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Microsoft releases security updates for critical Windows

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Everything We Know About Fate: The Winx Saga (Why you should be excited!!)

I've been quite excited for Netflix Reimagining of Winx Club. Growing up Winx Club was quite literally my favorite show ever, but, when I heard about this live-action adaptation in 2018, I was actually cautious. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, and I honestly forgot about it up until a week ago. Since then I've been doing some research into the show, and at this point I'm excited as hell for it to come out! I'll give my reasons down below as to why, and hopefully this information will help ease doubts for some of you who are more scared of how it's going to turn out.
Release: A source stated it will be released in January 2021, Will be available on Netflix. There will be 6 episodes, each 1 hour long. The episode titles are:
  1. To the waters and the wild
  2. No strangers here
  3. Heavy mortal hopes
  4. Some wrecked angel
  5. Wither into the truth
  6. A fanatic heart
No trailepromotional materials have been released yet, but I'm guessing we're going to get some posters by late Novembeearly December, and a teaser or trailer by Decembeearly January.
Location/set design: Most of the production was filmed in Ireland in Ashford Studio, and judging from social media posts from the actors during filming, the outdoors landscapes, forests, and fields all seem to look very nice. If I'm guessing correctly, the old timey castle is supposed to be Alfea, which looks to be pretty nice as well. The main set decorator, Jil Turner, also did the set's for Vikings!
Plot: Not too much is known about the exact details, but I do not think it'll be a carbon copy of the original winx club. It will probably have similar plotlines or key events, but a lot of stuff will probably be changed to suit the live action. We have been told it's going to be darker and intended for an older audience (think teens and adults). The excecutive producer and original creator of Winx Club, Iginio Straffi, said that the show will be "edgier and darker than they (the older audience of Winx Club) can imagine after being used to the colorful world of the Winx."He also said the following about the show: "the things we had to tone down in the animation have been emphasized in the live-action: the relationships, the fights, the love stories." Now this may bother some, but personally I much, much prefer this. In the times I've rewatched Winx Club, the story and plot was a bit simple and childish. It was obviously a kid's show, so that's completely fine, but I didn't really watch it for much beyond nostalgia. A lot of potentially deep or serious plotpoints are sort of glanced over, and not really developed or given the chance to unfold or be explored in a way that is interesting to adults. That's why I'm hoping that they develop a deeper and more serious tone to handle darker topics.
Exactly how "dark" it will be we don't know, but I'm guessing there is going to be blood, graphic language, and even sexual material. My basis for this guess is that one of the actors said in an interview that the show would be somewhat similar to "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", which features all of that. Additionally, the show has two Intimacy co-ordinators listed on the cast on IMDb (a person who offers guidance and ensures the well-being of actors when filming sex-scenes or other intimate scenes). I feel like this would also be very realistic, as quite a few teenagers do deal with stuff like that (except for maybe the blood).
Cast: Ok, most of the actors here are quite new and not really well known, but they all seem to be at least decent actors. The casting director, Kate Ringsell, has worked in casting for Wonderwoman (2017) and Sense8 (and much more). This gives me hope that there won't be poor acting. I think they cast most of the roles almost perfectly, especially Bloom, Stella, and Sky. But there are some exceptions, like Musa, since her actress is very white-passing (though she is half-singaporean I believe). No shade to the actress though, this is more of an issue in the industry that doesn't always cast POC in POC roles. There is also the issue of removing Techna, Flora, The Trix, and most of the familiar Alfea Staff. This actually does upset me, but I'm hoping they get introduced in Season 2 (I believe it's already in the works!). I guess this is just me being hopeful, but like they introduced Aisha/Layla in season 2 of the original, maybe they're going to do the same but for Techna and Flora! It does make sense, you can only introduce so many characters in 6 hours of material.
Directing: Most of the directors aren't super well known, but there were 3 directors for the 6 episodes, and honestly it's not looking bad at all. Stephen Woolfenden took part in directing a few Harry Potter movies, Detective Pikachu, Outlander, and Doctor who. Hannah Quinn was a part of the direction team in Gladiator, The Martian, Saving Private Ryan. Lastly Lisa James Larsson, probably the least known of the bunch, was a part of the team in Victoria, Welcome to Sweden, and Britannia.
Production: The most famous producer on board is probably Brian Young, who was a producer on The Vampire Diaries. Honestly, that show was a little bit of a mess sometimes, but when I checked on IMDb, he produced some of the better seasons, so that's a good sign. Also, another one, John Keville, seems to have produced a lot of horrothriller types of movies, which also points towards a darker and creepier vibe.
Make-up and Hair: When I looked into the hair and make-up department, most of them had previously worked in King Arthur, Quantico, Vikings, and Gretel and Hansel (the new one). Again, from instagram posts by Precious Mustapha (Playing Aisha/Layla) the hair and make-up looked very very good!
Costumes and clothes: I haven't seen too much of the clothes they're wearing from social media's, but the department has worked with costume design in Inception, Dr. Strange, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Thor: Ragnarok, and The Conjuring 2, as well as Desperate Housewives before. Hopefully we'll get some nice Y2K fashion, especially seeing as how it's been getting popular recently. When it comes to fairy costumes and transformations, it's honestly just speculation at this point. I have no idea if they will be having transformations or wings or intricate costumes, which is a bit disappointing. But, I do see how it could turn out a bit cheap or childish if they do, so I just hope that if it's included, it's handled very, very well. I have heard that all the actors had 3d body scans done (potentially for transformations or cgi wings?), but I don't have a reliable source for this information, so it may be incorrect.
Monster sculpting: This actually really got me excited, since the main (and only sculptor credited on IMDb) is Colin Jackman! This guy did work on Game of Thrones, Captain America, Maleficent, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and AvP. Hopefully we'll get some really cool and well done designs.
VFX and CGI: This part is what really has me hopeful. Now the visual effects will really make or break this production, but the team's track record is honestly impeccable. First of all, the main studio hired for VFX and CGI is Cinesite, who worked on The Witcher, Avengers, Harry Potter, and The Dark Knight, amongst other things. But the team all in all did work on so many famous shows/movies, and there's too many to mention here, so I'm just going to go over the highlights: Ready Player One, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Prometheus, Interstellar, Avengers Assemble, Avengers Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, The Martian, GOT, Black Mirror, Ironman 2, Rogue One, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars Episode VIII, The Witcher, Xmen: Days of Future Past, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Wonderwoman, Altered Carbon, V for Vendetta, Total Recall, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Rise of the Guardians, Thor: Ragnarok, and How To Train Your Dragon.
This gives me sooo much hope that it'll turn out well. Obviously this show doesn't have the same budget as most of the Block Buster Movies listed, but it still has quite a high budget, and hopefully it'll be handled with as much finesse and detail as the works above.
Music: I didn't find too much interesting stuff here, but one of the music editors, Connor Hughes, worked on the Live action Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, so let's hope we get a nice soundtrack!
That is basically all that I managed to dig up, I'm not really sure if this is an appropriate place to post this, but I want more people to be excited for the show! Now, I may be completely wrong, and the show could literally turn out to be complete and utter garbage with bad acting, awful effects, and mediocre direction. This is obviously a possible outcome, but I've chosen to stay hopeful as I've had enough pessimism in 2020. But judging by who is working on it, and that they're already working on a Season 2 before any promotional material is released at all, makes me think it'll turn out pretty darn good!
What are you guys' thoughts on this? :)
submitted by mahheeee to winxclub

/r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 20: RADIOHEAD

Ah, change. Don't we all love it? Don't we all hate it? Remember moving out of your parents house and into some dingy college dorm for the first time? Getting married and having children? How about being forced by a global pandemic to live inside for literal months?
Yep. Change can be good, like the kind you find in your couch cushions. But change can also be very, very bad, like the kind of change that Weezer went through, going from indie rock darlings to a meme-driven cover band. Side note: get your fucking shit together, Rivers Cuomo. Either way, change is often divisive - and this concept is core to understanding today’s band of the week.
There is constant pressure for an artist to evolve and change their sound, to develop and create something new. Any real songwriter knows that they can’t just slap a different label on the same can and sell it back to their audience without losing the respect of their peers...unless you happen to be AC/DC, who somehow made the same album 15 times with two different singers. The pop industry’s oversaturated mess of recycled garbage is never going to be admired by critics, even though pre-programmed FM radio and tweens seem to love it.
Our very own Queens of prehistory are the perfect example of how an artist can experiment and advance their sound from record to record. Every album builds on the last one and takes their sound in a new direction. This can be both amazing AND divisive, depending on your point of view.
Today, we will look at a band that did even more. These guys went through one of the most daring style changes in music history, and came out the other side completely unscathed. They’re a shining example of how to evolve, and how to not only change your sound, but to change the very concept of rock music.
You guessed it, today’s artist is none other than RADIOHEAD
About Them
You know how music makes you happy?
This is not that kind of music.
If you are looking for a pick-me-up, for that Walkin’ On Sunshine vibe to make you bop down the sidewalk, then you need to run far, far away from this band. It is not that their music is Soundgarden-dark or Alice In Chains-dark. It is not NIN-angry or RATM-angry. Radiohead sounds like someone compressed a rainy day, mixed in two gallons of melancholy, got a distillation of being dumped by your girlfriend, and then made you watch your puppy get run over...twice. It is sorrow and regret and woe and dejection all brewed in a cauldron of gloom.
And it punches you right in the fucking feels, every time.
The band is made up of brothers Jonny Greenwood (who rivals Keaunu Reeves with his ability to somehow not age) on guitar and keys, Colin Greenwood on bass, Philip Selway on drums, Ed O’Brien on guitar and backing vocals, and the king of falsetto himself, Thom Yorke, on vocals, keys, and guitar. The five guys from the County of Oxfordshire in England all met in school. In the classic story of teenage rebellion, they got together and formed a band that no one had ever heard of called On A Friday. The band played together all through their teenage years and into university. As they cut their teeth on the local club and tavern circuit, the band got tighter and tighter. This was noted by Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge, who saw them play and were so impressed with their raw talent that they helped them record a demo tape and became the band’s managers - a position they still hold today. The demo was shopped to a number of record labels. The net result was that On A Friday was signed to a six-album deal with EMI.
Clearly, we all know and own On A Friday albums today, don’t we? Nope. At the request of their label, they changed their name to the moniker we all know now. The name was inspired by a Talking Heads tune. Clearly, David Byrne must have had a stash of band names hidden somewhere in his comically oversized suit.
The newly-minted Radiohead caught their ticket to fame with the song Creep. You have to remember that when the world were listening to Soundgarden and Kyuss and Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana crank out amazing grungy, sludgy riffs and tunes, Radiohead rode a wave of self-loathing and awkwardness to international fame. The brilliance of Creep lies in the fact that its lyrics and its music are in direct contrast to each other. When you listen to Thom Yorke lament the fact that he is not worthy of wooing the girl he is chasing, you become sad. But the soaring major chords of the guitar pivot from one to another and create a cognitive dissonance. The music makes you feel the emotional joy of the man who fixates on his crush while the lyrics simultaneously show the soul destroying experience of his unrequited longing.
As it turns out, lots and lots of people have felt this kind of doubt and anguish. Creep was a bonafide hit and is still the band’s most successful single. It made their debut album, Pablo Honey, a world wide best seller. The band’s first international tour as an opening act for Belly and PJ Harvey saw them play the song every night to crowds who knew and sang every word.
The net result? They grew to absolutely hate the song, to the point where they abjectly refused to play it live for years at a time. The irony is, of course, that the incredible success of that one tune gave them immense freedom to experiment with their sound.
Their second album, The Bends, was no happier than the first. The tune My Iron Lung has the lyrics This is our new song, just like the last one, a total waste of time, which was a commentary on the fan’s reaction to Creep. But in a twist of fate, reviews of My Iron Lung said that it was just like Creep. It was enough to, I don’t know, maybe make your eyelid droop or something.
The Bends was released in 1995 and went platinum. Critics initially did not know what to do with it, as it was a genuine album rather than a few singles surrounded by filler. But classic Radiohead tunes High and Dry, Black Star, Just and Fake Plastic Trees can all be found here. The Chicago Tribune gave it one star out of four, and said that the lyrics were self-absorbed and the music was pretentious. Undeterred, Radiohead toured as an opener for Alanis Morrisette and R.E.M. The influence of this dark and moody album cannot be overstated. Acts like Muse, Coldplay, James Blunt and Garbage all cite it as a direct influence on them. Many Radiohead fans place it second only to OK Computer in the band’s canon.
So did Radiohead’s third album build on that kind of success?
Fuck no.
They had an amazing, world-topping single in Creep and then released an album devoid of singles.
They had a fantastic guitar-driven moody thematic album, and then completely abandoned that sound.
OK Computer is the ultimate anti-consumerist album, and it cemented Radiohead as the kings of progressive rock. One needs only listen to Stephen Hawking spittin’ fire on the tune Fitter Happier to know that this was unlike anything ever released, not just by the band, but by any band. Side note: This Hawking guy gets around, doesn’t he? Collaborating with Mastodon and Radiohead? I’d say with those unique vocal stylings, he has a bright future as a musician.
Everyone loved OK Computer...even The Chicago Tribune. It was immediately hailed by critics as the most important album since Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Dark Side of the Moon. It routinely makes lists of the greatest albums in rock and roll. Listening to it is an emotional roller coaster even now, more than two decades later. It foreshadows the information age and subsequent alienation that we all live in today.
Exit Music (For a Film) was originally written for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo+Juliet, but the movie producers selected Talk Show Host from The Bends instead. Let Down is an absolutely haunting fan favorite that is still part of live sets from the band today. Karma Police, No Surprises, and Lucky were all released as singles from the album, and probably have helped to sell as much kleenex as they did vinyl. But the standout track on their third release was the multi-movement composition Paranoid Android. Named after Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this song in four sections regularly appears on lists of the greatest rock songs of all time. The weird animated video cemented the song as an anti-capitalist anthem. It is a truly epic tune that drew immediate comparisons to Bohemian Rhapsody and A Day in the Life. Paranoid Android was over six minutes long and has soaring guitars and choral chanting mixed in with what sounds like an entire effects rack slowly dying by strangulation. It was the most ambitious track on an incredibly ambitious album, and critics loved every single note.
So of course, that meant that Radiohead had to abandon this sound for something entirely different.
The success of OK Computer and the tour that followed led to burnout for the band and writer’s block for Thom Yorke. When it came time to record Kid A, the band did not just take a left turn, they spun completely through a multi-dimensional roundabout. Thom Yorke set about writing the lyrics by cutting up and rearranging common sayings and phrases mixed with violent imagery and turning them into a kind of lyrical collage. In a band with four members who play some kind of guitar, they wrote songs with zero guitar lines. Thom Yorke has said that he approached his vocals on this album not as a singer with lyrics, but to use the voice more as an instrument on its own.
Since OK Computer was such a massive hit, anticipation for Kid A was high. Radiohead refused to do any promotion of the album. Nevertheless, the record company released the artwork and some ‘blips’ from the songs. The band played some tracks on tour and an underground internet market for bootlegs emerged. Three weeks before the release date the entire album was leaked on Napster.
When it was officially released in 2000, critics did not know what to make of it. Radiohead released no singles from the album. Some called Kid A commercial suicide. Others said it was confusing and aimless and self-indulgent, and the only challenging thing about the album was the very real challenge to your attention span. But history has vindicated this soaring, orchestral jazz-inspired album. Tracks like Everything in its Right Place and How to Disappear Completely and Idioteque are fan favorites. And I don’t care who you are, The National Anthem is a complete banger.
So the pattern was established: Each album was a complete pivot, and challenged their listeners to adapt to the new sound. Right?
Wrong again, motherfucker.
Amnesiac, released in 2001, picked up right where Kid A left off. This was completely intentional, since the writing sessions for Kid A had yielded too much material for one album. At one point, a massive double album - Kid Amnesiac? - had been contemplated, but the band decided to split the two. Sometimes derided as the B-Sides from Kid A, Amnesiac saw the band dive straight into ProTools and AutoTune and backmasking every single effect ever. This is blended with influences from Jazz and, presumably, whatever was on BBC World Service that day. They did release a couple of singles, notably Pyramid Song and Knives Out. QotSA fans will love a B-Side off of this album called The Amazing Sounds of Orgy which bears a striking resemblance to music from our paleolithic monarchs.
I’m not sure if you remember or not, but 2001 was a bonkers year. Kid A and Amnesiac were albums that were embracing the shift to the information age and incorporated electronica into music. But in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the US and the subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the entire global mood lurched from one of hope for the future to fear for our safety. Radiohead’s angriest album, Hail to the Thief, released in 2003, and captures that sense of urgency and distress. The core of the album was recorded in two short weeks in Los Angeles, with the band workshopping and completing almost one song per day. Given the complex reengineering that they had previously done on the last three albums, this was a significant shift in process. 2 + 2 = 5 was finished in just two hours.
The lyrics on the album were a grab-bag of quotes from Dante and nursery rhymes and science fiction and reflections on the election of George Bush Jr and the subsequent war on terror. Every song has an alternate title (because, well, Radiohead) and thus an alternate meaning. Ultimately, it is an album that cuts through the fog of war and is a massive critique of what the band perceived as the naked opportunism of turning real tragedy into profit (hence the album title). A little over two months before it was due to release, the album was AGAIN leaked online. This completely pissed off the band , as it was an unpolished version. The actual release was in June of 2003. And of course, Hail to the Thief soared to number one, on the strength of songs like There There and Backdrifts and Scatterbrain and the incredibly angry I Will. Critics fell in love with Radiohead all over again.
Hail to the Thief completed Radiohead’s six-album contract with EMI. This made them the world’s most popular unsigned band. But at this point, they had become too big for any one label, though many came knocking. They went on a hiatus to catch their breath and reflect on where they had come from.
Recording sessions for In Rainbows began in 2005 but stalled. The band tried again in 2006 and stalled again. The band took to the road and played the new songs live to work out the kinks. This seemed to work, because the third time the band went into the studio things started to click. In Rainbows has a post-anger clarity to it. Tunes like Jigsaw Falling into Place and Nude and House of Cards show the band had moved past their past, and were once again pioneers in the new frontier.
But what truly set the album apart from literally anything else in 2007 was the way it was released. Remember how Hail to the Thief and Amnesiac were leaked online? Well, Radiohead did what only a wildly popular unsigned band could do: they released In Rainbows online for free. They just asked people to pay whatever they wanted. This was a tectonic shift in the music industry which had seen profits spiraling downwards with the rise of single song purchases through digital platforms. Free music? For anyone? Once again, Radiohead completely challenged the existing model - just in a brand new way.
Oh, and I cannot stress this enough: Get yourself a set of good headphones and spend 43 minutes just listening to In Rainbows without distraction. It is a god damn amazing album with absolutely fantastic production. It is easily their most accessible album since The Bends.
Fans of Radiohead would have to wait another four years before their eighth album, The King of Limbs, was dropped. Named after a tree in Wiltshire, England, the album again is a shift in sound for the band (I know, I know, this is a complete shock for you). Released as a digital download, management stated that this was the most profitable album for the band out of all of them since there was no record label to feed. The songs are laced with looping and sampling and electronica. Heavy rhythms dominate and are interspersed with wind sounds and bird song. Basically, if you released this album on bandcamp, no one would pay any attention...but Radiohead released it, and it was an instant hit. The video for Lotus Flower spawned Thom Yorke dancing memes, which makes complete sense if you have seen it. It must be experienced to be understood.
Radiohead’s ninth and most recent release is 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Eschewing birdsong this time, this album leans heavily into choir and orchestral and strings and chamber music to craft its sound. It is a broad commentary on climate change and groupthink. Burn the Witch, with its claymation video, is a visual treatise on the dangers of the mob and getting caught up in the moment. True Love Waits was a song that the band had been working on since 1995 and shows them at their disconsolate best.
And yes, A Moon Shaped Pool again hit number one on the charts.
At this point I am certain that Radiohead could piece together the sounds of dumping cutlery on the floor, whalesong and goose honks together with the back-masked theme from The Legend of Zelda to write a song about losing your umbrella on a rainy day...and have a number one hit. And if they do just that, I expect royalties.
What is certain is that fans are eagerly anticipating where Radiohead will go next. They are ready to embrace whatever change Thom Yorke and the boys throw their way, and don’t spend their time bitching about how the latest album from the band just isn’t as good as the rest of their discography.
There is a lesson to be learned there somewhere.
Links to QOTSA
Our prehistoric monarchs and Radiohead both have some things in common. The theme of change is absolutely one of them. Each album is an evolution (or revolution ) from what has gone before, and some of the fanbase can find this challenging.
Interestingly, both bands recorded songs called Burn the Witch, and both are indictments of groupthink. Josh’s version states, There they are, the mob it cries for blood, to twist the tale, into firewood.. Thom Yorke sings, Red crosses on wooden doors, and if you float you burn, loose talk around tables, abandon all reason. Written at different times by different artists, both explore the same theme with different sounds.
Josh has not been shy about how much he loves Radiohead. He has stated, “Not everyone is Radiohead. You’re talking about one of the finest working bands in the world…In Rainbows? I think it’s fucking awesome...it just comes out of a jam and keeps moving, and little things get stacked on top of what we hear before something else gets taken away, you know? It’s very cool. We were in New York when we heard the first single, and we were like shit, they’re haulin’ ass, that’s awesome.”
Both Homme and Thom Yorke have worked (albeit at different times) on the trip hop / alt rock band UNKLE. Yorke appeared on their second album, Psyence Fiction, lending his vocals to the song Rabbit in Your Headlights. Meanwhile, Homme played on their third album, War Stories. In particular, Josh sang on the song Restless, which is a certified banger.
Their Music
Creep -- over 421 MILLION views, incredibly popular, and hated by the band and hard core fans.
High and Dry -- Of course it ends in the rain.
Just -- Just an amazing video that tells an amazing story. Does anyone else still wonder what he said? In my opinion, I think he must have disclosed the reason why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. This knowledge is too much for mortal men.
Karma Police -- Let’s take a drive, there’s no way that could end poorly.
Paranoid Android -- I hope this makes you want to buy a purple toque, and not a g-string pouch for your family jewels.
Let Down -- Live in 2016
Everything in Its Right Place/Idioteque -- Live in 2016
The National Anthem -- A fanmade video with a cool visualizer.
Pyramid Song -- If you told me Boneface had a hand in this video I would believe you.
Knives Out -- This acid trip will give you nightmares about the game of Operation.
The Amazing Sounds of Orgy -- This sounds like it is right off of Lullabies to Paralyze.
2 + 2 = 5 -- Disclaimer: there is no actual math involved.
I Will -- Live in Paris
Jigsaw Falling Into Place -- All helmet cams, all the time (all the time)
House of Cards -- Apparently this video was shot with one of those pin things that you press against your face.
Lotus Flower -- So. Many. Memes.
Burn the Witch -- A low flying panic attack.
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