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I live in lower Michigan (zone 5b?) and I'm prepping my hives (3 single deeps) for winter. This will be my first winter experience and it appears that atleast 2 hives have a good chance of surviving. It's the first year in these hives for the ladies so I am only harvesting a single frame of honey. I want to surround the brood with honey but I'm apprehensive when it comes to sticking medium frames in the deepz as a general rule of thumb. My deeps have not filled out completely so I just wanted to make homey storage as accessable as possible. Will be using additionally medium supers as insulation boxes (deep, medium, insulation/ventilation). Also considering the option of cold storage to minimize bee loses. Any thoughts or advice would be very much appreciated as fall looms heavy and this new found bee related anxiety starts setting in full swing.
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A modest bow build with moderate success rates in certain situations....

What's up dudes?!
Before I start throwing walls of boring text at yah, I wanna say thanks to this community, this reddit is one of the best gaming communities I have ever been a part of in terms of its attitude torwards the game, and its own members, this is something I love to see. I have been a gamer for many years now, and it always saddens me to watch gaming communities go down the dark cancerous path of self destruction, which is what I have watched damn near every gaming community succumb too over the years. I don't see any of that in this community at all, and I pleased to see that cancerous assholes are quickly dismissed here as such. Keep on rocking reddit. <3
It also needs to be stated in full disclosure that I am new to the Monster Hunter series with this title, as such, it is possible I do not understand everything as well I as I think I do, so if I make an objectively incorrect assumption, or put forth misinformation, I have faith you guys will quickly let me know so it can be corrected. I am with you guys, in that, I do not want misinformation being spread around, I want shit to be right, always.
One last note before we begin, and that, this build, is by and far not an OPTIMAL DPS BRUH build, it does great in some situations, okay in others, and awful in a few. It's okay at best, but most importantly, this build, is FUN, hence I wanted to share my version of it, and ideas with everyone, especially considering I have seen quite a few new bow users jumpin' in the reddit asking for some fun or otherwise effective builds to use with your bows, this is on of the many.
Now, that all the noise is out of the way, we can chat. :D
So let's talk..... THE DRAGONATOR BUILD.... no... THE DEMOLISHER....naw... THE BUTTHOLE PENETRATOR... close... I guess, we'll just call it, a modest bow build with moderate success rates in certain scenarios and situations... yeah, that's good... not disingenuous at all.
Now that we have a dope ass name, lets talk about the meat of the build, as you may have deducted keen hunter, this build revolves around using every bow hunter's favorite nerd boner inducing shot, the Dragon Piercer. This ability works the same way pierce ammo does on your LBG and HBGs, with the exception that is amped up to about 1000, It's pierce ammo on steroids. As such, once making contact with a target, it will deal its damage along a certain trajectory until it has nothing left to hit, or is otherwise deflected off a body part (which can happen, damn teeth). So with this in mind, the build premise is quite simple... we just... boost some DMG into it, and murder things... right? Yes... and no... it requires some fiddling to get to its best, but that is what I am here to share, so sit back, and get ready to blow up the whole god damn world with this thing, or at least, some... things.
  • Why Dragon Piercer?
Good question. This ability is easy one of the most damaging abilities the bow has in its arsenal, in terms of burst DMG anyway, which is what I wanted to build around. This build doesn't do outstanding, or what one would even consider 'good' sustained DPS, as dropping a DP in heated combat with a wild beast of the new world is not always an ideal situation. This ability, upon activation will leave you vulnerable for several seconds, and leaves you wide open to get smashed in the face, and if you haven't noticed thus far as a bow user, monsters KNOW when you charge this baby up, they are not a fan of the idea of you running an arrow down their spine and cracking 37 vertebrae in the process. So, be cautions when in the wild with this build, and try to bait your monster into attacks with long recovery times to present openings for you to DP properly, or simple flash them, or knock em on their ass. With proper application of this build, in some situations, you're lookin' at around 400 to 800 or so DMG on your target in one shot, assuming your aim and timing is on point. As stated before, this build's sustained DPS is trash, as you will be using nothing but your DP to do your DMG, is you want a more nimble and sustained Bow build, don't look here. Now, less dig into some gear....
  • The gear
Here you can see my entire gear listing, armor, skills and gems included. Before we dig in, and discuss why everything was chose, some more disclaimers; I personally would change quite a few things about this build myself if I was able, however after 300 hours into the game, I am still missing a lot of different gems the would give me some more diverse options to play with here, as such, this build was made with what I have on hand, and comes as is. If you have better gems, I highly suggest you iterate, and improve on this base design and make it better, as this is more of the build idea in practice, than a block of text showing you how to most optimize it. That's not my jam, I'm here to have fun anyway, optimization is the last thing I concern myself with in all honesty. So have discussions below on what you'd change and why.
The first piece of gear to discuss is the Cera Coilbender, this is the bow we will be using for this build. To the iniated, this decision is an obvious one, but for the less iniated, this bow is chose for the perks is has on it, such as the single highest raw DMG of all your bow choices, the lack of an elemental status, and the 2 gem slots, and augment slot. At the time of making this 'guide' I am not using the augment slot, as the game has continued to but ram me dry and not give me a single streamstone for Shaft, which is needed to augment bows. It is what it is. Now, you may be looking at those stats at the moment going.... BUT BRO, it has -30% affinity, THIS IS STUPID AF SON. Calm down, I AM A MODERN SAVANT OF BUILD CRAFTING BRO, AND I PRESENT TO YOU....
That's right, Critical Draw is here to save the day son. This skill is pretty damn tits, all you people out there whining about Weakness Exploit nerfs apparently don't see all the other great skills this game gives you to play with. So Critical Draw gives 30/60/100% affinity to an attack immediately after the weapon is drawn. Oh, I hear yah fella, you're over there like DOOD WE CAN HAVE 100% CRIT RATE, THAS SICK.... chill. Not so fast, let us not forget that our bow has -30% affinity. Now this is a little bit of a downer, buuuuut.... it isn't the end of the world. This will still give use 70% affinity on our draw DP, which is still, pretty damn tits. Oh....you figured that out already? Yes, that means you need to sheath and draw your weapon before and after every attack... but... WABAM!
Like Enrique Iglesias, the game says I CAN BE YO HERO BABEH and offers us Quick Sheath III, this skill offers us Slightly/Moderate/Greatly increased sheathe speeds on our weapon, which makes this problem slightly less tedious. This make it easy to react to your openings of attack as quick as possible, so you can line up your next CRIT CANNON OF DOOM to fly right up the unpleasantly smelling sphincter of whatever walking rage machine you chose to encounter on that particular hunt. Now, you may be saying, Vendetta, I like where your head is so far dude, looks good..... but where we gonna get da deeps? I WANNA DO DA DEEPS FAM... again, relax baby bird, ima feed you.
I am using 4 skills to boost our DMG output here, now these next two sections is where the build becomes REALLY open to interpretation, and go branch a few different ways depending on the user. Our first candidate for destruction, is everyone's favorite, the Attack boost, this skill offers up varying levels of raw DMG increase, and after level 5, offers up 5% affinity increase as well, which we will not be using in this variant of the build. We will only be using level 3 because with the current gem and armor setup I have available this is all I could afford for now, you can indeed swap your Quick Sheath III charm we discussed moments ago for an Attack III charm, which will fix this issue, however, after testing this variant, I found the Attack boost only giving me 3-5 actual DMG on the shot, so I decided avoiding the tedious nature of sheathing more valuable, but this is a preference and can easily be fixed. Attack boost lvl 2 comes from our Dober greaves B, and we get another level from a gem slot, which will be discussed more in depth later.
Next up, is Special Ammo Boost, this skill offers us 10/20% dmg increase to Dragon Piercer at each of its 2 respective levels. We acquire both levels from our chest piece, Kaiser Mail B, nothing more to discuss here, it's DP dmg, thas why I chose it. derp.
Third, we have Piercing shots, now this skill offers up another 10% increase as far as I am currently aware, and only comes @ lvl1. But it is also unique in that it can only be found on a single armor piece in the game, or a gem item. We do not have the gem, so we use Rath Soul Waist armor to pick it up, along with windproof 2, which is useless really, but, it's there so we take it.
Last but not least, we pick up Non-elemental boost from a level 2 gem slot. This skill boost raw DMG of weapons that do not have an element, and as your ecall our Coilbender has a hidden element we are not using, as such it receives out DMG boost from this gem. Now, this skill is a set piece bonus, for 4 pieces of the Diablos set, so if you do not have this gem, you're going to lose some DMG here, but can be made up by swapping charms as discussed earlier, or if you do have it, stack with the charm swap and get MOAR DEEPZ. Up to you. So now... you're like you have a lot of beta armor man.... what we gonna do with all dem gem slots?
As stated in the previous section, this area is WIDE open to interpretation, and where the build is open to being much more personal. However, I will give my reasoning why I chose what I chose here, even though some of the choices were made for me because I still need a lot of gems FUCKYOURNG. I love Monster Hunter. :D
First, the Cera Coilbender comes with two lvl 1 gem slots. I use them for Lvl1 Attack Jewel and a Lvl1 Expert Jewel. I chose the Attack jewel for obvious reasons and the expecrt jewel offers us 3% extra affinity on the back end of our Crit Draw, which leaves us at 73% crit chance, I didn't really have any gems to put here that would make as much a difference than this gem did, so I chose this on, 3% is 3%. If I had more Expert Jewels, I'd consider user them, but I have one, so yay.
Next, the Diablos Helm comes with a lvl 2 gem slot. I use this for the Elementless Jewel Lvl2 we discussed in the deepz section.
Next, Kaiser Mail, this comes with two level one gem slots, we use these for two of our three Vitality gems. Which may seem like a strange choice, but, Vitality level 3 gives us +50 extra health, and this health bonus can stack with health bonuses from eating, so depending on the meal you heat, you can get 170-200 health which offers us a nice safety net for our troubles. This means you won't be one shot in most scenarios, if you make a mistake and get smashed in this face while charging a DP shot at Nergigante and he decides NAW BREH and ground pounds your fucking skull into the dirt, you will be able to roll away and heal up without too much punishment.
The gloves, Bazel Vambraces, comes with a single lvl3 gem slot, now I didn't NEED a lvl3 gem for this build, nor do I have one that really benefits its ideals, so I use this to pick the Crit Boost gem. This gives us level 1 of Crit Boost, which gives us a 5% increase to our critical dmg output, if I had more of these gems, I would make room for them personally, but I have one, so I made due.
Lastly, the Dober Greaves come with a single level 1 gem slot, I use this for the third and final Vitality gem discussed earlier.
Now, to reiterate, gem placement here is subpar at best, if you have a better gem stash than I do, this build can be pushed to new heights. I will revist the build for sure once I have a better gem collection and and see where I can push it, but as it stands, this build is a force to be reckoned with, and that is not bad for some bullshit I hobbled together one day. I would also like to allow the build some more versatility in its use, as it stands your job is to DP, GET HIT BY MONSTER, DP, FUCK YEAH DEEPS BOI, HEAL. Using your regular charged shots is as next to worthless as you can get, hence it is deemed rather situational, sure walking hitboxes like Xeno'Jiva and Bezelboop will feel your wrath, but smaller racket monsters will bring this build down to worthless levels, so understand this before you run around going THIS BUILD IS TRASH BREH, we know, we told you 12 times already jackass.... -.-
I'd personally rate this build a a 6 out of 10, sure it puts out some THUNDER in certain situations, but that situational use cost it some of my fake ass review points, for fashion, I'll give it a 3.... cause well.... look at this shit man... CAPCOM, plz...
I do believe this is all I have to say on this build, and I really hope you enjoyed the build and reading my Berlin Wall of text. Please leave your iterations on the build below, or simply discuss some different ideas, or correct any errors I made as well. You may also take the time to tell me I am a build crafting savant, or a total fucking asshat, I don't care which, I am already honored enough that you took the time to read my thoughts.
Later doods...
submitted by Vendetta_x77 to MonsterHunter