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Additional Oath Lines.

Yesterday, there was a post about Chapayev and her Oath line, followed by a slap on her face coming from her SSK. ( https://www.reddit.com/AzureLane/comments/hvufsq/chapa_chapayev/ )
A lot of people were either saying this is normal, you should not force people doing things they don't want, others were more on the "You were warned" side.
From my perspective, i always saw Chapa as a gentle and caring girl, a onee-san, always trying to be the best for her SSK while being a little bit naughty but nothing to excessive:
Task Complete "Wow, you completed that mission all by yourself! Hehe, were you hoping I'd give you a reward? "
Return From Mission "What do you think of my food? Is this the kind of thing you like to eat? "
Secretary (Touch) "You want to feel? Ah, not this little guy. I mean me. Hehehe. "
Login "Welcome, Commander. So this is your office...? Aha, of course, it's OUR office, isn't it? "
You can see that she is a bit seductive, always trying to elevate the temperature. So why did she flipped ? in her voice lines she was even surprised that you turned down her pet play fantasy:
Secretary (Idle) 1 "Are you jealous of my little friend here, Commander...? Oh, you're not? Hmm. "
We can argue on the Like/crush line:
"A pet? I wonder... I've never had one before. The one I love and cherish is always right here with me, after all. Say, Commander... Do you need more affection? "
Or the Secretary (Idle) 3:
"If you're worried those you trust will betray you, you just have to keep them close. Either rope or chains will do the trick... right? "
But the love line could be said by Atago:
"Oh my... that looks serious. You really do need someone you love and cherish by your side... Commander, let me be here for you. I'll take care of all your worries for you."

Chapayev is one of the rare ship girl that has access to Post oath quotes line, and none of the other has her reaction. This would be considered as "special" in some way, being "unique", but i do think a lot of SSK liked that caring north union shipfu and made the "mistake" to oath her were disappointed.
Details Before -> "Commander, let's chat a bit? It's important that we get to know each other... don't you think? "
Details After -> " Commander, are you hungry? Well, you'll just have to wait. Once I say 'okay,' then you can eat. "
This is kinda like, you really like Prinz Eugen and as soon as she put the ring, she transform into an Deutschland and keep bossing you around like a puppy.
What can we do about it:
  1. At the Oath scene, being able to choose between a more Onee-san or more Dom-BDSM Chapayev.
  2. Being able to keep the pre-oath lines.
1 is better, you actually gain some voice line, while 2 is more cheap and you gain nothing.
Some might found this thread stupid, but for my case, liking a Shipfu so much that you are willing to put 10€£$ into this game, and she become the total opposite persona that you loved is kinda bad.
submitted by Dourded to AzureLane

I'm excited for Covenants in Shadowlands because for all intents and purposes they are Reputations / Factions 2.0 for WoW, complete with their own grind. How Covenants are treated and how they are received will inform future faction and reputation design going forward

How are Covenants Factions 2.0? For starters Covenants interact with you as a character intimately via the gameplay abilities. You get your Covenant set of abilities, class abilities, and then Soul Bind secondary talent systems. It affects you personally.
Covenants also have their own unique storyline and campaign that you choose. Instead of having factions you all get Exalted with, you choose to support a faction and do only its storyline and campaign.
The rest are just regular factions spruced up e.g. Factions having their own zones, their own stories and characters, their own grind. In fact I'm looking forward to having the one grind instead of having 4-5 for your regular factions that you get to Exalted.
The reception of Covenants will now be key in how Factions are treated going forward.
Let's speculate and discuss right now what are your biggest problems and biggest greivances with factions? The rep grind right? How best would you like to see the factions improved going forward with Covenants? What would you like to see Factions adopt after Shadowlands, what would you like to see them take away and ignore?
submitted by cmentis to wow