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Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 30. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Hack bug sung cf. With all the futuristic weapons and gadgets Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Free download is set in the year 2020 respectively. GameStop: We'd Love to See Xbox 360/PS3 Price Cuts Price drops would "definitely" help drive last-generation sales, management says. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Cons: In all honesty I'm only giving this a bad review because it was offered as part of a deal when buying a new sapphire 290x tri-x graphics card for PC. Why would you bundle a ps3 game with a high end card bewilders me. I'm assuming it is a ploy to say we sold x million copies of this game.

Console gaming is better than PC gaming

This may be a bit of an unpopular opinion, because PC hardware is objectively better and you don't need to pay for a subscription to play online, and the games are cheaper, but I have some reasons as to why console gaming is better, being someone who has played both.
  1. Cheating/Hacking/Exploiting
When I used to play PC, I'd play games like CS:GO and R6 Siege and sometimes I'd get killed by a hacker. Sometimes doesn't sound like a lot but it's certainly enough to really get on my nerves. As for console, I don't recall ever noticing hacking on Xbox One. Haven't seen anything of note since Xbox 360.
  1. Crashing
Games crash. All the time. PC is known for having such piss poor support for a lot of games.
  1. Console is prioritised for a lot of AAA games.
Most of the time, games are ported to PC from console. Not the other way around. This can take a long time too. GTA V released on the Xbox 360/PS3 in 2013, then on the Xbox One and PS4 in 2014 and then in 2015 on the PC. It took them 2 years from the initial release to port the game to PC.
Also, PC ports can be really bad. A lot of CoD games, GTA IV, e.t.c
  1. Twenty different launchers for everything
On my PC I had Steam, Epic Games Launcher, Uplay and Rockstar Games Launcher. Compare this to the 0 launchers on Xbox One and PS4 and the universal online account.
Sure, it's only a minor inconvenience but it's an inconvenience. That's annoying
  1. Price
Sure, you're paying for Xbox Live/PSN but you're also getting a much better experience. Compared to the upfront costs of a PC, plus any upgrades, it's not much less. If you want a good deal on a PC most of the time you're going to have to build it yourself, which is easy but most people don't want to do, so they buy overpriced pre-built PC's.
  1. Choice.
I couldn't really figure out a good word for this, but what I basically mean is that you can have a console on a desk, but you can't really have a PC in a TV console. Sure, you can have Bluetooth peripherals, or a gamepad, but in my experience, using a keyboard and mouse on the couch doesn't work, and with multiple launchers, it's hard to switch between all of your games with a controller.
  1. Longevity/Durability
My Xbox One was purchased in 2013. I've had it for 7 years, I've spilt Pepsi on it and I haven't dusted it once. I don't think a single PC user has spilt Pepsi on their computer, had it survive by just putting it in the cupboard for a while and never opening it once. Dust is much worse in PC cases and thus the thermal throttling is more extreme.
  1. No one gives a shit about having the highest end hardware.
I see this shit all the time. Wow look at the RTX 3070!! Intel is making a comeback? EW you have an i3? These are things that don't happen in the console community. Whether you have the original Xbox One from 2013 or am Xbox One X, nobody gives a shit. If it runs the game, it's all good.
PC gamers have such high expectations. Some think 60fps is bad. That's ridiculous. Blah blah 240hz
In conclusion, PC gaming bad. PCs are good tho. I'd get myself a workstation laptop ideally, but gaming is not what I am looking to do.
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[USA] [H]Various Games and Systems **UPDATED LIST ** [W] Paypal

Thanks for taking a look! Pics uploaded at the end of each item. Everything is priced, with shipping, but I am open to reasonable offers as well.
  • White PS3 Super Slim Console with matching controller. Comes with power cord/hdmi cable. The casting for the controller though is not seated properly and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. It's shown in the pictures where in the front, the middle section is raised slightly. It doesn't affect the controller, as it still functions properly. Asking $160. http://imgur.com/a/jBwj4l3
  • 250gb Xbox 360 Slim Bundle. Comes with Power Supply, HDMI cable, OEM Controller and the following games: Gears of War Triple Pack, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead 2, Hitman HD Collection (DISC ONE ONLY). Asking $120. https://imgur.com/a/9t6hs3P
  • Halo 3 Xbox 360 Limited Edition Console. Comes with matching hdd, power supply, hdmi cable and, I believe it's a COD camo controller. I don't have a wireless adapter to test the wifi portion, but everything else has been tested and works. Asking $120. http://imgur.com/a/kmSGG9z
  • Replacement Nintendo Wii Console. Console only, tested and works. $45 http://imgur.com/a/ErDXLHy
  • Replacement Xbox 360 Slim Console. Console only. Tested and works. $65 http://imgur.com/a/M2C08oK
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Nintendo Wii:
Nintendo Wii U:
Nintendo 3DS:
Playstation Portable (PSP):
Xbox 360:
Xbox One:
Xbox 360:
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