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[Historic] [BO1] Foretold Proliferate

Hello spikes, I thought I'd contribute my first homebrew that has been somewhat successful.
The deck focuses on accelerating [[As Foretold]] snowballs through proliferate effects. It is fun because you get to cast a lot of spells, grow some big creatures, and sometimes find absurd combos.
Hope you enjoy!

Card Choices

Full decklist here.
4x [[As Foretold]]
To power the rest of the deck. But really, jank doesn't need a reason.
4x [[Contentious Plan]]
Proliferate on a cantrip accelerates our clock.
4x [[Pollenbright Druid]]
The reason we are playing green. 2cmc and ETB make this the best of our proliferate options unfortunately. The body chumps and we don't mind hitting it with whelm or pulse.
4x [[Deeproot Champion]]
Our best early two drop. Synergizes with the rest of our spells and becomes the beatdown if left unchecked.
4x [[Commit /// Memory]]
Commit provides counter magic (that doesn't counter) and board control in one card. 4cmc fits into our curve as well as 3.
Memory refills your hand and provides graveyard/mill hate. We don't mind filling our opponent's because we typically can follow up
4x [[The First Iroan Games]]
Proliferate (or another copy and proliferate) frequently removes the kill window, which gives us a body, 3 strength, and card advantage for 2 mana after treasure.
3x [[Narset, Parter of Veils]]
Card advantage, draw hate, and proliferable. Combos with Memory.
3x [[Fae of Wishes]]
Our get out of jail free card. The wishboard includes:
  • 4x [[Discontinuity]] - Returning fae and recasting this vs slow opponents (or fast ones unprepared before draw step) can frequently shutdown interaction completely and win games.
  • 2x [[River's Rebuke]] - One sided board clear. Combos with memory.
  • 1x [[Simic Ascendancy]] - For games where our creatures can't break through.
  • 1x [[Inexorable Tide]] - For games where our opponent's board grows faster.
  • 1x [[Leyline of Anticipation]] - To sneak a permanent (Narset usually) through removal.
  • 2x [[Root Snare]] - For consistency living past turn 5. Also sometimes people play on meta.
The body is also good versus red, especially when buffed.
1x [[Karn's Bastion]]
Proliferate on a land.
Flex Slots
Lately I have been playing with the following:
  • [[Whelming Wave]] is our only early sweeper.
  • [[Pulse of Murasa]] can be a lifegain cantrip, but any 3cmc instant can see play here.
  • [[Llanowar Elves]] can lead into some great openers (e.g. a turn 2 target for 2x proliferate on turn 3) but becomes a dead draw late game.
  • [[Crawling Barrens]] is great in long games, but usually doesn't see play.
  • [[Life Goes On]] is cheap and pretty great vs non-creature aggro, but doesn't really win games.


The deck does well consistently against other midrange decks but has higher variance against control and aggro.
I've described my ladder experience up to Mythic below in decreasing frequency order. This is only for Bo1 (which I find more fun).


One of the more common and difficult matchups. These decks usually don't run countermagic, so surviving until you can Rebuke with Commit backup usually performs well.
Some successful lines are: * committing their first Forsaken Monument * commiting resolved Ugins after their draw before their main phase * getting Discontinuity ready early for Ulamog


We usually are too slow to compete directly. Lifegain and efficient chumps matter quite a bit here. Pumping Fae's body is also helpful.


Usually decided by whether we can Whelm or Commit Muxus in time.


We do well, mostly because Narset is an all-star here.


Probably our most unfavored matchup. Getting under them and applying pressure with Champion (which grows on cast, not spell resolution) has been the most effective for me so far.


Narset shines again, but continuous early threats can also overwhelm sometimes.


Somehow we do alright here, especially with Whelm for the Devil. Collected Company demolishes us though.


I expect we are favored here, mostly because of Memory and our Lifegain.


Narrowly lost the one game I played here.


Lost the one game I played against this. I don't think the current deck can win here. Probably will have to main deck root snare and include more whelms if this regains popularity.

Kethis Combo

Lost both times I played against this. I expect surgical Commit is our only option.

Arcanist / Auras / Gruul

Somehow not a single game this month.
submitted by seven_owls to spikes