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Who are "The WingMakers" ? What is "The Labyrinth Group" ?

UPDATE: A disinformation agent has doxxed me here on reddit, in another WingMakers post I made, and called out my city of residence whence he should not have this information, I guess they are afraid of this knowledge, TRULY afraid. Afraid enough to doxx little ole me. I am not afraid. EYES ON AND SHARE:
[–]Branbrokemylegs [score hidden] 26 minutes ago
If your ideas can't stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny without you flying off the rails then there is something wrong with the messenger.
Go outside, smoke a bowl since it's legal in Canada, and step away from conspiracies for a bit. I'm sure >>Ottawa<< is beautiful this time of year.
[–]trancemixt[S] 1 point 14 minutes ago
Oh look at you trying to scare me. What a brave little man.
Do my ideas scare you, little one?
WITNESS the disinformation agent call out my city in an attempt to scare me.
WITNESS their disgusting and vile nature.
Hey Fred buddy, no. Thank.. YOU!!
UPDATE 2: I am not one to complain but yo... the Reddit Vote Manipulation is REAL. Frustrating too.
NOTE: I used to be very wary of the "Ra" channelings but now that I have found the people approaching it scientifically with good morals and nothing but good intentions, we see the result. TRUTH is the result. Amazing.
how about starting with clearing up how human history really went (re: extra terrestrials in our history).
Why don't we ask them directly?
To start, what was Egypt all about?
This book is mindblowing: https://www.llresearch.org/library/the_law_of_one_pdf/the_law_of_one_book_1.pdf
RECOMMENDED: To browse and click on many names at the top of the above link and read, Jesus, Muhammad, even Hitler and Eisenhower. Fascinating.
wingmakers.us (real)
wingmakers.com (truth mixed with lies, the site was taken over and replaced, thank God for Fred Burk SAVING the entire site and copying it over to wingmakers.us or I would not be here typing this.)
When you see how the interviews were changed, and WHAT was changed, you can see the CLEAR coverrup (damage control). They knew the bulk of it was out of the hat so they decided to change the interviews by DELETING huge sections and replacing with LIES. By changing names and even distances to Star Systems. Weird, no?
NOTE: all over the web, youtube, everywhere, you will have assholes (agents and fucking morons) talking about "Dr.Neruda" and interview 3, 4 or 5. These interviews were NEVER RELEASED and the ones on youtube are quite obviously FULL. OF. LIES. it pushes new age horseshit and lies about some "Grand Portal". The original interviews below SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. No New Age garbage. Zero mention of Grand Portal or Ascending to higher dimensions, that is all new age garbage.
Interview One: WantToKnow.info/wingmakersorig/wingmakersinterviews1changes.pdf
Interview Two: WantToKnow.info/wingmakersorig/wingmakersinterviews2changes.pdf
note: when the name was changed to "Dr. Neruda" it was the CIA taking control, these 2 pdf's are what remains of this truth disclosure from around 1999-2000 and then 2001 happened and the WingMakers was buried.
Now we have someone running Wingmakers.com who is NOT the original poster. They have changed everything on the sight (CENSORED) and literally turned it into wholesale (everything used to be ofc free).
They've commercialized an alien contact episode to hide it.
Here's where it gets really messed up:
In the original interviews someone named "Mahu Nahi" is mentioned one single time. He is said to be the leader of the "Corteum" (AKA annunaki) which is supposed to be an alien race that the US government has made a treaty with (think Eisenhower in the 1950's). I believe the Corteum is disinformation and he was instead referring to the Draco (reptilians).
So now we have someone named "James Mahu" who mysteriously took over the site wingmakers.com and wiped the original content from the web.
If you search for his instagram, he calls himself "James Mahu - Mahu Nahi". According to the legit interviews, and if it is true, James Mahu aka mahunahi is quite literally the leader of the "corteum" aka Draco. ROFL.
He claims he "updated the website" as per the emails exchanges he had with Fred Burk that Fred published on his website. But it is all a lie as Fred shows us; they CHANGED everything, added in Theosophy and New Age Luciferian trash to it, added as a goal to "ascend" to higher states and all this HORSESHIT. What used to be there, is truly amazing.
How amazing? So amazing that this info still stands all by itself, just like Phil Schneider and Fritz Springmeier. Some very special people.
Been researching for like 20 hours straight and am unable to prove WingMakers as being a hoax - this is REAL - and is the biggest coverrup going. The one with the BIGGEST implications. Don't believe me? Try to prove me wrong, I dare you.
When Phil Schneider was killed in the 1990's there was 130 confirmed deep underground military bases in the USA alone and 1400+ worldwide.
So many of these bases exist now? If they are so fucking huge, what the is going on down in those bases?
When Qanon made references to the matrix and people being fed on or whatever I am convinced this is the DUMB's and the fact they have made alien contact long ago and have done an agreement with the Draco to literally farm humans and feed them to Draco.
(SIDENOTE: we also know like ancient places in mexico and whatnot used to worship serpent gods and do sacrifices to them, clearly just more annunaki crap, and look at our elites now, luciferians doing sacrifices. Is lucifer just made up crap so the Draco can get their meals? How far is this from the truth, not sure.. or how close?).
You wonder why they would eat kids and shit? Who taught them to do this? Who told them to go all in?
Could it be the Draco? We are not being told the full story.
But its NOT ALL BAD. Read below to find out, the good guys are here, and from my 2 days of almost nonstop research I am more and more convinced that Donald Trump is working with the Labyrinth Group and that Qanon IS this group.
Have you guys seen these videos on youtube of "black magick" having these "magicians" going and making shit appear out of nowhere? I saw one where an asian dude made an entire, GIGANTIC, loaf of bread appear out of his hand - out of thin air, sitting in the middle of a restaurant.
The Luciferians allowed this to go into the open, they allowed this guy to display LERM as a "miracle" or as they call it "magic", for 10 million normies et all to gaze upon:
They do it using LERM (Light Encoded Reality Matrix) just one technology/science that they hide from us.
Yesterday I spent 12 hours researching only the WingMakers.
Al Bielek during the Philadelphia Experiment actually ended up being sent to the year 2800 and HE MET THE WINGMAKERS.
They are a HUMAN CIVILIZATION from 750 years in our future who discovered time travel.
They went back to the year 800 A.D. and buried "time capsule" sites which include AMAZING music, art, poetry and philosophy. Absolutely none of this is Dark Shit. No occult. No new age. No "worship the light" horseshit.
Not only that, but its indicated in the original literature that 6 other sites (7 total) - 7 trumpets? - needed to be found to fully comprehend the Time Capsule and receive the tech for BST (Blank Slate Technology) which is actually a technical way of saying Time Travel.
this is the real deal.
The only content remaining uncensored of this amazing discovered is housed at wingmakers.us which is a site controlled by a true Patriot named "Fred Burk" - thank you so much Fred!!!
Who are "The WingMakers" ?
What is "The Labyrinth Group" ?
we are not alone on this planet..
WHO IS: The Labyrinth Group?
WHAT IS: The Ancient Arrow Project?
Within the ACIO, there are 14 distinct levels of security clearance. Those who are at level 12 and above are aware of the Corteum/Anunnaki Technology Transfer Program (TTP). >>>There are only 7 who have level 14 clearance. <<< [Less than 10] - [Qanon]
is Qanon = Labyrinth Group ?
further notes: Phil Schneider was good friends with Al Bielek.
Bielek was involved with the Philadelphia experiment along with his brother Duncan. (think Nicolas Tesla).
Bielek is actually the guy who convinced Phil to come out and do public discourses (he was killed for this months later).
Bielek, as a result of Phi. Experiment. was sent to the year 2800 and met with the WingMakers (no shit!)
Can you people see why this is so huge? Tesla, Trump, Bielek, Schneider.
Phil Schneiders Dad, Oscar Schneider, went on many trips just before World War 2 broke out and even 1 trip just as the war broke out. Oscar would return home with a German, the German would stay at their house 2-3 weeks and eventually just blend into society and dissapear.
YEP, you heard that right, he was bringing NAZI's over from Germany!
Bieleks father was the Head Medical Tech involved for the Philadelphia Experiment. They discovered time travel, BY ACCIDENT, of course
if you are not yet freaked out and want more Draco evidence (WARNING, its some disturbing stuff):
If you search the web you can find people in India talking about ACIO positions and it states clearly in the original interview transcripts that the ACIO has offices in India, USA and one other country.
Al Bielek telling all about Philadelphia Experiment and how he traveled to the year 2800 and met the WingMakers. youtube.com/watch?v=dYE1Oady6Qo&list=PLmqTgSUpRWNvDJSiwue_B_1UB4rSeQaHE
My research indicates he was part of not only Phi. Exp. but also the Montauk Project AND NOT ONLY THAT, he was one of their PROGRAMMERS of what is dubbed "The Montauk Boys" <---STRANGER THINGS [MK ULTRA]
For anyone interested listen here and listen CLOSELY. Do you know the name "Fritz Springmeier" ?
Fritz Springmeier knew Phil Schneider very very well.
Now let that sink in a moment.
Yes you heard right. Fritz held this information for over 20 years secret. He freaked the fuck out when they found Phil dead. Phil was an MK ULTRA victim and had multiple personalities - part of him breaking free of black projects and going rogue was him trying to not only tell the truth - but to break free of his ACTUAL programming. He was very high up in NATO when he left - head of their top GEOLOGY Department (THINK DEEP UNDERGROUND FUCKING BASES). THIS MAN KNEW ALL, AND TOLD ALL.
Al Bielek found out years later that his real name is Edward Cameron. And that Duncan Cameron is his brother. MK Ultra. Multiple Personalities, like Phil Schneider. These guys were victims of the MK Ultra program EVEN AS SCIENTISTS IMPLEMENTING THE BLACK PROJECTS. Now thats twisted.
OK? Ready for more?
This is a top secret Military wing of the NSA - called ACIO.
in the ACIO, they have created a subgroup of only the top clearances called the Labyrinth Group (12x clearance and above).
There is a leader of the Group and he is known only as Fifteen (15).
The 'whistleblower' who dropped this info on the net in 1997 is a 12x cleared linguistic expert called in to help on the discovery of the Ancient Arrow Project site in New Mexico.
What they discovered was legit.
Consisted of an underground tunnel complex that was perfect, not a pebble anywhere, everything perfect, the site was perfectly preserved for 800 years. Smooth surfaces and they later discovered that they had used some sort of Sound Tech. to carve out the stones (Harmonics, if you find the perfect Harmonic Frequency of a substance (like rock) you can fuck with the matter, its much like the drills they use for the D.U.M.B's as Schneider talks about - he was an expert GEOLOGIST working on black projects).
Only dust was found covering the smooth walls, ceiling and floor because the site is 1,200 years old!
It was carbon dated to have been put there in the year 800 A.D. by time travellers from our current year 2800 (from our current timeline I should say). A group who calls themselves the WingMakers.
They found 23 chambers (humans have 23 chromosomes).
Each chamber consisted of 2 pieces of Poetry, one Huge Painting on the wall and an Audio Music Recording corresponding to the chamber. In the 23rd chamber they found an OPTICAL DISC (like a CD-rom) with hieroglyphics on it. It took them 4 years to figure out how to read its contents. It contained 8,100 pages of writings, philosophy and music.
People who viewed this original material as it was dropped on the web (the first and second chamber material was available completely as the translations were done for these 2 chambers and they knew what music and philosophy went to it. It changed peoples lives.
But it gets even more crazy... the linguist, after much studying of their ancient language, started to discover that the entire site is a time capsule. The entire site itself, is a language, its a message.
Now let me tell you, during the interview he made a ball of yarn appear out of thin air for the reporter, just like that, didnt give a fuck.
Then the woman is losing her shit, shes like... wtf? OK can u make a million dollars appear? hes like "yep, I can". totally fuckin dead serious hes being... she starts like trying to reason why he should make it appear, how it would help her, essentially shes freaking out.
So she calms down a bit and figures that because she will have to hide away a while after releasing this crazy info, she could certainly use 10,000 bucks it would be really helpful (shes being completely earnest) so the guy is like "yah sure makes sense" and literally makes dozens of 100 bills appear out of thin air for her. SHE STARTS LOSING HER SHIT.
This is LERM. This is Light Encoded Reality Matrix - its a SCIENCE the Elite know and use. Creating money out of thin air?
These movies hollywood makes, inception, in the interview they talk about "intervention points" relating to BST technology which is TIME TRAVEL.
Certain races in the galaxy already possess BST but they do not use it on us.
There is no real big threat, as per this 12x scientist, from our current galaxy./
But there is a prophecy that is Top Secret, sumerian documents, that they have about an invasion in the future.
An invasion from an Alien race NOT FROM OUR GALAXY
A hivemind like alien race that utilizes essentially drones, like a big fuckin ant colony, and they are a COLONIZATION race.
Singleminded colonization.
Now stop right there - has anyone ever played or seen STARCRAFT?
We are the Terran.
The Protoss is the Annunaki AKA Corteum whom is working the humans to fight against....
The Zerg is this hive mind alien race that the ELITE WELL KNOW is prophesied to come and attack us.
know what I think?
Labyrinth Group figured out that the attack was delayed to a future date and instead they focused fully on getting Trumper into power. If Hillary had gotten in, who fuckin knows.
Remember the footage of Hillary coughing out some green globular object during a speech? That doesnt happen to human beings, as we all know, no matter how much the talking heads on TV talk until their blue in the face (lie until blue in the face). The footage of them ripping a kids face off: her and Huma? Humans do not do that guys.
Frazzled.rip for all the normies who have no clue what I'm talking about -> PizzaGate.
FAKE NEWS is a term that appeared at the SAME TIME as PIZZAGATE.
When Trump refers to FAKE NEWS -> He is talking to the Media and saying "I KNOW WHAT FAKE NEWS IS COVERING UP FOR YOU, SO I WILL USE THIS TERM BACK ON YOU".
These are not even human beings. Refer to much of my Draco (annunaki) evidence pointed to on youtube, the AZUR AZEEN channel as well as marinodelfino will have much good info.
KNOW WHAT I REALLY THINK? I think Trump is a good alien working with the humans (Terrans) to stop these psychopaths and end their feeding of our kids to the bad reptilians ALL THE WHILE planning to fight the incoming Zerg invasion.
Remember Trump tweeting HIMSELF AS PEPE THE FROG?
Frog = Reptile.
He is telling us that he has allied himself, and probably many other good aliens, to fight not only the bad reptilian/other aliens who are against the humans, but also preparing for this incoming invasion. I don't know what other terms to use so fuck it, use starcraft labels.
Guys... I could have much of this wrong, but you know what? It's logical and fits. How can Trump have so much energy when he eats McDonalds and Drinks diet fuckin coke, doing no exercise and just going nonstop. HE AINT HUMAN! LOL< Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. I don't think it matters. Human or Alien, if he loves GOOD. HAS GOOD MORALS. WANTS US TO THRIVE? I say... fuck it. LET THE TRUTH BE HEARD.
SPACE FORCE uses the STAR TREK logo =)
NOTE: For any who want to research this topic, you may note that all available LEGITIMATE footage of reptilian (draco, annunaki) on the web has been manipulated via view and upvote count but more importantly, ALL QUALITY IS 480p or lower and THIS IS BY DESIGN. I am not new to this subject, just only recently found out about wingmakers and ACIO. It was a well hidden - I found it by accident. The Hoax garbage led me to the legit stuff, so a huge CIA failure on that front, HAHAHA!
For those having a hard time reading (or just to pwn agents) ANYTHING with "Neruda" in it, and ANYTHING talking about "Grand Portals" and "Ascension" bullshit and saying we are slaves in a fake reality ARE REPEATING LUCIFERIAN HORSESHIT AND IT IS TO BE IGNORED.
The truth is contained at wingmakers.us ONLY
1930 - Einstein is brought from Germany over to the USA.
Working at CAL tech.
Working at the Institute of Advanced Studies.
Working alongside good buddy Nicolas Tesla
Keep in mind this is all ocurring BEFORE the CIA exists (which was founded in 1947). This was all being conducted as a research project initially.
They were working on an invisibility project for the Military, at Roosevelts direction, he KNEW Tesla was brilliant. I mean they fucking brought over Albert Einstein so it sounds like some serious shit.
Continued until 1940, Al Bielek working on this project alongside his brother Duncan. in January of 1940 a successful test was done in Brooklyn naval yard. The ship was rendered invisible when the equipment was turned on and nobody was on board the ship, for safety. At this point Navy classified it, everybody had to get clearances.
1941 till 1942 project was moved to the back of a shipyard in Philadelphia.
late 1890's tesla makes a coil that breaks a power plant - but its also said he made contact with Another Civilization Not From Our Planet. At this point JP Morgan contacts tesla.
Tesla worked for RCA from 1919 till 1939 as their Chief Engineer. The lie on google saying he was a recluse tries to hide this - yet it was one of the busiest times in Tesla's life IRL.
1941 till 1942 project was moved to the back of a shipyard in Philadelphia.
late 1890's tesla makes a coil that breaks a power plant - but its also said he made contact with Another Civilization Not From Our Planet. At this point JP Morgan contacts tesla.
Tesla worked for RCA from 1919 till 1939 as their Chief Engineer. The lie on google saying he was a recluse tries to hide this - yet it was one of the busiest times in Tesla's life IRL. Held a retirement party for Tesla in 1939 at Cherryhill, NJ. People since have tried to trace the history of Tesla and RCA but have not been able to find them. He decided to use the name Nicolas Turbil for some reason at RCA. Records were later destroyed and Bielek is not sure really why. In 1931 he was working on the “Free-Energy” business (wow) Took an auto, ripped out the engine, put in an electric motor and a “little black box” which was essentially free energy that he had developed around the turn of the century. Jp Morgan wanted no part, as we know. Put the black box in the Dashboard and plugged it in, and it drove the 75 HP motor of the car (electric). Self powering car, in 1931. Using free energy in the air. This secret apparently died with him. Japanese tried to recreate what he did, many years later, and they said “Tesla did it better than us and nobody knows how he did it”. He developed particle beam weapon and tried to sell to US government. Nobody wanted to buy it, not USA, not Canada, but RUSSIA did buy it (rofl). They bought it for 25k cash lol 1935-1936, while working on 'Project Invisibility'
He needed money so bad that he sold that tech to them so cheap. Eventually the US Govt did provide Tesla a stipend because he was needing money.
He was anything but a recluse.
He knew Roosevelt from years prior (World War 1)
When he met roosevelt again in 1931, he told him about some of the things he had been up to (projects).
He told him he had a good track record and had many projects under his name (successful).
He had 2 laboratories and one of those labs was contained in the twin towers of the Waldorf Astoria hotel.
(Reminds me of ASTORs of Titanic fame, ones against the Fed Reserve who were killed).
Had secret laboratory in New Jersey as well.
He also worked at institute of Advanced Study. Princeton.
Al Bielek worked there also, he asked if they had records of Tesla (this was later after Nikola died).
He was told that nobody who actually worked there and received a paycheque, had files on them kept.
All they had was a folder on Tesla. Contained a telegram (sent from Institute to New York (assume Waldorf Astoria)) announcing Nikola Tesla had died on 7th Jan, 1943 and announcing the plans for his funeral. This was the only thing in the file.
Back to 1930's. He had an incredible and impeccable reputation – he never married his whole life.
Tesla was friends with a guy named HILBERT from Germany who was a brilliant mathematician who essentially figured out there was multiple dimensions using Math.
Tesla learned all his formulas and was fascinated.
This stuff was brought over to USA by Van Neumann and showed to Tesla (institude advanced study princeton)
This was all used in the experiments (Philadelphia exp)
Electricity and current flow, in electrical circuits.
There are elctric fields, magnetic fields, ever heard of “Gravity Field” ?
Mass of the planet determines str. Of Gravity field = incorrect.
Gravity Field is what was used to create a means of access to the time field.
Not many people outside the HARDCORE scientific field understand that time is not an illusion but is in fact a FIELD. (measurable).
(Al Bielek – whos a smart fucker – is trying to break it down how this all works for us (laymen)).
He says Gravity Field, Electrical field and Magnetic field all form basically an equilateral triangle (they all work together).
At 3 points of the triangle. If you interconnect these 3 fields using electronics, which they took many many years to figure out how this all works and how to build the hardware and setup these fields working together..
you setup electronics and electronic means, to properly interact together, it develops (gives access to?) the Time Field.
This is a small localized field, It depends how much power you put into it. You can access it, and manipulate the time field, for effects which as local. Think about a donut. A torroidal structure resembling a donut. Time is a closed loop, a closed circuit.
There is no beginning and there is no ending (infinity chan logo? 8Chan) There is a point where you can say it is PLUS or MINUS infinity but this is a mathematical concept that perhaps doesn't have any feeling in reality, you might say there is a beginning and ending and you can go through that point.
This is a concept, Alpha and Omega, We are at some point in the time field.
Think of a line around the edge of this donut, this is the reality edge of time, the 3 vectors. Time can be measured with a clock. Time has another aspect, another vector called T2, which is at right angles to the linear flow. It controls T1, they combine for the time field.
In you go to T2 and affects things there, it affects T1.
They created a time field.
If you can create a field large enough to surround an object, you can hide the ship basically. This field affects time around the object, with enough power, can make the field bigger.
The field creates a rotation around the object (torroidal field) which causes so that light can pass through the field, the object is invisble essentially. The light is being reflected back by the time field.
No return of light, no image. Sounds simple, but its really not. If you make the index of refraction of the ship = 1 , then it is invisible. It bends light.
Tesla involved in this all the up until March 1942. When they heard he made the little ship small, Roosevelt contacted him and asked him to do it with a big ship, and everything was classified. It was moved to Philadelphia.
Tesla had Einstein as a consultant.
Many brilliant people involved.
Al Bielek had been sent out, with his brother Duncan, out on a ship with a home dock being PHILADELPHIA in 1940 ship called the Pennsylvania arrived to pearl harbor as ship was due for overhaul in Oct 1941.
So they went to Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, and then left to go on leave for 2 months. On Dec 5th, 1941 they were supposed to head back to Pearl Harbour but they were intercepted and told not to go back because there would be an attack on the island and the people at Princeton did not want them on the island then.
And 2 days later the attack happened, They had known for 2 months, everybody on the island, that an attack was coming from Japan they just didn't know when. This lie (surprise attack) was ofc used to get AMERICA into the War.
As they worked back in Princeton in 1941 on Philadelphia experiment, on a huge battleship, they installed the equipment in the ship and began doing testing but Tesla was worried that the coils and equipment would be too powerful for the sailors who would be aboard if they were to ever try and use the equipment. Tesla tried to tell them to put back the date for the test but was told
But on the night before the first test he went around and sabotaged some equipment so the test would fail the next day.
At this point, Tesla left the project (wow)
Van Neuymann was assigned to replace him.
First thing he did was try to figure out what had gone wrong – it did not take him long to figure out what had gone wrong. He wanted to redesign the system. He decided he wanted to scrap the analog system – he decided instead of continuous raditation field he wanted to use instead a PULSE field. It was more efficient in his view. Van Neuymann was a very strange man, he had the ability to not only conceptualize his opinion but also build the hardware to make his work, brilliant. Good at Math, Good Engineer. He decided they needed not only a Pulse System, but that they needed a ship specifically designed from the ground up, for this project. (Bielek now describes the various modifications that Van Neuymann requested of the Navy Ship Builders at their site, Newark Shipyard). Asked them to provide a hollow gun turret, leave it all gutted out. Ship was ready in summer of 1942. DE-173 (USS Eldridge) was transferred to Philadelphia Navy Yard to install some very heavy equipment.
They were using Megawatts of Power (Diesel Generator) @ 1.6 Mhz Alot of heavy equipment was fitted on the ship.
Here Al stops talking and mentions how the Black Budgets are always 50 and even sometimes 100 years ahead in technology.
What he is saying to the idiot normies is to fucking undo what you think is possible, completely WIPE IT CLEAN because YOU DON't KNOW WHAT IS POSSIBLE.
Finnally in the summer of 1943 the first of the total of two tests began. There was a Capt Harrison who was kind of the head coordinator for the testing – he was the first Native American to ever get to the rank of Capt in the Navy.
He was observing the invisble ship for 20 mins while the equipment was turned on but saw a problem – he noticed that the waterline which should show at least an outline of where the ship should be – was ALSO INVISIBLE. So he ordered they turn off the equipment.
They confirmed during the test that the ship was also completely invisible to Radar.
Also noted that much of the crew that on the upper deck complained of “mental issues”, as Tesla had warned.
July 1943 first test with the volunteer crew, after much training and preparation.
The first test the ship kind of faded out of view like special FX in movies, but REAL. Not an illusion.
It was invisible to the eye and also invisible to the radar.
It was mandated by the very head of the Navy, an Admiral, that the tests be completed by 12 August or that they were to drop the test. Highly unusual and we do not know why this happened, they never got the answer till the late 1980's.
With a lot of research they did find out eventually but it would take way too long to explain now.
They worked around the clock as a result, on the project.
The reasoning was that at night in a convoy you must be able to see the ship somewhat with optical sight, because of dangers with own allied ships. What they really wanted was the radar invisibility.
By 9 August 1943, when they were getting ready for the final test, everybody started getting this very uneasy, odd, queasy feeling. Like something was wrong.
There was one crew member who almost bed ridden because he was so nervously thinking about a feeling of impending doom.
Comes the 12th of August, they had a final party the night before at the Blue Lagoon Bar.
They board the ship, it goes down the harbour, they have 3 observer ships nearby.
Set for the test. At the apropriate hour – everything was turned on by radio link.
The ship became radar invisible, but you could still see the shop via a green fog – highly ionized ozone around the ship. Producing a greenish fog, allowing them to optically see the ship.
But after 70 seconds, there was a blue flash of light, and suddenly everything dissapeared. No more USS Eldridge.
No communication. Nobody knew what happened, nobody had any concept of what was happening until the ship returned FOUR HOURS LATER at the same place in the harbour.
End of tape 1
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It is a badge of Honour that they felt the need to doxx me.
Statistics and meaning of name Jamisson
Usage: 72% firstname, 28% surname. Jamisson [NERUDA] first name was found 31 times in 3 different countries. Surname Jamisson is used at least 12 times in at least 2 countries. (USA,Australia)
"Jamisson Neruda" why did the spooksters choose to use this particular name? what does it mean? could it connect to the actual whistleblower or reporter that dissapeared back in 1998-1999 ?
I'm 1 hour into The Matrix (1999) -> Don't forget this WingMakers stuff all became applicable again in 1994, that's when the rockslide occurred, and let me tell you that this movie is a GIGANTIC redpill on more than we thought. Is fifteen = Neo aka The One ? Or a dramatized version of him.
I imagine the "Agents" as the CIA who are run by the cabal and surely contain tons of these Draco....
trippy stuff
It is very much recommended to go down the rabbit hole on this WingMaker material, and then rewatch The Matrix.
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Why is PEPE so popular? A human displayed as a frog?
Why is it REALLY so popular?
Further reading into all of this: https://www.wingmakers.us/wingmakersorig/Anne.shtml
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Unanswered questions, let's have a debate...

As amazing as all the HP + FB movies are, they have flaws...more so the latest, it doesn't reaalllyyyy bother me because I still love the movie but there's a few questions floating about there and I'm looking for the communities answers/theories/feedback whatever.... I'll try to save the best for last.
  1. So mogonagal(apologies if it's spelt wrong)...I've seen some statements for this one that makes it eligible for her to be there at this time so I'm not going to dwell to much on this one
  2. How could queenie (although he's all powerful) not be able to read grindelwalds intentions?
3.Everyday I'm nifflein, correct me if I'm wrong but was one of the main points in Fb 1 that he couldn't just acio niffler when he was in helping himself to all the goodies in the bank....yet in the second movie he can do it no problem :/.
  1. À là strange...I could have a few errors in this one BUT this whole end of the lestrabge bloodline business.... Yet does bellatrix not end up with rudolphus lestrange (married)....tare me apart for all my errors in that sentence lol
  2. One of the main ones and probably the most interesting is one I read on someone else's page...(Deathly hallows, wand doesn't answer to the big V because harry disarmed draco so technically it belonged to him bla bla bla)...what I seen someone point out, did Tina not disarm graves in the first movie? So technically going by 10 years worth of movies, does it not answer to her now?
Feel free to point out my many errors but just wanted to start a discussion on a few points I was unclear about...anything to take my mind off the whole credence conundrum... Which I've the answer to but I'll leave that for my other thread lol
Let the games begin!
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