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Playing Fluffgod part 4; The First Winter (by; Blackbox6500)

4th episode, let's go!

disclaimer; expect non-canonicall ways of fluffy acting, and typos/broken english

with that out of the way, let's get to it

cap 4; The First Winter

it was a cold, and crude morning

mud city finished walling off itself, and managed to build a central ziggurat

kinda like a temple, more like a house, by having a central firepit inside that had a chimney to take all the smoke away, they managed to keep cuddled and hurdled togheter for all the winter, food had to be rationated, but as long as they kept going in scavenging to get some grass, they would survive, murray's place of residence isn't that cold, only 1 cm of snow normally sets up, and that only during the coldest times, still, it's very cold, but atleast fluffys are safe from cold winds thanks to the high walls of their little world

the central lake froze partially, a fluffy could cross it's entirity in just one day, but the cold makes it pretty much imposbbile...atleast for now

while mud city (or, mud castle) managed to survive without a problem, the original city, fluffy metropolis, wasn't doing so good

wet mud and straw aren't the greatest insulators, and while they had food to spare, the cold made things very hard

during the first month, both citys managed to survive easilly tough, but when the coldest times of the season started, shit started to hit the fan rather quickly

both citys started to run low on food, but the old city didn't have insulation, this gave way to a vicious circle

the lack of insulation meant cold, cold meant death of hipothermia, death from hipothermia meant that fluffys had less workers to get food...and started to really set in, after the bad colored fluffys left, the numbers rised once again from 80-ish fluffys to more than 130, but the winter and the hunger killed almost a third of the population, reducing it back at a 90-ish fluffys, the hunger and the cold got really to the heart of the fluffyes, who prayed to chef boyardee for help, to no avail

descontent was high, and hope was shallow

this by itself was enough problems...but, of course, when it comes to fluffys, they always get the short end of the stick here

a windy night, some things flew over the walls, some of them got electrocuted, but others managed to pass trough the otside part...the things chirped, just like real birds, not like the fake chirps of a fluffy

at that same morning... a pink mare was inside it's house, cuddling itside her poorly made nest trying to give the last droplets of milk she could to her foal, it was wet, and it smelled like something died in it...wich was very probable

-hewe gu babbeh...hav miwkies, be stwongg (she said, clingin to her last foal in an attempt to not lose all hope)

-mummah gu fin' nummys nao, be gud babbeh

she left the foal inside the mud hut in another nest, it had more foals inside, it appears the family of fluffys living in there used it to mantain their foals warms while they scavenge, since using fuel to keep the fire running strong enough to warm them wouldn't work, since all the kindle left for that was rationated, just to keep the fire alive until spring

she went to work into the cold, white morning, the wet snow made her soft hooves go practically numb, as she shivered, holding a gravel stone in her mouth, all fluffy that was cappable was cutting down the remaining grass blades to get some nutrition, it was slow and painfull to work in these conditions, but those fluffys didn't want to die

Orange the mare was overlooking the work of everyone, barking orders at every fluffy she saw, most of the travois they crafted were now destroyed and used as materials for other things, they couldn't bring big fallen sticks, since microfluffs are so small

O;evewyone! wowk hawdew! dummeh fwuffys! wowk ou i' wiw giv evewyone wowstest-!

you imagine the drill, she kept babling those annoying fluffyfied insults and demands, while everyone was freezing their asses down there, murray was preparing everything to leave his house for christmas eve, so he would leave his fluffys unnatended for atleast one week

he just gave one last quick look before going away

-huh...is that a plastic bag in the backyard?...eh, ill just leave it, maybe they can make some...thing out of it, i don't know

what a grave mistake...

murray sighed, and took his suitcase before leaving the house

fluffys didn't see the bag from far away, but inside it, were a lot of weird things... pieces of sanded wood, plastic pieces... and even a trail mix of seeds

and from near it, a pack of 6 mini puffy-griffins, all in brown, black and white feathers colors

and they are hungry...

back at the old city, its almost mid- day, everyone is taking a break inside their houses

the pink mare is getting back to her house with his friends after working...only to find something out of a horror movie

she looked inside the baby's nest...only to find a tray of fur and blood where the foals would be

-Babbehs! (she screamed in panick) whewe am fwuffy's babbehs?! (she said starting to cry, looking all around her house)

the other family, consisting of a stallion and a mare came too, to realize their baby was gone

-fwend! whewe babbehs?! (cried the cyan mare pegasi too)

-babbehsss! (started to whail the father, as he got outside his house, seeign something trough the corner of his eye...but it was too late when he saw it

a choked scream later both mares found the stallion with a bloated, bloody eye and lots of painfull holes on his skin, with the creature...the puffy griffin, feasting on the fluffy's body, it was already dead when they found it

-speshiaw fwend! (screamed the mare, alerting all the group around them, be it fluffys or griffins

O;wad' happen'?! (orange screamed, and then saw the scene)

-Wingie munstah! nu huwt fwend! (said the mare, as all the fluffys we're too scared to get near it out of pure fear

the group of griffins in the meantime, got working, and started to drag the fluffy's corpse away from everyone... it appears the small griffin wings won't let the fly, so instead, they just took it at the rim of the city, and started to feast on it... everyone saw with repulsion, as they left nothing but some bones of the stallion...as the griffins retreated after a good meal, to the tall grass

-wan...wan die (said the mare whispering...standing with a lost look, with his eyes locked on the ground...so did the other mare)

-owange! dummeh wingie munstah wan' gib foweba sweepies tu aww fwuffys! hewp fwuffys! (said a random fluffy, with fear on his face)

O;uhhh... owange...owange... wiw...uhh...huwt bad wingie munstahs!

she said in a peak of bravery, as she stood, and slowly walked towards where the creatures wnt, everyone cheered, smiling and waiting for she to do something

but when orange got JUST almost near the griffins...she flinched

O;owange nu' can! tu much wingy munstahs! need mowe fwuffys!

but no one wanted to help out...

after some time had passed...everyone knew they had to work again, but they really didn't want to, after all, they could get attacked by a winged monster

but anyways...they had to

this continued for atleast 6 more days, griffins killed one fluffy every day, everyone was scared to go and work... they didn't want to die, so efficiency dropped a lot, and everyone was starting to get hungry... they would have to resort to extreme methods if something wasn't done soon

the same two mares from before were crying, broken, nearby the almost extinguished firepit

Cy;dummeh..wingy munstah

Pi;fwuffy wan giw wowstest owies tu wingy munstahs! (she screamed, in rage for her disability to do something to avenge her foal

a singular puffy griffin came after this, nearby the rim of the city, stalking fluffys

-wingy munstah! evewyone hide! (screamed a fluffy, as all fluffys cowered in fear from the creature)

orange was in the boyardee's can, beggin (or maybe even praying) to boyardee's face

O;pwease daddeh...hewp fwuffy...gib foweba sweepies tu dah wingy monstews...pwease daddeh, im sowwy! i'm stiww gud fwuffy! (she started to lose it, thinking that expelling bad colored foals and pwufy made his daddy angry, oh, poor, naive creature

the other two fluffys stood up, instead of hiding, both took a step forwards

Pi:dummeh wingy! (said the pink mare, as it chared (slowly) towars the creature, so did the other one, both running towards the creature, wich as it saw them, it started to run towards them too

when both clashed, they started to try and stop the griffin, wich almost worked, as it flinched a bit, looking at it's slightly bruised side, it appears micro griffins are almost as fragile as a common fluffy

the griffin fighted back, piercing the cyan pegasi's skin with it's claws, it pierced the epidermis, and caused blood to start to pour slowly

Cy;wowstest huwties! (it screamed as her wings flapped very rapidly)

Pi; dummeh...dummeh munstah! (she said, as it took a gravel piece, and smashed it against the griffin's beak, beign lucky, and managing to give a painful crack in the griffin beak, making it flinch, as the pink fluffy continued attacking it, by hitting it multiple times on the head it got bruised enough that it fell to the ground, leaving cyan, wich started to then attack it back, and after a pair of minutes of purely beating the creature to a pulp...it was dead

a fluffy

killed something

that wasn't another fluffy

this is a day to remember

both saw the dead body...surprised...they smiled

Pi:dummeh munstah (she repeated whispering, as orange saw the both of them, surprised)

fwuffys huwted the munstahs?!

Cy; yus! pointy wocks wowk gud fo' huwting!

O:yusss! (she said happilly, as she saw again the boyardee's face) fank yo' daddeh! (she smiled...and went back to celebrate the victory)

the next morning of the next day, murray came back...surprised to see fluffys using feathers in their ears as decoration

-how the...?

he looked around, only to find a pack of micro griffins

-holly shit! so that was the thing inside the bag!

he had his eyes wide- open, the fluffys we're using pointy sticks with a gravel rock on the front, they not only got tools, they got weapons!

they called these ''spears'' probably an elder fluffy told them the name, maybe it saw it in flufftv or something

-im so surprised they didn't all die yet...

it appears that now the fluffys used the griffin feathers to identify themselves, and also, in a form of decoration

mud city in the meantime, is pretty much locked, and while griffins might still be able to prey on one or the other...they will have it harder to reproduce

murray sighed, susprised about what they managed to do

he looked at the small rests of a sandwich he had... and he opened the door of the backyard after so many days

''happy christmas, fluffys''

he said, as he divided it in two, and threw it to both cities, before going back inside unnoticed

another month passed... griffins and fluffys alike survived, and now, the temperature is rising once again, it's safe to go outside

mud city got attacked a pair of times by griffins, but they mostly left them alone, while they didn't have any weapon to defend themselves, crossing the walls was a bit hard for them at these moments of the year

griffins continued as a nomad group, increasing their numbers by eating fluffys, only staying in one place when they needed to lay eggs, their numbers fluctuated, since more than once a griffin died, but most of the time, they managed to get by, increasing their numbers to a large pack

the old city just survived, but with a lot of resesion, turning back to their low numbers, again at the 50-ish, but while a lot of them died, spring just started, and once getting food and moving around became easier, so did having babies, by the middle of the first spring month, the total fluffy population was around 160, and the griffins were around 10, but those numbers could start to rise again, even if they are all babys we are talking for now

in the meantime, the seeds from the griffin's trailmix plastic bag started to move around by soft winds and the melted ice, giving way to new crops for the fluffys... breeds of short stalk wheat, cherry tomatos...and even chives sprouted... it would be just a matter of time before fluffys found these exotic crops

orange in the meantime, was sitting inside boyardee's can, it was starting to get rusty, but since the label was made of plastic, it kept visible

-hewwo, owange fwuffy? 8said a common stallion, wielding it's spear)

O;wad' nao?

-fwuffy fwend say he find big housy with dummeh fwuffys inside! fwuffy says dey wibe dewe, fwuffy can go and gib fowebah sweepies tu dummeh fwuffys!

orange smiled... with evil on it's face

O;yus! fwuffys wiw gib wowstest huwties tu dummeh ugly fwuffes! (she said, as it got up) bu'!, we wiw wait undil we hav enuf' fwuffys weady

and so...a new cycle starts


Next cap; The alicorn pilgrimage and the divine intervention
submitted by Blackbox6500 to fluffycommunity


Games that are a 10 out of 10 in my heart even with their problems.

Too Long / Didn't Read version:
  • starcraft 2
  • persona 3 to 5
  • metal gear rising / peace walker
  • no straight roads Its a really new game, sorry, I didn't knew :(
  • the witcher 3
  • Celeste
  • Dark souls 1, 2 and bloodborne
  • Disgaea 2
  • Resident evil 6
  • Into the breach

I wanted to do this list ever since the start of this year, i'm currently 22 YO and i've played a lot of games ever since I was a kid, and that got me thinking about, what are those games that I myself, without the opinions of others, consider being a full 10/10, even considering their problems I can still love them fully, and I also wanted to talk about these games to express myself.
I think that a lot of the time i am really negative about things but i wanted to try to be positive for a change
This is my list, out of order:

Starcraft's franchise:
Specifically Starcraft 2:
This game man, this game, its been a ride ever since the first teaser dropped around 2009, I was 12 at the time, and it was one year after Iron Man dropped I believe and it was me being hyped about everything that was that movie, and then that trailer dropped where they create a Marine that says "hell, it's about time" and i lost it, I has hyped as fuck at that time, i played the first starcraft a lot with my brother and i also loved it, but first, you see how Iron man is "assembled" and then you see THAT trailer? holy fuck man, holy fuck, it was the best, it sold me the game that alone. After that, i remember entering to starcraft2.com EVERY SINGLE DAY and seeing how sometimes they updated it with a new unit they've created for the game, seeing stuff like the Colossus or the Immortal, I was hyped, i couldn't believe in THOSE graphics, the game looked like a true sequel to the 1 in every aspect, they showed everything they were making and even though I didn't knew English at the time, I tried to understand it with everything I had, I scrolled and scrolled through the page to see anything new, it was fantastical.
Then the game dropped, and couldn't play it for a lot of time, I believe that my brother bought it so I played the Raynor's campaign to completion just right before he left the house to live with his girlfriend and couldn't play it till 2019 where i found out a lot of the game was free now and that Raynor's campaign was fully free too so I jump right in again, recently bought and passed the other two campaigns too and those three campaigns were so goddamn cool, I can't describe it, i know a lot of people disliked them, but holy shit, fortunately for me, I loved everything, even the characters. Now, the campaign was great, the systems they had, like buying mercenaries or upgrades before a mission in Wings of liberty, or how you can do evolution missions for Heart of the swarm, or with Nova's campaign you were able to change what unit had a certain upgrade, was really cool and a really good way to feel like you were progressing the game instead of higher HP and higher attack damage (although this was present in Heart of the swarm but it was really irrelevant).
Now, I haven't touched a lot of the PVP side, but thats because i like playing the game against the AI in this case, as I've played in Arcade with tons and tons of different modes that people created for the game, and that they are extremely fun too, but the biggest thing that got me hooked in this game is the Coop mode, I can't tell you how much I love it, basically, they grabbed 15 missions of the campaigns and rebalanced them so you can play with someone else, but not only that, you have more than 10 different heroes to choose, everyone totally different from another, you start at level 1 with one commander up to 15 and then you can choose to do one of two things, go up to level 90 that will increase some stats that you choose and they are called Masteries, really similar to what League of legends once had or you can prestige that commander, that will make them go to level 1 again and you have to level up to 15 again, you can do this up to 3 times, and what this does is that you get a new way to play that commander each time (you can choose the others after that too anytime you want)
What I like about this mode is that is non-competitive, you have a lot of ways to play, different difficulties too, there are no cosmetics nor battlepass to worry about, it's pure bliss and fun all the way.
My most loved four commanders that I have to recommend you buying are Tychus, Dehaka, Nova and Kerrigan (although Kerrigan is totally free to play, she is really, really damn fun to play, specially at higher levels and with her prestiges too, I can't believe you don't have to pay her, she feels really good to play)

Persona's (half) franchise:
Sadly, I've tried getting into Persona 1 and 2 but couldn't, this doesn't mean they are not great, they are not for me. So I gotta start with Persona 3
Persona 3: the first one that I've played and for PSP, jesus christ man, i never knew a turn based game could be this fun and challenging, I remember playing pokemon red, blue, emerald and some others but the same problem always appeared, where the only way I myself was able to defeat most of the enemies was by having a higher level, and that meant a lot of grinding that sucked the fun of the game, in this case, although you have to grind, you are not required to do so as I was able to defeat a lot of bosses while being under leveled and it felt great too!, this game, and the same for the other 2, have a theme, you can see this game like the depressed one, as it has a some-what borderline suicide theme, blue-colored UI, when you choose your next move, you do it by moving a chamber of a revolver, hell, your character will shoot in his or her head to call their persona, the game feels SO good to play that I can't believe it was made for a PSP, you have a group that helps you and you can use them in battle, and mixes this turn-based strategy with a visual novel game where you can go fuck around the city or attend school, the great thing is, that you can be friends with someone in the game and they have their own side-story that you follow along and by talking with those characters again and again, you will be able to fuse personas that are linked with this person to make them even stronger, and if you complete one of those side stories, you'll be able to invoke an even greater and even stronger persona that is linked to that character.
The game is superb, the story is fucking good, the characters are likeable (except jumpei, I didn't liked him) the music was, holy shit, it made me love OST even more and now the only things I hear while doing stuff is OST from games or Lo Fi Hip Hop if I have to study.
You can feel the characters, they have their struggles and their passion, I loved Mitsuru and her side-story too, and holy shit I'm glad that i've played the PSP version and not the original because of some horror stories involving her and the last boss of the game.
As a side note, I have to give Atlus credits for making constant quality of life upgrades for every entry of these games, every sequel feels like a true sequel and not a downgrade by any means, this is not me saying that I liked 5 more than 3 or vice versa, I love them in it's entirety.
3 was great, and I wanted to play 4 but couldn't all over these years because the supposed best version was only for PSVita and I wanted to play that one but couldn't, so instead of playing the 4, i jumped straight to 5
Persona 5:
This, this is what I said about improvements
This game is one of the first games I knew i had to get after acquiring a ps4, and I'm so fucking glad I did, THE FUCKING UI THIS GAME HAS, the scenes, the music, the "graphics" the vibes, the EVERYTHING this games does it with STYLE, as I've said before, each game has a theme and a color that represent that theme, in this case red, and is for rebellion basically.
you have what is a longer game than 3, now with a lot of QOL involved to improve the gameplay, and its glorious, there are a lot of things that I said with 3 that are still relevant here, such as the side stories and characters, this time, I loved everyone (except for Mishima) you basically are here to be a rebel against everyone, you have so many things to do, your band is full with cool characters, I personally loved Ryuji and Morgana here.
The story is more>! "soft" than the one in p3 but it touches some really dark stuff too and!< I enjoyed it from start to finish.
With this game I started searching for the lyrics of the songs because they are so good to not noticed, my favorites being Rivers in the desert and I believe it was called Behind the mask. Just, look it up man, Rivers in the desert feels you with hope, its fucking dope.
Persona 4:
So, I wasn't able to play this game because, first of, I am in a shitty country, second, It's hard to get a PSVita in 2018, so what happened? one day they just dropped the announcement that THIS GAME WAS COMING TO STEAM IN 2020 OUT OF NOWHERE. Then I bought it, then I loved it too.
This game was all I was thinking it would be, its great from start to finish, again, the Theme this time>! might be happiness, with the color being Yellow, and you are here to solve a mistery!<.
This time i fully loved the cast, there's not one single soul here that I didn't loved... (except the copycat guy) (Naoto and Kanji were pretty damn cool)
As before, this game has some really damn good music around here and because it starting to feel repetitive, Everything that I loved from p3 and p5 is still here in p4, great music, great characters, great story. Please if you don´t spoiling yourself, listen>! to Heaven, its damn cool!<
My biggest dislike of these three games is how bad the new game plus feels, I'll try to make everything positive but I have this complain, the New Game Plus is horrible, I always finish the game one time and no more than that, all because of this.
Basically, you start the game again from the beggining, you might or might not lose all your inventory, there are some equipment you still have, all the Personas you've got are going to be where you left them with the skills and the build you've made for them, but EVERYTHING ELSE will reset (except money). And this makes two things that I really dislike about them, first of, it would be nice to keep your companions instead of waiting to get them in their respective order, this way you can enjoy them all the way more while also mantaining their Personas's second or third awakening, the other thing is rebalancing the enemy so you can fight them IN A FAIR FIGHT TOO, you can basically grab your best Persona and oneshot everything with a single turn, its fun for the first 5 fights but then it gets boring to use that one persona that cost you so much to obtain, I can see a lot of games doing things like this really well too, like Borderlands or Diablo and I'm sure that there are better examples of it, It would be nice to also have infinite days too in a New game plus. Now i'm trying to undestand a lot of the things in the modding side of P4G for PC to try and make a mod like this, but i'm a dumb idiot so don't expect much from me with this one.
p3, p4 and p5 are fucking amazing, from start to finish.

2 metal gear games:
Metal gear Peace Walker: Imagine a stupid idiot like me going to school everyday, depressed because he lost his dad the year before so he said, fuck school, i'm going to spend every hour in class playing one game, and that game was... this one
Is one of those games that you just can't believe it's for the PSP, its stuffed with tons of missions and content that you can't believe it, its fucking great, it helped me cope with the loss of my dad, and let me keep living in a place where not a single adult cared about me in those moments, not mom nor teachers and so on. This game has the best controls I saw for PSP in a third person shooter, you basically have what Metal Gear Solid V should of been and the story is completed too!
the bosses this time are metal gears, tanks and other stuffs, most of the mechanics you see in MGSV come from this very game, the base construction, the way you obtain soldiers, the "money" and other stuffs too, you can change your character to your soldiers too.
The story, as every story of hideo kojima, is weird, but gets you hooked in an instant, the gameplay is fucking great, and it's controllers tight, plus, you can configure them.
you can upgrade your weapons, and I consider it, along with P3 and one more game that i'm going to talk later, a must have for PSP.
I can't put it into words but its just an amazing game.
Metal gear Rising: This is a game that surpassed my expectations when I played, and I pick it up again and again over the years to replay it again and again, Its short but that doesn't stop how great it is.
You control Raiden this time, you play the game like a devil may cry or bayonetta, the story is cheesy but I cant help but love it anyways and its great for that too, you fight bosses that will make you remember them for years, and the coolest thing is that every boss has their own theme and music based on how they feel about themselves and their story, the music kicks really damn good when you start hearing the vocals it feels like the climax of the battle is arriving at the perfect moment and oof, jesus christ, its damn great.
The gameplay is so good too, and it creates a system that i just didn't see used anywhere else sadly, and it's the zandatsu mode, SEE THAT? YOU CAN DO IT TO EVERY ENEMY IN THE GAME IT'S SOOOOO COOOL I was SO hyped to see it and, atleast of me, it doesn't get old, never.
Now, every boss is so cool, you have another guy that fights you that would be your rival in the game (although you fight him 2 times) the name's Jetstream Sam, he is a BEAST, he steals the show everytime he appears, and its so cool how much of a "polar" thing is to Raiden, you are a ninja and an cyborg, he is a Samurai and has almost no "upgrades" and he still fucks your ass, you just can't help but love him as much as raiden here. just, c'mon, hear his OST. One thing that I love about this game, and even though I don't know much about symbolism and music and a lot of other stuff, is how the music represent the characters so damn well, instead of being just dumb music dropped in the background, it adds and spice up the game, leveling everying up, this can be said about Persona too, and about symbolism.
I have something really stupid to say about these games, you can hear at the start of the song of Jetstream Sam how the guitar stops rapidly and leaves a second to "breathe" and I can't help but imagine that is is also how Sam works ingame while fighting you, see, he is a Samurai, his best attacks are when he sheathes his sword, charges an attacks and dashes towards you, just to unleash his sword and hits you HARD, and then you have other bosses that do these things with their music, Monsoon's music will say Dissapeaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-ar stopping at each "a" and I cant help but imagine that this is made because Monsoon's body is pieced by segments of his own body chopped off and those things can disassemble and reassemble at will. Then you have Mistral's OST she attacks you with Pole Arms... no mate, you read me right... Pole Arms, not Polearms... Pole Arms, and because she uses these, the vocals of the song extends some of the words she says, I can't exactly describe it, but she says things like "IIIIII FOOOOOUND WHAT I WAS LOOOOOOKIN FOOOOOOR" like she elongates the words, like Mistral's long polearm.
I might be onto something there but I wouldn't hold my breath about it either, hopefully I was able to describe these things well enough, the music also has other things symbolizing the bosses but those are more difficult to describe.
Anyways, just a beast of a game this one, and it made me choose this game over the other metal gears even though I loved the others that I was able to play and I can't recommend them enough, you can also play as Jetstream Sam in one of the DLCS that you don't even have to buy if you buy the Steam Version.
I have one last thing that I want to say about this particular game though, and it was Monsoon's Fight, the "Parry Teacher" basically, because you basically can't win against him if you don't know how to parry. I played this game in 2013 for the first time and I always remember this fight because at the time my dad was alive, After I come back from school, I was able to play for 1 hour in the Xbox 360 before studying, so I tried for two weeks beating him, every damn time I failed for an hour, but I didn't gave up, I was so mad that one time my dad grabbed me and said that there are games that you just can't win and that they are rigged and didn't wanted to see me mad about something that I can't change, but then, watching reviews of the game... I discover the parry... I went to try it, my hear was pumping, the music was louder than ever, I couldn't focus in anything more than in>! Monsoon's attacks!< and my life bar, and as I was close to dying and restarting again I hit him enough to win and was one of the best feelings I had with games, It felt SO great for various reasons. My dad being happy that I've made it against the negatives, me learning more and more english to finally understand what the dude I saw was saying about the Parry system, me upgrading my real-life skills about understanding games enough to surpass them. It was FUCKIN great. Thats a game that never gave up on me, and I never gave up on it.

Now Im going to talk about 5 games but I don't have much to say about them that wasn't said before
(this is, sadly, a game that came really recently, i didn't knew how much of recent it was)
No Straight Roads:
I don't have much to say about it, Its really really sweet of a game with what felt like a really wholesome ending, I loved every boss and every character was good, the story and the gameplay can feel really repetitive but its a nice experience overall, it as a lot of problems that hopefully will be improved in a sequel, but still, its one of those games that you play and like it, it might be casual, it might have problems, it might not have tons of mechanics like the other games i've listed but overall, a nice 4 to 6 hours experience, I really liked the final boss and Eve.You can see inspiration from other games here, specially some aspects of Persona 5's UI
I've finished it a week ago and hopefully this is not the last time I see those characters, they all are adorable.
The Witcher 3:
This is one of those popular games that almost everyone knows, have played or didn't and loved it or not, luckily for me, I was able to like it a lot, there are millions of reviews and other types of content on youtube where they describe this game better than whatever I could ever say and whatever I could say has already been said too and you already know why I loved this one, sadly i'll skip this one just because of this, I loved it way too much, Triss is the best, Geralt is the best, Ciri is the best, the music is fucking good too.
Its one of those short games that can get you hooked instantly, the gameplay is superb and really damn precise, and is a constant battle about improving yourself, and is one of those games that THANK GOD IT DOESN'T HAVE YOU WAITING FOR A LOADING SCREEN EVERYTIME YOU DIE BECAUSE OH BOY I DIED A SHIT TON OF TIMES, this is one of those things I hate about gaming, you don't rage because you lose, you rage because of HOW DAMN SLOW IS TO GET BACK TO THE GAME AGAIN!, if Celeste was like this, I would played it for five minutes and then gave up forever, but instead, it's replay is instant, you died, then retry right fucking now dood, you can do it :D, every single time. Its a really good experience and I would love it if more games implemented something like this, I remember playing Yakuza 0 and being so frustrated with the>! "Rush style training"!< where if you get hit, it was like a 5 minute loading about that told you "youu loooose" all the time and was so frustrating that i stopped doing that mission and focused on other things.
Celeste has everything that I've said about the other games, style, music, characters, story, 10 out of 10 in every part, it was a pleasure to play
Into the breach:
I got it thanks to the epic free games (As well as Celeste), I saw some youtubers recommend it so much that I always wanted to try it, and know i know why they recommend it, its so fun, the gameplay is really solid, its so, so goddamn great that gets you hooked for a lot of hours, the game is damn short but with a lot of replayability, letting you buy new units every time you finish it, then you can mix and go jam with units YOU choose from the variety you bought. It's like xcom and chess all in one while being able to see what the enemy is going to do, its fucking great I tell you.
Disgaea 2:
This is a game that combines visual novel with a gameplay sort of like xcom, I've played it on PSP and yeah, an overall great experience, the story is great with funny things going around and good plot twists too, what I loved about the game is that you can replay it a lot of times and does something like a "new game plus" extremely well, you can "create" a character and customize it as you wish, but with a lot of characters, sort of, againg, like xcom, but without the permadeath and a lot more lighthearted, this is a musthave for PSP because of how well translated the controllers are, they feel really damn well to use and responsive as fuck, specially if you go and disable animations and other stuffs (you can get really tired of seeing an 10 seconds long attack)

Souls Franchise:
Here i'm going to talk about the ones that I've played, because I couldn't play DS3 and Demon Souls
Dark souls 1: Everyone loves this one a lot, including me, that's why i'm not going to talk a lot about this one specially and try to give a little more of love to Bloodborne and DS2. This doesn't that I don't love one more than another, I love them Equally, but this time I'll let it to DS2
Dark souls 2: Its the first one that I've tried to play with a friend of mine, we were in loved, there is a lot of this game that was so mysterious and full of secrets, its one of those games that let's you explore a lot, and you want to too, I loved Majula's scene the most, it was such a beautiful view from the world that is one of those little moments in a game where you stop and actually look at the environment just to appreciate it, the warm colors makes it so warm and has this "home" feeling attached to it too.
The bosses aren't that great but the areas that this game has are so interesting to watch, and one thing that is notable when you play every Souls game is this feeling where, you remember a scene and you know exactly where it is located in the world, everything has this "tangible" feeling that makes them so good, when I played this game I stopped at the first try after 50 hours and being stuck in that area where the final boss is in a ship, that there are a lot of vikings in that area too.
But then I played 1 and got good, then I played bloodborne and then finally, started again with DS2 and able to complete EVERYTHING including the DLC and was able to complete it under 48 hours, I felt so proud of my self with that improvement.
The game is a joy, a frustrating one, but a joy nonetheless. What I also liked it about this, is how difficult to learn parry was, and that made me relay in other stuffs such as dodging or blocking instead of oneshotting an enemy after parrying it.
Now there is something that a lot of people is not going to believe me, maybe, but at the first try I've played this game, I was able to win against every boss (except one) at the very first try without dying, I don't care if you don't believe, sadly I don't have anything more than my word because I didn't recorded jack shit, because i'm an idiot.
I can say that my strategy was trying to learn their moves as much as I can, without actually attacking them, and once I was comfortable enough, then I fought, I also prepared my self well enough to fight for longs periods of time, farming up to 24 "estus" (I don't remember their name in Bloodborne, I also used a build to exceed the 20 limit) there where two cases while fighting bosses though
ONE: Against that boss over the roof of a castle, I was a huge pussy because I run out of estus and my only option here was leave the fuck out that place using the teleport everytime I was low, this never happened with other bosses though.
TWO: that one time I died was against>! Ebrietas!< (I believe?) everything was going relatively well until it went relatively bad, I though I could tank an attack at full health... It turns out I wasn't able to tank that attack at full health, I still regret being that confident in that fight
Anyways, I fought every boss in that game except Ebrietas without dying, and even fighting the two last bosses in a row without having to recall or anything at the very first time and it felt crazy great.
Now about the game, it has a lot of good improvements about the series and its enjoyable too, I would loved to play the DLC but i'm a cheap bastard and didn't bought them, but i'm sure they are worth it.
I loved how you have to>! fight against other hunters too,!< but it can feel really cheap against more than 2, specially when there are three attacking you at the same time.
And for last and fucking least holy shit this took three hours to write
Resident Evil 6:
This is a game that shouldn't have had this type of gameplay, the game that shouldn't be about action nor being four different stories stories, it shouldn't be a lot of stuffs, but holy fuck that i love that it was like this.
I'm not someone who played a lot of Resident Evil, so this might be why I love this one specially, I've played it on the xbox 360 when it came out, and though it was all right, BUT THEN, I played it on PC with a friend of mine and IT WAS SUCH A BLAST, the fun you can have with this game, the different characters and how they interact with each other is funny, goofy and everything I wanted the game to be, every character has their own style of fighting, plus one gun that's only for them.
You can play with your friends in every level and these levels are really different one from another (most of the time).
I love how sometimes you encounter NPCS of the other characters that would be in that point of the story when they interconnect, every story feels different too, hell, even ada's story was for only one player but they took the time to shoe in an, although blank character there just so you can play her story with your buddy. This game is fucking worth it alone and its even more worthy when you play it with a friend. And even when the gameplay can feel janky and weird, it still has a lot of really damn cool moments.
As I said before, the game is goofy, but I just can't help but love it for what they tried to make here, its a 10 out of 10 in my heart and hopefully, someday I'll see a spiritual successor of it.
That's all the games I wanted to express my love, I don't care what anyone says, I love them so much that they are a 10/10 perfect score, even if they have bugs, bad controls or other stuffs than can make the gameplay miserable, sometimes, as Gestalt psychology says, the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts, thats atleast, how I see these games.
So after all this text, what are those games that are a full on 10/10 in your heart?
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