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It's just a cracked version of Vocaloid that you can torrent. Chapter 1: Assault Chapter Part 1. I double-checked in a VM and the download seemed a bit suspicious.

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Like everyone else that tried to download those fakes with no soul! The Japanese Vocaloids pt1 2 AH-Soft 2.1 SF-A2 miki1 2.2 Kaai Yuki 2.3 Hiyama Kiyoteru 2.4 Nekomura Iroha 2.5 Yuzuki Yukari 3 Bplats 3.1 VY1 3.2. For more features, click here.

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The animated series was created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell, and John Grace, with the visuals designed by Brendan McCarthy after an initial attempt by Ian Gibson. Es compatible, tanto con las voces para el motor de VOCALOID 2 (Legacy), con los bancos de voz para el motor V3, y con. Mineland Network 1.8-1.15.2 - New: 2B2T.


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Things I Wanna See In The Future For NCT

Hi everyone! This is my first post for this sub-reddit and I'm quite new to NCT. Dabbled with some of their songs here and there plus also their "schedule"(?) but not necessarily like a BIG fan ya know (like listening to all of their songs/streaming etc) But after my 2nd year with NCT, I've kinda made some "head-canons" for what NCT might have up on sleeves but knowing schedule wise and time-restraints.. Might be impossible but anyways here ya go!
1) Important: For them to always be happy and keep continuing what they're doing. Smiling and performing for all of us plus for them to always be healthy.
2) Moving on! NCT 0T21 2020 Yearbook + OT21 Interactions
I think everyone's been craving for a yearbook after Doyoung mentioned it... (Probably many ppl are still salty that there's no 2019 yearbook which I don't blame) As for interactions... Not that much so far so hope to see OT21 actually talk to each other
3) NCT (127) having their songs as anime openings/singing for an anime
Reason why is because SM has done it... See: TVXQ - Share the World and We Are (both used for One Piece), BOA - Masayume Chasing (for Fairy Tail) and another song for Inuyusha but I can't remember it. And since NCT has a Japanese member... Kinda wish they would break into the anime world. Would definitely attract more anime listeners who have not listened to that much kpop but because of the anime openings might give kpop a chance.
4) More Covers
Any cover will do honestly (though semi craving Haechan's MJ cover and Yuta's Japanese song cover like seriously I need him to sing a One Ok Rock song alr) But yes #missingcoversrightnow
5) More Art
I mean they are all art... But really hoping to see more of Ten and Renjun's art pieces like yooooooo~~~ they should be hung up in a museum or smth
EDIT: And now freaking Nakamoto Yuta has blessed me with his artistic skills holy guacamole! Can someone just ask them to make their album covers pls thank you.
6) Winwin's Traditional Dance in Action
I mean... As much as I love Winwin's dancing, I still find that a part of him - his traditional dance - has not fully been shown to the world because honestly, traditional dance and graceful steps is something rarely seen in kpop (with my limited view) so it'll be nice to have him do his traditional dance.. Or for him to teach WayV/NCT abt traditional dance! Would be really cool!
7) WayV's comeback
I can sense they might have a comeback soon, but not too early.. Probably from May to July around that time.
EDIT: So... Your gurl predicted it BAHAHAHAHA with Turn Back Time! Go and listen to it! It's so good! :DD
8) Dream's comeback!
Likewise Dream too #missingdreamhours Would predict that they might have a comeback around Sept/Oct?
EDIT: So apparently we gonna have a DREAM comeback soon hehehehehe (29 April) pretty excited!!! Aye aye
9) NCT or kpop in general actually to be referenced in anime
I mean... For NCT especially.. There's Yuta... Would be cool if he could voice act any character but judging by schedule... This might be a wild dream
10) Another album like NCT EMPATHY
11) NCT in a Visual Kei esque style
Well, we have a lot of kpop songs which referenced western or other cultures. So.. Hope to have a Japanese-inspired song soon
12) More acting for NCT hehehehe
Doyoung with his brother acting on the same show? Renjun acting? More shows for Jaemin to act?
13) A rock concept
I mean.. Kpop is known for.. Kpop/edm esque genre.. But I really hope that more kpop/NCT songs have a rock-esque genre like Without You! Still one of my personal favs from NCT U
14) Maybe for Dream to have a more... Mature vibe? in their next album
I mean - don't get me wrong, Dream always has been having a mature concept in their songs (Boom, GO) but it will be nice to see them delving into.. The struggles of growing up.. Especially since they're teens and as teens... They make mistakes but they have to be perfect to everyone so that they won't tarnish their reputation. But with all of that.. They might have gone through a lot and it would be nice to hear those in terms of songs (maybe having like a solo for each member? But that's quite impossible) and maybe a hopeful song for their future?
Album name(?) idea: Dream in the City (a pun on NCT DREAM hehehehe)
15) Really.. Craving for a NCT x SKZ 00 Line collab ngl but schedule wise... Tis gonna be impossible
16) A Yuta x One Of Rock cover maybe... Or collab? Heard that Yuta loves One Ok Rock but has never hear any covers(????) So yeah.. But again.. Schedule wise
17) NCT with their multilingualism making a song like Blessing World Edition/ Connecting World Edition (both composed by halyosy, a Vocaloid artist but has a popular cover of singers who speak multiple languages singing those two songs - highly recommend! Made me slightly emotional ngl)
EDIT: So... NCT decided to bless us with "From Home"... I am satisfied.
18) It'll be nice if the kpop/NCT industry knows and fangirls about Vocaloid but eh? So far none... Kinda semi sad for my vocaloid heart but aww well
19) China Line interactions (flashbacks to all the lives China line has done.. And seeing chaos ensues)
EDIT: So with Renjun and Chenle having a weibo account, maybe we get to see all of China line interacting?
20) Maybe a solo from one of the members? As another SM Station?
Hopefully Taeil/Doyoung/Jaehyun
Oh! But we are getting a Kun x Xiaojun x Zhoumi collab sooooo ain't complaining
21) Idk why.. But I would kill to see NCT/ kpop attempting school subjects just for fun.. Would probably motivate me to do Maths more lol
22) Also.. Craving for more NCT songs to have curse words... NOT that I condone cursing but songs like Sit Down.. Gives me the vibe that it actually should have some curse words sprinkled to make it more edgy... But that's probably me
23) Hopefully.. After the virus has fully subsided, more fanmeets and concerts!
submitted by -LightCream- to NCT


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