idea, this is not a complaint but an open discussion on what I could do next
- My location is part of the problem partially, just at the wrong place at the wrong time
- I'm uncomfortable revealing the industry I'm working in at the moment so I won't name the startups

I started working on a project 4 years ago and built an MVP for it, my years were spent looking for co-founders, a team, and most importantly, investors. I got non of them, it was either promises that went nowhere or no replies at all. As a single founder, I knew it would be hard to bring someone on board with the situation in our country, the idea excited them but not enough for them to put in the hard work or money.
You must be wondering, maybe it was a terrible idea? My spirit was broken multiple times but I knew it had value. You may also think I should've looked for the first users since I built it already. Well it isn't that easy, the project's particular industry requires a workforce behind it, think of it as Uber if it launched without on-boarding drivers or with no drivers at all.
I don't know how to say this without sounding like a pompous douchebag but I blame my country or people whichever way you put it for one reason, the lack of vision. The people I met almost always said the same thing, "We aren't ready for that", "This is complicated" etc.. I take part in the blame because I believe I didn't explain it well or sell it good enough. I noticed my shortcomings and worked on it. Years of iteration (for 1 user, me) currently gives me hope in beating this competition that doesn't even know I exist. I believe I have gained experience by studying the idea, doing surveys, iterating, and by launching twice, both times giving me promising metrics but not being able to sustain it due to the reasons I stated above, a team.
This year I just found a way to launch without any help, self-funded and community-driven, and then I see it, there it was on Product Hunt, by 2 founders. The feedback was amazing, for me I took them all personally without question, I was actually happy because this is something I really wanted to exist, and here it is, backed by investors and funded with 7 figures. This also validated my idea in a way and I couldn't be more happier for them.
If I had a lawyer, I know they would stop me from doing what I'd do next, but I still went with it. I emailed them to congratulate them and imply that I had something similar and would love to share my findings/research, they actually have a position open for a Lead who they'd love to have to bring in their ideas. I requested for a shot at that position too. It was in Silicon Valley so maybe this COVID situation would let me be considered for remote work too. That's what I told my self, that's what I did.
It's been over 3 weeks now and both founders haven't replied, I have mail tracking so just one of them opened my email.
I didn't disclose my findings or links nor did I tell them to lawyer up, I offered help and a consideration for a position which I believe I could do good in. I explained in the email that I understand there might be legal issues but I'm happy to cooperate.

Some questions you might ask:
- Is the idea behind the product that common?
No, almost everyone in the industry misses it, I don't think it's worthless either, just that the current model is working well and I believe it shouldn't be that way. I'm a strong believer at this as a user, the other startup's vision is also the same, they believe there is a standard to set and they did it.
- Why don't you just launch this last version?
That's why I'm here, I'm afraid am being delusional and just need a few voices of reasoning
- Is there a patent on it
Mine? no. Theirs? I don't think there is, I searched for it on U.S patent databases and I don't think it's could be deemed as intellectual property in the first place, I could be ignorant about this I really haven't sought legal counselling

Please do ask questions, I'd love to answer.

TLDR: My startup failed after 2 launches and another one with resources and workforce that I don't have just launched right before I wanted to launch a third, final time

Edit: The other startup is behind a paywall and only limited to the iPhone, mine is free to the users and has a model similar to reddit gold where the content is free but you could still support it. It is also available across all platforms
submitted by nocturnalbreadwinner to startups