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How Asians men suffer in the west - a detailed list (part 1/2)

Why did I write this giant two part post?
I wish to disabuse you of your delusions as an Asian male in the west. I show how you're discriminated against at every level in a game that's rigged against you.
Lots of people will tell you life isn't fair for us. I show you many examples at school, work, love life, justice system, and business.
Most of the examples were taken from the Asian American perspective, but similar problems exist in Australia, UK, (not sure about New Zealand), and to a lesser extent, Canada.
note 1: Remember, this is a post of all the ways we suffer so it's overwhelmingly negative but life isn't THAT bad for us. The vast majority of non-Asians aren't out to there to "neutralize" us, but we are used as coolies 2.0, expendable, disrespected, and we have lost control of our women.
note 2: I use China because there are lots of examples and also, westerners cannot differentiate between Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian, Cambodian, Japanese, Korean, etc. We're all chinks/gooks/japs to "Christian" racists.
note 3: I keep bringing "Christian" up because I loathe seeing Asians convert to their religion when we're the ones who are historically the most peaceful and they are one of the most evil. And yes, I know not all "Christians" are evil. Whenever I sarcastically refer to "western superiority", "western values", and "Christian values", white rugged hero™,etc I'm referring to the subset of racist hypocrites who disguise their sick natures with slick branding.
note 4: I can't perfect the formatting. If anyone has bullet/list tips leave a comment.
This is a very long post, but here's a summary.
Many of you will do everything right.
● obey laws
● keep your head down
● work hard
● get educated
● get decent jobs
● pay taxes
● serve in the military (you really should not)
Here's your reward:
● be discriminated in school
● get bullied the most in school, more than gays
● have lies spread about you and your country (if you're Chinese) constantly - small dick, rapist, asexual, geek, nerd, loser, virgin, weakling, copycat, no leadership
● be targeted by muggers, killers, rapists because "Asians don't fight back"
● adding insult to injury is the justice system, where people serially attacking Asians is "not a racist hate crime", and two white guys beating an Asian man to death are "just not the type of men that should go to jail" (see Vincent Chin)
● witness the widespread approval of anti-Asian hate (especially China) when they mock you, downplay (by focusing on white victims) or mock national tragedies, suggest killing off the Chinese to absolve debts (Jimmy Kimmel), blame you for losing their jobs (instead of their greedy corporations), etc
● be the first to get fired and the last to get promoted (if ever)
● be given hard and boring menial jobs while whites luxuriate in management while "networking"
● oh ya...all that work in the labs where you come up with good ideas? Owned by whites, credit claimed by whites, while they lie about your uncreative robotic mind stealing their genius.
● Google is mostly derived from Robin Li's Rankdex
● America's icbm were largely created by Dr. Roger Tsien (working off of Von Braun's V2 rocket), who was hunted down by racist McCarthyism
● Optic fiber internet made possible by Shanghai native, Charles Kao, who discovered how to turn light into electronic signals - work that paved the way for the Internet age (you should throw this at those racist pricks when they tell you to get off the internet)
● First Lady of physics - Chien Shiung Wu worked on the Manhattan Project, where she helped develop the process for separating uranium metal into the U-235 and U-238 isotopes by gaseous diffusion. She is best known for conducting the famous Wu Experiment, which contradicted the Law of Conservation of Parity.
● Steven Chu - gave us exact control over atoms via super cooling. This opened the way for nanoscale engineering.
● Steve Chen - parallel vector supercomputers for Cray Research in the 1980s.
● Just recently, top quantum communication scientist Pan Jianwei was trained in the West, made some achievements with Western scientists, but could not find a permanent teaching job in the West. China lures him back and China is on track to have an unhackable civilian and military quantum internet network. Ask yourself, how many geniuses are just like him who should be leaders/managers but are nerfed by "egalitarian" westerners?
● In the 1950’s lots of top Chinese scientists and engineers trained by the US went back to 3rd world China. They developed atomic bombs, ICBMs and satellites for China. They left because they were discriminated against. All Asian geniuses should go back to Asia. We already saw what they did with the weapons we built for them.
You would think with such accomplishments that Asians would be known as major scientific CONTRIBUTORS instead of their mainstream reputation as copycat parasites/communist spies.
● face lots of discrimination in dating/social life by all women but sickeningly, a large minority (possible majority) Asian females who are "post-racial" but only date white guys.
● if you marry, chances are you'll end up with some used up self-hating Asian female who whored herself out to white guys. You like chaste women? FUCK you. Af have four times* the rates of std of am. guess who gave them those stds? white "Christian" gentlemen
● your kids will repeat this cycle. For af/wm, their kids will potentially repeat this cycle with self-hate on steroids from a self-hating mother who hates that you look Asian paired with a racist white father who also hates that you look Asian. .................unless you're an af then he might bring you into the no child left behind program like Woody Allen.
Woody Allen’s Adopted Daughter Dylan Farrow Details Account of Alleged Sexual Abuse | Variety http://variety.com/2014/film/news/woody-allens-adapted-daughter-dylan-farrow-gives-account-of-alleged-sexual-abuse-1201081907/
None of this is a surprise since af/wm marriages have 387% higher divorce rates than af/am marriages yet judging from their racist films you'd think wm were heroes rescuing Asian females from the evil Asian men who were feudal serial rapists/part time faggots.
● If you're holding out hope that Asian activists will change things...FUCK your hopes.
We have reverse activists who kick us in the nuts while we're down and fight for anti-Asian policies while pretending to speak for the community. Nearly all these honorary kkk members are married to white males.
In the media we have af only paired with white guys and am who are mostly eunchs dancing around for their white masters by embracing every negative stereotype.
● girly
● gay
● short
● ugly
● thick accent
● glasses
● nerdy/geeky
● awkward
● creepy
● asshole villain
● rapist
● misogynistic
● asexual
● robotic kung fu man
You're either a personable homosexual or robotic heterosexual who is allergic to a woman's touch but loves sweaty close quarters combat with other men, who rescue Asian women by killing you off.
Here's a good overview of how we're perceived in America. Stereotypes of East Asians in the United States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereotypes_of_East_Asians_in_the_United_States
Glenn from the walking dead is our best Asian male actor now and his role on the Walking Dead can be described as....a typical white man role where he is brave, honorable, and normal. Being not a complete-fucking-clown is an achievement for Asian men in western media.
Welcome to hell. I'm joking!..sort of.
Let's look at the other side of the coin....
Why should anyone move here:
  1. if your homeland is unstable
  2. less pollution
  3. can participate in meaningless elections if that's your thing (see Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746)
  4. more freedom, but remember it's a two way street. Racist kkk organizations are also free to spread hate speech and Nambla is free to promote man-boy sex and share tips on where to hunt the freshest impoverished South East Asian ass.
  5. decent graduate programs at some universities
  6. less corruption at the local level...but ultra corruption at the federal level where corrupt practices such as buying politicians is LEGAL and known as "political donations"/"lobbying".
  7. free to choose your religion if that's your thing.
  8. land of opportunity. It's far less true now due to market maturity, offshoring of jobs, oligarchy's consolidation of wealth via money politics, and strong overseas competition from developing regions like China. There's still a mature logistics system, rule of law, large market to make money off of, mostly meritocratic, but success is not guaranteed.
Keep in mind, you're not equal, you're not free, and your merit matters only to a degree. Otherwise, why would Asians face hateful and racist media constantly, be labelled communist spies and interrogated for no reason, and face a glass ceiling.
Why should you stay at home:
  1. read the above again.
  2. extreme ideologies that are insane and highly destructive
    ● extreme feminism created manly women who hate men and see everything as rape and oppression
    ● extreme divorce laws that make it easy for these same nutjobs to screw you in court out of everything
    ● extreme capitalism that drives endless wars, crimes, destruction of the environment, food chains, and even medicine
    ● extreme neoconservatives that think pointing guns at other nations is an act of defense
    ● extreme liberals that think the individual is powerless and it's all society's fault so they must break the rules and allow skin color to win instead of merit. This insanity along with their over-extended war crime machine is why over the long run, America will collapse.
    ● extreme freedom where almost anyone can get a gun.
    ● extreme religion where these clowns can sleep walk righteously while their government commits genocide world-wide. This zealots will also lecture and try to recruit you into the "flock".
  3. Certain health and medical problems reached epidemic proportions. This is heavily related to extreme capitalism that placed profits over people.
    ● psychiatric drug abuse is widespread and dangerous as they cause emotional and mental instability.
    ● obesity
    ● diabetes
    ● gmo "food"
  4. society is ready to ignite under the right conditions. There are multiple tinders such as racial hatred, oligarchy vs the common man, high unemployment (the governments numbers are cooked. the real unemployment rate is much higher), and the potential collapse of the petrodollaworld reserve currency. If any of those things happens, this country will burn.
  5. very high student debt with high unemployment
  6. degenerate culture
    ● gun culture
    ● hook up culture
    ● high divorce rates around 50%
    ● high litigation rates. It's a relatively safe gamble to get rich quick.
    ● blt-g nonsense - a result of extreme feminism - acknowledging and tolerating bltg is fine, but this celebration, pretending that gender doesn't exist is insane.
    ● superpatriotism brainwashing - idiotic "patriots" who think committing genocide = spreading human rights and democracy. Superpatriotism: Michael Parenti: 9780872864337: Amazon.com: Books http://www.amazon.com/Superpatriotism-Michael-Parenti/dp/0872864332/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
    ● porn capital of the world
  7. police brutality
  8. inferior k-12 education system (many top universities are still good in the hard sciences, engineering, law, medicine. avoid useless arts degrees)
  9. Immigrant Asian females grow more and more suicidal the longer they stay in America.
US-born Asian-American Women More Likely To Think About, Attempt Suicide, Study Finds -- ScienceDaily http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/08/090817190650.htm
"Asian feminists" will blame this on nebulous "complexity" or the "Evil Asian Patriarchy™"...but never the world's most notorious serial rapists, serial murderers, war criminals, animal rapists, incestuous, hypocritical "Christians".
I know. You think I'm being an unreasonable racist, right? See for yourself.
List of serial killers by country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_serial_killers_by_country
As you review this list, notice that the anglosaxon and several western countries have very high rates of violent criminals. USA has so many they have a dedicated page. But it gets crazier. China has 4x the population of America so you'd expect more, NOT less psychopaths. This could be due to wikipedia being a western database so they lack knowledge but even the incarceration rates and crime rates corroborate with these lists.
  1. Many Asians enjoy improving conditions at home - especially China. Taiwanese used to emigrate to the west, but now many move to China. This trend will only increase as China's wealth grows.
Now, for some more detail and proof to support this post.
Don't let people tell you "racism is all in your head". It's real. We need to fight it AND also continually improve ourselves (lots of us DO look and act like negative stereotypes). Don't be like many Blacks who blame everything on whites AND refuse to change. That's a dead end.

Love life - denied entry, smear campaign: small dick, misogynistic, asexual yet rapist, nerdy/geeky, loser, virgin, awkward, thick accent

● Asian-Caucasians face mental disorder risk - UPI.com http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2008/08/19/Asian-Caucasians-face-mental-disorder-risk/UPI-90861219180094/
Not only do you suffer a crappier love life than whites, but the white rugged hero™ who are supposedly rescuing Asian females, are producing self-hating children. Not hard to see why when you have self-hating Asian females paired with low value racists.
● You'll have to face large minority (possibly majority) of women who won't date Asian men - including Asian females. Their excuses? the same lies wm taught them.

Social life - see love life

● Old “Yellow Peril” Anti-Chinese Propaganda » Sociological Images http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2014/06/20/old-yellow-peril-anti-chinese-posters/
● 'Rough on Rats'': Racism and Advertising in the Late 19th Century
  • Racism and Advertising in the Late 19th Century - Chinese are rats for working the most dangerous jobs at half the pay for white rugged hero™ who take the credit with the Final Spike Photo, but these "Christian" who mass raped, slaughtered, and plundered Native Indians, enslaved Blacks, and massacred Chinese coolies...they're trustworthy with the precious "western values"
● Sinophobia, the last acceptable racism » Spectator Blogs http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2012/08/sinophobia-the-last-acceptable-racism/
● EthErealist comments on My father passed when I was 4, but people always told me that I looked like him, a lot https://np.reddit.com/pics/comments/2w6fal/my_father_passed_when_i_was_4_but_people_always/coo36j5
● (Why) Do Asian Americans have a target on their backs? | Psychology Today http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/everybody-is-stupid-except-you/201103/why-do-asian-americans-have-target-their-backs
● News Alert Re: Bullying | Barbara Greenberg http://www.huffingtonpost.com/barbara-greenberg/bullying-asians_b_1068490.html
● How 'Ching Chong' Became The Go-To Slur For Mocking East Asians : Code Switch : NPR http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2014/07/14/330769890/how-ching-chong-became-the-go-to-slur-for-mocking-east-asians
● AsAm News | ABC7: Tour Guide Comes Forward-Tries to Explain Racist Rant http://www.asamnews.com/2014/10/25/abc7-tour-guide-comes-forward-tries-to-explain-racist-rant/
● Malky Mackay called Cardiff City's Malaysian owner Vincent Tan a 'chink' | Daily Mail Online http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2732188/Malky-Mackay-called-Cardiff-City-Malaysian-owner-Vincent-Tan-chink.html
● Racial Bullying Roils a Philadelphia High School http://modelminority.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=515:racial-bullying-roils-a-philadelphia-high-school&catid=39:hate&Itemid=56
● UK must stop treating the Chinese 'like criminals’ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/china-business/9807293/UK-must-stop-treating-the-Chinese-like-criminals.html

Scapegoat/justice system - Peter Liang, Vincent Chin, there were several others

● DEA assigned agents who left student for dead in cell to investigate themselves — RT USA http://rt.com/usa/171552-dea-student-cell-water-chong/
● VIDEO: Officer threaten to deport salon manager - NY Daily News http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/video-officer-threaten-deport-salon-owner-article-1.1797895
● Rookie Asian American cop, Peter Liang, indicted for accidental discharge in dark hallway that killed a black man, Akai Gurley. During his same period, black man Eric Gardner is choked to death by a white cop.on film.....he's innocent.
3 Detectives Acquitted in Bell Shooting - New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/26/nyregion/26BELL.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
● The Justice Dept. charges Eugene Moy, the managing director of China Daily News, with an obscure and unused law from 1917, for calling for the recognition of the People’s Republic of China as a state. Moy dies soon after release from prison. (1948)
● The FBI interrogates Tan Yumin, a subscriber to the China Daily News. He dies mysteriously: either pushed or jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge. His body is lost for days. (1948)
● Vincent Chin's head is bashed to death with a baseball bat by two white males, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz, who mistaken him for Japanese. They blame Vincent for the recession and the loss of their auto-industry jobs.
Murder charges are reduced to manslaughter. The "judge" ruled that since the two males were employed at the time of the murder, they pose no threat to society. These two racist murderers are released with a $3,000 fine and no jail time.
decades later, they try to rewrite history to make the victim an asshole.
Detroit News Columnist Rewrites History of Vincent Chin Hate Crime - COLORLINES http://colorlines.com/archives/2014/05/detroit_news_columnist_rewrites_history_of_vincent_chin_hate_crime.html
Vincent Chin and Simon San: two murders, same indifference | Madam Miaow Says http://madammiaow.blogspot.ca/2011/08/vincent-chin-and-simon-san-two-murders.html It's sad that white women get it but idiot "post-racial Asian feminists" don't.
● Chinese American, Jim Loo is shot and killed in Raleigh, North Carolina, by two white brothers who mistaken him as Vietnamese and responsible for the deaths of American soldiers in Vietnam Their brother died in Vietnam.
These cowards are mad that their invading rapist war criminals actually got killed in self-defense by the victims. Doesn't this remind you of Middle Eastern "insurgents" "attacking" "the western defenders of liberty and justice"?
● "Stand your ground" laws that allow one to protect themselves in self-defense only applies to whites.
Hmong man, Chai Vang, understands this.
In 2004, he was alone and confronted by racist white "men", who taunted him and prevented him from walking away. Justifiably, he felt eminent danger, so he killed them with his firearms.
Over the course of the legal trials, the white racist media painted this tragedy as "massacre", "slaying", etc. This swayed the uninformed public. He is now in prison for life.
Shooting Ignites Hmong Racial Tensions - NAM http://news.newamericamedia.org/news/view_article.html?article_id=13f0932a26edcb289e9646c8ee006c1a
● Vietnamese fisherman’s death labeled a hate-crime by Asian-Americans, but not by authorities | Slant Eye For The Round Eye https://slanteyefortheroundeye.wordpress.com/2007/09/10/vietnamese-fishermans-death-labeled-a-hate-crime-by-asian-americans-but-not-by-authorities/
Even though John J. Haley, 31 - who was charged with the murder of Du Doan, 62 in Chicago - is reported as having previous altercations with other Asian-American fisherman, including being charged for battery and assult - the police are still being cautious about calling the murder a hate-crime.
● Earlier this year, Filipino American gay journalist (pictured) Randy Gener was beaten as he walked home from a party in New York. The man arrested was not charged with a hate crime although many urged the district attorney to do so.
note - Don't tell me these crimes also happen to whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. Each of those groups engage in lots of crime especially violent crimes and whites especially have a long (continuing) racist history so we shouldn't be remotely surprised if they're targeted, but, Asians? wtf did we do to deserve it? What did elderly Asians do to get shoved onto train tracks? Nothing.

Work - glass ceiling thanks to stereotypes and lies of being "uncreative copycats with no leadership"

● FALLOUT IN ARMS RESEARCH - A special report - Amid Race Profiling Claims, Asian-Americans Avoid Labs (this is GREAT news - stop building weapons that they'll point at your face.)
● Study of the Day - There's a 'Bamboo Ceiling' for Would Be Asian Leaders Study of the Day: There's a 'Bamboo Ceiling' for Would-Be Asian Leaders — The Atlantic http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/05/study-of-the-day-theres-a-bamboo-ceiling-for-would-be-asian-leaders/257135/
● Asian Americans still under represented in Silicon Valley leadership Glass ceiling: Asian Americans still under-represented in Silicon Valley leadership - San Jose Mercury News http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_23100254/glass-ceiling-asian-americans-still-under-represented-silicon

Education/college/university - affirmative action AKA too many Asians

● First Jews, now Asians First Jews, now Asians | New York Post http://nypost.com/2014/11/29/first-jews-now-asians/
● Some Asians' college strategy - Don't check 'Asian' Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check box – USATODAY.com http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/education/story/2011-12-03/asian-students-college-applications/51620236/1
● Asian Fortune - Equal Opportunity still a dream for many Asian Americans AsAm News | Asian Fortune: Equal Opportunity still a dream for many Asian Americans http://www.asamnews.com/2014/06/11/asian-fortune-equal-opportunity-still-a-dream-for-many-asian-americans/

Activism - we have REVERSE activists such as "Asian feminists" who kick us while we're down while blowing white guys. It's like a super version of friendly fire - except it isn't friendly and instead of fire, it's napalm delivered through your eyes.

I will summarize here but you can read details below..
These traitors are our "leaders".
Imagine if Jewish activism was led by Jewish women married to anti-zionist Germans. That's us.
With the exception of Yuri, virtually 100% of our Asian female activists are married to white guys. When you talk to these activists, you know that they are exposed to lots of AM–they just don’t date them. You can't get a more negatively biased opinion and these imbeciles are supposed to be your leaders?
No wonder we're fucked.
The western media silences and renders invisible all Asian male activists who speak the truth. This is how they brainwash everyone including us.
Your enemies for the past 300+ years are whites and these "female Asian activists" date, fuck, and marry only white males?
The insanity defies reason.
note - Some of you will say, but we live here now and we get medicare, internet, roads, cars, etc. Look at the cost. China itself had to go from being the first or second richest most powerful nation on earth to being shat on, losing tens of millions of lives, and starting over from scratch. There are bombs still going off daily and dismembering/killing innocent people in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam left behind by these "Christians".
● Amy Tan
● Maxine Hong Kingston
Both these treasonous lapdogs write filthy lies about Asian men and mythologize white males as their "liberators" from the Evil Asian Patriarchy™. This propaganda is part of American school curriculum (maybe other countries too).
Instead of being gunned down in broad daylight, they're given awards by us and the American president.
The following two are more amy tan's in training.
● Michelle Yu
● Blossom Kan
● There are other "authors" like Jung Chang who write anti-China/anti-Mao propaganda. Do you know why they hate Mao? It has NOTHING to do with the poor Chinese who died because if that were the case, there would be hate-Britain books for their Opium Wars, hate-America books for Chinese exclusion Act/Cable Act/McCarthyism/etc, hate Anglo-American books for arming and encouraging Japan to brutalize Asia
see The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War: James Bradley: 8601400272039: Amazon.com: Books http://www.amazon.com/The-Imperial-Cruise-Secret-History/dp/B007MXCB6Y/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
The reason is because, despite his errors, Mao kicked out those western (and imperial Japanese) imperialist devils and re-unified China and armed it with nukes so it could develop.
● Gordon Chang is the "China is about to collapse" guy. Same with bitchmade, Minxin Pei.
● yomyomf - you offend me. you offend my family. supposed to be a pro-Asian media group. Puts out af/wm bs
Here's a big list of more self-hating Asian females worshipping white males that I copied from some commenter
N on August 22, 2010 at 9:52 pm said:
From the Meet Asian American Authors book list from Amazon
The Piano Teacher: A Novel by Janice Y. K. Lee Based in: WWII Hong Kong Male protagonist: British White Male Love interest: White female/Euroasian female
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: A Novel by Lisa See Based in: Olden days China Male protagonist: None (Though there are abusive Chinese Husbands) Female protagonist: Chinese females Soon to be made to a film directed by Wayne Wang (Joy Luck Club 2)
Pearl of China: A Novel by Anchee Min Based in: Cultural Revolution China Two female protagonists Antagonists are Chinese males
Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter by Adeline Yen Mah No male protagonist/love interests? Mainly about a rough childhood.
,b>Dragon Bones: A Red Princess Mystery (Red Princess Mysteries) by Lisa See Based in: Modern China Male Protagonist/love interest: White American Male Female Protagonist: Chinese Female
Petals From The Sky by Mingmei Ye Based in: China/US Male Protagonist/love interest: White American Male Female Protagonist: Chinese Female
Good Things by Mia King Male Protagonist/love interest: White American Male Female Protagonist: White American Female
Only Uni (The Sushi Series, Book 2) by Camy Tang Based in: US Male Protagonist/love interest: White American Male? Antagonist: Creepy Asian American Male (but attractive?) Female Protagonist: Asian American Female
My Year of Meats by Ruth L. Ozeki Based in: Japan/US Male Protagonist/love interest: Older White American Male Antagonist: Japanese Male Female Protagonist: Asian American Female, Asian Female
The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan Amy Tan
Sweet Life by Mia King Male Protagonist/love interest: White American Male Female Protagonist: White American Female
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan Amy Tan Classic
Kira-Kira (Newbery Medal Book) by Cynthia Kadohata Based in: US Children’s book, sounds quite beautiful though. No Asian guy bashing!!!! (I think)
Wild Ginger: A Novel by Anchee Min Based in: Cultural Revolution China Male Protagonist/love interest: Chinese Male who turns Antagonist Female Protagonist: Euroasian Female
The Last Empress: A Novel by Anchee Min Based in: Ancient China Male Protagonist/love interest:: None, but a lot of pathetic Chinese Males Female Protagonist: Chinese Female (To be fair, Tzu Hsi is probably judged a lot harder by Ancient Chinese historians because she was a woman ruler, the men during those times have probably done a lot worse).
Unaccustomed Earth: Stories (Vintage Contemporaries) by Jhumpa Lahiri Short stories that deals with a range of issues. NO white saviors from what I have read.
The Space Between Us: A Novel ( Deckle Edge ) (P.S.) by Thrity Umrigar Based in India. Indian female/Indian male?
The Namesake (movie tie-in edition) by Jhumpa Lahiri Male protagonist: Indian American male
One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Various characters, but no Asian Male?
Itsuka by Joy Kogawa Fight for compensation for Japanese-Canadian internments.
So maybe Namesake (Indian American males seems to have better options) and maybe Only Uni – Asian guy is depicted as a creepy dude, but at least he’s attractive. And God, there’s a lot of China bashing going in the publishing world.
Korean and Korean-American themes in English
The Foreign Student: A Novel by Susan Choi Male protagonist: Korean Male!!! Female protagonist/love interest: White American Female
Secondhand World by Katherine Min Female protagonist: Korean American Female Male protagonist/love interest: Albino (White?) Books sounds interesting though.
Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Keller Female protagonist: Japanese Female Antagonist: Japanese Male? (Since it’s on comfort woman)
Fox Girl by Nora Okja Keller Female protagonist: Korean Females Male protagonist/love interest: Black American
A Cab Called Reliable: A Novel by Patti Kim Korean Amercian daughteFather relationship – seems interesting.
The Interpreter: A Novel by Suki Kim Female protagonist: Korean American Female Male protagonist/love interest: Relationships with married men (white?), but doesn’t seem to be a significant part of the book Mystery – seem interesting
When My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon by Frances Park Female protagonist: Korean American Females Male protagonist/love interest: White American Males?
To Swim Across the World: A Novel by Frances Park Female protagonist: Korean Females Male protagonist: Korean Male
A Step From Heaven by An Na Female protagonist: Korean American Female Antagonist: Abusive Father, Weak mother
In Full Bloom by Caroline Hwang Female protagonist: Korean American Female Male protagonist/love interest: Never Date Asian guy variety
When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park Japanese occupation
Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi Japanese occupation – but sounds quite fascinating.
So after two book lists, I still haven’t found one book whether the love interest is an Asian American Male, (there’s two Asian FOB love interests in this list, if that helps) so where’s the AF/AM relationships in the literature world?
I don’t think I can name five books where Asian men get the girl, but there are at least a few.

Media/hollywood - insulted 24/7

● Asian Actor Criticizes Hollywood for Being 'Racist' (this is Asian legend, Andy Lau)
Asian Vibe: Asian Actor Criticizes Hollywood for Being "Racist!" http://asianvibe.blogspot.ca/2013/05/asian-actor-criticizes-hollywood-for.html
● Jackie Chan hated every western film he made - can't recall source
● Actress Chloe Bennet says changing her name changed her luck | Toronto Star http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/television/2014/05/11/actress_chloe_bennet_says_changing_her_name_changed_her_luck.html
A Eurasian girl with an Asian last name isn't cast, but the same girl with a white last name is. That's how "post-racial gentlemen" behave. They're full of shit.
● Racist, anti-asian sentiments in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory
Racist, anti-asian sentiments in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory | Not In My Backyard https://nimbygirl.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/anti-asian-sentiments-in-modern-media-the-big-bang-theory-and-beyond/
● The Interview - a film that mocks and encourages the assassination of a living political leader.
● White Dudes and Asian Ladies Are a Thing in Television Commercials, It Seems
White Dudes and Asian Ladies Are a Thing in Television Commercials, It Seems! http://kotaku.com/5950461/white-dudes-and-asian-ladies-are-a-thing-in-television-commercials-it-seems
Here are some notable representing us in hollywood by sucking white cocks
● Ken Jeong
● Bobbi Lee
● Matthew Moy
● Gedde Watannabe
● George Takei, gay from Star Trek
● William Hung
● Psy
● Randall Park is the latest addition to this harem of cock suckers. He plays the North Korean leader in the Interview, where two white boys assassinate him and save an Asian girl.
It's ridiculous. We have asexual heterosexuals, gays, dickless clown, and a silly fat guy representing us.
There are a few decent Asian men but they get one-off appearances while these bottom bitches are featured everywhere and have lots of demeaning roles roles.
● It's not just that they insult you with their media...they also steal your roles by yellowfacing them (white actors using make up to look Asian) and the newer whitewashing of roles (eg "fuck you! we're not even going to bother with the makeup" and cast a white guy as an Asian character)
Here's an incomplete list of films
● 1937 The Good Earth
● 1944 Dragon Seed
● 1956 The Teahouse of the August Moon
● 2007 Grindhouse
● 1957 Sayonara
● 2007 Norbit
● 2005 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
● 1981 Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
● 2006 Pulse
● 2008 Shutter
● 2004 Shall we dance
● 2008 My Sassy Girl
● 2006 The Lake House
● 2004-2009 The Grudge
● 2009 The Uninvited
● 2006 Pulse
● upcoming 2014+ Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
● 2010 Thirst
● upcoming 2014+ Hello Ghost
● upcoming 2014+ The Man from Nowhere
● 2014 Kite
● upcoming 2014+ The Chaser
● 2013 Old Boy
● 2008 The Eye
asexual Asian man roles:
● 1961 Breakfast at Tiffanys
● 2001-2007 Oceans 13
● 2011 2 Broke Girls (tv)
● Saturday Night Live with bobbi lee (tv)
● 2009 Friday the 13th
● 2009-2013 Hangover
● 2006-2010 Heroes (tv)
● 2009-2014+ Community (tv)
● 2004-2010 Lost (tv)
(Don't celebrate. The actual list is MUCH longer for asexual Asian man roles.)

Safety - anti Asian violence

● Asia-pacific - Beijing condemns ‘racist’ attack on Bordeaux wine students - France 24 http://www.france24.com/en/20130617-beijing-condemns-racist-attack-bordeaux-chinese-wine-students/
note: You might say that newly rich Chinese are ill mannered yet Americans are rated the world's WORST tourists and they don't get attacked.
● Columbia Hate Crime Victim Allegedly Called "Chinky Eyes, Asian Motherf---er": Gothamist http://gothamist.com/2013/05/09/columbia_hate_crime_victim_allegedl.php
● AsAm News | Harvard Crimson: Asian Americans at Harvard Receive Death Threats http://www.asamnews.com/2014/10/04/harvard-crimson-asian-americans-at-harvard-receive-death-threats/
● Hate turns its ugly head to Asians - SFGate http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Hate-turns-its-ugly-head-to-Asians-3080833.php
● Hate Crimes on Rise Against Asian Americans, Report Says - SFGate http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Hate-Crimes-on-Rise-Against-Asian-Americans-2808054.php
● Kevin Elberg assaults Sao Lue Vang - Family speaks out about Hmong hunter assault (sorry, don't have url but it's an online video. probably youtube)
● there have been a few of these within a few months. Ki-Suck Han Dead: After Man Is Shoved Onto Subway Tracks And Hit By Train, NYPD Searches For Suspect (GRAPHIC PHOTO) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/04/ki-suck-han-dead-man-fatally-struck-train-nypd_n_2236791.html
● Man Charged With Fatal Shoving of New York Subway Rider - NYTimes.com http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/19/nyregion/bronx-subway-killing-investigation.html?action=click&contentCollection=N.Y.%20%2F%20Region®ion=Footer&module=MoreInSection&pgtype=article&_r=0
● Black Thugs murder two Chinese USC students Ming Qu (sorry, don't have url handy)
● David Kao’s Murder Shows Anti-Asian Hate Crimes are Real - COLORLINES David Kao’s Murder Shows Anti-Asian Hate Crimes are Real - COLORLINES http://colorlines.com/archives/2009/06/david_kaos_murder_shows_antias.html
● 68-year-old Wen Hui Ruan was attacked and killed in Manhattan while walking his grandchild home. (sorry, don't have url handy)

Art/media by Asians

● Free Sex for Rice Chasers - A Review of Min Jin Lee's 'Free Food for Millionaires' - there are dozens of such books written by af
● Wayne Wang - directed Joy Luck Club AKA white worship
● Margaret Cho - self-hating trash who makes anti-Asian "jokes"...how self-hating is this trash?
She played the part of Kim Jong Un at the Golden Globes. Millions around the world watched the most famous Asian man played by a woman. So the Jewish-white Hollywood establishment effectively uses an Asian woman to emasculate an Asian man. Since they simultaneously portray zero or few Asian men in any other spotlight, that's the impression of Asian males they give the world.
In some comedy roast (a guest of honor is insulted for half an hour. It sounds retarded but it's actually a show of respect). Margaret Cho was part of a group of roasters lined up to insult a white guest. Everyone insulted this guy except Cho, who praised his cock for 4 minutes. WTF??
● most Asian youtubers
There are some decent youtubers, but then there are those who....
make gayass videos like wearing wigs/lipstick, doing fob accents, complaining about af/wm as if it "just happens", casting their parents in skits, promoting jesus (Jeremy Lin.......all that influence to spread white worshippping lies), and fundraising for af/wm films
FFS! who needs racist media to say you're a loser virgin when you can do it yourselves.
(continued in part 2/2)
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Is it possible for me to hire a job search agent?

I have been working with government and quasi-government job placement agencies on an off for three years and I never got a single job through them.
They are very painful to work with. They are flaky, bossy, and unable to explain things. Every one who seems to work at them are a theRapest of some kind. Their modus operandi seems to be to do as little work possible to prevent me from destroying my economic viability by pretending to care.
What I need is someone to handle the drudgework of the application tracking system and resume development so I can focus of obtaining the skills. Employers generally can face the fact that I can't be both be some kind of tv genius that can learn PHP fast enough the commonly used Joomla extensions ported to PostgreSQL so I can use http://www.busybodybreakdown.com/ to document the government and quasi-government agencies to figure out of they meeting their stated goals or are they just failing on purpose so they can get more funding, and then simultaneously be as suave as Christian Grey. It is just unrealistic. I don't have the resources go back to the past and abuse myself in the exact way to give me anti-social personality disorder so I can fully integrate in the sociopathic American society.
I do have the resources to hire some kind of job search agent to handle the sales stuff for me because it would be money well spent. I will be able to focus on gaining skills quickly and finishing projects so I can bring in even more income and have a chance to work for the best employers. The problem is that it seems impossible for me to hire s job search agent, because they don't seem to exist. Do job search agents exist? Where do I find them? Can I hire them with money from my own account so I can be sure that I am the talent and not the product?
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