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Again they missed the mark and have further distanced themselves from those original strategy games. Since the release of the second patch my saved game no longer works, or when it does is so slow that it is unplayable and inevitably crashes within a few minutes. Everything else downloads like a dream.

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The year is 270 AD. A string of inept emperors and usurpers vying for power has led the Roman Empire into near-total economic collapse. Key west dublin album s. Hey, I only bought Rome: Total War Gold Edition because of the Barbarian Invasion expension pack but I can't seem to find any launcher for it. Also, the game has not asked for the CD key.

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Fixes and solutions for FPS problems and campaign map lag are flying around before the official Friday patch, but this one helped us at IncGamers. Don't be fooled by the bad review couse it has some imperfection but WHATEHELL it's only the performance that need to be improved and some Ai adjustement. They're usually compared to the requirement for Speed series on the consoles that could be a.

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Skip Intro [citation needed] Go to. George harrison cracker box palace games. Q) What is Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided.

Slow campaign Rome 2

Is there a mod similar to DEI that slows down the campaign massively and adds depth? I really like DEI but I just have a few issues with discipline formation and the throwing of pila that take me out of my immersion and make it a pain to play historically as Rome. I know that’s vague sorry but yeah any suggestions would be great.
submitted by Rhynocerousrex to totalwar


Presenting a new simple mod I've created called "Remnants of Rome" inspired by last week's Rome Challenge post.

Inspired by last week's Rome Challenge post, I decided to create a simple mod.
Bear with me, this is my first EUIV mod, so there are bound to be mistakes.
Simply put, it's an alternate history mod in which the Western Roman Empire, following the sacking of Rome, retreated to Malta where it waited in exile (much like the Republic of China in Taiwan) for over a millennium. However, with the Eastern Roman Empire in decline, now is the time to reclaim it's former territories in Italy and Rome in order to reunite the Roman Empire.
The changes are minor enough. I've added two new countries, The Roman Empire (tag=ROM) and the Western Roman Empire (tag=WRE) and changed the name of Byzantium to The Eastern Roman Empire (tag=BYZ).
While ROM is a formable nation, WRE starts off with just one province, Malta. BYZ was also given any Greek territory not owned by the Ottomans, including Cyprus. WRE and BYZ start off allied.
I also gave independence to Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia in order to give some easier targets for WRE starting out.
All province ownership reverts to vanilla on 1444.11.12, so the time widget is still enabled.
ROM and WRE have Roman ideas, copied straight from a converted CKII game in which Rome was established.
New flags (that I stole from Google) for WRE, BYZ and ROM (a combination of the two)
The Roman culture was also copied from the CKII export. Roman is an accepted culture of BYZ, while Greek is an accepted culture of WRE. Roman is in the Latin culture group.
Triggered Modifiers
Neither Rom, WRE, nor BYZ receive a penalty for occupying Rome.
Neither Rom, WRE, nor BYZ are given the event to return Rome to the Papal States.
So far just two, one to reunify the Roman Empire militarily, the other diplomatically. Doing so will change the nation to ROM and add a permanent claim on all (well close enough) former Roman provinces.
By far the biggest potential for errors since it's difficult to test. I know at least one of them works and but I’m not sure how to test the others without playing the game for a few hours. So far they’re geared towards WRE and are aimed at giving it a shot at regaining land in Italy. It starts off with reclaiming the old Italian islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily (by giving cores on all) then a conquest of Naples followed by a conquest of Rome. There’s also a subjugation mission for each WRE and BYZ to put the other under a union, in case the initial alliance is broken.
All missions, ideas and decisions come with a full, if not verbose, description.
Here’s a copy if you’re interested, but be prepared to run into issues. Hopefully nothing game breaking, but probably something. My error log is giving me two errors for my decisions file but it seems to work the way I want it. Hope it doesn't end up making any trouble for anyone.
Let me know what you think!
Edit: I made two balancing changes.
  • Missions will now only grant a claim (except the mission to reconquer Rome), thus slowing down the pace of early expansion.
  • The mission to conquer Naples now only gives two claims on Naples two closest provinces. Any further expansion will risk high overextension, again, slowing down early expansion.
  • Naples now doesn't get a core on any Sicilian territories so the WRE won't have to compete with Naples over Sicily, nor will it have to fear Naples invading after conquering it.
Edit 2: lol, just noticed a bug where all of WRE's heirs are female. I somehow had 0 set for all male monarch names and 1 (or -1 to be exact, the - indicating that it's a female) for all the female monarch names.
submitted by temujin64 to eu4