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Subreddit Data Analysis - Part One

Subreddit Data Analysis

Summary of Project

Captured all ~169k Posts and 2.7 million comments from the /worldoftanks subreddit from April 2011 through April 2020.

Analysis Releases

The subreddit data analysis will be broken into three separate postings which will cover:
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Users
This particular post will cover the Posts submitted to the /worldoftanks subreddit.
However, before I get into those details, I will first share how the data was obtained and processed.

Data Source

I owe a huge debt of thanks to Jason Baumgartner (Stuck_In_the_Matrix), who runs the pushshift.io website, which is a big-data storage and analytics project, and who moderates the /pushshift subreddit.
Essentially, he makes a copy of all Reddit posts and comments by querying Reddit's API, and makes that data available for download. He is the proverbial genius whose shoulders I have stood upon, and his colossal efforts make my modest data project possible. As a result, I support him on Patreon.

Data Privacy

I understand that many Redditors have privacy concerns about their data being stored/viewable on the internet, and some have taken active steps to remove their data (comments/posts) after a period of time. The /pushshift subreddit does have a thread where you can request that your data is deleted/no longer saved in the future.
Note: Even if you delete your comments and posts periodically here on Reddit via a script/bot, your data will still be captured by pushshift because it captures the data almost as soon as it is created.
You may also DM me, and I'll delete your data from my data set too.

The Data

The Reddit data is stored here: http://files.pushshift.io/reddit/
The monthly submission files contain all posts made in ALL the 2.2 million reddit sub-reddits since Reddit's inception in January 2011, and through April 2020. The monthly subreddit files ranged in size from 0.15 MB to 9.1 GB.
New months are added on no particular schedule.
The files are compressed in the bz2, xz, or zst format, and I used Peazip (for zst) or Winzip (for bz2 and xz) to unzip the JSON data (and yes, I actually bought Winzip).
Once decompressed, I needed to separate out the /worldoftanks data from the non-worldoftanks data. This is no small task when an 8.9 GB compressed file becomes a 97.6 GB uncompressed text file. Fortunately, I found a pretty amazing text editor named EmEditor, which can open very large text files. It was also able to split the larger files into more 'manageable' 10 GB chunks that my laptop could process without choking (Note: Once I got my new PC with 32 GB of RAM, I no longer had to split the files). I was able to use EmEditor's Find capability to search the files and Extract each line in the file that contained the /worldoftanks subreddit identifier (t5_2s113). For example, the March 2018 Reddit Submissions file contained 96,490,262 records, and only 1,856 (0.0019%) were from the /worldoftanks subreddit.
Once extracted, I had to convert the JSON-formatted records into Excel. To do this, I used www.json-csv.com, which charges $10 per month if you want to convert over 1 MB/day.
Notes: You'll need Excel 2007 or greater to get past the 65,536 row limit that exists in previous versions.

Results - Posts

Distribution of Posts

In terms of frequency, here are the number of posts per year in the /worldoftanks subreddit:
Year /worldoftanks posts
2011 579
2012 7,378
2013 19,875
2014 17,904
2015 17,536
2016 19,803
2017 23,854
2018 21,044
2019 26,525
2020 15,239*
Total 169,737
*Note: The 2020 number only contains records through April 2020.
Graph of Posts Over Time: Image / PDF

Number of Posts Over Time - Analysis

/worldoftanks posting activity seems to be correlated with the academic schedules followed in the US and Europe.
For example, in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2018, you can see a general increase in the late-spring/summer months (when US students are on summer break), and then a decrease starting in September thru November (corresponding to the US Fall semester which runs mid-August through December), and then a peak in December when US students are on Christmas Break. 2016 and 2017 don't show this trend. 2019 has a spike in May and June, but the general trend is an increase from April to August.
Interestingly, during the US Spring semester (which runs mid-January through the end of April), posting activity increases from Jan through April in most years.
EU-country's academic schedules are much more varied than the US, but my research indicates that many EU Fall school breaks run from mid-Dec - early-January, and EU Spring breaks runs from late March to mid-April.
The observed data supports an EU fall break in December, and the EU Spring break may help to explain the increases frequently seen in March, and the frequent peaks seen in the month of April.

Types of Posts

There are two types of posts: text posts, where you write the content in a text box, and link posts, where you provide a link to another website, image, video, etc.
Of the 169,737 posts in the /worldoftanks subreddit, 92,803 were self posts (54.7%), and 76,934 were link posts (45.3%). This designation is maintained even for deleted posts.

Link Posts

Reddit records the domain for each linked post. Of the 76,934 linked posts, the post count of the 25 most-linked-to domains totaled to 69,983 records, or 91.0% of all linked posts.
Ranking Domain Posts Cumulative # of Posts % of Total Linked Posts Cumulative %
1 imgur.com 21,494 21,494 27.9% 27.9%
2 i.redd.it/i.reddituploads.com (images) 18,719 40,213 24.3% 52.3%
3 youtube.com 15,146 55,359 19.7% 72.0%
4 gfycat.com 3003 58,362 3.9% 75.9%
5 v.redd.it (video saved to reddit) 2269 60,631 2.9% 78.8%
6 worldoftanks.com 1740 62,371 2.3% 81.1%
7 twitch.tv 1508 63,879 2.0% 83.0%
8 worldoftanks.eu 1318 65,197 1.7% 84.7%
9 ftr.wot-news.com 646 65,843 0.8% 85.6%
10 wotreplays.eu 495 66,338 0.6% 86.2%
11 forum.worldoftanks.com 454 66,792 0.6% 86.8%
12 ritastatusreport.live (and earlier versions) 424 67,216 0.6% 87.4%
13 reddit.com 325 67,541 0.4% 87.8%
14 eu.wargaming.net 303 67,844 0.4% 88.2%
15 thearmoredpatrol.com 272 68,116 0.4% 88.5%
16 streamable.com 258 68,374 0.3% 88.9%
17 thedailybounce.net 236 68,610 0.3% 89.2%
18 forum.worldoftanks.eu 222 68,832 0.3% 89.5%
19 worldoftanks.asia 200 69,032 0.3% 89.7%
20 na.wargaming.net 192 69,224 0.2% 90.0%
21 gyazo.com 188 69,412 0.2% 90.2%
22 puu.sh 180 69,592 0.2% 90.5%
23 strawpoll.me 143 69,735 0.2% 90.6%
24 facebook.com 127 69,862 0.2% 90.8%
25 twitter.com 121 69,983 0.2% 91.0%
>25 (other domains) 6,951 76,934 9.0% 100.0%
Total / % of Total 76,934 100.0%
Pie Chart Showing Link Post Domain Distribution: IMAGE / PDF

Average Post Karma by Domain

On a domain basis, I calculated the sum of the karma for all posts for that domain, then divided by the number of posts for that domain, in order to calculate the average karma for posts from that domain.
Ranking Domain # of Posts by Domain Total Karma Average Karma
1 i.redd.it/i.reddituploads.com (images) 18,719 2,136,606 114.1
2 v.redd.it (video saved to reddit) 2269 251,118 110.7
3 gfycat.com 3,003 218,116 72.6
4 imgur.com 21,494 747,048 34.8
5 streamable.com 258 8,710 33.8
6 puu.sh 180 5,984 33.2
7 thedailybounce.net 236 6,326 26.8
8 ftr.wot-news.com 646 15,168 23.5
9 ritastatusreport.live (and earlier versions) 424 8,855 20.9
10 twitch.tv 1508 30,705 20.4
11 thearmoredpatrol.com 272 5,004 18.4
12 forum.worldoftanks.eu 222 3,866 17.4
13 worldoftanks.com 1,740 26,670 15.3
14 worldoftanks.eu 1,318 18,897 14.3
15 twitter.com 121 1,651 13.6
16 facebook.com 127 1,714 13.5
17 worldoftanks.asia 200 2,547 12.7
18 gyazo.com 188 1,959 10.4
19 eu.wargaming.net 303 3,041 10.0
20 na.wargaming.net 192 1,804 9.4
21 forum.worldoftanks.com 454 3,803 8.4
22 reddit.com 325 2,277 7.0
23 youtube.com 15,146 95,143 6.3
24 strawpoll.me 143 232 1.6
25 wotreplays.eu 495 79 0.2

Edited Posts

Of the 169,737 posts in the subreddit, 12,620 were edited after being created (7.4%). The remaining 157,117 (92.6%) were not edited after creation.

Gilded Posts

It appears that the ability to award Gold to posts was added in September 2012. From September 2012 through April 2020, 112 different posts received 124 Gold awards in the /worldoftanks subreddit. Three gilded posts were from deleted users.

Users who have had more than one gold post

Of those 112 gilded posts, a few users authored more than one:
Author Number of Gilded Posts with two or more Gold Awards
IveBeenBaguetted 3
TollhouseFrank 3
MrUltraGumby 2
TRU_voodoo 2
Penultimatum 2
Jozef_de_Burdi 2
StranaMechty 2

Posts with more than one Gold

A very small number of /worldoftanks Reddit posts have received more than one gold award:
Reddit User Post Number of Gold Awards on Post
Penultimatum [NA] Scavenger Hunt Info and Codes for May (with link to official WG post and frequent updates) 4
twofingersofredrum This is going to take a while to grind 3
MrUltraGumby My Side of the Wargaming America Visit with Victor 2
assassinator Clearing up some things. 2
Wakka_bot Project Poverty - a Free-to-play experiment - Part 0+1 2
Penultimatum [NA] Scavenger Hunt Info and Codes for January and February (with link to official WG post and frequent updates) 2

Posts with the Most Comments

A good post elicits a strong response in the form of comments. Not surprisingly, most of the posts with a high number of comments are giveaways:
Note: The current number of comments shown will not match these counts due to comment deletions that occurred after the post data was captured.
Ranking Author Post Title/Link # of Original Comments
1 Canteen_CA Black Market Megathread 1,745
2 sheepcat87 [Giveaway] $108 worth of stuff via Intel bundle 1,342
3 Canteen_CA Christmas Lootboxes Megathread 932
4 Ectar_ We are Wargaming! AMA about update 9.0! 870
5 TollhouseFrank Private "Santa Clause" Public's Christmas Give-away 813
6 Hypnotik-WG [NA] Tank Hollow Contest 812
7 Bonkeyz [Giveaway] $108 worth of in-game content 762
8 shiftyjamo Giving away a code for the NA server 713
9 Methos_ Your Unpopular World of Tanks Opinions 711
10 MPorts Free World of Tanks Currency Giveaway! 663
11 DamienJaxx No more RDDT social clans 657
12 brawnhoeffer What has happened, RDDT? 631
13 jphero Bonus Code Raffle! 620
14 Deutschbagger Share your Loot Box stories here! 616
15 ahenkel I bought an Intel CPU it has World of Tank codes. I don't play WOT. I'm giving them away. 615
16 Axertin Why all the extreme artillery hate? 606
17 Remount_Kings_Troop_ Remount's Yule Log Contest - Win 25,000 gold 590
18 Arcaniusu Free wargaming code 588
19 Laera_wg Hi, We’re Wargaming America - Ask Us Anything! 579
20 MiiLee94 [Giveaway][NA only] World Of Tanks Expert Pack 574

Posts with Highest Karma Scores

The karma numbers displayed on a post are not "real" numbers, they have been "fuzzed" to prevent spam bots from figuring out exactly how Reddit's karma system works. So, if you click on a link below, the karma score may not match (because it was a fuzzed number when captured, and it could have been upvoted/downvoted after it was captured).
Reddit User Post Highest Karma Scores
mitsakos23 Sometimes i miss the "All" chat.. 3,378
Uolak Japanese TD models leaked 3,074
UnnecessaryAmmoRack Wish allied arta couldn't stun teammates 2,983
Scro11Lock Totally not a cakeday bait 2,966
szymon7410 Wow the new wheeled hetzer looks amazing! Will be well balanced for sure 2,771
infuriatesloth I’m gonna miss all chat 2,725
strobika Every god damn time... 2,684
DD-Amin WoT playerbase, 2020, colourised. 2,636
rickyfort5 British and American heavy tanks, explained by biology 2,629
Zenzetaa In the end it's the result that matters, right? 2,560

Redditors with Highest Average Karma Scores

These are the Redditors who have gotten the most Karma on a per post basis. They are the most efficient post karma generators--not necessarily the most prolific in their postings.
Ranking Author Average Karma Post Count of author Post Karma Link Domain
1 szymon7410 2,771 1 2,771 Wow the new wheeled hetzer looks amazing! Will be well balanced for sure i.redd.it
2 GangTank 2,202 1 2,202 Tier 10 tanks hand drawing by country i.redd.it
3 RaidS016 2,184 1 2,184 I was not expecting that i.redd.it
4 Irbis_02 2,154 1 2,154 We need to be quick! i.redd.it
5 MaxBattleLizard 2,148 1 2,148 Enjoy my homebrew meme. i.redd.it
6 Roxorium 2,102 1 2,102 Enemy team: gains advantage and is about to win; SPG players: v.redd.it
7 SuperAarukka 1,896 2 1,943 I came across this on the main page today v.redd.it
1,848 Have we really gone this far down... i.redd.it
8 Fookoffyetwot 1,818 1 1,818 Sooo this is true i.redd.it
9 PepeHandsDerp 1,816 1 1,816 Most toxic arty shot ever v.redd.it
10 Sarhan556 1,764 1 1,764 Stay safe and buy a large med kit guys i.redd.it

Karma by Posters

If we take all of the posts of a user, then add up the posting karma on each of their posts, I can come up with a total posting karma number that can be used to rank the users to determine who has generated the largest amount of posting karma in the subreddit.
The total amount of Karma earned by all non-deleted users is 4,355,083, while deleted users generated 93,917 karma, for a grand Karma total of 4,449,000 post Karma.
Here are the top ten Karma-earning Posters in /worldoftanks:
Rank Redditor Total Post Karma
1 IveBeenBaguetted 73,045
2 Alegende 34,085
3 saldytuwas 30,639
4 enginerdz 22,068
5 Jozef_de_Burdi 16,426
6 larsvdmeyde 15,453
7 TChen114 15,283
8 mfumukoskoldpadda 15,205
10 asparagustasty 14,499

Average Post Karma vs Average # of Post Comments

I calculated the average post karma and the average # of comments, over time:
Year Average Karma Avg # Comments
2011 8.2 11.6
2012 11.9 14.6
2013 13.2 15.6
2014 12.8 19.6
2015 13.8 20.3
2016 13.8 17.5
2017 17.6 18.1
2018 27.7 17.2
2019 49.7 15.2
2020 67.4 13.0
The total correlation between the two data sets was a low negative correlation of -0.342489168.
However, when I graphed the data, something interesting was revealed.
Average post Karma/average # of comments: Image, PDF
The data had a low positive correlation between 2011 and the start of 2017 (0.69), but then becomes negatively correlated (-0.99) as the Average post Karma increases substantially starting in 2017 and into April 2020.
I considered the fact that it may be related to the subscriber count (more eyes = more upvotes), but the subscriber count increase seemed fairly linear (unlike the average post Karma value):
Subscriber stats: Image, PDF
Note: This subscriber data was obtained from [subredditstats](www.subredditstats.com/worldoftanks).
My Statistics class was a LONG time ago, so I'd welcome thoughts on what may be causing a higher average post karma.

Downvoted Posts

It appears that Reddit removed Downvotes and Upvotes from the API in December 2016 (and thereafter just provided the combined Score value). However, here are the 10 most downvoted posts prior to that date:
Reddit User Post Number of Downvotes
alphahomersimpson Formal apology to RDDT members. 47
teser1 How I feel every time I see a SS of the victory screen on /worldoftanks 45
[deleted] 100 upvotes and i give this paysafecard to a lucky man 37
Dvinci Playing a French tank is like raping someone. 36
Westy543 A friend of mine started tonight; for the last battle of the night, he was pulled into a tier 10 battle for laughs. He found a Maus. 32
AlertAtheist My keys made an interesting shadow last night,i've been playing too much WoT to see this... 32
antricfer Karma machine in a TD. 31
flyingbird0026 How I see Russian mediums as an E-100 player. 28
[deleted] reach for water. grab fan. 27
hotibomba Inventor of this awkward map 27

Post flairs

In June 2015, our moderation overlords rolled out a system that allowed redditors to chose a flair for their posts (e.g., Arty, Survey, Giveaway, etc.). In April 2019, they released a subreddit redesign that allowed redditors to filter post flairs, essentially allowing redditors to see what type of posts they would/wouldn't see. The moderators also have the ability to fat-finger a value and do so with comments such as, :D, Answered, Rant, Abusive Post, SirFoch Drama, etc.
To date, there have been 29,270 flaired posts, and they have been distributed as follows:
Flair Flair Count % of all Flairs Cumulative %
Discussion 5,632 19.2% 19.2%
Question 5,639 19.3% 38.5%
Meme 5,315 18.2% 56.7%
Picture 2,441 8.3% 65.0%
Video 18,34 6.3% 71.3%
Shitpost 15,75 5.4% 76.7%
Post Battle Result 1,476 5.0% 81.7%
(Fat-Fingered by Mods) 1,336 5.0% 86.3%
News 809 2.8% 89.1%
PSA 602 2.1% 91.1%
Fan Made 505 1.7% 92.8%
Arty 488 1.7% 94.5%
Gif 310 1.1% 95.6%
Wargaming News 207 0.7% 96.3%
History 207 0.7% 97.0%
Guide 192 0.7% 97.6%
Console 171 0.6% 98.2%
Giveaway 157 0.5% 98.8%
Survey 152 0.5% 99.3%
Stream 117 0.4% 99.7%
Clan 105 0.4% 100.0%
Totals 29,270 100%
Pie Chart Showing Post Flair Distribution: IMAGE / PDF

Post Flair Karma

Did you want to farm Karma here on the /worldoftanks subreddit? Here is how the different flaired post types have faired on an average karma basis:
Flair Post Count with that Flair Average Karma
Meme 5315 212.5
Fan Made 505 125.8
Gif 310 122.2
History 207 97.0
Picture 2441 90.8
Arty 488 73.3
Shitpost 1575 69.7
Video 1834 54.7
News 809 34.3
PSA 602 32.7
Post Battle Result 1476 32.1
Guide 192 28.0
Wargaming News 207 22.5
Stream 117 17.6
Console 171 15.2
Giveaway 157 14.6
Discussion 5632 13.8
Survey 152 10.9
Question 5639 5.2
Clan 105 4.0
Apparently, you shouldn't waste your time making a helpful guide. Make a meme instead.

Most active posters

In terms of the most active posters, as defined by the total number of posts made:
Ranking Author # of Posts in /worldoftanks
1 kurg79 1,583
2 DatBoyGuru 308
3 Masauwu 281
4 chort0 250
5 enginerdz 250
6 Fuckanator 247
7 IveBeenBaguetted 247
8 try2tame 241
9 TollhouseFrank 226
10 garganchua 219
11 StranaMechty 213
12 remount_kings_troop_ 212
13 _taugrim_ 208
14 memyselfandlapin 207
15 saldytuwas 201
16 RagingRaptor177 200
17 V_Epsilon 198
18 Elmalab 186
19 JacquesCouSTO 186
20 milkym4n 182

Count of Users with the Same Number of Posts

From April 2011 through April 2020, 169,737 posts were made in the /worldoftanks subreddit. 32,794 unique users submitted 146,643 of those posts. The balance--23,094--were deleted posts whose authors can't be determined (that is, 13.6% or ~1/7 posts have been deleted). Those deleted posts may have been made by still-existing users, or the posts may have been made by now-deleted users.
Note: 32,794 is NOT the total number of users in the sub. See the end of this post for the true number (which includes users that have commented).
Here is the breakdown by # of users and their # of posts:
# of Posts # of Users with that # of posts % of users Cumulative %
1 17,066 52.0% 52.0%
2 4,958 15.1% 67.2%
3 2,602 7.9% 75.1%
4 1,604 4.9% 80.0%
5 1,121 3.4% 83.4%
6 851 2.6% 86.0%
7 647 2.0% 88.0%
8 492 1.5% 89.5%
9 381 1.2% 90.6%
10 337 1.0% 91.7%
11-99 2736 8.0% 99.7%
>100 100 0.3% 100.0%
Pie Graph showing Percentage of Users/Number of Posts IMAGE / PDF
While Reddit does display the number of Redditors that have subscribed to the sub, we cannot tell how many of those subscribers have ever made a post (or comment). Thus, we can't determine an 'active' vs 'lurker' percentage.

Next Steps

Either an analysis of the 2,745,764 comments, or the 78,764 unique Reddit users that have posted or commented in the /worldoftanks subreddit.
I would also welcome requests and suggestions on different ways to analyze the data.
Edit: Header formats, added graphs
submitted by Remount_Kings_Troop_ to WorldofTanks

One accountant’s journey to FIRE: 300k at 27

And I’m back! One year older, 100k net worthier, and not any wiser. I’ve kept my previous post mainly intact but have made changes in bolded italics. All mentions of currency are in CAD.

About me
Hi! I’m a 27F CPA living in Toronto, Canada***. I wanted to post this to show the non IT people in this sub that there are other careers where it’s possible to increase net worth quickly despite not making 100k right out of school***. I’ve always been a saver but I discovered MMM in December 2015 (when I was 24). The realization I could retire at 35 really lit a fire under my ass to save even more and actually invest it. I was working through my CPA at a big 4 accounting firm at the time and hated every second of it. To be honest, accounting is boring and a ‘meh’ career at best, but the money is good so I will most likely stay on this path until I feel FI enough, if not actual FIRE.
I live in the downtown core of the most if not second most expensive city in Canada, sharing a small home two bedroom condo apartment with my SO that we recently purchased. I have no expensive hobbies other than travel and lead a pretty ‘boring’ life. I’m slowly getting healthier and into exercising but those things are harder for me than saving money.
The privilege – My parents paid for 3 out of my 4 years of university. That’s about 36k that I got for free which will never have to be repaid (I asked). That one year and for the 2 years I lived on campus I paid for myself through part time jobs before and during university. I also went back to live with my parents for one year rent free during my 6 years of working, which was a nice boost to my net worth during that time.
Here are the numbers!

The goals
My spending goal in retirement for one person is $20,000-$30,000 per year (as part of a $40,000-$60,000 spend household). I expect my SO to pay their own way on this FIRE journey. The dream at the moment looks like one year on one year off long term slow travel, most likely for 5ish years of travel. On the off years, we could work, volunteer, whatever. These FIRE plans are not that defined because who knows what I’ll feel like in 5-10 years.
All else being equal (is it ever?) I expect to achieve the following net worth milestones at the following ages:
Annual Spend (individual)

Annual Spend (individual) $20,000.00 $25,000.00 $30,000.00
FI @ 4% $500,000.00 29 $625,000.00 30 $750,000.00 33
FI @ 3.5% $571,428.57 30 $714,285.71 31 $857,142.86 34
FI @ 3.25% $615,384.62 30 $769,230.77 32 $923,076.92 35
FI @ 3% $666,666.67 31 $833,333.33 32 $1,000,000.00 35
^the above does not account for market corrections/recessions. If one happens tomorrow obviously those ages will change.
My flair is based on the first goal - $500k for 20k of spending at 4%. Is that going to be the number I FIRE at? Probably not, given the expectation of a low growth environment in the near future and my young age at the expected time. But it’s a number that I would feel comfortable about enough to shift into something more chill. It’s possible and even likely that I’ll experience the golden handcuffs phenom and stay for a while past that though to feather the nest and add security.
Future plan/goals – I have no interest in having children, which enables my fast FIRE journey and long term travel plans. I am also lukewarm towards real estate because of the very high property prices in Toronto as compared to rents, and my distaste at paying maintenance fees on condos .AKA if I buy; it has to be a freehold house, which makes homeownership an even more expensive proposition. While Canada is great, it’s also possible that I will be OK with living somewhere else with single payer health care long term (I hate winter), so that’s another reason buying is not high on the priority list. So we did buy a house… but it’s a freehold! With a basement tenant unit!

Income history and Net Worth
I started my career at a big 4 accounting firm making 45k, then 50k the next year, then 60k the next. These are standard salaries for this job in my city – Toronto. During this time I was renting a place downtown with a roommate or SO.
After leaving the firm my first job out was at 75k, and I moved to live with my parents for that year. Getting rid of rent was amazing for my net worth. Then I moved to a more interesting job that I thought I would love for 80k and started paying rent again. Now I’m still paying rent, but making 95k somewhere else***. Now I’m paying for half a mortgage.***
I do have access to a side hustle that I started participating in around 2016. It’s very CPA specific and involves helping incoming CPAs get feedback for their practice exams in preparation for the qualification exams we have to write in this profession. I think I made <$2000 the first year I did it, but it grew steadily and I made $20,600 last year from this.
My net worth started at -$10,000 on the day I graduated university in the summer of 2013. That debt was owed to my parents for a lavish long trip I took that summer which I repaid in my first year of working. No regrets. After I started working and saving, it began steadily going up. My records are spotty in the beginning, since I was just saving to save.

Jul/2014 $10,000.00
Sep/2014 $16,108.48
Nov/2014 $21,146.27
Jan/2015 $26,275.45
Ma2015 $30,587.78
Jun/2015 $41,766.89
Sep/2015 $48,129.09
Dec/2015 $54,127.60
Ma2016 $66,790.00
Jun/2016 $82,387.42
Sep/2016 $93,851.37
I reached the 100k milestone sometime in November 2016 at 24 years old, 3 years and 2 months after my first day of work.
Dec/2016 $108,566.61
Ma2017 $124,818.16
Jun/2017 $137,332.79
Sep/2017 $159,339.43
Dec/2017 $184,239.82
Ma2018 $196,280.12
Ap2018 $204,157.49

I reached the 200k milestone sometime in April 2018 at 26 years old, 1 year and 5 months after 100k (4 years, 7 months after my first day of work). It definitely gets faster (especially if you have year of not paying rent!).
All else equal and barring a downturn, I hope to achieve the 300k milestone around winter 2019. Depending on the side hustle this year and with my increased income, here’s hoping for Dec 2018 instead of March 2019. Well that didn’t work out, but that was mainly because of saving up for the house during the low market in the 2018 winter and the closing costs.
Jun/2018 $211,046.07
Sep/2018 $228,258.78
Dec/2018 $235,142.81
Ma2019 $278,189.27
Ap2019 $300,030.50

Why the big jumps toward the end there? Bonuses and side hustle money coming through (it comes in large chunks) and the tenant providing first and last helped as well.
The 300k milestone was reached at the very end of April 2019, one year after 200k (5 years, 7 months after my first day of work). It’s definitely getting easier and easier to amass more money as my income grows and the growth compounds due to the nest egg size.
I’m hoping 400k comes around the same time next year. Side hustle should be around the same this year but we’re planning a lavish vacation and some minor renovations.

Monthly expenses
This was a major point of contention last time I posted. No one believes I spend so little money but it is what it is folks. I’ve provided more detail this time since 2018 just wrapped up.
For a millennial living in a huge high COL city, I don’t spend a lot of money. This has enabled me to save a ton of money even on my previously medium salaries.

Total Spending Monthly Average
Rent $13,151.90 $1,095.99
Electricity $328.47 $27.37
Internet $307.53 $25.63
Phone $0.00 $0.00
Transportation $627.16 $52.26
Groceries $1,433.35 $119.45
Eating out $2,090.29 $174.19
Misc $1,581.18 $131.76
$19,519.86 $1,626.66
Travel $5,031.03
Clothes $1,107.15
Annual Total $25,658.04
I walked to work more in 2018, we had much cheaper internet (we miss you Beanfield), and work continues to pay for my phone. Surprisingly a box of glass in the sky is cheaper to heat than a house, who knew.

2019 expenses to date (4 months)
Total Spending Monthly Average
Rent /Mortgage + Property taxes $4,589.41 $1,147.35
Electricity + gas $274.35 $68.59
Internet $168.46 $42.11
Water $69.70 $17.43
Insurance $330.96 $82.74
Transportation $447.93 $111.98
Groceries $395.19 $98.80
Eating out $578.21 $144.55
Misc $688.05 $172.01
Tenant -$2,550.00 -$637.50
$4,992.24 $1,248.06
One time house costs (closing costs, moving, etc) $17,590.49
Clothes $70.03
Annual Total $22,652.76

Please keep in mind that these expenses are for myself only. My SO and I split household expenses and spend our own money on items like clothes or video games. I don’t foresee our essentials spending increasing above what it currently is and the tenant is very helpful in reducing those costs to a level where it is cheaper to live in the house than our previous condo rental without taking into account future selling prices, etc. We did consult a rent vs buy calculator before purchasing and the house was still in the buy zone which is rare for Toronto. I foresee us staying here for around 5 years before flipping into a newer home and/or retiring to travel for a while depending on the circumstances.

My tax advantaged accounts are maxed out and self-managed through a DIY brokerage. My taxable contributions are split evenly between the same self-managed DIY brokerage and a robo advisor for shits and giggles. The robo advisor is winning at the moment, because I view my DIY brokerage holdings as a whole unit so my taxable account gets the brunt of the bonds (low rate environment). Now my net worth also includes my half of the home equity and some work provided RRSP (Canada's 401k) accounts.

The DIY Portfolio is as follows:
Cash: 6.6% (preference is 0%), should be way lower but I just haven’t had the time to invest it due to work being busy.

Bonds: 11.3% (preference is 5%), ZAG mostly. I’m meh about this allocation and am slowly reducing it through buying other things. This probably won’t go down noticeably unless we hit a recession and I rebalance.

REITs: 3.4% (preference is 2.5%), VRE mostly. Also meh about this allocation. This will go the way of the bonds when I need to rebalance if the market makes moves. Since I own a home now this is not required.

Canadian dividend stocks: 5.8% (preference is 2%, my investing strategy used to be dividend based so this is a remaining position from then), CDZ.

Canadian Market: 2.4% (preference is 2.5%),VCN

US Market – hedged to CAD: 20.6% (preference is 25.5%),VUS/VSP

US Market – unhedged: 21% (preference is 25.5%), VUN/VTI(n USD)

International (both developed and developing) – unhedged: 28.7% (preference is 36.5%) XEF+XEC/VXUS(in USD)

My robo advisor has split my investments as follows:
Bonds: $20%
Low carbon global stocks: 27%
Canadian stocks: 23%
Global stocks: 15%
Cleantech stocks: 15%

I’d love any advice on my allocations. I rebalance when I invest so it’s a bit slow.

Is there anything else you want to know?

If this post is well received and the community feels it’s useful, I’ll make another one when I get to $400k.

Edit: to note that i include my home equity in net worth since it's not a forever home and will be sold prior to retirement.
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