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A Rather Thorough Guide to QAnon, written by an independant observer

Hello fellow souls stuck in the matrix! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share and participate on this board, miss ya’ll. I’m back to share an investigation of mine which I consider to be of critical importance, on a controversial subject: QAnon.
If you are hearing this name for the first time, here is QAnon summed up in one sentence: A poster on the anonymous message board 8chan who claims to be a Top Secret clearance Military Intelligence officer (or group of officers) working with Donald Trump to unroot, expose and incarcerate a collective of powerful Satan worshippers, including names like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, who have been in control of most word governments and human/child trafficking rings, for quite some time.
So it is completely understandable why so many people have such an extreme reaction to QAnon, whether it be positive or negative. Large portions of the country are being radicalized into loyal Trump supporters and preparing for conflict , while the mainstram media completely disrespects any possibility that the phenomenon has substance, running headlines such as QAnon: Everything you need to know about this crazy, pro-Trump conspiracy theory. To put it simply, the spread of QAnon and the subsequent reaction has already caused already deep societal divisions to become unreconcilable, and therefore this is a subject we all must take seriously and be as informed as possible in order to reach the most valid conclusions.
I have taken it upon myself to read everything QAnon has written, and to investigate each of their claims. I haven’t finished everything quite yet, hence the title being “A Rather Thorough Guide” instead of “A Complete Guide”, but hundreds of hours of research to this point has made me somewhat of an expert, able to paint a clear picture of what exactly is going on. With possible election shenanigans coming up it is time to share Version I. I ask each reader to please suspend any biases and emotions you may have already developed, until after reviewing all of the important information I have collected here. This way the deepest understandings can be obtained and the most rational, productive conversation can be had in the comments. I have written this guide to be as unbiased as possible, until the last section where my personal thoughts are unleashed.
Many may be thinking at this point, “Is QAnon even real?” Indeed, the idea that Q is a basement LARPer (Live Action Role Player) or the founder of 8chan have been circulating on this website but are without substance.
Allow me to make a bold statement that will be validated by the end of this investigation: QAnon is very real, although not necessarily who they say they are. A complete review of the facts leaves three possible conclusions to come to. They are:
* Q is telling the truth. They are a group of White Hats (aka good guys) working with Trump to free humanity from darkness, featuring the US Military as arbiters of justice. * Q is a psychological operation designed to generate widespread grassroot support for an upcoming fascist coup by Trump * Q is a psychological operation designed by the same evil cabal they claim to fight, with a goal of civil war in the United States in order to advance their agenda of control of humanity and our consciousness. 
I urge each reader who doesn’t already have a serious attraction to the magnetism of any of these three points to evaluate all of the information through each lens and come to your own conclusion.
The information is organized into two segments, “The World of QAnon” and “QProofs”. In the first section includes the worldview, deep politics, the battle of good & evil they allege is being fought, and the rhetoric they use to develop an incredible amount of passion in their followers. The second section is a series of proofs, ranging from interesting coincidences to cryptic predictions come true, which followers use to claim the validity and veracity of Q.
The World of Q
In a popular QAnon post compilation called “Calm Before the Storm” PDF Link here 25mb, the first piece of information they give to the reader is a tweet by Donald Trump with a picture of himself on AF1 surrounded by his advisors (10 days after QAnon first posted). TWEET
The file name, which are supposed to be randomly generated by Twitter algorithm, begins with the letters DOITQ, and a Q can be roughly drawn over the thumbs up symbols on display by the subjects of the pic.
Ok so that’s… kind of interesting but not proof of anything. I’m not sure what kind of impact that would have on someone investigating Q for the first time. Especially if armed with the knowledge that many of Q’s predictions have failed to pass, including their very first post which claimed that Hilary Clinton would be arrested Nov 3, 2017.
But it raises some questions… If Q is real, why would Trump be cryptically communicating about it through twitter? What is Q supposed to ‘do’? After all, superimposing a Q over some hands is pretty meaningless without context, so lets put some meaning behind the madness.
First, read these excerpts: (Download the PDF above and ctrl+f the number given to see the full post)
Was Trump asked to run for president? Why? By Who? (147433975)
Why does POTUS surround himself with generals? What is Military Intelligence? Why go around the Three Letter Agencies? (147023341)
Many in our govt worship Satan (147104628)
Most of Q’s posts are formatted as questions intended to elicit a specific response or understanding. Many have an implied answer, and many times a question will provide an answer to a previous question. Using a few simple questions, these excerpts reveal quite a bit, the entire basis of Q’s motivation.
The implication is that Military Intelligence asked Donald Trump to run for president, in order to undertake an agenda opposed by agencies such as the FBI and CIA, in order to target those who worship Satan.
(Slight digression, do you think that Military Intelligence backing Trump might explain his perfectly executed election victory by getting just the right votes in just the right places?)
Q refers to their team of alleged good guys as “Wizards and Warlocks”, and uses extreme rhetoric to make a point.
POTUS is our savior Pray Operators are active We are at war (148183670)
It is clear that QAnon is describing an epic battle with spiritual implications, with Trump and the US Military fighting for the side of good against literally Satanic evil.
So what is the plan?
Key: Military Intelligence v FBI CIA NSA No approval or congressional oversight State secrets upheld under SC (Supreme Court) Who is the Commander in Chief of the military? Under what article can the president impose MI (Military Intelligence) take over investigations for the 3 letter agencies? Now think about why antifa plays right into the plan? Always ahead. Good guys are winning. (147175452) Military Intelligence What is ‘State Secrets’ and how upheld under SC What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies? What must occur to allow for civilian trials? Why is this relevant? (147433475)
Focus on the power of POTUS as it relates to the marines. How can MI be applied to prosecute bad actors and avoid corrupt agencies and judges? (147440171)
The whole plan is implied in these excerpts. The ultimate goal is marshal law with military intelligence taking control of all investigations from domestic agencies, and using military tribunals to prosecute citizens as enemies of the state. Marines will allegedly execute the arrests of high profile targets. “Antifa” will be bated into generating levels of civil unrest necessary to declare a state of emergency and legalize this massive shift of power directly into the hands of Donald Trump.
And according to QAnon, there are incredible events going on behind the scenes to make this happen. Their posts on Saudi Arabia are an excellent example of the savvy and foresighted deep state politics.
Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin etc. are all controlled by three families (the 4th was removed post-Trump’s victory= (147434025 Oct 30, 2017)
Get the popcorn, Friday and Saturday will deliver on a MAGA promise. POTUS knows he must clean house (gov’t) in order to ‘free up’ and demonstrate who has authority. (147437247 Oct 31, 2017)
How did SA (Saudi Arabia) welcome POTUS during his trip? Why was this historic and not covered by the MSM? How did SA welcome BO (Barack Obama) during his trip? How did SA welcome HRC during her trip? Why is this relevant? Not suggesting SA is clean by any means but they play a role in this global game of risk Combine all posts and analyze (147664082)
Just a couple days after these cryptic posts, on November 4th (a Saturday) news broke of the “Saudi Purge”.
One news headline read:
Saudi Arabia Signals Pending Power Shift with Mass Arrests
With the subtitle: “Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince detained dozens in a broad anti-corruption crackdown over the weekend — surprising the global financial community and raising questions about what happens next.”
Many powerful and important princes were ousted from their positions, including Citibank and Twitter investor Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, who had influence in the Obama and Bush administrations.
Definitely an interesting coincidence: QAnon begins to talk about Saudi Arabia just a couple of days before the purge, and mentioned that a powerful family was just taken out. A purge is the very definition of “cleaning house”. Whether you think it is a legitimate connection or not, this series of events definitely helped Q gain a lot of followers and trust early on.
According to Q, everything has meaning, and the greeting that Donald Trump received but not his rivals, a ritual sword dance, was symbolism of welcoming the leader in a way that recognized his fight against the satanic cabal.
The Saudi Arabia case study illuminates the following concepts: *Q’s ability to demonstrate foreknowledge of events, albeit cryptically *Validating the assertion that world events are reflections of power struggles going on behind the scenes *The enemies of Q are mostly well known names such as Soros, Clintons, Obama.
Speaking of Q’s enemies, lets take a look at another fascinating string of coincidences involving the Rothschilds
Distress cal[L]s to others will [d]o you/family no good at this stage. We know whe[R]e you/the family are at all times and can hear you breathing. (149262582 Nov 13, 2017)
Conf_D-TT_v891_0600_yes _green1_0600Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1] Yes Godspeed (149490950 Nov 14, 2017)
The community quickly identified LdR as Lynn de Rothschild, and the ‘stringer’ as a coded message to an operator to undertake a mission. In a truly astounding ‘coincidence’, on Nov 17 there was a strange crash between a helicopter and a Cesna plane over a Rothschild mansion that killed 4.
HEADLINE: Helicopter pilot, 32, died in mid-air collision alongside three others after a plane ‘suddenly dropped in height’ over Rothschild’s estate
One person killed in the crash was a former Captain in the army named Mike Green. So we have some astounding coincidences here: Q threatens Lynn de Rothschild right before a deadly crash at a Rothschild estate, and the inclusion of ‘Green’ and ‘Sky’ in a stringer when the crash killed Capt. Green as their helicopter fell from the sky. What are the chances?
According to Q, what kind of group do the names they mention belong to, how do they operate, and what is their endgame?
The pedo networks are being dismantled The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other third world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody) We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil. (147452214)
Remember, the FBI and MI have an open investigation into the CF (Clinton Foundation). Why did Comey drop this? Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis? How many kids disappeared? How much money sent to CF under guise of H relief went to H? What countries donated big money to CF and why? How much was owed by accepting? When she lost how would this be repaid? What did Obama do with cash just prior to leaving office? Repayment to those who donated for favors/access? (147173287)
In this passage, QAnon reveals the alleged workings of the Cabal. Major players such as Soros and Clinton have “charitable” foundations which are actually fronts for criminal activity. Specifically, Q accuses Hillary Clinton of exploiting the Haiti earthquake disaster by pocketing donations or accepting in exchange for political favors, and by running child abduction rings to traffic the kids around the world. Q gives a compelling, or at least consistent, reason for a $1.8 billion cash payment made to Iran, that it was to repay money when Hilary lost the election.
Why did Soros donate all his money recently? Why would he place all his funds in an RC?
Here is another example of QAnon claiming registered charities to be fraudulent, this time implying that Soros is moving his money so it cannot be seized under emergency powers that Trump will eventually activate.
George Soros Transfers Billions to Open Society Foundations
An executive order by Trump a couple months later got followers really excited:
Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
At this point, even if you think everything is a lie, its become obvious at just how good QAnon is at giving alternative explanations for news events that consistently reinforce the concept of a war going on between power structures behind the scenes.
One major crime that QAnon accuses the cabal of having undertaken, which reveals the depth of struggle and depravity of the alleged crimes, is the transfer of Uranium from the US to Iran/North Korea under the Obama administration.
How did NK obtain uranium? How did Iran obtain uranium? Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran? Why the cash component? Was the hostage component a cover? for what? (147642680)
How did NK suddenly have miniaturized nukes upon POTUS taking office? (146127)
U1-CA-EU-ASIA-IRAN/NK (150512900)
QAnon is accusing powerful people of some very serious crimes. Literally some of the worst crimes possible, in fact: abducting children to sell into sexual slavery, and promote nuclear war by selling components to unstable actors.
QAnon then went real deep into the rabbit hole with North Korea.
NK is not being run by Kim, he is an actor in the play. (147452214)
They later go on to elaborate that NK is not even a real country as portrayed by the media, but a mostly empty base for the Cabal. Allegedly, Trump ‘cut the strings’ of Kim during the peace negotiations. Followers claim that the eerie pyramid tower in Pyongyang, which was never officially finished or opened, serves as a headquarters.
Pyramid Tower
Here we can finally understand just how far removed the world proposed by Q is from the collective mainstream understanding. It is not simply that there is a cult of Satanists in the US government, but that this cabal has developed an entire global matrix of control and deception.
One of their main forms of exerting control, according to Q, is central banks. In a series of posts (149063406), Q lists every single country and the name of their central bank. North Korea, Iran and Cuba were the only countries not listed.
Who died on the Titanic? What year did the Titanic sink? Why is this relevant? (12 Nov 2017)
The implication here is that the titanic was a false flag to eliminate resistence to the creation of the Federal Reserve, and that the battle Q is fighting has been waged for over a century.
Its also worth noting that Q discussed Jeffery Epstein long before his arrest and murder.
Epstein Island What is a temple? What occurs in a temple? Why is the temple on top of a mountain?
To summarize the Cabal according to QAnon, a few powerful families are puppet masters to the world’s rich and powerful, who engage in heinous crimes both for power and self gratification.
Having investigated the Cabal’s alleged operations, what about the QAnon team? Every move is framed as mission critical. An early example of this is mentioning the relationship between Trump and the heads of the agencies upon taking office.
Why did Adm. R (NSA) meet with Trump privately w/o auth? (147433975)
Why wasn’t Adm. R replaced by POTUS upon taking office? (148287396)
These are references to Trump appointing a new head of every agency except the NSA, where Adm. R stayed in charge. The Admiral worked in Naval Intelligence, the implication being that he has always been involved in Q’s mission.
And the mission is indeed live according to Q, with some posts cryptically yet dramatically describing conflicts.
Please pray Operators are in harms way High risk High value target Please pause and give thanks to those who would die to save our republic More to follow (148154941)
I’m being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions. We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack Watch the news outlets (147681156)
The assertion is that the attacks come from domestic agencies.
three letter agency embedded tracking/up-channel into POTUS’ twitter to specifically target through specialized geo and send his location we anticipated this It has begun (147687684)
A follower asked: “Lets be clear: You are telling us POTUS is currently under attack by our own intelligence agencies?”
To which Q responded:
Lets be real clear The CIA just attacked the Commander in Chief which was immediately detected by NSA/MI and alerted to POTUS (147689362)
What specific moves does Q claim to be making in their secret war against rival powers? In addition to reorganizing the agencies, Q cites a large number of senators/congress retiring or not seeking reelection.
Any persons making statements they will not be seeking re-election was put in submission. (147448404)
Headline: Near-record number of House members not seeking re-election in 2018
Ultimately, QAnon talks a lot less about specific good things his team is doing than time spent talking about enemies and power struggles. The implication is that the whole time followers have been waiting for events to happen and for Trump to officially endorse Q, there has been constant movement behind the scenes to build the strongest legal case possible.
20% public 80% private the world would otherwise collapse (# missing)
This is the excuse for lack of current disclosure and why things have to be explained cryptically.
To conclude this section, I will post a series of Q quotes that reveal the type of rhetoric used to elicit such a dedicated following.
Patriots are in control Sit back and enjoy the show (147106598)
the time has come to take back our great land (147643257)
the council pf Wizards and Warlocks cannot be defeated. (# missing)
Please pray and give thanks to those who would die to save our republic (148154941)
POTUS is our savior Pray operators are active We are at war (148183670)
US military= savior of mankind (148186256)
Ask yourself an honest question, why would a billionaire who has it all, fame, fortune, a want and loving family, friends etc., want to endanger himself and his family by becoming POTUS Perhaps he couldn’t stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch (149467638)
you are learning you needed a push (150412717)
Savior or cult leader? I’ll let you come to your own decisions.
Having investigated the world of QAnon, lets move on to the “proofs” that verify beyond a reasonable doubt that they have real insider status. In the previous section three were already discussed: the DOITQ twitter photo, the Saudi Arabia premonition, and the Rothschild crash premonition. The following will range from interesting coincidences to major predictions turned true.
  1. A follower asked QAnon:
“Maybe Q can work the phrase ‘tip top’ into the SOTU as a shout out to the board?” (206630) The SOTU came and passed without the phrase, but then during Trump’s Easter Address he says “We keep it in tip top shape. We call it sometimes Tippy Top shape.”
Transcript Interesting that not only is the phrase used, but that Trump also doubles down on it for emphasis.
  1. In 2018, after 2 weeks of absence beginning July 4, Q posts beginning with the words “Sea to shining sea” (2262257). That same evening, Donald Trump gave a speech to the VFW National Convention, and gestures assertively to listen to the line “Sea to shining sea” as it is played.
Vid hosted here
  1. Q posted a video on July 4 of John F. Kennedy Jr. reading the Declaration of Independence, where the video cuts off before the words “sacred honor” are spoken (2029255). Later that day, Trump used the words “sacred honor” in an address to the country.
  1. Q once threatened Iran with the phrase “bigger problems than ever before (1169101). About two weeks later, Trump gave a speech claiming Iran “will have bigger problems than it has ever had before” if they restart their nuclear program.
  1. The Q community loves to analyze Trump’s tweets for hidden messages. Here is an excellent example. On July 7 2018, Trump posted a tweet praising his presidency, but used the word consensual instead of consequential. After eliminating duplicate letters you are left with “QTIES”
MSM Article discussing tweet
  1. On Feb 21 2018, Q posted a tweet that had 58 spaces between brackets. The very next day, Trump posted a tweet containing 58 spaces, 40 used normally and 18 randomly inserted into the middle of the tweet. What are the chances?
Analysis in image form
  1. On Feb 2 Q used the phrase “Think mirror” (472124). Shortly after, on Presidents Day, Trump tweeted “Have a great, but very reflective, Presidents Day!”. Tweet
  2. Q posted the phrase “wonderful friends” (# lost, Dec 5 2018). Three days later, Trump used the same phrase in a tweet.
  1. And perhaps the most compelling tweet coincidence I’ve come across so far.
Who is #2? No deals. (158078)
The Q post was at 12:22:21 pacific time, and 5 minutes later Trump tweeted about Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI and therefore #2 in command, asserting corruption.
Image analysis
  1. Now beginning a series of cryptic Q tweets turned true, ranging from mundane to undeniable.
Think DOJ and FBI Think cleaning (1445147, May 17)
6 days later, Trump said in an interview “…we’re cleaning everything up… I did a great service to this country by firing James Comey”
Article discussing comments
  1. >>that does not account for rogue agents/programmers within. (147664082)
The next day, Trumps twitter account was briefly taken down by a “rogue” employee.
WP Article: Rogue Twitter employee deactivated Trump's personal Twitter
  1. On November 14, 2017, Q posted the Catholic version of the Lords Prayer (149467690)
Three weeks later, the Pope made news by claiming he wanted to change some words in the Lords Prayer.
Article on Pope
  1. >>we will however light a FIRE to flush them out (127154).
News headline two weeks later:
Fire Breaks Out at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s compound in Chappaqua
These last 4 will seal the deal if you are still unconvinced that these coincidences are significantly meaningful.
  1. >>DEFCON [1] (20604)
[non-nuclear] (20735)
6 days after these cryptic Q posts, an emergency alert was sent to all residents of Hawaii warning of a ballistic missile threat which turned out to be false. See how QAnon validated their famous phrase “future proves past”? DEFCON warned about the missile, and non-nuclear showed it wouldn’t be a real threat.
  1. On March 28, 2018 a follower posts “Free Flynn” to the board, Q responds: “Done in 30” (815876)
Exactly 30 days later, a report from the House Intelligence Committee was released, clearing Flynn’s name in regards to charges of collusion with Russia.
Article: Republicans on House Intelligence Panel Absolve Trump Campaign in Russian Meddling
  1. QAnon throughout his post history rarely uses the name of John McCain and prefers to use phrases like “We don’t like to say his name.” (169658)
And does Trump like to say his name?
Trump Hits McCain and Flake in Arizona without naming them
Trump fails to mention John McCain at signing of defence bill named after him
  1. And lastly, Q successfully predicted the failed NYC terrorist attack by a Bangledeshi national. The day before the foiled plot, Q posted:
Blunt and Direct Time (70055)
Expect Fireworks (70088)
BDT (Blunt and Direct Time) is the currency of Bangledesh.
So most of these proofs could individually be explained as random coincidence, but put together it is undeniable that these events are statistically meaningful, that real clues of Top Secret level clearance information is being cryptically fed to the general public. You don’t have to believe that QAnon is telling the truth (I don’t) but it is necessary to understand that Q is real in the sense of being a highly-developed operation backed by real power.
Lets begin with a conclusion that ought to be shared by all: QAnon is a big deal. The deeply held beliefs of Q’s followers are not reconcilable with the beliefs of those who follow corporate news. No matter what happens with the upcoming election, we are plugged in for some serious unrest ahead.
Flowing into the election Tuesday, I’m prepared for two possible outcomes. If QAnon was a simple psychological operation with no plans to ever go live, then Biden will win, and Trump will call his followers to fight for him as he clings on to power until the last minute possible. An armed QAnon resistence will form, giving Biden a worthy excuse to expand authoritarian control.
On the other hand, if Military Intelligence is truly supporting Trump, then expect some last minute fireworks, something that discourages Biden supporters from showing out at the polls, followed by another controversial election win thanks to the electoral college, while losing the popular vote. Staying in power, or at least having legal authority to contest or delay a final tally of votes, would be the last domino needed to begin the power coup (confirming Barrett to the Supreme Court was the second to last domino. I would expect to see arrests before or during the election, but probably for corruption under the Obama administration instead of the more heinous human trafficking charges leveled against the cabal.
No matter who wins. shit is about to hit the fan. We are simply waiting for the spark to light the fuse. Thanks to Q’s masterful psychological manipulation, we have crossed the Rubicon, past any hope of reconciliation via a traditional political process. This is one of the main points of this investigation, I’m not hoping to make predictions or choose sides, I simply want it to be clear that Q ought to be taken seriously.
That being said, lets have a chat about the three possible conclusions I listed in the introduction. Answering two simple questions will likely determine your preference…
  1. Do right wing politics resonate with you?
  2. Do you believe in an occult cabal of psychopaths controlling humanity from behind the scenes?
If you answered yes to both questions, there is a good chance you believe Q is a real Wizard/Warlock fighting for good against pure evil.
If you answered no to both questions, then its likely that you think something along the lines of QAnon being another proof of Trumps fascist tendencies.
And if you are on the same page as me, and understand the existence of the occult psychopath cabal yet detest authoritarianism, then perhaps you will agree with my analysis that QAnon makes valid assertions against the cabal, but mixes it with absolutely shameless psychological manipulation, trapping people awakening to the false layers of the control system into a hateful alt-right ideology.
To the people in group 2, trying to convince you that the psychopathic cabal is real goes way beyond the scope of this post, so we’ll have to agree to disagree, but if anyone has even an inkling of interest in the possibility, please read my free book Lifting the Veil: An Investigative History of the United States Pathocracy, which I released in 2014 long before Trump v. Clinton and Pizzagate muddied the waters.
To the people in group one, my first question is, how can the United States military possibly be the saviors of mankind? This is the truly evil organization that has unleashed horror after horror upon the peoples of this planet. They slaughtered millions of innocents in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Massacring entire villages was policy and the Mai Lai massacre was just the one time they got caught by the press. They destroyed much of the Middle East for oil and other hegemonic reasons. They harbor Satanists, such as former Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who developed the “Mindwar” policy, aimed at controlling the minds of the domestic population in order to boost national power.
So the idea that the US military are in some way “saviors”, soon to be the arbiters of justice, is so comical to me that it is honestly blowing my mind so many people resonate with it. This is the only red flag I need to dismiss the possibility that Q is a good guy. Good guys don’t want the normalization of military patrolling the streets.
I assert that Trump vs, Cabal is just Republicans vs Democrats 2.0, theater put on by actors to trap our consciousness and hypnotize us en masse. In terms of Plato’s Cave, it is akin to realizing the shadows on the wall are cast by flame, but not seeing the tunnel leading to the light of the Sun. The entertainment division of the shadow government has added more drama to the newest season of America, that is all.
After all, this psyop benefits the cabal in many ways.
It traps people with rising consciousness and expanding awareness into a toxic alt-right ideology, stunting their spiritual growth and generating negative energy.
For those who dislike Trump, this psyop strongly associates the very real conspiracy of elite child trafficking with the ideology opposite of them, thereby preventing further investigation from this group.
Q encourages his followers to “sit back and enjoy the show”, a classic cabal technique of encouraging people to be passive then the right course is direct action. Followers believe that all they have to do is patrol the streets and share info online, and the world will be saved from evil.
Divide and conquer. We are being programmed to hate each other instead of recognizing and facing the real enemy. As I wrote earlier, the divisions are too deep to be reconciled; violence and instability are inevitable.
Trump will normalize marshal law and military forces patrolling the streets. Once he is eventually taken out, the fascism will stay, likely attached to “friendly” faces with a civil tone. The people will be sated with superficial change, and not internalize that they have lost sovereignty.
Like QAnon, I do believe that an epic battle between good and evil is unfolding, but the real battle is between psychopaths and us, not between divisions among historically corrupt power structures, and certainly not with the side of good championed by flag waving nationalists chanting “build the wall”, exuding animalistic tribalism wrapped up in modern geopolitics
The psychopathic cabal is waging a war on our consciousness and sovereignty, and QAnon was a truly brilliant move on their part. Countless mind traps have been set, designed to distract us from the puppet masters, directing us instead to hate each other.
Fire doesn’t fight fire, violence leads to more violence. Do you really want to resist the cabal?
Then integrate LOVE into every action you take and decision you make. With this alone as a foundation, together we can build a beautiful resistence.
With Love vibes from me to you,
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UFC Fight Night Hall v Silva Fight Predictions

I'm gonna keep the intro messages short and sweet since i'm pretty tired. I hope everyone is doing well, the worlds still in a pile of shit but we're almost out of 2020!
This card is a fairly decent card, but I wasn't feeling it that much. Some great fights, but some mildly okay fights too. If it looks like i'm not super motivated with this card, it's because i've been ridiculously busy with other stuff so I never really had much time to look over this card and do some proper analysis. Unfortunately next week will be similar (sleep study scheduled next week). So I sincerely apologise if the quality is lacking this time around. I really am sorry.
(c) - Champ
(D) - Debut
FLS - Fight Lose Streak
FWS - Fight Win Streak
NS - No Streak
(#x) - Rank in Division
Lets go!
Miles Johns (10-1-0, NS) v Kevin Natividad (D) (9-1-0, 5 FWS) - Johns has had some interesting fights so far in the UFC. None of them are widely memorable, and it has been a bit of a struggle to find any reason to talk big about him. His main style seems to be wrestling, because when watching him strike against Cole Smith, he looked absolutely rough, panicky, and desperate for a finish and that’s not a great look for any fighter really, it looks like pure inexperience on the feet. Natividad was meant to make his Octagon debut earlier this year but pulled out due to testing positive for COVID, now, whether that might impact his performance or not is still up in the air, but i’m frankly excited to see him debut. He seems like a fairly strong striker with great pressure and decent athleticism. His stint in the LFA has been pretty successful and I feel like he’s going to do pretty good. Now, this is the tricky part, Johns has great wrestling, he is very strong and has great control on the ground, that’s the only thing I can really say that's somewhat positive about him. If Johns is going to win, it’s going to be by decision, he’s going to have to maintain control and get the fight to the ground or against the cage otherwise Natividad is just going to hit him and hit him hard. I don’t really know what else I can say, not a highlight bout but it could be pretty entertaining. I have Johns on this one, he has already tasted the spotlight of the UFC and he’s smart enough to stick to wrestling, I hope.
Johns via UD
Women’s Flyweight
Courtney Casey (9-8-0, NS) v Priscila Cachoeira (9-3-0, NS) - I don’t know what to say about this one in complete honesty. Casey has had quite a few fights, lost basically half of them, but those losses have been against top talent. Robertson, Waterson and Calvillo to name the recent ones in no particular order. Casey is a fairly active volume striker who always throws out a strike, and she’s always active. She effectively outstruck Robertson 3:1 during their bout, despite losing. It’s very clear that she’s always looking for ways to damage her opponents, even though her punches don’t exactly have much power behind them, she just peppers her opponents with constant combos and non stop strikes. Her cardio holds up as well, looking as good in the third as she does in the first. Cachoeira however is nothing but powerful strikes, everything she lands, lands with messy power. She’s not a clean striker, she’s a brawler, and not a very good one. I don’t see Cachoeira having much advantage in this fight unless Casey leaves her chin out there as an easy target. Cachoeira got incredibly lucky with her knockout against Dobson, even though it was against Dobson, it somewhat saved her career a tiny bit. Unfortunately I don’t see her getting past Casey at all. I got Casey on ths one, she’s got the movement to avoid the power shots, and if necessary, can wrestle and take the fight to the ground where Cachoeira isn’t necessarily good.
Casey via UD
Light Heavyweight
Dustin Jacoby (12-5-0, 2 FWS) v Justin Ledet (9-3-0, 3 FLS) - I tell ya what, i’m pretty excited to see Jacoby make a return. Jacoby put on an exceptional performance this year on Dana Whites Contender Series, he absolutely destroyed his opponent over the span of three rounds. There was a period in Jacoby’s career where he did alright outside of the UFC, but his return this year he looked absolutely phenomenal and no one should be skipping this fight. Jacoby is a very crisp striker, and with his extensive kickboxing background he’s going to be a problem for many opponents, he’s fast and methodical, patient and just so damn tactical, everything about him is lasagna, delicious. Ledet on the other hand isn’t looking so swell, he’s on a tough losing streak and with his last win being in 2017 I just don’t really see much hope for him, a lot of these prospects in Light Heavyweight are absolute killers and that’s who Ledet is losing to. I'm sold on Jacoby ever since his DWCS fight, so i’m fairly confident that Jacoby has this one.
Jacoby via KO R2
Jason Witt (17-6-0, NS) v Cole Williams (11-2-0, NS) - A redemption fight is always refreshing to see. I will treat this as a double debut fight though since both fighters really didn’t show us much in their debut. Witt had a rough debut against Takashi Sato, where Sato ended the fight in less than a minute of the first round, so we never really got to see a whole lot from Witt in the UFC, but he seems like a relatively well rounded fighter. I’m not too sure what else I can really say since I have no definitive notes, and I didn’t write about him last time because he came in as a replacement after i posted my predictions so unfortunately i’m going in a bit blind with Witt. Williams got absolutely mauled in his fight against Claudio Silva, and despite that being a rough debut opponent, he’s coming back for more action. His future in MMA isn’t looking super bright though, he’s almost 37 years of age, and he hasn’t been incredibly active as a fighter so it makes me wonder if he still wants to be a fighter or if he just wants this fight for the paycheck. Williams has a fairly high finish rate which is always a good thing to see, but when his last win was two years ago, it still brings up a few worrying questions about whether or not he’s fully in it. I’m not sure who's going to win this one but judging off a few things (age, activity, and experience) I have to lean on Witt for this one.
Witt via UD
Sean Strickland (20-3-0, NS) v Jack Marshman (23-9-0, NS) - Welcome back Strickland! This is a surprise to me because he is coming back from a fairly terrible motorcycle accident and that alone would probably make anyone else decide to stop fighting. Strickland is a fighter in every sense of the word and i’m glad he’s healthy enough to fight again. Strickland hasn’t had that many memorable highlights, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been through some serious chess matches, one that comes to mind is against Nordine Taleb, who at the time was a dangerous kickboxer. It was Strickland's constant forward pressure and very fast jabs that slowly opened up Taleb for more and more shots, Stricklands ability to gain confidence over time during the fight is impressive and I hope he hasn’t lost that confidence because he’s coming up against a very, very tough opponent. Strickland has beautiful boxing, it’s nothing fancy, but his fights are a somewhat rare case of a fighter improving before our eyes, he’s different in round 2 compared to round 1. Marshman is a powerful striker, but his time in the UFC is a little rocky. He’s currently 3-4 and with not many highlights to keep him recognised amongst the MMA fans, the one thing that Marshman has is power, if he lands, he lands hard, and that might be a problem for Strickland because Strickland never really had much head movement. I don’t know what to think of this fight to be honest, Strickland has a much longer reach so he could use his jabs to basically open up Marshman, I feel like Strickland will have this, if he uses his striking intelligently.
Strickland via KO R3
Adrian Yanez (D) (#2 Texas) (11-3-0, 4 FWS) v Victor Rodriguez (D) (#2 Alaska) (4-2-0, 4 FWS) - Yanez had an exceptional performance on DWCS a few months ago in which he displayed great footwork and even greater boxing, everything landed very cleanly and he was patient, as well as violent, you know that kind where a fighter has a split second to think “should i throw a x or a y now” that’s basically Yanez and holy shit I can’t wait to see him fight. Confidence seems to be spilling from Yanez when he fights. Rodriguez is on a very strong 4 FWS and has a 100% finish rate, although when you only have 4 wins, that doesn’t have that much of an impact. Rodriguez has knocked out all of his opponents and that’s pretty impressive, it’s clear he’s got speed and power, but with basically half the experience that Yanez has I can’t see Rodriguez winning. This is a double debut after all so both fighters could absolutely surprise me, but at the moment i’m leaning on Yanez based on his performance on DWCS.
Yanez via KO R2
Alexander Hernandez (11-3-0, NS) v Chris Gruetzmacher (14-3-0, NS) - This is an interesting one. Hernandez has had some horrible slips and falls in his UFC career, starting from his humbling loss against Cerrone, he had a decent performance against Trinaldo but then ultimately fell again when fighting Dober. Hernandez has great striking, but he can be a little brash at times and throw defence out the window. Hernandez also has fairly good wrestling, and he uses that to land some decent damage on the ground or just to control the fight. Hernandez still has quite a long way to go though and this fight against Gruetzmacher is probably the most perfect match up to test him. Hernandez is excellent during a blitz, he throws a lot of feints, waits for his opponent to react, then hops in for a powerful quick combo. His ability to stance switch and give off a lot of looks is also fairly dangerous, but I feel like the key for Hernandez winning this fight is to wrestle, he’s the bigger fighter, has longer limbs so he might be able to get a submission in easier, depending on just how good Gruetzmacher has improved since his last fight. Speaking of which, Gruetzmacher is returning after a two year hiatus and has only had 4 fights in the UFC but none of them were against nobodies, he’s had a very tough welcome to the elite levels of MMA and I feel like he’s handled the pressure fairly well. Gruetzmacher is an excellent striker who throws mad amounts of volume and effortlessly picks apart his opponents, his ability to just eat punches and throw back is beautiful and violent. He makes the fight absolutely dirty and a war and that’s what makes Gruetzmacher so fun, his only weakness is the ground, he’s not too proficient in defending submissions or working out of precarious positions, but boy that fight against Lauzon was beautiful. This is a tough fight, I feel like the 2 year hiatus might have hurt Gruetzmacher a little bit, but we won’t know until the fight starts. You know what? This might be my controversial pick for this card. So by all means bet based on your own thoughts of the fight, but I feel like Gruetzmacher has this one. His action against Lauzon was beautiful. Very interesting fight. Although I will add if you were to bet Hernandez to win, he’s most likely to win by submission in my opinion.
Gruetzmacher via KO R3
Main Card
Bobby Green (27-10-1, 3 FWS) v Thiago Moises (13-4-0, NS) - I love me some Bobby Green! Green has absolutely won me as a fan when he defeated Vannata for a second time, he looked absolutely amazing on the feet and his striking was disgustingly fast. He has also been very, very active and typically we see some form of decline when fighters have multiple camps with no breaks in between, but with Green its been nothing but success, he’s a work horse and 2020 is his year to shine. Green is also a very proficient wrestler, he’s strong and has great technique and control. He has overall impressed me a whole lot this year and I have little doubt he’s going to lose this fight. Moises has a high Strikes Absorbed per Minute, higher than his Strikes landed per minute which basically means he gets hit more then he hits others, in the most simplest of terms, he’s a target. One example of him risking getting hit to get a win is when he fought Michael Johnson just this year, he won the fight by an ankle lock but overall just got hit too much and I feel like that might be a problem if he is to fight Green. I don’t see where Moises will be a problem other than on the ground but Green is no doubt well aware of that and has worked on his submission defences. This is a fun fight.
Green via UD
Greg Hardy (6-2-0, NS) v Maurice Greene (9-4-0, NS) - This is an interesting fight, because I’m a fairly big fan of Hardy, but Greene is such a genuinely good person so this all tugs at my heartstrings. Hardy is an athletic monster, he’s massive, nothing but mass and powerful. The only issue is that I feel like he doesn’t show off his power as much as he should, I mean, he’s a big guy, right? His performances in the UFC haven’t been too spectacular but i’m well aware that he’s still a developing fighter and with that comes hit and miss performances. It has been a unique experience watching Hardy fight though, because you can clearly see that he’s a rookie but that’s what makes his growth interesting to watch. Either way, he’s facing someone who has experienced rough fights in Greene. Greene has one weapon that Hardy doesn’t, and that’s his grappling, Hardy doesn’t really grapple, and I can see Greene taking advantage of that, but Greene himself doesn’t have a great defensive toolset, not many counters, he’s all offence whilst eating shots. Greene has a mean jab and he will use that to slow down any form of pressure that Hardy might give off, and I feel like Greene knows what to do coming into this fight, it’s just a matter of avoiding the power shots of Hardy, especially that lunging overhand right, that seems to be his signature strike. I don’t know who is going to win this fight, I really like Hardy on this one because he’s always coming in with something different, and he’s never a quitter, so he’s definitely a tough match for Greene. So yeah, I got Hardy on this one.
Hardy via KO R2
Kevin Holland (19-5-0, 3 FWS) v Charlie Ontiveros (D) (11-6-0, 2 FWS) - This is going to be a pure focus on Holland because really, he is the main focus on everyones mind when it comes to this fight. Holland is one of the most perfect fighters in the Middleweight division that is yet to prove himself. He is a prospect that will eventually fight top 5, and he has been insanely active in his career. His knockout against Buckley? Fucking perfect. I love Holland, Wanna know exactly how much I love him? I’ve predicted him to win 7 times in his UFC career, he won 6 out of those 7, and he’s going to add another win. This isn’t a prediction, this is a certainty. I’d laugh if i got this wrong though.
Holland via KO R2
Co-Main Event
Bryce Mitchell (13-0-0, 13 FWS) v Andre Fili (#15) (21-7-0, NS) - This is a great fight and a very tough matchup for Mitchell. Mitchell is no doubt well known for his incredibly aggressive submission skills and setups, he was consistently changing grips and positions and submission attempts against Rosa, his ground game is exceptional but I feel like a lot of it is confidence, Mitchell is just very confident on the ground. He’s not great on the feet, he’s average at best, and that’s where he will probably be in trouble the most, but once the fights on the ground, Fili has entered Mitchells realm and there’s no escape. This time though, Mitchell is powered by the mystical camo shorts, it’s a rare occasion that Reebok listens to fighters so that’s an interesting thing to see. Fili is an exceptionally fast kickboxer, everything he throws he throws with such speed and power, he’s super fast on the feet and that could easily overwhelm the senses of Mitchell. I can easily see Fili getting some solid, solid shots in on Mitchell and potentially rock him, Fili’s key to success is to stay on his damn feet, if he gets taken down he’s going to lose, I don’t see a way for Fili to win on the ground unless he gets top position and lands ground and pound. This could go either way in my opinion, but in my honest opinion I feel like Fili has this. I know, i sound stupid and crazy, I am, but look at the experience difference and the level of competition between Fili and Mitchell. Fili has faced the likes of Yair, Kattar, Johnson, Jury, Holloway, all in no particular order but those are top tier fighters. I could get this wrong and Mitchell could live up to the hype of being the submission specialist that everyone including himself claims to be, but I just think Fili has something that can surprise us.
Fili via KO R1
Main Event
Uriah Hall (#9) (15-9-0, 2 FWS) v Anderson Silva (34-10-0, 2 FLS) - This ones gonna break me I think. Hall has made strides in the UFC recently, with one remarkable comeback victory against Bevon Lewis, and then recently a very hard fought win against Antonio Carlos Jr, I was surprised to see the announcement of this fight because I thought someone else would be fighting Silva, maybe someone like Weidman, but either way, Hall is a decent match up for Silva. Hall is a very well rounded kickboxer who has the patience and quick thinking to potentially shut down Silva. I can see Hall countering Silva, that is if Silva decides to be aggressive since he’s never really been the type to initiate action. It’s going to be a chess match in there and I feel like Silva will want to end his UFC career on a high note. Silva has been an idol of mine for a very, very long time, his attitude, his love of competition, his love for each of his opponents, and his attitude in the octagon over the years has been a beautiful sight to see over the years. Silva will always be one of the greatest fighters the UFC has ever had, regardless of his PED’s. But it’s clear to me that he is a shell of his former self, certainly doesn’t help that he’s 45 years old. He still is a very dangerous striker but I feel like Hall has the ability to shut down Silva, especially since Hall has an excellent judge of range and has a 2 inch reach advantage. When you master range like how Hall has, one inch can be the difference, two can be the deciding factor. It sucks to say, as a long time Silva fan, but I got Hall on this one, but i wouldn’t be mad at all if Silva won by a classic knockout. This one is a mix of personal feelings and an actual prediction, i’m not gonna take this super seriously like I normally do. So please, bet based on your own thoughts for this one.
Hall via KO R2
That's it!
some controversial picks this time around, I don't really expect to get 100% but that's the magic of MMA, expect the unexpected because one movement makes the difference.
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But for now, have a beautiful week, take care of yourselves :)
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